and his talk about his wife is amazing

Dude loves his “curvy wife”’s body so much he not only thinks her deserves vast praise for it, as though it’s something brave, but he makes sure to keep talking about how many other people would find her unattractive.

I also love how he fully acknowledges that people are shitty to his wife, but thinks that’s a problem that should be made all about him, how hard it is on him, and how amazing he is for actually being with her. Which by the way, implying that you’re doing some kind of good deed by dating/being with someone is a huge insult to them. So is the underlying implication that she should be greatful to him because so many other men wouldn’t do it. 

Men; do better.

Let’s talk about the amazing women in Louis’ life, then.

I want to give a shout out on this International Women’s Day to the amazing, beautiful and caring women in Louis Tomlinson’s life.

1. His late mother, Johannah Deakin. amazing mother of seven, wife and dedicated nurse. She, alongside to Louis, created and encouraged various charities and activities to advocate these. She ran Louis’ first ever label along with him and constantly interacted with fans and encouraged and celebrated an projects like Project No Control.

2. The oldest of his younger siblings, Charlotte “Lottie” Tomlinson, an accomplished stylist hired by Selena Gomez and Louisa Johnson, She’s also the very proud creator and owner of her own, very successful, cosmetic collection in which she collaborated with Matchbox. She’s also the person who very actively raised the younger twins along with Dan and her boyfriend Tommy.

3. The second oldest of his younger siblings, Felicite “Fizzy” Tomlinson, a beautiful young woman with incredible intelligence and education. She’s a very active person on social media for the best reasons possible. She’s an incredibly intelligent young woman with interest in human rights and feminism and is very vocal about the issues the world faces. A lovely human all around.

4. The oldest twins, Phoebe and Daisy Tomlinson. Regardless of their young age, these girls have both managed to gain and sustain quite the social media standing and have even managed to create their own cosmetics collection just like their eldest sister, Lottie. (I’ve not put a picture of them here because i feel they’re too young.)

So, yes, let’s talk about the absolutely amazing women in Louis’ life that contributed to his growth as a person, let’s talk about the women that have been there every step of the way without being rude or offensive in any way. Lte’s talk about the women in his life that have not been racist, ableist, homophobic, fatphobic, islamophobic or just generally rude. If you want to talk about the amazing women in his life then I’m all for it but make sure you talk about the ones who have time and time again shown they deserve that title.

Underrated lines/details from Beauty and the Beast 2017 (spoilers obviously)

A few (okay maybe more than a few) moments, lines, and little details I adore and feel deserve more recognition… (I’ve seen the movie three times thus far but it has has been a few days since the last viewing so I apologize if the quotes are not exact) 

 - Dan Stevens’ mannerisms in the opening dance as he flits from one partner to another looking like a rococo Jareth

 - Just how cramped the village feels bringing a visual contrast to Belle’s “I want adventure in the great wide somewhere”

 - the fact that the village “library” was in the church 

 - the way Gaston is able to still appear to be strutting his way into town while on horseback 

 - LeFou’s “It’s never gonna happen, ladies" 

 - Maurice "It’s a small village. Small minded…" 

 - the body language* when Gaston is talking to Belle
 *how he traipses over her garden(I physically winced every time at the veggies being trampled), how pointedly she locks the gate and he reaches around to unlock it, the little gesture to his hips as he talks about her having children, how he grabs her skirt as she is clearly trying to get away, the way she holds to door closed until she is sure he is gone. All of it!

- the way Belle frustratedly throws the chicken feed on the ground with that "URGH!" 

 - "Do you know where we are Phillipe? Because I don’t…” seriously Maurice was just wonderful 

 - how Maurice paused a moment at the castle to look at the helping hand lanterns because those were an homage to Jean Cocteau’s 1946 Beauty and the Beast 

 - Lumière and Cogsworth “A man of taste!” “He was talking about me!" 

 - How worried Cogsworth seemed when Belle picked up Lumière and carried him off but couldn’t do anything about it 

 - "Do you want to be a man or a mantle clock?”

- “Oh master! You’ve returned!” Cogsworth’s panic and Lumiére’s laugh 

 - Lumière’s movements in general. Especially the way his coat moved. 

 - Mrs. Potts “you can’t judge a person by who their father is now can you?” and the look Beast/Adam gives her. Really Mrs. P? Not fair. 

 - his forced cheery “will you join me for dinner?” And his confused look back at everyone to see how he did 

 - Lumière singing louder as Cogsworth tries to shush him during Be Our Guest  

- Cogsworth later belting out “COURSE BY COURSE!” in Be Our Guest. Ian McKellen did not get to sing nearly enough. 

 - the moment Lumière is dancing in a bit of fabric as he sings “life is so unnerving for a servant who’s not serving” feels like it is meant as an homage to the dance “Lamentation” which is a nice touch 

 - the fact that they never told Belle that learning to love/earning someone’s love would break the curse so that she didn’t unconsciously develop feelings out of any attempts to free the castle. Her feelings were genuine. 

 - Belle’s reversible bodice on the blue dress! (All of her costumes really. All of the costumes in this whole movie!) 

 - Days in the Sun melts my heart. Audra McDonald’s voice gives me chills! She is so wonderful 

 - “Your village sounds terrible!” And “What do you say we run away?” The look on Beast/Adam’s face is just so hopeful and sweet

 - The look on his face when Belle says “let’s go home" 

 - How LeFou kept paying people to go along with participating during Gaston. He pays the band to play and later it looks like he pays someone to let them dance on the table. 

 - I know everyone is talking about Evermore but seriously Dan Stevens is amazing. *side note I think I read somewhere that his wife helped him prep for singing Evermore since she herself is a singer and a vocal teacher and if that isn’t just the sweetest thing I don’t know what is*

 - Maurice’s little sound effects as he tries to remember how the tree fell as they look for the castle. 

 - Maurice being an A+ dad and shutting down any notion Gaston had that he would help Gaston marry Belle 

 - Just how much of a guilt-ridden cinnamon roll LeFou was over leaving Maurice in the woods. "This is a pretty nasty storm. At least we’re not tied to a tree out in the woods…” And the relief in his voice when he sees Maurice in the tavern 

 - Agathe’s expression as Gaston says “no offense” after completely writing her off as a credible source. 

 - Père Robert “He needs a hospital not an asylum!" 

 - Maurice calmly handing the picked lock to Monsieur D'arque as Bell rides off, her ballgown fluttering to the ground so she can more easily ride
"She’s always been strong willed. Do you have children?” There goes my daughter riding away half dressed to save her cursed boyfriend. Lol, kids right? 

 - Cadenza’s little “ouch” when Gaston abandoned LeFou during the battle for the castle 

 - the fact that the staff still had smudged makeup from the beginning of the movie because they’ve been objects and couldn’t change outfits or wash their faces like Adam could while cursed 

 - The costumes at the end during the celebration dance! Where can I purchase a knock off of that rose dress because it is so beautiful!

  This turned out to be much longer than expected. I probably still left things out. Thanks for baring with me!

In honor of the100th episode of Supernatural Misha has worked on (He’s worked on 100, only acted in 99 though) - I decided to share with you guys, 100 reasons that I love @mishacollins as a sort of tribute/celebration to him. He’s done so much to change my life and I just wanted to put my love for him out into the universe. I also made this into a twitter thread which can be found HERE.

1.) He gives me strength to get up and get through my day whether he knows it or not.
2.) He cares about his fans & constantly strives to show just how much.
3.) He cares about minorities that the struggles we face daily.
4.) He cares about the LGBTQ+ community & has gone to far length to prove just how much.
5.) He cares about mental health & the issues that affect those of us who suffer because of our MH issues.
6.) He cares about disadvantaged youths and wants to give them an equal playing field (Free high school, etc)
7.) He cares about disadvantaged groups in general & proves it daily through his work with Random Acts.
8.) He cares about lonely Senior citizens & tried to brighten an otherwise lonely day for them (Valentines Day).
9.) He funded Random Acts - a registered 501©(3) charity on his own because he’s the change he wants to see.
10.) He constantly runs charity events throughout RA & gets his fans excited to donate & put good out into the world.
11.) He runs GISHWHES - the biggest scavenger hunt in the world and most of proceeds from that go to charity too.
12.) His scavenger hunt often encourages others to commit random acts of charity towards strangers.
13.) He cares about the state of our country and how the political turmoil affects the everyday citizen.
14.) He is extremely invested in politics and is not afraid to speak his voice on things that offend him.
15.) He fights for the people. Not just his people, or my people - but all people.
16.) When he makes mistakes, he owns up to them and apologizes even when he doesn’t have to.
17.) He is active on social media and gives us (his fans) peeks into his daily life, which he knows we always want more of.
18.) He is a general friendly person who goes out of his way to be an angel to everyone he meets.
19.) The money from his Castiel photo ops at conventions goes to charity.
20.) Growing up, he experienced the struggle of poverty & goes out of his way to level the playing field for others in that situation.
21.) He’s EXTREMELY humble about his accomplishments and doesn’t brag about his good deeds.
22.) To date, he’s still shocked and made to blush when fans express how he has changed their lives.
23.) He wears safety pins when he can, to let people know he is an ally and will protect people who need protection.
24.) He’s a published poet and has a way with words that speaks to millions.
25.) He is EXTREMELY intelligent and uses his ideas and intelligence for nothing but GOOD.
26.) He is an amazingly talented actor & with that talent has become one of the most loved characters on Supernatural.
27.) He plays himself on Supernatural (an angel)
28.) He engages his fans, even going as far as answering questions other actors refuse to.
29.) He’s selflessly shared extremely personal stories of his struggle at conventions in front of large crowds.
30.) He supports intersectional feminism.
31.) He supports nasty women and acknowledges the world needs us and has talked publicly about it
32.) Even though shippers are historically snubbed in the SPN fandom, he gives us a voice.
33.) He’s gone as far as to physically “Ship” Destiel and that warms the cockles of my heart.
34.) He married his high school sweetheart.
35.) His relationship with his wife is absolutely beautiful and a goal for anyone with a significant other.
36.) The love he has for his wife is visible whenever he talks about her, he softens up and smiles.
37.) He supports his wife’s business endeavors no matter what they may be & defends her accomplishments.
38.) He & Vicki renewed their vows dressed in drag at an Albertsons and that in itself is amazing.
39.) He takes the time to maintain his beautiful marriage & goes on spiritual retreats with his wife.
40.) His family in itself is pure and goals for anyone with a family.
41.) He’s a busy man but still takes time to be a great father to his kids and it shows.
42.) He gives us access to his time with his kids sometimes and it never fails to put a smile on my face.
43.) He brings his kids to conventions sometimes and it’s adorable - there’s NOBODY who doesn’t love it when he does that.
44.) There are tons of instances where he has been seen comforting distressed fans on his own free will.
45.) He encourages fans to say hi to him if we see him out and about.
46.) He takes fans out to do fun things during his meet n greets, something which no other actor does.
47.) He has publicly stated he appreciates fanworks whether it be art, fanfic, crafts etc.
48.) He built his own house, proving he loves to see the fruits of his effort.
49.) He built most of the furniture in his house further proving he’s a hard worker.
50.) He interned at the White House during the Clinton administration
51.) He made the engagement ring he proposed to Vicki with.
52.) He invited fans to join him during his bike ride for E4K this year.
53.) He teaches his kids about healthy eating while teaching them HOW to cook.
54.) He ran over 50 miles for charity & anyone who’s ever even ran 1 mile knows how brutal that must have been.
55.) In 2011, he was named TV’s “Best Non-Human” by TV Guide which proves he’s actually an angel.
56.) His smile is singlehandedly the most beautifully infectious smile I have ever laid eyes upon.
57.) He looks good in literally anything.
58.) When I’m feeling crappy about life, I just look at pictures of him and I instantly feel better.
59.) His charity is in partnership with a crisis support group that has helped thousands of people like me during hard times.
60.) He’s not afraid to be emotional publicly and has even publicly cried before over issues that matter to him.
61.) His hard work and dedication inspire me to want to reach MY own goals.
62.) Seeing everything he’s accomplished makes me not want to give up.
63.) His sense of humor is brilliant and truly funny.
64.) He’s not afraid to make himself the butt of a joke and that kind of humor is extremely attractive.
65.) His humility (that I touched on earlier) transcends into everything he does whether it be his job, family or charity.
66.) He directly helps his fans - ex of which can be helping w/homework, sending them autograph replacements etc.
67.) He has posted his phone number publicly with the sole purpose to have conversations with fans.
68.) He truly regrets working on a movie about sexual assault & openly discourages people from watching it so we don’t get triggered.
69.) He steps out of his comfort zone sometimes to face issues in the fandom that no other actor wants to.
70.) He takes the time away from his family to come to conventions for his fans even when he’s extremely tired.
71.) His smile lights up any room.
72.) He very clearly says “fuck you” to gender norms & constantly does things like paint his nails.
73.) He encourages people to vote, even if it’s not for his candidate.
74.) He acknowledges the importance of white people being allies to minorities.
75.) He is extremely humble about his incredible good looks.
76.) He takes the winning gishwhes team on a vacation with him every year.
77.) He has been known to talk about very personal issues that resonate with fans during his meet n greets.
78.) He is nice to literally everyone (I’m serious, even to the people he dislikes: note, trump)
79.) This is kind of unrelated toa lot of the other reasons but he’s THICC HAVE YOU SEEN HIS THIGHS? wow.
80.) He’s an anchor for a lot of people who constantly struggle with depression (such as myself) and he guides us back to a good state of mind.
81.) He’s interested in the environment and he proved that during E4K this yr by bringing a geologist to talk to us about the terrain.
82.) His interactive gishwhes competitions inspire people to think outside the box.
83.) He’s simply beautiful like have you SEEN a picture of him?
84.) Everything he does is to better this world and community.
85.) He is the purest person I have ever come across in my life and I’ve come across quite a few people.
86.) His smiles are always genuine, you can tell by the way his eyes crinkle.
87.) He has struggled so much in his life and even then, came out successful. He is GOALS for all of us.
88.) He understands the reality behind a lot of these online “challenges” such as the ALS challenge & truly cares about the causes.
89.) He is extremely work oriented and has been known to stay on set way beyond what he was supposed to to film & perfect his scenes.
90.) His voice is pretty much the single most incredibly beautiful thing I have ever been graced with the opportunity to hear.
91.) He cares about orphans, refugees & homelessness.
92.) I truly believe that he loves each and every single one of his fans.
93.) He’s an imaginative goofball & that shows through with the items he has for gishwhes every year.
94.) He was the best thing to ever happen to me.
95.) This man is the epitome is what one should strive to be when it comes to their attitude, life & personality
96.) Whenever there’s a tragedy in a foreign country, he tries to tweet his support in their native language.
97.) He continually shows he cares about the fans that go through struggles and need support.
98.) When I first found out about his past, I promised myself I’d stop self injuring & make something out of my life. I am now clean of self injury and have been for a while.
99.) He unknowingly helped save me from one of the worst depressive periods of my 26 yr old life where everything seemed bleak & hopeless.
100.) His love for life saved MY life when I was hellbent on ending it last year and I will be eternally grateful to him for that.

So yeah, if you ever want to even begin to question my love for Misha Collins- don’t. I will love him fiercely until my dying breath.

Congrats on the milestone, Misha. We love you.

anonymous asked:

Clark needs relationship advice and goes to the guys at the League. They ask who is dating and it just so happens to be Bruce Wayne's sister. Possessive Batman and sweet Clark trying to impress and earn the approval of Bruce.

Hi, thank you for the request! This was really fun to explore and write. I do have to apologize for the abrupt end but this request inspired me to explore a series between the two! It’s an overused theme but it’s a theme I want to explore, nonetheless. Close to 2000 words! Hope you enjoy!

“So what is she like?” Barry kicks his feet up and places it at the edge of the coffee table. It was one of those days where crime around the world did not require everyone’s attention and was pretty lax, undemanding almost.

A smile appears on Clark’s face the moment he thinks of you. “Just one of the most amazing person I know, beside my mum.” You were truly one of a kind – Clark doesn’t think he has ever met anyone quite like you. What attracted him to you initially had been the kindness you had shown to the everyday, average people despite your statute and power that one day you dropped by Metropolis. Your looks were just an added bonus for him – Clark didn’t mind as much.

Not only that, between the time he has seen you as well as exchange conversations with you, Clark knows that you are a very smart, independent woman – one that knows what sort of dreams they want to achieve in life and Clark thinks he first took notice of his growing crush on you when the two of you had this casual debate about farming equipment and the latest technology that can be used for agriculture. “Yeah, she’s amazing.” Clark nods his head.

Barry chuckles. “I would like to think so.” When Clark sends him a curious look, Barry proceeds to explain. “You have the same expression I do when I talk about Iris.” He shrugs his shoulders nonchalantly and Clark smiles to himself. He has seen the love the speedster has for his wife. Iris West-Allen is a lovely woman indeed.

“Hey, what’s this? Are we having some sort of team meeting that I don’t know of?” Oliver walks in with Arthur in tow. The two of them had gone out earlier to do some superhero business in their respective areas – Oliver in Central City and Arthur in Atlantis.  

“Highly doubt that, my friend.” Arthur says lightly as he pads to the sofa, dropping himself beside Barry. “Besides that, Bruce is not here too. I reckon everyone is off doing their own things right now.” Arthur points out and Oliver shrugs his shoulders before taking a seat beside Clark.

“So what are we talking about? Can Arthur and I get a recap?”

“Relationship advice.” Clark speaks up. “I wanted to ask for relationship advice and since Barry had been the only one here earlier…” He trails off before looking at the three men in front of him. “We have been seeing each other exclusively for three months now – before that it was just small talks here and there and the occasional coffee dates whenever she’s in Metropolis or I am in Gotham – and I really want to take our relationship to the next step.” Clark confesses.

“The way you phrased it sounded as if you want to marry her, Clark.” Oliver tells him offhandedly, patting Clark on the back. He smirks when he catches sight of the way Clark’s cheeks redden. “Well, is she opposed to you taking the relationship to the next step? Did she not show you any signs?”

Clark tries to think of a time when you weren’t, to be quite honest, he is coming up dry. You have always shown interest in a lot of the things he does, even the mundane things like which fertilizers should he get for his Pa or what type of paint should he get for his Ma’s new room. Clark is somewhat sure you have been dropping hints – more than he can count, now that he thinks about it – the entire time you are together. The smile on his face grows bigger.

“She has.” Clark agrees. “Multiple times.”

Barry claps his hands. “Then I see no point for you to be holding back. Maybe you can ask her next time.”

Bruce chooses that moment to step in. “Ask who what?” He asks gruffly, padding across the room to take a seat in front of the big screens. He immediately begins loading the police file cases and lets his computer run it through the database he has before turning to face the rest of the guys. 

“Good question.” Arthur pipes up. “Who is your girlfriend? I think that might have escaped the conversation earlier." 

Clark glances at Bruce before answering. "Y/N.”

Bruce frowns. “That’s my - No.” He shakes his head when epiphany strikes. “Of all the women, Clark?” His voice is very controlled now but everyone can hear the anger bubbling beneath it. Though they are somewhat confused as to what the connection is.

Oliver had been the first one to get the reference before he began guffawing. “Man, this is priceless.” He pretends to wipe a tear away, still laughing at the absurdity of the entire situation.

Barry pulls his feet away from the coffee table and sits up straight. “Is Y/N related to Bruce?” He catches on before looking at Bruce’s stiff posture. Arthur seems content to keep his opinions to himself as he stares at his two friends having a stare-down.

“Y/N is a wonderful woman,” Clark starts but Bruce shakes his head. 

“I know that! She’s my sister!” He snaps, crossing his arms. “I don’t want you to date her.”

Clark furrows his eyebrows. “That isn’t up to you, Bruce.” He shakes his head. Just thinking about breaking up with you is already causing him a headache and chest pains. “Y/N and I are happy.”

Bruce narrows his eyes at Clark. 

“Man, I wish I had some popcorn for this.” Barry comments before snapping his fingers. He zooms away and returns with three bags of popcorns, of which he handed two to Oliver and Arthur. “This is better than any drama series they are showing on TV.” He fakes whispers. 

Bruce and Clark shoots him a (withering) glare before looking at each other again. 

“Y/N is the best thing that has ever happened to me, Bruce. She makes me happy and she understands my work - our job.” Clark tries once more. He knows how highly you think of your brother - the two of you had once talked through Skype about the amount of things your brother had sacrificed just to give you some semblance of a “normal” life, as normal as a Wayne can get, that is.

“No means no, Clark. It’s because the nature of our jobs that I don’t want her to be dating you, least of all people. Some villains are beatable but yours often come in the form of crazy aliens! I don’t need that stress added in to Y/N’s life unnecessarily!”

Arthur leans towards Barry to whisper something in his ears. Barry looks at him before nodding his head, disappearing in a flash. 

Clark takes a deep breath before exhaling slowly. He knows if he pushes this matter too hard, Bruce will most likely not give him the permission to date you. You had told him about Bruce’s protective streak on one of those conversations the two of you normally have before you go to sleep. The downside of having you living in Gotham, far from his Metropolis. 

Before Clark could even come up with anything else, Bruce shakes his head and just as he is about to turn away from the conversation, Barry zooms back in and this time, surprises everyone when he lets you down from his hold.

Clark is the first to react. He stands up and walks over to you. You are still trying to catch your bearings – Barry had not been lying when he said you would feel uneasy for a bit especially if it was your first time – when Clark wraps his arms around you, pulling you to him.

“Y/N, are you alright?” He uses one of his hands to draw your hair back so he can stare at your face. You blink a few times before nodding your head.

You smile when you finally realize where you are. Bruce had always declined your suggestions whenever you ask to see the Watch Tower. But now that you are here, you give the space a quick glance, it seemed more spacious and homey than you initially thought.

“I’m fine now.” You tell Clark as you wrap your own arms around him, burying your nose in his neck. The last time you saw Clark in person had been two weeks ago – when he dropped by the Manor as Superman – and even then, the time you had with him had been very little. The most you had done then was giving him a passionate smooch. “I miss you.” You mumble and kiss Clark’s neck when he tightens his hold on you. He presses a kiss atop your head.

“Wow, this is even better.” Oliver comments breaking whatever spell that had caught everyone else in silence. Bruce lets out a growl, causing you to look at your older brother.

“Barry did mention you were giving Clark trouble, Bruce.” You pull yourself out of Clark’s embrace. “Now what’s this I hear about you not letting Clark date me?” You ask as you step towards your brother. Bruce narrows his eyes at you and you shake your head before placing a hand on his shoulder. “Bruce, I am a big girl now – you don’t need to constantly protect me. I can take care of myself – both Alfred and you made sure of that.” You tell your brother. You understand why Bruce is giving Clark a hard time. “Clark makes me really happy too and I know I make him happy as well. He’s your friend, Bruce, can’t you just let us date? Clark has been wonderful…”

“I just can’t, Y/N.” Bruce shakes his head, aware of the eyes and ears that are looking and eavesdropping their conversations. “Can we have this conversation somewhere private, please?” He asks and you nod your head. He stands up from his chair and lead you away to one of the available rooms.

Clark crosses his arms, keeping his eyes on the door. He knows enough to never use his powers whenever the two of you are talking – he respects you too much even though his curiosity is burning him inside out.

“What are you going to do now?” Arthur finally speaks up. “It does not seem as if our friend, Bruce, is willing to let you date Y/N.” He frowns.

Clark shakes his head. “It just means I have to try harder and prove myself to Bruce.” A smile appears on his face. “Thank you for listening, everyone. I think I should probably head inside too.” Clark excuses himself and walks to the room the both of you were in.


Imagine: Dean who has no memories left, meets the reader (his wife) and falls in love with her all over again .

Pairings: Dean Winchester x Wife!Reader,
Sam Winchester x Reader (friendship/brother relationship), Rowena mentioned

Words: 500+ (this is so short omg)

A/N: There’s a lot coming, but right now I have a lot work because of school (it sucks), and I am so unbelievably sorry that you all have to wait ✨

(gifs not mine)

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BATB Headcanons

Princess Belle:

- Constantly makes the staff in the castle’s lives so much easier with her various inventions (e.g. the washing machine for Plumette and the maids, a music box for Garderobe and Cadenza, etc.)

- Teaches children of the village how to read in the library of the castle, which she has made public. 

- Has offered to give a few private lessons to LeFou after he apologized profusely to her. He hesitantly accepted. He is now a very close friend and ally to the Royal Castle. 

- Ordered a special play of Romeo & Juliet to be held at the castle once a month. (Prince Adam secretly loves it and gives it 5 stars)

- Has visited Paris several times with her father after she became Princess. Maurice cries everytime he visits. Not at the loss of his wife, but at the amazing woman their daughter has become.

Prince Adam:

- Gets really insecure when someone starts talking about his past. He’s only comfortable talking about it with Belle and a few select castle staff.

- Never liked the gray stuff. And he would very much prefer Lumiere and the rest of the castle staff to not constantly shove the darn thing in people’s faces.

- Opened the castle to all of the public after the curse. And yes, the east wing is no longer the only wing.

- By the encouragement of Belle (and especially LeFou), he has forgiven Gaston and ordered a proper burial to be held in his honor.

- Actually doesn’t mind Romeo & Juliet that much, but will never admit it to anyone. Belle has caught him quite a few times reading it in his spare time, and teased him mercilessly about it.

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Title: An Unexpected Plus

Summary: Y/N, Negan’s only Wife thinks she may be pregnant and goes to see Dr. Carson, only to have Negan unknowingly interrupt their appointment

Words: 1087

Warnings: swearing

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You eyes, flew open at the instant feeling of extreme nausea. You threw the covers off of yourself and jolted for the bathroom. Learning over the toilet, you felt yourself vomit the contents of you stomach. Negan, not one to be a deep sleeper, entered the bathroom not long after with worry on his sleepy face.

   “You ok babe?” he asked, kneeling down next to you.

You reached for a piece of toilet paper and wiped your mouth. “Yea, I think so. Must have gotten a bug or food poisoning, something like that.”

But in reality, you didn’t believe this sickness to be either of those things. Over the past couple weeks you’d been experiencing other symptoms, fatigue, bloating, and now this. 

    “Come in.” Dr.Carson said through the door. 

Inside, Carson sat at a small desk that was covered with papers, strewn all across it’s surface. Carson, raised his head from his work when you entered. “Oh, hi Y/N. Just give me a second, I’m just trying to read up on patient history here.”

    “No problem, take your time.” you said, sitting on the observation table. 

    “So, what can I help you with?” the doctor asked. 

    “Well, um…I’ve been having these symptoms. Um, fatigue, bloating, nausea and vomiting.” 

Dr. Carson’s eyes grew concerned. “And how long have you been experiencing these symptoms?” He grabbed a clip board, jotting down what you’d told him. 

   “A couple weeks, but the vomiting started this morning.”

   “Do you and Negan have unprotected sex?” Carson asked. “I’m sorry, I know it’s kind of personal, but from a doctor’s standpoint, I have to ask.

For a moment you flustered by his question. “Uh, yea, most of the time.”

    “Sounds about right, I mean it’s pretty hard to get your hands on any protection these days.” Dr. Carson said, trying to make light of the situation.  “Y/N…you may be pregnant.” Carson said carefully. 

You sighed. “Yea, I was thinking the same thing. Do you have any tests or can you do the blood work?”

    “I don’t have the blood testing equipment yet, the runners are searching the area for more medical gear. I do have some tests, I’ll have you take three just to be sure.”

 Carson pulled open a drawer and shuffled through it’s contents, before pulling out three pregnancy test. 

“There’s a bathroom through that door.” he said, pointing at a door on the other side of the room. 

You took the test. “Thank you.”

Dr. Carson smiled. “I’ll be waiting.”

You were lucky you had to use the bathroom, it would have been awkward to go in with the tests and come out empty handed, because you didn’t have to pee. You pulled your pants down and sat over the toilet. One test, two test and finally the last. One you couldn’t read, the second was positive, as well as the last. You flushed the toilet and returned to Dr.Carson’s office. 

The doctor tried to read your face. Where you happy? Worried? Upset?

A smile flashed across your face as you handed him the tests back. “Looks like we’re going to get a chance to know each other.”

Carson took the used tests and set them aside.  “Wow, alright then. Now, I’ve made sure that all the women here know my stance on abortion, but if you really don’t wa-”

You interrupted Carson. “No, no. I want this baby.” you said almost defensively. 

    “I’m glad to hear that. I don’t know if this was intentional or not, but congratulations.” Carson smiled. “Now, why don’t I set you up with some vitamins. These prenatal-

Suddenly the door opened and Negan stood in the doorway. Negan’s eyes immediately shot to the jar of vitamins in your hands. 

    “Y/N, what are you doing in here?” he asked. 

You felt your eyes widen. “I was just-”

   “Give us a minute, will you doc?” Negan cut you off. 

Dr. Carson nodded, “Of course. I’ll be in the hall if you need anything.” Carson rubbed your shoulder to signify his support, before stepping out. 

   “You’re pregnant?” Negan asked, concern and curiosity in his voice. 

You glanced down at your slightly bloated abdomen. “I guess so.Two out of three tests were positive.”

For a moment Negan was silent. After a minute or so his silence began to worry you. 
    “I know we never talked about this, and that these aren’t exactly the best circumstances, but I think-”

    “Shit. We’re going to have a baby?“ Negan asked, his town almost sounded amazed. 

    “That’s what happens when your wife get’s pregnant.” you joked, cracking a smile. 

    “Man, I can’t believe you’ve got my bun in your oven.” Negan said. 


    “Oh come on, let me proud for a fucking second.” Negan replied. 

He stepped forward, planting on of his large hands on your lower stomach, before embracing you. 

    “I love you.” you said, pecking him on the cheek. 

Negan kissed you gently on the forehead, his beard tickling your skin. “I love you too babe.”

    “You should go, you’ve got that run to Alexandria, right?” you asked. 

    “Nah, Simon can go without me today. I’ve got bigger fucking fish to fry. Come on, let’s get you back upstairs, huh?” Negan said. He took your hand and led you into the hall where Dr. Carson stood. 

    “Carson,” Negan addressed the doctor. “You’re to be fucking sure that you get this woman and baby everything they need to stay happy and healthy. Don’t get yourself killed. Is that understood?” Negan asked. 

Dr. Carson nodded in response. “Yes sir. Either of you can come see me whenever you need.”

With that, you and your husband started off down the hall and quickly ran into Simon. 

    “Simon, my man, change of plans. You can handle the run, by yourself right?” Negan started

    “Of course.” Simon answered, his face showed slight confusion on his behalf. 

    “Good man. Oh, if you happen to see anything baby related, grab that for me would you?” Negan said. 

    “Baby related?” Simon seemed flustered. 

    “The wife here’s expecting.” Negan explained. 

   Simon’s eyes shot towards you.  “Oh, well, congratulations.” Simon said with a smile. 

You and Negan coincidentally answered at the same exact time, saying, “Thank you.”

The rest of the night was spent with you and Negan talking excitedly about the rest of your pregnancy and the idea of having a child to call your own. It wasn’t going to be easy, but the two of you were ready and up for the challenge. 


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could you do fluffy seven cuddling headcanons?? pleaseee? ✨



  • He loves being the big spoon
  • but he doesnt mind being the little spoon sometimes
  • when he is the big spoon 
  • he loves to play fight *ATTACK OF THE KISSES*before cuddling 

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  1. When you guys are cuddling, he loves talking to you about the future
  2. he loves imagining which space station he would marry you in 
  3. his hopes and dreams 
  4. and they all include you 
  5. he thanks you every single time 
  6. he thanks you for believing in him 
  7. for helping his brother back into society 
  8. for basically being the light in his life 
  9. he loves it when you grab his hand and trace the lines 
  10. you pretend to be a fortune teller and you tell his future 
  11. you tell him that he will have lots of kids, an amazing wife, and a job working for NASA 
  12. you tell him you see both of you living a happy life
  13. you kiss his fingers gently and you tell him you love him
  14. he pulled you closer and rest his head on top of yours 
  15. he says a prayer that night thinking you are asleep
  16. he thanks god for sending an angel to his life

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Monsta X Reaction #16 - They walk in on their wife singing to her belly when she’s pregnant

@eddycakeway18​ asked: Monsta x and Bts walking in on their wife singin to their 9 month pregnant belly

Hyunwoo: He would melt into a puddle of happiness when he sees this. He would lean in the doorway with a dreamy smile as he listened to his wife singing, enchanted by her melody. His thoughts as she sung would be all about their future with their child(ren) and how amazing they would be together.

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Hoseok: *pretend you’re the child* He would go and lie down next to you and stroke your belly as you two sang together and in the end, he would tell you that you’re the love of his life and he would give up everything for you and his child if it ever came to that.

“You two are always first jagiya… You two are what makes my life better than any other person’s on the planet. I love you”

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Minhyuk: He would be stuck in the doorway, clutching his heart.

“Jagiya~ What you’re doing to me isn’t right. You’ll kill me with your sweetness before the baby is even born”

He’d hug her and kiss the top of her head then and ask her if there was anything she wanted (like a snack, drink, or foot massage) while he was there.

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Hyungwon: He would peak around the doorway when he heard his wife singing and spy on her.

The things she does when I’m gone… He would think to himself, a goofy smile plastered on his face.

He’d then walk into the room swaying back and forth to her tune, and would even sit on the floor and join her, singing directly to her stomach and the baby.

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Jooheon: He would be extremely emotional. He would have a few tears falling down his cheeks as he burst into the room and grabbed his wife in a gentle hug and gushed about how amazing she is and how in awe he was of everything she was doing. He’d constantly praise her about how amazing of a mother she was going to be and how much he loved her

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Kihyun: He would be pretty giggly and fluffy. He would walk in the room smiling from ear to ear and when his wife stopped singing, he’d encourage her to continue. He would put his hands on her stomach and sing backup for her. The two would spend the next few hours singing and talking lovingly to the baby

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Changkyun: He’d walk into the room without hesitation and burst into song right with her. The moment the song ended, he would start singing one of Monsta X’s slow songs and have her sing along with him.

“I want our baby to know their dad’s songs from the moment they are born!”

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Moments. Chapter 15: Morning

Idea explained here

You can read all the parts here

(I’ve decided to put the prompts in the end from now on so it’s not like a spoiler or anything)

Chapter 15: Morning

Yousef opened his eyes a little confused at first. For a moment he didn’t recognize the bedroom he was at. Then he felt someone moving next to him and memories of the previous day and night came to his mind making him literally feel butterflies in his stomach. It hadn’t been a dream, he had actually married Sana Bakkoush the previous day.

He laid on his side and looked at her while she slept. She looked so peaceful, her hair almost covering her face. He stretched out his hand slowly and brushed her hair away from her face. She moved her head slightly and Yousef closed his eyes acting as if he was sleeping.

Sana took a deep breath before opening her eyes. The first thing she saw was Yousef, her husband, sleeping peacefully next to her. She smiled fondly at him even though he couldn’t see her. She had imagined that moment so many times, waking up next to the man she loved, but nothing compared to the feeling of wholesome that she had in that moment.

“You’re staring” Yousef said without opening his eyes


“You’re staring at me, I can feel it”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about, I’m sleeping” Sana said


He opened his eyes and she closed hers playfully.

“See? I’m sleeping” she said

“Oh, it’s true, my bad. Guess I’ll go back to sleep, then” he said but he kept his eyes opened

Sana opened hers and found him looking at her

“Ah, you’re awake now”

“I’m awake now” she said chuckling knowing that she had been caught

“Good morning, wife” he said leaning closer to her

“Good morning, husband” she said closing the distance between them and pressing her lips against his.

Yousef kissed her slowly, still amazed about how good it felt. He still couldn’t believe that him, Yousef Acar, the biggest dork in history, was allowed to kiss and hug and have her in his arms and even look at Sana Bakkoush.

“I love you so much” he said as he pulled away

“I love you too” she replied smiling

“How are you feeling?” he said as he put his arms around her as she rested her head against his bare chest

“I’m feeling…better than I’ve ever been in my life” she said biting her lip “how are you feeling?”

“Like the luckiest man on Earth” he said kissing the top of her head.

Sana looked up at him and smiled widely.

“Are you hungry?” he asked

“Super hungry”

“Okay, I’m going to leave you some alone time so you can pray and meanwhile I’ll make you breakfast. How does that sound?”

“Sounds good” she said nodding

“Sounds good” he nodded too

He leaned in to give her a quick kiss in the lips and got out of the bed in his sweats, not caring about putting a shirt on.


After she finished praying she got out of the bedroom still in her pj’s and walked down the hallway until she reached the kitchen, their kitchen. She leaned against the door frame and watched the scene that was taking place in front of her.

Yousef was making breakfast while dancing to the song that was sounding from his phone in that moment. That song was not other than I feel it coming by The Weeknd.

Memories of so many years ago came to Sana’s mind. She remembered how she had found him dancing in her living room when he thought nobody was watching. In that moment she wouldn’t have thought that she would end marrying that embarrassed boy that couldn’t even look at her.

“Is this how my life is going to be from now on?” Sana said startling Yousef a bit “You dancing in the kitchen with no shirt on?”

“Are you complaining?” he said as he leaned against the counter while raising his eyebrows

“Not for a moment” she shook her head biting her lip.

She walked over to him and wrapped her arms around his waist. He did the same with hers.

“Can you believe that we’re actually in our own house as husband and wife?” she asked smiling

“It’s all I’ve been dreaming of since I met you and now it’s come true” he leaned closer and kissed her softly “Are you ready to spend the rest of our lives together?”

“I’ve never been more ready”


I’m sorry this is short!

Hope you’ve liked it!

Love Triumphs Chapter 24: Late Night Talks

Jared Padalecki x Reader

1300 Words

Story Summary: AU (I love Gen, and love her with Jared.) Jared and Gen have split up, but are still friendly. You, the Reader have recently started acting on Supernatural, and have fallen in love with Jared. Both of you get hate due to the fact that you are much younger than he is.

Catch Up Here: Masterpost

You had never imagined you would be sitting here, with your boyfriend on one side, his ex-wife sitting across from, laughing at something she said. Your small group had gone out for dinner, and you had been extremely nervous, not exactly knowing what to expect. Sure, you had spent time with Gen before, but it had never been like this, with Jared by your side. Tom sat next to you, talking animatedly away about anything and everything that caught his fancy.

Jared was doing an amazing job of making sure everyone felt included in the conversations and dinner. You knew it couldn’t be easy for him, sitting between his new girlfriend and his ex-wife, but he was handling it great, and you knew it was partially because they had ended their relationship by being friends.

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Imagine crashing Chris’ panel.

You hid side stage listening in on Chris’ and Anthony’s panel, waiting for Sebastian- who was hiding in the audience- to ask Chris a question about you so you had your perfect moment to crash. You were all at a MCU convention, hosting panels and taking photos; you and Sebastian had just finished your own and thought it’d be fun to crash your husband’s and Anthony’s. You peered out at the audience and scanned the sea of people for Sebastian, it took you awhile but you finally spotted him in the back row. He was waiting for the microphone so he could pretend to be a fan asking Chris about his beloved wife, but as it turns out- you didn’t need Sebastian to.

“Hi,” a young girl who got the microphone introduced herself, “my name is Harper. I’m a huge fan and I think Infinity War was amazing and you guys are all amazing. Thank you for giving up your time to come and see us and talk to us.”

“You’re welcome,” Chris smiled. “And it’s such a pleasure, our fans are part of the reason we’re doing so well. Without you guys, we wouldn’t be able to continue doing what we love. So thank you, thank you for giving up your time to come talk to us.”

“We love doing this, it’s always fun to hear what you guys have to say.” Anthony agreed. “I mean- I’m not much of a social media guy so I don’t get to interact with you guys the way Chris and Seb can, so it’s always nice to come out here and talk to you in person.”

“It is weird for you to not be doing press with Seb?” Harper asked Anthony. “Marvel seem to always have the two of you together, but today you’re with Chris. I guess my question is- Would you rather do press with Seb or do you like doing press with Chris?”

“I knew I would get one,” Anthony chuckled. “Man, why you gotta do me like that?”

“So basically,” Chris turned to Anthony with a smirk, “it’s like who’s your favorite child?”

“They’re my boys, I don’t have favorites.” Anthony answered. “Seb and I are usually together now but before that, I did a lot of press with Chris. Both of them are incredibly fun and easy to be around so- I really don’t mind either. I think the real question here is,” he turned to Chris, “how do you feel about Seb doing a panel with your wife?”

“I’m livid,” Chris pretended to frown. “Why does he get to spend hours with the best person in the world?” He said and everyone laughed, including him. “I asked Marvel if I could do a panel with Y/N but um-” He chuckled softly as did you, in memory of the answer Kevin gave the two of you. “He said we’re too much of a risk together.”

“They spill secrets without even talking,” Anthony explained with a nod in agreement. “This one time-” he glanced at Chris, “what was it? You two were being interviewed about her role in the movie and I think there was a rumor going around that she kissed Seb in the movie?” Chris nodded, laughing. “Yeah,” Anthony turned back to the audience. “It wasn’t a major spoiler but- they still gave it away with their subtle jokes and couple glances.”

“I miss her,” Chris told the audience and pouted, creating a wave of “awwww” among the crowd. “I can’t wait till we finish the panel so I can go see her.” He glanced at his watch. “I think she just finished hers, if we’re lucky she could be coming to crash it with Seb.”

You chuckled because he knew you a little too well; four years of marriage did that. You decided there was no better time to crash it then now, and Seb did too. You saw him rise from his seat and borrow a microphone from one of the staff members are revealing who he was to them. The excitement in the audience increased when he spoke, “you know her way too well, man.”

A staff member tapped your shoulder and you took the microphone she was holding out for you and walked on stage. “Hi everyone,” you waved at the audience then turned back to Chris who had just fist pumped. You giggled and walked over to him, “hi honey.” He wrapped his arms around you tightly and you smiled, hugging him back.

“It’s so good to see you,” Chris breathed into the crook of your neck, tightening his hug. You chuckled and continued to hug him for what felt like forever. “I definitely needed that hug.” He told you as he pulled away; your hands brushed his face as you took a step back. “Aren’t I just the luckiest man on the planet?”

“So cute,” Seb cooed as he joined all of you on stage.

“She is,” Chris smiled at you and you chuckled softly, wrapping an arm around his waist as you joined his side. “Can we get through the rest of the questions quickly so I can take my beautiful wife to lunch?” He joked with the audience; it was more truth than joke, he was always putting you above all.

“Don’t be like that,” you playfully slapped his chest. “They’re here to see you, you’re going to give them the time they deserve. Don’t worry,” you told the audience. “He’s not going anywhere until the panel finishes.”

“I’m going wherever she goes,” Chris told the audience. “So if you want me to stay then- you better make sure she stays too.” You chuckled softly because that sentence sent the entire crowd into an uproar; they started to chant “stay, stay, stay!” You shot Chris a weary look, biting back your smile when he gave you one of his. “Looks like you’re stuck with me.” He took your left hand in his and fiddled with your wedding band.

“Yeah,” you smiled and entwined your fingers with his, “but what’s new?”

Voltron Family!AU

So finally I decided to sit here and do this. 
We have to talk about Keith. 

  • Keith was always the troubled kid in the orphanage. He didn’t have a lot of friends, he had his plushie Red and his jacket; both he got in donations. Shiro was the first adult to stay by his side and try to understand him. When he said that he and his wife, Allura that had come a few times to visit him as well, had adopted him Keith never thought that he could be as happy as he was in that moment. 
  • Everything was amazing to Keith, even the toaster because he didn’t have all of that in the orphanage. Hunk was the one that taught Keith how to use the dishwasher and he was so happy learning it. He was such a pure kid. 
  • He loved Shiro and Allura more than anything and he had trouble calling them as mom and dad, he always calls them by their names until today although they keep telling him not to. 
  • Hunk and their cousin Pidge got along with Keith right away and although Keith did his best to become friends with Lance, Lance did not wanted to be his friend at what it seemed like. Therefore Lance and Keith never felt like brothers. 
  • Keith always noticed how Lance didn’t like when he was with Shiro and that affected him. He usually stopped what he was doing with Shiro and went out to be alone. Shiro would always reach for him worried. 
  • He grew up troubled with the feeling that he wasn’t part of his family. He felt excluded tho Allura and Shiro reached for him. Hunk would usually try to convince him that everybody loved him there although he knew that Lance didn’t like him. 
  • The day before he ran away he heard Allura and Shiro having a discussion about how Shiro neglected Lance and only gave Keith attention.
  • The day that Lance yelled all his feelings in the kitchen about how he felt about Shiro and Keith, Keith felt his heart break. He was breaking that family, he was the homewrecker. In the middle of the make up moment between Shiro and Lance, Keith went to his room e got all his stuff. Pidge tried to stop him from running away, but there was nothing that could be done. And he was gone. 
  • During his fugitive time he got into lots of fights with gangs. He slept on the streets along with stray cats. Everyday he passed each day of his life in his head asking what did he do wrong. He blamed himself for everything and thought that he could never face his family again, specially Lance. 
  • After 1 week of running away, Lance found him. 
The Diary of Mr. & Mrs. Ackles

TITLE:  The Diary of Mr. & Mrs. Ackles

PAIRING:  Jensen x Reader


WARNING:  Oral Smut (female receiving), talks of being caught in sexual acts by in-laws, NSFW Gifs below the cut.

SUMMARY:  Follow the story of Supernatural star, Jensen Ackles and his pop star wife, [Your Name] Ackles as they deal with the pressures of fame and being newly married. As told through their point of views…You think you know, but you have no idea…this is The Diary of Mr. and Mrs. Ackles.

AUTHOR’S NOTE:  So, this is my first attempt at smut, so please be gentle with me.  LOL!  Please let me know how I did.

DISCLAIMER:  This is strictly for fictional purposes only.  Any real life people mentioned that are portrayed in a negative light is not how I feel.  Just pretend they’ve been naughty.

(Gifs are not mine)

The Talk 1.1

As soon as I took my final bow for the evening, I quickly ran off the stage and right into my husband’s embrace.  He had just given me the best surprise of a lifetime.   “Oh my God, baby.  I can’t believe you’re here.“  When I pulled back, I reached out and playfully slapped him across his chest. “Why didn’t tell me you were coming?”

“Ouch.”  His green eyes stared at me wide eyed, as he grabbed his chest where my hand had landed.  "Well, I was trying to surprise my wife.  I didn’t know that I was going to get beat up in the process.“

“I’m sorry, honey.” I wrapped my arms around his neck.  Standing on my tiptoes, I captured his lips in a kiss.

“Now, that’s what I’m talking about.” He said placing a kiss on my nose, and I giggled.  

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okay so their podcast “My Brother, My Brother, and Me” involves all three Mcelboys, and has hundreds of episodes, most of which are amazing (they say some dodgy shit in the beginning but they’ve learned) and listening to a couple dozen episodes of that will help you differentiate between their voices (can be difficult for some people at first, myself included) and figure out how they balance each other comically. 

THEN I’d get into The Adventure Zone, just because it’s SO FUCKING GOOD JESUS FUCK I’VE CRIED THREE TIMES TODAY BECAUSE OF THAT FUCKING PODCAST. You might’ve seen a shitton of spoilers already bc of this blue hellsite, but if you blacklist the tags and blast through the episodes you can get through all of them within a month (there will be around 70 episodes total).

Justin and Griffin have some great videos on YouTube under Polygon, most notably Monster Factory (a series where they make the most, um, interesting avatars they can and try to break the games they play), and (also under Polygon) Griffin has a bunch of videos with a guy named Nick (like Touch the Skyrim and Car Boys {which I finished yesterday and 100% recommend}). These videos are less plot-driven than The Adventure Zone, and can be sprinkled in between TAZ episodes for when you need a little break from crying or whatever. they’re all here: 

When you’ve consumed all THAT media, each of the brothers has another podcast they do with their wives; so far I’ve only really gotten into Sawbones, which is a comedy/informative podcast Justin does with his amazing wife Sydnee about medical history and how we’ve fucked up over the centuries. Griffin has a podcast with his wife Rachel called Rose Buddies (they talk about the Bachelor and the Bachelorette and other dating shows, I think? I’ve heard it’s adorable as fuck) and Travis has a podcast with his wife Teresa called Shmanners (they talk about old traditions/customs/games/manners??? maybe???). All the podcasts I’ve mentioned can be found here: 

Feel free to add on your favorite Mcelroy content I’ve missed, bc i need everything involving these sweet sweet mcelboys

Once again I am amazed

by how adults don’t seem to be able to fathom the concept that is a ‘fandom.’
I was at my uncle’s with my parents and his wife asked about 'this band I love so much.’ And being as enthusiastic as I am, I started talking about the connection between the boys and us, about Uruha and his “I ain’t going on social media”, how we respect that, about how Aoi cried at the 15th & was (obviously) ashamed of it but WE loved it, how we cried with him because we KNOW him and what he’d gone through. I tried to explain how we’re all one big family and how the music gives use the purest, most intense emotions. They didn’t get it.

10 minutes later my uncle starts talking about this one band he likes, how he saw them in concert and cried. He said he was so touched by seeing them.
And I go, “So you can have emotions but when I tell you about mine, it’s 'childish’ and you don’t get it?”

His reply was “Well that’s because you cry for that guitarist guy. I cried because I connected these songs to certain moments in my life. I at least understand the lyrics.”

AND I DON’T?! I don’t connect finding Nausea & Shudder to one of the most intense moments of my life? I don’t connect Shiroki Yuutsu to the nights I cried myself to sleep because I had lost friends?

How dare you have the audacity to tell me my emotions aren’t real because I don’t understand the lyrics? How dare you belittle me like this because YOU don’t understand? How DARE you.

Things like this make me so upset. Livid. I just wished people were more open-minded. I wished I could find a (to others) 'sane’ sounding way of explaining why I love this band & Aoi so much.

But I guess I’ll have to forever bite my tongue during these conversations because… 'I’m crazy’ and they’ll never understand anyway.