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Sami and Finn in the WWE Swerved episode, You’ve Been Had All Day!

yoonjin fic rec ♥

because we all need more yoonjin in our lives.

  • Kissing Practice - Rated T - Seokjin gets cast in a web drama in which he has a kiss scene. Fearing he’ll look stupid kissing on camera, Jin enlists the help of his fellow members. An unfortunate game of rock paper scissors lands Min Yoongi a starring role as Jin’s new kissing partner.
  • i don’t wanna be your friend, i wanna kiss your neck - Rated G - five times Yoongi doesn’t realize he’s in love with Seokjin and one time he does.
  • Deck the Halls - Rated M - Yoongi hadn’t been able to spend decent time with Seokjin in forever. Meaning sex. They hadn’t been able to have any. For months.
  • Where’s my standee? - Rated G - Drunk Min Yoongi usually means trouble. But drunk Min Yoongi alone and with access to almost four million followers on Twitter is just amusing.
  • ripped jeans - Rated M - "I’m not wearing a thong, yoongi, oh my god! it’s just a really… small boxer.“
  • Finnish Mornings - Rated G - It’s too early, and too cold, but Yoongi doesn’t want to be anywhere else.
  • he’s dead, jim - Rated M - (724): I know you saw me get knocked out after I stepped on that rake why did you leave me there.
  • Laws of Attraction - Rated G - Jin leaves to film Law of the Jungle. Yoongi shouldn’t be missing him that much, right? Right.
  • Around Your Fingers - Rated G - Yoongi gets jealous over someone protecting Jin from the rain. Yeah, he’s that whipped.
  • the first crescendo - Rated M - Yoonjin music students pwp that’s it, that’s the story.
  • Proper Skincare - Rated M - Yoongi may have discovered he has a kink involving Seokjin’s face.
  • give it to me - Rated M - Seokjin has always liked hands. Yoongi has nice hands. Seokjin wants Yoongi’s hands on him.
  • Secrets - Rated T - Yoongi is great at keeping secrets, including the biggest one of all.Namely that he is in love with Kim Seokjin. And, though he can still scarcely believe it, that Seokjin is in love with him.
  • Meet the Parents - Rated T - Yoongi predicts that meeting Seokjin’s parents will be a disaster.He was right.

anonymous asked:

How do you think things would be if Yata won that skateboard tournament and he had to move to America for the time being? What if he asked Fushimi to go with him during the event, maybe 2 weeks? Think Saruhiko would go with Misaki or stay instead, secretly cheering him on while the big Nationals event is broadcast on tv? (Sorry but hearing the CD drama got me thinking about this a lot. ;) ))

If he asked Fushimi to come along I think Fushimi might. He’d probably have to think about it a little, especially if they haven’t fully talked yet. Maybe that’s part of Yata’s way of trying to get him to come along, like he needs someone to come with him to be a translator and he knows Fushimi speaks English, they could rest a little and take a break from all the Kings and clans and Slates stuff that’s been going on, and since it’ll be just the two of them maybe they can finally have their whole talk. That part almost gets Fushimi to refuse because talking means there might be feelings and Fushimi does so hate feelings. But he wants to see Yata skate too, especially once Yata starts telling him about how this competition is really important to him and it would mean a lot if Fushimi came along. Fushimi considers it for a while and maybe he even kinda tries to get Munakata to make the decision for him by idly mentioning that clearly he needs to stay here and catch up on his work since Scepter 4 was totally falling apart without him. Munakata knows exactly what he’s trying to do though and is like the work will still be here in two weeks, Fushimi-kun, and notes that if anyone has earned a nice vacation it’s Fushimi.

So Fushimi ends up agreeing to go with Yata to America for a couple weeks and they get to have a nice couples’ vacation together. Yata’s all impressed that Fushimi knows English and Fushimi probably takes advantage of Yata’s lack of knowledge to make mocking comments in the presence of other people while Yata sits there staring blankly. Also imagine they run into some other competitors and one of them starts like totally trash talking Yata in English, calling him a shrimp and an upstart and how could some kid like you who’s never even been in a competition possibly even place let alone win. Yata suspects that he’s being mocked but then Fushimi steps in and totally just rips the guy in perfect English, calling him all kinds of wonderfully creative insults and telling him that Misaki is going to kick his ass. After the guy leaves Yata’s like ‘wait, what did he say? What did you say?’ Fushimi’s all ‘nothing. He asked where the bathroom was.’ Then when the actual competition happens Fushimi’s almost more nervous than Yata he’s just trying not to show it, Yata’s quietly freaking out while Fushimi keeps telling him to chill but then when it starts and Fushimi has to go join the crowd he’s like pacing back and forth. When Yata does his first run it’s really good and Fushimi just does this little victory fist shake. Next run Yata’s even better and Fushimi has to stop himself from openly cheering because that’s not cool, Fushimi totally doesn’t do that kind of thing nope. When Yata wins Fushimi goes to see him after he’s gotten his medals and Yata figures what the hell, it’s in the air and just grabs Fushimi and deep kisses him. There just so happen to be TV cameras present, back in Japan all of Homra and Scepter 4 get to enjoy live feed of the two idiots kissing.

Zodiacs as Ghost Hunters

Aries: The one who craps their pants at the slightest noise.

Taurus: Tries to be sneaky but falls over everything and wakes the neighbors.

Gemini: The stupid camera man who forgot his camera.

Cancer: Desperately clings to the others like a bby.

Leo: Jumps out from another room to scare the others but gets shot by accident.

Virgo: Will do anything for a Scooby Snack.

Libra: The actual ghost that is laughing at the idiots.

Scorpio: The one who is making spoopy noises in the other room to scare the others.

Sagittarius: Records the audio and hears, “Lemmie whisper in yo ear lil’ mama~”

Capricorn: The complete stone face one.

Aquarius: The other ghost that keeps flashing the flashlights on and off.

Pisces: The one who thinks that they are looking for Bigfoot.

snapchat hcs

ive been kicking these around for a while, feel free to add more (thanks to @yamaguchitadaashi for helping me lol)

  • hinata’s story is a lot of cool spikes and funny things that happen in the club room, but theyre rarely taken on time, so theyre mostly 3 second videos of someone landing or falling over with no context. he snaps with kenma a lot and pastes way too many emojis onto his pictures. he has chronic peace-sign disease.
  • kageyama is a grandma with a phone. a lot of his pictures, if any, have those red dots that happen when you accidentally open the pen and then try to click on something else
  • yamaguchi’s story is filled with a bunch of cute dogs he sees on the way to school
  • tsukishima’s story is filled with his deadpan face staring at the camera while his teammates do stupid shit in the background. the only person he really snaps back and forth with is yamaguchi
  • suga’s snaps are vaguely momish, a bunch of selfies with his underclassmen (mostly hinata) but occasionally youll see a slow zoom on daichi’s ass with a soft “oh yeah” into the mic
  • akaashi almost never posts to his story, but once in a blue moon he’ll post an absolutely flawless selfie. bokuto always screenshots those.
  • bokuto’s story, on the other hand, is always at least 90 seconds long, filled with blurry pictures of his team and videos with a bunch of screaming. 
  • oikawa’s story always has at least one selfie, he has a lot of his fans as friends on there, and always tries to reply to their snaps. he also has a few unflattering angles of iwaizumi (“BAE <33333″) 
  • iwaizumi goes out of his way to zoom in on oikawa doing ugly things like diggin in his ear or wiping his nose on his shirt. those are popular with hanamaki and matsukawa. 
  • yachi’s story is a lot of aesthetically pleasing pictures of her desk or her lunch, but her snaps (especially to hinata) are mostly streaky pictures with something like “KIYOKO-SAN IS SO PRETTY AAAAAAAAAA” in the big font
  • tanaka’s story…..whoof… comprised of vine-level videos. most recently hes been into the kabe-don meme. he’s trying to get every member of his team, noya is the camera man for those. (he startled daichi and almost got punched in the face.)
  • a lot of levs videos are shots of the top of yaku’s head as he follows him around. “yaku-san, could you pick that up for me? youre closer to the ground.” followed almost immediately by a stinkeye and a scream of pain

add some if you come up with any more!

im waiting for a scope to be brendon walking around and the cameras wobbling and hes like “woAH– fuck– shit” and u just hear sarah like “lemme take the camera hold on” and theres a bit of a scuffle and then shes holding it up so u just see brendon with his arms out like hes trying to regain his balance and hes like “well you asked for it” and does that stupid laugh of his and sarah just tilts the camera so u see him awkwardly trying to stand in a pair of high heels hes definitely not used to and that are definitely way too tall for him

So I have this kind of AU idea where Castiel gets a camera and he literally takes pictures of everything. The pictures are always really bad, and you can see his thumb or index finger in the frame half the time. He always has this camera with him. Always. 

He really loves taking pictures of his boyfriend (coughDeancough) and his best friends, Sam, Charlie, and Kevin because the everyone is alive. 

Dean gets frustrated with him always snapping these pictures, but Cas looks at him with those blue eyes and he ends up smiling ear to ear for the photo anyway.

Sam always tries to entertain Cas’ constant photography and will make stupid faces.

Charlie thinks Cas and his camera are awesome, and sometimes she steals the camera and snaps pictures of Cas with everyone because she wants him to be included.

And Kevin fucking hates Castiel’s damn camera and the photos of Kevin typically include and very angry stare.

He gets all these photos developed and puts them in a book. Under each he writes what was happening or a little thought he has. 

Oh, and Castiel won’t say it, but his favorite pictures to look at are the ones that he surprised people by taking. The moments in time where his family is captured being themselves and not putting on a show.