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Commissions I finished during ACen~!! Lost of FE but I also drew Dangan Ronpa/Ace Attorney/Zero Escape/OCs as well!
The first one was a sample I drew. The Jokamu one was for @darth-salem-emperor-of-earth, and the second to last pics are from weebueno (the customer) who asked me to draw in his limited edition Valentia Artbook which was so cool!!

Thank you very much to those who commissioned me during ACen, and to those who dropped by at Kai’s&her sister’s&my table!! It was amazing thanks to you guys! (+I missed my neighbors from ACen2016 Artist Alley and hope to see you next year!;w;)

It was great to spend time with Kai, her sis and my roomie~ Now to relax and enjoy my vacation before getting back to commissions and traveling…(˘ω˘)♥

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Anything to cheer a citizen a bit up? I know you're good at making things better

Hey anon! France has been graced by warm sunny days lately, so why not talk about les Amis on the first beautiful days of summer?

  • Enjolras loves to walk along the Seine on a sunny day. The water shimmers and shines, and the view is absolutely stunning. He and Grantaire often go on walks hand in hand to admire the city in the summer
  • The owners of the Musain finally repoen the terrace, to Bahorel’s utter joy. There’s nothing like drinking an ice-cold beer with friends on a warm day
  • Joly, Musichetta, and Courfeyrac have finally an excuse to raid ice-cream and boba shops. Courfeyrac is all about that summer aesthetic on his instagram.
  • Musichetta, Jehan, and Bahorel can wear crop tops again!!!!! They love crop tops to death!!!
  • They can organise hangouts in various parks around Paris. It’s so great, because they can play ball, talk, or just lazy out in the sun, it’s great
  • Life comes back. Feuilly, Combeferre, and Jehan marvel at the bees and get their “Save the Bees” projects rolling
  • Bossuet ditches novelty socks and beanies for graphic tees and humourous shirts
  • They all go down to Paris Plage at least once a week. Paris Plage is an event in summer during which the city covers the banks of the river with sand, and people can sunbathe and pretend they’re at the beach, (It’s true, look it up)
  • Combeferre and Joly are the #Stayhydrated team
  • So many BBQs
  • It also means it’s Fête de la Musique time! So Grantaire, Eponine, Bossuet and Jehan get rehearsing for their gig!! 

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I need all the gifs, any gifs you can find or make of Dan & Phil dancing!

(sorry i’m just now getting to this, i just got off work! btw, none of these gifs are mine, i’m not claiming that i made them!!)

(here’s a bonus one of just dan!)

(they’re not dancing but i found this and i think i just died a little) 

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Can you explain the most recent Hyuuga and Izuki quote? I don't get it… >~<

sure, no problem!!  (in reference to this quote)

when Hyuuga mentions “that fibonacci joke” he’s talking about a joke that Izuki has presumably recently made.  fibonacci, in this case, is (most likely) referring to Fibonacci the Italian mathematician, who was famous for coming up with the concept of the Fibonacci sequence.  the basic principal of the Fibonacci sequence is that each number in it is equal to the sum of the previous two numbers, so if you start with 1, the sequence goes 1, (1+0=) 1, (1+1=) 2, (1+2=) 3, (2+3=) 5, (3+5=) 8, and etc.  SO when Hyuuga says “that fibonacci joke is as bad as the last two you made combined,” he’s making his own joke about the rules of the Fibonacci sequence.

New kpop fans / Kpop trend

Im happy for the boys getting attention but…. 

For one some of yall new ‘armys’ are lucky as hell that army is a welcoming fan group. Y'all not about to be treating bts or any other kpop group like you treat justin bieber and one direction. Didn’t louis’s girlfriend almost get dragged by a fan because they got back together???? Harry and Louis dont ‘interact’ because yall pressured them to fuck too damn much! Assuming someone is gay and pressuring them to ‘come out’ is just as bad as saying you wouldn’t associate with someone gay and tbh its not even the actual lgbt fans that I see doing it, its fan with their little ship fetish who don’t actually support the lgbt commitunty. its ridiculous and I don’t think justin bieber spent basically a year and half complaining and dropping a single every once and awhile before disappearing. Its because his fans had no respect I personally think it was stupid to 'allow’ pictures and screaming when he was talking at concerts for so many years and he just expects them to stop but on the other hand that really show their respect for him the fact that they ignored it. Ive already seen soooo many new stans getting on that possessive shit like they own them. Tbh most new stans actually seem chill and dope asf but then I see bitches dragging the fuck out of bts being racist and all and then give some bullshit apology before deciding to stan because they’re popular. I mean do whatever you want nobody is in charge of you and thats just getting them more fame but thats fake as hell. I understand people might genuinely change their opinion about kpop its the fake bitches that’s the problem. Basically what I’m trying to say is new stans need to respect the old ones and understand that they aren’t about to be disrespected like they did their original stans and old armys calm now the new stans came when they were in America while they spoke english its more difficult when they’re in Korea. They’ll most likely leave once they realize they dont speak english 24/7 and that they’ll actually have to read subtitles most of the time anyone who stays are good.

Anyways….. Let’s be honest here in the mainstream “American music” kpop has always been seen as a trend. Bts wasn’t the first kpop group to break into American music but they are managing it smarter in my opinion but doing all of these interviews to make sure they stay up there. America just seems to trend a group and hype it up but once it goes on break after a come back everyone forgets about it and moves on to the next thing. It could be different this time but everyone’s getting hype about kpop becoming mainstream when its had multiple chances to do so. I personally think people just dont bother because its a different language “why listen to kpop when I could listen to something I can understand”. They might like the music and actually listen to it but kpop seems to get dropped and picked up in America so easily nowadays. Not only that I feel like once BTS goes on break after the tour (if they even do fucking workaholics lmao)  its all going to die down again which isn’t fair. It just seems so hard for asian artists to break their way into the American music industry.

Goodbye Im done half of this doesn’t even make sense 

BTW: Dont ever take away the hard work of idols just because you’re a salty bitch and if you think its “amazing that kpop is trending in America” but “stupid for an American artist to try and dive into kpop” you need to suck on a big toe. I understand where you’re coming from because its easy as hell to get famous here and instagram models are all of a sudden singers yes im throwing shade. I think its unfair because most of the kpop groups are only popular in Asia then an artist who is already known just decides to drop a kpop single (once again im throwing shade) but still you want your favs to be known are the world breaking into the American music industry so why can’t it be vise versa stop being hypricates…. Okay now im really done

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Hey! I just started my skam blog so I was wondering if you could rec me some nice blogs to follow? Thanks!

hii yes ofc! there’s so many blogs that i just adore but here are just a few! 

@evenbechnaeshiem @evenbakkas @sanasevas @thatgirl-intheback @bashfulisak @happilyevak @isalkvaltersen @alterloves @sweetevak @valtermeme @skamtrashnumberone @sanadear @tarjeisvkmoe @tarjei-sandvikks @sinceresana

and legit soo many more but these are just some at the top of my head whom i love soo much! hope this helped babe lmao x

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do u have any tips for somebody who struggles to write dialogue??

I gotta be honest, dialogue is probably the part of writing that comes most naturally to me and has evolved over years of practice…so I don’t know how helpful this will be, but here are 5 things that I think are important and might help to make your dialogue sound better:

1. READ YOUR OWN WRITING ALOUD. This is by far the most helpful and simple tip I have for you. Reading your dialogue aloud can make it ten times easier to spot parts that sound weird or clunky.

2. Don’t cut off rambling dialogue. What I mean by this is that while sometimes during the editing process you SHOULD shorten dialogue, sometimes characters - especially characters who are panicking, upset, overjoyed, or feeling any strong emotion - just need to monologue. Just let it happen if it feels like it’s not out of place in the story. Don’t be afraid to have paragraphs of dialogue if the story calls for it. Dialogue chunks like this can actually help to heighten emotion in the reader, especially if they’re made up of lots of run-on sentences, commas, semicolons, hyphens, and a general panicky/broken up punctuation layout.

3. Dialogue doesn’t always follow conventional writing (grammar/punctuation) rules. People use run-on sentences all the time when they’re speaking. Rather than always adhering to conventional grammar/punctuation rules, feel free to twist the rules in order to really make your dialogue stand out and not feel too formal.

4. Consider the speaker’s actual meaning while writing their dialogue. i.e. A character who is on a date with another character and plans to propose to them later is going to have a different manner of speaking than a character who plans to murder their date later. Sounds obvious, but you’d be surprised at how much depth it adds to dialogue (and characterization). As a side note, characters who are lying speak differently than characters who are telling the truth. An actual scientific study found that people who are lying tend to speak without contractions, while people who are telling the truth use contractions. (i.e. “I did not do it” vs “I didn’t do it.”)

5. Consider the background of the character while writing their dialogue and DO YOUR RESEARCH. By ‘background’ I mean stuff like personality, backstory, setting (either where they live or where they grew up), race, gender, sex, sexuality, occupation, and time period. For me personally, I tend to default to an upper-class Austen/Victorian-esque style of dialogue because I enjoy historical genre books and writing historical genre stories. But when I’m writing modern fics/stories, I make an effort to change my dialogue style to reflect that. I do this by listening to people around me, reading modern books, and letting modern slang and humor make its way into dialogue. Going off of this, in The Hurricane in His Veins, Shiro & Keith speak differently than Pidge, Hunk, and Lance. They were both born in earlier time periods where people spoke and acted in a more formal, reserved fashion, so that’s reflected in their dialogue and helps to define their characters. 

I hope this helped! Remember that the #1 best way to improve your writing is to practice every day and to READ. Good readers are good writers.

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hey so I really wanna learn Spanish and ppl say that the best way to do that is by watching tv, so I wanna watch shows in Netflix on Spanish and I know that you have watched shows in Spanish on Netflix (like Cable Girls, which I really wanna watch) but I wanted to know which shows you'd recommend, especially for a beginner?

MY TIME TO SHINE. okay, well first have you tried duolingo? it’s a website that allows you to learn languages for free. so it could help out? i want to use to learn french one of these days but anyhow on to tv shows on netflix well there’s velvet which is set in the 1950′s ( i’m actually at the start of this, i haven’t had time to keep watching but i loved the few episodes i watched a lot. ), el internado is another which is like a mystery and it’s REALLY good. el gran hotel is another, there is the mexican produced version up there now too which is el hotel de los secretos which is the same story line. 

mexican spanish is different and i think will be much easier to understand so for that i think you could watch rebelde, which is a teen oriented soap and well it’s one of the greatest loves of my life. there are also comedic shows like la familia peluche and vecinos that are mexican. and other novelas like la ursurpadora but some of those are way too melodramatic and i don’t think they’ll interest you. but i would def start with el internado and rebelde they are my faves. 

there are also other novelas, but i don’t know how well you do with violence? they are centered around drug lords, la reina del sur and el señor de los cielos ( both have a lot of triggers so i’d be careful watching it. mexican tv doesn’t offer trigger warnings )

I have Obtained Meds. An antidepressant, specifically. I’m supposed to pick up something for the possible ADHD from the pharmacy in a few days. And I have my transcript, so I can turn it and the other paperwork in tomorrow.

I think this is what hope feels like?

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ahhhh amanda could you link everything you said in the top 5 yoonkook moments? >.<

sure! here’s the bon voyage hug

here is the vlive

this is the other backhug i mentioned

jungkook’s bday video to yoongi

here’s the exercise vid and another shorter vers and one more

the airplane vid

here’s jungkook’s proposal lmao

the festa vid

i think that’s it? the skool luv affair i just meant the photoshoot and the ‘suga i love you’ is a picture and hyyh yoonkook is pretty self explanatory ^-^

((Updated the rules. For ease of access I’ll put here what I added and/or want to remind people of:

To Selectivity:

  • This blog is selective.
  • This means I will not roleplay with you by the sheer merit of your being an RP Blog. There needs to be a spark, or some kind of potential there. Likewise, I reserve the right to refuse a roleplay. I don’t say so to scare anyone away or be some scary elitist- I say it for my own protection.
  • This blog is not mutuals-only, but it is mutuals-prefered.
  • If you don’t have an about page and/or you don’t have a rules page, I will not RP with you. I need to know about the muse I’m writing with and I need to know your boundaries.

To Speed:

  • I am not a rapidfire RPer. Don’t expect such speed or short length from me.

A reminder from Starter Calls:

  • If you are a multi-muse blog, tell me which muse you would like me to write for. If you’re unsure, we can always try to talk it out.
  • If you like a starter call, I IM you asking for some kind of idea, and you never answer said IMs (not even a ‘I have no ideas; let’s wing it’), I’m not going to write the starter. I’m sorry; I like to communicate with my partners, even a little, and a lack of communication is a red flag for me. Legit, it’s ok not to have any ideas. We can bounce ideas off each other.

To a few more things:

  • This is sort of unrelated to RPing but still important: I don’t do chainmail; it makes me uncomfortable. This includes things like those posts which say “Reblog this if you actually enjoy following me” (Of course i do!!!!), or “I highly recommend the blog I reblogged this from”. If I write with you, I already highly recommend your blog. That, and I’d be reblogging those kinds of posts all day every day and that’s frankly not what I want to put pages and pages of on my blog.

A reminder from a few more things:

  • Finally: Please do not use my blog as a meme archive. If you don’t want to send me a meme (which is perfectly ok!!!!) then please reblog from the source. Additionally, if you’re only here for the inbox memes I reblog and have no intention of interacting with my tall son, please go follow a meme archive blog instead. I’d be happy to link you to some cool ones if you’d like.


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From what I understand garage kits need to be assembled, but do they also need to be painted? What kind of paints do I use? Most of the online stores I see selling garage kits don't say if they do or not.

if the figure needs to be painted depends from kit to kit, some need paint jobs, others just need assembly!

there are three kinds of pain ive seen people use: acrylic, enamels and laquer. no paint is better than the other, but for a beginner, i’d reccomend acrylics~~! they’re the safest paint, widely distributed and easy to work with, just remember to use sealer after your paint dries, or it wont stay!

all paint can either be applied by hand or with an airbrush tool 🎨


You’re looking at things wrong.

You’re looking at all of this through a negative mental filter.

Love cannot save everything.
Love cannot prevail.
Love is definitely not a Miracle worker.

Love is a Feeling.
It’s a state of mind.

It’s a source of motivation to be able to look at someone and decide to make them happy, because they make you happy.

THAT is love.

Love is the drive that leads you to hold someone’s hand. Not because it’s cute, or desired. But because it reminds you that you aren’t alone.

Love is a chemical reaction that makes you blush and makes you feel warmer. A reminder that life doesn’t HAVE to be cold.

Love a process of accepting flaws. From them. From yourself. And seeing what is good. In them. In you.

Sometimes. People are going to use that against you.

Sometimes. People can’t see it. Blind to love, because they feel love is blind to them.

But, sometimes.
Love saves people.

Saves them from those bad people.
Saves them from the darkness that they face every day.
Saves them from their own self.

Love cannot make everything better.

You can.

You are real.
Love is a feeling.

And because it can be hard to see.

Look at Him. Her. Them.
You saved them.
You loved them.
You helped them.

And I suppose they did that for you too?

Does that not matter?
Does that mean less than how *They* made you feel?

I’m not calling you out.

I’m asking you.

Does that mean less than how bad people make you feel?

Do you really believe that DECISION of ass holes. Idiots. Bad people. Mean less than the EFFECT you had on someone you actually cared for?

Still love?

When you focus on the negative aspects of life.
The hard parts of what happened to you.
The bad things that surround you and make you feel at home.

Life is hard.

If you try to see the good.
Try to fix the bad.
Do ONLY what You can help.

It gets easier.

It takes time. Practice. Trial and error.

But it gets easier.

Love is not a false goal to reach for.
Love is not the destination.

Friendship is.
Happiness is.
Healthy is.

Being the YOU, that you want to be, is.

lowcarbpussy  asked:

thank you for answering my question. but did you mean compulsory heterosexuality or heteronormativity? bc some ppl tag their posts as comp heterosexuality and as heteronormativity. can you use them interchangeably or not? or does the context decide the meaning of both words?

Well I know comp het is feeling like you personally have to be straight and heteronormativity is more like the world telling you that you have to be straight.