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Hyuk (@hsh0705):

홍빈이형이 최고의플레이를올렸다면.. 아군도 믿을수없게만드는 혁메트라의 지옥의문 #overwatch

I heard that Hongbinnie-hyung uploaded the best play.. Hyukmetra’s gate to Hell is unbelievable even to his allies #overwatch

Hongbin (@hongbiiiiin93):

ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 너의 악명이 너무 높다

ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ You are so notorious for that

Hyuk (@hsh0705):

이거는…우리별빛여러분들이타면안되는거예요 휘이휘이~

This is…something our Starlights should not ride Hwiihwii~

Lee Hongbin (and his dimples) appreciation post

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Hongbin as a girl:

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Super Hero era Binnie (That hair is super cute :3)

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Hongbin in Moorim School:

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And now lemme see those dimples:

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(god I love that gif  ↑)

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Ravi appreciation post

(I don’t own any of the gifs)

That’s Right. Good Boy.

Summary: You are Hongbin’s mistress, so you decide to go into his cell and have some fun with him. Based off VIXX’s “Chained Up”.

Genre: smut/bondage

Length: 1812

Requested by Anonymous

I sat at the edge of my bed and listened to the heels clacking against the floor. The sound was getting louder, so I knew the mistress was coming for me tonight. Sighing, I rolled my shoulders back, trying to get the tension out of my body, but I knew it’d be no use; as soon as my eyes landed on her, I’d completely freeze.

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❀ 29 Days of Lee Hongbin ❀

29 Fanarts featuring our precious Hongbinnie done this month of September to celebrate #HAPPYKONGDAY ~~~ 2nd Set of Bin with 5VIXX  ♡ ♡ ♡ Instax VIXX

The other artworks are on other posts linked below ♡

Set 1 | 2 | 3 | ☆

Please do not edit or repost any of the artworks.


VIXX Reaction To: Their GF Being Afraid of The Dark


“I will protect you!” (*manly Hyuk*)


“So am I.”


“You don’t have to be afraid.” (*sweet Leo*)


“Oh my gosh, no.” 


“Focus on this instead.” (*sexy N*)


“I’m here love.” (*adorable Hongbinnie!*)




Requested By: @royalbins (i hope you’ll like it! ❤︎)

-> hyukbin 😌

Rainy Day In

“I’m sorry I’m so late,” Hongbin tells you as he dries his hair with a towel.

“Don’t be, I’m just glad you got here safely,” you tell him. You look out your balcony window watching the rain come down heavily. “I’ll grab you some clothes to change into.” You head to your room and pull some clothes out of your closet.

“I’ve never been so happy that my jagiya likes to keep my clothes,” you hear Hongbin chuckle behind you. You blush as you look at the section of his clothes; you had borrowed clothes from him on many different occasions and just never bothered to give them back. He takes the clothes out of your hands, giving your cheek a quick kiss before heading off to the bathroom to change. You grab one of his jackets and pull it on heading out to the kitchen to make both of you something warm to drink.

“I see you decided to wear my clothes.”

“Can’t give you a reason to take them away from me,” you smile at him as you had him a cup of hot coco.

“Awe, I won’t do that to my little jagiya,” he tells you in a cutesy voice as he pinches your cheek.

“I’m not little,” you pout, “you’re just tall.” You get on your tiptoes to give Hongbin a kiss on the cheek before heading out to the couch with your own drink.

“You are little,” he tells you; sitting next to you, he pulls you close wrapping his arm around your waist, “you’re the perfect cuddling size.” He kisses the top of your head; you two sit in comfortable silence, enjoying the coco and each other’s company.

“You want to-“thunder interrupts you, lightening knocking out the power. “I was going to say watch a movie but…”

“We can play some games,” he suggests. “I can get the games while you light some candles.” He gets off the couch.

“You know where they are?” you ask as you head over to the kitchen table to grab the candles and light them.

“How many times have-” you hear some stuff fall over. “I’m ok, don’t worry _______.” You look down the hallway waiting to hear more. “I told you I’m ok jagiya, don’t look so worried.” You move one of the candles to get a better view, looking for any cuts. “I said I’m ok jagi,” he chuckles, his low voice making you blush.

“Ok, just be careful Hongbin,” you grab another candle, moving them over to the coffee table before returning to grab the other two. “You think this is enough light?” you ask him as you settle on the floor on one side, Hongbin on the other.

“Yeah.” He puts the different games on the edge, “Which one do you want to play?” You pick one that you haven’t played in awhile. “We should make this more interesting,” he tells you as he takes his turn.


“Yeah, the loser has to do gwiyomi.” You watch him smirk, clearly confident that he will win.

“When you lose you’ll have to do gwiyomi,” you tell him as you take your turn. “And you have to sing the song too.” You giggle when you see him cringe a little.

“When you lose you also have to dance cutely.” The battle was on; you two play like your life was on the line, neither wanting to act cutely. “You lost _______.” You could hear the smirk in his voice.

“Best 2 out of three,” you plead.

“But you already lost.”

“Please Binnie.” You didn’t even realize you used aegyo.

“If you lose, you also have to wear those cat ears and tail.” You wrinkle your nose remembering the cat ears and tail that N got you. For some reason he wanted to see them on you and your lovely boyfriend happily agreed. Luckily Leo was there and protected his best friend from them but you still had them up in your closet.

“Ok.” You pull out Jenga and quickly set it up. You start, hoping Hongbin will lose like he always did.

“You lost again,” he laughs, “I’m going to get the ears and tail.” He practically runs for your room, leaving no room for negotiating. You rest your face in your hands, wishing you never made the bet with him. “Here they are _______.” He places the ears on your head, handing you the tail to put on yourself. The power comes back on and both of you look up in amazement. “See even the universe wants to see you do gwiyomi.” You both blow out  the candle, putting them back on the table, then move the coffee table to give you room. “Wait, wait, wait.” Hongbin fumbles with his phone, before pointing it at you. “Ok, go.”

“Hongbinnie you didn’t say anything about filming.”

“That’s not going to get you out of it.” You blow a strand of hair out of your eyes before doing gwiyomi and dancing cutely.

“Ugh, I can’t believe I just did that.” You all but dive for the couch, hiding your face behind one of the pillows.

“You know you were so cute doing gwiyomi, and your even more adorable now,” he tells you as he pulls the pillow away from you. He kisses the tip of your nose before lightly kissing your lips.

“I’m not cute,” you pout.

“Yes you are, even the others think so.”


He holds up his phone shaking it a little. “I sent the video to the other members, even Leo said you were cute.”

“Why would you do that?” you dive at him, taking his phone and seeing that he did send it to them.

“I figured they can keep it safe for me since I’m decided to confess that I cheated at Jenga.” You look at him dumbfounded, you placed your hands on his chest and pushed yourself up to get a better look at him. “I hit the table when it was you turn.”

“You made them fall?” He nods his head. “Hongbin!’ You grab a pillow and hit him lightly with it before getting up off the couch. “This means war!” you yells with a giggle.

“You’re going to lose,” he laughs as he arms himself with a pillow.

“No, and when this is over, I’m going to film you being cutesy and share it with ALL the Starlights.”

“You wouldn’t dare.”

“Oh but I do,” you hit him with the pillow before making a run for your room, laughing hysterically.

#ChainedUp1stWin Speech

N: for always being next to vixx and twinkling, our starlight, byulbit! from the bottom of my heart, thank you. also, this time you worked hard, our VIXX! and working hard while filming your drama, Hongbinnie; thank you so much for doing so well. Our Hwang CEO, and Kim MyungSun CEO, and our Jellyfish family, working harder than VIXX, the hair, make-up stylist staff, and our NANA School teachers - thank you so much - and our managers too - thank you so much. We’ll always be a VIXX that won’t forget our beginning, thank you!
Ken: thank you! byulbit babies i love you >ㄴ<💕

trans. yuu-jin

anonymous asked:

Ken we please talk about the contact lenses the boys wore when they were filming for the remix (?) in china? Ken we? Ken they not? Ken they???

i don’t know anon, i don’t know if i ken talk about it. I HAVE NO WORDS TO DESCRIBE HOW ATTRACTIVE THEY ARE??????!! (/¯◡ ‿ ◡)/¯ ~ ┻━┻

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