and his son is the i see dead people kid

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Never have I ever made out with a stranger.

Michael: Never have I ever… either.

Raphael: Ditto, Michael.

Lucifer: I had sex with a stranger, does that count?

Gabriel: Did you make out with her?

Lucifer: … I don’t know. What constitutes ‘making out’?

Gabriel: Oh, brother. Uh, kissing with tongue, I guess.

Lucifer: Um, then yes.

Gabriel: Welcome to the club, Lu-lu. You’re officially a slut.

Lucifer: Okay, 1- My name is not Lu-lu, and 2- making out with one stranger doesn’t make me a slut.

Raphael: Having sex with that stranger does. Really though, Lucifer, I thought you, of all people would at least save that for someone you cared about.

Lucifer: Hey, I cared about her… kinda.

Gabriel: Oh yeah? Then what’s her name?

Lucifer: Kel… Kelllll… Kelsey?

All but Lucifer: …

Gabriel: Ooh, so close.

Lucifer, crossing his arms: What does it matter? She’s dead. I care about the kid, at least. My Son is going to be the best thing to ever happen to Earth. You’ll see.

You know looking back on it

If Danny phamtom was written by someone else it would have been one of the darkest western animated shows in its time.

The idea of spirits coming back from the dead and haunting, manipulating, and trying to gain power of the human world is terrifying

Like there could have been an episode about someone who recently died and became a ghost but didn’t realize that they were dead. Their ghost powers acting up and they try to go back to their old normal life, and Danny has to set them straight and have them come to terms with their own death.

It was also implied in “the ultimate enemy” that Danny ’s ghost half is evil. They could of have Danny fighting against his ghost half internally for dominance to do the right thing like Venom and Spiderman. Showing Danny’s inner strength or seeing of there is a different personality that takes over when he becomes a ghost.

Also Youngblood is a really messed up character. He’s a kid ghost. Dude he’s 5 or something, and that’s someone’s dead son, brother, or little nephew. screwing around haunting people it’s kinda sick. The show never played up the dark potential, and that’s just some of the stuff they could of used , and it was surprisingly light hearted.

But I do wonder what the show would look like if someone did to Danny Phantom what Bruce Timm did to Batman the animated series.

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*casually stalks tags* YES WE NEED A NICO DI ANGELO BOOK

/puts melon milk down and slams the table/ I KNOW RIGHT??!!

And the thing is, WE KNOW FOR A FACT that he does errands for his Dad, Hades, when he’s staying at the Underworld–AND WE DON’T GET TO SEE IT. We don’t get to see how broken he truly is, and dealing with the dead or escaped souls is his way of distraction. And he’s obviously pretty darn good at it too if Hades keeps on asking him to do it. 

As much as he probably pretends to hate it, he loves staying there and it doesn’t hurt the fact that Hades smiles when his son visits for a long time. It’s Nico’s home, he feels at home there with the dead–not only because he’s the death kid–but because the dead don’t judge him for who he is. He gets to talk to people he admires or love who are already dead with no problems! Heck, I want to see Nico talking to Mozart!

I wouldn’t mind if it’s ONE WHOLE BOOK OF HIM ABOUT HIS STAY IN THE UNDERWORLD–or a trilogy, gods be good, even 5 books if we push it. We need to see him pet Cerberus, which i’m sure the closest thing he has for a pet and Cerberus LOVES NICO because no one plays with the scary giant three-headed dog guarding the Underworld BUT NICO DOES and Nico loves him, he takes time to actually bond with the dog–and somewhere Hades is smiling because HIS SON IS SMILING. And that’s one CANON THING Hades wants.

“My children are so rarely happy. I… I would like to see you be an exception.” Hades said that to Nico and I just?? Hades loves him. :((

So yes, we NEED a Nico di Angelo book so bad. :(

“But we’re sure he never kidnapped Aria, right? He’s a normal guy? I mean, he can’t be normal, the kid sees dead people, but whatever.”

Rory Geist » 20; Son of Melinoe ; FC: Nico Mirallegro

Rory can, at times, be somewhat of a sarcastic asshole. He means well, really, but it’s kind of how he learned to deal with people. Growing up with his Melinoe ability didn’t leave very many friends as a child. The kids used to think he was weird for always talking to himself, but in reality, he was talking to the ghosts around him that only he could see. He always thought they had fairly interesting conversations, despite the ones that seeked vengeance and quickly realized they could do nothing as a disembodied voice. This didn’t fly too well with his family however, and Rory was soon sent to a boarding school in New York City at the age of fourteen. Turns out in boarding school they also don’t care if you have a terrible attitude, sarcasm is not accepted. When Aria landed in the picture is when things got a lot more complicated than Rory ever expected them to be. Having heard the rumors and gossip about Camp Half-Blood without previously knowing anything about it himself, he allowed himself to believe that it was a waste of time and dealt with demigod lives terribly. After meeting Aria, he found himself reluctant to trust her, but did it anyway for Claire and Kane’s sakes. Getting wrapped up in this sleuthing shit wasn’t on his agenda, though, and he seriously regrets learning all of Nemean Lion’s secrets. Being transported to camp is now his biggest concern. While he’s still living under false assumptions about Half-Blood, he would rather leave Nemean Lion in his past. Therefore, Rory’s going to have to come to terms with the only demigod threshold left in New York whether he likes it or not. 

Abilities & Traits

±  skilled, blunt, loyal
±  ability to talk to spirits of the dead
±  uses nunchucks

Social Media (DemiApp)

@basedmeme ghosts aren’t nearly as cool as the movies make them out to be. they whine a whole lot more, actually. 👻👎😤

@basedmeme one day the aliens will come for me n you’ll see. you’ll all see.

[text → kane ashling] if we had a sleepover in ur room, do y’think ur cabin would get mad at us or nah? 🤔🤔

[text → aria garcia] new phone who dis? jkjk what do u want, nerd 🤓

[text → claire anderson] babe. babe. do u think I could take the goat man? i love u, but please be honest. it’s for science.


Adventures in the Park/Min household

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A quick drabble about yoonmin family with baby kookie :)

@insertintrovert for going to sleep lol

Fuck? Frog?

Jimin couldn’t believe his ears. 

“W-what did you say, Kookie?"  

Said boy looked at Jimin with his big doe eyes, making the father swoon and forget for a second why he was so startled.  

The baby boy clapped his hands like he did the first time and shouted even louder, "Fuck, fuck, fuck!" 

The young father wanted to cry. His innocent baby started cursing before even turning two. He officially failed as a parent.  

"It’s froooooooog.” Jimin repeated for the thousandth time, emphasising each letter carefully.  

“Fuuuuuuuuck,” Jungkook screamed and Jimin prayed that their neighbours didn’t hear anything. They already were judging them for being gay couple with a child.  

Jimin sighed loudly and decided to give up on trying to film Jungkook’s first few words after dad and daddy. There was no way that he would show others the video of his innocent boy cursing. Sure, Jimin knew that his friends would laugh themselves to death, but his relatives? Not so much.  

They would probably nag him, tell him that he wasn’t bringing Jungkook up properly and that it wasn’t surprising considering that he had two fathers instead of one mom and one dad. They still weren’t really fond of the fact that Jimin married another man. The only thing that held them together was Jungkook. They might hate the thought of Jimin being gay but they couldn’t deny that Jungkook was their only grandson, and a cute one at that.

Behind the struggling adult and entertained baby, was standing the other part of the little family. And said person wanted to laugh loudly, but he knew better. 

Jimin’s expression darkened upon hearing the muffled giggle behind him. Of course. Of fucking course. Who else would teach their son a word like this, knowing exactly that it would rile Jimin up.  

“Babe,” the younger gritted out.  

Play it cool Min Yoongi, play it cool, “Yes, Sunshine?"  

"Care to explain why our sons says fuck instead of frog?"  

Yoongi gulped. "Uhhhh, I don’t know.” It sounded more like a question than an actual answer. He just gave himself away. Damn. He was dead. Bye world. Bye friends. Bye Kookie - Daddy is sorry that he won’t be able to see you graduate, find a girl- or boyfriend, marry and have kids on your own.  

“Yoongi,” Jimin turned around, a sweet smile adorning his face. And other people might be fooled by it, but Yoongi knew the other boy since over eight years, they’ve been together and married for six and now they even had a beautiful child together. So long story short, Jimin’s smile was anything but full of nice intentions. And Yoongi would be lying if he said that he wasn’t imitated. 

There was just one way out. “I gotta go!” The elder turned around, trying to flee but Jimin was faster. With one big jump, the younger was on Yoongi’s back and Yoongi’s face pressed onto the floor. 

“What the? Jimin!” If there was one thing Yoongi hated more than anything, it was tickles. And of course, Jimin knew that he could use it against him. 

“Hahahah, stop.” The elder was laughing, screaming and hitting around. 

But Jimin wasn’t thinking of stopping, “I won’t stop until you tell me the truth." 

"What truth?” Yoongi gritted out between laughs. 

“You taught our son to fucking curse? You fucking idiot! And you think it’s fucking funny?” With every word said, Jimin tickled another spot, making the man under him squirm. 

If Yoongi was smart he would bit his tongue, but the elder wasn’t smart, “You know, you’re cursing in front of Kookie right now.” Yep. Not. Smart. At. All. 

His input was rewarded with more tickles. 

And in the background Jungkook could be heard giggling and chanting “Fuck, fuck, fuck."  

Yes. A normal day in the Park/Min household.

I might do more of these lol                                                                                           I just love the idea :´)))

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hello yes feel free to holler @ me about n2n any time bc i love hearing your thoughts and feelings abt media you consume/enjoy bc ur smart as hell and see things a lot of ppl dont and you word things so beautifully tbh


but like, every single one of the goodmans is representative of an aspect of mental illness and i have related with each of them more strongly than the others at some point in time and it’s just such an important distinction

like diana is a great example of living with psychosis and the pain of grief mixed with the frustration of no one understanding you. she is just absurdly important to me because i literally had an 8-month span of bad psychotic episodes to the point i could literally barely function because on top of them my body told me i had to stay up until 5 in the goddamn morning each night and would go through spans of either constantly moving to stop intrusive thoughts from happening or being so sad and terrified and through the afternoon instead. and no one fucking noticed, and instead asked me why i was being difficult or a brat or whatever the hell else, and it was around the beginning of that time that i heard “you don’t know” for the first time and i ended up crying because it just hit me so hard and could articulate what i was feeling when i didn’t know how to say it. diana shows the sides of mental illness that get the most stigma in a way that the narrative clearly sympathizes with her without clouding over her pain and that is just literally so fucking important? she shows how a person that is already mentally ill suffering a trauma can effect them, and that is such an important representation to have. plus she’s a mentally ill female character that isn’t demonized or sexualized for her behaviour which is amazing to me but that is another post entirely

and then there’s dan who is a quieter representation of a person suffering with their own mental illness while trying to be the rock for someone else, and how complicated that can be and how that can effect you. dan suffers the same trauma that diana does but he never lets himself truly feel it because he instead chooses to focus on diana, and his festers moreso as a quiet depression and anxiety. and i feel like people touch on dan’s depression a lot but not his clear anxiety problems from trying to pretend he’s fine for so long? like he actively gets Pissed when diana starts to remember gabe again like he desperately doesn’t want her to start seeing him again, partially because he doesn’t want her living with that, but also partially because the thought of his wife seeing his dead son probably makes him nauseous, with you know, pretty good reason. there are cases in which people can start to feel another’s trauma or condition if they focus solely on that person and dan really does that with diana and that is really important in it’s own way

and natalie i feel like is the character i see people relate to the most? because she’s a mystery in terms of what we see her future being. in other words, she’s a mentally ill kid who has had no time to think about her own brain in a really stressful home environment. also see: literally a lot of our fuckin generation tbh. being a teenager is hard as it is, being mentally ill while your brain chemistry is still working itself out is even harder, because everyone dismisses you and you start to do the same. it becomes a trap almost, adults prioritize themselves over you and you start to feel invisible. i know in my own experience ‘everything else’ meant a lot to me because i literally did not start to stabilize from my psychotic episodes until i went off to college and was able to prioritize myself. natalie is a representation of that; if not knowing what is going on with your head, with wanting to be your own person, with being scared you’ll never feel right. she’s an actual teenage character with that depth and it’s really great

and then there’s gabe who is literally like the little enigma of a character that i could rant about for days? because gabe is a representation of diana, dan, and natalie and their own suffering (someone made a post about how he is always wearing the shirt colour of the person he is speaking to which HEART EYES), because in a way, he is what they have all centered their pain on. diana is feeling her trauma, dan is trying not to feel his, and natalie feels ignored because that’s all her parents can focus on. it’s a really important distinction of who gabe is singing to when he sings. he sings ‘superboy and the invisible girl’ to natalie like he’s taunting her, he sings ‘i am the one’ and it’s reprise to dan because he wants to be acknowledged by him, he sings ‘there’s a world’ to diana because she thinks being with him is what would be best for her even though it’s not. and then there’s ‘i’m alive’ which is, kind of the song he sings which is really About Him?  in a way gabe is a manifestation of not just mental illness but consciousness and confusion about identity. he gets visibly upset at the thought of being ignored, he’s brutal and he’s gentle, he means different things to different people. and that’s an important distinction because brains are complex, emotions are complex, so he is complex. at the same time, he is a representation of loss that is important to understand, that mental illness isn’t black and white. you don’t feel good when gabe is gone and that’s for a reason, because he show an echo of pain that all of them have faced plus the actual life he had that was lost

i just really fuckin love n2n this got long