and how close he is with that flatmate of his

Sleep Themed Masterlist

Editing -  pasteldanhowells

Summary: Dan falls asleep while editing a video and Phil carries him to bed.

I Can’t Sleep - notanotherphanfictionblog

Summary: Dan can’t sleep, so he goes into his best friend’s room for some comfort.

Ingenue - lestersbitch

Summary: Whenever Phil can’t sleep he mostly relies on music. But when Phil can’t really sleep, he relies on Dan.

Late Night Babbles - trysomecats

Summary: Phil often sleep talks. When he does, it’s the highlight of Dan’s night.

Phil’s Sleepless Night - exisphantialcrisis

Summary: Sleepy fluff.

Restless Nights - kawaii-kanai

Summary: Dan can’t sleep without Phil.

Sleep - pasteldanhowells

Summary: Person A and B have gone to bed, but A had a lot of work to do and a lot on their mind that was frustrating him. He wakes in the middle of the night and, without waking B, slide out of the bed and head into the living room to work more. B wakes and, seeing the light from a lamp, walks in. After nagging and pulling and pleading, he convinces A to come back to bed, and when they do, B wraps their arms and legs around B tight to make sure he’ll wake up if A tried to get up again.

Sleep - camisadan

Summary: ”There are these terrors. And it’s like, it feels like as if somebody was gripping my throat, like last night. They are not like tremors, they’re worse than tremors, there are these terrors. Sometimes there are flames. And sometimes I see people that I love dying, and…”

Sleepless - crescendohowell

Summary: Phil can’t sleep so he goes to Dan seeking comfort.

Sleep Talking - ironicallyphan

Summary: Dan can’t fall asleep, Phil helps him relax and Dan ends up sleep talking. Lots of fluff and like one mention of sex.

Sleepwalking Issues - trysomecats

Summary: Dan is a little too paranoid about Phil’s sleepwalking incident…..contains phan, fluff, cuddles, and tinfoil.

Try Sleeping With A Broken Heart - dannihowell

Summary: Phil can’t sleep.