and hope that the doctor saves us

We all have that one fandom. That fandom that saved us. That fandom that taught us to be who we are today. That fandom who gave us hope when we had none. That fandom that was there for us when no one else was. Those characters who’s lives changed our own. The characters who helped us accept who we are. Those stories which taught us about bravery, friendship, determination and love, more then any text book could. We all have that fandom. That fandom who’s characters and stories inspired us. Inspired us to be better. Inspired us to create. Inspired us to live. Do not let anyone tell you that fandom is meaningless or silly or stupid or immature. Because fandoms save us.

Why 13 is a Woman and it makes Narrative Sense

To understand why 13 being a woman makes narrative sense, we have to look at Missy. Missy has been a huge part of the 12th Doctor’s life. He and Missy spent the beginning of his run playing their old chess game, trying to outwit each other with the world as the stakes. It was similar to the relationship he had with the original TV Master during the 3rd Doctor’s run. Then, here and there, Missy would help, in her own way. Things only escalated when the Doctor had to spend years guarding her vault. They would get take out, sit around the little space heaters and talk, sometimes Missy would play the piano for him. She would even offer advice to him and soon be trusted enough to take his crew out on runs to save people. 

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Missy was the first regeneration of the Master to truly come close to being Koschei, the boy the Doctor grew up with, his old university roommate, his best friend. Missy was the first Master to allow herself to be seduced by hope and good. She became all that the Doctor ever wanted Koschei to be, a friend that would stand beside him and use all of her brilliance to do the right thing-for once. 

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Now let’s look at the end of the 12th Doctor. At the end, he is desperately against the change. He has finally become the person he wants to be, after so much struggle, and now he has to change again. He’s afraid of what he will become next, afraid to lose himself. There is already beautiful meta about how his entire arc was getting to this point of being kind and selfless, and how it paralleled Bill’s struggle as a cyberman, so I won’t go too far into it. In that moment of fear, it only makes sense that he would think about Missy and be inspired by her change and thereby, follow her lead in the hopes it might work out the same. 

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With all that in mind, I look forward to seeing what kind of Doctor the 13th will be and whether or not this choice leads to what 12 was hoping for. 

After my research project on honey bee parasites started getting so much attention, UMD asked if they could put me in their advertising 😅😅 soooo Check out the new face of “Fearless Research”  at the University of Maryland! Its definitely premature for them to say that my work “Saves The Bees” but I am holding out hope that it will be the breakthrough that gets us to that answer! 

"Four. There's been a fourth. Something's different this time."

“You know how they never leave a note? This one did.”

So the fourth suicide was different than all the rest. Jennifer Wilson, the unfaithful spouse who works in the media, left a note for the detective. The amount of pink helped Sherlock realize the mistake. Her real-but-technically-never-alive daughter was Rachel Wilson.

Why do you think the Unaired Pilot had five serial suicides but when A Study in Pink came around they changed it to four? Faulty? Or we’ve been hacked and it’s a message.

Why did Gatiss and Moffat talk in 2011 about the emotional climax to Sherlock happening in series 4? Because this arc has been their plan from the beginning.

So what happened in the fourth series of Sherlock?

What’s different about this one?

John Watson, unfaithful spouse who works in the media, left a note for the detective. His real-but-never-technically-alive daughter was Rosamund Watson. The amount of references to A Study in Pink helped the audience realize the mistake.

Once you start noticing the ASIP references, everything you see is Mind Palace.

THAT is the clue.


– Mary shooting Sherlock in The Roland Kerr college from ASIP
– Sherlock descending the steps to Moriarty’s cell were the same as the ones in Brixton in ASIP
– “You’ve been reading John’s blog, the story of how you met”
– “Alternatively” opening montage of TAB has ASIP references sprinkled out of order
– Holmes and Watson recreate their meeting in TAB
– Sherlock and John’s ending Montage in TFP being like Mycroft’s in ASIP when he says “Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson”
– “Perfectly sound analysis but i was hoping you’d go deeper” / “Too Deep, Sherlock, you’re in too deep” / “I shall have to go deep into myself” / “These are deep waters”
– Sherlock having flashbacks to ASIP in TLD
– Faith recreating Sherlock’s adventure in ASIP
– John rushing to save Sherlock from a serial killer at the last minute
– John’s cane
– John (re)starting Therapy

I’m sure there are many others I’m missing, so feel free to add more if you think of them.

TL;DR: Everything since Sherlock got shot is mind palace. The next piece of footage we get will shoot us back in time to series 3. I wouldn’t expect anything less from two men who also write for Doctor Who.


Gency Superhero AU no one asked for? Check

Gency. Sentai!Genji. AU. Fluff. 

Every morning when she departs from her love, he always tells her, “Be careful, angel wings.”

She shakes her head, but kisses Genji before heading to the hospital for her shift. So clever with his words, he hooked her heart before she even knew it. Loving and dear, she could never want anyone else.

Her mind skips over his simple words while the bank is getting robbed. Men in black masks screaming for cash. Running to cash a check right before it closes is a mistake, and now she’s paying for it.

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St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Missouri, July 4, 1908

It was originally believed that the person who sent the bottle of poisoned ale to Dr. Wilson was a man named Frederick Geis, Jr. whose wife, Bess, had died following a botched abortion preformed by the doctor. Fred’s family didn’t even know he’d married Bess, but he claimed they had married secretly in another city (using false names) simply to save her position as school teacher, as at the time teachers had to be spinsters or give up their jobs. Presumably that’s at least part of the reason why Bess had to have the abortion as well. 

The doctor received a bottle purported to be sent as an advertisement for a new type of ale which it was hoped, if he enjoyed it, he would recommend to his “patients and friends”. The brewery it was said to have come from told police that they didn’t use typewriters in making their labels, that the letterhead was not their own, and that they didn’t even make ale. Detectives found the shop where the special “S” key for the type was purchased but not the man who purchased it. 

The express clerk who received the package was also sent an anonymous letter telling him to “go slow, indeed, in identifying anybody in the matter. It would be awful to send anyone to the gallows for putting such an infernal rascal as Wilson out of business”.

Frederick was arrested for killing the doctor in revenge for his wife’s death but was released when it came to light that the bottle had been sent to Dr. Wilson before Bess had died (there was a mix up with the dates, confusing the American system with the European, reading the date as the month and vise-versa). Fred’s arrested came a day or two after this article was published and he was released by July 7th.

On the first anniversary of the doctor’s death a package was mailed to the police from the killer, which included the special “S” keys used to type the bottle’s label, as well as a piece of wood bearing the same hammer impression which was used to package the bottle of ale.

 An article in the The Cincinnati Enquirer written July 16, 1916 shows there was still no clue as to who might have sent Dr. Wilson the poisoned ale.


Dean Winchester x Reader

2100 Words

Requested by @super-not-naturall from the drabble prompt list. Requested #19: “And that’s how you ruin a life. Congratulations.” With Dean

SO… I had already written #19 with Dean for another request, so I decided to make this one a little different. As you can see, it’s definitely not a drabble. It’s also pretty dark. Death, torture, definitely needs a warning. Sorry!

HERE is the list of drabble prompts that you can request from.

HERE is the list of drabble prompts I’ve already completed.

Dean’s POV

Growing up as a hunter, I never imagined I would live to see 20. Then thirty. Yet here I was, still alive and kicking. And falling for a girl, which I had never seen coming. Sammy, sure. He had a big heart, and it was always hard knowing he was never going to have that normal life that he so desperately wanted.

Even though it had been my father making the decision, drawing both Sam and I into this life before he could even walk, I still felt guilty. I was the one who had gone and gotten him from college. And from Amelia when I came back from Purgatory. I was always drawing him back in, bringing him back into this dangerous life that he had tried running from.

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Missy/Master and the Doctor - The whole bloody mess

(spoilers for season 10 finale)

Many people have argued quite differently about the Master, Missy and the Doctor and their motives and relationships. I have discussed it with a tumblr user in two threads (x and x) so for convenience, I collected the arguments here in one thread because I do have a few things to add.

The Master is an awful person, to the point of almost being a one-dimensional caricature of evil.

This is your conclusion so let me start here. The Master, in all the years he has appeared on Doctor Who is a lot of things but never one-dimensional. I’m not sure how familiar you are with his background so let me fill you in quickly. Mind you, I will of course only canon:

1. During their childhood the Doctor and the Master were bullied by a boy named Torvic. To save his friend’s life the Doctor had to eventually kill that boy. Later a personification of death asked the Doctor to be her champion. He refuses and suggests she takes the Master instead as her disciple. She agrees and the Doctor forgets about the whole encounter. In canon it is the Doctor who becomes a killer first and then conveniently escapes responsibility for it by making the Master bear the consequences.

2. At the age of eight the drums were implanted into the Master’s head and always seen as a sign of madness. The drums worsened over time. It was only when the Master forced the Doctor to actually listen to them, that the Doctor believed. So we have a little boy thinking he is not worthy being a Timelord (because why else would he “turn mad” when he looked?) and not even his very best friend even so much as entertains the idea that it could be something else.

3. Koschei (as the Master preferred to be called for a while) was on an academic research mission when the Doctor was expelled from the academy, forcing him into a conflict of loyalty. Again, it is the Doctor who is kicked out first. The Master follows on his own accord because after all they made a pact to see all the stars together.

4. Koschei was obsessed with order to the point that the Timelords planted a spy to monitor him. That spy, a Timelady posing as a human, became his companion. When he eventually found out about her true identity he lost a good part of the ability to trust anyone. Isn’t it beautiful that the Master wanted companions, too? Companions, not servants, not “disposables”. And is it really so wrong that he would despise the Doctor’s companions and insist that they themselves are the only real companions for each other?

5. Later the Doctor made a deal with Death to grant the Master ten years of peace and sanity. At the end of those years the Doctor was supposed to kill him. During those ten years the Master forgot about his true identity, took the name of John Smith, became a doctor and even had a stable relationship. If this is the Doctor’s attempt to take responsibility, it really is rather poorly executed. He never asked the Master if he wanted that kind of “saving”. What are ten years in the life of a Timelord after all? Is the Doctor portrayed here as agreeing to a mercy killing? Possible. But completely without any consent from the Master. Also, isn’t it ironic that of all things the Master, free from the drums and his past, chooses to be a doctor? That “good” is obviously in him.

6. The Master met Sato Katsura, a samurai who was accidentally made immortal as a result of his involvement with the Doctor. It had left him so bitter, he began to follow the Master. This is probably the most obvious moment of the Master picking up after the Doctor. The Doctor has always liked to use people however he sees fit, often not caring much about the consequences. An example from New Who would be the 12th Doctor making Ashildr use a device that kills her instead of trying a little harder to eliminate that possibility.

7. The Master was continually used by the Timelords and other entities to fight for them. He was deliberately turned into a weapon. The latest example of that is his resurrection to fight in the Time War but what he saw scared him so much that he turned himself into Professor YANA and ran away to the end of the universe. The Doctor however stayed and fought. Sometimes I wonder if this is cowardly running away as opposed to courageously doing what is right. Sometimes I wonder if the Doctor’s tolerance for bloodshed, war and violence is higher than the Master’s.

8. At some point he posed as the Doctor and began to work for UNIT were he helped them to fight off several alien attacks on Earth. Does it really matter that he posed as the Doctor? Does doing good only count when it is done in the “right” way?

There are many more examples but these should make it very clear that the Master is anything but one-dimensionally evil.

Let’s look at some of your arguments about Simm!Master’s character:

He told Ten to “get out of the way” because Rassilon was right there, in front of him - the one responsible for his ‘condition’. The intended catharsis of that scene was about the Master getting revenge on Rassilon. (…) It was something that happened in the moment and the status quo of his existence was restored by the Time Lords. (…) People don’t just change in a moment.

So even although the Master had tried to kill the Doctor before time and time again he doesn’t do it when he can because shooting at the Doctor first and then at Rassilion is somehow not cathartic enough? Killing them both, the two people he considers responsible for all that went wrong in his life, wouldn’t be the ultimate revenge? No, the Doctor spared him and so the Master spares him in return because in that moment the Master understands that his friend still loves him, that there is still hope for a future for them together, seeing the stars.
Maybe it is not the huge change in character some people want to see. But it is a redeeming quality. The Master doing “what is right”. All by himself.

Likewise, time has passed since then. The Master went back through the gate with Rassilon to Gallifrey, the Time Lords made a mutual bargain to remove the drums from his head and fix his botched regeneration (…) He just continued with his old ways because that’s what the Time Lords enabled him to do, it was convenient for them to do that in order to get rid of him.

Sometimes I wonder what the other end of that bargain was. What did the Timelords do to him, or make him do for them to remove the drums? After all, they have used him all his life. Why change so suddenly. I think it is very plausible that the Master ran away again and hid on that spaceship (a “mutual kicking out” can mean many many things). Also, despite everything he has done, the Timelords still keep him around. Later, Missy isn’t executed as ordered by the Timelords. They still need the Master for whatever future war they need a monster for. I can’t even imagine what that does to a man. Going back to his “old ways” after once more being confirmed by the Timelords that that is all he is and all he can do is really not that surprising. After all, if they fixed the drums they could have fixed so much more. They could have helped him. Truly helped. With all their knowledge and wisdom. Instead they try to keep him as a convenient weapon.

The premise of the argument “the Master is not self-destructive” kinda falls apart because he literally chose to die at the end of The Last of the Time Lords instead of being at the Doctor’s side. The last two of their kind and he chose to die, not knowing that his ring would be picked up by Miss Trefusis and he’d later return.

Two things:
1. He chooses to die because the idea that the Doctor would imprison him and just “keep him” was so incredibly appalling to him that he couldn’t bear it. It’s not just for his own good or the good of the universe. The Doctor sees the Master as his responsibility, his burden. Considering that the Doctor played a considerable role in the Master becoming the Master, that is incredibly arrogant and self-righteous.
2. The Master has “died” so many times before seemingly without the ability to to come back. His mind has been in other people and objects before. Even if he wasn’t entirely sure about the ring, he must have known (and said so to the Doctor before) that he is pretty much indestructible.

He sees Missy as such a fundamental violation of who he is with regards to her perspective on the Doctor that he chooses to kill his future self. That is who he is in extremis.

Exactly. He simply cannot agree with the fact the Missy has been changed so much that she would forget who she is and how she came to be. He hates that she basically turned into one of the Doctor’s fangirls. He can’t understand why she would regress so much in her development that she is barely more than the child they used to be, looking up at the Doctor hoping for guidance. Let’s remember here that yes, the Doctor saved their life as a child by killing someone. And he put the blame on the Master. The Master simply cannot allow Missy to forget that the Doctor is not morally pure and superior. He cannot allow that standing with the Doctor on the Doctor’s terms leads to their death. He’d rather do it himself. If anything, this was a mercy killing, just like the Doctor agreed to do with the Master many years before. Considering that the Master has survived many of his “final deaths” we can be sure that they will return. When they do it will most likely not be pretty because right now, she thinks that the Doctor believes that she has betrayed him and that he lost his hope for her and does not come after her once more. She might also believe that he is dead and blame herself. The Master’s next regeneration could be the most messed up yet.

And there really was nothing at all self-righteous, self-victimising, or egotistic about the Doctor’s speech. It was about self-sacrifice, out of kindness. (…) the message was simply to just be kind.

The Doctor tries continuously to sacrifice himself. The 9th legion, the cybermen, … It’s a compulsion. Makes me wonder why? Is it because he is so incredibly good (then why does he never die, only regenerate, when he does? Why is his sacrifice never real?) or is it because he needs redemption and forgiveness just as much as the Master does? The Doctor is consumed by guilt and tries to get rid of it by offering himself up again and again. That is not without reward and therefore not entirely and purely good. There is always an agenda behind what the Doctor does, especially when it’s self-sacrifice or kindness. He always goes to extremes to prove that he truly is “good” even although it is only his definition of “good” that counts here. Good is only good in extremis. Only in self-denial and self-sacrifice.

I mean… the Master is a sadistic murderer. (…) The Doctor didn’t “force” anything on her, and, to be honest, what you want when you’re somebody who commits the kind of atrocities that the Master does on a regular basis really doesn’t matter all that much. (…) Your “leave their names out” argument doesn’t really work because that’s just removing the context from the situation. The Doctor has always been a flawed hero, but the whole thing with Missy’s arc is really not an instance of that.

It is exactly here that the greatest flaw of your perception of both Doctor and Master becomes obvious. We are talking about fiction so for a moment let’s talk about real life. Operation Neptune Spear as sanctioned by then-President of the USA Obama was a capture or kill mission directed at Osama bin Laden. US-offficals have also simply called it a kill mission. The mission was accomplished in May 2011 resulting in the death of Osama bin Laden. Criticized as a “revenge mission” by foreign governments and organizations like Amnesty International, this mission remains controversial until today. The reason is simply that a criminal, no matter how bad, does have rights, that human rights are non-negotiable, that the crimes of a person do not make them less human. At the same time, acting as if a criminal has lost his human rights because of (past or future) crimes is morally incredibly flawed and honestly, simply plain wrong. It’s not hard to see the parallels to the Doctor and Missy here. It does matter if there was consent or not and if there continued to be consent because Missy is still a sentient being with rights and the Doctor (with Gallifrey being back) has no authority whatsoever to decide otherwise. By locking Missy up and isolating her the way he did he violated her. He of all people who always thinks he is morally superior. He messed up epically here. Leaving the names out returns them to what they both are: sentient beings with rights.

She said to the Doctor that she’d be good, asking him to teach her how to be, and consented to being imprisoned for rehabilitation. Whether that was what she actually wanted at the start or if she was saying that to get out of being executed, that was something she made good on. She says as much that she could have escaped the Vault if she’d wanted to, but she’s chosen to stay and engage in the process.

Again, it is highly questionable if it was continued consent, or even just consent born out of an honest desire to change and not just desperate words uttered to save her life.  And yes, continued consent is a thing and it is necessary. Ask anybody who agreed to anything and then changed their mind mid-way through. It’s one of the very obvious symptoms of rape culture to think that continued consent is not a thing. Besides, the difference in power between them was so huge by then that in order to keep at least some kind of dignity Missy would have probably said anything, including suggesting that she could have escaped the vault, something the Doctor clearly disagreed with.

It’s not just that Missy decided to stand with the Doctor… It’s that the reason WHY she decided to do that was because her whole perspective and understanding of him has changed. (…) she says to her former self “he’s right”. It’s not just about standing with her friend because she wants to, it’s that she actually has come to understand and empathise with his philosophy.

I stand by what I said in the first place. Isolating a prisoner and depriving them of stimuli is torture. And no, a few books and a piano are not enough to keep someone like the Master sane. Time and time again it was shown in studies and experiments that sentient beings, from monkey to human to most likely Timelord are social animals and lose their minds if isolated for too long. That alone, that isolation over decades must have worn her out so much that the Doctor could have planted any kind of philosophy into her head. He chose the only one he knew of course. Self-denial through self-sacrifice. Let’s remember here that his self-sacrifice has always been fake. Doctors 10 and 11 regenerated after acts of self-sacrifice but it is just never real because he never dies. He always knows that he has a way out. Regeneration. And so his sacrifice doesn’t mean all that much. He of course cannot see that and so he believes his way to be the “most good”, the only right way. And that is the way he tries to make Missy understand.

And she kills her former self, not just to get him out of the way, but to ensure, in that moment, that he will regenerate into her so everything will come back around to this moment - to make it happen. Without hope. Without witness. Without reward.

There is literally no reason to get the Master out of the way at this point. She doesn’t know that he would shoot her should she try to go back to the Doctor. She could have literally shoved him into the elevator, sealed the door and send him back down. There was no reason whatsoever to kill him. Especially because she utters remorse about having lost herself, about not being how he is. She is not burning anymore and she knows it. Mind you, we do not know if she refers to her whole existence as Missy or just her time as the Doctor’s prisoner.
But even if she does kill him to ensure that she comes around to this point, isn’t that a reward all in itself?
Let’s also not forget that the Master concludes from Missy not being able to remember her “birth” that he will regenerate in the very near future. He knew it and simply wasn’t ready for it. Another reason why he wouldn’t stand with the Doctor.


1. The Master has never been one-dimensionally evil. If anything the Doctor and the Master are more ying and yang than black and white.

2. The Master and Missy never lost hope that they could be reunited with their childhood friend but they always wanted it to be a mutually benefiting reunion. A reunion that happened on both their terms. The Doctor continually insisting on it to be one-sided was too much for the Master.

3. The Doctor mistreated and violated Missy greatly and the Master could not accept that. And honestly, who would?

4. The Doctor doesn’t understand that his so-called self-denial that does work quite well for him, just isn’t the go-to-thing for everybody and so he screws Missy up and blows his reunion with the Master.

In the end Missy was right, she has always been on the Doctor’s side. All her faces, all her regenerations. They were always his friend. He just always insisted that they be that on his terms and his terms alone.

Never Looking Back - Bucky Barnes x reader oneshot (Part 2/2)

Fandom: Marvel, the Avengers
Warning: Blood and hurt reader
Pairing: Bucky x reader
Summary: The team finds reader and she’s badly beaten but Bucky takes care of her.

Part 1 here


A/N: This has been laying waaaay to long in my askbox and on my to-do list. Sorry it took so long.

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Fading Away

pairing- SamxDeanxSister!reader (mostly Dean) 

warning- very slight langue, hospitals, mentions of surgery  

word count- 3100 

summary- The youngest Winchester finds herself in organ failure an d Dean is willing to do anything to save her

A/N- this is told from Deans POV, and flashbacks are in Italics, this is sad but it gets fluffy  

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“Sammy, i don’t know what to do anymore man. They said she’s not getting any better.” I couldn’t even bare to look at her body in the hospital bed anymore. The first time we came she seemed to fit so nicely in it, that was when we thought this was all just the flu. She didn’t even want us to bring her, because she hates hospitals. I didn’t really think she needed to come either she’s a tough kid, I mean she’s a Winchester for god sakes she can beat anything. It was Sam’s idea to take her in, now i thank god we did if we hadn’t  she’d have probably died before we made two states over, or at least that’s what the doctors said. I remembered the first time we were here like it was yesterday, when in reality it was months ago.


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Pepperony Week Day One: Touch

Ugh guys… this prompt was a nightmare.

Seriously, I must’ve wriiten and deleted five different ideas, none of which were working.  I have no idea what it is about this one, it was just kicking my ass to no end.  I think I finally have something that works, though.  

Hope you all enjoy!


Tony Stark had rough hands, calloused hands, hands he’d used to build and to kill.

Hands which had held a new element created to sustain his own life.  Hands which had carried a missile into space to save an entire city from annihilation.  Hands which had never carried anything like that small, wriggling bundle sleeping against his chest.

He’d had to sit down when the doctor put her in his arms.  The second his fingers found the cottony pink blankets, his legs had given out.  He’d practiced this for months with an animatronic of his own design.  Pepper had wanted to buy a doll like everyone else, but those plastic baby faces shot straight past okay and into the uncanny valley.  If Tony had to learn how to change diapers, he wasn’t doing it with a pair of soulless black eyes staring at him.

Nothing could have prepared him for the reality of holding a baby.  His foot long bot weighed roughly ten pounds and felt like cradling a carburetor.  His daughter was eight pounds, nine ounces.  A big baby, he was told.  He believed it.  She was one pound lighter than the bot, but somehow heavier.

She was softer too, and she moved naturally, her arms flailing as she yawned and fell asleep.  She’d come out screaming.  She had a voice like her mother’s.  When Tony brushed her chubby cheek, her skin was smooth like Pepper’s, too.  Smoother even.  He remembered the first time he’d held Pepper, how he’d wished his hands weren’t dirty and blood soaked.  Those same thoughts invaded as he held their baby, that he was sullying her with his touch.  That she’d be better off without him.

He closed his eyes and let her tiny hand wrap around his finger.  This kid knew nothing yet of the family she’d been born into.  She had no idea what the hands holding her had done, and if she did, she wouldn’t care, because he’d always be her daddy. That’s what Pepper said when she pressed his open palm into her swollen stomach, rolling her eyes if he flinched, glowing when he felt a kick.  

“So this is what all the fuss is about,” he whispered, bouncing her softly on his leg.  “Gotta admit, I like them a lot more than the bot.”

“Me too,” Pepper said, rocking a blue bundled baby back and forth and kissing his tiny forehead.  “Let me know when you’re ready to trade off, okay?”

Mad: Part 11

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“We’re all a little crazy on the inside, some are just better at hiding it than others.”

Warning: Contains smut, violence and tense situations in some chapters

Teaser  Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5  Part 6  Part 7  Part 8  Part 9  Part 10  Part 12

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Prompt: “Helllooo could I request a bones one where him and the reader get stuck in small spaces with no room at all? Fluff and embarrassment ensues as these kind of predicaments keep happening???” -Anon

Word Count: 1,559

Author’s Note: I’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for an amazing end to my year. I only rejoined the community in September, but I feel like I’ve come home. Thank you for that.

I want to wish you all the best for the new year. We’ve overcome so much shit in 2016 and I hope that we can take the hurt from our experiences this year and transform that energy into something positive and productive together. Let’s kick ass this year.

I love you all so much! Happy New Year!

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There Ain’t No Rest For The Wicked- Part 3

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“We’re both serial killers and we have the same target and we’re arguing over which one gets to kill the person”

Bucky x Complicated!Reader

A/N: Wait what? You’re not supposed to write when sleep deprived? Well, I never… Sorry if this sucks, but I tried— really hard.

Warnings: Mild violence and I (or you, rather) swear more than Ricky Gervais.

@jurassicbarnes #manuswritingchallenge

Chapter 3: Just Another Day At The Office

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anonymous asked:

My friend got caught up in the bombing in Manchester last night and I'm really worried that she's not going to pull through, I'm terrified

I haven’t talked about this yet, but what happened in Manchester last night was a horrific and disgusting act of terrorism that we can’t let turn us against each other - and, from what I’ve seen so far, it’s just done the opposite

People are banding together and helping in whatever ways they can

Manchester’s homeless community helped with the children caught up in the attack, with little-to-no medical training, purely because it’s the right thing to do and we all believe in helping others, even above ourselves

Doctors have been working tirelessly to save people, and I do not doubt that they’re doing their best to help your friend

All we can do is hope and pray, keeping the doctors and nurses in our hearts as they do everything they can to help those injured

Try not to panic. While there’s nothing we can do to physically help, remaining calm and doing whatever we can to support those around us is something we do have the power to do

I love you, kiddo. Stay safe, stay strong


Author: Zoe

Warning: Rogue One Spoilers!

(A/N: Contains some Rogue One spoilers, but whew! Diego Luna has stolen my heart with his charm and his character! My, oh my, am I taken by him! Special thanks to @itsaconquestofimagination for helping me write this! I was stuck on it for so long until she helped me write it!)

Plot Summary: Cassian Andor narrowly escaped the claws of death, but not unscathed. You were assigned to be his full-time caretaker, considering his injuries were severe, but luckily not lethal. However, it’s going to be a bit awkward with K2-SO stating almost every single probability that could happen.

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“Move! Move! Get him into Unit 21, I’ll take it from here!” You quickly rolled his gurney down the hall as fellow nurses ran beside you with IV drips, blood transfusions, and an intubation tube, trying to get air back into his lungs.

K-2SO jogged behind your group as you wheeled him into his patient room. “Doctor Y/L/N, there’s a 89.2 percent chance of Captain Andor dying.”

You waved him off as you began cleaning up his wounds with saline and wrapping up his burns. “That means there’s still a 10.8 chance of survival!” You hooked up his heart monitor to the screen, a flatline displaying.

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I just want the Doctor to remember Clara

As a Whouffle and Whouffaldi shipper, it still hurts that the Doctor can’t remember his Impossible Girl and how much he loved her. He suffered for 4.5 billion years just to have a CHANCE of saving her life, and Clara is travelling around the universe likely heartbroken that the man she loves doesn’t even remember her.

I just want the Doctor to remember her. I know that 12 and Clara’s days of traveling together are over. I’ve accepted that Jenna may not return for us to see a Whouffaldi reunion. But I never felt a sense of closure with Clara’s story like I did with the other companions (except in some cases Donna) so I hope that Steven gives 12 his memories of Clara back.

Heads up!

Tomorrow’s update is going to be a bit delayed. I might have time to post it tomorrow or I might need to wait until Sunday or Monday. I’ve been struggling with some tendon issues in my thumb for a few weeks now, and there were some days where I couldn’t really draw at all. SO, I’ve tried to save the use of my hands for freelance/due homework. I can still draw but I have to take breaks, ice, stretch, etc…and my grip has gotten weaker. Curse these mortal coils. I need a Repo! style hand replacement. In the meantime, I will be seeing the doctor this week and I hope to get some answers. 

Again, something will go up soon, just gotta get that buffer back in place <3 Sorry to leave you all hanging! *nudge nudge* Get it? Hanging haha…Punjab lassoOo…I’ll let myself out now. 

Thanks for your patience and, as always, thank you for reading the comic! 

Today I spent a lot of time thinking about how amazingly God works in our weaknesses and how the darkest points of our lives can be the points that turn into the brightest lights.

As soon as I was born, my parents found out that I had a heart defect. And two open heart surgeries later, my heart still isn’t perfect, but it’s functional. But today I got to thinking about how God is taking my broken heart and using it for His glory and His good. By His grace, I plan to eventually be a heart doctor for children, and it’s my biggest hope that I get the chance to save the lives of children who are going through the things I have been through myself.

And I just think that it’s so beautiful that God planted this desire within me. It’s something I’ve felt my entire life, and it’s honestly my favorite thing about myself. Because God wants to take what is broken and battered and use it to repair more lives. The world may look at my heart and say that it is useless and worthless, but God looks at my heart and sees that it is healed and repaired. He sees the potential within it, though it’s the most broken thing about me. He sees what it could be used for, and He looks past its appearance to see these things.

I think it’s amazing of God that He does this with so much of who we are. Just because you see something as broken, that doesn’t mean that God does. God might see it as the thing He is going to use within you. And if that’s not beautiful, then I don’t know what is.