and hopefully then i'll improve!

i was bummed when it looked like they might share a dance together at the celebration & then didn’t but LOW AND BEHOLD JUST A LITTLE LATER ON WE GET A VERY NICE SLOW DANCE TO SMOOTH JAZZ RECORDS WHILE DEBATING DEALS WITH A DEMON & PROMISING THEY’LL SAVE EACH OTHER FROM MADNESS, SO YEAH I’M DOING FINE but i felt like finishing this wish-fulfillment piece anyway, so…


Ok so here it is, I’ve been wanting to do this for years and finally worked up the courage to actually open up commissions. Also the fact that I’m currently jobless and need some money probably motivated me :’D
It would be great if you could commission me, or help me reblog this to get the word out!

Commisions will be for:
- Osomatsu-san related art
- Platonic/BLmatsu are ok

Please note that these will be simple commissions, and I think the prices are fairly reasonable. 

More Information can be found here
My email:

This is the first time I’m doing this so please be gentle (๑•́ω•̀๑)


LWD & SKOP CHALLENGE » day 5 | Connor and Rose’s day

     Our lifetimes of combatting one another seemed to flip over like a spinning coin that fell to one side.
     His lips an inch from mine, he whispered something, not a quote. Not in French. Connor Cobalt murmured, “What’s inside this feeling that screams at me?” His eyes spoke of battles and wins and years positioned right across from me. “Devotion.” He neared. “Fealty.”
     His lips touched mine. Our very first kiss. My rigid body stayed erect, but I heated like a thousand burning stars. He deepened the kiss, in control so I wouldn’t have to think.
     I was thinking.
     I thought about how my mind sparked and blistered. I thought about how his hands commanded the moment as much as his lips. I thought about how he held me like I’d always been in his possession, as he’d always been in mine.

So apparently using your credit card for everything, even if it’s secured, even if you always pay off the entire balance, is not a good way to built credit.

hey guys sorry for being mia lately i started having some really bad pain and haven’t been able to do… well, much of anything tbh!! I’m probably going in to get my wisdom teeth out this weekend and then hopefully ill be on enough pain meds to get in and refill my queue lmao!!


Side-by-side comparisons of my drawing of the Crust Cousins (at the time I kept getting conflicting information about whether it was spelled Crust/Krust) from 2007 vs now. I tried to keep the time spent roughly the same - back then I was knocking out drawings pretty fast, but this one I was especially proud of and took my time over (comparatively speaking). A lot of my stuff from that era has not aged as well as this one!

Here’s how the characters looked on the original show (these are their default outfits but nearly every episode they’d have at least one change of clothes - hence my fascination with drawing new outfits for them)

I just kind of wanted to show that, however marginal you might feel the difference is considering the time-frame, anyone can improve if they stick with something! [even someone like me who doesn’t have much in the way of natural draftsperson talent].


Abby Griffin in every episode | 1x01 Pilot

“ We always have a choice, Kane. You chose to press charges against my husband, your friend, even though you knew he would get floated for it. You chose to include my daughter in those charges, and now you’re choosing this. Hiding behind the law absolves you of nothing.”

Trying out a new style with 90′s Rogue.