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Our Own Magic

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Soukoku with 16. “What are you hiding?”~! Thanks so much for your compliment and your prompt, dearie! <33 Sorry this is so late, but let’s just pretend it’s still Christmas, anyway lol
Honestly, I have to say that writing these two has become one of my favorite things now because they’re super fun and easy omg I’m in loveeeee

Summary: Chuuya learns that Dazai’s definition of “creating magic” is a little off and hates his life because of it, along with Dazai’s stupid Santa hat.

“What are you hiding?”

Of course. Since Dazai didn’t have a life and stalked him twenty-four-fucking-seven, Chuuya couldn’t even take care of his business without having to worry that his overly clingy boyfriend would randomly waltz into his house and make his life difficult once again.

Honestly, he kept asking himself why he was dating this guy in the first place.

“Your mom.”

“Interesting. It seems that my mom has gotten a lot smaller since the last time I saw her,” was the nerdy reply and Chuuya turned around so he could tell Dazai to fuck off in his face but didn’t get any further than parting his lips because what.

Yeah, it was Christmas Eve, but that didn’t mean he had to look like an absolute idiot.

Dazai was wearing the most ridiculous Santa hat he had ever seen. It had lights. And they were annoying. Said lights were blinking endlessly, switching between green, yellow and red and wow, Chuuya had underestimated how stupid Dazai really was.

… And how much he loved him for that. Crap. He hated himself for that but he hated Dazai more.

“Kinda like the size of your brain?” Chuuya said casually because he had to say something instead of just staring at those flickering lights.

“You seem even moodier than usual,” Dazai pouted and grabbed both of his hands, swinging them back and forth like a four-year-old. “Come on! You’re supposed to be happy because it’s Christmas! It’s the best holiday of the year and aren’t you glad you get to spend it with your one and only boyfriend?”

To be honest? Yes. No. Wait.

“I don’t know how to respond to that. You look stupid and it’s distracting.”

“And you look very handsome. So stop fidgeting in the kitchen and join me on the couch so we can create a little holiday magic of our own.”

Twitch. “Are you seriously suggesting we have sex on my couch?”

A bark of laughter made him twitch once again because that was definitely not the reaction he was hoping for. “Oh my god, well, if you wanted to have sex you could’ve just said so. I was thinking of cuddling and putting on a cute movie, but sure if you’re that eager.

If he hadn’t been so tired of cleaning, cooking and packing all day, Chuuya would’ve used his ability to throw something at Dazai’s head but instead he just sighed and followed him to the living room of his apartment. He plopped onto the couch while Dazai looked for a random movie to put on, which he took his time for and Chuuya had the nagging feeling his was doing it on purpose because he was also humming, one of Dazai’s favorite things to do.

After some more humming, Dazai did a theatrical twirl on the spot, bent down to put the DVD in and skipped over the couch so he could take a seat. The usual commercials started playing and Chuuya already regretted sitting there, but things were about to get even worse.

“Let the real magic begin.”

As soon as his brain had processed those words, he finally noticed the annoying tingly sensations around his torso. His body reacted out of instinct by letting him make the most embarrassing sound known to man: a terrifyingly loud shriek, and he jumped out of the way. Dazai’s fingers seemed to be glued to his body, though, because they didn’t let go of his sides and simply kept scribbling against his shirt.

“What’re you— Fu— Dazai!” Chuuya cried out and pulled his knees up to his chest to try to block the seemingly persistent fingers.

“Get it? Your laughter is like magic to me!” Dazai sang sweetly and cupped his cheek with one hand so he could pull him into a rather messy kiss.

The other hand was slowly sliding down to pinch his kneecap, definitely one of his weakest spots, and Chuuya yelped into the kiss, which was taken advantage of by Dazai who took this opportunity to deepen the kiss and switch spots. Prominent nails trailed the skin of his exposed stomach, which made Chuuya laugh so hard that he fell back against the arm of the couch, hugging himself to protect his torso.

“You’re such a sap, jeez,” he panted and held out a hand when Dazai advantaged towards him with wiggly fingers. “No. Dazai, I swear to god, don’t tickle me again.”

“But you agreed to create a little magic here with me, didn’t you?” Dazai said so very smugly that Chuuya wanted nothing more than to kick him out of his house. Hard.

“If you tickle me again, I’m not giving you my present—!” Chuuya ended his sentence with a choked gasp because Dazai’s hands had already latched themselves onto his sides again, but they didn’t move.

“… You bought me a present? Chuuya, you cutie!”

Sadly, Chuuya was forced to take the tickling once more while his present lay forgotten under the sink where he had hidden it from view after Dazai had entered the kitchen.

Oh, well.

Drunk kisses & fairy lights | Rami Malek

It’s currently 4.30am here and I’ve spent the last few hours writing this Christmas fic/imagine because I was feeling very festive last night. It’s been such a long time since I’ve written anything so please, be nice - be warned it’s probably ridden with a lot of grammatical errors. It’s kind of sweet, fluff, not really smut, happy and festive time all around.

P.S Yes, I realise (Y/N)’s best friend is named after me. I just really wanted to be your wing man. 

Word count: 2082
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