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Can I please have Kaito saying something like 'everybody makes mistakes' recently I miss understood some stuff and I feel /really/ bad about it, thanks! 💜

The most important thing is that you learn from them and become a stronger person because of them - not despite them! 


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its not that killing GAY characters is the right thing to do.. its that we understand why max killed two characters. gay or straight or whatever. basically everyone in wendimoor has been killed. its not about panto and silas being gay.

I hate to seem rude and you’re, of course, entitled to however you interpreted Max’s intentions but I genuinely am too exhausted to get into fights about this. 

The whole incident just has me down and I’m attempting to avoid conflict. I know making a post about it hardly helps but I was purely venting my woes and didn’t even tag it. I wasn’t there to start drama about it; it’s just how I feel.

Max as a writer directed how the characters were treated and how their separate stories ended for them. While it was the inevitable fate of the Wendimoor citizens, it’s just coincidental that the gay couple were part of that group? I don’t think Max set out to do this specifically out of hate but even he should be aware how insensitive it was following the bury your gays trope. 

He conducts the story, the characters, the deaths. Making them citizens of Wendimoor pinned down their fate from the start and he knew that.

I would appreciate not receiving any further asks or messages about this.

sometimes I feel like some people expect way too much from us

I get to meet my little idiot Wednesday!!!! I’M TOO EXCITED also I’m 90% sure which girl I’m getting but I don’t want to officially say until I meet all of them. I can’t wait to be covered in 8 tiny aussies!

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how long have you been drawing? do you have any art school experience? how long it took you to be where u r now with your art - the style, the color choice etc?

this is the oldest cliché in the book but i’ve literally been drawing since i could hold a pencil. so u know. it took 24 years.

tho maybe that’s not entirely accurate, bc i’ve had different phases. from like…. 10 to 12 i was super into w.i.t.c.h. so i tried to copy that style. then i had the Dreaded Anime Phase that nearly every artist seems to go through. then i shifted to a more disney inspired style thanks to people like elsa chang and makani and jubilations, and then i started doing this cutesy adventure time-ish style also and that starting merging with my ‘main’ style and whomst the fuck knows what it even is now. i got a bit of taryn knight in the rough brushes i use, i got a bit of loish, there’s some kate beaton in there, i got the tarot card stuff from dragon age inquisition….. 

i mean that’s how you develop your style, it’s an ongoing process that never ends. you just smash all the things you like together and as you get older you add on new bits and all those bits add up to something new so yeah

24 years

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i love your actor au and i hope you bring it back, but for now i'm imagining everyone getting all dressed up and looking gorgeous for the premiere and i'd love to see it if it's ok