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New Year? New Me?

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Peter Pan Imagine

Author: Joi A. Wade

Requested:  “ I love New Year, New me. It’s amazing and I love the ending, but is it over or not”    Guess not. 

Warning: Swearing, Fluff 

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To say Y/n was excited about the New Year was an understatement. She was ready for this somewhat decent year to be over with and a new one to greet her and her…other half. She wandered around the party her best friend was hosting, having small talk with whoever passed by and drinking the champagne in her hand. Y/n came by herself, with the exception of her little one, but as soon as they passed the front door she went sprinting somewhere in the large house; promising her mommy that she was just going to play with the other kids.

At first, Y/n was a little skeptical. This was the second year, whenever herself or her friends would have a get together for New Years, where her cute little self would leave to run around the house for a long period of time and then show back up when the ball was dropping; to share a little ‘mommy and me’ new year’s kiss (on the cheeks, of course). Y/n never really looked for anyone to replace the man figure in her life, or her daughter’s, because she never really felt like she needed to at the moment. Once she found out she was having a girl, that was the closer that she would be okay without a father figure, and so far she was right…sort of.

Y/n would always hate the look on her baby girl’s face whenever she would see a mother and child on the street, accompanied by a father. But, that was all she would do, just look and never speak about it. The only time she brought it up was Christmas not too long ago, saying, ‘Mama, will Santa bring me a daddy this year?’ Y/n had to leave the room just so she wouldn’t let the whole family see her cry. Sometimes Y/n’s thoughts would drift toward…you know who. Where he was, how he was doing, the cliche stuff. Her daughter was slowly starting to look like him everyday; his ears, his button nose, his charming smile…even his goddamn eyebrows.

Everyday she was a reminder who her father was.

Walking around for a little while, updating people on herself and asking about their lives as well, Y/n happily excepted another glass of champagne, enjoying how it calmed her nerves of her nowhere-to-be-found daughter. Her name is Kensington (Kenz-ing-ton), like the garden in London. Somewhere Peter always said he wanted to visit, and if he couldn’t, at least name his first born child that. Safe to say it kinda stuck. Y/n loves her very much, but she was definitely a handful. May have Y/n’s beautiful looks, but sadly her daddy’s personality. She didn’t want to admit it, at least not out loud, but she missed the bugger…

Sighing, Y/n set down the half empty glass on a nearby table, leaning against the wall while scanning the area once more for her daughter’s Mickey Mouse shirt. Next to her someone had cleared their throat rather loudly, snapping her from her thoughts. Looking as to where it came from, she gave a friendly smile at the familiar face.

“Hello, Felix, nice to see you again. It’s been, what, two years?”

“Yeah, it has. Wow, you look fantastic! How’s life in the big city treating you and the little one?”

“Pretty well, actually. Kens really loves the parks they offer, the shops, bakeries, toy stores; city life really suits her. How’s it been for you?”

He shrugs, drinking the rest of his beer. “Same old, same old. Have you uh…you know…”

“If you’re referring to telling her father, the answer is no. I’ve cut off all contact before she was born, and stayed that way ever since. Why do you ask?” She raises her eyebrow, crossing her arms.

“No reason, it’s just-”

“Listen, I’d rather not think about him while going into the new year. It kinda defeats the purpose, you know?” Taking the hint, Felix only hugs her and bids farewell for now, saying he was now going to great a few others before the countdown. Sighing in relief that she avoided talked about…you know who, she went right back to looking for her little girl. It was almost time and she hasn’t come running back yet. Odd and…somewhat familiar.

Looking around frantically, Y/n almost missed the feel of someone tugging on her dress. She immediately thought it was Kensington, only for it to be Tiger Lily’s son, Atohi. “Auntie Y/n, hurry! The ball’s about to drop!”

“I’m coming, don’t worry. I just gotta find Kens, I’ll be only a second.” Ruffling his hair, Y/n instantly left to go hunt down her missing daughter. Searching lowly to the ground for her small figure, asking anyone if they’ve seen or heard her, only to come up with nothing. This was frustrating and she was receiving a bad case of deja vu.

Sure, she was being a little over dramatic about the situation, but it was another year Y/n had made it as a single mother. Everyone supported her, close friends and family, but it still was a little confirmation when it was the new year. Her daughter being missing was really shitting on that feeling…

About to call out her name, Y/n froze when she felt a hand rest on her bare shoulder, it’s cold touch leaving goosebumps all over her skin. Slightly tilting her head to see who it was, but still focused on finding Kensington, Y/n nearly choked on air at the last person she expected to be behind the hand. Not to mention who they were holding in their arms, her smile matching his almost perfectly…

“Looking for someone, love?”

Turning around abruptly, Y/n fought the urge for her jaw to drop to the floor, trying not to give him the satisfaction that she was shocked to see him. Even though she was, she’d rather die then let him know that. 

“Mama, this is my friend, the one I told you about last year!” Y/n always was suspicious as to why Kensington never introduced these so called ‘friends’ she made the past couple of years. But, she didn’t care, just glad that she was making friends. 

Clearing her throat, Y/n responds. “U-Um…that’s great, honey. What’s his name?” 

“Peter. Peter Pan. It’s nice to meet you…” 

“Y/n. Y/n L/n.” She says through clenched teeth, just wanting to grab her daughter and get far away from him as possible. “Sweetheart, go wait on the couch with Atohi. Mama’s gonna have a little chat with your friend, okay?” 

Kensington looked at Peter, and knowing smirk on her face. “I think you’re in trouble.” 

“No worries, puppet. You’re mum doesn’t scare me.” He grins, setting the little girl down and chuckling once she starts sprinting. “She’s something else.” 

“Yeah, could say the same about you. What the hell are you doing, talking to my daughter?” She goes to seethe, watching his grin drop from his face. It slowly morphed into something more sad, as he scanned her face and figure. 

“I think you mean our daughter.”  Y/n once again froze, her eyebrows shooting up to her hairline. “What, you thought you could keep her away from me?” 

“Who told you?”

“Doesn’t matter. What matters is that I’m better now, and I want to be apart of her life-”

“Not a chance. See ya.” About to leave it at that, Peter was quick to grab her arm and pull her back. “Let go of me. You can’t do this, I told you to stay away from me, you promised-” 

“And you promised that you would find someone better, to treat you right. Guess we both lied in that situation, huh love?”

“Stop calling me that, and I didn’t need anyone. Kensington and I are fine how we are.” 

“Nice to see that you kept the name I chose. It fits her like a glove, I’ve always wanted a daddy’s girl.” 

“And you’re not getting one! She doesn’t need you, I don’t need you, we were fine before you and we’ll be fine after! Now let me go!” Y/n kept tugging, but Peter wasn’t budging. It’s been three years since they’ve spoken, and he’d be damned if he was going to let her slip away. What they both seemed to forget was that there was a countdown…and it was starting without them. 

“You know that’s not fair to her. She told me she’s always wanted a father, she even said that she wishes I was her father. What a coincidence that I just happened to be.”

“How dare you even think I would let you walk back into my life-her life? After building a new life for my daughter, away from my fucked up past, you decide to come back! Do you and Newt have meetings on bad timing, or something?” 


“I can’t trust you, Peter, you know I can’t. After everything I’ve done, I refuse to start back where I ran from, just so you can play ‘daddy’ for a while. Because I am certainly not marrying you, so there’s no point in asking, so how exactly do you think this is gonna work, huh? Huh?!”

“Love, please, listen-” 

“Stop calling me that! What do you want from me?!” 

Before she could comprehend, Peter had wrapped his free arm around her waist, pulling her in close and finally doing what he’s been building up the courage for-for over three years. Their new year’s kiss. 

“ H A P P Y     N E W    Y E A R !!! ” 

You know, I think about it a lot and I still maintain my favourite stephew moment, out of hundreds of cute looks and flirty words and touching and smiling, is still the fnaf dating stream (at 37:45) when Stephanie said that pickup line and Matt jumped on her.

(U know what reblog and add your favourite stephew moment!)

Get ready for a lot of Jealous Bois! Hope you like it! ~mun Ashe


-Shu: He doesn’t really care. That is until you start hugging and giving cheek kisses to too many guys, then he bothers to get up and drags you away to lay down with him somewhere secluded.

-Reiji: Absolutely unacceptable. How lewd of you to give out such displays of affection left and right, that is not what a dignified lady should do. You best hide unless you want your ass whipped.

-Ayato: WHY ARE YOU PAYING SO MUCH ATTENTION TO PEOPLE WHO AREN’T HIM. He is insanely jealous and literally drags you away.

-Laito: He doesn’t mind you showing your fans affection at all, in fact, when he sees you give a particularly cute girl a kiss on the cheek, he immediately suggests a threesome. he ends up getting bitch slapped.

-Kanato: JEALOUSY INTENSIFIES. But ultimately, he just sulks in the corner, seething with Teddy. When you both get home, all hell breaks loose.

-Subaru: For a while he just brooded in the background pretty silently, but as soon as you start kissing cheeks, he’s cursing and carrying you away. 


-Ruki: It’s quite presumptuous of you to think it acceptable to show such displays of affection to anyone but your Master. Livestock should prepare for some serious punishment. 

-Kou: He’s a tiny bit jealous, but excited for you! He understands just how exciting it can be to meet your fans and even comes out to greet them with you. Just don’t get too handsy.

-Yuma: Nope. The second you start getting too close and kissing cheeks, you’re over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes. he’s about to show you just who you belong to.

-Azusa: He’s!! So!! Happy!! For!! You!! He watches you happily from the background as you greet your fans, he likes seeing how happy it makes you. Just don’t get too carried away or the poor boy might think you don’t love him anymore! ;-;

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Well hello hello, welcome back, now when the inbox is open I'd like to as a scenario how Dazai decides to tell his s/o what's under his bandages and because we still don't know it let's just end it with how he starts unwrapping them good luck 💖💖

ahhhh this has been in my head for so long and I finally got around to it. Thanks for being such a support cute nugget and sorry this took so long! Posting it earlier than Friday just for you <3

{ Drabble }{ Dazai x Reader }{ Fluff || Romance }

 “Gangster tattoos from your Port Mafia days?”

               “No silly!”

               “Are you part skeleton? Do you hide it because you think I won’t sleep with a half man half skeleton?”

               When Dazai laughs it ignites a pool of butterflies lurking in your stomach. His chest rumbles and his eyes fall closed like a small child finding pure bliss in the joke of a friend. Lean arms encircle your waist and tug you flush to his chest. Summer heat cascades glowing strips against the shade of the trees leaving a myriad of golden yellow patterns scattered across the grass. The scent of fresh doriyaki and sweet sake undulates with the scent of blooming pastel flowers. Bees hum as their wings carry them to each succulent bustle of pinks and whites and yellows. A warm breeze shifts Dazai’s bangs from his forehead—you’d always wondered how he dealt with his mop of hair on hot days.
             “Would you still love me if I was part skeleton? ”  

               “Will you just tell me? Or show me? As much as I adore your mummy aesthetic I would like to run my nails up and down every inch of skin rather than what’s left between the bandages. It’s unfair!”

               Dazai sighs and presses a gentle kiss to your forehead. Your knees graze the quilt spread out beneath the shade of a towering tree. ‘The perfect place for a romantic lunch’ Dazai had said after he yanked you from the ADA’s offices right before noon. Despite his off-the wall antics at times Dazai had a talent of setting a remarkably intimate and romantic mood even in a park with fifty other people casually walking beneath the shade of the trees.  Smoother than silk your fingertips dance along the collar of his shirt before flitting down the center of his chest. His vest had been shrugged off with his coat due to the heat—and your insistence; who could deny how good he looked in just a button down?

              Stark white bandages contrast the peachy hue of his skin. Their existence pulls a frown that makes Dazai gasp. Quickly his lips pepper yours with playful kisses until a smile is coaxed over your initial pout. His hands roam up your back and down your arms, tapering little patterns of goosebumps over your skin. Knowing his game of distraction all too well your hands cross against your chest, pout returning to Dazai’s dismay. Another sigh escapes his lips as he glances at you with his own irritation forming above his brows.

               “You’re not going to let his go are you?” Dazai asks quietly before slipping his hands off your arms.

               “I don’t like secrets Dazai. You know this.”

               Dazai eye’s scan your face carefully, as if inscribing each minor detail to his memory. The consistent façade of elated happiness fades and replaces itself with a melancholy softness only you’ve been witness to. When Dazai opens himself he is all or nothing, and right now beneath the warm summer breeze and honey-gold sunlight he is irrevocably transparent. For you—only. One hand cups your cheek and the other reaches for his neck. The white cloth loosens and begins to pool around the base of his neck as he unwinds it.

               “Only for you because it makes you happy.” 

Jeremy loves baking. There’s just something strangely therapeutic about it all. Maybe it was just knowing all the work was going to something sweet, maybe it was just being able to making something with simple ingredients, seeing how it all worked out in the end. Jeremy didn’t know and honestly didn’t care. He’d just like taking some time on the weekends, at least when he can, to make something sweet.

Jeremy also loves his boyfriend. Adores him really. The argument can even be made that he loves him more than he loves baking. But trying to deal with his boyfriend when doing such baking always proves to be a whole lot more work.

“Ryan!” Jeremy shouts as he turns around from grabbing the flour, seeing Ryan trying to poke into the dough he’s not even finished mixing. “Stop trying to eat it!”

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sue3000 replied to your post: Hello! I am loving the RegencyAU! So some…

What about what sarah promised tony about learning fencing and horse riding? Wouldn’t they fall in love faster seeing tony do something like that, wooping with joy because he just mastered a difficult jump or something and imagining himself alone… Ohh! Tony blacksmithing should be a thing here! Maybe sneaking away at night as his confidence grows, and learning himself how to make an armor for peter to safely ride dummy in.

I love everything about this except the end because Tony HAAAATES it when Peter rides Dummy. He thought it was cute in the beginning but now that they’re older and he knows Dummy’s wiling to leap down the grand staircase with Peter on his back he is constantly worried about it happening again and both of them getting hurt. (Typical Mom lol)

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I really loved how you replied to the hottest markson ask. So I was wondering if you could do a cute version?

I’m going to limit myself to ‘10′ cute moments or otherwise I will end up linking half the archive! Here is a bunch of tooth rotting cuteness

These are things that either came to me first or remain meaningful to me as a fan. Cute is my preferred tagging adjective too (search cute if you are on mobile)

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Hello thank you for always being awesome! I scrolled through your recs but didn't find anything that relates to what I was looking for. Can you please recommend shoujo mangas which had a happy ending and have special chapters after the ending that showed how the couple lived. Like Wolf Girl Black Prince where the author shows Erica and Kyouya's married life and daughter. I just really like seeing how the couple progressed after, preferably the married ones. Thank you very much in advance 💕

Hehe, thanks! And yes, I love seeing the “after endings” of manga series! It’s cute when I get to see the main couple’s children, and maybe some of the side couples too. ;)

I already have a list for that here, but I’ll put all the links here since the manga series aren’t linked there (because in the past I never linked it to the manga;;)

Children are too cute for words!

I was sitting in rehearsal talking with a friend about school and people and just life backstage and me and my friend ended up on the subject of sexuality. Me and her started talking about how a lot of our male friends are gay and a little nine year old boy in the cast overheard us and asked “Why are they gay?” So I kindly responded “They are gay because they like other people of the same gender as themselves.” And the little boy went “eww that’s gross.” My hopes dropped a little but I kept going “it’s just a way that people feel. You will learn to live with it.” And he said “but I don’t want that.. that’s gross” so I responded “Well you don’t have to like boys, you can like girls!” And his response was just. “Eww I don’t want either gender. I’m fine with what you like, but I don’t like others like that.”

I just thought that was the cutest thing ever and can we all just appreciate children who are completely oblivious to the hatred in this world?!?

Drabble prompt #15  (Reader x young Sirius Black)

Drabble prompts -  songs , request more here

Request: Hiiii! Could you write #15 with Sirius? Thank youuu baby!!

Woah you called me baby, you are making me blush this is too much too soft too cute.

Prompt: If these sheets were the states- All Time Low

The school year had finally come to an end and you were helping Sirius pack up his things which he always saved until the last minute.

There was a sadness to the room, you were going to miss Sirius over the summer break. Usually you would visit him but this summer you were vacationing in America with your parents. 

Sirius was complaining on and on about how he’d miss you and he’d be so lonely without you,

“You will have the boys to visit at least, and you can write me all the time or even call me on the floo!”

This didn’t make him feel any better, you took a break from folding up his bed sheets and splayed your body on his bed in a tired huff.

He wasn’t too happy about this he wanted to get this done so you guys had actual time to hangout before the train, and maybe snog a bit.

He started folding the sheet even though you were lying over half of it.

“If these sheets were those stupid states you insist on visiting.”

You gave him an amused look as he continued

“I’d fold them end-” he paused and folded another corner up 

“Over end, to bring you closer to me” and as he said the last part he wrapped the sheet and his arms around you and jumped beside you on the bed.

You brought your hands up to the sides of his face as you just kissed him softly and laid there until the train arrived and you had to rush not to miss it, although Sirius didn’t mind the thought of being stuck at Hogwarts with you.

do you like law and order svu ? do you like cute detectives who is also a certified Dad ™️ ? who wears baseball caps backwards and flannel shirts ? who has been referred to a savior of women and has talked about respecting them a few times ? who constantly gets the short end of the stick when he deserves much better ? or who leaves for california after his dreams are crushed but goes to be with his kids ? well then, nick amaro is the guy for you ! like / reblog for 70% screaming rants about how nick deserves better, 25% of talking about how amazing danny is, 4% of memes about nick being petty, and a solid 1% of roleplaying !

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99. With miles?

Word Count: 323

 It was late and you’d had a lot to drink. It was your birthday and for the first hour of your party you decided to do a shot anytime someone wished you a happy birthday. That was untill Miles cut you off. Now you were at the end of a booth Miles sitting next to you to keep our from getting loose. Kyle is sitting across from you knowing how fun it can be to ask drunk you questions.

“Ok who at Rooster Teeth do you think has the best butt?” Kyle asked. You turned to face Miles.

“Miles you got a cute butt.” you stopped for a minute before you counted. “I’ve been in love with you and your ass since we met.” you say with a confident smile on your face.

You woke up unsure of how you left the bar last night. You had a really bad headache and as you sat up you realized you weren’t in your apartment. You looked around and sitting in a white chair next to the bed was Miles asleep. You stared at him for a minute before he opened his eyes.

“How are you doing?” he asked

“My head is killing me and I don’t remember much. Thanks for taking care of me.”

“No problem.” he said as he stood up from the chair. “So you don’t remember anything?”

“No why what did I say?”

“You might have told me and Kyle that you’ve been in love with me and my cute butt since we met.”

“Oh my gosh I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be it was cute and if not drunk you still feels that way I’d love to take you on date.”

“If you really want to I’d too.”

“Of course I want too you’re, sweet, awesome and also have a cute butt.” he said as he sate on the bed next to you. You laughed leaning into kiss him on the cheek.

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Me and my friend had an argument about if Merle would flirt or even hit on a girl who's shy, fidgety, anxious and social awkward and who's visibly terrified by men (for many reasons, some more plausible than others). We ended up both thinking it would be unlikely. What's your thought?

I don’t think so…Merle seems pretty open minded and he’s pretty a loud mouth so he’s at least gonna make a flirty comment at first and see how fat he can go! Plus if he think she’s cute/pretty he’ll for sure go far until of course she’d tell him off then that’s the only time he’ll lay off

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I'm having a mental breakdown because of that final kissing scene. Idk I was so distracted by the cuteness of the video that I forgot about the possibility of a kiss and the end was like a bullet to my heart. I am so... ok I don't even know how to describe my feelings. I want that. I don't care about fights or his crazy agenda. I just want to be near him. I don't even have to date him. We don't even need to talk. I just wanna watch him from afar and admire his cute body language. I'm in love.

honestly how happy he looked in the video?I want him to be that happy always. so he needs to date whoever he wants and be happy and be all fucking cute and I can cry in my lonely corner 

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he'll probs end up working at the scrapyard so rupert can make up for fuckin shit up for him

Okay but I totally see this happening….how cute would that shit be

Ross driving Robert NUTS all the time and Aaron just rolling his eyes so hard he enters another fucking dimension every two minutes.

Sometimes they have good days and ALMOST get along. So they have a pint after work at the pub and they laugh and joke until someone makes a comment about how matey they are and they go back to fighting, cause they have a reputation and image to uphold. Aaron continues to eye roll.

Should I continue? Cause there are so many possibilities 😌

Signs as girlfriends

Aries: very protective, can get jealous, lots of touching, seems shy but actually very aggressive, tries to wrestle you but ends up making out, jaw and neck kisses, wraps their arm around your waist all the time

Taurus: lots of giggling, loves tight hugs, holds your hand all the time, bakes cookies for you, cares about you a lot even if she doesn’t show it as much, wants attention, very quirky and fun to be with

Gemini: knows how to turn you on, likes to leave hickies, gives you annoyingly cute nicknames, rests their head on your shoulder, likes ruffling your hair, likes to take control, likes spooning

Cancer: seeks approval, good at making out, cares about you a lot, big hearted, likes just being in your presence, tries to seduce you but ends up giggling, wants to cuddle all the time

Leo: super flirty, wants to show you off, will talk with you all night, isn’t afraid to belt out songs in front of you, lots of pda, has a folder of photos of just you on their phone

Virgo: wants to push boundaries but is shy/inexperienced, wants to be protected, eyebrow raises, dances crazily to your favorite songs, best friend and lover, makes suggestive jokes to tease you

Libra: very charming, knows how to make your knees weak, tells you how hot you are everyday, likes corny romantic dates, makes you watch chick flicks, happy with a simplistic relationship

Scorpio: steals your clothes, breathes in your scent, seduces you easily, likes sitting on your lap, gets to know you deeply, has lots of inside jokes with you, traces all your curves and admires your entire body

Sagittarius: super chill, wants to try new things with you, likes to let you take control sometimes, loves being wrapped up in you, admires your butt a lot, likes watching sunsets with you

Capricorn: lots of witty banter, will challenge you to think, likes watching movies with you, will lie in bed with you all day, out of the blue acts of love, teaches you new things

Aquarius: innocent and carefree, will beat you in your favorite video game, makes dirty jokes, will just stare at your face in love, dresses up for you, tells others how much they love you,

Pisces: makes you little gifts, lip bites, sends you cheesy texts, lots of light kisses on the hand, cheek, forehead, tells you how awesome you are, tells you all her dreams and ambitions