and how can you not remember

ways to study for exams that are actually productive
  • use actual note cards for vocab. yes, apps like quizlet are dandy when you’re on the go, but actually physically writing out each note card helps put the information into memory faster than typing them.
  • visual learner? make charts and diagrams. they don’t have to be pretty. the lines don’t have to be perfectly straight. it doesn’t have to be photogenic. but if it helps you learn, do it.
  • after you take notes (in class or at home/from your text book), write down possible quiz questions about the material on the next page while it’s still fresh in your mind. later on when you’re studying for the test, use these questions to gauge what specifics out of that chapter you need to work on the most.
  • start sooner rather than later. i know, you’ve heard this a million times from every teacher ever. but it’s legit. especially as you get into harder level classes and college courses because there is literally so much material that the tests cover that you simply can not accurately learn all of it over night. instead, start about 10 days in advance (but of coarse, the sooner the better).
  • studying doesn’t have to be a big giant study session that takes hours. if you start far enough in advance, study sessions can be around an hour, hell even 45 minutes is a good. if you go too long in one study session your brain will be fried and studying will be pointless because your brain won’t be processing any of it. that’s why it’s important to take breaks and not just cram for 5 hours the night before an exam.
  • actually study. hold yourself accountable and make your education a priority. if you have homework and studying to do, make it a priority over going partying or watching tv. there will be another party. you can dvr your show. you can’t take your test on a later day because you don’t feel ready. so be ready.
  • be careful with study groups. if you have a study group with all of your best friends, lets face it, you’re going to end up spending more time talking about harry styles and supernatural than actually studying. it’s better to have a study group with people who are your friends, but not best friends. and it’s better to keep it between 5-7 people so that everyone can be involved.
  • if the material is just super confusing and you can’t seem to understand it no matter how hard you study, it’s not you. it’s the way you were taught it. each teacher teaches a bit differently, and maybe their style of teaching just isn’t for you. if this happens, find a way that explains it the best for you. for example, if chemistry is just super confusing for you, try watching the Crash Course chemistry videos on youtube or have a friend explain it to you. this will give you a completely different perspective on the material and will help you understand it better.
  • at the end of the day, remember that everything will be okay. studying can be stressful, especially if it’s in a class that you struggle in. but i promise you that you are not the only one who struggles sometimes in school, it’s a part of being human. as long as you actually put in an effort and try your best, be proud of yourself. take a deep breath. and remember: you got this.
hunk headcanons bc i’m in a Mood(tm)
  • he is ur local pansexual 
  • he’s smart asf obviously but his best subject is chemistry!!! he loved doing the experiments in class bc he is a hands on learner (which is why he likes to build/work with machines 0:) and seeing the reactions and processes play out in front of him was always rlly cool!!! he misses doing chem labs 
    • also lance was his lab partner and sometimes they would fuck up experiments and make a mess but it was funny and they just got to talk about “source of errors” in their reports more extensively so it was fine lmfao 
  • he loves so easily and openly that’s not a headcanon that’s canon and i just wanted to point that out bc i love him wtf 
  • but he also doesn’t trust 100% easily!!!! he’s not like keith level wary but u do have to earn his trust. he is v good at sniffing out dishonesty & one of the traits he values the most in people is honesty and trustworthiness 
  • this is a lil contradictory bc we know canonically he is not the best at keeping secrets and can be a bit of a snoop, but he never does it with malice and is trying to work on it!!!
  • but ya he sucks at keeping secrets be careful what u tell a Hunk. it’s mostly cute ….if it’s something rlly serious and heavy tho, you can trust him not to tell a soul 
    • the secrets he kinda spills are more like: ‘one time in the 5th grade lance had a crush on this girl but he came to school sick and threw up on her shoes when he was trying to confess his feelings and i laughed and then threw up too’ ‘HUNK!’ 
  • similar to lance, he likes to be lighthearted and make jokes to help ppl feel better!!! this is also canon okay but i just. i love …….remember how he kinda is real casual about keith being galra and makes a few lil jokes to make him feel more at ease. ya, that’s our boy…..,,he !!!!!!
  • best hugs. 100000% a hunk hug can heal all wounds who needs a fucking healing pod am i right 
  • also the biggest platonic cuddler. he and lance would cuddle all the time back at the garrison (u can also take this as hance too bc Pure ™ but regardless he will cuddle everyone) like??? ur feeling sad ??? here come sleep in hunk’s room he will hold u !!!
  • shiro suggested he start journaling to help with his anxiety and it’s actually been rlly helpful!! he has also been opening up more to the team about his issues with anxiety and they have been v supportive!! his friends are always there for him when he has an anxiety attack. keith and lance esp know how to calm him down bc they are the closest to him. lots of physical reassurance and hey when did this turn into klunk idk but good stuff 
  • he used to be a tutor back at the garrison and was rlly helpful !!! hunk is a good teacher 
  • he is a heavy sleeper.  will sleep through an earthquake probably confirmed 
  • there are so many more but my brain is now fried so this is all for now but expect a part 2 sometime 

If youre an ace romantic its important to remember that aro people are just as important and no lower than you. “I’m ace, but its okay because i can still feel romantic attraction!!” Whether intentional or not, throws aro people under the bus. Being ace is great, and its fine to take pride in it, but please be careful about how your language effects aros.

BTS’ dick/bulge analysis (M)

Disclaimer: No, this is not a list about who is bigger than who, members are listed in no particular order. its my opinion about them in general. I will be touching on length, girth, technique. Remember, its just my dirty thoughts and a picture I made in my head of how I think they look so don’t take this personally please, feel free to share yours with me in my ask me/messages/comments ;)

Genre: descriptive smut (is this even a genre?)

Warning: NSFW, read this when you’re alone tbh

word count: 3k



  • He looks longer than I imagined *_*
  • His girth looks seems quite okay too. I mean, he is wearing a sweat pant that isn’t even that tight but you can still see it…effortlessly
  • shape: a slightly longer than average cucumber??? (lol what is this? well to me, he is definitely a bit longer than your average cucumber and his girth is evenly distributed all through the shaft and head)
  • He is a porn enthusiast…that says a lot.
  • About technique, I think Namjoon will be one with deep short strokes (by that I mean he is inside all the time, so he just thrusts back and forth while he is still inside you instead of going out all the way to his tip to thrust back in)


  • Jimin looks a bit less than average to me but don’t you worry, if you have been watching him closely or are an army you will know that this gentleman is a devil in the hip rolling department, and that can only mean one thing, he knows how to lay it down good and this surpasses any monster dick out there.
  • shape: a pocket rocket? or whatever you wanna call it but this means he is short and has a thick girth; the type that makes you whimper at the stretch. ;)
  • technique: because of his type of cock he might be inclined to go for shallow short strokes, he goes in halfway then pulls out almost to his tip then snaps back in. This makes you experience that stretch, over and over again… can be good tbh 


  • Tae definitely looks endowed in this department, other members-jimin- has confirmed it as well. now for further analysis…
  • In my opinion, he has more length than girth.
  • shape: hammer. what does this mean? his shaft is long and less thick but his head has thicker girth. basically the shape of a hammer
  • technique: first of all, let me just say he has 2 things to his advantage; a thicker/larger head and his length. The former because he can hit you right and cover a larger area when he is in deep…the arousal is endless to be honest, the latter because unless he is a shallow short stroke enthusiast, he will be going in as deep as that pussy lets him. Having said all that, I still think tae is ambitious and will alternate between long strokes, deep short strokes and shallow short strokes.


soyoongiisthekindofguythatpackswellthatyoucanalmostnotgetasinglebulgepicsopeoplethinkheislackingbutyouwillbeshockedthathe’sgotsomethingdowntherethat canmakeyoufallapartinnotime *deep breaths*

  • Shape: A mixture of cucumber and hammer? (lmao this is funny as hell) cucumber in length, which is an average length but with a larger head- a hammer-literally.
  • Technique: A lot of people have this misconception that he is lazy lol!! no fam, no one is lazy during sex. Anywhooo, you know that thick head is already hitting and grazing the right places, the girth in his shaft isn’t that bad either = the appropriate amount of stretch. In my opinion he might go for the deep short strokes because boy, have you watched  baepsae dance practice? …sharp thrusts! this plus his tongue technology will have you tumbling over that tingly edge.


  • I could post more pictures tbh lol but that’s enough for now
  • length+girth+curve…holy hell
  • shape: A banana+pocket rocket (lol). A banana has length but most importantly has the curve. I came to this conclusion after seeing that second picture, his erection is kinda pointed upward. Pocket rocket for girth (thickness).
  • Technique: Sue me but jungkook is an energetic manly man so I see him having sharp and fast thrusts but most importantly long strokes. I don’t think I have explained what a long stroke is,well its basically when the guy thrusts in deep then pulls all the way out to his head and then thrusts all the way in again. basically ‘pounding’ if his rhythm is fast and this is jungkook tbh, he is full of energy and I feel like he will like that skin slapping against skin sound that this kind of technique causes. Don’t forget that upward curve that grazes against the g-spot and his thickness too…so basically with jungkook its heaven because you are stretched out, filled up, constantly stimulated (curve=g-spot) and you are feeling him deep(long strokes and length)!


  • He needed that King sized condom for a reason ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • Jin I assume is both girthy and lengthy.
  • Shape: no he is not an italian salami lol but he is definitely longer than your average cucumber and thicker than it so here comes the pocket rocket again and the slightly bigger cucumber. His head is the same in girth as his shaft. To be honest, I see jin and tae as the same category but tae on the slimer side.
  • Technique: In my opinion, he is a slow lover and a pleaser so I think he will most likely go for the long stroke with a slow rhythm so he is not pounding into you but letting you revel in the moment.
  • so with jin, you are stretched out, filled up and feeling him deep, oh! an added advantage his cock stimulating the clit when he’s thrusting deep because of the thickness ;)



  • Riding a stallion can be fun tbh
  • shape: I see hope on the slimer side so a pencil (no not a literal pencil people, I’m talking about eveness of girth/thickness from head to shaft) and a cucumber (average size).
  • Technique: The catch with hope is stamina in my opinion-what would else do you expect from a dancer?-he will literally go all night. Having said that, he is a fun person so he will multitask  and  might like to switch things up so I see him alternating between long strokes, short deep strokes and shallow short strokes.
  • so with hope, you are getting it from all angles…imagine what it will feel like to be with a multitasking lead dancer  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


I’m here biting my nails and hoping people don’t take this post personally lol, feel free to disagree with me and laugh at my weird description (cucumber, banana, hammer and so on lol). Also I hope when I say cucumbers people don’t think I’m talking about those extra large hybrid are those tbh? enough ranting. Also @fakemochi sorry these are all the pictures I could find, Google is a flop. Happy friday all.

Meet Again AU

- Kim and Trini were friends way back in high school when they had the whole saving the world gig going on

- they were good friends - they spent nights sleeping over at each other’s houses, they had inside jokes that no one understood especially when they would break out in giggles during training, they had summers spent by the lake wondering what life will be like when they’re in their forties

- then college happened, they were on different ends of the country, Kim had moved to New York and Trini had stayed back in Angel Grove, and studies and final exams got in the way of Skype calls and phone calls and any plans of seeing each other seemed to vanish until they just didn’t talk anymore 

- they were both sad about it; Kim had been convinced they would be fifty and still cracking jokes, but she had accepted it after a few years 

- every now and then she would pick up her phone and wonder if she should call or send a text 

- hours of indecisiveness turned into days and then weeks and then months; kim figured Trini got a new phone number anyway, so she decided not to risk the awkward “oh you got the wrong person” call

- it’s her first year as a nurse, she gets the night shifts, and she’s left with wailing newborns and angsty teens and business people who never take resting as seriously as they should

- it’s also the year she meets Adrian’s father; he’s tall and tan with dark long curly hair; piercing green eyes and a smile that lights up a room

- she falls in love - or at least she thinks she does - the minute she meets him.

- he’s her boss, though, and she feels like she’s somehow in an episode of Grey’s Anatomy when they start sleeping around

- it’s a fling that lasts 7 months before he’s moving across the country and she follows him like a lovestruck teenager 

- the night he breaks everything off, a few months later, she’s holding back from telling him about the baby growing in her stomach

- she doesn’t keep it to herself for long; she ends up telling him when she feels desperation claw at her chest as he’s packing his bags  

- he looks at her, mouth agape, green eyes furrowing in confusion, and she thinks he’s about to put his bags down, but he shakes his head and wordlessly leaves their apartment

- she calls and texts and she feels like she’s the embodiment of the crazy ex  

- and she feels so lost; she barely knows whether or not to keep it

- she takes forever to decide, but then she passes the mirror one morning and the bump is there; it’s not big, just barely there, but it’s there and it’s enough to make up her mind 

- when she feels the baby kick for the first time she’s got tears in her eyes and she wants to scream and shout with glee, but she’s standing in a patient’s room, some doctor rambling about some treatment, so she settles with rubbing her belly and promising herself she’ll do everything in her power to protect him  

- eight months later she has a baby boy in her arms, small and fragile and she feels like she’s gonna Mess this up and then he’s falling asleep in her arms and she names him Adrian 

- Jason and billy live down the street (she had moved back to New York when she found herself bumping into her ex way too many times than she would have liked) and they help her when she feels like she’s about to pass out from exhaustion

- they help her out as much as they can, but she slowly gets a hold of being a mom with a wailing newborn in the other room

- things get easier and she starts feeling like maybe everything won’t go up in flames

- she’s shopping for Adrian - anything with dinosaurs - while she waits to pick him up from preschool when she gets a small text from Billy asking if they want to come over for dinner tonight 

- she’s looking down at her phone when she feels someone crash into her and it makes her feel like her brain is rattling in her head (it’s times like these when she misses her powers) and then she’s looking up, apology on the tip of her tongue, her hands outstretched ready to help the person up when she sees her  

- she’s struck silent as she stares into green eyes

- she looks older, but Kim would recognize her anywhere,

 - she’s still short, still has the long dark hair; green eyes that look at her in shock and confusion; even just looking at her reminds Kim of when they first met - Trini’s face twisted into a haughty scowl 

- “I’m so sorry,” kim figures it’s a good place to start, she hadn’t been paying attention anyways, and then their engulfed in silence as people buzz around them

- “hi” it’s awkward and short and kim remembers a time when they’re greetings had been completely different  

- they struggle through their conversation, awkward stares and words stuttering from their lips as they try to grab a hold of reality (this isn’t one of her recurring dreams - in fact it’s nothing like her dreams) 

- and then Kim can’t imagine not seeing the woman in front of her again; she doesn’t know how she’s done it this long, but she’s not about to let her slip by her so easily

- “do you wanna have coffee sometime?” It’s out there before she can think it over properly, but it’s out there and she’s standing there,waiting for the shorter woman to say anything

- she thinks Trini’s gonna say no, she sees it in the way her lips turn into a scowl and her brows furrow (and Kim tries to ignore the way she feels something buzz in her chest because that face is oh so trini, one she used to get when they were younger and talked about becoming beekeepers or something as equally as bad) so when she nods her head with a small “sure” she feels surprised

- she hands over her phone and tells trini to put her number in; when she gets her phone back she notices it’s different than the one she still has in her phone  

- they say their goodbyes and it’s full of awkward smiles and weird waves and Kim feels so many things at once

- she’s happy and excited because it’s been close to eight years since she’s last seen/heard from trini, but she also feels something churn in her stomach because everything’s changed. 

- they’re strangers 

- the thought doesn’t settle well but she shakes it off, trying her damn hardest to forget about it

- her four year old son does a good job at distracting her, his green eyes growing wide when she hands him a shirt w dinosaurs on it

- his bright smile and excitement is enough to quell the weird feeling twisting in her stomach and she kisses his head when he starts on a tangent about what he did today

- it takes a week for Kim to remember she has Trini’s number in her phone. She takes a deep breath and somehow forms sentences asking the shorter woman to a coffee date near the mall where they had bumped into each other

- Kim finds herself texting the other woman more than she would have thought, so much so one of her friends at work gives her a weird look when she giggles to herself  

- she prepares herself for more awkward conversations and heavy silences, so much so she almost doesn’t go, but she’s stubborn enough that she gets there ten minutes early

- it’s quiet enough that she figures she can pull out a book on her phone until Trini gets there, so when Trini walks up to her and says a small “hey” she jumps slightly 

- she half glares at the woman when she sees a small smug look cross on her face, and Kim can’t help but remember them in high school again, when she would sneak up behind zack or Jason and try to scare them

- her features soften when Trini points at her cup and asks if she’s up for another; Kim waves her off and tells her she’ll go for another in a few minutes and then she’s left to see Trini walking to the front counter (she totally doesn’t check her out, nuh uh)

- it’s quiet at first, each woman trying to somehow find their footing, and then Kim asks about Trini and how she’s doing, and everything just seems to click

- of course, they’re still strangers, there;s still an awkwardness that seems to circle around them, but there’s an ease in the conversation that still seems to be there 

- it brings a small comfort to Kim, that they still seem to have this easy going atmosphere around them; she’s missed it, forgot how nice it was to simply relax and not have to always have to be thinking about what she’s going to say next  

- they spend an hour longer than Kim thought they would and it catches her by surprise when her phone rings, the small alarm she’s had on her phone telling her she has 30 minutes until she has to pick up Adrian 

- “sorry, I have to go pick up Adrian” it falls from her lips before she has any chance to take it back and she’s left wondering why she wouldn’t not bring it up

- he was her whole life and while she didn’t like to consider herself one of those crazy moms that always talked about their kids all the time, she wasn’t shy about letting people know she had a son

- Trini gives her a questioning look and while she doesn’t say anything, Kim feels compelled to answer

- “my son”

- “you have a son?”

- Trini looks at her with surprise, and intrigue, and Kim finds herself looking for any kind of judgments or pitting looks. She doesn’t get any, just sincere curiosity, and it makes her chest ache in a way she’s not used to  

- “I’ll text you soon? Maybe we could do this again?” Kim asks as she stands and collects her things, grabbing at the two empty coffee cups sitting on her side of the table

- Trini smiles at her, nodding her head before she mutters a small, “I would like that”

- kim leaves the coffee shop with a smile - not that she notices - and she definitely doesn’t notice that she has the same smile on her face for the rest of the day

- it doesn’t take that long to meet up again, despite the long hour shifts she has and the fact that her son seems to be adamant about playing outside in the kitty pool she had gotten him this summer

- they meet at a cafe near the park, the conversation is smoother this time, there’s no awkwardness around them like the first time, and they simply catch up  

- kim finds out that Trini has her own company, it’s small and it’s centered around helping kids in rough situations at home or school or life in general. Kim is left dumbfounded and in awe and then she feels that drop in her stomach again; she blames it on that fact that Trini seems so happy and sincere about helping these kids.

- she spends the rest of their time together asking questions and she feels her lips stretching into a smile every time one of her questions seems to light up something in trinis eyes before she goes on to answer her question

- her phone is on silent today, though, and she somehow misses the alarm, and when she happens to look at her phone and notices she’s got 15 minutes to make it there, she’s up and out of her seat in an instant, wobbling the table in front of her and almost spilling the cup of coffee in the other woman’s lap

- “I’m so sorry, I’m running late” she hurries, picking up her purse before hurriedly walking out of the small coffee shop without looking back 

- she forgets her phone, though, and she notices when she’s five minutes away from Adrian’s school. She sighs and wonders how in the world she was supposed to get her phone back

- kim is in the middle of work when someone tells her she’s got someone waiting for her in the waiting room. She’s confused as to who it could be, and then her mind thinks it’s about Adrian, so her hearts racing a mile a minute and she’s sure she’s going to start panicking more than she is now, never mind the unsettling weight of fear that seems to churn deep in her stomach

- when she sees Trini, she’s relieved and mad all at once because dammit she was so close to crying and fearing for her son’s life

- “hey!” It’s light and casual and Kim wants to wrap her hands around trinis neck for a second, but she settles with rolling her eyes and greeting her back

- kim blames it on the relief she feels because she’s suddenly wrapping Trini in a hug. It’s warm and Kim doesn’t want to let go, and then trinis reciprocating it and she really doesn’t wanna let go

- she does, though, stepping back with slightly flushed cheeks - she blames that on the run here 

- “um, you left your phone yesterday” Trini says with a small smile, digging out the item in question from her pocket and then handing it over  

- “thanks!” Kim wants to hug her again - she totally didn’t have to bring her phone here or like wait for her - but she holds herself back and settles for a grateful smile

- kim doesn’t know what to do with herself, she’s still debating on whether or not to wrap Trini in another hug, so when one of her friends interrupts and tells her she’s needed in a patients room she give a shaky sigh of relief

- “um I was actually wondering if you wanted to hang out sometime? Maybe you could bring Adrian?” 

- the question is awkward and Kim can see how Trini keeps shifting from foot to foot, anxious as she waits for Kim’s answer  

- kim doesn’t know what to say, the question catches her by surprise, but she finds herself nodding, a large smile on her face, and when she’s about to say something, she’s interrupted again

- when Trini leaves and Kim’s walking down to her patients room, she blames the fluttering in her chest on the run, there’s no reason she wouldn’t

- they meet at a park two weeks later when Kim finally has a day off and she’s too preoccupied with a four year old desperately running circles around her

- when Trini finds them, Adrian seems to shy away from her, much like he does with everyone, and then Trini’s squatting and introduces herself, a big smile playing on her face

- kim doesn’t know how she does it, but Adrian somehow laughs and giggles at Trinis joke, and then he’s asking if she could play the monkey bars with him

- “mommy always plays w me” he points out, his small finger pointing towards the general direction of the monkey bars “but you can play w me”

- kim rolls her eyes because he practically demands the other woman to play, but Trini barely gives it a second thought before they’re both running  

- kim swears global warming is a thing because her chest feel funny as she sits on the park bench and watches her son play with Trini 

- “he’s amazing” Trini says with a wide smile as she takes a seat next to kim, Adrian busy playing with other kids, and Kim only nods her head because yea, he’s pretty great

- they spend the afternoon together, Adrian yet again demanding that Trini joins them for dinner

- Kim’s pretty sure Trini cancels plans because she’s fishing her phone out of her pocket and sends a quick text before nodding her head and asking what’s for dinner 

- kim watches her son fall in love with Trini  

- stupid heat is making her feel weird 

- she focuses on her sons smile and excited demeanor, laughing when he wraps Trini in a long and torturous class on dinosaurs - he finds a way of including elephants and flamingos into the conversation

- three weeks later and there’s a bug going around the hospital - when is there not - and she gets scheduled for a double shift; she panics and tries almost everyone she trust, but it’s a Saturday night and everyone seems to have plans, so she tries the one person she hasn’t yet

- “I’m really sorry, I can’t find anyone to take care of him for a few hours and “ she trails off because was she really just gonna ask Trini to babysit her son?  

- “I can look after him if you want” Trini says and Kim wonders how calm and okay Trini is with all of it; if anything the thought of taking care of a 4 year old on a Saturday night should cause someone to panic and politely decline 

- “you would?” 

- “yea, I’m not up to anything, and Adrian’s pretty cool”  

- “I owe you so much” Kim says, a sigh of relief escaping from in between her lips, and when Trini chuckles over the line and tells her it’s nothing, she swears she has that weird feeling in her chest again but she blames it on the fact that the other woman is doing her a huge favor 

- when she gets home, it’s close to three in the morning, and she’s totally set to see the house turned upside down because Adrian isn’t the easiest kid to take care of

- instead she finds Adrian asleep on Trinis chest as the woman sits on the ground, her back resting against the couch, her head thrown back as she sleeps

- kim chuckles as she steps closer and sees the mess of toys that seem to circle around the pair

- she thinks it’d be totally weird and creepy if she takes a picture of them, and she almost doesn’t it, but she pulls her phone out quickly and snaps a picture (when trini asks her about it one night after she spots her wallpaper, kim just flushes red before waving her off, changing the topic to stories about Adrian when he was a baby - it works)

- kim finds herself inviting Trini over more often as the months go by, Adrian always asking when Trini would visit next, and she can hardly ever tell her son no, so she almost always finds herself shooting Trini a text wondering if she wants to come over for lunch or dinner  

- it becomes a thing, every three days Trini stops by and just hangs out with them - Adrian loves it, hogs her up and slowly starts learning how to ask Trini if she wants to play legos or color with him

- kim has a feeling Trini can’t say no either  

- she also finds herself trusting Trini, confiding in her after long days, and when Adrain gets in trouble at daycare because he pushes another boy for taking his crayon, Trini somehow ends up hearing about it, the Latina laughing hysterically on the other end of the line

- kim wants to roll her eyes and tell Trini to stop laughing ( her son is not a delinquent) but she ends up laughing along with her, her cheeks hurting after the call and she falls asleep thinking about Trini

- she also ends up crying in Trini’s arms sometimes when everything seems to get overwhelming at work and Adrian doesn’t listen to her (she doesn’t know how trini settles Adrian down after his fourth tantrum, but she’s grateful)

- kim finds herself adding Trini to Adrian’s pick up sheet, her cheeks flushing the next afternoon when she tells her 

- “you trust me that much?” Kim thinks she hears something mixing in trinis voice when she asks and she’s stuck just staring into green eyes  

- “yea”

- when the holidays roll around, everything is hectic and messy and kim finds herself with way too many shifts on her hands

- somehow her friends take turn babysitting Adrian, much to his delight, but Kim catches him one day as he brings out his pillow and blanket with him to the living room before going back and bringing out his favorite toys, linning them all up near the couch

- “what’re you doing, babe?”

- “It’s trinis day” he says like it’s obvious, giving her a “duh” face, and she smothers a smile as she watches him set up his toys

- “but why do you bring your pillow out?” 

- “we always watch movies and cuddle” he says, his eyes bright as he remembers his nights with Trini and kim realizes that’s why she almost always comes home to Adrian asleep in trinis arms (she tells trini she could take him to his room, but trini just waves her off as she brushes his curly hair away from his forehead)

- “she makes dino nuggets too”  

- she smirks when she figures out why Adrain likes Trini so much. She shakes her head and just lets him continue with getting ready

- “you can’t always bribe him w nuggets” Kim tells Trini when the other woman gets there. Trini just shrugs and sends her a smug look. She shakes her head and totally blames the weird twist in her stomach on the fact that Trini is giving her son greasy food

- long evenings turn into sleepover and kim feels like she’s in high school all over again, and when Trini somehow ends in her arms in the morning, and Kim’s nose is nuzzled into the crook of trinis neck, she finds herself wanting more sleepovers

- when Christmas rolls around, Kim’s parents come to visit and Trini goes to visit her family back in angel grove  

- Kim’s house is full but she can’t help but feel like she’s missing something  

- Kim’s mom pulls her away during Christmas dinner and asks why Adrian seems so sad and why he keeps mentioning Trini

- kim just stares at her dumbfounded because she doesn’t know - well she does, he clearly misses her, but she doesn’t know what to respond - and she ignored the fact that she might not be able to answer because she doesn’t know why she misses her 

- she just says he’s not used to Trini being away for so long and then her mother gives her a weird look

- when everyone’s gone to bed that night, she and Adrian settle on the couch and call Trini over FaceTime  

- “Trini!” 

- “hey, little man!”

- kim feels herself melting at the interaction and when she gives Adrian trinis present ( Trini later congratulates her about being able to keep it hidden long enough and she finds herself wishing Trini were here in person to flick her off) Adrian just freaks out, letting out a loud shriek if joy at the fact that he got one last gift from his favorite person 

- it’s a stuffed dinosaur, almost half of Adrian’s size, and he doesn’t let it go after that. Kim watches as he buzzes with joy and she mouths a thank you to Trini 

- “I love you” Adrian’s admits a few seconds later, his love sounding more like luff and Kim watches as Trini practically melts on the screen

- of course, he’s said it before, mostly when he’s half asleep and asks for Trini to put him to bed, but Adrian seems to actually acknowledge it now, like he’s for real for real

- “I love you too, little man”

- kim doesn’t know what to do with herself when she feels the urge to say I love you too and it surprises her and makes her freeze because she’s looking at Trini when she thinks that

- when it’s late enough and Adrian seems to be falling asleep she tells Trini she’s pretty tired too so she ends the call and hopes that “I love you” she was thinking of was just a friend thing  

- totally just a friend thing  

- you know you didn’t have to get jealous. He’s not the only Hart I love 

- kim freezes. She’s mid way through tucking herself in when her phone beeps and she reads the text

- her stomach does the weird loopy thingy it’s been doing recently and her heart seems to want to race out of her chest and she’s feeling so much so fast and she doesn’t know what to do with herself 

- too bad there aren’t any Gomez’s I love she texts back trying to play it cool

- so cool

- kim doesn’t answer back after that, in fact she kinda goes radio silent for the next two days as her mind seems to short circuit every few hours

- she’s definitely not in love with Trini - she’s her best friend - and trinis Trini 

- her mind seems to be running on one thing and she feels like she can’t breathe  

- and then on the third night when she’s had the same thoughts three times she kinda stops and let’s herself think about everything she’s been trying not to think about 

- her conclusion? She’s in love with Trini  

- she’s barely okay with the fact, reasons after reasons of why it would be a bad idea to date Trini (honestly it’s just like 3 but like whatever) 

- “it’s four in the morning” Jason huffs into the phone, and she can practically hear billy snoring in the background 

- “I’m in love w Trini”

- she kinda doesn’t sleep that night and she practically looks like a zombie the next day at work but like she still feels like these feelings are a mistake, like she mistook something for what it wasn’t, like she’s going crazy

- “is it that bizarre to you that you’re in love with your best friend?” 

- she glares at her mom because yes, yes it is. Of course it is, isn’t it? It was Trini for crying out loud, as much as she liked to think she had a good read on her, she doubts Trini would return the feelings 

- she tells her mother that but her mom seems to just quirk an eyebrow at her before she points out her reason for not being okay with having feelings for Trini was because she didn’t know if Trini would return them

- when Trini comes back for New Years and she comes over before midnight, Her mom just gives kim this knowing, mischievous look

- Adrian just launches himself into Trini, practically gluing himself at her side; Trini doesn’t mind, it seems like shes missed him as much as he has her

- there’s a countdown then, and Trini and kim has been talking about what outfits Adrian needs to replace this year when it catches them at 0

- kim glares at her mother when she somehow finds a way to pass by them and tells them to kiss

- Trini chuckles and then Kim finds herself connecting their lips in a brief kiss 

- it lasts two seconds but it’s enough to keep them in place, brown eyes looking into green as kim wonders what’ll happen next

- shes surprised when Trini leans back and connects their lips again

- the kiss is slow and light, and kim finds herself not wanting to ever not be kissing Trini, and all those weird feelings in her stomach and chest are attacking her head on and she feels like she’s gonna lose her balance and fall

- Trini wraps an arm around her waist and kim feels like everything might just be okay

- “mommy stooop” kim looks at her son in question, confusion on both women’s faces before Adrian seems to circle his small arms around Trini almost as if to say she was his 

- Trini laughs and picks him up, kissing his cheek as he leans into her 

- they kinda avoid talking about it for the rest of the night, just sticking close to each other for the better part of it, and when trinis heading for the door, kim asks her not to leave 

- “I love you” kim says in the dark, she’s got her arms wrapped around Trini and she waits in silence for a response. It doesn’t come and she thinks trinis asleep or completely ignoring her and then trinis turning around in her arms and kisses her fiercely 

- “I love you too”

i think i saw a post that was like “how can you people not have empathy for kids” and while the intention was almost definitely just “dont be mean to kids whats wrong with you” which i agree with obviously, i have zero empathy for kids because i have low empathy already and when its someone at a different developmental stage the lack of empathy increases. even then you dont need empathy to be nice obviously just remember what isnt shitty for kids. its really not hard, theres no excuse


HA! I’m on the nose this time, we’re at 3,500 exactly when I’m posting this.

I’ll use this as an opportunity to say thank you for all the support!! I started this blog August 17th, and I can’t believe how far it’s come and what good people it’s drawn to it.

Thank you again for all the submissions! Just please remember to include a source- even if you don’t know it or there is none, say so. Still, they’re a big help and I’m very grateful :)

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[pt 1] hey seo, not sure if you remember me, but i'm the (non-korean) anon who asked for advice on whether or not to help a kor-am w/ korean! this would be super awks if you don't remember me omg but anyway. i ended up telling him that despite being fluent/near native, i didnt have the confidence to teach him the whole language, but i could help him w the basics like how to read hangul and suggested that maybe he should try asking his parents to speak in kr to him and help him more. then he

[pt 2] did this adorable smile thing and suddenly said in perfect korean “나 한국말 잘 하는데.” you can imagine my surprise bc i totally didn’t see that coming, he literally told me a few weeks ago he couldn’t speak korean?? then we had lunch tgt & he told me he’d liked me since the summer (he moved to my neighbourhood) and wanted an excuse to get close to me. he knew i was fluent in korean but pretended to not know a thing just to possibly spend more time with me HAHAHA omg

[pt 3] tl;dr: new korean american boy at our school heard about my fluency in korean so asked me for help w/ his native language & pretended not to know a thing about it, but it was an excuse to get close to me bc he liked me. we’re dating now hehehe omg, sorry this got so long i just wanted to tell you!! (& if you didnt want to know im so sorry but im just really happy ahah)

aw, that’s rlly cute!! i wish you and the boy lots of luck and happiness in your new relationship!! take care!

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What about a witch S/O? What would Penny think of them??

  • Pennywise would feel the same about what you are as he would to any other supernatural creature, but here his curiosity is more rooted in what you are able to do rather than what you are.
  • He is very curious as to how you manage to make objects magical with enchantments.
  • Constantly asking you to do magic tricks just to annoy you.
  • Pennywise becomes shocked when you tell him than “No”, you do in fact NOT eat children.
  • He hates it when you interact with normal humans since he remembers how they used to burn witches. Even if you tell him that no one does that anymore, he refuses to listen.
  • Enjoys watching you do magic rituals, telling you how he could do the exact same thing much quicker.
  • Pennywise picking up every broom he finds, teasing you and asking if this is the flying one.
  • If you have a familiar (a cat, a rat or an owl) you can bet your ass he fucking HATES it! Pennywise becomes super jealous by the fact that this little insignificant creature has a special connection to “his” little witch that he does not have. 


Thank you for the ask! <3

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How did you guys learn Korean grammar? Do u have any resources that u could possibly rec us (it's fine if u don't djdjfjdkd)

hello! you could try using this and talk to me in korean on youtube also has really handy videos they upload occasionally that can help as well! gen really like their one minute videos bc they’re short and sweet and easy to remember :) we wouldn’t advise you buying textbooks until you’re serious about learning because you don’t want to end up just reading the first few pages and then forgetting about the book. but if you ever do want to purchase any, you could consider this or this! they’re both easy to follow and understand ^^ good luck!!

Dating EXO | Chanyeol

Originally posted by porkdo-bi


  • Okay…this boy…
  • He has a lot of confidence when he’s rapping
  • And when he’s showing off pictures of his gorgeous body…
  • *That was so not fair of him by the way…*
  • But when it comes to you…
  • Or anything else for that matter…
  • He’s a giant puppy.
  • And he’s your giant puppy…
  • And much to your embarrassment sometimes…
  • Everyone will know.
  • He could be at a concert or a fanmeet and someone would as about you
  • And he would uncontrollably start start talking about you 
  • And how much he loves you
  • Which can sometimes cause issues with people who call themselves fans
  • But don’t worry…
  • He always comes to your rescue.
  • You’ll become best friend’s with Baekhyun
  • And the both of them would probably become oblivious to the fact that you and Chanyeol would going on a date.
  • So you’d have to remind them.
  • “Uh…Chan…you do remember this is a date, right?”
  • “Oh…right…sorry…”
  • Don’t get too mad at them though, they just get over excited.
  • Don’t be surprised if Chan gets blushy around you.
  • He thinks everything you do is cute
  • And sometimes you catch him so off guard that he just doesn’t know what to do.
  • He would love skinship
  • But I can see him being shy about it at first
  • If he’s taller much than you, don’t be surprised if things that you normally keep within reach end up on upper shelves
  • Cause he likes hearing you call him for help
  • Cause he gets to make up for lost time when he wasn’t around to help you with other things.
  • You’d know that too
  • Phone calls, sweet texts, random gifts, flowers…
  • It’s the little things that he does to let you know that he’s always thinking about you.
  • Because even if he’s a continent away.
  • You’re always on his mind.

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I have left the door, shivering and unclasped
In your transient shadow, I have lost my grasp
Oh, the silence could be such a destructive friend
But the occasional whispers can’t also mend
You, who was taken by the vicious moon
Why have you turned us into a perishing tune?

Darling, the pieces are no longer ours to pick up

I can still remember the night of the apocalypse
When your dripping kisses fell onto my lips
How I begged for you to come back to your mold
How I deliriously waited until we’re faint and cold
But the morning came a dreadful decade too late
What crime have we done to have this tragic fate?
You weren’t there when I came back to my senses
I have never felt so vulnerable and defenseless

Darling, the pieces are no longer ours to pick up

Now, I sit in the darkness, an abandoned sanctuary
A receptacle of your memories lost in your mystery
Silver pearl shines above, pretending to be innocent
When she is the reason why this pain is so articulate
How long do I have to keep counting these shards?
How long do I have to keep living in our house of cards?

Darling, the pieces are no longer ours to pick up

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Heya,Can I get a ship for DC? I'm a 5'4" smol gay boi,with ridiculous brown hair(cowlick be crazy)I once memorized Shrek is Love but if you ask me what I ate this morning.I won't know.I have dyscalculia and can't read clocks.I spent a year learning how to and now? Wall clocks, who's she? I have an issue with light, my eyes don't react right so the sun hurts me. So I'm a forced night dweller/emo incarnate. Ha. Expect bad puns and random elaborate strategies for things like getting the toast out.

IDK why but I feel like Jason would be a good match for you? I feel like he will think your hair is cute and will like to ruffle it a lot. He doesn’t mind that you don’t always remember everything, but he will be really amused at what your head does hold onto. Oh my god you can be his little vampire boyfriend that is spoopy and precious I am dying. He loves your elaborate strategies for everyday things, as long as it doesn’t involve flamethrowers. He has had more than one bad experience with those.

Also: Can I adopt you you sound so smol and precious

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Remember back when Cait was doing interviews before the Golden Globes and several reporters asked if they had filmed the reunion/print shop scene yet? Remember how her face lit up with every answer?

Yes! Actually an anon had asked me about it right after GG and I made all the gifs. You can find that post here.

If anyone needs positivity tonight, here is Squeaker with her grocery bag toy.

If anyone needs to feel better about their creative endeavors tonight, remember that it takes practice to get where you want to be, and that you can only practice by doing. That’s how others got where they are, and that’s how you get there too. Squeaker knows this as well- she is shredding a cardboard box, and while she only has a corner in pieces now, she believes in her ability to rip the entire thing to pieces if she just works steadily at it long. Just like the great artist Cato Pusscaso.

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Blurb night is over but I just remembered a Victoria’s Secret model walked in the show while she was pregnant last year and they altered her lingerie to hide the bump a little bit and all I can imagine is you walking in the show and tom giving you a standing ovation and telling every interviewer at the after party red carpet how proud he is while he’s rubbing your belly over your dress and beaming like the proudest Dad to be :’)

this made my whole entire day

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wait im sorry lmao im behind but what is everyone talking about like how she was sick with joe and stuff?

Ok so basically neither Tay or joe were sick when they ‘met’ at the KOL concert and then when Taylor went to do her Forumla 1 show later that Oct (she was defo with joe at this point I think) she had a flu remember. And then a few days later Joe went to go promote his film and in the interviews you can see he had a flu too so it’s safe to say someone was cuddling and kissing 😏👀

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hi doll face, do you have any tips on how I can feel the sunlight in my soul when i’m feeling a heavy ocean of sadness within me? could you share some of your beautiful ways with me? thank you so so so much.

bonjour, my sweetest rose! it is often so tricky to have to hold onto a heavy heart - which is exactly why you should allow yourself to let it go. ❤️ be knowing of the fact that with each passing storm comes a gleam of light… and this light will be yours to obtain, so long as you remember to practice a few simple things. :,) stay healthy-minded by reminding yourself of things you are thankful for. these can be little things, too - the taste of honey in a warm cup of tea, the way the sun peeks in during its morning rise, the wonderful feeling of stretching in your bed. becoming more aware of these “everyday” occurrences may help open up your mind to a breath of fresh air. it may help you grow a softer heart, and a better outlook… things you must remember that you are so deserving of. be accepting of love into your life. be accepting of happiness, and finding it anywhere. begin looking for it; looking so deeply that, eventually, it will come naturally to you. tell yourself that you can change. tell yourself that it is normal to experience sadness, as you are a human being in a big world - but that this world is not solely filled with negativity and hardship. it also contains beautiful life, wonderful possibilities, life changing music, and hidden corners built for soul-searching! seek these things. open your heart to them. and remember one last thing: *you* are part of the beautiful life it contains. accept this. 🙏🏻😌 i am praying that this helps you in one way or another, angelface… and i will be rooting for you along the way. ❤️