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Finale Housekeeping

1) Happy Right Thursday, y'all. Holy cow. This is it.

2) As always, all spoilers will be tagged. Finale stuff will be tagged “finale” “TAZ spoilers” and “story and song” (assuming the last ep is still subtitled that way. If not it’ll be whatever subtitle Griff uses.)

3) I won’t be listening until after work, so you will be safe from spoilers on this blog until 5pm.

4) I know it’s not “over” but this whole arc… this whole show and the journey of it has meant more to me than I can honestly express. I’m so grateful for it. Thanks, McElroys. So much.

Can’t wait to see y'all on the other side!

Just some minor housekeeping things!

  • Blog theme changed!
  • Attempted to make things more streamlined including cutting out a few pages deemed unnecessary and combined a few pages.
  • Updated /FAQ, /About, and added the tag  #Spicymemes for ask blog memes. Len’s page /Kagaminelen has also been updated with a new profile image wearing the outfit he likes best and due to the fact I draw him a bit differently than how I did when I first started the blog. I will likely update a few of the others’ character pages as well, especially Miku’s but I have not gotten to it yet. Keep checking /Characters (The minor cast of the blog was also added at the bottom!)
  • Avatar will change to a V4X version once the Sand Planet event is over! The final panels are done so they will be going up this week! Afterwards we’ll be returning to regular asks and a M!A I promised a certain someone *wink*

With just over three weeks to go I wanted to dust off the good old housekeeping post due to my unique role to the fandom.  

For those followers who followed me over hiatus, welcome!

First and foremost I AM NOT A SPOILER FREE BLOG!  

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I post news, articles, and spoilers as soon as I get them.  Many of my ask responses will also contain spoilers.  I tag everything that is spoilery with the hashtag aos spoilers so you can blacklist if need be.  By the same token I may hold off on posting something until I can get it confirmed better by one of my more reliable sources.

  • There are things that I won’t post.  If something is SUPER Spoilery, ie an oops from someone who was on set,  in that I don’t want the Marvel Spies knowing we’ve seen it.  That’s how we lose sources.  

I am going to be making some changes to how I do things for Season 5.   

The biggest will be I am not going to do my big post episode meta anymore.   They were taking me hours to do and most of the time I repeat everything in them in asks or a spoiler will totally trash what I had.  I’d rather use that time to get a jump on the ask box.

I will continue to do the promo and article breakdowns if I think the article warrants it, I won’t breakdown “Click bait” kinds of articles.


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During the Season it is not uncommon for me to field 100+ asks a week depending on what kind of news has come out and what kind of cliffhangers the show left off on (and who was involved in said Cliff Hanger).  I LOVE doing these.  I am humbled and honored that so many people send them to me.  

I take them very seriously spending time researching and making sure my responses are as accurate as possible.  However, this can also be very taxing on me personally, especially at stressful times of the season (around finales, sweeps, or at the peak of the story).  

So before sending and ask please follow these requests.

  • Search my blog to see if I have already answered your question.
  • Please do not send me negativity, drama, or hate for the show, actor, or a character.  I sadly am not a writer for the show and I have no control what they do.  I do not like to be used to post and “unpopular opinion” on Anon and these asks will be deleted.
  • Due to the new night the show is airing it might take me longer to respond, Saturday is a day I dedicate to family and won’t be able to work on asks as much during the middle of the day..  
  • I totally understand that show related anxiety is a real thing.  I always do my best to calm fandom fears….again this usually at its worst pre premiere and finales.  
  • Overall I try to keep my answers and my blog positive.  That’s not to say I don’t need to have a good rant every now and then but for the most part I wont’ post negative responses about the show or characters.  
  • I am going to be incredibly careful with quotes from Jed, Mo, and Jeph after last season.  I don’t feel they outright lie but they have the whole picture so when they say something is in play…it really could mean well down the line.

Theories and Metas

My Theories and Metas are my own.  More than one of these has come true since I started doing this.  But please bear in mind that often I can get the basics IE the Dadcliffe or Fitznapping last season (down to the second abduction) but the writers take it in a different or darker direction.  So as good as I am, don’t bank on me being 100% right and Manage Expectations.

I only speak for myself, not the fandom.   

“They won’t go there/do that,” is not in my vocabulary this season.

Some have noticed that I have’t been doing as much metaing as I was going into last season.  That is because there is so much less to go on right now.  I have a few out there and I’m sitting on a few until I can get some more evidence.  

The Theories tend to evolve as the season does and I will adjust as the episodes air and we get spoilers.  

If I use we or us in a Meta its not because I am trying to speak for the fandom.  I have a very dear group of friends who work on meta with me.  When I use it its out of respect for them.   

I also have my personal favorite theories that I know have small chances but will go down the ship with them.

If there is a theory you really like and you want to write a fic on it, GO FOR IT!  I LOVE SEEING MY THEORIES IN FICS!

Once the season gets going I will try to put my more popular theories under the Popular Theories section of my blog for easy access.  

The Kiddo

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Those that follow me know that I am a Mommy and have an adorable fan girl that loves AOS.   She loves getting asks so feel free to send one for her.  She honestly worries about you guys, especially after a major plot twist.  

For Season 5 I will continue to post “Through a Child’s Eyes” after eps and her reactions to spoilers, peeks, and other news.  

Yes, we are considering taken them to Wondercon again, but it might be a last minute decision like last year.  


My muse has struggled for the last few months so I have prompts in my ask box I haven’t had a chance to get too.  Feel free to send them but no guarantees I’ll be able to fill it.  

During the season I am closed to fic requests.  


If you tag me in a post and I don’t respond, send me an ask.  I tend to miss when I’m tagged especially in ‘busy’ times.  

Show Promotion

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For as good as I am at predictions…I totally STINK at predicting what the promo team is going to do.   So I have no idea when we will start to see trailers, promo pics, and press releases.  

Things are starting to trickle in EW broke both the 4 new cast members and Hunter’s return so far.  I’m sure there are more too.   Once the season gets going we’ll get into a pattern for each episode.  ABC usually does it:

  • Title
  • Title and small Synopsis
  • Press release with full Synopsis and Guest Stars
  • Promo Pics
  • Trailer
  • Peek 1 from ABC
  • Peek 2 typically goes to one of the entertainment sites

For super special eps we will get articles, interview, and ‘exclusive pics’….mandatory 30 seconds of staring happily at this jewel from Season 3 where many lost our minds.

I think that is everything. 

Welcome again to my new followers and to those who have been with me on this train going into my third Season on Tumblr know that you are appreciated.   

I’m looking forward to the season!


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Regular Reminder

that this blog is not spoiler free!

All episodes past The Suffering Game will be tagged with “TAZ spoilers”.

All finale episodes will be tagged with “finale” “TAZ spoilers” and “Story and Song”.

All other arcs are tagged with the arc name!

gravegh0st  asked:

hiya Dr! Theres seems to be a bunch of different question taxes going on. Which is the most current/should be used?

Honestly, I have no idea what the ‘current’ one is, and I’m not sure I’m going to keep it up. There’s 120 questions in my inbox this morning, most are questions but a few are photo submissions or anecdotes. I don’t think I can physically respond to everything and everyone. I don’t have enough hours in the day, and I don’t have any creative ideas for a fun question.

I’m deeply flattered that so many of you follow me, and that I get so many questions, but even doing the ‘20 questions’ posts takes a lot of time and energy, and I’m just not sure I have enough of either to go around.

I will probably just have to go deleting questions that I can’t or shouldn’t answer well. I didn’t want to, but I think I have to.

And having extra asks for question taxes, or tagging them onto the end of questions (or vice versa) has just made everything confusing and takes more time that I don’t have right now.

So for the foreseeable future, there isn’t a question tax.

Attention WTNV Fandom!

It has been brought to my attention that many of you have been having trouble finding others in this fandom. So, this blog was created! 

This blog will have occasional updates of news, and will ALWAYS keep growing. I don’t have much stuff yet here, BUT, with your help, everyone can be found to follow easily! Here’s all you have to do:

If you are in the WTNV Fandom please reblog this post and put the following info in the tags:

  • The type of blog you are
    (ex. random content, cosplayer, roleplayer, artist, etc)
  • If you are a ask blog/roleplayer, please specify who you play. 
  • If you have multiple muses, state your Main Character you play, and add “multi muse”
  • You do not have to post ONLY wtnv things to be included in the masterlist. 
  • If you do not tag this at all, I will have no idea where to put you and cannot include you in the masterlists. Please tag this. 
  • It’s okay if your content overlaps. Please specify all content. 
    (ex. If you do cosplay gifs in your roleplay, then tag that you are a cosplayer and roleplayer.) 

If you have any questions, feel free to message me or ask me.

You do not have to follow this blog, but feel free to. Hope everyone has a fantastic day!  

gearing up for the premiere tonight (!!!) and i just wanted to let y’all know that my blog is not spoiler free! anything season 13 will be tagged “spn season 13″, spoilers will be tagged “spn spoilers”, and episodes will be tagged according to number (e.g. “13x01″ and so forth) because i’m too lazy to tag episode names. blacklist (or not) away, loves!

Whoa…how the holy hell did I get that many followers?

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I jest, I jest. I mean, I think y’all might have a couple screws loose, but then, so do I, so we’re all mad here. 
Don’t know how you stumbled upon my ragtag makeshift of a blog, but however it happened, you should be aware of a couple things, in no particular order:

  • I am a disorganized hot mess, albeit one who does attempt to tag her posts, though I cannot guarantee spoilers will always be tagged. You’ve been warned. This is a multisubject, multifandom blog, so you’ll see ALL kinds of things. Sometimes lots of one thing, if it’s my new hyperfocus. So if you came for a specific focus… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 
  • I’m a multishipper – basically, if it’s well written, you’ve got a pretty decent chance of selling me on it. I do have a couple NOTPs or NahhhTPs, but I’m pretty openminded, so if you’ve got issues with some pairings, be they canon or not, heads up. I’ll post what I want when I want without apologies. 
  • I’m a freelance copy editor, and I frequently rant vent about my work. Which is frequently erotic romance. So things can be NSFW-ish at times, and if you get squicked out over discussions of things like sex, shape-shifters, ménage, various parts of anatomy, or grammar/punctuation/mechanics, I may not be your cup of tea.
  • Last, but most certainly not least, if you are the teensiest little bit offended by profanity, you ain’t gonna like it here…personally, I find expletives to be fan-fucking-tastic (an example of infixation, where my linguists at?). 

For those of you who haven’t tucked tail and run, 

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so uh minor housekeeping note:

i’m thinking about posting all my fic that have thus far been confined to tumblr on ao3 (for ease of access, among other reasons), since i’ve amassed a lot more than i ever expected to when i started this blog about two months ago (thanks for all the prompts guys!!). i’m leaning towards yes, I’ll definitely do this (and end up spamming the ao3 lance/pidge tags for the next week or so lmao). 

basically i’m wondering if you guys - my lovely followers - have any interest in me doing this?? 

ive gained a bunch of followers recently in light of the mchandrama (?) so just basic housekeeping stuff—

  • I will tag anything!! If you’re afraid to ask, don’t worry about it, I’ve been there!
  • I got into overwatch via mcgenji and I write/reblog mcgenji from time to time; it’s always tagged but if you’re uncomfortable with it blacklist it or unfollow
  • I usually post writing to tumblr if it’s a) short unedited crap or b) a link to ao3 if i spent 2 months on it (*cough* dragon rodeo *cough*). there’s a link to my ao3 on my blog, and I tag my fics as ‘my writing’
  • I WOULD LOVE WRITING PROMPTS/REQUESTS!! I’m always in need of motivation and warmup ideas!!
New theme!

Hello, everyone!

After three years, we’ve finally updated the theme and banner, but we’re not done yet! We have some other projects in the works, such as a dedicated pages for the monthly prompts, tags, and member list (with more details).

If you like the new banner, then please direct your compliments to the amazing @pibroch. ^_^

Please let us know if you notice anything about the page that’s broken or presents an access issue. We’ll try to handle it ASAP. If there’s anything new or different you’d like to see in the way of content or organization, let us know! I can’t promise that we’ll make all the requested changes, but we’ll definitely discuss it.


hello all followers! this is not veggie speaking, but a friend of his kiwi! i’ll be a secondary mod on this here blog. while he’s away he might call on me to check his blogs to do some housekeeping:

  • block bots/personals
  • follow back rp blogs
  • work on theme code in case of bugs
  • make sure queue is running
  • give the blog a ‘to be deleted’ sweep every now and then

i will not be rping for veggie. i do not know shawn as well as he does, and i haven’t even rped for a great long while. what i can say, is that veggie will return, i assure you. until then, expect this blog (and his others) to be running as well as possible. i’ll even be using his tags in case i need to make more posts.

Hey pals, just shimmying in to let y’all know I did a little housekeeping after last night! We know some of our followers have post notifications on for the blogs and we’re sorry for the spam, but from now on if anyone wants to chat about 7-11 and piggly wigglys, we’ll be answering privately (or you can hit us up on our personals, that works too!!)

Also!! I made a tag for non-zine posts and questions, so if you have xkit and want your dash filtered to only show zine asks, you can block it! Though, we wont be posting things that aren’t related to voltron/the zine in general-

The tag is not zine related, so that’s there!

~Mod Lance

Webcomics, Tumblr, & You: How to Manage a Webcomic on Tumblr by an Avid Reader

I follow a lot of webcomics on Tumblr and I’ve encountered a variety of blog management practices that creators employ to run their Tumblr show. Some great, some good, some not so much. Content aside, I think there are a handful of things that every creator should keep in mind when choosing Tumblr to host or promote their webcomic. This is from my perspective as an avid reader and a long-time Tumblr user. Also as someone who is mildly obsessed with organization (personally and professionally), has spent years—decades?—in customer service, and likes to see people succeed.

This is by no means exhaustive, just the basics: Tags, Posts, The Blog, External Hosting, Etc.

Keep reading

Quick note about my occasional hockey blogging

Hey friends! Since it’s now well into October, and hockey season is in full swing, it seems like the time to mention that, as you may have already noticed, I am a hockey fan, and I reblog hockey things sometimes, mostly the San Jose Sharks. I love my large and goofy teal fish! Even though they make me miserable sometimes! 

If you are not into this kind of content and wish to focus on the fandom/cute animals/pretty humans & dresses, I tag everything for my convenience and your own! Hockey stuff is tagged by team names, as well as under the catch-all #hockey. You won’t see any team or individual who’s done something fucked up on my blog, but obviously there are league wide issues in the NHL. Since this blog is mostly for shit that makes me happy, however, I won’t typically discuss them here. TS/blacklist anything you don’t want to see, and my tags will do the rest!

If you are curious/have any questions about hockey or about a team or player you see me reblog, feel free to hit up my ask! I love explaining things!

Writers of Thedas Tags

Wow, so many new followers the last couple of days. Welcome, one and all! We’re so glad you’re here.

I thought I’d take a moment to list some of the main tags we’ve been using, just to make things a little clearer and to help you if there’s a specific kind of post you’re looking for.

All of these are also listed on our tags page. 

As always, if there’s something you need us to tag for any reason, please let us know. Our asks are always open. 


First, some guidelines. Just copy/paste the application portion of this post into a new message, fill it out, and send it to me. Most of the application is just for me to get a feel for who you are and how you’d manage this blog. Not many right/wrong answers, so don’t sweat it. Please no anonymous submissions. I want to be able to message you when you submit this if I feel the need to. As a reminder, the deadline for submission is June 30th, 11:59pm PST. I hope to announce the new admin by July 30th. Let me know if you have any questions!


  • First name:
  • Age:
  • Year in school and/or occupation:
  • Where you’re from:
  • This blog currently has over 17k followers and receives new messages daily. How much time per week will you be able to dedicate here?
  • Describe your experience using a tagging system.
  • How do you know you’re a Hufflepuff? Describe the way you exhibit Hufflepuff traits in your daily life.
  • Have you ever helped sort someone? What advice do you tend to give?
  • Please write two sample “things about Hufflepuffs”:
    • 1.
    • 2.
  • Finally, please tell me why you feel you would make a good admin of this blog.

(Bonus question: make a compelling argument for the idea that dessert should always be served before dinner)