and his ugly wig


like you can see, bighit used an hairspray during BS&T comeback on Tae’s hair, now, instead, they’re hiding his hair under an ugly horrible fucking wig.


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lance sharpshoots lotor's ugly wig…then passes his gun to allura who uses it to smash low torso's even uglier face…honestly doing him an iconic favour

i LOVE your season 4 draft lauren montgomery!

One year ago today I met Johnny Depp.
As some of you may know if you read my post from last year, I flew to the Gold Coast from my home town in Victoria. It was the only opportunity I was going to get to be so close to him.
My dream since I was 11 was to meet him, and I thought this would only be possible if I flew over to America and went to a film premiere. So when I heard he was going to be in Australia it was only normal (everyone else’s crazy) that I had to find him.
After two trips to Queensland, a boat ride, set stalking, walking, and standing for five and a half hours, I finally did it. I wrapped my arms around him, ugly cried into his Captain Jack wig and held his hands. Then cried again and he pulled me in for another hug.
I don’t know how, because I was starstruck, but I managed to blurt out if he would sign my arm. Gently holding my hand, carefully and slowly, he wrote his autograph. The next day it was off to the tattoo parlour to immortalise it.
Johnny’s my hero. He has been for nine years and always will be.
With everything that is going on in the media at the moment, it’s devastating to see. However his fans must keep their heads up and think of everything Johnny has done for them, how he has helped them, changed them and been there for them. He’s films have brought me so much comfort and happiness over the years, and they keep me sane when I feel like falling to pieces. I feel very grateful that I was able to tell Johnny that I love him. Thank you for everything, Johnny.

pic taken from his shitty blog ;)

reasons why kageromoku should not be able to cosplay mizuki:

  1. he is too dark skinned for Mizuki!
  2. he is basically too fat for Mizuki
  3. he is a CIS gendere Male
  4. Yaoi isn’t for men! it’s only for us Girls!
  5. basically he is probably straight and cosplays Mizuki to get attention from girls
  6. his wig is fuuuuucked up
  7. his Mizuki cosplay is ugly
  8. he isn’t wearing make up!
  9. he’s missing the gloves
  10. he is too fucking ugly to cosplay mizuki and I feel bad for Mizuki

y'all fucking playing if ur heart didn’t break even a little after JJs performance. like my man, my number one jean jacques leroy hater, yuri plisetsky was sitting in the audience looking like :O cause even he felt bad. ( u can tell cause he didn’t say anything ‘mean’ or inappropriate until JJ recovered with his ‘it’s JJ style!’ )

don’t be ugly cause I’m coming for ur wigs if u insult JJ…


I know that orange racist not  really a billionaire lying about all of his failed businesses bastard that looks like a burnt pervert didn’t just call for the murder of the leading candidate.

I know his ugly wig comb over  ass didn’t.