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Let's talk about Sansa and Littlefinger

Im rewatching season 1-6 slowly lately, and Ive just finished S4.

Ok, I wanna talk about Sansa and Littlefinger. A lot of people confuse this story line or flat out twist it to fit their “I hate Sansa” narrative. The scenes are there, so lets go through them.

I think LF has always given Sansa the creeps. The first thing he ever says to her is a creepy, gory story about The Hound and The Mountain. She looks frightened, and LF looks so goddamn pleased to have freaked her out. He wanted her to feel scared. Paraphrasing - “Don’t tell anyone I just told you that or you’ll be a dead little girl.”

Is this him starting to groom her to keep secrets? To listen to him? To desensitize her to horrible acts?

While shes stuck as a hostage in KL, LF offers her a way out. Going with him on his boat. Their conversation is off screen so we don’t know what was said or how Sansa reacted. She has to politefully let him down later when she decides to marry Loras instead. Petyr knows about the marriage plot, and he *punishes her* for choosing someone else over him.

Think about it - Sansa has two options: go on a ship out of KL with Petyr, who she barely knows and gives her the creeps, or marry Loras, who is the handsome knight shes always dreamed of but means she cant go back home right away. She chooses marriage over Petyr. And it angers him, because its not what he wants, and he punishes her by ruining her plan.

He sets it up to make sure she *regrets* not going with him. When she hears shes to marry Tyrion, she cries and watches Petyr leave, regretting turning him down and watching her chance for escape float away.

When she flees The Purple Wedding, she doesn’t know where shes going. She just knows that this once-a-knight wants to help her because she saved his life. When someone you think “owes you” offers you safety and a chance to escape - you take it. Especially after you have seen chance after chance slip through your fingers because you made the wrong choices. She wasn’t about to let another chance slip through her fingers. So she went with him - not even knowing what was on the other side.

When she finally sees who was behind her escape, shes confused - not elated. And the very first thing LF does when shes on his boat is KILL Dontos right in front of her. And shes horrified. Shes seen death dozens of times, and she still screams.

Not only did this once-a-knight trick her and betray her *for money*, not loyalty, shes see what kind of person LF is. Petyrs very first act is one to cement in Sansa’s mind that he would lie to and kill anyone he pleases if it benefitted him. This is NOT a man she would “admire”. This is an act of intimidation and control.

So I want to make a few points here before continuing. 1 - Sansa has never fully trusted LF. 2 - Sansa didn’t even know she was going with LF when she escaped with Dontos. 3 - LF *does not* have her best interest at heart and doesn’t even try to hide his ruthlessness anymore.

Petyr full on *framed* Sansa for Joffreys murder. This was premeditated and fully zoned in on Sansa after she turned down his first offer at escaping. He has her now only by intimidation, manipulation and blackmail. She cant go anywhere else or with anyone else because LF has all the cards. If she were to go back to KL, she would die. Everyone in Westeros is looking for her. Her husband is on trial about to die. And no one would believe she was innocent.

Sansa is no less a hostage than when Arya is passed between hands, all hoping to get a reward for bringing her home or to relatives. Shes not with him by choice, unless her choice is “whelp, if I go anywhere else I’ll surely die. Might as well sit here and wait this out.”

Her discussions with Petyr are very guarded. She asks questions, tries to find answers. And when she asks him what he wants, theres always this little unspoken question behind her tone. All her life shes heard about raping and danger, been told shes so beautiful every man would love to have her, Joffrey threatened to rape her, she was nearly raped by peasants in KL… She is wary of LF true intentions. Surely, this older man who owns a brothel, wants *her*. He doesn’t even deny this.

She has lots of time to think about her situation, and think about Petyrs answers to her questions. Shes becoming more observant just to survive.

I think Sansa genuinely thought she was going to be safe and happy in The Vale. She had her mothers sister, she was in an impenetrable tower, she didn’t have to lie and hide anymore…she was really happy and felt safe for the first time in a long time. It looked like Petyr *really had* done her a huge favor. He saved her from KL. She must have been a fool to doubt him.

Until she realized “yo this bitch cray”. And then Petyr pretty much confessing his love/lust for Sansa.

Important lines here, me thinks. “What do we do to those who hurt the ones we love?” This would sound so lovely to hear after your entire family is murdered and you’ve been held captive and tortured. It sounds like he’s on her side. He will protect her. His loyalty is just because he loved her mother. Aw, thats so sweet. And refreshing to hear after years of being in KL having to say her father was a traitor.

When in reality, Petyrs responsible for her fathers death, for her misery, framing her for murder and conspiring against her family. He definitely has not protected the one he loves, or even protected Catelyn. Ever see a tear shed for Catelyns death? Nope. Not a one. This line is utter horse shit said only to make Sansa trust him more. Even if he *believes* he means it - its so so so not true and he’s deluding himself.

“You’re more beautiful than she ever was.” Is basically LFs way of saying “I love you”. Because he values pretty things, the finest things. He confesses his love/lust for her here. No doubt. Whats odd is that Sansa kind of *returns* his kiss for a moment before she pulls away. Whether this was a mistake by Sophie or actually meant to happen, I don’t know. He says he wants to protect her because he loved her mother, basically says he loves/wants her and then takes a kiss. Sansa thinks he pretty much just laid all of his cards on the table. She finally knows what he wants and why.

The “what do we do to those who hurt the ones we love line” IS KEY to what happens next. When Petyr kills Lysa, Sansa thinks its because Lysa was threatening Sansa’s life. She thinks Petyr is protecting her because he loves her. To a girl, this is also a form of power. “he’ll never hurt me, because he loves me.” or “he only did it because he loves me so much.” When in reality, Petyr was probably planning on killing Lysa the entire time.

Actually, he only agreed to marry Lysa ASAP when she started spouting off about how she killed Jon Arryn for him. She started talking and Petyr was like “oh this bitch is going to blab everything to everyone if I dont shut her up soon” so he marries her ASAP to confirm his claim on The Vale and to get rid of her before she opens her crazy mouth again. Her threatening Sansa was only icing on the cake to make Sansa more indebted to him.

People always yell about why she lied for LF at the trial. Why didn’t she just tell the whole story and stay with these people who loved her father in The Vale?

So why does Sansa lie to save LF? Because she thinks she owes him one. He just saved her life, so she will save his. And maybe she is started to return his feelings - maybe she thinks she can use his lust for her against him, too. Theres nothing for her in The Vale anymore - no more family except gross little Robin, no more friends, no real reason to stay. Sansa wants to continue down the path LF has started. She wants to go home. She wants revenge against those who hurt her family - and she likes what LF is cooking.

She thinks shes on to him. This scene plainly lays it out. She doesn’t trust strangers - and why should she after all shes been through? - and she thinks she knows what Petyr really wants. He wants her, he loves her. So he would NEVER hurt her, and only protect her. Shes making a bet against his feelings for her. Love is the death of duty, and men die protecting the ones they love. Staying with a rich and powerful Lord who is hopelessly in love with you is actually not a bad idea. Shes been fully manipulated at this point.

And Petyrs last words “Do you?” plant a HUGE seed of doubt. She was sure he wanted her - but oh shit, what if shes wrong? Shes already saved him, theres no turning back now.

IMHO, this isnt where Sansa starts playing the game, like many think. Sansa started playing the game when KotV rode in on BotB.

Petyrs creepy boner is now only raging after she lied to save him and went with him out of The Vale.
He’s more brave about taking kisses and speaking openly. He has her under his thumb completely. But she still never fully trusts him. She notices when he hides letters. She questions him when it looks like he’s ready to leave at a moments notice. She freaks out when it finally dawns on her that LF is marrying her to Ramsay. But… LF loves her, right? He would never intentionally put her in danger. He must have a plan. So she actually trusts him and married Ramsay.

When Petyr mentions that he was a penniless boy from nowhere amongst kings and lords - she smiles. Because Petyr started from nothing and has built himself up to a rich man in KL. This is another line told to Sansa to reinforce this idea that Petyr knows what hes doing. Hes smarter than her, more powerful and more cunning. And if he did it for himself, he can help her do it, too. With his help he can take her from a traitors daughter with no name or family to a powerful lady just like him.

Petyr promises her its only temporary, and he will return soon and Stannis will save her and soon she will be Wardeness of the North and have her home back to herself. Notice how she doesn’t smile at the idea of being Wardeness - she actually seems fearful of it. She doesn’t want to be Wardeness - its almost like shes about to say “I cant”. People think Sansa wants power and to be Queen. This reaction to Petyr telling her to be Wardeness says the exact opposite - it wasn’t on her mind and she doesn’t want it. Petyr plants that seed - Petyr wants it for her. Not the other way around.

Then, LF leaves her to Ramsay and fucks off. She escapes because its way WAY worse than she could have imagined. Stannis failed - how stupid was she for listening to LF - and Petyr is nowhere to be found.

When LF shows up in Moles Town to offer her KotV she is fully and completely enraged with him. She is angry that she trusted him. She sees him now for what he is - a liar and only out for himself. He hurt he. He must not truly love her. She was wrong to trust him.

And Ive spoken a lot about WHY Sansa goes to him for aid for BotB and, frankly, I dont have enough space or time to explain why here. Lets just say, Petyr is that toxic boyfriend you run back to when times get tough because you know them. It wasnt because she didnt trust Jon and she did trust LF - it was because she didnt trust FATE and she took her safety and Jons safety into her own hands since no one listened to her.

So, remember when Sansa said “I know what you want” to LF after the trial and LF made her doubt it? Everything he did since made her doubt it. Now, directly mirror it with this scene.

“You know what I want”

“I was wrong.”

“No. You weren’t.”

Maybe we’ll see Sansa use Petyr’s affection toward her even more so in Season 7. I sure hope so.

hey. assholes. I don’t give a shit if you like Valerian. I don’t. You’re not going to convince me that a movie that was not well acted, had horrible dialogue, was obsessed with the most goofy, sexist shit that made literally no sense, took the time to shit on everyone it could, had main characters so unlikable and awful that I thought they were going to turn out to be fucking villains, with casting so bad that the main characters look like brother and sister, where people wander into Future United Nations like they own the place; a movie that at some times really really cared about people dying and really really didn’t, whose love story is centered on an asshole sexually harassing his subordinate constantly, where somehow at the end the guy who has been breaking rules the whole movie says he follows rules and she is the one cool with breaking them, that movie? you’re not going convince me it’s good. fuck off.

if you like it make your own post saying how good it is and how shitty you are at watching a movie and comprehending anything other than visuals. Go ahead. Make that post. But don’t fucking push that shit on me though. fuck off.

13 reasons to watch "13 reasons why"

1. Such an important story to tell that happens to teenagers every day all over the world

2. The show does not shy away from important yet difficult to handle topics

3. Self harm, suicide and mental illness are not romanticized which is sadly still often the case in a lot of tv shows

4. The characters are so diverse !!


6. The characters are very real, you might hate some of them but still sympathize with them on another level

7. All the important character on the show get actual screentime

8. The show shows how important it is for a school to be involved with their students and to have proper policies and consequences when it comes to bullying and harassment

9. The show really shows how something that seems small can have a major impact one someone’s life and how that can lead them downwards a dark vicious spiral

10. The show doesn’t shy away from the portayal of suic*de and r*pe, not for a schock effect but to show how horrible these acts and their effects afterwards are.(trigger warnings are shown before these particular episodes start!!)

11. The show really excelled in bringing the show to life from page to screen in such a way that you can really relate to these characters even though not all of them are good .

12. 13 reasons why is so different from other shows and stories as it isn’t really a love story or a story that starts sad and end happily ever after but it is instead a story that starts sad and stays sad but is not less if not more intriguing than your average young adult tv show.

13. And lastly 13 reasons why portrays not just the story of one person but the story of a community and how quickly everything within affects one another, it doesn’t just tell a story of bad guys and good guys but of actual people who’ve made both good and bad decisions in their lives.

what a fine day to remember that act 1 marvin was a highly flawed and disturbed person who projected his own fears and insecurities on others and manipulated them in a way that was unhealthy and abusive, being the own reason for his own worst moment and that it’s through hitting absolute rock bottom he realized how wrong he was and that the marvin in act 2 grew away from this toxic behavior and matured into the loving and honest person we can see him while still showing that becoming a better person won’t change the overall situation of the world around you and how your environment can affect you despite you being a good person

Papyrus Joins Tumblr
Papyrus Joins Tumblr

When a very innocent and naive skeleton joins Tumblr, he has to ask his not so innocent brother about certain things that he seems to be quite familiar with…

This does not mean that I hate Underlust, Undertail or Fontcest, this is simply an interpretation of how I think Papyrus will react. I, in fact, quite like all 3, which you can see on my blog XD

Please excuse my dreadful voice acting and editing… I can’t do either of their voices well, and yes I do ship Papyton and Sansby, but that’s my personal opinion.

Anyway, enjoy :) (pictures below)

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listen these are two of my fave kaminari panels and I really think this should be a meme

anonymous asked:

why don't you like kathleen kennedy? shes the only female and she seems nice

it’s april 2017 and there are still people who dont know kk is a white demon

  • kk is an icon of white feminism.
  • when she doesn’t get involved directly, female characters’ looks get incredibly diverse (animated series or novels etc. although, we can’t say they treat women of color well.)
  • new female actresses who play lead roles, d ridley, f jones, and e clarke are all white brunette (just like her). this is my personal opinion but for me, f jones was the weakest part in rogue one because of her emontionless and soulless performance, but kk was the one who insisted on casting her and she’s very proud of it. we haven’t seen clarke’s performance in the upcoming han solo film yet but she’s already very famous for horrible eyebrow acting (even her fans admit it). tessa thompson and zoe kravitz, who also auditioned for clarke’s role, is obviously better than her.
  • (also, i think the rogue one novel was a bit better but the movie was… it focuses on the white woman, who didn’t care about the rebellion but only herself then becomes a hero. it’s not feminism when men of color are used to spotlight a white woman, especially when one of them has sacrificed everything for the rebellion from when he was a very young kid. when i heard jyn’s character was originally more like cassian i couldn’t stop groaning because THAT WOULD HAVE BEEN SO MUCH BETTER.)
  • ‘for some reason’ she keeps thinking white brunette women are the most ideal people to get the roles. even if she’s doing it unconsciously, it doesn’t change the fact that’s racism. she’s a racist.
  • and when you are a racist you can’t be a feminist because feminism means you support all the women.
  • she seems very passionate when she talks about rey and jyn but when it’s about other actors who are men of color she suddenly becomes silent?? and she talks about this “girl power” a lot but when it’s about races, ethnicities and diversity she doesn’t say anything? it’s always the directors who sat next to her who speak about it, or actors of color themselves. her “girl power” only involves white women and yet she said star wars represented the world. 
  • she was a producer of complete disaster : avatar the last airbender movie, where almost everyone got whitewashed, which means she learned nothing from her past.
  • @kyber-sphere replied:  Actually, she isn’t even a feminist. Every time someone asks questions about “girl power” in panels she gets obviously irritated. One time, she was even dismissive towards the person who asked it too.

so. they made a new german discworld essentials edition, with a new covers (which is good because the old ones are real bad)

and they are these manga-like ‘build a picture’ style, which i like

but. oh my god. look at that vimes

this isn’t samuel ‘worked the night-shift for 30 years, runs on coffee and spit, has probably not slept more than 3hours any given day’ vimes

this is the guy who played vimes in a murder-mystery play, ‘inspired by real events’. hammy acting, horrible script, ‘Clues’ everywhere, heroic fightscenes, big speaches. Vimes threatened to shut the whole thing down for slander.  Sybil probably got an autograph

🎀💋 "Get Some Thick Skin" Spell 💋🎀

💋✨Purpose: A spell to help you not take things so personally.

💋✨Need: Your favorite lotion, your favorite necklace & a pink candle.


🎀 1. Take a shower and as the hot water hits your skin, visualize the negativity and bad energies being washed away

🎀 2. Once you’re done, light a pink candle and take out your favorite lotion. As you embrace the pink candle’s positive energies, take some of your lotion and rub it everywhere on you that’s needed. Say the following while you do this:

“Shield me with confidence, armor me with pride.
Let nothing get me worked up;
No horrible joke, act or lie.
Let me be tough as shit.
Let me have the heart of a bad bitch.
Let nothing ever get to me.
So shall it be.”

🎀3. Put on your favorite necklace and visualize it giving you an extra boost of confidence. Charge it with a white light so that way anyone’s shitty comments and attitudes bounce right off of you.

I’m seeing this problem a lot right now, both in support pages for mental illness, in people, and online, especially on tumblr.


Depression and anxiety are actual problems that are being diagnosed more and more, you can feel alone and scared and isolated. But they are not the only mental illness out there. Depression and anxiety are still stigmatized and the people who have them are still called lazy and liars when it interferes with their daily lives. But it’s also rapidly becoming more socially acceptable to have them. A character or person in the media with anxiety or depression is seen a quirky and unique and someone to be saved with the right person comes along to show them the world and give them a meaning to live. A person with bipolar or schizophrenia or a personality disorder or any other ‘scary’ and misunderstood mental illness is a serial killer and that is clearly why they are commiting horrible acts. Not because they’re terrible human beings, but because they’re ‘dangerously mentally ill’ and can’t help themselves.

You wanna know what would help that problem? Actual education about the illnesses and representation. I’m sick of the focus on commonly accepted mental illnesses and not the ones that are also common and stigmatized. And I’m really sick of being treated like an outcast and criminal because people don’t understand that bipolar ≠ dangerous. More people are becoming educated on such disorders but it’s still a problem. I shouldn’t have to be given 'The Talk’ by my mother when a mass shooting occurs or a bombing takes place about how 'I need to control my emotions and not do something horrible to anyone because of your illness.’

You cannot post things like 'people with depression are v v v cute uwu’ and create lists on how to take care of themselves during a panic attack and then tell people that everyone with Borderline personality disorder is automatically abusive and should be avoided at all costs. You can support anxiety but you cannot compare people with schizophrenia to 'psychos that need to be medicated so they aren’t a danger to society.’ You can’t call people with DID liars about what they experience and ignore their symptoms because you consider it as made up for attention. That’s not how mental illness positivity works.

Mental illnesses that are considered scary and rarer than they are, are being swept under the rug and it isn’t helping it become accepted. It’s hurting the people that don’t see themselves represented and feel so ashamed of themselves that they would rather suffer through years of symptoms than seek help because they believe they will be ridiculed and cast out of their families and cultures. Advocate for mental illness, but make sure you advocate for ALL mental illness, even the ones that aren’t considered 'popular.’

Levi taking Eren to a fancy ass play - his words exactly - where they proceed to appall all the nobles with Levi`s “crass” language and Eren`s boisterous laughter at everything he says. They don`t even care that all the stuffy aristocrats are whispering and scoffing at them and the two just have a good time together making fun of the horrible acting and plot line.

The only reaction comes when a pompous ass has had enough of their “scandalous behavior” and calls Eren an uncultured brat that doesn`t belong in their society. Eren`s about to brush him off but Levi`s already got his fist in the guy`s face, which in turn makes someone try and hit the Captain back, then Eren hits that guy, and suddenly they`ve started a bar fight in the middle of a high class theater.

The night ends with them barely escaping the MPs and limping home with matching black eyes while they laugh their asses off.

After thinking about it, I think the circumstances with Lauren Zuke perfectly explain what’s so bad about this goddamn fandom.

The su fandom doesn’t actually care about issues like body positivity or proper queer representation. They only care about the characters and the ships that they wanna see, just like any immature and hateful fandom, and they don’t care about who they hurt in the process, even if they’re a part of the show like Lauren is.

That’s why they call anyone who ships Pearl and Dewey homophobic, but call Peridot and Lazuli ‘queerbaiting’. That’s why they constantly attack fanartists who draw Rose or Amethyst marginally skinnier than the official artists do, even though the actual staff of the show have publicly said that they don’t care about that and want fans to have fun. That’s why they call people who like Peridot or Jasper ‘abuse defenders’ when the show itself had a whole redemption arc for Peridot. It doesn’t actually involve abuse or homosexuality or anything of the sort, it only involves the characters and ships that do or don’t wanna see, and raise an utter bitchfit when they anyone else daring to do something they don’t want.

A lot of people ask why the SU fandom in particular is so bad, when in actuality, it’s hardly that different from any other toxic fandom. Take it from me, I’ve been on the net for a long ass time, and have seen a bunch of horrible acts, like the FNAF fandom harassing rebornica for not making their comics 100% canon to the FNAF lore, the Undertale fandom harassing let’s players who don’t play Undertale ‘the right way’ even if they’ve already been spoiled about the whole game, the Free! fandom bullying voice actors who were simply casted as characters in the english dub. You’ll notice that kind of pattern from anything that has a large following, because where there is a popular thing, harmful, mean, and flat out toxic people will definitely follow, regardless of its positive or progressive messages.

But what’s dangerous about this toxic section of the su fandom in particular is how it uses topics like homosexual representation and body positivity in their immature statements to shoot down a ship or a drawing. You make Connie’s skin tone slightly lighter than usual because of the lighting? They break out whitewashing. Ship Pewey? Lesbian Erasure. Ship Lapidot? Queerbaiting. Make a redemption story for Jasper? Abuse defender. They throw around terms like these in order to give their petty compaints some sort of political correctness, and somehow prove them right, even if the ‘it’s just their opinion’ argument gets thrown out. That’s why things are so quick to get heated up, hit the fan, and then get into the news, like Zami’s suicide attempt and Lauren leaving twitter. It’s one thing to have shit go down when it relates to a super popular show like Steven Universe, but when it uses terms like those, it makes for the most eyecatching news story to tie into social conflict, especially nowadays.

tl;dr, the su fandom is the same as any other bad fandom. They harass and bully people over stupid shit, and they use big terms like lesbian erasure and queerbaiting to sound smart even though they’re using them improperly and hurting people. 

Seriously. Fucking stop it.

Sebastian 2x15 *long rant*

I’m so tired of seeing showstans attacking bookstans over the clusterfuck that was Sebastian’s reveal last episode. Stop making us out to be shallow by saying we’re only upset because he’s ugly ffs. The reason we’re upset is because they’ve completely fucked up an iconic character’s backstory.

And, yes, they HAVE fucked up his backstory before anyone comes at me saying nothing’s confirmed yet. Valentine was meant to raise him, turning him into a monster, but it’s obvious that Valentine has never seen him before in his life. Sebastian’s upbringing is a massive part of his character; it’s the reason why he turned out the way he did and why he believes what he believes in. Valentine influenced him so much, and it just doesn’t make sense that now that connection is gone. Sure, Sebastian can hate Valentine for condemning him to hell (a stupid rumour that’s going around) but is that really what his ultimate revenge is being reduced to? What happened to the corruption of his ideals, and how eventually, he would go even further past his fathers footsteps to hating his own half-kind? (shadowhunters)

The matter of his appearance is important also. It’s not that he’s ugly that’s the problem. It’s that the fact that he’s handsome that adds to the ultimate deception of his character. It’s a brilliant contrast: his beautiful face to the horrible acts he commits. He invites you in, and you trust him, only to be slaughtered by his hand. The devil with an angel’s face.

Having him be a full on demon (judging by his appearance) takes away all of that completely. He’s reduced to wearing a mask, almost hiding behind it, which I hate. Sebastian Morgenstern is confident and deadly, he knows he’s good looking and uses that as a weapon. It’s who he IS not who he’s pretending to be. A beautiful villain is not something that’s common, and that’s why he was so amazing.

An ugly villain on the other hand…. that’s just going back to stereotypes.

I’ve also seen people saying that bookstans are upset that an incestuous murderer is not handsome. Firstly, I don’t agree or support ANYTHING Sebastian has done. Second, my reasons for him not being ugly are listed above. Murder and attempted rape are the horrible acts.

“But Will Tudor will still play him” - but he’s not Sebastian Morgenstern. He’s portraying Sebastian Verlac, a disguise. Which is such a shame because I would’ve loved for Will to have been the final version. He was such a good casting, probably the best. And now every time I see him, I’ll just be reminded that it is a disguise and nothing more.

We’re not shallow. We’re not overreacting.

We’re just heartbroken that a character who could’ve made TV history and was saving this show until now, has been reduced to this.

I just don’t get it. There’s amazing source material with such complex amazing characters and relationships. Why would you not want to portray that? All right, a few differences to switch things up a bit, but almost everything?

If I was Cassie, I’d honestly be so insulted.

UPDATED: okay, maybe there might be some SPOILERS for anyone that hasn’t read ACOMAF - you’ve been warned.

Anyway, I wanted to share with everyone a list I made while reading ACOMAF. The list is made up of pages/chapters/certain parts of the book that are my fave or made me feel some type of way.

Hope you enjoy! If you have any fave parts or chapters please feel free to add onto the post!! I’d love to see what your fave parts are!

  • Page 49: Feyre being a sassy lil shit and throwing her shoe at Rhys’ head lmao.
  • Page 62: The whole page but mostly, “You look absolutely delicious today, Feyre.”😩😂
  • Page 95: “We’re not finished with this meal” - Tamlin “Oh, get over yourself” - Feyre // I love Feyre, I really do.😂
  • Page 192: “If that day comes, I’ll find a way to break the spell on Amren and unleash her on the world. And ask her to end me first.” - Rhys about Amren
  • Page 289: When Feyre hears the music and realizes that Rhys had sent that music to her in the prison (ACOTAR). “Because you were breaking. And I couldn’t find another way to save you.” - Rhysand // also the way he “ruins” the moment with his comment about the Weaver.
  • Pages 290-291: When they’re exchanging notes. MAKES ME GIDDY AF FAM 😍 // “Lick you where, exactly?” - Feyre “Wherever you want to lick me, Feyre. I’d like to start with ‘Everywhere’ but I can choose, if necessary.” - Rhysand
  • Page 299: When Azriel and Cassian have to stop themselves from laughing so hard when Feyre makes a comment about being surprised that there aren’t more mirrors in the house for Rhys to look at himself.
  • Pages 335-337: The little argument Rhys and Feyre have because they’re jealous of the time they spent with Cresseida and Tarquin apart. And then my little heart broke when Rhys basically said he was jealous and wanted to be someone Feyre could easily fall in love with and smile at. okay bye, I’m gonna go cry. 😭 // “To the people who look at the stars and wish, Rhys.” - Feyre “To the stars who listen and the dreams that are answered.” - Rhysand
  • Pages 365-367: Rhysand not being playful with Feyre and Feyre wanting him to be his old flirtatious self. The “lacy little unmentionables” talk. 
  • Page 374: When we find out the meaning of the tattooed stars and mountains on Rhys’ knees, “That I will bow to no one and nothing but my crown.” - Rhys “So dramatic.” - Feyre // Feyre bringing lambs blood to Amren and, “You––oh, I like you.” - Amren
  • Pages 399-401: “Amren and Mor told me that the span of an Illyrian male’s wings says a lot about the size of … other parts.” - Feyre // “They also said that Azriel’s wings are the biggest.” - Feyre // Rhys teasing Feyre about being this big badass but “a little free fall makes you scream?” and Feyre’s response of course, “I’ll leave you to rot the next time you have a nightmare.” // The whole wing talk on the bottom of page 400 and all of 401.
  • Pages 413-416: FEYRE SITTING ON RHYS’ LAP GOODNESS GRACIOUS HAVE MERCY ON ME. 😩 // “You are good, Rhys. You are kind. This mask does not scare me. I see you beneath it. “ - Feyre to Rhys.
  • Pages 420-422: Rhys feeling horrible for acting a certain way to his court in front of Feyre (the whole act of him being this high lord). Rhys not wanting her to compare him to Tamlin. WHEN FEYRE CROSSES THE LINE AND HURTS RHYS’ FEELINGS.
  • Pages 426-427: “When Rhys came back, after Amarantha, he was a ghost. He pretended he wasn’t, but he was. You made him come alive again. “ - Amren to Feyre about Rhys. // Amren saying that Rhys thinks he’s the villain. And Feyre saying. “But I forgot to tell him, that the villain is usually the person who locks up the maiden and throws away the key.” “He was the one who let me out.”
  • Pages 437-440: Starfall. Starfall. STARFALL. Rhys laughing. Feyre laughing. Glowing lovebirds. Feyre PAINTING AGAIN. FEYRE PAINTING ON RHYS. FEYRE GIVING RHYS A SMILE. // “You’re exquisite.” - Rhys to Feyre // FEYRE AND RHYS DANCING OH GOD IM CRY
  • Pages 487-488: Feyre telling Rhys about what she used to paint for her sisters while pulling the ash arrows out of his wings. // “What did you paint for yourself?” - Rhys “I painted the night sky.” - Feyre // “I was looking for you, too.” Rhys to Feyre 
  • Pages 492-496: mate. mate. maTe. MATE. MAAAAATE.
  • Chapter 54: It honestly breaks my heart. I reread this and cried because Rhys is known to be so vicious but he does certain things to protect the ones he loves and he’s been through so much and he was raped over and over to keep Velaris protected. To keep his squad and HIS PEOPLE AWAY FROM AMARANTHA. // “But then she snapped your neck.” Tears rolled down his face. “And I felt you die,” he whispered.
  • Pages 544-546: “Feyre doesn’t look too tired. Maybe she could give me a ride––” - Cassian 😂 // “Welcome to the family, Feyre.” - Mor // “We will serve and protect.” - Amren // THE WHOLE FAMILY VIBE MAAAAN
  • Pages 557-558: Feyre trying to get rid of Cassian and Azriel bc she doesn’t need protection lol. Feyre and Rhys exchanging notes 😌
  • Page 571: “Feyre Cursebreaker, the Defender of the Rainbow.” - Rhys to Feyre after the attack in Velaris.
  • Pages 574-575: Rhys hating and blaming himself for what happened to Velaris. // “I don’t deserve you.” - Rhys “We deserve each other. And we deserve to be happy.” Feyre
  • Pages 577-579: “You might be my mate, but you remain your own person. You decide your fate––your choices. Not me. You chose yesterday. You choose everyday. Forever.” - Rhys to Feyre // Feyre and Rhys deciding which room to take together. // THE WEDDING RING GOSH DANGIT.
  • Page 581: “With my life, High Lord. I’ll protect her with my life.” Cassian to Rhys before they go to Hybern
  • Pages 620-621: When Rhys breaks the news to the squad that Feyre is High Lady of the Night Court.