and his shirt looks like one of john watson's!

The Answer

By the flat window, Sherlock had been playing his violin while contemplating on his case for hours. Molly had napped in his armchair with the baby Watson, sleeping peacefully on her chest. The consulting detective finally put down the instrument and turned his attention to his favorite girls. He leaned down and fondly watched both Molly and his beautiful goddaughter sleeping. He gently caressed the baby girl’s cheek with his fingers and secretly placed a loving kiss on Molly’s forehead.

Molly: (Opened her eyes) Hmm? Sherlock?

Sherlock: (Smirked) You drooled on my armchair, Molly.

Molly: I did not! (wiped the corner of her mouth) Oh…I did, (simpered) sorry. What time is it?

Sherlock: Almost ten…

Molly: (Patted the baby’s back gently) That late already?

Sherlock: Yes…

Molly: Have you finished with your thinking?

Sherlock: (nodded) There will be a lot of leg works tomorrow but I have solved it in my head already…(grinned warmly) Thanks to you.

Molly: Me? I didn’t do anything except drooling on your chair, Sherlock.

Sherlock: (Tapped his temple) In here, you certainly did more than that, Molly.

Molly: You mean…I was there, in your mind palace?

Sherlock: Of course. You are always there…you are my conscious and my constant in the equation.


Sherlock, in his T-Shirt and pajamas pants, carried the joyful baby Watson out from his bedroom to the living area. Mary and John Watson greeted him with the warmest smiles. After two days and one night together, the genius detective had to reluctantly hand John back his baby girl.

John: (Kissed the baby’s cheek) Looks like someone is having a lot of fun here. Thanks for taking care of her, Sherlock. I didn’t expect you to be this great at babysitting, mate.

Sherlock: (Smugly) I learned a lot of tactics from the best. Have I ever told you about the prince’s babysitters case?

Mary: Fibbing, Sherlock, fibbing…Where is Molly?

John: Molly? Is she here?

Mary: (Rolled her eyes) Of course, John. Our daughter is nicely cleaned, so happy and very well fed. Molly is most definitely here.

John: Sherlock??

Sherlock: Well…She is resting in the bedroom. We had a tough night.

John: (Grinned broadly) So you and Molly are at the ‘we’ state now?

Mary caught a glimpse of a thin silver chain necklace with an engagement ring around Sherlock’s neck. She quickly connected the dots.

Mary: I suppose the ‘we’ state might be a little inaccurate here, John. They are more of ‘considering the exchange of rings’ state, am I right, Sherlock?

John: Really?!! How could you possibly know all that, Mary?

Sherlock: Because your wife observes, Jawn….

Sherlock toyed with the ring on his chain necklace.

Sherlock: (To Mary) You are not completely right though; Molly is the one considering. I have proposed and now am waiting for her answer.


My little one shot, written to celebrate the baby Watson and the coming of S4.

Take care!