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You've put some serious effort into archiving this material -- I commend your dedication! No joke, there really is something intriguing here about why people /make/ this stuff; "minion meme culture" isn't remotely an exaggeration, especially given that the "facebook mom" communicative style has itself become memeworthy. One potential line of further inquiry: are minion memes just a direct descendant of "vintage housewife memes," and what's the history behind /those/?

This is a really good question! I wouldn’t say minion memes are a direct descendant, but they share some common themes. With that said, I still think vintage housewife memes may have informed the content of minion memes, at least at the beginning. 

Vintage housewife memes usually stay within certain parameters; they’re about being a wife or mother, but with a cynical, almost hateful attitude, often playing off of conservative gender roles. The text is also accompanied by a rich, illustrated scene to help tell the story. What better way for a Facebook mom to let off some steam about her unhappy marriage than to make it a meme?

This particular style of memes, while still relevant on Facebook, has waned in popularity. Because the format is a bit complicated, the style of them has been simplified some, but they’re still not as popular to make/share. But, as you mentioned, the spirit lives on in minion memes!

Minion memes: they’re stark, there’s typos, and the accompanying minion often doesn’t make sense in context. While vintage housewife memes are carefully composed and stick to a theme, minion memes are haphazardly slapped together and have no limits. I think if minion memes were truly a descendant, they would be much more composed. But because minion memes are so popular with Facebook moms in particular, many minion memes talk about the same topics, like motherhood and marriage, with that same distasteful flare. It’s not a stretch to think that they got some of their ideas from vintage housewife memes, and I’m sure the earliest ones more closely resembled them.

So, I’d have to assume that while they share some topics, minion memes spawned from something different. They have totally taken on a life of their own, and fortunately for the vintage housewife meme fans, there’s not much connection between them except Facebook moms and their passion for memes.

If you haven’t heard Kyung is nominated for 1st place on Inkigayo. With that being said I made a youtube playlist from both channels for Park Kyung’s Ordinary Love MV to raise his points.


when you use the playlist remember to have it on repeat

other things is I heard not to be signed in to your account. Delete your history and cookies. I’m not 100% sure on these things but better say it to be safe then sorry. I would advise to mute your computer NOT the MV MV has to be over 50% in volume to count) after while. Personally I have 3 tabs open with the MVs so I will have to have my computer muted.  

Other ways to help Kyung is to tweet #박경 #보통연애 on Twitter to raise his sns points.

So now that Naruto Gaiden is over...
  • Still no indication that Sakura has any kind of job other than being a housewife, despite what the fans want to believe. Disappointing; she would have made a great nurse. Characterization-wise, there’s no reason for her to be a housewife. Not in-character at all. Wish Kishimoto would have cared more about what fits her characterization and less about sexist stereotypes.
  • Ugh. Kishimoto just had to backpedal about Karin being Sarada’s mom. “Backpedal” might seem like the wrong word when he obviously had the plot all planned out in advance, but after the dramatic reveal that Karin was the mom, it’s frustrating that the last chapter goes all “Haha just kidding!” The storyline would have worked way better if Karin actually had been the biological mom, or if it’d been made clear from the start that she wasn’t.
  • I see a lot of shippers screaming and yelling about how good they think Sakura and Sasuke look in the ending, but IMO he should at least have given her a farewell kiss. There are times when you shouldn’t be that stoic, and this is one. I honestly think that the reason Sasuke’s an absent father is because Kishimoto can’t make him and Sakura look like a good couple with genuine romantic chemistry, so instead he finds reasons for the two of them to be in different places.
  • I’m not a fan of Orochimaru’s hairstyle. I’m not a fan at all.
  • “My name is Kabuto. No need to be shy.” Nobody’s being shy on that  page, Kabuto. What are you talking about, Kabuto. I think you need better glasses, Kabuto.