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Rec list of your top 10 Dom!Cas Sub!Dean fics? Please? Love your blog!

This is such a cop out, but I am absolutely horrid at making broad-category fic rec lists, and sub!dean is feeling under the weather. What the two of us have decided to do instead is give you the non-WIP fics that we have bookmarked as favorites on AO3, listed in alphabetical order. I hope this is acceptable.

Note: Not all of these are marked as Dom!Cas/sub!Dean, but the undertones are strong enough for us to feel comfortable including them in this list. Also they’re hot as fuck.

sub!dean’s recs:

  • All You Need” by @shiphitsthefan (explicit):
    • “Dean is always captivating in his submission, but when he loses himself so completely, Cas’ breath catches, his heart flutters. Divine is the only word that comes to his mind. He will always be in awe of the simple blasphemy that is worshipping Dean Winchester.“
  • Further Adventures by @scones-and-texting-and-murder (explicit):
    • Cas regards him with that level gaze. “So you’d be the submissive one.” Dean flushes. “Um, yeah.” “Hmm,” Cas says.
  • Leashed” by @buffenator (teen & up):
    • A good sub knows how to take care of their Dom when needed.
  • Standing There by @bettydays (explicit):
    • “Katarina, mischievous grin spread across her face, reached up and gave Dean a peck on the cheek. With another harsh tap on the side of his jaw, she cooed, ‘Good boy.‘ And that was how Dean met his first pimp.” *** After the tragic death of his father, twenty year old Dean Winchester needs to prove to social services that he’s fit to become his brother Sam’s legal guardian. He’s willing to do whatever it takes, even if it means becoming employed by a feisty Peruvian dominatrix, who introduces him to his first client, the mysterious Castiel.

switch!mish’s recs:

  • Come Back Down” by scarabine (explicit):
    • Castiel wraps Dean’s arms behind his back before they play.
  • Infinite” by @dek-says-so (explicit):
    • Castiel only wants Dean to understand just how loved he is.
  • Like the Summer Sunshine” by @sass-master-stina (explicit):
    • “Have you ever tried baklava?” Cas asks, voice dipping low, a suggestive lilt to his words. “No,” Dean says slowly. “Is it any good?” Cas fixes him with a very intent look. “I think you’ll like it.” And for Dean, that’s assurance enough. He’s definitely game. *** When Dean jets off to Europe with Cas, he gets a much-needed vacation from hunting – and his insecurities.
  • Montage by @silibrumportes (explicit):
    • Cas and Dean plan to move in together in June. But it’s only January…

from both of our rec lists:

  • Somebody to Love” by keepcalmanddonotblink & MashiarasDream (teen & up):
    • Dean wakes up in an alley after a bar fight with no memory of the actual fight. When a handsome stranger comes to his rescue, Dean’s torn between being wary and being grateful. But fortunately, Castiel knows what he’s doing. Even if it originally doesn’t necessarily seem that way (enter Dr. Chuck Shurley, veterinarian).
  • Words With Friends by @bettydays (explicit):
    • "Dean Winchester is as straight as an arrow. He’s a lady’s man of epic proportions: the king of the one night stand, the messiah of the friends with benefits paradigm, the emperor of perpetual bachelorhood. Except, apparently, when it comes to his best friend, Castiel Novak.” *** Wherein a longstanding acquaintanceship leads to friendship, then best friendship, then sexting, then dirty talk, then mutual masturbation, then, inevitably, fucking.
Someone may be watching... (Chanyeol)

Requested by @chanyeolluscious61

Hi hon I’d love you to do my ultimate fantasy with yeol, voyeurism sex in a club, where he’s so turned on by the music and me he can’t control himself. Sexy as f***. Thank you gorgeous.

Word count: 2655
Genre: Smut
Warnings: Don’t do this, it’s illegal. And if you’re a minor, don’t even read this.

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A Cheating Change (Jimin- angst)

@chanyeols-confetti : WHADUPP I NEED JIMIN ANGST :) Where he admits to cheating and it’s all sad, make me cry thanks.

Band member: Jimin (BTS)
Genre: Angst
Summary: Jimin confesses to cheating

Part 1 is here

When did it get like this?

You sat at the edge of the bed, tapping your feet impatiently on the carpet and drumming your fingers of your lap as the same question repeated itself in your mind over and over again. Your eyes were dreary and heavy, you craved for some sleep but you weren’t able to rest. You hadn’t been able to rest for the past couple of months.

With a hopeless sigh, you glanced at the alarm clock again. The red numbers flashed up and you swallowed, the horrible feeling of dread tightening in your stomach again. It was almost two o clock and once again, you were awake and alone with the other side of the bed cold and empty.

You understood Jimin, your boyfriend of two years, had a lot on his plate but so did his other six fellow band members. They still managed to find time to be with the ones they loved and yet Jimin couldn’t.

A terrible thought arose; what if Jimin doesn’t love you anymore?

It was quite easy for you to shake doubts away but this one you couldn’t. What if Park Jimin, the handsome, wonderful man you loved and cared and would sacrifice anything for, didn’t love you back? The thought made you feel sick.

You thought back to your original question: when did it get like this? Honestly, you didn’t know. For the past two years you and Jimin were as happy as ever. He was romantic, sweet and caring. He always had time for you, and if he didn’t he’d make sure to drop a text, even if it was only just one a day. Now you’d be lucky if you even got a text. Jimin was always out, from before you woke and all the way till after you were asleep. Sometimes you didn’t even think he came home. From having a joyous, vivacious apartment shared between two it managed to transform into a lonely, glum prison keeping just one captive. Where was Jimin? Why was he doing this to you?

You reached for the frame sat on your bedside cabinet, smiling sadly. It was a beautiful photograph of you and Jimin, hugging each other at the MAMA awards, you beautiful and him handsome. How happy you both were, and now you were both so miserable.

Hot tears rolled down your cheek and you jumped at the sound of a door being shut. You sat up, forcing a smile as the bedroom door opened and Jimin stepped in.

His light hair was tousled and his tanned cheeks were slightly red. His clothes were dishevelled and there were faint marks tracing down his neck. Jimin swallowed, adjusting his shirt and his dark eyes locked with yours.
“Y/N, what are you doing up at this time? It’s late.” You flinched at the sound of your name. He used to call you ‘Jagi’ before but that stopped.
“I could ask you the same thing, Jimin.” You spat bitterly, his name like poison in your mouth. You stood up, still clutching the frame and tears began to spill as you held it above his face. “Or have you forgotten I exist? Have you forgotten how I’m your girlfriend, how I love you and how I wait here, night after night, waiting for you hopelessly? Waiting for my boyfriend that’s never there, who might as well not even be my boyfriend?! Does our relationship not even matter anymore?!” Through your angry tears, you raise your arm, ready to throw the stupid frame but Jimin caught your arm before you could. He slowly prised it out from your grip and he smiled sadly at it.
“Don’t,” he muttered, stroking the photograph fondly. “It’ll be the only reminder I have of you after I tell you.” Your heart began to pump heavily. Your throat grew dry and beads of sweat began to moisten your hands.
“T-tell me what, Jimin?” Jimin looked up, and you were surprised to see his dark eyes glazed with tears. He blinked and a tear rolled down his cheek.
“I-I’ve been cheating on you.” His voice broke and more tears began to stream down his handsome face before he rushed out of the room.

Your world had stopped. Your heart didn’t beat anymore. You fell to your knees, frozen and still with shock then it finally registered. He, your Jimin, was having an affair. The tears began and you sank further into the floor, holding yourself as you cried. Nobody loved you anymore- you only had yourself and even now you despised your own body and soul.

If only you had been more fun. If only you were prettier. If only you were smarter and sexier and just a better girlfriend then perhaps Jimin wouldn’t have to go seek affection from someone else. That’s when you realised; this wasn’t your fault, it was his.

Dragging yourself off the floor and still in a sobbing heap, you made your way to the living room where Jimin was. He was sat on the sofa, crying too and clutching the frame close to his chest. The sight of him burned and you raised a shaking finger.
“Don’t you dare cry!” You hissed. “You brought this upon yourself!” He nodded.
“I know, Jagi, I know.” He said and you scoffed.
“Don’t you dare call me your Jagi! I don’t know who else you’ve been calling that!” Jimin forced himself to look at you. Seeing the sight of you hurt him even more.

“Why would you do this, Jimin?” You whispered. Drained with the tears, you didn’t have the energy to shout. “Was I not enough? Do you not love me?”
“Of course I do, Y/N!” Jimin cried, standing up and clutching your shoulders. You pulled away, shaking your head miserably.
“Stupid question, you didn’t love me at all. You may have loved me before but whilst you were cheating on me you didn’t care about me one single bit.” You looked up at him, locking your tear-filled eyes with his. “Who is she, Jimin?” Jimin swallowed, his heart thudding with guilt.
“She’s called Hani.” You blinked at the unfamiliarity of the name.
“Who?” Jimin exhaled, rubbing at his eyes tiredly.
“She’s a rookie at Big Hit. We met there a few months ago and it just happened.” Tears stung your eyes. You were always ale to trust Jimin but after this, after all these lies, it turned out you couldn’t. Who else couldn’t you trust anymore? You had given Jimin everything and he had only gone and broke your heart. There was no point telling him this- he had already cheated on you- and you sank into the sofa, wiping at your wet cheeks and eyes.

“Leave.” You ordered stiffly. “Go and take all your stuff. Anything you leave I’m burning just because I can’t do it to you.” A look of horror filled Jimin’s face and he sank to his knees. He leant over to touch you but you turned away, not wanting to look at him in fear you’d break into tears all over again.
“Y/N, please don’t- I love you!” There was no point arguing and you scoffed, rolling your eyes.
“Just go, Jimin, or else I will.” You weren’t sure what his facial expression was; you couldn’t bear to look at him. Jimin slowly stood up and he left the room.

Around the apartment you could hear him pack his stuff loudly, almost as if if he made enough noise you’d realise you were being silly and would take him back. But you weren’t being silly. You were doing the right thing because Jimin had hurt you and you weren’t going to let that happen.

Minutes passed and finally Jumin returned with a bag. He picked up the frame, tears staining his cheeks and he sniffed.
“I’ll never stop loving you, Y/N.” He made for the door which he stopped at when hearing your soft remark.
“You’ll never stop loving her either.” The door was wrenched open and slammed shut, silence falling upon the lonely apartment. You stared around, an emptiness settling within your broken heart, and the silence was cracked with your heavy tears.

A/N: Remember that requests are open!

I know that blue and green eyes are always praised for being beautiful and interesting and deeply captivating. But honestly brown eyes have so much depth to them. Like one second they are hazel with specs of orange and the next they are rich brown like chocolate. They change so much depending on how the light hits them and I adore that.
I feel like this needed to be said because big brown eyes are fucking adorable to me.

A Sweet Inconvenience.

Eight words prompt: Tea – Feed – Cake – Tall –  Fragile – Hole – Scold – Charm.
Genre: Fluffish Smut. Boyfriend!Taehyung.
“In which Taehyung suffers from an inconvenience in the middle of a Starbucks and you decided to fullfill one of your fantasies.”

Summer is for iced coffee and sweet cakes, and that was exactly how loving Taehyung felt.

His bronze skin glowed under the sunlight, taking your breath away. Brown hair and eyes that matched perfectly well, almost as if they were made especially for you. His figure was tall and lean, making you wonder how a person could be so harmonic.  All that accompanied with a rather childish yet captivating attitude, creating the most perfect contradiction.

There was this little and lovely café you loved visiting with Taehyung on sunny days like this. He would get the sweetest drink on the menu, a drink only he would be able to finish without puking all over the place. On the other side, not being the biggest tea enthusiast, you’ll always get a simple Americano, hot during winter and iced during summer.

“Iced Americano and… Caramel Raspberry Mocha Frappuccino?” You look at the barista –who has a slight disgusted face- and smile while nodding, indicating her those were your drinks. She raises a brow in surprise and simply shrugs, still confused by your boyfriend’s drink.

During the year and so you have been dating you’ve learned many things about the peculiar boy so his extravagant choices did not shock you anymore.

Kim Taehyung looked like a carefree and careless person, but you knew no one cared near as much as he did, always surprising you with how observant and aware of the outer world he was, and never failing to sweep you up your feet with little gifts and gestures he knew you loved. Taehyung knew you well. So well he knew how to push your buttons… and a little too well. Just like he was doing it right now, intensely watching you eat a piece of raspberry cheesecake.

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OQW Day 7: Jealousy

Title: Mine

Rating: NC-17

Word Count: ~2,000

Summary: Robin finds out that Regina is actually quite possessive. (PWP). 

The velvet blindfold covers his eyes and his arms are tied up to the bedpost centered directly above him. He can’t sense anything and is completely naked, save for his light blue boxer briefs. He sighs to himself; he’s been strung up like this for nearly an hour, waiting for Regina.

It’s his punishment, he knows…although personally Robin doesn’t think he did anything wrong. Apparently being nice was ‘flirting’ in this world.

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babe you look so cool { flashback }

It was a typical enough Friday night. Lorcan was performing with his band in a nondescript bar and even though the place wasn’t full, it sure was loud because if there was one thing he had always known, it was how to work a crowd. His gaze flickered to the door, meeting Alain’s eyes for the briefest moment just as he walked in. Lorcan missed a note on his guitar, almost forgetting the words, suddenly captivated by the other man. He shook his head snapping out of it as he teared his gaze away and effortlessly eased back into playing, finishing the song.