and his suit at the dance though

Suits, volleyball, and all the headcanon in between.

[Terushima, Futakuchi, Noya, Tanaka, Ushijima and Tendou here]
[Akiteru, Kei, Kageyama and Hinata here]
[Ladies of Karasuno here]


  • Black on black. No tie, open two-buttoned suit jacket that hugs his waist, the top two buttons of his shirt are undone. Tailored wingtip derbies, black and matte- polished to perfection.
    • He’s actually the one who dislikes wearing suits the most (I mean, have you seen the guy, he literally looks like he throws on whatever he has lying on his bed).
    • Oh, but if you challenge him, or if the need arises- he’s going to be the sexiest guy in the room because he sure as hell isn’t going to lose at anything.
      • Hours of research and a lot of changing rooms is not going to be for nothing. If he’s going to suffer, he’s going to do some real damage before he goes (namely to your short-circuited brain and perhaps severe blood loss via nosebleed).
    • He tried the red and black combination once, until a girl actually came up to him and asked him which host club he worked at, and he’s stuck to black from then on.
    • Those undone buttons on his shirt? Collarbones. They’re so sharp that they can slice through paper, and it makes his neck slimmer and his smirk all the sexier.
    • Everything’s been absolutely tailored at least twice, and it’s so on purpose. Can you imagine those legs- miles and miles of slim height and oh, he knows you’re staring. He’ll wink right back.
      • Now that he thinks about it, he’s never had to buy his own drink before, and thus Kuroo’s legendary alcohol tolerance was born.

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2. We were dancing but all of a sudden it’s a slow song and we’re standing here awkwardly staring at each other

This Winter Screw is going much better than the last.

For one thing, Bittle’s date isn’t throwing up on his shoes, which Jack understood happened last year. And right now Bittle appears to be dancing with his date, or something like it. Jack, having seen the way Bittle can dance at parties, knows he’s toning it way down. Even so, Bittle is fun to watch on the dance floor, how the light catches his hair and how his smile widens as he jerks his hips from side to side with a laugh. He just always looks like he’s having a great time.

It strikes Jack kind of funny that he’s decided this Screw is going well based entirely on how good of a time Bittle’s having. God knows it has nothing to do with himself and his own date. Camilla and Jack have a quiet understanding; she’s with her friends, he’s … here, watching his pal on the dance floor, with an already-drained clear plastic cup of water and strangely itchy fingers.

But Jack’s not the kind of guy who has an actively good time at these things – they’re okay, he’s okay. It’s guys like Bittle, who are capable of having amazing times or miserable ones, that Jack has to calibrate his experience by.

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Shakespeare (Part III)

(Banner made by the incredibly talented @tiostyles)

Harry X Reader (AU)

In which Harry is a poetic frat boy who just so happens to be the TA for your new English class.

Read previous parts here.

Author’s note: Sorry I’m late again!! As always, all feedback is sincerely appreciated. Enjoy!

English class is your favorite class.

Since your paper, the past few weeks have been stuffed full of theory readings and poetry analyses. You’ve read Wordsworth, Woolf, and many in between. It’s hard not to get caught up in a world of rhyme schemes and symbolism.

Harry has been overly-avoidant. He didn’t look at you when you handed him your essay, and he hasn’t since. You’re just confused. It’s not clear why his eyes skirt around you when his gaze pans across the classroom, or why they glue themselves to the sidewalk when you pass him outside. But every time you see him or the thought of him merely crosses your mind, all you can think about is that second or two when he was in such close proximity. You can almost smell his cologne and see the thin hair spotting his chin.

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Homecoming | Peter Parker

Summary: Peter Parker was suppose to take the reader to Homecoming, but something comes up involving the Vulture. After defeating his enemy, Peter tries to win back the reader. The reader doesn’t buy his dumb excuses anymore and it takes a certain Spiderman to convince her otherwise…

Warning: spoilers and sadness and fluffiness 

Pairing: Peter Parker (Spiderman) x reader

Part One/ Part Two / Part Three / Part Four / Part Five


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nowhere else i’d rather be

a belated birthday fic for the love of my life james potter <3

a lil throwback to his 18th birthday when he got so smashed he had to crash at lily’s and then they just had to share a bed.

The mirror keeps buzzing in her bag and she’s sure it’s Sirius, calling to see if they made it back alright. Lily can’t answer it though, because she has her arms full with James. A very mashed and wobbly James.

“Where are we?” He says into her neck, too loudly for Lily’s liking. If a light goes on in the house, they’re screwed.

“Almost there.” She tells him as they reach the gate and she has to hold him up with one hand to push it open. For a second he leans too far forward, but then somehow uprights himself and stumbles forward.

“Where are we?” He repeats, stepping closer so his breath fans all over her throat again. It would be nice if it didn’t smell of a mixture of jaeger and sick.

“My house.” Lily watches as realisation dawns on James’ face, mouth dropping open, shoulders going limp.

“Wow. You have a house?”

“Where did you think all your owls were coming to last summer?” She shakes him until his shoulders regain some structure and tries to walk forwards again. James is stuck though, feet planted firmly on the ground as he takes in her house.

There’s not much to take in and Lily blushes, not having really thought about this part of him crashing at hers. Of course, she’d thought about him staying one day, just not under these circumstances. In her imagination they hadn’t been sneaking in at 4 am because James got kicked out of the hotel the Marauders were staying at. 

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Legit- (Dylan O‘Brien)

Originally posted by teenwolfmazerunnerunited

Characters: OC’s, Dylan O’Brien and (Y/N)

Word Count: 1219

Warnings: none

Pairing: idk man I got bored I guess some Dylan x Reader

Summary: an interview with your fellow cast mate Dylan goes totally aloof 

(Y/C/N)- your character name

“Run!” (Y/C/N) yells into the darkness of the hospital. Lights flash, the elevator opens. A shadowed figure starts laughing. Stiles grabs (Y/C/N)’s hand and starts dragging her down the hospital corridors, the running is slow motion. The lights shut off. Silence. 

The hospital scene fades away on the large screen behind me and the audience begin to clap and cheer. Dylan and I grin at each other, already knowing what happens after that scene. 

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Favorite Costumes: Richard Harrow

sixteen candles.

@rcmclachlan mentioned this the other day, and i can’t stop thinking about it, so:

on yuri plisetsky’s 16th birthday, i think it’s important that we talk about a sixteen candles AU, where everyone has forgotten yuri’s birthday because his half brother and family golden child victor nikiforov is getting married on the same day. (victor didn’t mean it– they’re just half brothers and he’s kind of clueless, and no one in the family reminded him?? he’s sorry, but also the event space is booked and the invitations went out, and you understand, right?) even worse, victor is marrying the Love Of Yuri’s Young Life, yuuri katsuki, who yuri saw first before victor was ever his brother, when he was the plisetsky’s Hot Older Neighbor, and maybe once when yuri was four and learning to ride a bike, he skinned his knee, and yuuri was the one to put a band-aid on his knee and sit with him on the curb and encourage him to get up and try again.  maybe he used to babysit yuri (which, yuri didn’t need a babysitter, he was totally old enough to stay home by himself, and he would publicly throw a fit about it, but secretly loved having yuuri over, letting him watch the Bad Channels and bringing over bowls of his mom’s katsudon).  

yuri of course bitches about this to his best (and only) friend otabek at school.  otabek is hopelessly in love with yuri, and tortures himself by letting yuri tell him about how he thinks yuuri katsuki is so beautiful he wants to slap him in his dumb, awful face, and how much he hates that his family loves yuuri so much and is so happy for victor that they’d rather call yuri ‘yurio’.  otabek is a senior and can’t be yurio’s plus one at the wedding, which is devastating to both of them, because his mom’s planned to take him on a trip to a college he’s been accepted to in fall.  otabek is also probably going slowly insane from hearing about yuuri katsuki all the goddamn time, and before he leaves to go on the trip, he tells yuri to just tell yuuri already, if he really loves him so much!!! which he later regrets, because yuri totally does.

the night before the wedding, and yuri’s sixteenth birthday, yuri goes over to the katsuki’s house to confess his love, because yuuri’s staying with his parents the night before the wedding one last time. and maybe yuuri is the only person who remembered yuri’s birthday, and he got him a gift, and yuri is so mad about it, because can’t yuuri see that he’s his soulmate, he’s furious.  and he has a small gift for yuri, and brings out some katsudon and puts a candle in it for yuri to blow out as they sit on the dining room table.  and then yuri angrily tells yuuri that victor is terrible and the worst and that they can’t get married, because he loves yuuri more, and he saw yuuri first, and it isn’t fair.  and yuuri turns him down so sweetly, so kindly, that yuri can’t even be mad about it.  “you know that’s a line we can never cross,” yuuri says, and yuri does know, but he still hates it and wants to pretend, and, “i hope you’ll come to the wedding tomorrow.  if you’re good, you can have first dance after victor.”

yuri goes to the wedding and it’s awful, and yuuri looks handsome with his hair slicked back and a well-fitting suit, too handsome, and even more infuriating is that victor looks handsome too, and he cries when they’re trading vows and yuri is just like, if it were me, i wouldn’t cry (he would, though).  they go to the reception and yuuri and victor haven’t shown up yet and yuri’s not sure he wants to see the happy couple officially married, so he escapes outside the venue just in time to see otabek roll up in a hurry, tie still undone and hair messy–he’d had his mom drive them back early, and this is the soonest he could get here.  and maybe that’s when yuri realizes that otabek is actually all the things that he always thought yuuri could be, like he’s this real person instead of a fantasy.  and so maybe he begrudgingly asks if otabek wants to dance (and otabek asks him “to make yuuri jealous?” and yuri just says, “no, just–just because i want to dance with you, okay?”), so they go inside and dance and have fun at the wedding and maybe kiss once or twice or five times–okay, they make out messily and gross like the teenagers they are in a supply closet and are rudely interrupted by yuuri and victor trying to sneak away to do the same thing.  

The Mask

a/n: this is just because i get cinderella vibes from “i don’t even know your name” and i’ve always wanted to go to a masquerade ball for some reason

The rapid knocking on your door distrubed your study session, causing you to groan. Standing up, you opened the door and saw your friend smiling brightly, pushing herself into your apartment. “Um, come in, why don’t you?” You asked, closing the door. “What’s up? Thought you had a meeting or something?”

“I didn’t need to stay.” She waved off that idea, and unlocked her phone. “But I got a text from Emily, and she said that there’s this masquerade thing next weekend and apperently a lot of people are going so I thought it would be a good idea if we went! You’re always complaining about not having a boyfriend so maybe this will be your chance to find one! And look really pretty, too!”

You laughed, sitting on your couch. “A masquerade ball?” You pondered the idea for a few moments. “Yeah, sure, I’ll go. Seems fun.”

“But there will be free drinks and- wait, did you say you’d go?” Your friend asked, stopping herself. Apparently she thought you wouldn’t want to go.

“Yeah, I could use some fun, and I think a masquerade ball would be really fun!” You nodded, picking up your book. “Now shoo, I need to study for a test.”

Your friend nodded, going to the door. “I’ll text you when we can go get dresses! And a mask! We need to wear masks!” She let herelf out of the apartment, and you rolled your eyes, excited for the party.

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Omg... But pls can we get more HCs about BatB!Otayuri???? (I also may or may not have been also invested in Christophe as Lumiere...)

You got it baby~

  • Otabek as the beautiful young man in a small village, living with his ever-supportive mother inventor and longing for something beyond the comfortable life he has.
  • JJ is Gaston, the handsome yet conceited hunter who tries his best to flirt with Otabek whenever he sees him around (and, you know, fails every time)
  • Emil as Lefou, eagerly supporting his man main JJ (and being the lovely gay man BatB deserves, bye @Disney)
  • Yuri as the poor kiddo-turned-beast for being a rude little shit to the haggard old lady who rocked up at his door one night. He was just trying to follow ~stranger danger~ rules, and yeah he may have been rude, but a bEAST? REALLY? vengeful little witch smh
  • Yuri having really fluffy, cream coloured fur because even as a beast he is a pantene model i s2g
  • PHICHIT AS CHIP, (phichip am i right ladies), just generally being the light of my life and the cheeky little stowaway because he needs to get the #scoop on what’s going on outside of the castle
  • Yuuri as Mrs Potts, the gentle and maternal babe who’s looking after Phichit and Otabek (but also knows when to put Beast!Yuri in his place because I may be a porcelain teapot but you will respect me young man)
  • Christophe as Lumiere, keen to show the hunky Otabek around the castle and entertaining his lovely Kazakh guest (and also sneaking behind curtains making out with other members of staff because hey, even a candlestick has to get some right??)
  • Seunggil as Cogsworth, 10000% DONE with everyone’s shit ffs
  • Viktor as the Wardrobe, because he gets to hear all the gossip as well as style the handsome new human hello
  • Otabek initially not being too intimidated by Yuri, overcome with adrenaline because he will do anything to keep his mother safe.
  • Initially being defiant and also refusing to sit with Yuri at dinner, because You’re keeping me prisoner here and you want me to play nice and have dinner with you? 
  • “Sorry kitten, that’s not happening.”
  • After the whole wolf situation, the two beginning to open up as Otabek gingerly and carefully patches up his wounds. Yuri is genuinely touched, because no one has ever been so gentle with him - not even when he was a young prince.
  • Otabek hearing Yuri’s long explanation about what exactly happened to him, only to sit back with raised eyebrows and an impressed exhale.
  • “Kind of harsh.”
  • “RIGHT?!”
  • Otabek falling in love with all of the books on history and literature and philosophy Yuri has, even though the latter had always thought they were the most boring thing in the world (until Beka starts reading the books out loud to him with a light in his eyes Yuri falls in love with.)
  • Yuri being a nervous wreck when it comes to their ballroom night, absolutely breathless at the sight of Otabek in gold. 
  • Yeah. Gold suits him.
  • Otabek being the one to easily take the lead when they dance, despite being smaller in size and lesser in experience.
  • …uh yes jj not dying and just recognising he’s been a dick ok
  • Otabek laughing at Yuri for days when he’s turned human again, because despite being the hairiest creature alive before, he cannot seem to grow any facial hair whatsoever 

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22 Sterek pretty please And thank you, you wonderful person you

Thank you for the prompt, nonnie! This ended up being two miserable people at a wedding reception, but I figured that was close enough. This is a ‘no Hale fire, everyone is human’ AU. I hope you like it! (On AO3)

“Cheer up, son!” his dad says as he dances past with Natalie, who still looks resplendent despite changing out of her wedding dress. “This is a party!”

Stiles hadn’t even wanted to accept Lydia’s invitation, but his dad had talked him into going, mostly by saying “you always meet interesting people at weddings.” Stiles has met no interesting people, and has instead been enduring Jackson taunting him for not bringing a date.

Thankfully, he gets bored and leaves fairly soon, returning to his usual spot at Lydia’s side. Stiles knows he’d be in big trouble if he punched Jackson out at the reception.

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Title: Wisdom Teeth Removal (Stark! Reader x Pietro Maximoff)

Summary: The reader has to get their wisdom teeth removed and Pietro is the lucky one who gets to babysit them for the day.

Word Count: 1538

A/N: I love Pietro *heart eyes emoji*! I’m hoping to get a couple of imagines up this week/weekend so let’s all pray LOL. This week has gone by SO SLOWLY; but writing/reading always helps, right? I hope you enjoy!

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Love Is Not A Victory March

I’m sorry that this is not a prompt (I promise I haven’t abandoned them) but I had this idea in my mind after yesterday’s episode and I just had to write it. I don’t even know what this is, I’m just an angst addict, so yeah that’s pretty angsty but truly romantic at the end.

Silver heels clicked rhythmically down the brick steps of Pop’s entrance, halo blonde hair swaying in the wind and a sea of Evening Haze satin leaving a trail of feminine elegancy with every determined step she took. At that very moment Betty Cooper looked like a heroine straight out of a John Hughes movie; effortlessly beautiful, politely innocent and a heartbreaking damsel in distress, ready to be swiped off her feet by her lovely prince charming in the form of the misunderstood high school loner. However, reality was far from that. She didn’t need to be saved. This time, it was the misunderstood high school loner that sought salvation, that needed more than ever a heroine that would grab his hand while drowning and pull him to surface again, away from his demons, away from the darkness that seemed to surround his golden soul. Betty could, would, be that heroine for him.

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tom holland: world's best dad™

Part 6 of the White Dress series

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5

  • you guys have two kids, a boy and a girl and they’re the sweetest little things ever and they’ve got tom’s curly hair and your eyes and they’re just perfect.
  • when your little girl is born you knew right away she’d be a daddy’s girl when she’d wake up in the middle of the night tom was always the one to pick her up and get her to go back to sleep
  • he would whisper to her “you’re so lucky you got your mum’s genes, she’s the most beautiful woman ever, you’re gonna be a beautiful woman just like your mumma. i mean you’re already the most gorgeous little girl ever but you’re gonna be beautiful just like mumma.”
  • all four of you would sleep in your bed sometimes and tom would just say “how did i get so lucky”
  • your son has a spider man themed room but as he gets older he says he likes iron man better robert spoils him rOTTEN
  • your kids have major playground cred bc their dad is a superhero but more kids like them bc their uncle is iron man
  • “tom, honey, so the kids have career day at school next friday and i doubt a bunch of elementary students want to hear about finance, want to go in and be spider man?“ 
  • "hELL YEAH! i’ll go try on the suit!”
  • he kinda struggles fitting into the suit, maybe he ate too many chicken nuggets 
  • when he goes to career day and he’s tELLING kids they can be a superhero iF THEY BELIEVE IN THEMSELVES and he shows off a little by doing flips and stuff in the suit and your kids run up on the stage even though they aren’t supposed to and give him huge hugs and kisses and he is tearing up so he has to take off the mask bc it’s expensive and he can’t ruin it. he showers the two kids with kisses and they giggle and it’s aDORABLE
  • “hey dad… so i kinda promised noah you’d make an appearance on friday at his birthday…”
  • your son loves to dance and play drums and play soccer
  • and your daughter is an amazing artist and she loves fliPs so mucH
  • and tom gets that blue mat out and blows it up in the backyard and he’s teaching her the basics
  • her dream is to be a stunt double and toms a lil apprehensive bc it’s hiS LIL GIRL but he knows she’ll kick aSs
  • he’s like “sweetheart, you can be anything you want to be, but are you sure you dont want to be a princess or something, i just don’t want you hurt is all.” and she’s so stubborn just like tom telling him “no daddy i wanna do flips and be like you!”
  • “she’s definitely your daughter.” you laugh at tom
  • you guys have dance parties every friday night in the living room
  • and you gEt sO frustrated when they wear their shoes in the house and tom ain’t good at punishing them because he can’t think up a good discipline bc they always sweet talk him and he gives up 
  • “tom you need to stop giving in to everything they say, i can’t just keep looking like the bad guy!" 
  • "i’m sorry babe, but i can’t say no to their adorable faces, they look too much like yours”
  • toM can’t cook for his life so you guys alWays keep frozen foods for when you go out or aren’t home and he has to cook for the kids turns out they’re better cooks than him
  • he watches rachel ray’s reruns before you wake up to try and cook breakfast for you but it always ends up ending in you hitting the smoke alarm he trieS so hArd
  • he pouts and sits at the table and watches you cook “ i just wanted to do something nice for you bc you do so much for me" 
  • he just wants to show his appreciation for you so he cleans up after every meal 
  • and he’ll leave cute lil notes everywhere when he’s away for you to find
  • and when he skype calls you and the kids you can never get a moment alone bc as soon as they hear his voice they come rushing to the computer and climb all over you bc they miss their dad 
  • "guys now you gotta promise me you’ll be good for your mum and clean your rooms!”
  • he brings an extra suitcase with him everywhere bc he always brings the kids back a million things from wherever he goes 
  • one time you all surprise him and visit him on set and harrison is the only person that knows about it and he’s so excited bc tom missed you all so much
  • and then toms completely wiped out bc he’s had such a long day and he’s missing you guys like mad and he’s so bummed bc he just wants to be with his family
  • so you harrison’s like “mate just go back to the trailer and rest a bit” and tom goes back and opens the door and hIs family is there and he kinda tears up 
  • the kids jump on him when he walks through the door of the trailer and he just looks at you with all of the love in the world bc he missed you so mUch
  • bIG FaMiLy hUG
  • and then the kids busy themselves with harrison and toms scooter that he rides around set and he’s just cuddling you
  • you both just watch the little rascals play around and have fun
  • “what if we had another one?”
  • and tom just smiles at you and he’s like “the more the merrier” or something stupid like that bc he loves his family and would love to see it grow into something more beautiful 
  • “that means we should probably get a bigger house" 
  • "what if we built our own?” bYE

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(Part 1, @midnigtartist I literally just finished it now LOL) 

“Madison you can’t be sick this is an incredibly important dinner party, I can’t show up alone!–Yes…yes a fever is bad…yes…I am aware that as my best friend you are not obligated to do everything me. Yes-Yes I know…fine…feel better. Tell Monroe I said hi.” Thomas closed his phone and placed it faced down on the table. This was a huge business party, one that Thomas was hosting and he could not go without a ‘date’. James has been a constant choice, a best friend. With James by his side Thomas could weather any setting with his spiking social anxiety. Now he was Madison-less…it was time to make up some excuse to Washington that the dinner was a no go. The day of… “Oh sweet tender lord give me strength.”

There was a cackle beside Thomas’s desk, “Religion in the workplace? I didn’t you know were a man who was so devote.” Alexander, the intern and Washington’s favorite, stood there with his tenth cup of coffee.

“Don’t come to me about devotion, the only devotion you’ve ever displayed is your constant pilgrimage to the coffee machine in the lounge, which you always leave dirty.”

“Do not”

“Hamilton–” Thomas sighed holding his head in his hands, “I don’t have time for this bullshit right now.” His mind was throbbing, he did not want to disappoint on on his dinner but there was no way he could do it. Just the thought of being alone in a sea of people who were respected and looking to Jefferson for hosting was enough to make him run home. “I have to cancel some plans.”

“Plans like Washington’s ritzy business mixer? You canceling that, aren’t you the host?” Alex sounded almost in disbelief. Why wouldn’t he? He, like so many others, only knew Jefferson skin deep. They could never understand why the rich, handsome, well-to-do Thomas Jefferson would ever be anxious around other rich men. They wouldn’t understand all of his words were practiced and well edited for hours, which his opinions were backed with physical agree-ers. Out of all of them, Alex would know less.

Thomas couldn’t help the fire Alexander placed in his stomach when they started their banter. At first it was simply him barking back insults. Then came the fast arguments, the toe to toe throwing of wits and intelligence. It was a daily fix now, a show boating of IQ. It was few moments he stood his own comfortably (most of the time). “Madison is out, which means I’ll be hosting alone. I’m not up for juggling more than I can handle” He spoke coolly between white lies and half-truths hoping Alexander would not pry.

“You know, I’ve been told I’m the life of a party.”

Why was Thomas surprised that Alex wanted to do this? He shouldn’t be. The greedy gremlin wanted to get his paws on this party. In a moment of what Thomas would call insanity, he considered it. Hamilton would walk in and be overwhelmed. He was just an intern, and from what Thomas knew he wasn’t at all part of this circle. Yes watching Hamilton stumble and flop, yes that would be delightful. Put him in his place, toss him into the deep end and watch him drown among the sharks. “If you can find a suit and a ride, sure just pretend to be my date” Thomas teased more in love with the idea of his failure than anything else.

“Thomas you are aware that if Hamilton ruins this party having been invited by you, this will be on you when it all goes to shit.” James coughed over the Skype call as Thomas went through his entire wardrobe.

Fuck. James was right but it was far too late to call it off again. Thomas was filled with the same dread as before. Not only did he have to tread around conversations on his own, he now had to worry about Hamilton not ruining the entire party by…being him damn self. The skype call with James was nothing but Thomas desperately begging the fever ridden man to come to the party. With no avail, Monroe entered the room and with the largest smile imaginable he HUNG UP on Thomas.

The dinner party was set at a penthouse space. Floor to ceiling windows that looked out at the New York City skyline, chandeliers projected hundreds of thousands of soft, glowy crystals. The old farts walked in like peacocks, sporting their status and money on their suits. All potential interests to George if Thomas could make an impression, any impression would have been nice. Thomas sported his finest Italian suit, purple bowtie he bought in Paris years ago. His hair fluffed up, hopefully enough to make him look less approachable. His mask, on, snarky, snobbish and hopefully looking as though he was not up for just any conversation.

There was a sweat pooling at the back of Thomas’s neck. Each time the music changed, his heart raced. Did he have to dance? No someone was looking at him was that a possible conversation? What would he say? What small talk was most friendly but also most direct to end the chatter soon? Thomas downed his third drink doing nothing for the heat rising to his head giving him a dizzy spell when the music dipped. Strange, the party was at full swing, servers were dealing food why the dip?

In that brief moment, Thomas heard very clearly the slimy cackle that belonged to Alexander. He knew it anywhere, it was smug and sultry. He whipped his head so fast his mind was now doing full 360s in his skull. He immediately started making his way to Alexander; he had to stop him from making an utter ass of himself like he usually did. Thomas could only handle one emotional mess at a time.

“…then I told him, Jay, 9 documents is not going to cut it. Madison was sick and managed to get 29 to me. I mean I don’t expect everyone to have that certain éthique de travail comme moi” Alex got a crowd of tight belted old men to chuckle. Thomas blinked, not because of his lack luster accent when using French. But…he cleaned up nicer than he imagined. The suit was a dark green with black trim, a thin black tie down the middle. He had his hair that looked like a greasy mop most days, pulled back into a youthful but stylish bun at the back of his neck. “Ah Thomas” Alex beamed up at the dumbfounded Jefferson. “I was just about to tell them about your merger last week.”

“M-My …merger?” He lost his ability to think momentarily as he struggled to make sense of his reality.

“Fellas, I’ll tell you when I said I fought him on this deal I really did. Somehow he just managed to hit it out of the park out of all the odds against –“

Thomas quickly found his footing, “You were the odds against it, importing commerce does nothing for us. American materials is what we should be using.” He grumbled back, the fire slowly being poked as if they were in the office…he was annoyed but not…anxious, not entirely when the flames of banter and rivalry clouded his mind.

“That might be great for the economy but we’re talking about a 15th of the price coming from half way around the world” Alex shrugged stepping up to the plate with easy as he motioned for a server to pass around the wine like he was hosting this dinner. How dare he?

“Ah, yes because quality control overseas is so easy. You know how many good industries we have here?”

“You know how much American industries cut corners? There is a reason nearly no one trades with us.” Alex shot back.

“The reason is pricing and a couple of bad deals but I have faith in an American based future.” Thomas sneered as a server came by with full glasses of wine. He watched Hamilton pluck two and hand one to Thomas with a smile that was free of his usual cocky smirk or coy attitude.

“And I respect that, which is why…I told Washington it wasn’t half bad seeing as long as we source it from certain places.” Alex took a long sip of his drink. “Honestly, the man is a genius playing for the wrong team.” Alex’s eyes slid up to Thomas, whose face was unmistakably shocked. Of course he meant it EXACTLY how Thomas thought it. “Real shame, gentleman but I think Thomas has more people to make rounds with. Don’t be strangers, make sure you take a business card on the way out, try the wine it is divine.” Alex turned placing a hand on Thomas’s arm, leading him away.

“What…was that?”

“That is how you do business, Jefferson.” He turned Thomas around to a new crowd. The fire that masked his anxiousness and fanned his face with a flush now subsided. “Look alive, Thomas.”

#2 “Hey, hey, calm down. They can’t hurt you anymore.”

Harry’s tears stained the front of your Versace dress as you cradled his head on your chest in the back of the Range Rover. You closed the partition between you two and the chauffeur, both avoiding making your driver uncomfortable and giving you and Harry some privacy. 

His breathing picked up as his sobs became louder, and as your heart broke in two. He could barely get a full sentence out as he laid across the backseats with his head in your hands. 

“Baby, I promise it’s okay. The only people that matter are your fans, and they know you don’t like it when you get asked provoking questions.” You attempted to comfort him, not having much experience in the area. 

“But th-this is about so much more than that. This night was supposed to be special, and about music and albums, not my personal life.”

“I know, baby. The interviewers just do it because the more they get out of you, the more attention they will get from viewers. It’s not personal.” You replied.

“But they’re so rude. Do they n-not understand that I’m not an open book? I’m s-supposed to sh-share my music with the world, not my personal life.” 

He broke into another fit a of crying and pressed his head closer to your chest as he closed his eyes. You kissed his hair, “Hey, hey, calm down. They can’t hurt you anymore. I promise, love.”

The crying continued, no matter how many tissues you gave him or how much you tried to comfort him. You helped him remove his suit coat, in hopes of relieving the constrains of the expensive outfit he had been strutting in throughout the night. 

Soon enough, though, as you waited to arrive back to his apartment, his eyes closed for good and sleep overtook him. You felt like snapping a picture, but you couldn’t because you still held him close to you, with his legs sprawled across the middle and right back seats. His hair was beautifully sleek but messy in the most perfect way, and his long eyelashes danced on his tear-stained cheeks. His pink lips were opened slightly due to his stuffy nose from all the crying. He was really an angel, inside and out. 

You wished you could help him with all the weirdly personal interview questions, and the massive pressure of acting polite and happy in the public eye, but there was really nothing you could do other than be there for him. And there, in that moment, with his head on your chest and his arm wrapped around your middle, that was all that really mattered. 

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Dance With Me

Originally posted by babustyles

I’M ALIVE! I promise. But I know, I’ve been gone for aaages, and there’s no excuse for me other than the worst writer’s block. Again, I’m sorry. I can’t promise that I’ll post every week like I used to, but I can say that I’m still on here, even when I’m not writing :) Hope you enjoy! x

Word Count: 1,775 (A lot shorter than my usual, I’m sorry.)

This is Dunkirk!Harry and inspired by this imagine. (Yes I read Bucky stories, don’t judge me. Sebastian is beautiful.) Feedback is greatly appreciated.

“Dance with me.” You utter, fingertips lacing with his. A breath escapes his lips as you tug him into the empty space of your living room, running small circles into the back of his hand. 

The music plays further as your bodies connect like puzzle pieces. Your chest presses to his and you sigh, resting your head against his collarbones. You gently lay kisses onto the area as he squeezes your hands softly. Inhaling his scent, you lift your head and meet with his eyes. They pierce your own but remain sweet and full of admiration.

The record player is a few meters away from you, belting out the song though you can’t help but sing along.

“And with this feeling I’ll forget, I’m in love now.”

The words drip out with passion and Harry leans in to close the gap. 

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A Court of Ice and Deceit

This is something I wrote as a congratulations for my lovely friend @ignite-my-love for her first day at her new internship! I know she’ll do amazingly, and to show my support (because I can’t really do anything else) I wrote her this post-acowar fic about some characters we came up with a while ago. Hope you enjoy Nay (and everyone else who takes their time to read this) much love and congrats! 


Zaire watched as the Prince of Velaris waltzed around the ballroom, smiling at people, firmly shaking hands with men, bowing for ladies, kissing the cheeks of babies, glowing like the fucking sun, all that utter crap. He was an arrogant one, this Nikolai of the Night, and oh how he knew it. Zaire could admit that his tan skin and dark blue-purple eyes were really something, and his tousled blonde hair looked like it had just had a set of hands running through it and he was so tall and his shoulders broad and she really needed to stop thinking about him. It was just unfair, the way his dark suit hugged so closely to his body. Males in the Winter Court would never be so scandalous with their attire! He even had his top three buttons undone so the ladies could see the Illyrian tattoos on his chest!

Zaire rolled her eyes as he offered to dance with another lady – her childhood friend. Her friend was blushing like a fool, nearly tripping over her feet in her eagerness to dance with the Prince. Zaire was envious though – envious of the ease her friend could dance with men and let her hair down and wear loose clothes. Zaire had her hair so tight in a bun it made her scalp ache, and her dress was the perfect shade of white to match her skin and hair. She was the perfect image of a future Winter Queen. But image or not, all she wanted to do was flee this dastardly place. She did not care if it was a sacred holiday and that they had esteemed guests, she wanted to escape home and take a bath, and just spend some time with herself. Was that too much to ask? Maybe she would go to her parent’s home instead, pretend that she had been too tired to go to her own palace as to avoid awkward questions.

Zaire was done looking down on the people of her court. She was situated on a balcony that curved around the marble floor, high enough to see everyone but to remain hidden away. She stepped back from the edge, and sat on one of the many plush red chairs that were placed around for people’s convenience. She closed her eyes and listened to the music, letting the notes from the piano and whistles from the flutes carry her away like she was also that fleeting. Her heart was heavy, and her limbs were numb, and she couldn’t face another moment of it. She lied in on herself, resting her head against her folded arms.

“What are you doing up here, Lady Zaire? Last I saw the revelry was beneath us.”

Zaire flinched at the melodic voice from next to her, and peeked a single eye open to see who was bothering her in her private place. To her complete surprise, it was none other than Lord Nikolai.

“Prince Nikolai, welcome to the Winter Court.” The smile she gave him was small and unconvincing, and she didn’t even care at this point. “Last I saw you were having quite the time dancing, why not continue?” The dismissal was subtle, and he missed it.

“So you were watching me then. I had a feeling.” He smirked at her, and she gave him her full attention. “Why would I dance down there when the prettiest woman I’ve seen all night is up here?”

She sat up straight and cross one leg over the other. “You seem to be mistaken, prince, I-”

“Call me Nik, all my friends do.” He interrupted.

“But I am not your friend.”

His eyes twinkled, and he held out a hand. “Not yet.”

She looked at his outstretched hand once, and then turned away. He let his hand fall, but his enthusiasm was still in full throttle.

“I haven’t seen much of the Winter Court before.” He told her.

She hummed.  

“I heard a rumour that you have the second-best ice cream in all Prythian.”

She boggled at him. “Second best? You are wrong, we have the best as far as the wind can take you. Halana’s is unparalleled, especially the lavender and white chocolate the store offers.”

He put a hand on his chin, considering her words. “I don’t believe you.”

“I am daughter of High Lady Viviane and High Lord Kallias, you can trust my judgement.”

“I need proof.” He put simply.

“Then go try it.” She countered.

“If only I had an escort to show me where to go.” He smiled at her again, this time far more tenderly. She could see it in his eyes; he thought her to be skittish. Her persona may be, but in reality she was a force as strong as the tide, as ferocious as the snow, and she would not bend to the will of a male bored with what has already been offered to him.

“If only,” she said monotonously. She got up from her chair, and went to walk away, but he hooked his arms in hers before she could go anywhere.

“Hi,” he said.


“My name is Nik, and my mother made me come to this alone because my twin sister’s cramps are too bad for her to leave the house. I’m two-hundred and five, and my favourite colour is blue. I love to paint, I did it with my grandmother at every opportunity before she passed, and my best friends are my cousin Dimitri and my buddy Isaac. I have an unnatural love for pizza, which I eat after every training session with my grandfather. I’m a veilsinger, and there can never be too many dogs in the world. You?”

She raised an eyebrow at his onslaught of information. His face became gentler at the mention of his family, and his elbow was no longer tight on hers. She kept it linked though, her curiosity for this male overpowering her resolve. “What?”

“I introduced myself, which is what someone should do when they meet a nice Lady for the first time. I misread you, and thought you would enjoy my sarcasm. I was wrong, and I apologize if I made you uncomfortable. If it pleases you, I would love to hear more about you.”

Zaire was unsure if he was being genuine, but decided it would not hurt for her to share a little bit. “My name is Zaire, and I’m three-hundred and forty-two. I have a pet fox named Peter, he was the runt of the litter and I couldn’t bear to see him put down so I stole him and kept him in my room and cared for him until my parents found out. By then, I was too attached and they let me keep him. My favourite colour is pink, and sometimes I sing. My best friends name is Aleanor, but she was courted by a Lord in the Summer Court so I barely see her anymore. I love ice-cream.”

Nik listened with rapt attention to her every word.

“In that case, Lady Zaire, would you like to accompany me away from this hellish ball to get some ice-cream? I have it on good authority that Halana’s is the best in Prythian.”

This male was too charming for his own good, but that didn’t stop Zaire from giving him a shy nod, and leading him away from the ball.


“That can’t possibly be true!” Zaire snorted, her ice-cream sitting melted and forgotten next to her.

“I swear on my soul it is. Dimka had been so busy trying to get the attention of this female that he didn’t notice his arm had been set on fire by his ex-lover. It wasn’t until I doused it that he did! And then he was just like, ‘was that a flame? Oh dear, I really should be more careful where I stick it, shouldn’t I?’”

Zaire roared with laughter, making a few fae around them give her strange looks. Ice-cream (that Nik agreed was the best he’d ever tasted) had turned into a four-hour conversation, that had led to her being wrapped in his jacket and her hair falling loose. He still looked as pristine as before, but now there was a fine blush colouring his cheeks and his sleeves had been rolled up to reveal more tattoos. Zaire covered her mouth to stifle her laughs, but that only led to a few joyful tears falling down her face.

“I wish I could say this was a single occurrence, but that man has a serious problem when it comes to choosing his lovers.” Nik chortled.

“This one time, Aleanor and I decided to skinny dip in the lake west of the palace, and it was a terrible idea. Not only was it freezing, but her brother, who rather fancied me, stole my clothes so I couldn’t leave. He left Al’s, so she had to get dressed and run to get me some more, but she took over an hour. There were people sailing that night and I had no clue beforehand! I had to hide between rocks, cover myself in algae and pretend I was an Ice Wraith so sailors wouldn’t come any closer. I was absolutely mortified.”

“He sounds dreadful.” Nik wrinkled his nose.

“He was young and stupid – as we all are at that age.”

“Not me. I was born fully formed and ready to charm my way around the world. It was rather miraculous.”

“Oh really? I can imagine how lanky you would’ve been coming into your height. Too much limb and not enough muscle.”

Nik placed a hand over his heart and feigned a sigh. “You’ve wounded me, Darlin’. How ever will I recover?”

They were sitting at one of the many quaint tables that lined the rushing river than ran through the capital of her court. They were there for weary people needing a rest, adventurous lovers who wanted to take a pause, and for budding friends who needed a break from pesky balls. It was well into the night, and the moon reflected light right onto the river next to him, lighting up their surroundings with a low, white glow.

“I’m sure you’ll find a way.” Zaire reached forward and dipped her finger in the gooey remnants of his banana and caramel ice-cream, popping her finger in her mouth and moaning at the taste. Stores should just sell melted ice-cream, she decided, in the morning she’ll make it a royal decree.

Nik didn’t reply, just rested his head on his hands and watched her. She winked at him jokingly, but all he did was to continue to gaze at her adoringly. She let him sit in silence, trying to contain a smile from being looked at like that, but she couldn’t.

“Why are you doing that?” She waved in the direction of his face.

“Because I think you’re wonderful.”

She opened her mouth to say something, but couldn’t find the words. Instead she inclined her head away, hoping to hide her spreading blush, and tapped her nails on the table.

“Would you sing for me, Zaire?” he asked earnestly.

Normally, she would say no to such a request. Her voice was one of the few things that belonged solely to her, and she didn’t like to share such an intimate part of herself with people. She would rather strip naked and yell from the top of a mountain than share her voice with a stranger, but Nik was nice, and he made her feel warm in a very cold life. She would only ever see him tonight, so why not live it to its fullest?

She sang for him a silly nursery rhyme meant for children, nothing too revealing, but still a taste of her capabilities. “All things bright and new, saved the day of girl gone blue, Lover gold and lover lest, bring the girl a hidden crest, Times are dark but oh have faith, the girl gone blue without a trace, the golden girl is cauldron blessed, to save the good and smite the rest.”

“I’ve heard that before, my father used to sing it to me before I went to sleep.” Nik said after a pause.

“Mine too.” She looked down, and felt fingers graze her cheek. When she blinked up, Nik had a hand out, his face searching.

“Can I kiss you, Lady Zaire?” He whispered.

She thought about it for a second. It would be a terrible sin to kiss him when she would only see him for the night, but oh she wanted to kiss him terribly. She had from the moment he’d scooped up his ice-cream and announced her a genius, and the thought of the kind male in front of her showing her just a tendril of love…

“You may, Lord Nikolai.”

He got up and came to stand in front of her, kneeling down so their eyes were level. With a shy hesitancy, he brought his lips to hers.

His kiss was as warm as his jokes, as embracing as his laughter, and as tender as his soul. She may only have known him for one night, but that was enough.

Her fingers slid into his wavy hair, and his went to lightly caress her waist.

Zaire had never been kissed like this in all her life, and she couldn’t help but pull him closer so she could deepen it, flicking her tongue against his and pushing her breasts to his chest. He quietly moaned, and the sound made a sensation latch into her lower half and rush to the rest of her body.

They both stood so they could be as close to one another as possible, Nik no longer restricting his kiss to just her mouth, but now lowering his full lips to her jaw and neck. Zaire wanted to enjoy the taste he’d left in her mouth, but she was becoming nervous that someone would see.

“Come home with me?” She blurted, not totally thinking of the consequences.

Nik brought himself back and nodded, pressing one more short kiss to her lips before she winnowed them away.


Her room was as opulent as you’d expect for a lady of her stature. Walls of white marble slashed with gold made her surroundings, although not much was seen due to the heavy pink drapes that lined them. Her bed was large and circular, covered in an array of coloured cushions and a thick duvet. There was also a large fireplace that was constantly lit, magic used to keep it forever in control. To the left was her large ensuite, a bath big enough to fit two people, enchanted to always be at the ready if you needed it.

Nik and Zaire stood in front of the fireplace as he lovingly undressed her. He started with helping take the pins out of her hair, letting the long white waves fall to her waist. He then turned her, and let his deft fingers unbutton her dress, all the while letting his fingers graze over her pale skin. He started at her neck, and worked to where they ended just below the base of her spine. He let the dress fall, and Zaire shivered now that she was completely bare before him. She turned, and not nearly as gentle as he had been, ripped at his shirt until it was on the floor with her dress. He let out a low moan of pleasure at her actions, and undid his belt and let his pants fall to the ground. She grabbed his shoulders and pulled him towards her, jumping slighting to wrap her legs around his waist. He caught her thighs and held her up, kissing her languidly before walking them over to the bed.

As Nik laid her down, all thoughts left Zaire’s mind other than the ones about how much she wanted this male in front of her. How was it possible that in only one night she can feel more desire than she had accumulatively over the last twenty years? It had been decades since her body had soaked like this, since she’d needed to moan just to release some of the tension in her body.

Nik was holding himself up over her, nipping and licking at her neck. Her body jolted as he moved down her, briefly sucking on her nipples before moving to just below her navel. “Is this okay?” It was clear what he wanted to do, and she furiously nodded her approval.

With a cocky smirk on his face, he swiped up her centre with his tongue, moaning when he tasted how wet she was for him. Zaire let out a small gasp at the sensation, and gripped one of the pillows behind her head. He continued to work her with his tongue, focusing on just the right place to make her set on fire. Her legs shook, and her back arched, and she opened her thighs wider so he had all the access he would need. His hands wrapped around her thighs and squeezed, his eyes shut while he dived in and out of her.

Nikolai.” She hissed his name – the single thing she could remember while he was making her feel this way.

Her body convulsed as she neared the edge, and with one last lick, she was screaming his name as she came. Her legs stopped shaking, and her body was like jelly beneath him. It had far too many years since she’d left like that, and she was revelling not only in her orgasm but also because such a fine man gave it to her and how he did.

He kissed up her body, retracing the steps he’d taken to get down, and he put his elbows either side of her face so he could lean over her.

Zaire grazed her fingers over his face: across his brow, his lips, his cheekbones.

“All good, Darlin’?”

“Do that again, what you did to my body. Can you do that again?” She was utterly delirious from pleasure beneath him, and could no longer string together a truly coherent thought or sentence.

She choked on whatever words she would’ve said next as he slowly entered her, his generous length filling her to his base. She out her arms around him, beckoning him closer but also so she could drag her nails down his back. Her legs wrapped around him, just wanting as much of her skin to be pressed against him as possible. He was quietly groaning his name in her ear, and his thrusts became quicker and more passionate with every passing second.

Between her already recent orgasm, it wasn’t long until she was finishing again, this time growling his name as he went over the edge with her, riding her through it. He collapsed to the side after he was done, and once he made sure she was too, his breathing heavy. Zaire curled up next to him and laid her head on his chest and hooked her leg up on his, running a hand up and down his chiselled torso. His hair was dishevelled, at some point she had pulled at it, and his arm came to securely wrap around her.

“I can’t remember the last time a man made me feel like that.” She admitted to him. Maybe she shouldn’t, she acknowledged as an afterthought, it would seem desperate and might drive him away in the last few hours they could have together.

“A lady such as yourself deserves that anytime she wants.” He assured her.

She laughed lightly and pressed her face into him, closing her eyes and letting her body relax. “You going to be here when I wake up then?”

“Most definitely.”

He rolled them both so he was still holding her, but her back was to his chest. He had one arm resting under her head, and the other securely around her waist. It was the most comfortable position Zaire thought she had ever been in, and let her contented fatigue overcome her.  


The sun shone through Zaire’s wide window, and she stifled a groan as she realised she had to get up. She was still cuddled in Nik’s warm embrace, and she didn’t feel inclined to move. She had to though, before a maid came stumbling in wanting to clean the (now incredibly messy) sheets.

“Wake up.” She shook his arms. He made a non-committal hum and just pulled his arm tighter around her. She giggled lightly at his touch and turned her head kissing the underside of his jaw. “I can’t get us breakfast if you don’t let me go.”

“I’m happy just to taste you again, Darlin’.” He purred. His hand around her waist wandered south, and she jolted at his touch.

She smacked his hand away but laughed at his antics. Finally free from his grip, she got up and sauntered over to put her robe on, making sure he got a good look first. “I think that was the best winter solstice I’ve had in a while.”

She turned back to look at him, and her insides melted at the sight. He was propped lazily up on one elbow making his abdominal muscles even more defined. He was still reaching to where her body had just been, and a mischievous smile graced his handsome face.

“I’ll bring you back something to eat.” She left the room before she pounced on him – something that would have been rather unladylike.

She was walking down the spiral steps that went to her kitchen and reflected on the night before. She never could’ve guessed as she watched Nik dance at the ball that he would end up in her bed. Not just that though, he had also listened to her when she spoke, and laughed at her jokes, and made her feel alive again. It may only have been a one night affair, but it was enough to wake up her sleeping soul. She couldn’t contain the smile on her lips.

She sang lightly to herself as she skipped down, but stopped in a deathly instant when she heard people talking in the kitchen, and not just anyone.

She didn’t care about decency as she raced back to her room, running as fast as she could to get away from that voice. She whirled into her bedroom and slammed the door shut behind her, locking it as she did. Nik greeted her hello, but she didn’t respond.

The blonde male was in the process of getting dressed but he had yet to put on his jacket or shirt. She picked them up off the floor and shoved them at him, urging him to go towards the window.

“The royal children of the Night Court can fly, yes? You need to leave, now.”

“But Zaire-”

“I don’t care if this wounds your ego, you need to leave before they get here.”

“Is someone coming?” He smirked. “I can just hide under your bed, or get that bath ready for us.” He winked suggestively.

“Unfortunately, that’s not an option. I don’t care where you go as long as you are far away from this house.” She pushed him back again and he relinquished a step, a confused look on his face. She hated that she made him look like that, but it was for the best. Son of the most powerful High Lady to ever exist or not, the person coming would kill him if she found out what they had done.

She tried to push him again but he caught her wrists and brought them around his neck. He stepped into her, resting his forehead to hers. “If you are afraid of this person, I can help you Zaire. Say the word and it’s done.”

She considered lying to him, trying to salvage this as much as she could, but it would be too unfair to string Nik along like that. She bit her lip, hard enough to hurt, closed her eyes, and told him the truth.

“It’s my husband.”

She went cold as he broke all contact between them. She didn’t dare open her eyes, not wanting to see the look of betrayal on his face that was surely there.

“I wish you were just saying this to drive me away, but I can hear the honesty to your words.” Nik said.

“I’m sorry.” She hushed. “He was meant to be away on a hunting trip for the next four days, I had no idea he was going to come back early.”

Her pathetic excuse for an apology was met with silence, and she opened her eyes assuming he was gone.

He wasn’t, but he was standing in front of her window, one hand raised to the cold glass, lovely wings now extended on his back.

“Whatever has come of this night, at least I made a new friend. Good day to you, Lady Zaire. May I see you again one day.”

He vanished.