and how close you get like

Saturn: 12th house ✨🌊🗝🌊✨

-A strong feeling of loneliness comes with this placement

-This may sound odd but you could personally benefit from serving others(mainly with constructive jobs and tangible work)

-Often work behind the scenes in large organizations and facilities

-Works best in solitude and quiet surroundings

-These people may find it extremely hard to get recognition for their efforts or to receive credit where it may be due

-Despite the loneliness that can come with this placement, these people often feel best in solitude and having time to themselves

-Sometimes this placement can manifest as difficulties of some kind with the father figure (maybe you’re not close, he could’ve left your life early, maybe problems with addiction)

-Possible interest in psychology and how the mind functions

-You may think you have secret enemies but its likely that these enemies are in your head

-Saturn represents limitations and restrictions and the 12th house represents isolation and so this can represent things like prisons, hospitals, etc.

ok but spending an extended amount of time with the family of someone you already know and love is so good bc you get to see how they came by all their little quirks and you can kind of understand why they do the things they do like you can be like ‘oh you always check to be sure the fridge is closed bc your little brother never fully closes it ’ or stuff like that and it’s… so cool it’s like a real life origin story

A present for @bolt8826​ for being such a good friend and for surviving the hell that is finals week. I hope you like this fic! @catchthespade@maidofstars@oh-heaux@celestial-destiny​ you guys might like this too! AO3 link here

1:29 AM

Eisuke doesn’t get much sleep. He rubbed his temples as he finally snaps his laptop closed. With one hand, Eisuke reaches out and switches off the bedside lamp and sinks down into the mattress. The night is quiet, unlike his racing mind. He knows how early he’ll have to get up and prepare for meetings and mountains of paperwork, not to mention planning the next auction.

God, he was already exhausted.  

In his irritation, Eisuke turned onto his side and tried to push the thoughts out of his mind. The sight of her sleeping peacefully beside him suddenly made all of his worries seem meaningless.

Her rich, brown hair splayed across the pillow, and the soft smile on MC’s face told Eisuke that she was having pleasant dreams. He resisted the urge to run his fingers through her hair or pull her tiny frame close to his chest. Instead, Eisuke simply smiled and closed his eyes.

Eisuke doesn’t get much sleep, but it’s moments like this that make it all worth it.

8:46 AM

The rich smell of coffee reached Eisuke’s nose, and he set down his tablet and stifled a yawn. Looking up, he found the source of the aroma: she was standing next to the coffee maker as it sputtered out the hot liquid. She was lazily pulling her hair into a ponytail, having already changed into her work uniform. 

Eisuke found himself captivated by what would normally be a mundane sight, and he rested his chin in his perfectly-manicured hand. He kept his eyes on her as she reached for the sugar and milk, making his coffee just how he liked it. She stirred the drink while humming a song under her breath, and Eisuke almost smiled. He drank in the scene before him until she began to make her way towards him. Eisuke resumed a neutral expression and picked up the tablet before her eyes rested on him, and MC was none the wiser. 

“Sorry I couldn’t make you breakfast before work, but I have your coffee here” she said apologetically, as she placed the mug on the table. He gave her a slight nod of approval, his eyes not leaving his device. Curious, MC leaned in to read the article on the screen. 

Eisuke tried to hide the fact that his heart was racing. The light scent of her perfume filled the air, and her soft lips were parted slightly - only inches from his face. He subconsciously leaned into her touch when she began to play with his hair at the base of his neck. 

“You’re going to be late for your shift if you don’t hurry up” Eisuke replied, sitting up straight and giving her a stern look. He would never admit that he loved little moments like this.

“Oh, you’re right. I’ll see you later” she cried out, grabbing her purse and heading towards the door. Eisuke watched her leave, the scene of her perfume still wafting around him.

3:17 PM

The penthouse was buzzing with activity, but Eisuke barely noticed. He had long since tuned out the sound of Mamoru bickering with Baba and Ota about some ridiculous prank they just pulled, Soryu was on his phone discussing his newest deal with the Dragons. Hikaru and Shuichi were huddled around a laptop, no doubt hacking into a rival politician’s sensitive data. Eisuke sighed and put down his phone, instead choosing to rub his temples.

Looking up, Eisuke caught sight of her. MC was rushing around the penthouse, running mindless errands for the Bidders. While he’d never admit it out loud, Eisuke was constantly amazed at her ability to handle the ragtag crew and their demands. 

He watched her place a drink in front of Soryu and clear off a nearby table of magazines strewn about. Her slender hands reached out and organized the pile, then she brought them to her face. With one fluid motion, MC tucked her hair behind her ears and continued working. Eisuke found himself trained on her delicate hands, always seeming to be working for someone else.

Don’t they know she’s my woman? he thought irritably. They shouldn’t make her work so hard. 

Eisuke almost chuckled at the irony of his statement; he ordered her about more than anyone else. Perhaps that was his way of caring. More likely, it was Eisuke’s way of ensuring that MC only focused on him.

With a smirk, Eisuke turned back to his phone.

9:32 PM

“I’ll get us some more wine” she said, standing up to reach for the now-empty glasses. Eisuke decided to reward MC after a hard day of work with a bottle of red gifted to him from God-knows-who, but he found no enjoyment in the drink. His eyes, his thoughts, all of them were only on her. That’s why he gripped the slim wrist as it reached over to his glass.

“I think there’s something more important you could be doing” he mused, rising from his seat. Without loosening his grip, Eisuke pulled her close and ran his lips down her neck. Her involuntary shudder made his mouth curl into a devilish grin, and he wrapped his free hand around her waist.

“Eisuke, wai-” she cried out, but her voice was soon replaced by a gasp. Eisuke loved her voice, but something about her other noises was music to his ears.

“What was that?” he asked, feigning innocence. He knew she could hear the smirk in his voice. Eisuke looked at her face as she dragged her hand up his arm, choosing to tangle it into his dark locks.

“You little devil” she replied, an uncharacteristically bold statement leaving her lips. Before Eisuke could be too impressed by her words, she gently tugged his head down and crashed their lips together.

In that moment, Eisuke knew no wine could compare to the drunk he got from her kiss. 

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O-m-g. Can you do that where the reader handcuffs reaper and Genji but with McCree and Hanzo??



  • “What’re ya’ arrestin’ me for, officer?” He’ll say, teasing you
  • He’s got a grin on his face
  • He’s been arrested many, many times
  • But his lover has never tried to handcuff him
  • He’s 100% on board with this
  • He’ll get really close to you
  • Really close
  • “I think I’ve been real bad, sweetheart.”
  • “What’re ya’ gonna do with me now, darlin’? Punish me?”


  • Absolutely flustered when he feels the clicking noise of the handcuffs
  • “What are you doing?!” He’ll shout
  • He’s blushing, doesn’t really know how to feel about not being able to move his hands
  • He kind of shifts uncomfortably in them
  • When you ask him if he wants you to take them off, he’ll say no
  • Mutters under his breath how he kind of likes them

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AU: Clark and Bruce meet each other earlier in their lives enough for Bruce to want to live in smallville while continuing to still function in Gotham. All the robins live/are raised in the countryside who often hang out at "Uncle Clark's" place. The robins also go to the same school (that Bruce has funneled tons of money into) as the supkids

Hahaha, and you know there’s rumours all across Smallville about the Wayne and Kent families. Are they related? Are Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent married/dating???? How do they know each other? Why are these kids all so close? 

They’re basically the town weirdos haha. Or the Wayne kids are the town weirdos. The Superkids everyone likes but are also like….y’all why. 

And SHIT that school kNOWS when you call one of the dads you gonna get BOTH OF THEM and Bruce and Clark are such a force to be reckoned with. And then Clark goes MENTAL when any of the kids are in danger in Smallville, and Bruce just buys like…freaking military defenses for the Kent farm. 

IT IS ALL INCREDIBLY RIDICULOUS. They totally become like. The town’s urban legends. 

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how do you think shawn would ask his S/O out? like does he ask her if she wants to be his gf or does he just kiss her?


He’d definitely ask them. He’d probably get a little blushy but he’s really comfortable around them. he’d get really close to them and look at them and he’d get a little hoarse but he’d smile and look at them and look into their sparkling eyes and he’d try to play it cool and he’d ask them. 


They’re lying on his bed together, their hand twirling a lock of his hair, their head resting on his chest, his fingers running up and down their arm. He’d ask them quietly, casually. trying to ignore the way their hand stills in his hair. They’d look up at him, surprise in their gorgeous eyes before they smile up at him and Shawn’s heart starts beating again

Colour Me Happy

Because of this beautiful post, I have written a thing.

Title: Colour Me Happy
Rating: G
Pairing: None but Jin/Jeongguk’s friendship is emphasized here.
Summary: Jeongguk is an anxious person, but he’s always liked to to colour.

There are children in this restaurant, and they all seem to be colouring on what Jin assumes is a children’s menu. An idea blooms in his mind. They’ve all seen the way Jeongguk draws; how his tongue pokes out in concentration, and how focused he can get. He sometimes draws for hours, and Jin is about to use this to his advantage.

He leans down close so Jeongguk can hear him, and whispers, “Jeongguk, do you want to colour?”

Read the rest here!

@kooksgf @blood-sweat-and-sin

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Hey, another person here for the anon wanting to get their ears pierced! I just turned 19, and I got my ears pierced like two months before my birthday. And honestly, no one is gonna judge you! I wanted to get them pierced ever since I was 13, but I always chickened out until I finally just did it. If it helps, go with some close friends, which is what I did. It's totally worth getting them done if you want them done, no matter how old you are!

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Am I the only one who doesn't picture Sean as having dramatic sharp cheekbones? Idk, I just feel like he wouldn't be the type to look striking or unusual; if he had a choice in how he looked, he'd want to blend in and be noticed for his skill with horses, not his face, so that's how he'd likely have been born.

Yeah, I get where you’re coming from!

I love Puck’s description of Sean: “This close, he’s almost too severe to be handsome: sharp-edged cheekbones and razor-edge nose and dark eyebrows. His hands are bruised and torn from his time with the capaill uisce. Like the fishermen on the island, his eyes are permanently narrowed against the sun and the sea. He looks like a wild animal. Not a friendly one.”

Sean’s desire to repel people kind of results in an intense energy that probably adds to his attractiveness, haha, but I think his sharp features are arresting in a way that is more disconcerting than alluring. He’s angular and rugged and wiry like so many people who have spent their entire lives working out in the elements tend to be (headcanon: when Sean is old, he’s earned himself the most beautiful crinkly smile lines and crow’s feet and Puck has memorized each and every fold). Most models/actors are conventionally attractive – they are paid to get noticed!

Sometimes I reblog photos of models or actors that kind of have that intense Sean Kendrick vibe. BUT I tag them “pretty boy models au” because Sean would never, hahaha. 

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Viktor, right, has never been close with his own parents. Basically hasn’t even said three words to them since the day he turned eighteen. And he liked it that way. Even Yuuri, after so many years of marriage, barely knows anything about his parents in law at all, and certainly never met them. 

So, when as next of kin Viktor gets the phone call one day informing him that his father has passed away, he doesn’t expect to be upset. But losing a parent is awful, regardless of how close you were or weren’t to them, if anything it’s worse, because he regrets never reconciling. Yuuri, of course, tries to comfort him, but Viktor continuously shrugs it off, acts like nothing’s wrong. But he’s noticeably bothered. 

The kids don’t really get it. And they don’t really want to ask either, but they know something has him in a bad mood. So, one day when Yuuri’s at work, Odette, just four years old, knocks tentatively on the bedroom door. When Viktor doesn’t say anything, she fixes herself in his arms and hugs him silently. It’s the kind of comfort that is much appreciated, and finally Viktor feels himself relax a little. 

A little while later, Mirai and Misha kind of wonder where their little sister has gone, and freak out a little bit when they can’t find her, until they notice the open door. Because both hate being left out of things, seeing Odette calmly snuggled on Viktor’s chest annoys them a little, and they waste no time in climbing onto the bed too. It’s a bit of a stretch to put his arms around all three of them, but he just about manages it. They relax together, feeling warm. 

Yuuri, when gets home, is a little confused as to why it’s so quiet when he gets in. But, then he walks into the bedroom, and his heart absolutely melts at the scene. It’s the most he’s seen Viktor smile, softly, in two weeks. 

“Come on Yuuri,” Viktor says sleepily, “there’s still room.” 

There definitely isn’t room, but he joins then anyway. 

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Hii can i get a free pass now also...?? Or the time is over??

You can still try! First, tap on the 120 pass box thing, you’ll get a popup on your phone that just says you didnt get it. Just close that pop up box and scroll down to the comment section. Copy the links that others posts on there like these:

copy one of the links, open a completely new browser and then paste the link and see if you’ll still get the 80 pass option. If not, repeat and try the other links

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So since you did Shrimpshipping, can we get Buddyshipping for the next one in the ask meme? :)

Thank you for the ask!!

waywardcupcake’s shrimpshipping response was really good, yeah 8)

Buddyshipping tho-

when I started shipping it if I did:

I’d considered the ship in passing, especially regarding Honda and Jou’s early experimentations with their sexuality, but I really began shipping it in the process of writing about their brolationship. They’re both so protective and caring and affectionate and kind of terrified of being upfront about it – it makes me want to push them towards one another. Hug it out guys~ Kiss it out guys~

my thoughts:

I wrote most of my buddyship thoughts here, but-

It’s a singularly unique ship, and a singularly unique relationship in the series, in that they were intimately close as friends before all that stellar character development happened. I like how this leaves them kind of unsure of where they stand with each other now that they’ve changed. It’s why you get all those great ‘no homo’ moments between them, imo. Jou is openly cuddly and affectionate with Yuugi, because that’s the way he learned to be in the process of befriending Yuugi. Honda isn’t touchy-feely, but manga Honda’s certainly a lot softer in how he comes to relate with Anzu, Ryou, Shizuka, and Otogi. But when Jou and Honda approach each other, they’re not sure how to reconcile who they’ve become with the relationship they already had. They must disguise their affections in the filter of play fights and taunting!! Lest they be discovered!!

I think if they were put in the position of acknowledging to each other how much they’d changed as individuals, it could easily lead into just how much their relationship could follow suit ;3

What makes me happy about them:

That Honda really has Jou’s back during the series. Jou doesn’t always seem entirely comfortable letting other people support and protect /him/ as opposed to the other way around. When Yuugi defends Jou, for instance, Jou is always rushing to return the favour or prove he deserved what Yuugi gave him. I like how Honda is somebody Jou feels comparatively comfortable in relying upon. Supportive momfriend Honda is the best, okay?

What makes me sad about them:

Anime Honda can be really mean with his words regarding Jou. It does seem sometimes like he doesn’t really believe in Jou and Jou’s ability to succeed, and it’s kind of tragic tbh.

things done in fanfic that annoy me:

I can’t think of anything in particular.

things I look for in fanfic:

things that are written and posted online :p

Given Jou is the more hammy and distinctive character of the two, I guess I’d like to see more fic build off of Honda’s character and experience instead of Jou’s unlike my responses for this meme.

Who I’d be comfortable them ending up with, if not each other:

I’m trash for Honda/Otogi/Shizuka. Otogi by himself or Ryou or Miho are also good choices. And I’ll ship Jou with just about everyone but – in the specific context of Jou and Honda parting ways and Jou ending up in a happy, lasting relationship with someone else – I’d lean either towards Mai or Rishid.

My happily ever after for them:

They’re a very down to earth pairing I feel like, so I don’t have anything grandiose. Jou might duel pro for a while. Jou stops being so worryingly reckless so Honda doesn’t have to mom him so much. Jou eventually wins over Honda’s family with his stellar charisma, and they have nice family dinners with Honda’s parents and sister. I headcanon that Honda’s family runs an auto shop but, even if Honda wasn’t already set up to take over the business, I think he’d want to work with motorbikes and cars. Jou helps him run the shop. And, on their days off, they go out for daytrips on Honda’s bike~

who is the big spoon/little spoon:

Jou doesn’t so much spoon people as he wraps his legs around their chest and awkwardly strangle-hugs their face like it’s a strange laying-down-on-your-side sleepy piggyback ride.

what is their favorite non-sexual activity:

Other than the aforementioned bike rides? I for some reason think Honda’s partial to video games. They laze around house playing fighting games with each other. Also isn’t it canon Jou liked model kits? I feel like they’re both pretty handy, so they might work on building projects together – either utilitarian ones or just for fun~

Thanks again :D  :D


Not going to lie, I think it’s really fucking cheeky when people request fics from me when they’ve never even read my work, let alone reblogged or liked it or sent me a message or supported me in any way. Aside from that, my requests are fucking closed.

Like, first off, if you haven’t even read any of my work, how do you know you’re not going get 2000 words of pure shite with no punctuation and littered with grammatical errors? Or, as me and @mellowminty were giggling about the other day, a purely VGS fic?

Secondly, if you enjoy my shit, tell me. Give it a like or a reblog or drop me a message. This goes for any creator who’s work you enjoy. If you like their content, show it! I can’t even tell you how much that support encourages us to work even harder for you guys and crank out more stuff.

Finally, for those of you who always like and reblog my stuff, you know I love and appreciate you. Thank you!

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Hey friend, i wanted to ask you about a thing, if that's not too personal. i also find forming friendships, or rather, the awkward phase in the beginning, to be rather difficult. i think this is due to trauma in my case, and maybe also a bit of preference. you mentioned that you liked to just jump right into friendship and i wanted to say 1) thank you, that is an option that I never even considered and 2) do you think a lot of people feel like this?

I guess I should mention that the jumping-past-the-awkward-beginning-thing doesn’t work for everyone. While it is something that I personally prefer, some people get very uncomfortable when you start talking to them like you’re already very close. So be aware of that.

I don’t actually know how common this is. But I have seen a number of other people talking about it in the past, so it’s not something that’s ridiculously uncommon at least.

brittanysbabbles replied to your post: SOOOOO the kids who graduated this term are…

I don’t know how you do it. Young adults are brutal because they think they know everything but nope. I mean we’ve all been there but still. Kudos to you. I’d be close to being like go fuck yourself lol.

Dude honestly… I am always on the brink of fucking losing it. 

ALSO! There is a group of foreign students here who are very impatient and very much like I WANT WHAT I WANT AND I WANT IT NOW AND I DONT UNDERSTAND WHY I HAVE TO WAIT FOR IT and like.. I get that its a difference in culture. But boy they really drain and test me. 

I’d love if the island group managed to get Reiner (maybe kidnap or something) and he sees how Eren and Armin are not talking each other and cold shoulder. And he’s like, whoa wtf??? Mikasa explains that it’s been like this for 3 years and Reiner is like, um no this isn’t right

So even though he’s, like, their enemy he stills pushes Eren and Armin to talk because he’s like, you two are meant for each other. None of this avoiding crap. I saw how close you guys were in training. There were rumors

And eventually it works and they make up yay

Lance is like… the unexpected ride or die friend. He’s the guy you call when your car breaks down in the middle of the night but only after you’ve already tried ten other people. And when he picks up you don’t really have high hopes because you two aren’t really that close, but apparently he didn’t get the memo because he’s immediately like “oh shit yeah sure gimme a sec to get some clothes on and get in my car and also do you want coffee or anything? because I think I’m gonna stop and get some so I don’t crash my car on the way lol. no? you sure? okay hang tight for a few mins be right there”

facts about each sign

* check ur sun & rising *

aries: they are kinda the loudest in their circle of friends, no matter how aggressive they may come off as but they are actually very emotional ppl.

taurus: they are really laid back people, not really into getting into much drama but they like to keep things running smoothly.

gemini: they love talking shit because they get a kick out of putting people in their place and they let things go easily just say sorry and mean it.

cancer: the mood swings are fucking true and they most definitely catch you off guard, but these guys are really cute and overprotective over someone they really care about.

leo: they can be a bit standoff ish because of their confidence and they vibes they give off, but these people are willing to do anything for the people they are close to and they love putting themselves in situations they know they can accomplish, with or without any help.

virgo: some of the things virgos say hurt because they have no chill button when it comes to them calling a person out on something, they aren’t the clean freaks or nerds people say they are; they are just private and way too cool for you.

libra: they are most likely to me a loner or a social butterfly with no limits literally everyone fucks with them heavy or knows about them, only because they are very open people and aren’t really afraid of comforting someone new.

scorpio: scorpios are hard to pin down, the only reason is because they can come off cold and distant just like a cap or aquarius. they give off this vibe only to tell you they aren’t the ones to fuck with, no one will ever get the chance to cross them twice one strike you’re out there is no seconds chances.

sagittarius: sags are very blunt people, they can be a bit tooo blunt and hurt peoples feelings because of how harsh they may say things. but these people love freedom and having their own space, they are literally claustrophobic af keeping them still is not a good thing.

capricorn: the most misunderstood sign, they like their alone time and hate not having control over their emotions. literally their biggest downfall is over thinking damn near everything, it’s something they can’t pin down and that’s why they NEED stability.

aquarius: they are the biggest weirdo in the zodiac, they are really hard to understand but they don’t put themselves out there because they feel as they don’t have to. many get upset because of how closed off they come off as, that’s not their intentions its just you maybe need to mind your business sometimes.

pisces: pisces are psychics I swear , they are the second weirdos because they are really different in many unexplainable ways lol. they can be a bit manipulative and naive.