and his smirk when he says that line

Imagine Cas having some important information for Dean, so he just pops into his motel room.

But instead of waking Dean up, he just stares at him, because he isn’t prepared for Dean to just be laying there, in his underwear and only his underwear, bare skin exposed and glowing in the moonlight streaming through the window. Cas can see every line of muscle, can see every perfect line he recreated when he pulled Dean out of Hell, can see his own handprint seared into Dean’s skin.

As if he knows Cas is there, Dean’s eyes blink open slowly, and he sits up, hair sticking everywhere and smacking his lips as he tries to wake up.

“What’s up, Cas?”

Cas stares at the sleep-flush on Dean’s cheeks. “I don’t remember,” he says, and Dean answers with a smirk, patting the empty spot next to him in invitation.

Okay so not only was there a second nose boop given by Albus as he said “Rose hates you” (side note Anthony over stepped when he did the twirl on the stairs and ended up in an almost splits lunge up the stairs which was hilarious though probably uncomfortable)

BUT In the fight scene as Harry is asking Ginny if Albus is alright, Scorpius (while they are both still crouching on the floor) hugged Albus from behind and pressed his face into his back.

And now just for an opinion, after the last hug on the stairs when Scorpius is flustered about “the new version of us in my head” Albus leaned in really close and smirked to say “Better ask Rose..” And Scorpius got very high pitched when he said his next line. The flirty-est I’ve seen it.

War Days - Harrison “Harry” Wells/ Reader

Imagine Harry writing you a letter while you’re away…

inspired by the song “You Should Be Here” by Cole Swindell

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He let out a long sigh his fingers hover over the keyboard. He always struggled with this. Give him an assignment to write an equation or technical book and he’d whip it out in a snap of your fingers.

But writing a letter to his loved one… He’d much rather figure out how to get you off the front lines and have you sitting his lap safe and sound. You, however, were proud to serve.

“I do it for you.”

He could hear your words everyday when he opened his eyes alone.

“Still struggling?” He looked up at Jesse walking in with a towel around her shoulders.

He sighed nodding, “I just…don’t know what to say.”

“Yes you do.” His eyes snapped up to his daughter’s face. She had that enjoyable smirk on her face that she learned from him, “You want to tell her to be here…you just don’t want to piss her off.”

“Y/N, wants to serve…and I have to respect that.” Harry told her crossing her arms.

“I’m not saying for you to tell her to quit…just…” She put her hands on her hips, “Just express how much you want her. Everyone wants to know how much they are wanted.”

Jesse smiled as her father’s eyes began to sparkle, before he said another word she leaned down kissing his cheek, “I’m going for a run…proof it when I get back?”

“Sounds like a plan. Be…” He felt the wind on his neck, “careful…”

He flexed his fingers before letting his fingers dance on the keys…


I hope this finds you safe and in somewhat good company…

I got some sound advice from my smart-ass of a daughter and I’m going to take it. All I ask from you is that you read the whole letter before wadding it up and throwing it away.

I want you here…you should be here. With me. Not there fighting with Atlantians. You would’ve gotten a kick out of the incidents that happened yesterday. You’d be loving every moment.

You’d be so proud of Jesse. She actually is taking after you more now that she’s become Jesse Quick…I worry about her as much as I worry about you.

I want you here…beside me every morning. I want you to be the first thing I see everyday. I want you tugging my ear pulling me to bed when I’m up too late working. You should be here by my side stealing my show when I’m at these stupid city events. You always make me more ‘liked’.

Jesse graduates next month…I want you there…I know you’re not her mom, but you have always filled the role. You were there for her more then I was when she got her abilities and you inspired me to reconsider things.

I miss how you’d glare at me from across the room when I left a spoon in the sink…your laugh every time Jesse scares the hell out of me now…

You should be here…

I know there’s nothing I could say to get you to quit…It’s what I love about you. You loyalty, your drive…your stubbornness. I don’t want you to quit…I just want you to be here, with us. With me. Standing with me, slow dancing in the kitchen.

Be safe, be wise, and come home soon.

I love you,


He stared at the letter a long time before hitting send. He never knew really if you got the messages until out of the blue he’d get this long letter  a month later. Things were just getting worse with the Atlantis and it would only be a matter of time that things escalated further then the sea. 

“Come home, Y/N…” He whispered shutting his system off before getting up walking to the kitchen to attend the rest of his day.

Imagine Jensen messing up his lines on purpose when you two have a kissing scene.

“Sheesh what’s gotten into your pants woman?” Dean said with a smirk.

“You mean other than you?” you raised an eyebrow at him.

“Well, techincally I can’t really say I got into your pants because see that last time we didn’t get to finish that scene-”

His words made your eyes widen and of course Robert to yell ‘Cut!’

“What the hell Jensen?”

“What?! I’m being honest here!” he said innocently and you glared at him.

“Ackles if this is one of your usual tricks I swear-”

“Yeah, yeah save it” he huffed.

“Come on guys let’s move over with this, we can get it done when Jensen finally learns his lines” Robert said with a sigh and all the crew moved their cameras in the needed position for well, the bed scene.

“Excuse me? I know my lines I just had to point out the obvious fact that she-”

“Jensen” you groaned, glaring at him. He tried to keep himself from laughing and instead raised his hands in surrender.

“Fine fine”

“Arlight guys get your positions” everybody did as told and you and Jensen moved closer to the bed, facing each other other. He smirked at you and you rolled your eyes. And you didn’t expect anything different from him lately. Every time you two had a kissing scene or a bed scene he just would not stop messing either his lines or moves. And at some points you could swear he was doing this on purpose. He was such a tease sometimes. Not for your own good anyway.

You looked at him with narrowed eyes for a second and he raised an eyebrow “What?” he asked ever-so-stunned.

“I’m onto you”

“Honey in a little while I will be onto you” e grinned and you shook your head at how much of a dork he was.

“You’re unbelievable” you groaned and he chuckled.

“Oh you know it!”

“Ok guys, ready?” Robert’s voice you and luckily Jensen get a little more serious - although you were practically trying to focus on not letting how flustered such scenes still got you.


“Is this your way of trying to get me to bed Winchester?” you, fully in character, smirked at him and he did the same.

“Maybe” he shrugged grinning widely in the end and then as expected strode to you and grabbing our face he crashed his lips to yours.

No matter how much you wanted to deny it this kind of scenes were and would always be your favorite scenes between you and Jensen- though there was no way you would say that out loud especially to Jared.

Jensen’s- you tried to repeat to yourself that he was acting - hands were cupping your face and yours quickly moved around his shoulders. His hands moved to your waist and he lifted you with ease - as always - to wrap your legs around his waist.

For a moment he stopped kissing you and pulled away to look at you with a frown that matched yours. As you were about to question what he was doing he spoke.

“(Y/n) have you gained more weight or something?”

Groans could be heard not just from you but all around the set.

“Cut!” came Robert’s voice. Of course.

You groaned loudly and pushed him away so that you could stand on your feet “Seriously?”

“What?! All I asked was a simple question! You know it makes no difference whatsoever!”

“Jensen!” it was Robert’s voice- Robert’s rather angry voice and with a huff Jensen rolled his eyes.

“Fine fiiiiine!” he raised his hands in surrender. He ploped down on the bed and looked up at you with a cheeky grin.

“Come on show me what you got!”

“Oh I’ll show you what I got but you won’t like it one bit.” you growled almost letting all your weight on top of him, as if jumping.

He let out a huff but ended up laughing “Fiesty! That’s why I like you (Y/n)!”

You hit his shoulder rather hard and he pretended to hurt, pouting. You only rolled your eyes at him as you placed each leg on his sides.

“Ok guys let’s hope this time we’re going to get this. Action!”

Just as soon as Robert’s words were heard you got into character and dived in to crash your lips to his. They were soft, that was a feeling you were very sure of, and a feeling you had began to love more than anything else.

Jensen’s hands moved over your back and arms, sending shivers down your spine. You let out a content sigh into the kiss. You could at least enjoy it a little. At least as long as Jensen didn’t-

“Ow. Ow.” Jensen groaned “W-wait a sec” he pushed you away and shifted his weight as if something was bothering him “Man we gotta change this thing”

Groans followed. But once again they tried to get over with it and proceed with the damn scene.

A scene that was taking way too long and had you kissing Jensen more than you had in the entire previous season. But you had to do what you had to do.

But then of course you had to freaking touch his sides and he had to freaking giggle. HE FREAKING GIGGLED!

“Sorry sorry! I just am a little ticklish!” he chuckled, saying with a rather cute grin but you were too annoyed to care or gush at him.

You tried to swoallow your anger anyway.

“You know what? Nevermind. Come on, come here” you grabbed a fist of his shirt and moved so that he was on top of you.

With a final sigh and rubbing his temples Robert spoke “Action!”

Still not having let go of his shirt you dragged him back down and crashed your lips to his. You could swear you heard him moan but you still were very pissed at him to care- Although quiet honestly the feeling of his lips moving in perfect synce with yours made you melt on the inside. Your hands were around his neck as his stayed on your hips. For most part it was quiet with only the sound you two made until of course-

Jensen was working on getting himself out of his flannel shirt but of course it HAD to get stuck in his hands and now he was flapping them up and down.

“I got this! I. Got. This.” he said stubbornly and somewhere off in the distance Robert could be heard shouting ‘Cut’ for- you had lots count.

“Enough!” you groaned, taking hold of both his hands and flipping him over so that you could press him down on the bed, holding his shirt firmly.

“I swear to God Ackles if you don’t knock it off I am going to beat the living life out of you!” you exclaimed and he looked up at you with wide eyes.

“What?” he asked in a small voice “I didn’t do anything”

And all the cast, and you, did was groan loudly at him.

The Apple Doesn’t Fall Far From The Tree

(AU where Jack and Bitty basically have a meme son and Kent basically adopts a more awkward version of Dex)

Max Bittle Zimmermann is infuriating most of the time. He never seems to get nervous, angry, sad, and always has a stupid smirk on his face. It’s like nothing fazes him into a state of panic. Nothing fazes him into a state of anything. People always say that the only reason he has made it to the NHL is because of the Zimmermann legacy. When the press brings it up, Max doesn’t even show any signs of anger. His famous line, “My Papa was alright, I guess. It’s all relative.” has grown so popular its become a meme. A picture of Jack Zimmermann’s several Stanley Cup wins with the caption: “My Papa was alright, I guess.” He’s the spitting image of Eric Bittle, except for the fact he’s very tall. He’s known as the pretty boy of the NHL and not a lot of people take him seriously. Sometimes that’s warranted, though. Like the famous incident of Max Zimmermann throwing up in the Stanley Cup, because he was hungover from the night before. The most shocking part about that whole situation was that he played like his normal prodigy self.

Grant Parson is a spaz. An intense spaz that worries about everything. When Grant went first in the draft and straight to Max’s team, it nearly sent him into an epileptic fit. It was just so ironic, Grant couldn’t deal with it. He also grew up with the guy, and Grant knew that Max loved hockey for sure, but it wasn’t his life. It was Grant’s life, though. Max always made fun of Grant’s red hair and said to him on multiple occasions, “You have so many fucking freckles man, like what the fuck is that?”

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College au (out of order)

He gets the call when he’s having lunch with Washington. Pausing to smile apologetically at his professor, he answers the call. “Lafayette, how are- …” the smile slips from his face and Alex is listening intently. “Oh,” Alex says hollowly. “Oh. I’ll. I’ll be home soon.”

“Son?” Washington asks carefully. His brows furrow when Alex doesn’t respond. He reaches his hand across the table, lightly places it on his student’s forearm. “Did Lafayette miss their show?” Alex doesn’t smile, or even smirk- just sits there, his hand gripping his phone, eyes unfocused. “Everything all right?” George tries.

“Laurens,” Alex manages, before he lets his eyes slid shut to block everything out. “Laurens was shot by a cop at a protest. He-“ his eyes open again, wet and still unfocused as he gets up from the booth. His hands shake as they press against the table. “He’s dead, sir.”

George freezes halfway from getting up. It’s like the air has been sucked out of the space around them. Washington can’t even hear Alexander breathing- is he breathing?

It turns out he’s not, and George rushes to catch Alex as his student’s eyes roll up in his head, Alex crumpling to the floor like he died alongside John.

Alexander wakes to find himself wedged between Lafayette and Mulligan, neither of them asleep. He opens his eyes and asks hoarsely, “He’s really..?” Lafayette nods. Alex shuts his eyes again.

“We shouldn’t have let him go alone,” Mulligan chokes out, voice thick and heavy with sorrow. “We should have…” We should have died with him, Mulligan leaves unsaid, but they all hear it.

“I know,” Alex says. He rests his head on Mulligan’s arm.
Lafayette can’t speak, they’re too overcome with grief, so Alex drags their head onto his chest and cradles them gently, like he’s afraid they’ll break. Perhaps they will.

They don’t eat for the rest of the day. They don’t move. They don’t sleep. They can’t.

Laurens becomes a hashtag overnight.

Alexander reads the tweets when he goes to the bathroom. He doesn’t check his texts, or his emails, only the hashtag JohnLaurens.

‘He was young’ a lot of them say.

‘He was sweet’ he sees, recognizing some of his classmates. Everyone in their PoliSci class leaves a tweet.

Alex’s fingers twitch, but he knows twitter isn’t the correct platform this time- 140 characters isn’t nearly enough. He bursts from the bathroom, phone in hand, feeling angrier than he has in a while. It’s good, this anger- he can use it.

Mulligan and Lafayette watch blearily as he yanks his laptop from his book bag, sets it up on the tiny desk they had picked up from GoodWill. Alex sends them a tremulous smile, before whirling around and typing.

‘My heart still bleeds from the place my Laurens was so violently taken from, but I feel the dire necessity to share all I can about him to the public. It will be over my own body that they label such a sweet soul thuggish…’

Alexander types. He doesn’t edit, lets the words spill from his fingertips. He signs it, Yr.s for ever, A Hamilton. He publishes it, links it on his twitter, holds down his bile as he types #JohnLaurens. His fingertips hesitate over the keys before he adds #LaurensLives.

It explodes Twitter overnight. There are people who protest police brutality and they have Alexander’s writing on their picket signs.

‘Thank you’, Alex writes, ‘thank you all, so much’.

Alexander considers dropping out, but Mulligan shakes his head sternly. “You’re smart. We know that. Laurens wouldn’t want you to throw away your shot.”

“Oui,” Lafayette agrees, giving a half smile that almost reached their eyes. “You need that degree, Monsieur President.”

So they try and pick up the pieces.

What if when the pack rescues Stiles, it’s Lydia’s job to actually find him and get him out of there while the rest of the pack is fighting the bad dudes and when Lydia finally finds Stiles he says something along the lines of what Lydia said in 5x16 like “You can’t be here” “You could get hurt, what are you doing” and Lydia just smirks and says “Stiles, please shut up and let me save your life”. After she says that Stiles will just like let out a little laugh and smile and do his normal love eyes then he grabs the sides of her face and kisses her with beautiful music and awww.


green light

summary: He only stops when she tells him to. shallura.
m - (this is smut.)
also read on: ao3
notes: this ship is too pure for smut, but if I shall be the first to write shallura smut, then so be it. shame shame on me. blame blame on me.
for @queenallura, who exchanged plenty of headcanons with me late into the night

When he wakes up to the sound of her wet lips on his skin, he forces himself to keep his eyes closed and to wait until her hand—fingers trailing over the raised lines of his oldest scars—reaches well past the point of innocent.

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‘there’s no use crying about it’

‘There’s no use crying about it.’ This line was practically Sirius Black’s catchphrase and he used it in every situation. Even if the person he was 'comforting’ didn’t have a single tear in their eyes, he would shrug his shoulders and with a smirk he would say; 'There’s no use crying about it.’

When Lily failed to understand Transfiguration. When Peter stubbed his toe. When Remus got the answer wrong in class. When Marlene had broken up with her first boyfriend he showed no sympathy. When Lily rejected James. When Mary had mud all down her skirt from sitting on the grass. When Dorcas had written her Charms essay on the wrong thing. When James broke three ribs and his leg in Quidditch. When Marlene accidentally hit Flitwick with a book and got a weeks worth of detentions. When Mary was too full for desert. When Lily  found out she had gotten so drunk the night before she threw up on James. When Remus tripped up over his own feet walking to History of Magic. When Dorcas and Mary’s potion blew up in their faces. When Peter fell down the last three steps. When James had a bad practice and was just so frustrated with himself. When Lily would get horrible letters from Petunia and he found her crying by the fire. “Crying won’t make it better.” He would say.

However, on the night he lost everything, he sat in his Azakaban cell crying until his body hurt. After what seemed like days he sat up and wiped his tears away with a shaky hand. “There’s no use crying about it.” He mumbled to himself. Crying wasn’t going to fix anything. Crying wasn’t going to bring James and Lily back. Crying wasn’t going to give Harry a proper home. Crying wasn’t going to make Remus believe him. Crying wasn’t going to make Peter pay for what he had done. “There’s no use crying about it.” He said again before bursting into tears.



Peter was walking along in his hand cuffs, arguing with the people who just tried to both kill him and kidnap him. He was pissed as it was and it didn’t help when he looked to his left to see a guard reading sheets of paper. It took Peter a few seconds to realise but when he saw the un-mistakable hand-writing of yours, he fipped out. 

“You son of a-” He growled, jumping into the closing cell. “Those are private.”

“These are cute.” The guard chuckled. “I especially like the one you sent her saying about your plans for when you see her again.” The guard smirked, picking up the letter he was talking about. 

“You big blue bastard those letters belong in impound! Them letters and that girl IS MINE!” He began to yell at the end of his sentence, causing the guard to lose his temper and attack Peter, hitting him in the stomach. The other guards then pulled Peter out and back in line.

With this react we are gonna assume they like her back :) we hope you like it!! 


Jimin: If jimin found out you are in love with him, he would be surprised, he seems like he’d be very oblivious to it. He’d definitely be flattered and if he likes you back he’d tease you about confessing first, he’d say something like “oh really? What do you like about me?” with a devilish smirk

Jungkook: when Jungkook finds out you like him he will be very surprised as his best friend he sees you with innocent eyes, but after this confession he will look at you as a woman which would cause him to immediately get nervous every time you are around him occasionally tripping over random things also debating “is she waiting for me to make the first move” making more nervous than before

V: He would be very surprised because he’s so comfortable with you he’s always shown you a non-cool side of him as long as you two have been friends, the side that he wouldn’t normally show a girl he likes. I feel like once he found out he would start trying to hold your hand and hug you more than usual.

~ Ellie & Kitty

Speaking of that line, watch Lucas Bryant give Nathan a little twitch of the lips–basically a smirk–when Croatoan says that William is a moron. That’s the kind of acting that makes Lucas Bryant the big-screen star he is today. No? Sheesh, someone sign him a contract.

Lucas ALWAYS brought little nuances to his performances. That’s what makes him so great and so talented. You just know when you watch him play Nathan, he is Nathan. He’s not Lucas playing Nathan, it’s just Nathan.  Lucas should be praised more for his performance and certainly should have a long successful career. He deserves it and his talent should not be wasted, in front or behind the camera.

Concept: upon meeting Daichi for the first time, Kuroo delivers the worst, stupidest, cheesiest pick-up line he can think off. Daichi actually smiles at him and attempts to flirt back and give him his number. Kuroo just stays there, with his stupid cat smirk frozen in place, without saying a thing. When Daichi asks him what’s wrong, Kuroo just explains: “I don’t know, I didn’t think I’d make this far so I’m not sure about what I should do now.”



“Hey! You in the orange scarf!”

She spins around just as she was about to enter the coffee shop, the blonde guy from the other day running toward her with a huge grin on his face. “Hey, it’s the guy who likes ‘sweet things’,” she says, smirking. “Or did I turn you to the dark, non-fat side?”

“Ha, no,” he says, opening the door for her. “Still sticking with whole milk…but maybe I’ll skip the whip today.”

She pauses for a moment at the door-holding gesture, then raises an eyebrow at him. “I’ll believe it when I see it.”

“After you, then.”

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I really want another scene where Aaron may feel threatened or mad at Rick so he kind of steps forward as if to attack or get up in his face and right away Daryl snaps his crossbow up into position and when Aaron stops moving he looked at Daryl and at Rick and let’s out a smirk and says “oh now I get it.”

And the two of them look at each other a few times before saying, “what?” All confused. And Aaron holds his hands up in defense.

Or scenes where Aaron starts noticing how Daryl reacts to Rick and how he protects him and Aaron asks him how long he’s loved Rick or been with Rick or something along those lines and Daryl says he’s got it wrong and Aaron shakes his head with a smile saying “if you say so” but now whenever daryl is around Rick or something happens, he looks and Aaron is smirking at him or making kissy faces when Rick isn’t looking

Lost and Bound|| Sterek

Scott and Gally had been insufferable since the human had left. Scott had been moping, and thehe’d tried to insist Derek was the one moping—meanwhile Gally was preening so much he should have been a damned peacock. Derek wasn’t sure which one was more annoying, but he knew he wanted to slam both of their heads into the nearest tree trunk. Gally was dragging his feet as they made their way towards the human orchards, Derek had decided they needed to check the woods and make sure there weren’t any traps left behind by the hunters. Scott didn’t say what they were all thinking—they’d checked the woods three times in the last few days, there was hardly going to be anything new there other than possibly seeing a certain human…Derek punched Scott’s shoulder as he started smirking when they got close to the edge of the woods, his Beta was getting on his damn nerves. Scott’s laughter stopped cold when they heard shouting from the orchard lines. Derek knew that voice, and before the two wolves on either side of him could react he’d let out an angry snarling growl—loud enough to be heard clear across the tree lines and to the orchards before he was charging towards them, fangs and claws out eyes glowing angrily.

“Oh, forever doesn’t exist,” he laughs. 

I stared at him, amused upon realizing that I just witnessed him utter that famous line of the bitter ones.

I was about to open my mouth to say something in reply when I felt his thumb brushing my chin playfully. He is wearing a smirk that I adore and for a second, I forget how to breathe.

“But for tonight, let’s try to replicate it,” he whispered.

I close my eyes. Maybe, forever exists after all.