and his smile after

Later That Night

Daveed Diggs x Reader

Part One | Part Two

Note: Okay so this is a sequel to You Naughty Bitch, Don’t Act Like You Forgot. It’s all fluffy and lot’s of healthy conversation about what the reader likes (i.e spanking) as she explains what she likes about it to Daveed. Also shoutout to @patron-saintof-sluts for reading this over for me! 

Warnings: One hit with a belt 

Word Count: 1,258

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A soft groan escapes you, as you wake up a few hours later. You’re still cradled against Daveed’s chest, his fingers still buried in your hair.

Daveed himself has his head tipped back against the back of the couch and his mouth wide open as he snores softly.

“Daveed,” you mumble, shaking his arm. “Daveed wake up.”

“Hm? What is it?” He asks, his words practically slurred together and you can tell he still isn’t quite awake yet.

“My ass hurts from earlier,”

He shifts slightly at that, sitting up and wiping his face with his hand as he attempts to wake himself up.

“Can I get you anything babe?” He asks, twirling a lock of your hair around his finger.

“Nope. I just wanted you to be awake with me.”

“Oh really? You didn’t want to let me sleep since I’m not in pain?” He teases, tracing your jaw with his finger.

“Well you did cause the pain so…” you tease right back, grinning as you lean in to kiss him softly. “Can we go back into the bedroom?”

“Sure babe, want me to carry you?”


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remember when harry was papped smiling with dimples out hanging out w his friends after his massively successful live solo debut of not one but two of his songs on snl and he was wearing a rainbow pride flag pin and his alien sunglasses and those ripped jeans and he had his pink phone in his hand

i legit just typed this all out in the tags of a post i just reblogged but jejun/noren/jenren/nojun shippers do u guys remember in their ‘all about nct dream/dream 반’ vlive after jeno showed his eye smile on camera injunnie was like “i fell in love after seeing that(눈웃음에 반했다)” im
still to this day wondering whether he was reading a comment or just saying it bc honestly renjun is jeno’s number one supporter like legit when it was jeno’s turn he was like “finally jeno, finally jeno” like damn that’s cute my heart i love


Ring! Ring! Sehun is calling! ヾ(〃^∇^)ノ♪


best surprise ever: a happy Mark popping on the screen throwing confetti 🎉🎁
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🎤vroom vroom show season 3? oh no!


I was warm.


“Yeah, well, obviously, it was a stupid play. That’s not who I am, that’s not me, that’s not how I want to be seen as a player. And I think everyone knows that I’m the last guy that wants to hurt anyone out there or that wants to play that type of game.”

“Are you physically okay?”

“Yeah, I’m fine.”

“Why haven’t you been practicing?”

“Just my decision, just trying to get some rest.”

04/20/17: PRE-GAME RAW | Leon Draisaitl

some things we’ll get from the trc tv show that no one’s mentioned yet
  • how to pronounce “Gansey” 
  • how to pronounce “Czerny”
  • the Gray Man
  • the beech tree in Blue’s yard
  • Adam’s trial
    • Ronan and Gansey running from Aglionby to the court house
  • Helen Gansey
  • Blue’s music taste
  • The Vancouver Crowd
  • Gansey’s boat shoes
  • that one scene where Noah tells Blue what to say to his mother at his funeral
  • Noah’s funeral
  • Ronan’s music taste
  • Maura and Blue’s relationship
  • The cave in trk with all the bone animals and other oddities
  • Blue being a complete bad*ss and shutting down misogynists
  • Nino’s
  • Blue’s fashion
  • Gansey’s fashion
  • Gansey attempting to pronounce certain Latin words/phrases and Ronan being like “Yeah, okay, so here’s what they really said…”
  • Adam’s internal struggle with his sexuality after kissing Ronan
  • Adam’s smile
  • Adam’s laugh
  • Adam being happy
  • Noah’s smudginess