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Thoughts on the madness

I know absolutely everyone and their mothers have done this, but I also wanted to write what I enjoyed the most about WTTM

  • Yuri leaning on his right hand when talking to Yakov and Lilia is one of the most aesthetically pleasing things I’ve seen in a while
    • LILIA BARANOVSKAYA WITH HER HAIR DOWN AND BEING THE PROUDEST OF YURI!!!!! I love Yuri and Lilia’s relationship so much! I wish they’d expand more on them next!!
  • OKAY, lemme start on the otayuri. You see, when you *don’t* care about things, your brain tends to not look up for them, right? And when you *want* or *like* something, you start seeing it everywhere, right? Well, there were so many people at the hotel lounge and it was a big distance, YET, Yuri saw Otabek walking as if he was subconsciouly looking out for him.
  • Otabek is such a kid lmao, running away from Yuri after he said his age seems like a responsible choice, but for me that’s so childish haha, like, “oh no, he’s a child™” rotfl honestly
  • Yuri screaming they are done and then remembering he needs someone to bitch it’s best friends forever behavior right there AND IT’S BEEN 3 DAYS
    • Sara Crispino doesn’t have time for your bullshit and will set a Czech guy to lift you if you mess up with her crew
  • “Maybe Otabek feels bad because he lost to you”, “Who cares, I’m his friend” the contract has been sealed, Otabek should have read the finer print tbh
    • Leo is a stalker confirmed
  • Yuri “I hate you all and will destroy you with my knife shoes“ Plisetsky accepted talking and interacting to people he’s not friends with only to find Otabek. Imma be real, I wouldn’t do this if I didn’t want to get into someone else’s pants AND YET
    • I’m sorry but it’s confirmed that ALL skaters stalk Otabek on a daily basis, 100% canon, confirmed, don’t touch me
  • My heart got broken because Chris’ heart is broken
  • Georgi doesn’t have Yuri’s number I CACKLED
  • it’s been 3 days and they have already mastered the ‘talking through the eyes’ bff thing, do you see the chemistry or do I need to pull out the periodic table and slap your face with it
  • Otabek’s smirk™
  • Yuri opening up to Otabek and talking to him about his skating. This is again what I love about them the most, that Yuri knows Otabek respects him above all and can confide him with what he treasures the most, his skating.
    • Yuri never asks for advice and he’s asking Otabek for advice.
  • Yuri‘s body language. He’s already very intimate with Otabek and leans on him when talking. Otabek doesn’t seem to mind.
  • Otabek’s second smirk™
  • “I didn’t want things to end awkwardly between us” the fact Otabek thinks this could have happened breaks my heart, he is so desperate for Yuri’s friendship but doubts himself a lot.
  • “That’s the Yuri I most want to see” take this platonically or romantically, I don’t care, but sometimes you love someone SO MUCH, you only want them to succeed, be their best and let them inspire you as well. Otabek’s feelings for Yuri are so pure and ask for nothing in return but to let him see.
  • “I realize that this is probably just one moment. One brief moment in my long life to come. But like hell I’m gonna let this one moment control me. And… If I can just trust… That what I love is the key to my salvation… Then I can be reborn as many times I like on the ice.”
    • FUCK
    • HOLD ME
    • The last part is so beautiful and sweet and appeals to my poetic needs like you guys can’t even imagine. I don’t care about the rest of the manga, this is what I’m treasuring and remembering♥♥♥ About the first part, Yuri is not only passionate about skating, he loves it, he belongs to the ice, he wants to devote himself to the ice as long as he can. This reminded me of episode 4 when he said he only had a short time frame to make history and how could you not love and respect such a passionate person like him♥♥♥ This is why Yuri Plisetsky is my favorite character.
  • Am I the only one who when saw the bad scanned manga thought Yuuri was trembling when lifting Victor and cackled loudly? No? Just me? ok
  • Intensely eyefucking your best friend of 3 days:  ✔️
  • Not having any damn idea what I’m getting myself into but I can’t let you down because I set the bar way too high after that soldier’s eyes line: ✔️
  • This needed more JJ am I the only one with JJ needs after this?
  • They didn’t plan to pair skate in advance. The glove was not planned. I shall repeat myself: Taking the glove off with his teeth was not planned.
  • Please read this post with what little I wrote after because this is what I thought of the presentation in general. More or less, I believe WTTM portrays their future relationship in an interesting way.

if u read this u deserve a kiss

What’s going on in Brazil? #10

So, this is gonna be me trying to put A LOT of stuff into very few words. Written at 26/05/2017.

Alright. You know how the whole world is kinda feeling like its situation can’t possibly get any more scandalous at this point? it’s what we felt about two weeks ago, too. I mean, between our ex-president being on a crusade against the justice system and the media and all the unpopular measures taken by our politicians lately, including reforming the labor laws and social security to make them shittier, and a new small corruption scandal every week, y’know, you figure it can’t get much worse than that. 

And then it happened. It was a beautiful Wednesday (or was it Thursday?) night. All was its usual mess. And then a businessman came forward like, “ops I recorded the president negotiating to bribe someone who’s in jail to keep quiet and the other presidential candidate negotiating on how to get his usual 2 million in bribes discreetly lol did I mention he might have mentioned the possibility of killing someone?” BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAM. 

If you screamed right now, imagine how much we did. There were so many memes. So many. The jokes, the glorious jokes. I hadn’t have that much political fun in ages. But you’re probably still confused (we are, too), so imma explain it a little better.

Businessman Joesley, owner of the biggest meat company in the world, was caught in corruption schemes. Who wasn’t, right? so, like it happens in Brazil, he started negotiating his sentence by giving other people away. And he sure as fuck named a lot of people, like anyone else, but this guy did something that other people hadn’t yet: he recorded it. You’d think more people would’ve been this smart just in case, I guess, but so far, nah. And obviously the most polemic recording is of a conversation our now President Michel Temer had with him, negotiating bribes to Eduardo Cunha. If you’ve read my older posts, you’ll know his name. He’s the main dude behind Dilma Rousseff’s impeachment (if you have no idea of absolutely nothing i’ve just said, dude, go back to the other posts, this is quite saga already). Did I mention he’s in jail??? yeah. Arrested for money laundering sometime ago or something (one cannot remember all the scandals in brazil for more than 2 months since there ARE SO MANY NEW ONES ALL THE TIME). Still, he did swear he’d bring two presidents down, and now it seems the time has come, one way or another (we’re so dramatic, omg, this is gonna make for excellent movies someday, we’re already out-houseofcarding house of cards).

BACK TO IT. So. The president is on tape negotiating quite a crime. In most countries that’d lead to the guy resigning. And we thought he would, too, actually. This dude scheduled a press conf. and we were all on the edge of our seats waiting to see the second president down in less than a year. But guess what? dude goes “I’m not resigning”, gives pissed off speech, alleges everything is a fake and says if we want him down we’ll have to bring him down. He also kinda tries to forbid people from using his pictures in memes, which leads to opposition party creating a whole gallery online of pictures they bought of him for people to do their memes safely. I ain’t joking. The most brazilian think to ever happen, probably.  

Meanwhile, remember I said there was a second recording? Yeah, it was from Aecio Neves, and you might remember him too: he ran for president against Rousseff at the last elections, and he was the main activist for her impeachment after he lost the elections, all “against corruption” and shit. Lol. Dude was literally negotiating how to get his money, cursing a lot, and saying they’d need to find good people to do this money transporting thing, it had to be someone, and I quote, “that we can kill before they can make deals with the police”. And then he proceeds on suggesting his cousin’s name. Talk of family issues, right? Anyway. It came as no surprise for us with half a brain that both these man were corrupt because honestly there had been people saying that before, but nobody had them on tape yet. Aecio’s sister has been arrested, he has kinda stepped down from his senate position and his apartments are being raid by the police, let’s see where this leads. 

Back to Temer, remember when he told people we’d need to take him down if we wanted him down? Yeah, people took that quite literally and a couple of days ago in the middle of a protest some SET FIRE to a few ministry buildings. Nothing much happened to anyone there tho. But Temer took that as a good opportunity to give especial authorization to the Army to be on the streets and do whatever was needed which was pretty fucking scary since we haven’t been out of a dictatorship for thaaaat long??? but the order has been revoked by now so we’re ok. For now. I guess. Who knows. 

So the question now is how long can Temer hold himself in power. If he does fall, which is complicated, since he’d likely have to resign (there are already a few impeachment processes opened against him, but since they depend on the ok from chamber president, who still supports him, it’s unlikely to work, and it’d take months anyway), but if he did fall, we’d get either president of the chamber of deputies in power or president of the supreme court in power (cause president of the senate can’t, since he’s a defendant in a corruption investigation) - and I said “OR” there because there’s a chance president of the chamber also becomes a defendant in corruption charges through the next months so we can’t really be sure on how the succession line will be in the future. Yeah, that’s how screwed we are. Anyway, if any of them get to power they are bound to organizing new indirect elections, by the constitution, since it’s past half the term and we’d only need someone to basically finish this year and the next one when there are elections again, hopefully. However, with congress as it is, with most people there charged with something, you’d think brazilians are…. less than happy with the idea of our congressmen choosing their own fucking president. And you’re right. Most of us are. Which is why there is a campaign to make a change and try for direct, real, voting elections (and to get Temer out, obviously). 

It’s worth noticing that a lot of powerful people are still behind Temer, though, especially big businessman and the media, because of his austerity measures and probable cuts on labor laws, and also, because a lot of them are scared shitless of we actually getting a direct election and Lula winning. Yes, our ex-president, yes, the one in trouble with the law that I mentioned early. Aaand I would like to have covered him and our asshole hygienist new são paulo mayor whose biggest ability so far seems to be shitty decisions here, BUT this post is long enough as it is, so if y’all wanna know about them ask away and I’ll cover it in another post. For now, just remember: it can always get worse if you’re brazilian :)

Redeeming Your Villains

I recently received an anonymous question about redeeming a character’s bad behavior. This is a great thing to discuss especially when it enters into a moral gray area. This is where an author’s ethics really start to matter. When writing in a morally gray area, remember, you are not your characters. Your characters have their own set of beliefs that may not align with yours. If your character is going to do something that you do not agree with, consider the tone of the scene. You can write about bad behavior that the character relishes without endorsing their actions. Focus on word choice. Show how other characters feel about these actions - that can provide another voice to fight against the other character’s.

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I do not want to miss you.
I miss your eyes, your intelligence, your hugs and the nature of your smile. I miss saying your name without whispering it into my dreams and I miss seeing you without tearing at the seams. I can’t shake this feeling like maybe, just maybe, we could go back to where we left off. Because we are like strangers now, pretending like we’ve forgotten. Maybe you have. I never will. How do you tell a stranger you remember the shade of their eyes and the cadence of their handwriting, that their name still sounds like a song to you and that their mind is a galaxy to be explored? I’ve been telling myself you’ve changed so much but I’ve always know the truth.The person I miss still exists. I do not want to miss you, but oh, does it burn. Give me hope that we can try again. I want to try again.
—  A.P. (4.19.16) you still had my number

Contains : CEO!yoongi, singledad!yoongi, babysitter!reader, SMUT !  

Group : BTS  

Member : Suga/Min Yoongi

Words : + 3k

Summary : Yoongi’s life was amazing, he had to admit. CEO of a rising company, he had everything : money, the love of his daughter, the love of womens. He also had to say that his sexual life wasn’t monotone at all, he had every card in his hands, he controled everything.
But one thing that he couldn’t control was fate, and he quickly realized that when he understood that the new babysitter was one of his one night stands.

(will contain multiple parts.)

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A/N : I live for this gif. You can leave your feedback or requests here ! Please remember that english isn’t my first language.

Captivated, fascinated, charmed, you couldn’t think of enough words to describe the mixture of feelings crashing over your body. Your body was gasping for air, trying to process everything that was happening, your soul was aching to feel his skin against yours.
You hated it, you hated how he had every card in his hands, all the power dripping from his fingers. And he knew it, he knew what he was doing, he knew that the smallest brush from his fingertips on your skin would leave you breathless.

Without knowing anything about your life, he got all of your senses awake, all of you for himself.
Your heart was beating, fast, you never expected anything like that from a one night stand. But here you were, gripping the soft and certainly expensive sheet with your fists.
He had taken one of your sense, the tie you were gripping on earlier now firmly tied behind you head.

Pressing your thighs together, you asked yourself, what was he doing ? Was he carefully watching you, waiting for you to snap and beg for him to touch you ? Was he enjoying how vulnerable you looked on the hotel bed, your black lingerie hugging your body ?
Another though formed in your mind, making you bite your lower lip, was he touching himself ?

Your mind immediatly pictured it, his black jacket on the floor, the first buttons of his white shirt open, revealing his tan skin, where all you wanted to do was leave scratch marks. You portrayed his fingers around his cock, length certainly above average, his pants barely pulled to the middle of his muscular thighs, the boy’s hand moving up and down as he watched you, his cold metal rings contrasting with his hot skin.
Your mind drew a picture of his expression, his head to the side, looking at you through his fringe, his pink lips parted as he tries not to moan, pearls of precum leaking from his tip, as pink as his lips.

You licked your lips, your head slightly moving when you heard the sound of fabric, he was getting up.
The air was thick, and it grew even ticker and hotter when you felt the matress under the boy’s weight, the sent of his stronge cologne took over your odora, all your nerves on the edge, trying to guess his next move.

You felt his breath ghosting over the skin of your cheek, lips parting. You were panting and he hadn’t touch you, you had to hold back a moan when you though about how hard he was probably going to make you come.

A sigh left your lips when his thumb caressed your lower lip, his hands were the second thing you noticed, his long digits decorated with a few silver rings, his eyes a dark color, promising so many things.

“Yoongi.”, you breathed, the whisper breaking the silent. It slipped out from your lips, and Yoongi tsked, his touch disappearing.

“What were the rules ?”, he asked, his voice deeper and clear, cutting the air.

Even if his tie was blocking your view, you closed your eyes, remembering what he had told you before taking away one of your sense. No talking, no touching.

“No talking.”, you whispered, gripping the sheet a bit thighter in your sweaty hands.
Yoongi hummed, the matress shifted as he moved, taking something from the nightstand. From the clinking, it sounded like a glass, the sound soon stopping when he placed it on the console again.
You didn’t know how long you’ve been waiting, trying to keep your hands away from your body, but it felt like the beginning of your release when you felt the tip of his nose under your jaw. Your body jolted when you felt the coldness on your skin, and you tried not to curse when you understood that he was using the ice from his champagne.

Your body focused on where he was dragging the ice cube, both his hands placed on each side of your head, his body towering you.
It was pure torture, your body aching to touch his skin, your nails digging in your palms as your tried not to tangle your fingers in his dark locks.

But Yoongi was testing your limits, seeing how much you could handle, how submissive you could be, he was drinking in your image, hypnotized with how quickly the ice was melting on your skin, leaving a wet trail.

You couldn’t help it when Yoongi left the ice between your breasts, his soft lips ligtly brushing your skin, his hot breath ghosting over the cold water. Your hips bucked, your legs brushing agaisnt the fabric of his pants.

“You really want me to punish you, don’t you.”, he asked, his hands grabbing your hips to pin them on the matress, your body arched, wishing he would move his hands a bit down.
You didn’t respond, not knowing if you should or not, but you soon got the answer as Yoongi grabbed your jaw, “Answer me.”

“No.”, you quickly said, hearing him hum in agreement. You whined when you felt Yoongi move, the heat of his body disappearing. Was he going to let you here, trembling for his touch ? Your eyes widen underneath the fabric blocking your eyes, he couldn’t, he wouldn’t, you though.

But all those thoughs vanished when his hand fully made contact with your skin, fingertips caressing from your ankle to your knee, his hand cupping the back of it to hook it on top of his hip. His torso brushed over your chest as he lowered himself, a sigh leaving your mouth when his lips pressed under your jaw.
Between your legs, you could feel his boner under the rough fabric of his pants, fighting with yourself, trying not to buck your hips against his.

Instand, you tried to focus on the little satisfactions he was giving you, condensing your attention on his lips leaving kisses down your neck. Your head moved backwards, giving him full access to your skin, which he immediatly took to his advantage, biting on the skin were your neck and shoulder met.

You hissed at the pain, but somehow, your body begged for more, your breath hitching, your chest rising and falling. His lips met the skin of your collarbone, where he started sucking, your hand flying to your mouth to contain a moan.

Your senses were so awake that you felt Yoongi smirk against your skin, placing a single kiss on the mark before leaving your skin.

“Do you want me to take it off ?”, he asked, refering to the tie. You nodded, even if you knew that he wouldn’t simply take it off without asking anything in return.

“Words.”, he harshly said.

“Yes.”, you whispered, biting your lips.

“Be a good girl and I’ll take it off.”, he hummed.

His hand cupped your cheek, your head leaning towards it. “Now tell me what you want.”, he said, his thumb tracing your lips.

“I want to suck your cock.”, you said, bluntly, but visibly, your works affected him, hearing him take a deep breath, his thumb momentarily stopping any movement.

“How can I say no to this.”, he said, regaining his act together. You licked your lips as he softly took your hand, pulling you towards him. Your legs swang out off the bed, your feet feeling the soft carpet.

“Get on your knees for me.”, he asked, still holding your hand as you did so.

“Hands behind your back.”, he instructed, and you held your hands behind your back, hearing the zipper of his jean.
A sigh left his lips, he was touching himself, a groan leaving his lips when you opened your mouth.

“You’re so eager.”, he chuckled, “Look at you, ready to suck my cock. You want it, so bad.”

His fingers still wrapped around his cock, he placed his tip on your lower lip, a drop of pre-cum dripping on it. Instinctively, your closed your lips, tongue wrapping around his tip, tasting the salty pre-cum, making you moan around his cock.

Yoongi immediatly took a fistful of your hair, taking control. But in the back of your head, you knew he would at least lose a bit of control, you also knew what you were doing.

After sucking of his tip, you took a deep breath, starting to bob your head. And you were right, his length was definitely above average, wishing you could wrap your hand around what you couldn’t take.

You relaxed your jaw, focussing on Yoongi’s reaction. You couldn’t see his expression, but at least, you could hear him. It started with regular sighs, quickly transforming into heavy breaths, whines and full moans.
You couldn’t help but feel a bit of pride, who knew that you could get a man like Yoongi to moan like that under your touch.

His whimpers were making your heart quicken, your panties starting to feel uncomfortable.

Yoongi bucked his hips, his tip hitting the back of your throat. The action making you moan around his dick, the vibrations making Yoongi groan. Moans and groans filling the hotel room, he took several deep breaths before talking, “Stop.”, he said, breathless, his hand leaving your hair.

Unwillingly, you opened your mouth, catching your breath. Yoongi was also trying to catch his breath, his fingers grabbed your chin, indicating you to get up, his arm wrapped around your back, leaving a single kiss in the corner of your mouth, teasing you.

His other hand finally grabbed his black tie, taking it off of your eyes. Releaved, you blinked, your eyes immediatly finding Yoongi’s. His eyes were filled with lust, pupils dilated. His lips were parted, red from all the biting and kissing, sweat starting to form.

Yoongi leaned in, capturing your lips, and you quickly kissed back, moaning at his soft lips. He immedialty obtained dominance, his tongue exploring your mouth.
Your hand grabbed the fabric of his shirt, but before your could take it off, he detached his lips from yours, eyes hooded, “Get on the bed.”

Quickly climbing on the matress, you leaned your back against the headboard, watching in awe as Yoongi took off his shirt.
Button by button, exposing his smooth skin. You wished you could touch his skin, drag your nails along it, kiss every bit of his skin.

But Yoongi had something else in mind, climbing on the bed after throwing the fabric on the floor, sitting at the end of the bed. Cocking your head to the side, you looked at him with a questionning look.

“Touch yourself.”, he asked. And your breath got caught in your throat, biting your lips.
Your head was spinning, all you wanted was his touch, his fingers, his tongue or his cock, anything, you needed a release, but if the only way was to touch yourself, you were too desperate to decline.

Your fingers played with the hem of your panties, the other grabbing the sheet, your clit was throbbing, but you wanted to tease Yoongi a litte, seeing that he was also about to touch himself again.

“Spread your legs.”, asked Yoongi, and you did so, shamelessly parting your legs and exposing the wet patch on your panties. “Fuck, you’re so wet.”, gasped Yoongi.

Catching your lower lip between your teeth, you started to rub yourself through the fabric, carefully watching as Yoongi’s hand started to move up and down, his tip as red as his lips.

You couldn’t tease yourself anymore, your fingers sneaking under your panties. A moan tumbled from your lips as the tip of your digits started rubbing circle on your clit, trying to keep your eyes open.
Yoongi’s movements immediatly escalated, his hand pumping up and down, his mouth dropping open, a heavy breath escaping.

“How does it feel ?”, asked Yoongi, tongue liking his lips, eyes glued on your movements.

“So good.”, you gasped, rubbing faster, a moan following your words. Spreading your wetness, you allowed two fingers to enter your heat, your eyes rolling in the back of your head.

“Fuck, I can hear how wet you are.”, breathed Yoongi, a groan coming from his lips.

“I wish it was your fingers.”, you confesed, moving your fingers faster. Sweat was starting to form on your forehead, your body burning.
A smirk on Yoongi’s face appeared, as his thumb spread his pre-cum on his shaft. “Yeah ?”, he asked, “Only my fingers ?”

“Your tongue, your dick.”, you breathed, unable to form a full sentence, to focused on the pleasure you were receiving.
The men moaned, his head dropping backwards.

The knot on your stomach was growing bigger and bigger, and soon, you were feeling your walls tighten around your fingers, your eyes closing.

You felt your Yoongi move in front of you, but you didn’t pay attention, too focused on reaching your release, but suddently, you felt his fingers wrap around your wrist, stopping your movements.

Your eyes flew open, eyes wide, breath uneven as you stared at Yoongi, feeling the promise of your release fade away.
As you were about to talk, Yoongi crashed his lips against yours, soft lips aggressively kissing you. Biting your lower lip, he pulled back, catching your eyes. His eyelids were as heavy as you, lips as swollen as you.

“Fuck, I’m going to wreck you.”, moaned Yoongi, head dropping to the crook of your neck.

Pulling your hand out of your panties, he after got rid of his pants, grabbing a condom from his wallet. You, on the other side, quickly kicked off your panties,letting your back rest on the matress, before Yoongi towered over you.
His hand sneaked behind your back, swiftly taking your bra off, tossing it beside the bed.

His lip immediatly wrapped around your nipple, sucking, toying with the other with his fingers.
You arched your back, your hand intertwining with his hair, a groan coming from his chest when you tugged at it.

He didn’t seem to care about the rules anymore, the act slowly crumbling down.
, you moaned, catching his attention.
Leaving your nipple, he hummed, before kissing down your neck.

“Please.”, you begged, closing your eyes, you were craving to get your release. By now, you knew that he would ask for words, so you took the matters in your own hands.

“Please, Yoongi, I need you.”

Truth be told, he couldn’t wait any longer either, aligning himself with your entrance after putting a condom on, he waited for your nod to push in. Both hands on each side of your head, eyes closed, he waited before starting to move his hips.

“God, you feel so good around me.”, he cursed, hips rocking back and forth.
Head thrown back, you didn’t care about staying at least a bit silente, loud moans filling the room alongside Yoongi’s groans.
Quickly, way too quickly, the knot in your stomach started to form again, threatening to release at any moment. But you wanted to last longer, feel his cock slid in and out of you longer, keep the feeling of his skin against yours longer, hear his moans longer.

Yoongi wasn’t going to last either, the feeling of your walls driving him to his edge, he trying to muffle his moans in the crook of your neck.

Heavy breaths right beside your ear, his thrusts were growing slower and deeper, chassing his release.
Wrapping your leg around his waist, he started hitting a deeper spot each time, your mouth falling agape.

“Yoongi, I’m gonna cum.”, you warned, a loud cry tumbling from your lips.

His movements immediatly escalated, snapping his hips faster, eager to feel you come around him.

“Cum for me.”, he said through gritted teeth, and you couldn’t hold back any longer, coming around Yoongi. Your mouth fell open, eyes shut, small dots blurring your vision, and Yoongi followed soon after, his loud moan filling the room.

“Daddy !”, screamed the little girl, bouncing around the living room. Her footsteps ehoed through the silent living room, her voice louder as she ran to her father.
Yoongi lazily smiled, resting his head on the couch, and he swore to himself, he would never ever party at the end of the week-end again. His muscles were still half asleep, eyelids heavy, all of his thoughs blurried with the lack of sleep.

Rubbing his eyes, he sighed before looking at his watch, the metal shinning under the cold rays of the morning sunlight. 

She should be here in 5 minutes, if she wasn’t the late type of person.

The little girl climbed the couch, sitting on her father’s lap, grabbing his wrist to inspect the strange object.

He was waiting for his new babysitter, he couldn’t bring his daughter to work anymore. Sure, he was the boss and all, but he liked to keep things professional and clean, and having a crying child in his arms during an important meeting wasn’t the definition of those two words.

He wasn’t used to let his daughter alone, he knew that he was only leaving her with a babysitter for a few hours and not for days but he still felt strange. Now, he was used to dress his daughter, bring her to work, where his employees were fond of her. He was used to having her around his office, and he didn’t know if the place would be too silent for him without her.

On the other hand, the little girl didn’t care at all, she didn’t seem to be too sad about letting her father go to work without her. Maybe she was more excited to meet a new person, even if it was another adult and not someone of her age.

Finally, someone rang at the door, and Yoongi quickly got up, taking the little girl in his arms.
Quickly, he reached the white door, she was just in time but he had just a few minutes before being late to work, which, again, wasn’t really important since he was the boss.

Kissing his daughter on the cheek, he opened the door, his eyes not leaving the expression of his giggling daughter. But eventually, she turned her attention to the person waiting at the door, her father following her gaze.

And his jaw dropped,

“Y/N ?”

the fighter

request: Can you write about Harry getting a new personal trainer to help him get in shape (like boxing and cardio and stuff) and he gets set up with a really pretty girl and he really likes her but she won’t date her clients and he tries to persuade her and ya whatever you come up with!!!

i had a lot of fun writing this one so i hope you guys like it ((: a huge thank you to @stylishmuser for reading this over for me ily


questions, comments, concerns.

You’re pounding away at the punching bag in your pastel pink gloves, sweat dripping down your forehead and french braids bouncing against your shoulders as music blasts through your headphones. 

You’re expecting a new client soon and sometimes your nerves act up when that happens, knowing you’re an amazing personal trainer, but knowing sometimes men can’t see past your pretty body or your “girly” pink gloves. On top of that, you’d been informed that your new client was Harry Styles, former member of One Direction. The most high profile client you’d ever had.

You don’t hear him come in behind you as you’re hitting the bag as hard as you can to fight off your anxiety, sending it flying on the chain in the opposite direction. As it’s swinging back in your direction, you take the time to swing your leg around with the intention of kicking the bag in a more dramatic move than necessary. But as you twist your body your leg narrowly misses the man and he falls over trying to avoid a kick to the gut. In your shock you lose your balance and fall back on your butt, the bag swinging forward and colliding with your head instead of the foot it was meant for.

Ripping your headphones off and standing immediately, you tower over him, “Christ, don’t you know better than to sneak up on someone who’s training?”

“I’m sorry, I was trying to let you know I was here without startling you.” He stuck out his hand, “I’m Harry. It’s nice to meet you.” 

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Did Zuko seem different to you in S3? I mean, in S2 in his most sincere moments he's so SOFT. My gosh, such a sweet and sincere boy who acted so hesitant when he was vulnerable. With the GAang his walls were nearly ALWAYS up! Zuko in Boiling Rock and Ember Island Players is who I expected who him to be but he acts so prickly the rest of the time. It seems like an incomplete arc. You disagree? If so why?

Zuko was different in the first half of Book 3, for sure. As I’ve asserted before, there’s a good reason for this. Zuko had experienced hardship out in the world, learned to identify with people from other cultures, and become closer to his uncle. But to the Zuko at the end of Book 2, the Fire Nation was still an idyllic place in his head where everything was how it was supposed to be. Zuko, a homesick and love-starved teenager, needed to experience firsthand how different the Fire Nation was than how he imagined it. His memories of being a boy and young teen in the Fire Nation don’t include horror at the Fire Nation’s war of aggression, or the comparison of Iroh’s fatherly love to Ozai’s distinct lack of it. In “The Beach” he thinks he will be closer to his mom at a place where his family was actually happy, but his spiritual malaise means he is farther away from his true family than ever.

Zuko could not have fully broken free of Ozai’s and the Fire Nation’s mental conditioning without the rude awakening he got at home. And once he joined the Avatar, he immediately started softening up. I don’t think his walls were nearly always up with the GAang at all.

He smiles at the group:

Smiles at Aang and says he’s a talented kid:

Smiles softly when he’s being teased:

Smiles and hugs Katara:

Smiles softly at Toph:

Shows vulnerability about his uncle not once:

Sokka: I know, I know, you’ve changed. 
Zuko: I meant my Uncle. He was more of a Father to me. And I really let him down. 
Sokka: I think your Uncle would be proud of you. Leaving your home to come help us, that’s hard. 

Not twice:

Katara: You didn’t really say that, did you?
Zuko: I might as well have.  

Not three times:

Zuko:  But for me, it takes all the mistakes I’ve made in my life and shove them back in my face.  My Uncle. He’s always been on my side even when things were bad. He was there for me. He taught me so much and how do I repay him? With a knife in his back. It’s my greatest regret and I may never get to redeem myself. 


Katara: Are you okay? 
Zuko: No, I’m not okay. My Uncle hates me, I know it. He loved me and supported me in every way he could and I still turned against him. How can I even face him? 

And when he does reunite with his uncle:

Plus, he practically hugs the stuffing out of that Avatar.

Yes, Zuko is still the most crotchety and goal-oriented member of the GAang, but that’s only in comparison to their normal cheerful banter. Remember, he hasn’t had a whole lot of experience engaging in a positive way with a friend. His milder moments in Book 3 surpass those of Book 2. You might not have remembered how he interacted with Lee in Book 2:

Lee: When my dad goes, will you stay? 
Zuko: No. I need to move on. Here. (offers him his dagger) I want you to have this. 

With Song:

Song: Mushi and Junior, huh? My name is Song. You two look like you could use a good meal. Why don’t you stay for dinner?
Zuko: Sorry, but we need to be moving on. 

And with Jin:

Waiter:  Excuse me sir. Would you and your girlfriend care for dessert?
Zuko: She is not my girlfriend! 

He is sincere, but still awkward and closed off. Frankly, it would be unrealistic to expect him to be otherwise a mere few months later, as he is still recovering from a lifetime of abuse. I know there are people who think Zuko’s character arc was somehow damaged in Book 3, but I disagree with that. Zuko’s arc was never linear, and never supposed to be. That’s what makes it so beautiful.

for @sih who needs some finnrey positivity:

-finn and rey care about & respect each other so much

-finn and rey flew the falcon together

-they both wielded the skywalker family saber (and are both force sensitive fight me on this)

-rey rescued finn from the rathtars

-finn told the truth to rey and rey wasnt mad at finn at all, not even remotely

-when finn went to leave, he asked rey to come with her & rey asks him to stay: they CARE SO MUCH ABOUT EACH OTHER


-finns reason for going to starkiller base at all was to rescue rey

-finn is the first person in reys life that she can remember who CAME BACK FOR HER, DO YOU KNOW HOW IMPORTANT THAT IS


-after defeating kylo rey was ready do die with finn on starkiller, she had no idea chewie was coming to rescue her and finn, she lay down on top of finn, the boy she already loved and adored, and was ready to die with him

-rey kisses finn while hes in his coma and tells him that they’ll see each other again someday, and they will

IN CONCLUSION YOUR HONOR: finnrey is endgame, its happening, maybe not in tlj, but it is happening whether you like it or not


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How about my mans Aone 🌚


First impression

I was like “do not AND I REPEAT DO NOT fuck with my asahi” I was scared of him he was SCARY remember when he just like started menacingly pointing in the hall??? I was like, can you not.

Impression now

HOLY FUCK PROBABLY THE PUREST IN THE WHOLE SERIES. Aone is just a gentle giant. He’s such an important part of Dateko’s iron wall, he’s athletic and driven to win (I mean the whole, targets the ace thing is a little concerning lol but HE JUST WANTS TO WIN) I love his little relationship with Hinata, he takes him so seriously, he isn’t like “look at this pip-squeak” he’s like ok this kid is good I want to beat him. Also… SOMEONE SIT NEXT TO HIM ON THE TRAIN GOD DAMMIT.

Favorite moment

Anytime he has to be the Futakuchi/Kamasaki wrangler lmao

Idea for a story Fic Rec

God… I’m not a fic writer this is hard. How about if I don’t have an idea I’ll link a fic? Here’s a cute one. Platonic Aone/Futakuchi. IF YOU LOVE AONE READ THIS! (it’s short)

Unpopular opinion

I dunno if it’s unpopular but: talk. more. my. child.

Favorite relationship

Because of that fic up there I love platonic Aone/Futakuchi. 

Favorite headcanon

He doesn’t know how to comfort people. Like, when someone is crying he’s just ???????



so damn… pure

Thanks for asking!!!!

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Hi! Hope I'm not bothering you or anything. I was just wondering how you get such smooth lines with your backgrounds. They always seem so stunning and I want to draw backgrounds like that. Can you give me some tips?

to get smooth lines, you have to draw Really Big and then scale it down when its done (but remember to keep the large version if you want to print it later)

smh gcoc (1/?)

NOTE: These are headcanons that we as a network came up with together are from our Discord #headcanons channel, recorded here as written by us in the chat, which is why they may sound more like chats/conversations than headcanons as headcanons are typically written. Check out our other headcanons here!

  • Shitty and holster are always the ones to ruin it. Lardo and ransom never live it down in the SMH group chat of color

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Rani! I have a fic prompt, if you don't mind? Jemma asking Fitz: "Are you still mine?"

I never mind for youuuu! :) here’s a healthy dose of angst, haha. just what the doctor ordered? *cries about Fitzsimmons forever*

Up on AO3! Beginning below:


Fitz thinks of all the evenings he longed for her, ashamed of both his lust and his love. He can still feel the ache he buried so deeply within himself it became part of his genetic makeup. He remembers lying on his bed in a cramped bunk, the quiet whir of the plane bleaching to white noise, thinking: I love you and I want you to be happy, even if it’s not with me. He remembers the traitorous prayer, washing over him each night as he faded into sleep, when he was at his most vulnerable and could no longer fight it: But please, please love me back.

He thinks of this and wonders how he could have been so naïve. He’d had so little experience of the world; he didn’t know it was possible to share a bed with someone you loved with your whole heart and still feel empty and alone. He didn’t know it was possible to receive everything you’d ever wished for, only to watch yourself slowly tear it all to shreds.

Maybe things would be different if they weren’t in some mysterious space prison. Maybe on Earth there could be therapy and indefinite leave to a cottage in Perthshire. He imagines it, sometimes, when he feels he deserves the extra punishment. Jemma would smile—like she used to, not this small brittle expression she gives him now, as if he’ll shatter at any moment.

Here they’ve all been separated. He hears murmurings from the guards occasionally, a whispered mention of “Coulson” or a sneering, contemptuous “Little Ms. Quake.” A part of him can’t wait until they’re free and Daisy makes their captors pay, but mostly he keeps his head down and hands Jemma the tools she needs.

As far as he can tell, the menial labor they do only serves to keep this ship/station/rock thing in space. Still, he can’t help the tremors that run through him at the idea that his work, however inconsequential, could be supporting something horrible and he has no idea. He had refused, at first, which landed him in solitary confinement with no food or water until Jemma had been allowed in his cell to beg.

“We’re just keeping ourselves alive,” she’d said. “I can’t find any evidence that what we’re doing in the lab is hurting anyone.”

At his silence she had grabbed his hand. “I promise, and if I’m wrong it’ll be my burden to bear.”

And when he still didn’t respond, she had forced him to look at her and she had cried. “You can’t do this to me,” she said. “You can’t kill yourself like this.”

So now his days follow a steady, unvarying rhythm he’s never before experienced: a shrill, station-wide alarm in the morning, a quick shower, toast and butter with Jemma and a ridiculous number of guards, mindless work in the lab, a thirty-minute lunch break, rotations to fix a keyboard or the wiring in a door panel, dinner with Jemma and a second group of guards, and then lights out in their room.

He has the side of the bed near the wall, and every night he curls as far away from her as he can manage. During the day, they work together seamlessly. Sometimes they even joke, and sometimes he looks at her and for half a second believes they’re back home in their lab, happy and in love, before everything fell apart.

But at night their bodies are too close and he’s never felt more alone. She cries when she thinks he’s asleep, silently, her body barely moving.

He wants to extend a hand and touch her. He wants to hold her and tell her everything will be okay. But he would be lying, and at any rate, he’s lost the right. So he listens to her cry and bites down on his knuckles, hard, to keep himself from reaching for her. Eventually, her shaking subsides into the tortured breathing of her nightmares, and he lets sleep force him under as well.

Every morning he wakes before her to find himself tangled up in her limbs, as if he’s drowning and she’s his life raft, and he hates himself for it.

Here, have some more Jyn as a foster parent to Rey (where Cassian is their neighbor) head canons:

Jyn’s parents died when she was ten and fifteen respectively. Homeless for a year, her godfather, Saw Gerrera, found her and took care of her until she turned eighteen, and then he died, too. So Jyn keeps to herself mostly, avoiding attachments, too tired to keep grieving and hurting. She knows it’s cliche, but she’s done enough loving and losing for a lifetime, thank you very much.

Rey’s been orphaned even longer so that she doesn’t even remember her parents. She’s learned how to fight on the street, how to build a shelter for herself that’s somewhere safe, especially for a young girl. The shelters prove too dangerous at night–at first for her, and then for anyone who dared and try to steal from her or assault her. But she stays away from people when she can because she wants to stay out of jail.

When Rey moves in with Jyn, she eats until she throws up, and after a long night sick, Jyn rubbing her back, they start to share more about their own personal histories and find out how much they have in common.

Jyn enrolls Rey in high school after a few months of tutoring her, and Rey, a quick study, finds that she thrives there once she makes a new friend, a boy named Finn. Finn, funny and goofy and caring, makes Rey realize not ony how lonely she’s been, but how lonely Jyn is too.

Cassian has noticed Jyn more than a few times, but they’ve exchanged few words since Jyn keeps her head down and seems always in a rush to shut her front door. She’s noticed him too, but in a mostly academic way, cataloging the color of his hair, the kindness of his eyes, and telling herself she has no time for that kind of thing even if he is attractive and has the sense to wave hello and just leave it at that.

After the fire at her condo, Rey asks Cassian to teach her how to cook, to which Cassian agrees. Jyn, wanting to be a good chaperone/guardian for Jyn, insists that if this is going to happen, she’ll be there too so as not to cause Cassian too much trouble.

At what is to be her fifth lesson, Rey doesn’t show, but Jyn is there at Cassian’s house, drinking iced tea with him and waiting for her errant foster daughter. When Rey texts that she and Finn are “studying,” Jyn makes to go, but Cassian argues that since everything is already laid out, why not stay for the lesson where he shows her proper knife technique (“to julienne peppers, he tells her, not to stab a man”) and how not to start a grease fire when baking a chicken pot pie.

The next day, Jyn shows up at Cassian’s front step, surprising him, a bottle of wine in her hand. “Thank you for the lesson,” she says, and he invites her in to share a glass, but she declines, though their hands linger together on the bottle.

Rey and Finn attend prom together, and she asks Jyn if she’ll be one of the chaperones. “Cassian already agreed,” she tells her, saying the school was okay with Cassian doing that job since he was law enforcement, though not a parent or associated with the school as faculty. Something makes Jyn agree to spending an evening surrounded by other human beings, and she dresses up more than she has in years to go. Cassian shows up to drive her to the venue, dressed in a suit and tie, his beard nicely trimmed, with a corsage just for her. “Rey said you never got to go to your prom,” he says simply, slipping the orchid on her wrist.

They share one dance at prom when most of the kids have started filtering out to go to after parties, and Cassian drives Jyn home where she asks him at his door if maybe she could take him up on his offer of wine. He agrees happily, and in the kitchen, against the counter, they share pinot noir and a kiss that they admit that they’ve both been wanting and waiting for for a long time.

Okay guys. I had to do it. I had to make a sideblog so I could chime in on this mess.

Voltron has a pretty big fandom on here, and I don’t know how seasoned all of you are. I’m sure there are some of y’all that have been around as long as me. And for some of you, it might be your first big fandom.

That being said, I, in all of my days, have not entered a fandom like this one since my days in the One Direction fandom. Seriously, I’m like a fricken 1D vet–I’ve seen the dangers of dangerous shipping. I have seen the effect it can have on actual, real life human beings. So please, remember that when you’re doing things on the internet. Again, I haven’t seen a fandom get into actual legal trouble with their thing since One Direction’s management team was emailing people on this website. 

So please be careful y’all. A lot of y’all are young–but some of y’all are older and know what I mean. Shipping fictional characters is alot of fun and it should stay that way! But it’s not worth hurting or threatening real people over. Don’t send hateful messages over anon or off anon to people over a ship. You don’t know what that person is dealing with and there is no sense in hurtful words.

As for the cast and creators of this show–you should never threaten them. And you sure as hell shouldn’t be blackmailing them. They hold too much legal and creative power of you to be causing strife in the fandom. 

Yes, I get it. Certain ships mean the world to you. I know how I feel about my personal OTP. But please remember that real life relationships and real life people and real life feelings are more important.

Thank you. And if you have any questions, comments, or concerns, my ask box is open.

longtalejacinta  asked:

How destructive do you think the "1st" fallen human would be to have Asgore scared to leave the underground unguarded to search for the other 6 souls? I can't imagine he being too scared to leave if the child didn't do any damage. Since they didn't have Toriels Guidance and maybe only Flowey waiting for them...

(undertale spoilers)

It is impossible for Flowey to have met the first fallen human after Chara. Flowey was created using the determination from the souls that had been acquired. Given the evidence in the game, it’s likely that Flowey never met any other human besides Frisk and Chara.

» read more: flowey only met two humans

Toriel was disgusted with Asgore’s declaration of war. Given how she states that she has seen every human pass through, it is likely that she has been in the Ruins since before the first human fell.

In a fit of anger, I declared war.
I said that I would destroy any human that came here.
I would use their souls to become godlike…
…and free us from this terrible prison.
Then, I would destroy humanity…
And let monsters rule the surface, in peace.
Soon, the people’s hopes returned.
My wife, however, became disgusted with my actions.
She left this place, never to be seen again.

Lastly, there isn’t anything to suggest Asgore feared humans. Toriel suggests that despite Asgore’s declaration of war, he did not actually want to follow through with it.

Do not “Tori” me, Dreemurr!
You pathetic whelp.
If you really wanted to free our kind…
You could have gone through the barrier after you got ONE SOUL…
…taken six SOULs from the humans, then come back and freed everyone peacefully.
But instead, you made everyone live in despair…
Because you would rather wait here, meekly hoping another human never comes.

You’re right…
I am a miserable creature…

With seven souls, he would have the god-like power to destroy humanity. However, he didn’t want this at all.

I do not want power.
I do not want to hurt anyone.
I just wanted everyone to have hope…

» read more: asgore’s suicide

Whether or not the first fallen human after Chara was destructive is not known, but their actions are not the reason why Asgore chose to wait for the other humans to fall.

something100  asked:

I'm surprised more people aren't talking about archer not being the father to the baby. That's one of the number one things I'm excited to find out. Any guesses? Lol

Alison confirmed Archer is not the father when she went to her appointment… without Emily. I’m still skeptical about everything Ali says. 

“Congratulations, you’re the mother”

“It’s not Archer’s”

Emily asks “how can we be sure that it’s my baby? Why are we trusting AD?” and Ali just rejects her and says “it’s true, Em. I remember the procedure”. And??? You saw the label saying “Emily Field’s eggs??? You can remember a procedure but doesn’t mean you remember whose eggs they were?

And not to mention, Ali didnt let Emily come to her appointment. She went by herself, even after Emily promised she would take Ali.

So I’m still skeptical. I’m going to go as far as to say that Ali may not even be pregnant! It’s all words coming out of Ali’s mouth, but we have literally ZERO proof. I think that could be a big plot twist in the finale.

anonymous asked:

I'm having a lot of Jensen feels after jibcon & I can't help feeling sad how one-sided cockles is. I don't doubt they're friends but things like when it's J2M Jensen plays 3rd wheel while Jared & Misha talk around/over him ie jibcon & comic con. Jensen tries to include himself but if he didn't I think they'd just forget he was there. As much as I find them cute together Misha just doesn't seem all that bothered with Jensen in comparison to Jensen showing he loves being around Misha :(

You have to remember that people act differently in any given situation. Depending on who’s around, what other personalities are in the room, and where they’re standing at that very second– that all can change their personality drastically. 

That is why cockles is so cute! Yes,  Jared and Misha are both dominant voices. They can light up a stage, take over a conversation, and make everyone just want to stare at them. But they’re not leaving Jensen out. Jensen is always more quiet and docile, so when he’s on stage with Jared and Misha, he is kind of a spectator like the rest of us. Jared and Misha just steal the show. However when Jensen gets on stage with only Misha, his entire personality changes– he’s different with him than he is sharing the stage with any other person. He becomes the open, crazy, over the top one. And by association, Misha calms down. It is the change that they bring out in each other that makes them so wonderful. 

Yes this last jibcon, Misha did seem a little more restrained than normal, but he was also just trying to balance out Jensen’s more extreme craziness. And there are plenty of times (on stage especially) where Misha turns into a giggly, blushing, lovesick fool because Jensen started complimenting him, or touching him, or just tried to make him feel special. If you look at other panel videos, with Misha being on stage with absolutely anyone else, he actually is more composed then the majority of the people he’s with. That is because that’s his wheelhouse. When everyone else is cracking up, that is when he manages to stay calm. It’s when everyone else is keeping a straight face  that he really cracks, which is where all his stories from messing up takes come from. 

But then get Jensen and Misha together, and suddenly they’re both pretty incapable of keeping it together. They know each other’s weak spots inside and out. Jared and Misha just try to say the most outrageous things in order to outdo one another, but Jensen and Misha will make each other smile and have to turn away just because they’re blushing too hard. It’s adorable, it’s subtle, and might be quiet at times, but it’s what makes them so unique … it’s what makes us drawn to them. 

jadpeanut  asked:

With people criticizing the art style of the different story boarders, I go "Did you even remember how the first season looked?!"

I mean???? Can people honestly say that this: 

Looks better than this? 

It’s not. Its just fucking not. Look season 1 SU is fine, it has some great episodes and I like it. But IT DOES NOT compare to the seasons that come after it in terms of anything: storytelling, character progression, design, animation, plot, ANYTHING. The show has improved, its gotten better. There’s no denying it. Its it perfect? No, far from it, but the ridiculous standards people hold it to just bother me so much? Like why can’t we all just enjoy the show for what it is instead of demanding unattainable perfection??? Ugh…. I’m just… so tired of this S/U Cri/ tical bullshit… 

oliverherold  asked:

Hi !! I had two quick questions 1. How do you stop your liner lines from smudging when you go over it with Coptic (is it black magic cause I'm betting it's black magic) 2. I know you had posted where you were getting those pants on Instagram but I've forgotten and they look rlly cute ?¿ so pls tell me ThankssomuchIloveyourworkgottablast 🐝🐝

heyo 1) it doesnt happen to me often to be honest, it really depends on the paper you’re using if anything :0 2) got them from! i can’t remember the specific name of them individually but they’re under men’s harem pants