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Black Tie

Royai Week 2017 - Day Two
Some thoughts come unbidden.
Good god, what was it about that black tie?
Rating T              Words 715

For the first time that day he could really look at her. He had seen her throughout the day, but now in the aftermath of the operation, he was really looking at her. It was unusual seeing her in a gentleman’s three piece suit. Somehow it made her even more fascinating.

Of course he was used to seeing her in the trousers and jacket of the Amestrian military uniform. But somehow the civilian suit was, different. Yet he couldn’t say exactly what the difference was. Truth was she always looked good.  There was something about the way she carried herself. Something, about her. She could be dressed in a calico sack and still look amazing. But seeing her in that dark striped suit, he was mesmerised.

The slightly loose fit of the coat had been an attempt to hide her feminine physique. Her close cropped hair and the hat pulled low had also helped.  And surprisingly the ruse had worked long enough to successfully complete the mission. But now as he watched her walk across the office, he couldn’t take his eyes off her.

As she moved to her desk, she slipped off the coat and hung it over her chair. If the coat had been baggy, the vest was an entirely different story.  She’d made sure the vest was a good fit so she could access her weapons without loose fabric getting in the way. The way the vest fitted was excruciatingly attractive. Even though he was well aquatinted with her torso, albeit through difficult circumstances, something about the vest highlighted the lines of her body in a whole new way.

And he had no idea why the crossed pattern the holster straps made across her back and shoulders was so deeply intriguing. Suddenly all he could think of was gently laying his hands against her collar bones, slipping them along under the holster straps and across to her shoulders. Then leisurely sliding the leather straps down her arms.

But without doubt the sight that most excited his attention was the tie. Good god, what was it about that black tie? The more he looked at the knot of the tie the more he felt a lump twist in his own throat. He remembered watching her as she’d put it on that morning. Her hands deftly laying the tie around the high stiff collar, then folding the knot with ease and setting it at the perfect angle in front of her throat. There was something completely captivating seeing how the tie lay around her neck. The way the perfectly tied Windsor knot sat nuzzled against her throat. The thought of standing in front of her, reaching up and gradually loosening the knot, fingers gently tugging at the folds, until he was left with the tie loose in his hands.  Then one hand gently, slowly pulling, feeling the black tie slide away around her neck until she was free of it.

As he continued to look at the tie, to look at her, he could feel a growing pulse thumping somewhere deep inside. Some days it was hard to control his thoughts. He didn’t want to stop looking at her. Didn’t want to stop thinking of the supple curve of her throat just below the black tie. He knew he shouldn’t indulge himself. It would do neither of them any good.

Maybe he shouldn’t have asked her to follow him. Perhaps if she were serving under another officer, or had left the military entirely, then perhaps they could be together all the ways their current choices denied them. But their choices, and their promises, defined them.

He knew how deeply, how completely she trusted him. Beyond all the secrets and power she had entrusted him with, beyond the intimacy of entrusting him to save her from the burden she carried, she trusted him in their mundane day to day existence not create situations that neither of them wanted to pull away from. She trusted him to be her superior officer. No more, no less.

As she settled into her chair he chose to look away.  There maybe a time for acting on the thoughts the sight of the black tie brought to mind, but not today. Today it was enough to serve as her Colonel.

And I’m feeling stupidly chuffed to be about to hit the post button on my first ever Royai Week submission!!!!!

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Psa: Remember to flag any porn bots that follow you as spam so Tumblr can take care of them

If you don’t know how to flag someone, click on their name via followers, skim to make sure it is indeed a porn bot, hit the icon that looks like the upper part of a person and click flag this blog, it will give you options click the “this is spam” button

Spam. Don’t spam people. Don’t make spammy posts, don’t post spammy replies, don’t send people spammy messages. Be a regular human. Don’t put tags on your posts that will mislead or deceive searchers. For example, don’t tag a photo of your cat with “doctor who” unless the name of your cat is actually Doctor Who, and don’t overload your posts with #barely #relevant #tags. Of course, meaningful uses of tags are always fine (for example, ironic “punchline” tags that add meaning or context to a post). Don’t put dubious code in your posts, like using JavaScript to cause redirects or inject unwanted ads in blogs. Don’t use deceptive means to generate revenue or traffic, or create blogs with the primary purpose of affiliate marketing. Spam doesn’t belong on Tumblr.

Ie a bot counts as spam. Then decide whether or not you want to block the blog, then hit the orange button. 

You can also report blogs via tumblr’s support system

I’ve used it before for other things they’re very good about getting back to you. 

Why am I posting this here? Because I know it will be seen and I’m tired of porn bots. If you’re gonna post porn be an actual person dammit. 

You know, I’m just going to go on a little rant about people who are strictly anti-non-canon-compliant fan work (to the extent of sending hate to those who create it), specifically with regards to ships. 

In the anon hate that I’ve received about my AU where Sasuke and Sakura are divorced, I’ve noticed one highly prevailing theme that honestly puzzles me.

People seem to think that creators of non canon compliant fan work are unaware of canon, or are in denial about the “canon-ness” of the ending of the Naruto series. I’m really not sure where people get this impression.

Sasuke/Sakura, Naruto/Hinata, and all the other canon ships are canon. No amount of fan work is going to change that. Fan work is written for personal entertainment, and shared online for the entertainment of others who think similarly or are interested in seeing how a different take on an aspect of the story can play out. No one thinks that their fan work is going to magically change what has been written– it’s not. Of course we are aware of this, and of course we are aware of canon. There are two reasons why people might create non-canon-compliant fan work:

1. It’s fun. It’s interesting. It’s creative. You get to see how characters behave in situations that didn’t happen in the actual story. It’s an exploration and an expansion of canon, and you get to see the characters in fresh settings and fresh situations. You can enjoy canon perfectly well and still be interested in teasing out possibilities. This is the spirit of fan work.

2. You don’t like canon. You don’t have to like canon. You thought of an idea that appeals to you more than canon, you like the base idea of canon or even the majority of it, and you want to fill in gaps you think the author didn’t, or try taking the story down a route that’s more interesting to you. Fan work is a space for exploration and originality, and it is perfectly positive to do your own thing and explore your own ideas when you don’t necessarily like how canon went while still attributing credit to the original author for setting the story up (rather than claiming that your take is one hundred percent original).

What people don’t seem to get is that creators of fan work are doing our own thing. We’re not trying to change canon– we can’t change canon– and we certainly aren’t trying to force our thoughts on you. Which brings me to my next issue.

Non-canon-compliant fan work is very easy to ignore. The majority of fan work that is out there which was created post-ending is canon compliant. Yesterday, I toggled with the FanFiction.Net filters to see only complete, English fanfiction about Sasuke, and sorted them by most favourites to least. The first two pages were almost completely Sasuke/Sakura fanfiction, with a couple of Sasuke/Naruto fic and one Sasuke/Hinata. If Sasuke/Sakura take up the majority of most highly favourited fanfiction, not only is there plenty of it, but there is plenty that is actually good and well-written. I’ve seen the fan art for the canon ships– they are extremely beautiful and there is a lot of it. If one really wanted, it isn’t that difficult to filter your experience in the Naruto fandom to have almost no non-canon-compliant work at all. Comparatively, there is less out there for people who look specifically for non-canon-compliant work, but I know several people who make use of blacklisting and do their best to attune their experience in the fandom to their own preferences as well.

It really shows an extreme pettiness to tell creators of non-canon-compliant fan work that they are “delusional” and “unable to accept canon”. No one has to like anything, the series is over, the canon that you like is safe. None of us pose any threat to the ending that you incessantly praise. None of us are forcing for you to look at our work– in fact, the majority of us probably don’t even want you looking at it. 

Grow up. Use a blacklist. Learn to hit the back button when you don’t like something, or the close tab feature. We are not going to stop creating work, and we are especially not going to stop just because you send us nasty messages and nonsensical arguments in an attempt to demotivate us. You can make your experience in the fandom fun for you, and we will make it fun for ourselves.

Movie Stereotypes / Cliches

Drat. I got an interesting ask about this, replied to it, and then hit the wrong button and it went back privately instead of posting. So, here’s my attempt to recreate it.

ENTJ: Philandering emotionally-constipated visionary CEO.

INTJ: Evil mastermind and/or scientific genius who creates Frankenstein.

ENFJ: Manipulative vixen dead set upon obtaining vengeance and freeing fellow witches from enslavement and/or placing an evil king upon the throne.

INFJ: The witch / psychic / medium next door.

ENTP: Attention-seeking mad scientist who also believes in aliens and/or is the villain who messes with you for fun.

INTP: Mad scientist and/or the scatterbrained professor at the college, who is really quite good natured and awkward a lot of the time.

ENFP: Scatterbrained ditz who sets out to “find herself” and winds up flouting all kinds of traditions while being constantly pulled back into her past trauma.

INFP: Quiet, artsy dreamer who bucks tradition and just wants to be “true to themselves.”

ESTJ: Racist / bigoted / sexist crusher of free spirits, who oppresses their children and is a rigid traditionalist at heart.

ISTJ: Old-fashioned traditionalist who REALLY HATES CHANGE and wants to put that criminal IN JAIL.

ESTP: Much brawn, fewer brains, often found smashing or punching things.

ISTP: Quiet but deadly problem-solver who never looks at explosions while walking calmly away from them in slow motion.

ESFJ: Shallow, ditzy, interfering, cheer-leading blonde queen bee who insists on giving everyone makeovers.

ISFJ: Cookie-baking character’s mother, high school teacher, ex-high-school girlfriend, or… well, a nun.

ESFP: The school “slut.” =(

ISFP: Emo but super special drug-taking musician / artist / dancer.

Stop with the cliches, Hollywood. PLEASE.

ooc: So I was in the Naruto tag and saw a rant about Boruto by someone. In that rant, they claimed that Studio Periot shouldn’t be focusing on characters they created (Denki, Sumire and Iwabe) and should focus more on the characters Kishi created. They then proceeded to say that Studio Periot should create an Inuzuka character to be involved in the show. That is so contradictory lmao. Do people read what they’re typing before hitting the post button?

anonymous asked:

(if ur still doing the sleepover thingy) ok so... sometimes i feel a bit weird whenever i share my stuff online like, "oh ur showing off again bla bla bla" so i mostly keep to myself... do u have any advice on how to shut out bad thoughts coz ://///

Hmm well honestly I feel the same way a lot, and I don’t have much advice for you except post it anyway. That is my best advice. Ignoring the thoughts are hard, you might hear them anyway, but make yourself hit that post button anyway. Don’t delete immediately afterwards. Post it anyway, lovely.

When the bad, negative thoughts come back and try to beat you down, remember that I’m telling you this specifically; they’re liars. Nothing they tell you is true. Posting and revealing your art, writing, edits or anything you create on the internet?

Nobody will ever see that as showing off.

People will love you even more for it, my friend!! Do you have a favourite artist, or writer, or just somebody who you knows creates stuff that you enjoy? And maybe every piece of art, every fic, is great to you, and you love it, so you have no hesitations about liking or reblogging?

That’s what your content is to people. You post one thing? It gets loved. Post another? Even more love. People want you to keep making things because the more you make, the more they get to enjoy. You are not showing off, not being obnoxious or arrogant or self-centred. You are making people happy, they love you stuff and want more and adore whatever you make.

And I know it can be hard,but the more you post, the more people will see, will adore, will love, will see how great it is. And they’ll tell you. They won’t lie, won’t be pitying, they will be truly, genuinely, honestly happy with what you create, and they’ll tell you that they love it, tell you what they like, tell you how it made them smile. Please try to believe them.

And, friendo, the more time that goes on the more love you will receive. The more people will see your content, the more people will smile, the more people will get that happy bubbly feeling in them. And they’ll let you know. And bit by bit, the bad thoughts will leave, blown away by the genuine love people give you for your work.

Post everything, my friend. That’s how you fight the thoughts.

To all the people, telling the creator what you like, how much you like it, how it made you feel, being positive and encouraging even just in the tags is a big help!! Helps us post more for you!! This is how I ignore my bad thoughts, I can find some nice comments and suddenly the courage to click post comes back.

((Also after that long drawn out speech which basically im apologising for because it wasnt really advice here are some quick things. Listen to your fav music loudly, get tea or a nice drink, blankets, food, your favourite story show or movie, maybe watch a lot of your favourite youtuber. basically distract yourself with good things. Forget about what you posted for a bit and get relaxed and happy. Simple things help too💖 ))

yooo this went on forever im sorry lol

Sleepover! Send me anything; rants, stories, crushes, puns, pick up lines, jokes, fmk, truth or dare, anything :)

In a study at UCLA, teenagers had their brains scanned while viewing pictures they had submitted. The more likes their photos had received, the more the reward circuitry in their brain lit up like a firework, much in the way that same area responds to chocolate, sex, and hard drugs. For people, attention (validation’s slutty sibling) can easily turn into pleasure-seeking behavior and, eventually, full-blown addiction. To our poor, stupid monkey brains, this is completely tribal. We see how many likes and comments and shares our posts get compared to those of other people, and we measure ourselves against them. If we have more, we are the king of the jungle. That social media stimulates this primal, addictive part of the brain is no coincidence. Companies like Facebook have never been coy about creating “obsession loops” that keep their users hitting refresh like it’s the button that releases the morphine.

However, unlike drugs or cigarettes, there doesn’t seem to be anything inherently harmful from getting some internet thumbs-ups, so why aren’t we all walking along like smiley happy people, having discovered a whole new way for us to feel good about ourselves? Because internet affirmation is an empty high, a whole lot of baby formula with not a lot of cocaine. According to Dr. Larry Rosen, professor of psychology at California State University at Dominguez Hills, real-life empathy is six times more effective at making people believe they are being supported. And our monkey brain is still advanced enough that it can tell the difference – so even a retweet storm will often leave us feeling hollow and emotionally malnourished. But on the flip side, a lack of likes hits just as hard as any real-life rejection. Not getting an instant positive click from a friend can quickly lead to feelings of resentment and anger. Many a Kimber-on-Kimber fight has broken out because of a poolside pic that was left unliked.

6 Ways Human Biology Turns You Into An Asshole On Facebook


Forty-five years ago today, @npr started airing its first news program, All Things Considered (ATC). On the same day, over 20,000 protesters gathered in Washington, DC to demonstrate against the Vietnam War. ATC sent reporters out in the streets to record the voices of protesters, police officers, veterans and office workers, creating a 28-minute documentary of the historic event. Hit the play button to listen!

Since May 3, 1971, ATC has grown and evolved while staying true to its original mission to “speak with many voices.” Happy birthday ATC, and many happy returns of the day. Here’s to the next 45 years.

Image: Courtesy of the DC Public Library, Star Collection, © Washington Post. 

Backing up your Tumblr

I’m far from the first person to discover this, but thought I’d share as it might be useful:

The tutorial (last file on the list, “”) is for Windows. This is what worked for me on MacOS:

1) Download and open tumblr-utils (top right corner, green button, Download ZIP)

2) Open Terminal

3) Change directories to wherever the file “” is saved by typing (without quotes) “cd” and then the path to the folder – for example, “cd /users/desktop/[myname]/tumblr-utils/tumblr-utils” + hitting enter/return

4) Type “python [yourTumblrusername]” + enter/return

5) If all goes well, a folder labelled with your username will be created in the same directory, and the contents will look like this:

Posts are saved as bare-bones HTML files and images go in the media folder.

You Will Never Look At Steven Universe’s Laundry The Same Way Again

For those of you just joining us: Hi. I’m a grown-ass man (at least in the eyes of the law) who watches Steven Universe.

One of the fun things about following a show in the Internet era is following the conversations that are triggered by a good show with an active fan base. There are theories and episode recaps that help you see your show in a whole new way. And when that show’s Steven Universe, theory videos are a regular cottage industry.

The problem is I’m not as hip-deep in anime, psychology, or puzzle solving as the @crewniverse and their minions. What I do know a little bit about is appliance maintenance. Enough to know that I don’t know nearly as much as I should, but at the very least I know where my feet are.

So yeah, let’s take a look at that damn washer and dryer for a minute.

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doyourikepasta  asked:

So you don't want us to reblog you're art? I mean if you don't that's fine I just wanted to make sure because I will take it down of my blog if you want me to. And btw you're art if freaking gourgeous! I always look forward to you're next post! 💖💙

No no no, that’s certainly not an issue! ;A; If you like my art and wish to reblog it, please do so.

You’re not the first person to be confused about the differences between reposts and reblogs, and that’s okay, I wish Tumblr made it more clear! I’ve actually been asked this enough times that I even have it answered in my Rules & FAQ post, but I’ll copy-paste the relevant part here:

What’s that about reposts and reblogs?

REBLOGS are good.  I love reblogs, every artist and creator out there loves reblogs.  Reblogs get our stuff on your blog while letting everyone know where it comes from, and letting us know where it goes.  It gives us greater visibility to a wider audience, gives us notes to boost our confidence.  If you like my work, I would be so grateful if you would consider reblogging (and if you write something in the tags/comments, I read those constantly and they make me so happy!).  All you need to do is hit that button on your dash.

REPOSTS are bad.  Reposts are when you save my images to your computer, then create a brand new post whether it be on Tumblr or some other site.  Whether it’s just my work or a compilation including other artists, it’s still a repost.  A translation without permission is a repost.  Even if you credit me, it’s still a repost; I didn’t know you made it, you don’t have my permission, and none of the notes or comments get back to me.  Another word for repost is “Art Stealing.”  It really hurts me and demotivates me whenever I see a repost, because it means people don’t respect me as an artist, and only want my drawings to get notes for themselves.  Please don’t repost, reblogging is so much easier.  If you have any questions, feel free to ask me.  And I sincerely appreciate those of you who let me know when my art has been reposted ^ ^;


Hope this clarifies things! Thank you so much for checking in with me to be sure, and thank you also for liking and supporting my art! <3

The Quantization of Time

We have come a long way from the grand father watches of the 19th centuries, having successfully destroyed the necessity to wear one.

( Courtesy : Smart-phone )

But, thanks to watch lovers around the world, their legacy continues.

Tell me and I’ll forget,

Show me and I may remember,

and Involve me and I will understand.

In this post we will explore the quartz watches of our day.

But to truly understand what happens in a quartz clock, let’s look at something more pronounced- The Lighter. 

The Quotidian Lighter

It consists of a small, spring-loaded hammer which, when a button is pressed, hits a Piezoelectric crystal. 

Piezoelectric crystal is one which produces a voltage when pressure is applied to it. This effect is known as the piezo-electric effect.

Upon hitting the Piezoelectric crystal, a huge voltage ( ~ 600 V )is created because of the piezo-electric effect.

The lighter is wired in such a way that this whole voltage is applied in a small region of air gap between two metallic points.

Due to high voltage generated, the air is ionized and acts as a path for the discharge.

This electric discharge is the spark which when exposed to the combustible gas from the stove ignites it to produce flame.

Tick, tick, tick -The Quartz Crystal

Inside a quartz clock or watch, the battery sends electricity to the quartz crystal ( a piezoelectric material ) through an electronic circuit.

The quartz crystal oscillates (vibrates back and forth) at a precise frequency: exactly 32768 times each second.

A Quartz crystal oscillator

These oscillations generate small electrical signals which are ‘divided down’ by the circuit within the watch to the required frequency (usually seconds) and translated into pulses which are sent to the watch display or a motor to move the seconds hand.

Remarkable isn’t it?

Have a Great Day!

Welcome Snowbarry Shippers!

We are a challenge blog that’s hoping to host a few Snowbarry challenges throughout the year.

Challenges, you ask? Like what?

Well, shippers, like Snowbarry Week with prompts for fic authors and fan artists, or A Very Snowbarry Valentine’s with specifically romantic prompts, or perhaps a Halloween challenge? That’s the general idea.

For all this to work, we need contributors.

Who can contribute?

EVERYONE! People more comfortable lurking can leave anonymous prompts for each challenge, fic authors can write, fan artists can photoshop, draw, … you name it! And everyone will always get the chance to vote in any polls we might post.

Who are we? We’re nuts, clearly, to take all this on, but we really want to create a content rich environment for Snowbarry Shippers to come read, gander, and create! So come take a look, hit the follow button, OR track our tag #simplysnowbarry, and we’ll have more news about that Snowbarry Week soon!

Here my contribution to the recent game Undertale! I can’t fully put into words how wonderful this game is. I’ve played a lot of games in my days, but this game really hit every button right for me. Almost every moment so far has left me smiling, laughing, sad, or soon I’m sure crying…! It feels so genuine I’ve caught myself smiling like an idiot just thinking about the game! If you have time you should really check out the game. Toby Fox has done such a wonderful thing creating this game and I hope everyone that buys it enjoys it as much as I have! 

Process Post: Here

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idk, if you dont like the new bloggers or the old ones, then dont hit the follow button, i mean, stop creating issues and comparing the new ones to the old ones, i’ve been here since 2011 and i’ve seen tumblr wars, the thing is while they send hate msgs to other bloggers, i’m minding my own blog and not caring at all, this is not a hate post tho, im just sharing my views about this never ending issue

Raise your voice against tumblr’s latest (and shittiest) updates (ever)


As you may already know, tumblr’s @staff recent updates have been more and more disappointing. The disappearance of the comment button, if it wasn’t dramatic (to me at least) was in no way improving this website - you could simply disable this function if you didn’t want it on your posts.

However, two other updates I learned about just today just FUCK UP EVERYTHING FOR US ARTISTS IN NEED TO GET POPULARITY. Namely, the tag tracking and the selective dashboard (or whatever you’ll call the fact of showing only some of the posts from the people you follow).

  • First of all, the Tracked Tag was an awesome tool to keep in touch with the tags/fandoms we liked, as well as artists. It was an easy and hella quick access to the newest posts (also with the information on about how many new posts were to be discovered). The staff proudly claims “Now you can follow a search, just like a blog”. If you don’t look twice, you’ll see it as a normal feature to compensate the old one. Except I find it problematic. Because when you have to track a tag, you have three ways of doing it (and none is as good as the old one):
  • Browse your dashboard: Which is something I don’t always have time and will to do. If I get back from work and just want to see what happens in my favorite fandom, I will have to scroll down and down and pay attention to every single post to be sure I won’t miss the tracked tag related post. I’d lose 20 minutes instead of the 5 I just wanted to spend - also at the ads if by any chance I were too stupid to use an adblocker (thanks God, I’m not, and thanks again, actual clever people exist and created those).
  • Actually search for the topic in the search bar, and then get the results by popularity (in the context of art and especially for the bigger fandoms, this is a Mount Olympus only artists who are already popular can achieve). There’s a way of sorting results by newest instead of popular but not everyone will set “newest” as default, also it’s one more button to hit before getting your result. And to think it only took 3 seconds to get them in the good old times!!
  • If you want the posts displayed in a single column, like in the dashboard, as it used to be, you can type the url in your browser, like this: and then you get the same result as before the update but this is not intuitive to people who didn’t knew this trick before and you also have to type it by yourself. Again, you lose time and energy thinking of a solution to get back your beloved tracked tags.
  • Including the tracked tag in the dashboard also apparently doesn’t let you see everything about the tag but only (randomly?) selected post that may or may not match with what you expect from the tracked tag. It backfires even worse: You end up ignoring the goddamn post and scroll away from it. Wow so useful.

The update mentioned above was already super shitty, but what now I find SCANDALOUS is the fact that the dashboard becomes somewhat “selective”?? Not all the posts from the people you follow will appear on the dashboard?

  • Okay then, first tell me why I should follow them? Why not keeping a notebook aside my computer with the list of all the artists and blogs I like and go check those manually if they have a update. It’d be so hipster and tumblr was designed for hipsters right?
  • Also it should seem obvious that artists with a little fanbase because they are not as talented / successful /experienced/famous as others have a hella hard time to get noticed. I see everyday artists that’d deserve a larger fanbase because they make original stories and art so unique, but all the popularity is for the ones who make fanarts from popular series or just have a plain artstyle that just happen to suit people who have no taste in art. Here on tumblr, they are people struggling to live from their art, and visibility is ESSENTIAL to them and the prosperity of their creative activity. If you hide their posts to their followers you may be putting in danger this prosperity because they’ll have to find other ways to get noticed. It may cost them time to find the solution, to get their fanbase aware of it (and many won’t see it as their problem) and even money if they need to pay for advertisement…Or premium account maybe? Because it all looks like the signs of some shitty premium advantages only the richest or most popular will afford. Because that’s how it works isn’t it?

I’m usually not into this so-called tumblr social justice but I now think enough is enough. DeviantArt’s latest updates were no less shitty than tumblr (let them eat Core!!!). To me and many other artists, tumblr is a source of inspiration and one of the windows by which I can contemplate the beauty of art today, and also a window by which people will look at mine. What made the success of tumblr was the freshness of the concept, a sort of twitter with unlimited post lenght and high quality, customizable blogs. Constant updates isn’t a synonym of constant progress and I think useless updates is the sign of a decline which will gradually play with the nerves of your users. They are probably here to relax, and if they can’t they’ll just move their content to another platform and tumblr will only be memories…of one more great website that ruined everything just for the sake of money.

So, if you are an artist, if you are a fan or a customers of artists here, if you are there because you liked keeping in touch with your favorite stuff, reblog this post and add your voice to the choir of miscontentment this stupid update led us to. Silent majority accomplishes nothing, but the minority who’ll rise and fight will.


Hey taylorswift

I contemplated not making this post for a long time because I never want to hurt or upset anyone even unintentionally but I can’t stand it anymore and I am honestly so proud of what I have developed and I’m finally going to tell you about this giant street team I created called melbourneswifties

A little over two years ago I decided to experiment and hit a “create group” button on facebook little did I know that moment would change my life! Over those two years I have had up to 500 people join my Melbourne Street team.

I started running Melbourne based Swiftie meet ups and each meet up more and more people would come (started with 13 members to 50+ now attending events). Straight away I had this vision of the group making a big difference in this world and I can proudly say our vision has come to life. Each event we have raised money for the Ronan Thompson foundation as well as the Cancer Council, easily we have raised over $1000 for charity which is a lot when you’re asking these lovelies who show up to events from hours and hours away to donate some coins after they’ve traveled from up to 6 hours from outer Melbourne but they still want to make a change.

Every single chance I have, I jump online and watch the group, interact and just feel nothing but happiness and love! People from all over Aus have joined the group and have started creating street teams following my path to make a change state by state and having that influence on people is something I am so proud of.

I don’t do much right in life at all, I constantly feel like a failure. But when people from this group message me essays about  how this group has helped them, giving them an outlet to be themselves and meet other swifties who are struggling with breathing but this group gives them a sense of belonging, I do not take that lightly. This group is extremely important to me and many others, call it dramatic but some members think it is a life saver having these events to come to, to let go and share love with fellow swifties, we’re all such a family and people have tried to tear us apart by spreading rumours about us but all of that has made us stronger because trust me I know the hearts of everyone in this team.

Thank you for tweeting our group collage/liking some event posts but I hope you properly understand what that giant group of people in the photos do and who they are. Seeing their reactions to you noticing us in my entire life so thank you for their happiness, they really deserve that.

Anyway I’ll stop rambling but I thought it was finally time for you to hear about what I’ve been most proud of in my 9 years of loving you! Check out the melbourneswifties event tab to see what we’ve done from charity/music videos/random acts/ serenading people etc

The best people in life are free..

PS the group constantly calls me their own Taylor and always say “more proof that Sam is Taylor Swift” so I guess we have something in common.. 

Lets hang at one of the 3 shows I’m attending in Melbourne or have a birthday bash for you or something..

this is gonna be kinda long

this is how I post acnl screenshots, for the anon that asked

When you’re ready to take a screenshot, hit the home button and open Miiverse, at the top of the homescreen

When it finally opens, click on “post” to create a new one

Then click on the top right corner to add a photo to the post

Then select which screen you want a screenshot of, the top or bottom

Then you’ll have to add some mandatory text, and then just hit post, wait for it to load and you’re done with Miiverse!

Then on my iphone’s web browser, I go to

Go to your activity feed (the square with the smiley face) and go to the post with the picture you wanna save, and save image!

then I edit most of my screenshots with the Afterlight app and then I post them to tumblr! Hope this was helpful, sorry I’m kinda bad at explaining things!!

Hey there new followers! I was pleasantly surprised to see that my blog was promoted as a Trending Blog on Tumblr’s homepage so I can now say hi to over 300 new followers today! I am amazed that you guys took the time to hit that follow button and I hope I can continue to give you guys what you came here for - nail art and tutorials! I have a new tutorial coming up tomorrow but first here’s a photoset of quatrefoil inspired nails. No stamping, no decals! My good friend @christabellnails over on Instagram posted a tutorial on her feed of how to accomplish this look, but I may just create my own to post here if people are unable to find it. Let me know in the Ask Me link up top!

XXO danica