and holy crap is it creepy

Something I think is interesting is if you consider Warp Tour through The Return from Peridot’s perspective, it’s a little bit like…

Imagine you’re working in a good-sized office building. It has a basement, but it’s always locked and you’ve never been there. One day your boss hands you the keys, tells you there’s a fax machine down there, and asks you to go see if it’s working.

You head into the basement, and it’s really creepy down there. There’s weird graffiti on the walls and like… mysterious arrangements of paperclips that you have no idea who put them there or why. But you are here, you have a job to do, you are good at your job, you are finding that fax machine.

And then suddenly a bunch of people you have never seen before jump out of nowhere, strike poses, rattle off some kind of motto and start attacking you. 

You book it back up the stairs and lock the door behind you, because, holy crap, there are people living in the basement, why did no one tell you about this. And naturally the first thing you do is blab to Security and by Security I mean that one ex-Navy Seal with all the tattoos who’s built like she wrestles grizzly bears in her spare time and somehow ended up on security detail in an office building right here at this point in your life when ordinary security will not suffice, because sometimes the corporate gods are merciful. 

And not only does she believe you, but she just sorta looks you over and goes “oh, yeah, those guys. I know who those guys are. Let’s go, I’ve got some unfinished business with them.”

And then to make situations way weirder there’s some other person who shows up around this time who has apparently been held hostage by the basement people for longer than you’ve been working here and she’s deeply alarmed by the phone system and she comes along even though she really doesn’t want to because you have Security on your side and Security probably benches I-beams, and you are totally confident you are going to kick these basement-lurking weirdos’ butts. 

And then the whole situation goes rapidly downhill and then before you know it you’ve been indoctrinated into the basement cult.


Day 24, I wasn’t sure to put this in three parts so I posted them all at once, enjoy the DJD

I really want to take a minute to say how fucking impressed I am with this whole Anti thing.

This build up has been literally so agonizingly good. He’s kept us on the edge of our seats throughout the entire month of October and knows how to act the part.

The ending of The Cubicle literally sent chills up my spine and drove me to tears. I rarely cry when it comes to like, creepy things or whatever. I’m very used to it but something about the ending got to me.

Good job, dude. Holy crap.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 61 this episode, there were soooo many emotions!!! They were literally all over the place!

First of all,

Zamasu is literally gay for himself.

Ugh. That’s just really creepy to look at.

Oh no wait! Zamasu is just gay!

No Zamasu! Goku is a married man you can’t just do that.

Ugh he’s being creepy again.

Omg no

Wait what?

Holy crap no!

Oh hell no!!! ChiChi! Goten! Run!!!!


Stop it!!!!!!!!!

You know…

The worst part about it was if Goten knew. He saw his own father kill. But did Goten see Goku? Or did he see Zamasu? How was he to know that Zamasu and Goku switched bodies.

You get ‘em Goku!

Avenge your family’s death!

Kick his ass Goku!

But then Goku falls and ugh we’re back to square one…

The Trunks comes in but he fails too :(

I still don’t ship you two but Mai help Trunks!

But then…

Holy sugar honey ice tea! Trunks?!

I guess they don’t call him the son of the Prince of all Saiyans for nothing!

I cannot wait for next week’s episode!

By the way was anyone esle confused by Zamasu explaining everything about the timelines? Cause I was.

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Here's your creepy equal again. Just thought off something else. You are growing your hair out to look more feminine, right? I just cut my hair short to look more masculine. +Your gf likes true crime, so does my bf...

Please come off anon, just holy fuuuuuck I’m legitimately crapping myself on my way to work, like i said last time this…. really is something i’d hear on a glitch in the matrix creepypasta/reddit thread narration and im ???? so ???? 

How To Shade

Like this: >.>

…juuuuust kidding let’s see what this is…who are we shading today huh huh huh

[before you move on to shading though, make sure you erase the super sketchy lines of your drawing so that you know exactly where to shade. Sometimes I’ll erase entire areas and redraw with one thin line but that’s probably weird and just personal preference (I like to always start with a “clean slate”, gosh that’s cheesy). I used 2H for drawing, so the lines don’t really show up well, but it’s easy to erase] Pencils used for shading: HB, B, 2B, 4B, 6B

Whobody’s eye is this, and why didn’t I finish shading that eyebrow holy crap

[shading the eye should take quite a while, since it becomes the focal point later on - our eyes tend to gravitate to the eyes in the drawing. It looks quite creepy until step 3, so don’t worry if it’s really strange at first! Important tips to remember: try to draw in a pupil even when you can’t see it in the reference picture; completely shading in the iris without a pupil will make it look flat and awkward. Having a highlight would be nice too! Also, the whites of the eyeballs usually are not completely white. The important thing is to observe all the shadows that fall on the eyeball, as well as the surrounding area, so don’t forget shading around the eye, because it contributes greatly to the portrait’s likeness.]

And the other eye just magically appears. After the eyes it’s the nose, then lips, then Taeyang magically appears to warn me on copyright thingies of his song (what is wrong with me)

[Don’t stress too much about the other eye! As long as your proportions are right, the corners of the eyes line up, and the size of the pupils are the same, you should be okay. Perfect symmetry is not usually the case; the shape of his eyes are slightly different. Shading the other eye with the same techniques will give you “uniform-looking” eyes. For the nose, I find it easier to locate and shade the nostrils first (lmao), then expand my shading from the tip of the nose, and also from the corners of the eyes downwards. From the reference picture, Yixing’s nose highlights are kind of strange, so take your time to make sure you’re shading the right places according to the reference, and not just what you think it should look like. For lips, it’s pretty much the same process. I draw the dark crease line first, then expand my shading out from it. So far, it seems that my routine is to shade the darkest parts first, then base the lighter shading off of it. Don’t do this if you’re painting, especially with watercolours - it will smudge badly! …But that’s a totally different thing…]

Mr. Photographer, Xing Xing is ready for his closeup (what the heck)

[He has a deep crease down the middle of his lower lip (I’m not a creepy fangirl), so draw that in first. Make sure to leave strips of lip out - don’t shade it, that will be the highlights. Don’t forget to make use of your many different types of pencils to achieve those lights and darks! There’s no need to be super meticulous about how many creases there should be, etc. Spending more time on it doesn’t mean that it will turn out better, because sometimes if you overdo things, it’s hard to go back! The highlights will never be the same…What’s also super important is the shading around his lips. It would be weird if you have a very well shaded pair of lips floating on top of a blank face. Yeah.]

The longer you stare at it, the weirder it looks. Don’t look…( I have 192348719234 wips at around this step because necks are so boring, right)

[Finishing the face is like 90% of the drawing done, but that also depends on your style and what you chose to include. Neck shading… it’s the same thing as shading the face. A thing that happens often is that people only shade in the darkest areas, and don’t do anything with the intermediate values (wow math). So remember, once again: you have a range of pencils, try to use them all to create a range of values instead of just a light and a dark. Yixing needs to be the epitome of fifty shades of grey] sorry

next step, hair :DD

-except that’s for another tutorial which I’ve already done! [Here!] I hope this helped! 

Drakken: Gentlemen, don’t flatter yourselves. There’s only one genius in this room, and it is I, Doctor Drakken!

Chen: Drew?

Ramesh: Drew Lipsky? Is that you?

Pfft. His last name is Lipsky? Nowhere near as villainous sounding as Drakken. I see why he changed it. 

Ron: No! He’s Doctor Drakken and he’s in for a world of hurt!

Drakken: So, Kim Possible is here?

Ron: Oh yes! Actually, no. 

and whose fault is that you fuckin’ moron. 

Holy crap, that’s a creepy smile. Why do all the villains have such large mouths? 

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Holy crap m8 u are so frickin cute/gorgeous. Legit one of the most beautiful people that my eyes have ever had the pleasure of seeing. Sorry if this sounds creepy. I just saw ur selfies and I was shot through the heart by your perfect gotdang face.


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avan jogia in twitter rp. holy crap. i was thinking about how underused he was and then someone went and played him terribly. he was creepy, made offensive jokes, ended up getting kicked out for talking about r*pe

FUCKKKFKF I THINK I WAS IN THE SAME GROUP !!!!! he was so desperate for sex and then when someone rejected him harassed them.. him and jack johnson have been ruined for me… i think the same person played them too i’m not even gon’ lie.


Imagine aph denmark as jack skellington from the nightmare before christmas, and aph norway as sally, and iceland as the dog

and then when denmark goes to christmastown and kindnaps santa, he actually kidnaps finland, and then sweden goes on an angry rampage to halloweentown to get him back

(america can be the creepy mayor who’s head turns around)

“Good..Just do exactly as i say…”

HOLY CRAP THIS CAME OUT WELL. I waned to draw more of the Z manipulation AU as well as showing off a teaser of Dbug!zetto C: I have a full image where you see rubis face that i might finish, its really eerie but i liked this better for its vagueness and really creepy grin 

also a full body of zetto will be out soon!


picked a new branch of the running path today. definitely taking it again next time we run here.

…which will not be in the rain because holy crap no. it was freezing and wet and i found a great location for a confrontation/shoot-out in a story (cough) (i took video of that), and by the time i got back to the car i couldn’t feel my face.

photos are taken with my ipod, which is why they’re so crap.

holy crap guys. don’t fucking wait outside of a band’s hotel room. the hotel itself? not as terrible. but imagine you’re getting ready to go about your day, you walk out of your room, and then WHAM BAM THANK YA MAM, there’s a group of people just. staring at you? and expecting you to be nice and cordial despite the fact that they followed you to your room and probably waited outside of it for a while. kiiiinda creepy. for a person like Gerard, who has stated that he gets socially anxious easily, that’s the equivalent of being asked to give an oral speech in your nighties when you haven’t prepared; it’s just not cool. if you want to meet an artist, wait outside of the venue after the show. try to catch them and talk to them when they’re prepared for it. not when they’re walking out of their friggin hotel room.