and how do you look like that going on 60

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For your anon: Stevie's eye makeup from back then was quite a popular style back then and there are many guides from 60s/70s fashion magazines on how to do it. It was a revisit of 30s styles and became 'in vogue' again during the 60s. You can find pictures of stars in that era like Audrey Hepburn, Sharon Tate, Edie Sedgwick wearing very similar looks. It most likely became popular mainstream then due to Twiggy, who claims she got the idea from Pattie Boyd, who did her eye makeup like that.

Thank you anon, this is really cool. :)

I’m going to try to find time tomorrow to watch the documentary again and post her exact quote too. 

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I want to know the story behind Starlight. Do you know something about this ??

On “Starlight,” you sing about being “on the boardwalk, summer of ‘45.” What inspired that song?

I get a lot of style inspiration from the 1960s, so I’ll go and look at black and white pictures, and look at [photos from the] ‘50s and '60s, and I came across this picture of these two kids dancing at a dance. It immediately made me think of like how much fun they must have had that night. It was back in the late '40s. I ended up reading underneath that it was Ethel Kennedy and Robert F. Kennedy. And they were like 17 [Robert was born Nov. 20, 1925, Ethel on April 11, 1928]. So I just kind of wrote that song from that place, not really knowing how they met or anything like that. And then her daughter Rory ended up coming to a show a couple weeks later and I told her about the song and she was like, you have to meet my mom. She would love to meet you. So that was kind of what that song was about.

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Brother Diallo, after the events of the past few days, I think in the next 60 years America is going to look like some of the worst war torn places in the Middle East and Africa today. Do you agree or not? Police just used a bomb robot. How can black people prepare?

The biggest impending threat is Global Warming and Climate Instabity; which will lead to food shortages, further contamination of the air and water, and an exacerbation of all standing conflicts in this nation (Racial, Religions, Class, and Ethnic).

When a nation experiences sever and ongoing disruptions the State can no longer sustain or controls its military and police forces, so you don’t really have to worry about organized and consistent state repression; the real threat becomes murdering band of armed men, be they former cops, soldiers, fanatics, etc. If shit goes to pot the military infrastructure will be looted, the cops will strip all the can from the police stations and run home to protect their own families.  Just look a how shit played out during Hurricane Katrina for an isolated view of what would happen in during a collapse of the state.  They found NOPD police cars all over the country cuz cops were taking cars, guns, ammo, and gear and driving their families out of LA.  

Global Warming will make storms like what hit LA common and more intense, then you will also have drought, mega-heat waves, erratic rain and snow fall; etc.  They US is still recovering from Hurricane Katrina, so imagine what shit will look like when you have 20 Katrinas all across the nation all at once, that how shit is projected to look in 60 years.

There’s a lot of shit you need to do to prepare and endure, I actually had the Legendary Wise Intelligent on my show discussion this very issue; here’s a link to that program:

The most fundamental think you need to understand, from studying calamities and social collapse over the decades, and even centuries, is that communities have a better survival rate than individuals.  

I know the media and many of these survivalist and preppers love to push the “lone survivor” motif, but if you look at nations who have endured, or that are currently enduring collapse you’ll see that only those who had and those who built interdependent networks and collectivized communities are truly surviving or thriving, while those who tried to go it alone, or just “looked out for me and mine” die first or struggle the most.  

The word community literally means: a shared burden.

We are of the most socially oriented and socially dependent creatures on this planet, and we can’t escape that, all of the technology and ammo in the world will not negate that. We suffer in isolation even in times of peace, so it’s not wonder why we suffer more so in times of calamity.  

So, the foundation of any of your preparation should be building, reinforcing, and expanding your Network, (ideological) Family, your (functional) Community. 

Beyond that, it’s shit like growing food (and soil, #Compost), securing arms (and training with them), first aid, study and analysis of environmental and political trends and movement, etc.  Oh, and make sure your live is saturated with uplifting music, art, and positive interactions with your people, stay having dinner parties, dances, nature walks, bike tours of your community, etc; that’s real medicine and preparation. 

We can make the Fall of America the Resurrection of Humanity, if we willing to do the work.  

Oh, and read Chalmers Jonson, Derrick Jensen, and Dimitri Orlav for the best insights on the collapse of the US and its empire. 

As for surviving, most writers are on some Mad Max shit which ain’t the way to go, so I advice you look into your on culture for those insights, but look everywhere for the skills and equipment you need to secure, from gun shows to your local community garden. 

I need to talk to you

Request : Hi!!! I have a request 10, 35,41 & 60 with Bucky 😚

Request 2:  7 and 10 with Bucky?? Please

7) ”You’re mine, and I love you”

10) “I love you. I’ve loved you since the moment I first laid eyes on you and – Oh, screw it!“

35)“Wait. Am I gonna be a dad?”

41)“You’re warm.”

60) ‘The things i want do to you, with you …”

Words : 696

Originally posted by seabasschino

Bucky watched you every time you were in the room. Was a habit of him, he liked to know if you are safe and happy. He doesn’t know when this habit started but he knows that he is not going to stop.

Right now you are in the couch talking to Wanda about something he is not really paying attention to your conversation. He is just looking at you and how beautiful you look today. He wishes he could just sit there and kiss you but he knew that you wouldn’t like that.

He remembers the first time you two get together ,was after a mission. The mission was difficult neither of you two was hurt but there was a lot of adrenaline in the system to keep you separate that night.

In the next morning when he woke up with you in his arms he knew that he was doomed. You are perfection in the morning, the away the sun highlights your freckles and how your hair spreads on his chest.

You wake up and he smiles at you bright “ Good morning doll, i hope you sleep well” you kiss his chest a couple times and say “ Best sleep of my life but unfortunately i have to get up before someone notice i am not in my room ” he notice you trying to get up but don’t let you move “Don’t go, you’re warm and i like to have you on top of me”

That wasn’t only a one night stand every night he was in your room and not only just for sex, sometimes you two spend the night watching movies or just talking. You never judge him for his past and for that he was grateful

‘You should go to talk to her she is a mess" Wanda said taking him away from his thoughts. He looks at you and you gave him a look to follow you and he follows. “Bucky we need to talk" he sits with you in bed and prepares himself for the worse. You probably don’t want him in your life anymore after six months with him you figure it out the kind the man he was.

“I am scared of how things are i love you. I’ve loved you since the moment I first laid eyes on you and when we get together i was so happy but what i am to you?” He is lost in your words because for him you were embarrassed of sleeping with him but no and all this time without saying anything, was hurting you the only person he never meant hurt. ”You’re mine, and I love you”. You start to cry a little and he is there just to hold you and tell you that everything is going to be okay.

After a few minutes you stop crying “i need to tell you something" he is afraid that he loves for you doesn’t change anything and you still want out of this relationship. You get up and grab something in your drawer “ i don’t know how this happened” he takes the object in your hand and look for a few minutes without understand “Wait. Am I going to be a dad?”

You agrees and he is so happy, he never thought that would be possible. He kiss you ” Hey this is good news, unless you don’t want this baby, my baby" you put your head on his shoulder and place your hands on top of his for comfort “ I want i just don’t want do this alone” he start to kiss your neck “ you aren’t alone i am here for both of you”

He continued working on your neck and his hands on your breasts as you moan he say “‘The things i want do to you, with you god i love you” you start to lay down on your back “ do it i am yours” he take his time appreciating every single inch of you don’t let nothing untouched, he was being extremely gently with you. After you both finish he pulls you closer and say “ i am yours too”

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Hi, my question is why would a developer lock a game at 30fps? I read that the new batman game was locked at 30fps for computers.

I’ve received a number of questions about frame rates and locking lately, so I thought I would try to answer it. At the core, it’s a technical problem about how much time you can set aside to do your calculations, and it isn’t very easily solved. This is likely going to be fairly lengthy and possibly technical. You have been warned.

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Title: Holding Out For a Hero

Author: StormDancer

Pairing: Zayn Malik/Harry Styles

Rating: Explicit

Tags: Alternate Universe - Non-Famous, Alternate Universe - Bodyguard, Popstar Harry, Bodyguard Zayn, mild suspense, Kid Fic, Pining, Minor Violence

Word Count: Chapter 3 out of 4 (60,300 so far)


“Are you going to be okay?”

Harry can feel Zayn’s deep breath, ragged in his throat. But then he straightens, and steps back, dragging a hand over his face as Harry’s hand falls back down to his side. “I’ll do what I have to. Always do, yeah?”

Harry only expected a new bodyguard. He didn’t expect the most beautiful man he’s ever seen, or how Zayn looked at him like he could see through him, or how he makes Harry feel things he’s never felt before. But maybe, in the face of death threats and a love he can’t admit, Harry can find a bravery he never knew he had, and a home he never knew he wanted.

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“The sheriff in the county where Sandra Bland died says there's no racism there.”

Call me cynical, but I do not believe this dude. Mainly because he looks EXACTLY like someone who would say “There is no racism going on” in order to disguise that there is, in fact, racism going on.

Fucking hell. He has a cowboy hat, a look of scorn and a mustache and everything.  If you made a TV movie about civil rights in the south in the ‘60s critics would complete about how obviously unsubtle and pantomime-like this crooked sheriff character was. 

Art-bounty Notice

Reed is drawing for bounty, two days only!

Rise and shine, maggots lovelies! A couple of pals of mine are in a spot of trouble and we’re gonna help ‘em out!

To do this, I’m going to try an idea I’ve thought of for awhile… drawing for “bounties”!

Here’s how it’ll work:

1. Submit an Idea - Send me an ask in the following format:

“[amount you are willing to pay] - [quality or media desired] - [detailed description of your idea] - [any additional notes, character references, and helpful links]”

for example:  “$60 - animation loop - I’d like to see an animation of a panda bear snorkeling - The panda bear’s pattern should be green like my character and here’s what a snorkel looks like [appropriate links]“

To give a rough estimate of what qualities are like, that goofy picture of Mole above would be considered a

‘coloured sketch’


Not every idea will be selected. This is not a first-come, first-serve basis. I’ll be selecting what is drawn based on a combination of the idea itself (how much I like it), the difficulty and time needed, and the amount of money pledged. Remember, it’s a bounty; you’re posting your idea with a reward pledged to encourage me to draw it. And, like a traditional bounty, I can easily choose to bypass one if I don’t think it’ll be worth the effort, or even if I just don’t like it.

2. Pay 50% Advance - If I like your offer, I will send you a note back to let you know I’m accepting it, ask for any additional details or references I would need, and include a link to my PayPal account.

I will need an advance of 50% of the pledged amount before I start working, to guarantee some compensation for my time and effort in worst-case scenarios. That is to say, this is to prevent total loss in the event of a client trying to walk out or being too difficult with changes and alterations.

If there is anything preventing me from coming even close to an acceptable level after accepting, I will issue a refund of this 50%.

3. Enjoy - I’d appreciate clients to be available during the creation process, so I can ask questions, volley suggestions, and show WIPs. If they’re comfortable with it, I might even be willing to stream the creation of some of these.

When it’s finished and you’re satisfied, just scurry on back to PayPal link and pay the other 50%. I’ll send the file to you in whatever format(s) you please.

The cause:

Renekton and Co.

and Caz

Really cool people going through some tough times; On top of my current donations, I’ll be splitting all of earnings 50/50 between those two causes.

Whelp, I’ve never done anything like this before and may never do anything like this again… let’s see how it goes, haha!

This is over; thanks to those who participated!