and how do i learn to use it

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where do you recommend someone should start when planning to make a visual novel?

Learn how to use Twine and Renpy

Fuck around with short games…. and I mean really short games. 

All my twine games are unplayable bullshit like “do you like robot butts? y/n” if y, go to “wow you must like Genji. Tell me more.” etc and it only lasts about 5 boxes but it’s how you learn how to use it

While fucking around with the format and learn how to use it (if you’re anything like me) ideas for real / longer stories will appear to you and how to implement them, as well.

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That's such brilliant staging though. Having a specific scene the audience can use as reference subconsciously. It adds this whole other factor to it. When I first heard those lines about laying in bed, that's what got me to full out bawl while watching the musical and I didnt even realize it was because we already saw that. We saw them being happy and sound in their bed. It was so domestic and /normal/ and the audience, like Marvin, felt that ripped away with a single line. It's so amazing.


Concrete Schut : I’ve calling you for awhile now, you need to stop answering this questions and pay more attention to your duties!

BEHOLD!! Color. I’m learning how to use photoshop, hopefully I will only get better from now on. Also, as soon as I get some drawings done im gonna open a new blog for Mod. I’ll upload my drawings from derpibooru, post my experintes while I learnt how to draw and reblog a thing or two. 

I hope I can do something you like

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Hi! Is there a reason why sometimes you add ° in ふん when telling time and sometimes you don't? Is there a logical rule or do we just memorize which one has that? Same for numbers.. why is it sometimes よ or よん but it depends on what we use 4 for. How about telling 100s in numbers with ひゃく vs the びゃく? Memorization or logical explanation? I'm having a hard time learning which to use for what and when 😢 please help mochii-

hello anon!!! 👋 i’m actually also curious about this~ 🤔 also you asked so nicely i just had to answer as soon as i could! 💕 so i tried to do some research on this and i found that it’s pretty common to have sound changes in the japanese language! i found a Reddit comment that i think sums up the changes pretty well…basically: 

so yes, anon, there is a logical explanation to ふん and ぷん and びゃくand ひゃく. as for the difference between when to use よ and よん, なな and しち,くand きゅう, i’m sure there’s a logical explanation but it’s better to use memorize these. you would use きゅう for the number nine but if you wanted to give time you would use く. sometimes you can use なな and then for July you would use しち. i’m sure there are rules for よ and よん as well. 

so, in general although there are logical explanations you’ll just have to memorize them!! usually 1, 3, 6, and 8 will have some type of sound change, especially if we’re talking about counters! so, unfortunately i cannot give you a super easy method to remember this. after a while, you’ll get used to the sound changes! 😁 i hope this helped you even a little bit anon– there are a lot resources out there to help you remember those sound changes! i’ll try to reblog any of those tumblr resources!

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hi! i want to start a club at school for witches! i know they'll let me, and i know that a lot of my friends are interested in joining. i want to teach witchcraft to my friends who are joining the club, but i also want to do some games and activities. do you know any activities we can do or games we can play that doesn't involve us leaving the school or playing with fire? (i can't think of much that we can do except for candle magic, but i also want them to get their hands on stuff)

Sure! You can do most sorts of divination, including:

  • Tarot (if you have cards, or have access to smart phones or the internet)
  • Palmistry (learn how to read each other’s palms)
  • Astrology (figure out your birth charts, etc)
  • Do Pendulum readings (you can make your own pendulum if you don’t have one, and it can be as simple as a paperclip attached to a ribbon or some string)
  • Discuss your dreams and try to figure out as a group what it might mean (use dream decoders/interpretations online if you like)

Some other witchy activities you could do:

  • Try seeing your aura (there are many guides online, you just have to look it up!)
  • Make sigils (turn it into a game by everyone making the same one and deciding which one you like best at the end)
  • Bring in crystals you have (if allowed) and research them together
  • Celebrate the Sabbats (if you follow them, you could make it as simple as having a themed picnic where you share your lunch or something)
  • Decorate Grimoire/Book of Shadows pages (if that’s your thing)
  • Do yoga or meditate

Please remember: Witchcraft is real and a legit thing, it’s not just a game, so please remember to tell your friends that.

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Based on the last ask, do you have any advice for studying with adhd and autism? Everything I see is for caregivers of elementary school aged children, and Im tired of suffering. (Also, do you have any tips for reading pdfs on a computer? It is Terrible but Im too broke to print everything)

I never really learned how to study because I was 2e (gifted w/ disabilities) but I did find that separating my notes into different colours helped? Like instead of writing my notes on lined paper, I would use copy paper and I would use different highlighters (i like the feel of writing with them) and block off certain things with different colours and boxes so that it was easier to seperate things when they were on the page. 
when I would look at normal notes, with all the words crammed so close together it made it impossible to go back over them bc my brain would just. shut off. 

as for the PDF thing, I have trouble with it on my computer bc my brain shuts down, but if I read them on my phone its easier bc I can only see one page at a time.

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....yo being with Schneep and being an artistic person like 24/7 using paints and learning that he used to paint so you take him up as a "student" to teach him what you know and at LEAST once using him as a canvas and I mean painting on his arms or his stomach just cause you can and you both get a kick out of it idk (that shits fun to do though btw) ~👻

Oh gosh just imagine the amount of giggling you’d get from him when painting on his skin. Up until you switched to finger painting. The others will wonder how it is that you both ended up covered in paint by the time you’re done ;)

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hi!! do you know how to stay motivated learning arabic (or any language) ? i'm trying to learn it since i'm 9 years old but i really suck at it and it bothers me since it's my parent's native language and sadly they can't help me...

I find that doing a mix of motivation and discipline is what gets me through learning multiple languages.  In addition, I try to make a list of things that motivate me such as why I am learning the language or perhaps some goals I have that involve using the language.

One thing I do is to make a list of small, but attainable goals that are well-defined for my languages. For example, since you are learning the language to speak with family, you can try to focus on speaking/vocabulary. You can make a list of resources you will use and then break down that goal into small steps to get you there such as:

  • Learn 100 words by xx/xx/2017
  • Learn greetings and basic phrases
  • Learn alphabet and pronunciation
  • Find a language partner for practice sometime later

As for discipline, I start with small habits. It can be to learn 5 words every 2 days and then increase it to every day. It depends on your schedule and what resources you have. Some progress is better than no progress. It also helps to have someone else to study with you as you can motivate each other. After each habit, try to have a reward such as watching something on Youtube or getting on a social media site. 

It’s hard to want to stay motivated. I definitely don't feel like practicing my langs every day, but after a while, it just becomes a habit. If I have a bad day, then I just skip it and do something else. It helps to reflect on what you are doing if you find that you can’t find the motivation to study. Perhaps you feel the vocab you are learning is useless or you hate the book you are using. Try to see if you can change it and make a new small goal. Motivation is different for everyone and it’s hard for me to make recs since I only know my own. 

…in reading we take works of fiction, like works of non-fiction, to be about the real world—even if they invite us to imagine the world to be different from how it actually is. As already noted, imagining a storyworld does not mean directing one’s imagining toward something other than the real world; it is instead a mental activity that involves constructing a complex representation of what a story portrays. So, the fact that we imagine storyworlds provides no motivation for severing fiction from reality. Indeed, the motivation is all on the other side. If works of fiction do not concern reality, we must face serious puzzles about how we learn from fictions and why we care about the characters that populate them. Rather than try to bridge that gap, I propose that we deny its existence. If fictions are about the real world, the question is rather that of why imagining our world in different ways can engage and enlighten us.
—  Stacie Friend, The Real Foundation of Fictional Works (2016)

Honestly i forgot how much doing life studies helps your art, just the couple of figure drawing classes ive had and I already see a difference, ive learned a lot actually

When I was aa kid i used to draw really good realistic pencil drawings of wolves and horses cus i studied them, and i think ive lost some of that

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Ok I decided to ditch the fanatic asks. I want to explore the idea of the heir being used as an offering for the enemies. Do you think thats how they learn more knowledge about the monsters. As the heir is getting fucked by each one, they make notes about the monster's physiques, abilities, possible weaknesses and such. While theyre getting pounded or spitroasted by creatures, they're scribbling notes. Sometimes the notes turn illegible because the heir gives in to the pleasure.

Oh my GOD 


Well, hm…..

I just looked through the list of Darkest Dungeon enemies and I feel like all of them is at least one person’s fetish 

But, I dunno about this one 

No lie. I’ve been watching it for 5min straight. It’s been months and i’m still not over it.


Hayley Williams redefines the term ‘role model.’ Role models are supposed to be flawless people, whom are optimistic everyday and changes the world through something. A natural born leader, maybe? Well, Williams gives a totally new perspective on that. She states her flaws, talks about how depressing other people / life can be, yet still manages to change people’s moods through her music. She’s a leader in staying honest and pure, and expresses kindness as a must-have in order to survive peacefully. She represents growing up and staying strong through life’s hardships, and that hope is required to move on. Williams is a strong spirit to look up to, and a spirit that will influence generations to come.

a soft boy

gentiles on this website: “The Old Testament God is cruel and vengeful!”
actual Jews in my synagogue yesterday: “My favorite part of the reading is when it says the Torah is not in heaven so it’s too far to reach, it’s not across the sea so we can’t get it, but that it’s in our hearts… the idea of having that be so close, of being so close to something divine, that thrills me.”
“And here, where it says ‘the Lord will delight in you as he did in your fathers’, that’s such a beautiful thing. You know, God is this all-powering being, and God delights in us.”

gentiles on this website: “You can’t be an atheist and religious!”
actual Jews in my synagogue yesterday: “I’m just not buying any of this. I was born during the Holocaust and I could never wrap my mind around this omnipotent all-seeing God, and usually I’m a little moved by this, I try to be hopeful, but when I look around the world now, I just don’t buy it! If I really believed there was a God, I would resent him.” [still wears a prayer shawl and attends synagogue regularly]

gentiles on this website: “Religious people never question what they’re told, they just followed blindly!”
my actual rabbi: “Sometimes the Torah can be like an older relative whom we love dearly, and who has a lot of wisdom to give, but who also says things that cause us pain, that we find offensive or wrong. And I think the wrong instinct would be to pretend we don’t hear what they’re saying, or to cut them out entirely, or to be guided by them into thinking and behaving in offensive ways. What we need to do is engage the Torah. We need to wrestle with it, and try to understand it, to figure out where it’s coming from and learn how we can progress from it, because the Torah is not unchanging. It belongs in each of our hearts, and it changes for us as we study it, as each generation challenges its old assumptions.”



If you know me, you’d know that I am a highly visual person. I love learning from images and layouts, and my spatial intelligence is probably my strongest type of intelligence. Because of this, I often use mind maps to study, and so do a lot of other people. However, there are people who don’t really know how to make and utilize a mind map effectively. That’s what this post is for! Here’s how you can make your mind maps more effective and thus enable you to retain more information. (P.S. you might wanna zoom in)

By no means am I an expert in mind-mapping; these are just some habits I have when making a mind map that successfully does its job of helping me remember the topics I’m studying.

If you have any questions, feel free to drop an ask!

xx jo


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something vaguely moboween

dunno if this is gonna grow into something else but pls just have this for now

modern witches: 

  • we somehow found our love for the occult and decided we wanted to dive in head first, and then didn’t realize where to start
  • “is this a good one?” we say as we skim through the tiny metaphysical section at our local bookstore, and walk out with a mishmash of titles from various authors, all with conflicting opinions 
  • we jot down notes in old school notebooks because that leather grimoire we found online was too expensive
  • we ditched the books we read over and over again and turned to the internet, hungry for hidden knowledge
  • we all stumbled upon and tried to do the unthinkable before realizing that it wasn’t working and got discouraged
  • we realized that *gasp* you can write your own spells, but how? 
  • we spent hours compiling correspondences for every herb and spice in our kitchen pantry, and dug through boxes to find our old crystal or seashell collection from when we were kids thinking “i could probably use these for… something
  • we spent too much money on candles and incense before realizing we could get them cheaper online
  • we practiced drawing sigils and symbols to make them perfect before crumpling up the paper and starting all over
  • we learned to go outside and look at the moon to see what phase it was in and how we could possibly use that to our advantage 
  • “what cardinal direction was for fire again? south?” we went back to the drawing board, digging through our notes to find the section in which we wrote down the information before giving up and doing a quick google search instead
  • we set up wiccan altars because we didn’t know that there was anything else out there at first
  • we learned about intent, and made sure that we were careful to stir our tea or coffee in one direction or the other to set the mood for the day
  • we would squint at bottles of body wash in the shower to find the ingredients and quickly figure out how to use them for magick: “jasmine and lavender? i think that’s good for peace or something”
  • we say little incantations when we cook dinner, or pour food for our pets - “bunny, you are happy and healthy. enjoy!”

every witch has gone through their own version of uncertainty and unknowing when they first started practicing. everyone’s path is different, and the situations leading up to our current state, made us the witches we are today. your path is yours, and yours alone. don’t let anyone take that from you.