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How to kick start a writing session:

1. It’s okay to give yourself time to relax. Go sit out on the deck. Have a sip of water.

2. It’s important to stay hydrated. If a sip of water isn’t, enough, go get yourself a glass. Or a pitcher. I won’t judge.

3. Oh look! Birds. A natural curiosity is important to a writer. It’s totally chill to look up what species of bird that is.

4. Okay so now you’re a little hungry. Better go make yourself some brain food to kick off the well erm, honestly it’s like 2 pm at this point but foods always good right?

5. Naps are 100% valid. If anyone tries to nap shame you, stab them with a pencil.

6. Sharpen your pencil. Sharper. SHARPER.

7. Get new pencil.

8. Realize keyboards exist for a reason.

9. Go to YouTube for inspiration.


11. Emerge at midnight exhausted and bleary eyed. Write down the first sentence that comes to mind.

11. Delete sentence.

12. Give up and go to bed.

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now i just need to get off of tumblr


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Just as Thom was about to drift off to sleep, he felt her climb into his bed. He wasn’t all that surprised that he hadn’t heard her coming: these days it seemed Alanna could move almost silently when she wanted to. He felt his twin shiver as she slid under the blankets, burrowing into the warmth.

“It’s odd, being an orphan,” Alanna whispered, once she was settled. Thom rolled over to face her. She was curled on her side, matching his pose perfectly, with only the moonlight illuminating her pale face. He should have been expecting her to come visit, it’s what they always used to do when they needed to discuss something important together.

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anonymous asked:

Bayverse!!! A thought I always have when thinking of the first movie is I wonder how aware Megatron was while being frozen I mean, I imagine it something like sleep paralysis or semi awareness and that would mean he was aware of his body being taken apart and put back together by humans over decades and holy balls talk about a waking nightmare

( Melly’s Mod Notes: To be fair - Its explicitly stated in the IDW Movie Prequel Series - Issue #2 (2 of 4) that he’s in stasis due to him being low on energon and the impact knocking him out cold when he hit the ice. Much grace. Such elegance. Very Megatron.

And not only that but decades to us is maybe, at best, day and a half to them when you live by the 100s. For Megatron it could literally be seen to him as being dumb enough getting stuck in a meat fridge for a month or something.

There’s a reason he’s gotta try cyberform Earth - No one can ever know about this embarrassing incident. )

The second breath of the wild dlc is exceptional and I’m really tired of people rating it poorly for it not being all the things it never said it would be.

The opening part somehow recaptured the feeling of being on the great plateau and the early game challenge, even knowing how everything works.

The new shrines are exceptionally well crafted and interesting. Some are cheeseable, some are complex, and all are among my new favorites. “but aesthetics” I literally could not care less that you want a forest temple full of spiders I fucking love shrines and the way they’re handled and look. It’s 100% my style.

The boss rushes. I was confused at first thinking it was just artificial difficulty. But I realized pretty quick that you’re basically playing as each champion when they fell. The gear you have reflects their abilities. And they’re not ridiculously overly difficult, but wow is there a challenge. It feels like the end of a classic zelda dungeon and only having exactly what you need to win. Waterblight went from easiest to hardest basically automatically.

The cutscenes and story content expand dramatically on the major characters, and make them much less one note and I love it. There’s an actual dynamic across the group now and I can appreciate everyone as characters now.

I love this dlc. This filled in a lot of the experience that I was missing from the main game and I am absolutely thrilled.

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Hi Fran!! I accidentally stumbled across your AO3 account today and really enjoyed your hq fic! I adore your bnha art, but I was just wondering, do you think you’ll ever write for it?

I tried on multiple occasions, actually - seems like it just isn’t working tho o<-< a combination of me having lost my ability to write short things and at the same time having become unable to keep my focus on the same thing for more than two days straight, I think

I can’t completely rule it out, but the chances as of now are really low ;-;


I made a post last year about how SU is brilliant at showing how communication is essential for any kind of relationship, and how it’s key to solving conflict. But the element they add in Kevin Party is that sometimes, you need time apart first. To calm down, to realize things, to gain perspective. In the heat of the moment, emotion can really blur your judgment, and that just makes things worse.

There are times you aren’t ready to talk, and that’s okay. Communication is two-way, and if one person isn’t ready to accept or hear what the other wants to say, then that’s not communication, regardless of how many hours you spend “talking”. And the scary thing about it is this pseudocommunication can happen without you realizing it. You can feel “calm” and “open”, but it turns out you’re only hearing the other out to shut them down and invalidate them with what you think. And that’s what drags out conflicts.

Relationships involve people, and people have feelings. Hard logic and a self-centered perspective aren’t the best tools for issues like these. What’s key to resolving conflict is communication, true, but that only works if you have your head, you’re truly open to understanding the other person’s side, and you’re humble enough to accept and take responsibility for your contribution to the conflict. 

God, this show.


This has been in my head for like a week. I like to think that Stan is ridiculously susceptible to genuine compliments, especially ones from his brother.


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