and his smile ;a;

you approach Donkey Kong, who is sitting atop his banana horde, and ask him politely for a single banana

he scratches his hairy chin, and shakes his head “no.” he smiles, as if to say “thank you for asking instead of trying to steal from me.”

you turn around and leave the cave in which his horde is stashed. as you walk out, donkey kong calls out to you. you turn around and he smashes a barrel over your head, killing you instantly.

good ending.


Summary: Loosely inspired by the song “Evermore” from Beauty and the Beast. Bucky had it all planned out. He spent days planning the perfect proposal - the perfect proposal for the perfect girl, but things don’t always go according to plan. 

Word Count: 1,731

Warnings: Angst

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Bucky fidgeted with the velvet jewelry box nervously, pausing every now and then to glance back at the door to his apartment. Any moment, Y/N would come walking through, her warm smile lighting up the apartment. Hers was the smile that somehow managed to steal into his melancholy heart, the smile that melted the layers of frost and gave way to spring, the one that nurtured the tiny, fragile seeds of love little by little until they blossomed.

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Ummm so this is the first time ever I'm requesting something but I really like your blog and it's literally one of the only ones I put on notifications for 😁 Anyway, could I request a small Joshua au??? I would appreciate it soooo much xx

  • barista!joshua 
  • who is very delicate and ornate with his foam art designs
  • and does his best to be nice and smile and wish everyone a good day, even if the customers are brash and rude
  • holds back fellow barista woozi from throwing steaming hot coffee in a regulars face after they call his latte ‘distasteful’ 
  • likes to doodle on the chalkboard but erases it before anyone sees because he’s actually kinda shy,,,,
  • you always spend your breaks between classes at the cafe where he works and joshua and you are friends, good enough to be on a first name basis even
  • and he knows your order by heart:a medium coffee, milk and lots of sugar
  • but the truth is,,,,,,,,you don’t even like coffee LOL,,,,you just order it so you have an excuse to talk to joshua because you thought he was the CUTEST person you’ve ever SEEN when you first came to this shop
  • and so whenever he isn’t looking you dump the coffee in the trash and fill the cup up with water instead
  • and so when joshua looks over, you take a sip of the ‘coffee’ and he waves and asks if it’s good and you’re like yep!!!!!! the best
  • until one day ,,,, you THINK joshua isn’t looking as you pour the coffee into the trash but then you hear someone go “um, what are you doing?”
  • from behind you and it’s,,,,,,,,,,joshua
  • and you’re like oH,,,,,,,,,um,,,,,,well,,,,,,,
  • and joshua looks at the cup and then at you and he’s like “are,,,,,,are you throwing the coffee away? is it bad? did i mess up???”
  • and you’re like nO NO,,,,it’s great i just,,,,,the truth is,,,i,,,,don’t really like coffee,,,,”
  • and joshua’s eyes widen because??? you’ve been stopping by the shop like three days out of the week????? ordering the same drink everytime?????
  • and he’s like “wa-wait than wh,,,why?”
  • and you’re like,,,,blushing,,,,,,and you’re like “i,,,,i just like your foam art,,,,,,,,,and your face,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,coffee was my excuse to see your face,,,,,”
  • and joshua,,,,who you expect to be mad,,,,instead covers his mouth with his hand to hold back his own onset blush and he’s like,,,,,o,,,oh
  • and you’re like kdhsfcvsa im sorry i lied,,,i just didn’t know how else to approach you
  • and he’s like it’s fine,,,you could have just ordered some tea,,,,but,,,,,that’s ,,,,,really nice of you,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,do you really like my foam art?
  • and you nod like yes!!! i always take photos of it!!!!!
  • and joshua is still embarrassed, biting back his lip but he’s like,,,,,,,, “well now that i know you don’t like coffee, if,,,,,i were to ask you to get,,,,,some tea with me sometime,,,,would that be ok??”
  • and you’re like omg are you asking me on a date
  • and joshua is like,,,,yes,,,,,,,
  • and you’re like,,,,,id love that,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,i know a good place around here with lots of drinks that aren’t coffee hehe and joshua is like smiling, still looking down but going that sounds great,,,,,can i have your number..?

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I'll start an angst train lol. How about headcanons/scenarios for the chocobros injured while saving their s/o from a daemon, and the s/o takes care of them?

You sit by the fire, Noctis’ head cradled in your lap. You smooth the hair away from his face, and he twitches slightly in his sleep at the contact. You gave him a few potions after the hunt you’d had where you’d almost gotten yourself killed and he’d stepped in to save you, and he’d passed out from the pain. You watch as the potion stitches together his wounds, and let the tears slip from your eyes. You lean down to press a kiss to his forehead and he smiles gently in the midst of his slumber. You won’t let anything like that happen to him ever again.

Prompto assures you that he’s fine, that he’s tougher than he looks when he just about collapses at camp. You drop to your knees at his side and beg him to let you survey his wounds. He winces as you touch a wet spot by his abdomen and feel a sob rip from your throat as you lift your shirt and see a huge gash mark from the claws of the Arachne you’d just defeated. Prompto tries to joke with you that he doesn’t even feel it anymore, and you work on healing him in silence, too scared to voice what you’re really thinking.

When Gladio tells you he’s going on a short hunt and that he’ll be back later that day, you think nothing of it. But when he returns with the gash on his chest opened again and gushing blood, you start to panic. He’s pallid but refuses your help, and almost denies your care until he sees the absolute terror in your eyes. You patch him back up in silence and he apologizes to you once your hands are done bandaging him up. You throw your arms around his neck to pull him close, careful not to jostle his bandages. He lets you cry as long as you need.

When Ignis first loses his vision, the last thing he wants to be to you is a burden. So he tries his best not to ask for your help, but after a close call against a red giant, you pull him close at camp and help him with his wounds. Your hands are patient and caring, and he feels embarrassed that he can’t keep up with the others because of his newfound handicap. You give his hand a squeeze and press a kiss to his scarred cheek, promising him that you’re not leaving his side and that you know that with time, he’ll find a way to adjust. He always does.