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The Mystery DNA Test

So I was watching The Blacklist Panel at C2E (via The Blacklist Exposed) on 04-22-17 and a fan asked Jon Bokenkamp a great question. “No one’s heard of a blood test?” And below is Jon’s answer (referring to Liz):

And then after some audience laughter he said this in the next gif (and watch Amir shaking his head yes):

Well now! This got me thinking. We know that the only thing the audience will accept as the true answer to the “Is he or isn’t he the father” question is a valid blood test. So who thinks what Jon is hinting at here is how they will do this reveal? It very well could come out on the show that Liz did indeed do a DNA test and knows the answer. I mean we were all annoyed about how could an FBI profiler not consider doing a blood test to confirm or eliminate Red as her bio father? Remember she seemed obsessed about learning about her past. It made no sense. 

But maybe she did after all. She could have gotten a sample of Red’s blood on a few occasions. The Anslo Garrick episode and the Leonard Caul episode are two possibilities where it would have been easy for Liz to get a sample. And remember, Liz is a woman who wanted to know if she had the Warrior gene in Season 2 and in Season 1 wanted to run a ballistics test on Tom’s gun so she shot the gun into a pile of phone-books to retrieve the bullet. She takes matters into her own hands. So yes, I bet she did run a test and knows the answer. And the results will be revealed to us, hopefully at the end of 4C.

Now let’s assume that Liz knows the answer. Is Red her father or not? Let’s look at her comments and see. Heck, we can just focus on Season 4 to make it easy.

1) In 4A Kirk tells Liz he is her father. And it gets to a point where she believes him. Obviously if Liz knew Red was her father she would have told Kirk he was wrong. Instead she seems devastated to find out Kirk wasn’t her father.

2) After Red survives the ordeal with Kirk he comes to see Liz. Now Liz knows Kirk is not her father and she knows (according to Katarina’s journal) that Raymond had an affair with her mother (and that Kirk had wondered if Raymond was the father). So it would only be logical for Liz to assume that Red is her father - or at least ask again! But she doesn’t (leaving many fans frustrated as this would have been the perfect time). In fact she goes right into letting Red know she finally accepts that her father died when she was a little girl.

So why didn’t she ask him? Because she already knows from the DNA test that Red is not her father! Now this seemingly head-scratching scene all makes perfect sense.

And of course, Red confirms it himself once again.

Oh and one other thing. If Red is not a DNA match for her father he is not a DNA match for her mother either so why don’t we just throw the Red is Katarina theory out the window too?

And BTW, I am getting to be a fan of the impostor theory where the real Raymond Reddington was Masha’s father and Red took his persona after Raymond was shot and killed by Masha.  Why? Stay tuned……

Thanks for reading.

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write your fav a phic for her 16th bday on the 24th? -w- (dont hate me for the phic suggestion bc its full of memories and i wanna see how you recreate it ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ) dan and phil are out and dan keeps using cheesy pickup lines to tease phil and phil ends up taking dan into the nearest public restroom and smut ensues. oh, i KNOW you remember this ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


also u made it sound like we fucked in a public restroom just sayin’

anyways happy birthday pall ily also i’m sorry if i completely butchered our rp i tried ( & i changed stuff a lil clearly ) here we go

“Kiss me.”

Phil laughed, glancing over at his husband and raising his eyebrows. 


Dan whined, swinging their intertwined hands between them, his feet making light noises on the pavement. “Yes, again. I need a kiss.” He stuck out his bottom lip, pouting. Phil rolled his eyes. 

“Fine, fine, I’ll kiss you. Don’t cry.”

He stopped walking, pulling Dan closer by his hand and letting their lips brush. Dan grinned against his mouth, touching his face with one hand to hold him steady and pull him as close as possible. 

“Thank you,” he said finally, pulling back and squeezing Phil’s hand. Phil nodded, starting to walk again. He flashed Dan a crooked smile, poking his cheek. “You taste good.”

Phil’s eyes lit up, and he grinned widely. “Y’know, that’s actually a science thing, when two people taste good to each other-”

“You’ve said.”

Phil laughed, searching Dan’s face. 

“You’re blushing.”  

Dan blushed harder, his hand shooting to his face, his eyes widening slightly. “Oh, am I?” He laughed, his eyes flashing happily. “I guess I still kinda can’t get used to kissing you.” 

“Really?” Phil smirked. “How long have you been doing it, what, seven years?”

“Shut up.”

They were quiet for a bit, and Dan focused on the feeling of Phil’s hand on his and the slight breeze brushing against his face and through his hair. It still felt incredible that he was here, after ages of wishing for it. 

They had gone out for a lunch date and to stop by the gardens, so Phil could ask for shit and Dan could whine about it. They hadn’t done anything like this in a bit, other than their honeymoon. It was mostly hours and hours of staying inside, sleeping and talking and having sex. Lots of sex. And planning for the rest of their lives together. It was kind of heaven. 

Dan glanced over at Phil again; something he could seem to stop doing. His husband. His. It sent a warm jolt of happiness through him every time he thought about it. After all this time- finally his. 

“Hey, Phil?” Dan’s face slowly melted into a grin as something came to mind, and Phil looked at him. 


Dan squeezed his hand, shifting their fingers so they more easily slid together. He hummed, watching his feet as he walked. 

“Roses are red, my face is too, that only happens when I’m with you,” he said lightly, giggling and licking his lips. 

Phil paused for a moment, sucking in a sharp intake of breath, and laughed almost nervously. 

“Are you kidding? Was that a pick up line?”

Dan shrugged. “Maybe.”

“Whenever I use those you call me an idiot.”

Dan shrugged again, a smile tugging at his lips. “I should call you google, because you have everything I’m looking for,” he muttered under his breath, his eyes flashing. 

Phil puffed air into his cheeks, blowing it out with a huff. God. That cocky bastard, he knew how he was messing with Phil’s head. You could tell just by looking at him, the way he was searching his face, looking for a reaction. 

“Would you like another? I could do this all day.” Dan’s smile widened, and you could see his dimples popping from his cheeks. 

“Fine.” Phil ran his fingers through his hair, pushing it back, and raised his eyebrows at his husband. “Hit me.”

Dan grinned, having gotten the answer he had wanted. “Are you a magician? Because when I look at you, everyone else disappears.” 

Phil groaned, shaking his head. “That’s a good one. You probably stole it from me.”

Dan held a hand to his heart, pretending to be offended. “I did not!” He stepped out in front of Phil, taking both of his hands in his, swinging them gently and walking backwards in front of him. “More?”

Phil sighed. “I’m gonna be honest, Dan, you’re really turning me on right now.”

Dan’s eyes went wide, and his face immediately flushed red. “W-What?” Phil laughed. 

“Seven years of sex, and you still get blushy when I even mention it.” He leaned forward, kissing Dan on the lips briefly. “You’re adorable.” 

Dan glared at him, but it was clear he didn’t mean it. “Whatever.” He let go of Phil’s hands, only to clasp them together in front of him. “One more.”

Phil grumbled something under his breath, but nodded. “It better be one more.” He smirked. “Or we might have to find a bathroom.”

Dan’s eyes went even wider, and he swallowed. He ran his fingers through his hair, mussing up his curls. 

“Your lips look so lonely…” He paused for effect, licking his lips and grinning. “Would they like to meet mine?’

Phil stared at him, his mouth opened slightly, and his eyes flickered over his face. Finally he grabbed Dan’s hand, walking ahead briskly. 

“That’s it,” he said breathlessly. “We’re finding somewhere where I can kiss you senseless.”

Dan stumbled slightly, taken by surprise by Phil’s sudden firm manner. “W-Wait, you were serious…?”

“Of course.” Phil glanced around, at the nearby buildings, looking for a bathroom, preferably with stalls. “You know that drives me crazy.”

Dan hummed, walking quicker to keep up with Phil. “I mean, I hadn’t tried it. I guess now I do.”

Phil nodded, grunting softly and pulling Dan by the hand into a restroom connected to an art gallery. They didn’t even make it to the stall before their mouths were pressed together heatedly, with Dan against the wall, Phil’s hands exploring his body. 

Dan wrapped his arms around Phil’s neck, pulling him as close as possible and tugging his lower lip between his teeth. 

Phil led him with hands on his waist, stumbling blindly until they made it to a stall, closing the door behind them and pinning him against the door. 

“Jesus,” Dan breathed, breaking away to get control of himself, his eyes wide. “You were serious.”

Phil nodded, picking Dan up in a swift movement that they had done a thousand times before, and Dan wrapped his legs around his waist, clinging to him. And then Phil was kissing him again, and his mind was fuzzy. 

They both got increasingly desperate, as they always did, and soon Phil was grinding on him, holding him up by the hips and kissing him deeply. Dan moaned, making the loudest of noises from the smallest of actions. But Phil didn’t even flinch, because he was always like this. 

“You’re gorgeous,” Phil muttered against his husband’s lips, and Dan’s face went hot. 

“Thank you,” he said quietly, scratching down Phil’s back slightly, tightening his legs around his waist. 

Phil hummed against his lips, groaning quietly and resting their foreheads together. 


Dan met his eyes, raising his eyebrows in question. “Yeah?”

“I know it’s gross, but… do you want to have a… quickie…?” 

“It’s not gross,” Dan said quickly, and then blushed even darker. “I mean… yeah. I w-want you now.”

Phil licked his lips, nodding and moving his mouth to Dan’s neck, sucking at the spot he knew was Dan’s favorite. He reached up with one hand, circling his thumb over the hickeys from the night before, and other times as well. 

“Let’s darken these up, shall we?”

Dan whimpered, nodding and letting his head fall back against the stall door, giving Phil room to work. 

Phil immediately sucked at the darkest of them, right above Dan’s collarbone, pushing his sweater out of the way. 

Dan let out a shuddery breath, trying as hard as he could not to moan so loud everyone outside could hear. Phil’s mouth had such an affect on him. 

“You’re strong,” Dan said softly, trying to focus on something other than the immense pleasure shooting through his nerves and making him shiver. 

“Mhm. It’s from holding you up all the time.” Phil pushed him up slightly on the door to get a better grip, as if proving his point. 

Dan pushed his hands beneath Phil’s shirt, feeling his stomach and shoving the fabric up. Soon enough Phil had to set him down so Dan could get his shirt off, and then pick him back up. 

Dan explored his chest slowly; although he had seen and felt the pale skin a thousand times, it still felt new. 

Phil got his jeans down and then helped him shove them off, and Dan pushed Phil’s down his hips. It was messy and shaky and kind of disorganized, but neither of them cared. 

Phil pushed his hands into Dan’s boxers, squeezing his ass and grinning widely. 

“I love your ass.”

“You’ve told me.” Dan giggled despite himself- Phil was almost obsessed with his ass, it was kind of amazing. “Now fuck me.”

Phil tutted, but shoved Dan’s boxers down never the less. “Someone’s being bossy.”

Dan whined as he felt Phil line up, scratching down his back. “Shut up.”

“Tell me to shut up again and I’ll make sure you can’t walk away from this bathroom.” 

That made Dan stay quiet, because as much as he wanted that, he would rather save it for after they got home. 

Phil pushed in and Dan whimpered, burying his face in Phil’s neck and biting down on the soft skin. He pulled back right away, blushing. “Sorry.” He was always nervous he would bite too hard, or would be doing something that Phil didn’t like. 

“Shush,” Phil muttered, his voice slightly tense as he tried to keep himself from pounding into Dan until he screamed. “You can bite me, baby.”

That was all it took to have Dan pressing his mouth against Phil’s shoulder, biting him to muffle his own noises. “You feel so good,” he said breathlessly, moving again so his nose was against Phil’s neck. 

Phil made a soft noise of acknowledgement, thrusting up into him, still holding him up against the door. Dan tightened his grip, making sure he wouldn’t fall. 

“Harder,” Dan moaned, his hair falling over Phil’s shoulder and his toes curling. 

“You sure?” Phil asked, breathing heavily. “I don’t want you to be hurting-”

“Please,” Dan gasped, fucking himself down to meet Phil’s hips. 

Phil licked his lips, nodding and speeding up, listening to Dan’s loud moans and focusing on finding the angles that made him scream. 

“I love your - noises,” he growled, tugging at Dan’s hair gently. Dan just whined in response. 

Dan clung tighter with one arm, using the other to reach between his legs, getting himself off while Phil fucked him. That made him even louder, his thighs shaking from the effort of holding himself up. 

“C-Close,” he choked out, and Phil nodded. 

“Good. C’mon baby…” he nudged his nose against Dan’s, moving Dan’s face so he could kiss him deeply. “Cum for me.” 

Dan whimpered against his mouth, his eyes fluttering shut. He always got at least a little self conscious at this point, no matter how many times they did it.

“Fuck,” he gasped, moving his hand faster and bouncing a bit more to meet Phil’s thrusts. “Fuck, you’re so good, jesus fuck.” 

Phil replaced Dan’s hand with his own, jerking him off and kissing around his mouth gently. 

“C’mon Dan,” he whispered, moving his mouth to Dan’s neck instead. “Cum for me. Mmh, fuck- I’m close.”

Dan came with a loud whine, spilling over Phil’s hand and on both of their stomachs. Phil groaned, thrusting harder and faster than before, pushed to the edge by Dan’s noises and the clenching around him. It only took a matter of seconds for him to let go. 

Dan hopped to his feet, immediately stumbling and practically falling over. Phil caught him, helping him stay on his feet. 

Phil helped him to the bathroom counter, letting him sit there and cleaning them both up quickly with a paper towel. He helped Dan get dressed as well, pulling his boxers and jeans up carefully. 

“Alright,” he said softly, smiling at him. “We should go.” 

Dan bit his lip. 

“I would,” he said slowly, his voice raspy and broken. “But…”

Phil grinned. 

“Yes, Dan, I’ll carry you.” 

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Sometimes I listen to Clipping and remember this is the same man who rapped Rubber Ducky for Sesame Street

i continue to think about how dead he looked in that video. he looked so lost. what did they do to him

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Wasn't an anti who created the term 'larries' for us lmao? I just remember when people used to say "larry shipper", even tho we don't ship, we believe/know it's real, and then suddenly, we were larriess and then what was "harry/louis girl/boy" became harries and louies. It's kinda crazy how things change in fandom culture

yep they did. larry supporter or larry shipper or ‘i believe louis and harry are in a relationship’ were the terms we tended to use and then an anti tried to mock us by calling us larries and we were all like … hold on that’s a really handy catch-all term actually.

and yep i love how we’ve steered away from ‘harry girl’ and ‘louis girl’ so we have gender neutral terms now. it’s definitely interesting to see how things change as time passes.

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I had a realization (which may be me just talking outta my ass also bc I don't really remember the last chapter but) that the way Yoongi was with the OC last time and the way Jungkook was with her this time really show how they feel with her. Yoongi ate out the oc in the last chapter, and even though he fumbled bc he never did it before, he did it willingly because he *wanted* to please her. It satisfied him to satisfy her (1/?)

When Jungkook was with the oc, we thought that he wanted equal satisfaction and to please and put the oc first, however he confirmed he was actually there to self-satisfy and gain the upper hand on Yoongi when he said ‘that’s how you deserve to be treated.’ I think ultimately Jungkook is out there for self gain (like thinking he’s the better man, better lover, etc.) (2/3)

and Yoongi is out there wishing to please the oc, but failing miserably because he doesn’t quite know how (maybe some people disagree, but we see this sort of behaviour with his inner monologue saying he wanted to kiss her, eat her out, and when he did those out of place acts of kindness for the oc like the band aid thing). Like I said, I could be wrong but thats the way I interpret it lmao (3/3)

I hope I sent that first ask anonymously lmao

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You.  I like you, anon.  You pay close attention and that makes me happy.  

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kimmiyko, how are ya such an awesome drawer? cheers! :D

It all started with a star.

When I was in Kindergarten (yes I remember this very well because it was a huge event in my life), I hated the drawing station. So I would hang out with my teachers and be a teacher’s pet instead.

One day, one of them asked, “why don’t you go to the art station?”

I replied, “because I don’t know how to draw.”

She only smiled. Then she told me to get paper and a crayon. I did what I was told. Once I got the stuff she asked for, she brought me close and put the crayon in my hand. She then guided my hand to the paper. Slowly, we drew a star together. I was so amazed by the technique, that I continued to cover the whole page with stars.

By the time I was done, my teachers praised me. Ever since then, I went to the art station all the time to draw new things. And as I got older, my skills advanced. But I still work as hard as i did when I covered that piece of papers with a white sky of different colored stars.

Reasons why Alex killed himself

I have been seeing a lot of conspiracy theories surrounding Alex being shot and I have got to say something. Tyler did not kill him; he took his picture down because he knew that Alex overcame his feelings for Tyler and did the right thing when a bully was pushing him against a locker. Alex most definitely shot himself the hospital would not have confirmed a dead/injured body unless they were absolutely sure of the persons identity but I’m not saying Justin didn’t kill himself as well (theory about Justin being in the ambulance) but I am saying that Alex shot himself and here is why and how he was capable of doing it.

1) How he did it:

Remember that one scene in Monet’s with Hannah, Jessica, and Alex? Yeah, I know you do. He said he went to a shooting range regularly with his father. Remember that other scene in Alex’s house when his dad was polishing/cleaning his gun? You probably don’t remember that scene as vividly. Or maybe I’m just making it up. Go check. He obviously had easy access to a firearm.

2) First reason why he killed himself

He broke up with Jessica because of a silly reason. Everyday he passes her in the hallway, sees her at lunch, and in classes and his heart aches because she’s happier with another person who doesn’t treat her right yet at the same time he realizes he was just as bad to her. 

3) Second reason why

This one is probably obvious but making/ taking part in the list. No explanation needed. 

4) Third reason why

He has an extremely strict father and he is unhappy in his own home. His father expects him to be just like he is and Alex is not passionate about the things his father is passionate about. 

5) Fourth reason why

Everyone is too focused on Hannah to even realize he is hurting. His grades drop, he has frequent doctor visits, he quits jazz band, he rips down posters, he lets someone beat him up, and still no one notices his pain.

Feel free to add more

(( Coloured headshot of my bby by the amazingly talented @crwnly! Cannot remember how I got so lucky as to get art by them, but I’m forever pleased as punch that I did! Beautiful work, capturing a softer side of Ael that is very rarely shown!Singular image posted with permission from head-shot batch! ))

You’re My Open Road is still one of my favorite things I’ve ever written. Going back to read it again, I can feel from the words how deep in the zone I was for the entire time I spent writing it. I enjoyed writing it so much, literally did nothing but work on it for three days straight; it was some of the best time I ever spent, sitting unshowered on my sofa with a cup of coffee beside me and half a dozen tabs open with google results for “street view of Nevada” and “motels in Idaho” and “Visit Yellowstone National Park.” I listened to a playlist on Spotify called “Road Trip” almost constantly.

I like to go back and read that fic sometimes just to remember how great it felt to write it.


Pairing: Kili x Reader (Reader is the same height as Kili…few inches taller)

Characters: Kili, the Company

Warnings: None, unless you count the overloaded adorableness of a puppy-eyed, confused Kili

Word Count: 1, 305

Note #1: I hope I have the first right from Persian/Farsi:

1. Dooset Daram = I’m in Love With You

In Khuzdul:

2. Menu zirup men = You Complete Me

Note #2: I thought about this one shot while studying. Originally, this was going to be with Dwalin but I think we can all agree that it would work best with Kili. BTW, when I found this perfect Kili GIF, I couldn’t stop laughing. Poor baby, he looks so confused!

In all honesty, I could not even clearly remember as to why or rather how I had ended up in the outskirts of Bag End, when almost at once I crossed paths with the Grey Fellow, Gandalf, who offered…well, he did not exactly offer, did he? He persuaded me to join what he took upon naming a ‘life-changing adventure’. Though, knowing myself, finally, as he had said this, I wasted not another single second upon agreeing to join him as he led me to a certain, strange hobbit house.

Upon that moment, not only did I become a little vexed when I learned that it was not to be an adventure after all, but a quest…and a dangerous one at that. Though, I had long forgotten about it once I laid eyes on a young dwarf, who had already been in the hobbit house at my arrival. Who was to say that I, a simple woman from the lands of Harad, would fall in love with a dwarf, which I later learned was the youngest prince of Erebor.

Kili. Kili, his name was. Call me a hopeless fool of love but his name had become my favourite part of the day, as with every chance I got, I would call on him. Even if it meant asking him idiotic things, like, ‘Kili, why do you think lovers sing, when they can speak?’ or, ‘Kili, if you were to dress as a maiden for a day, do you think you’d still be able to outshine Thorin’s majesty?

Despite what silly questions or comments I would say, this charming dwarf with orbs like molten mahogany would simply chuckle or even caress my cheek with his thumb. Of course, I wouldn’t be the only one with ridiculous remarks, he’d have some of his own, up his sleeve. And they never seized to make me blush and hide my face away in embarrassment in my hands.

Involuntarily and helplessly, I had come to love Kili and everything of him. The way his eyes sparkled as they settled upon the burning flames of the fire. The way his nose would slightly wrinkle to create small pillows beneath his eyes. Or the way his unkempt hair - which were a lovely colour of the rich soil of the valleys after the spring rains - gently moved with the wind.

Night had fallen as the trees around us became like ominous figures. Even the shadows themselves seemed to be frightened of the darkness. And in this gathering gloom, the twinkling stars along with the ageless as well as enthralling Moon shone brighter in the sky, as if to comfort the citizens of Middle-Earth that even in the dark there was hope.

That night, I had sat beside Kili as he quietly told me the Dwarven legends behind each constellation. Silently, I studied his face as I admired the way he spoke so passionately about his culture. That moment was when I realized, I had never told him how I had felt towards him. I had never gotten the courage to tell him that I loved him. How was I supposed to say something that seemed so simple yet so sophisticated to him?

“Lass,” Kili spoke, receiving my attention, “are you feeling alright? I seem to have lost you. Are my stories that much of a bore?”

I shook my head almost immediately and he chuckled at my non-verbal response. “Just a little tired, Kili. That’s all.” I admitted as I rested my head upon his shoulder. Instinctively, he wrapped me in his arms and rubbed my arm as if lulling me to sleep with a silent lullaby. 

“Then sleep, lass. I’ll be here when you wake.” He promised, earning a wide smile from myself. 

“Thank you, Kili.” I say and comfortably wrap my arms around his torso. It was now or never, I though to myself nervously after a few moments. I sigh and snap my eyes open once more. “Oh and one more thing…”

“Mm?” Kili looks down at me and I bite the inside of my lower lip, suppressing the overpowering urge to grab him from the face right there and plant my lips upon his irresistible ones. 

Dooste daram, Kili.” Questionably, his eyebrows narrow as he regards me with slightly widened eyes, expressing nothing but confusion. “What does that mean?” He asks. Feeling in a surprisingly mischievous mood, I smirked up at him. “Don’t worry, Master Dwarf, as clever as you are, you’ll come to figure it out very soon.” 

Apparently, it wasn’t as soon as I had thought it be. Perhaps, he already knew and didn’t want to tell me out of fear of how I might react once he rejected me. Sometimes, to console myself, I had thought that he had forgotten about it, due to all the dangerous events that had been happening. So, I always made sure to remind him of it, by whispering it in his ear as I walked by him. Occasionally, I did feel guilty when his facial features conveyed helplessness and loss of words. 

One night, after I had gotten the fire to start, I was about to lay on my bed roll, when a strong grip at my small wrist pulled me towards a muscular chest. I looked to see that it had been Kili. His orbs were darker than usual, but his expression was very hard to read this time. As he tugged at my wrist, I was made to follow him into the forest, where he pushed me against a tree trunk. 

He placed his hands on the tree and his arms were on either side of my face. Intensively, I look into his eyes and if he had been a head taller than I was, he would have frightened me even more. Kili dips his forehead upon my own as my breathing picks up. 

Doostedaram…means I love you, am I right, (Y/N)?” He questions as my cheeks burn and I sheepishly smile, looking into the distance of the darkened forest. Kili places his hand on my cheek and turns my head to face him once more.

“Am I right?” He repeats with a certain urgency in his voice as I gulp, licking my lips. 

“I’m…I’m in love with you, to be more precise.” I whisper. Without even realizing it, the young dwarf captures my lips with his and I freeze in shock, for a slight moment but recover quickly to respond by moving my own lips against his. 

Kili’s kiss was slow and soft, comforting my soul from the chaos that was ensuing from Azog’s terrors. His hand rested at my neck and his thumb caressed my cheek as it had done many times. Our breaths mingled and I ran my fingers down his back, pulling him closer until there was no space left between us. 

Moments that felt like eternity passed and we pulled away, the both of us breathing heavily. Kili grinned widely as if he had finally cracked the answer to a highly sophisticated riddle. He nudged at my nose with his own and whispered, “Menu zirup men, amralime.”

I frown as my elegant eyebrows knit together in a confused look, “Does that mean I love you in Khuzdul?” 

“You are a wise, fair maiden, are you not?” Kili smirked handsomely, “I bet you can figure it out quicker than I had with yours.” He pecked my lips once more and wandered back to the camp with a self-satisfied grin, where the Company was fast asleep. As he did so, I was left with numerous questions and thoughts as to what Kili had said, truly meant, if it weren’t ‘I love you’.

Must he always be the one to win the game? I thought, quite irritated as that night I hadn’t gotten a wink of sleep.


Team Canada Synchronized Swimming Montreal November 2009

I was a little high last night watching synchronized swimming (I don’t know why either, but it’s really intense!!!) and this morning I couldn’t remember if I saw what I thought I saw last night.

Y'all, the Canadian team did a Cowboys vs. Indians theme, complete with war whoops and headdresses. How did *nobody* in the committee or whatever see this as a bad idea?! Last night I was like “whaaaa….” but this morning I’m like “OMG did that really happen?!”

It did.

See? Americans ain’t the only ones.

Ok I need to take this hotel mirror home with me. It’s like the perfect lighting to hide how blotchy my face is!

Breakfast was a protein bar and a latte. So I did great on the morning workout but failed at breakfast. Just not a fan of sitting in a restaurant by myself and even though the company is paying for it, $20 for room service breakfast seems like highway robbery.

So much sun here in LA compared to back at home in Washington. Glad I remember to pack my sunglasses!

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King Noctis, hold old were you when you finally realized you loved Lady Lunafreya more than a friend? Did you write to her first when she was captured or did she? How about you Lady Lunafreya, how old were you when you realized you loved him?

“I… I can’t really pinpoint an exact age. Maybe it was sometime in high school when I started getting the feeling of what love was but didn’t fully understand it? I guess the older I got, the more I loved her. Over the years passing our notebook back and forth as we both grew, things changed and feelings changed for me. I remember when I was told I was going to have politically marry, I remember dreading it… until they told me it was Luna, I almost fell over with relief. *he chuckles* I was never burdened by the idea of marrying her at all. I guess, just over time, but it was when I lost her… I think I realized just how deep my love for her went, and yeah…”

“Hmmm… *she sits back and is for a moment lost in her thoughts* I’d say the feelings started to emerge back when I was twelve. Since the attack, we have been keeping regular contact through our notebook. We shared so many things together, our worries, frustrations, happiness, wishes, longings, I could go on and on. At the age of sixteen, I came to the realization that I truly loved Noctis. The feelings that I had, blossomed into something more. It made things also rather hard for me. I desperately longed to see Noctis again. The day I had to go to Insomnia to meet with King Regis, my heart ached. I left with the thought of finally being able to see him again, although I knew it wouldn’t be under the most pleasant of circumstances. But the feelings that rushed through me, were enough for me to come to terms and determine that I cared for Noctis, so deeply… I loved him, and I still do. It shall never pass.”

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I'm glad I just discovered this blog. I was just ranting hard this morning about how much I HATE Ezra, specifically his relationship with Aria and the fact that they could be getting married. Like that's her RAPIST. Like yay America I guess?

Welcome! We at the Anti-Ezra league are glad to have you. lol.

 I remember when this show started, I was really bothered about their relationship, and I thought “well this is what I’m supposed to feel though. Because surely this won’t last long, and this guy will be exposed and punished, and we’ll move on.”

And then when Aria’s friends found out, and they were mostly OK with it, I realized “Oh no. This show doesn’t think this is wrong!?!?”

But then they did the entire book reveal thing, and he acknowledges that he KNEW who she was and how old she was… and I basically realized that the only way to end this is by him being vilified to the highest level. Sincerely, the only way to maintain a shadow of dignity, is for not only Aria to discover him for the complete fraud that he is, but to also find enough faith and strength in herself to take him down. I swear to god if she actually marries him and they validate all the horrific things he has done… I will lose my shit. And I will campaign so hard against this show. 

I can literally only slightly defend this show still airing right now, because I cant imagine anyone allowing this show to end and not shatter the illusion that any of that was ever OK. And there is a mountain of evidence that point to him being a major villain, even beyond the stalking and statutory rape. 

I actually LOVE Ezra, but only as a villain. any attempt to make him a valid and sympathetic character will enrage me. And I also really enjoy Ian Harding’s performance of Ezra. He is so good at making him so awful.  And his hatred of his own character makes me very happy. :)

One day in 9th grade my friend called me over to her place sobbing over the phone about her problem no. 999999
I rushed over like always and when I got out of the elevator and walked towards her door, I was taken aback.
Her entire front door was taped in paper.
Huge pieces of paper with pink ink on them.
I started reading and soon realized it was meant for me.
Each paper had like a tiny note/letter for me and there were about 20 something such pieces.
She remembered all the tiny things I ever told her and all the silly things we did in school that I never once imagined were cherished by her too.
Once I was done reading/untapping the notes, she opened the door hugged me tight.
She told me how my absence in school that day made her realize what I meant to her and how ungrateful and self centered she had been lately.
I think we both had tears in our eyes.
She apologised and thanked me and gave me a letter.
This was like a 4-5 pages handwritten letter and she was not really a writer to find writing something like that interesting or easy.
She then offered me a dessert her mom used to make that I would absolutely love.

I don’t know just how random this act of kindness was but honestly this was the first thing that flashed in my mind when I read your post @that-girl-in-glasses1995
We aren’t friends anymore and things ended last year on a very bad note but I believe this memory is something I will always cherish.
Thank you for tagging me in this beautiful post of yours ❤

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Guess who's back😆 ( I've listened to much Block B yesterday 😂) How was your week sweetie? Have you sleep well? Have you eaten? Drunk lot of water? Maybe anything good happened? Tell me, I want to know 🙈 This week I want you to smile as much as you can💪🏻 And remember that there is nothing impossible for you in this world 💕🌱

AyyyE back at it again with the positive vibes.The only substantial thing that happened wAS THAT GOT7 CAME TO MELBOURNE AND I COULDN’T GO SEE THEM BUT MOST OF MY FRIENDS DID ;-; 

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My Reylo Story

I remember when I was first introduced to the idea of Reylo. It was on Tumblr, and I remember at first I didn’t think it would happen. I thought it was a good idea and I definitely did ship it, I just hadn’t thought about it until then, and therefore I doubted that it would ever become canonical.

But the more I thought about it, the more I realised that Reylo definitely has a chance. I mean, Star Wars is known for being one of the best, most creative stories… ever. Imagine how cool it would be if Rey and Kylo, two of the most powerful force users of their time, got together to help bring balance to the force? Rey, the light-side user who feels the pull of the dark, and Kylo ren, the dark-side user who feels the pull of the light, joining forces? Talk about problem solving! Plus, they have loads of onscreen chemistry.

Anyway, I just wanted to talk about Reylo. Thanks for reading. Not that anyone cares. ‘Kay bye.

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Hello ^-^ i was just wonderin' if you knew, since you draw oswald from time to time about his 'unique' abilities like how his arm can be taken off to make a boomerang or his tail taken off makes Iike a cleaning cloth or a sponge and how his ears can let him fly like a helicopter X'D. Just wanted to see if you knew cause These may help with a comic or something. Have a nice day-!!!~~ you're amazing-!!!

I knew about all of this. XD I remember seeing some of that in the cutscenes of Epic Mickey that I was able to find on Youtube. It kinda makes me curious if he did any of these things in his old cartoons. Thanks again, and I hope you have a nice day as well! ^^