and his shirt fits too


Magnus wearing his bracelet on the outside of his sleeve as a fashion statement.


soonyoung’s shirts in the form of lockscreens (insp.)


@songsaboutsalad  BRO! Here he is! Probably on a little study break at the breakfast counter
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Bang Me Like Those Drums

Genre: Smut

Word Count: 3.3 k

Summary: Phil is the drummer of a band, but how will the lead singer, Kevin, feel when he walks in on Phil banging his younger brother Dan as hard as Phil bangs his drums?

Warnings!! There’s 2 smut scenes: Rimming, daddy kinks, hints of DD/LB (but not), wall sex, angry sex, rough sex, dirty talking, Dan is in a skirt, Dan in panties, blow jobs, slut! Dan (if you squint), etc.

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[This is literally self-indulgent crack.]

I imagine Adam going off to college and being exposed to new tv shows, movies, music, culture; just everything.

He dislikes the pop music that some of his friends listen to, but he’s really come to love the 90s era rock that his roommate blasts when he’s in the shower.

Homework keeps him from binge-watching films and shows like everyone suggests, but after a lot of complaining and guilt tripping, Adam finally takes the time to watch Game of Thrones. He texts Ronan at 4am one morning, to tell him to get caught up so they can watch it together when he comes to visit. He gets a middle finger emoji in response.

His clothing changes too. His loose jeans and oversized t-shirts are fitted now. He even wears pink on Wednesdays, though he hasn’t seen the movie the campus tradition comes from.

A classmate of his is a hair stylist on the weekends and gives him a modern trim she says his boyfriend will love. She says something about a taper fade, but Adam doesn’t know what that means, so he trusts her to do what she thinks looks good. It can’t be any worse than the mess he already has and he’s right; it looks great. He sends a photo to Ronan and almost instantly there’s an incoming text that has heat rushing to Adam’s cheeks.

College changes a lot of things about Adam.

But when he goes back to the Barns, goes back to Ronan and Opal, none of that matters. Ronan still kisses him stupid any chance he gets, they still go on late-night drives in the BMW, they still talk about Gansey and Blue and Henry and Noah, and they still spend a lot of time doing absolutely nothing in each other’s company.

Ronan embraces Adam’s changes, loves them with the ease that always came with loving Adam Parrish.

“Ronan,” Adam starts. He’s laying on the couch in nothing but a pair of sleeping pants, head on his boyfriend’s lap. “Did you get caught up on Game of Thrones?”

Ronan puts down his magazine.

“I’m going to be honest with you,” he sighs. “I did. I’m actually a season ahead.”

Adam sits up abruptly, looking offended.

“You fucking asshole.”

Imagine saving Steve Rogers from an awkward situation

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“Leave the battlefield
Yet its horrors never heal
Coming home from war
Pieces don’t fit anymore”

Hint: No, he really isn’t fine. 

My sorry attempt at trying to illustrate little Jack’s PTSD. Which I believe he has. I mean, he fought in a war against machines slaughtering men, women, children, even babies, slaughtering every human being in their sight, and he’s probably seen his fair share of bodies. This has been inspired by the above mentioned song (Confusion by Metallica, which is an amazing song if you ask me!) as well as some recent RP I’ve had with amazing people. 

The football jersey he’s wearing? Guess he wasn’t the Quarterback or Running Back after all, but rather offense line according to the number he was given. But the 76 pun was just too good to pass up. It was also the only goddamn piece of clothing in his old room that still fit him. All his other shirts were simply a lot too small. Guess that’s what you get for joining the SEP.

Also the Bloomington High School does actually have a football team called Purple Raiders. I didn’t pick the colors for their jerseys. They did.

Special guest: His mom, who’s a super sweet and loving person, I bet.

First Time’s Free

“Come on Josh… I didn’t know you wanted to go to the gym tonight. We were just supposed to the movies,” Peter whined. He hated how much time Josh spent in the gym. It seemed unhealthy. But every time Peter would bring that up Josh would just flex his arms asking if they looked unhealthy. No. The answer was always no.

“C’mon man. I couldn’t go to the gym today. Besides I got like four free days for friends,” he said, “You don’t even have to pay.”

It really wasn’t up to Peter to decide what they were doing. Josh was driving. There really wasn’t another way for him to get back home. Instead he’d have to think of something that might get Josh to do something else. “I don’t have anything to wear. I don’t want to get my polo all sweaty and gross.”

Josh instantly started digging in his back seat. “Don’t worry about it. I’ve got just the thing.” He pulled out a sweaty old muscle shirt and some fabric shorts. There was no way they had been washed for a while. Dirt clung to the side of the shirt while sweat stained the shorts. Hopefully it was sweat. “You can wear these,” he smiled while tossing them at Peter’s chest.

“I can…” Peter said dumbfounded. “These are definitely clothes that I can put on.” He had a distinctly disgusted tone to it but Josh didn’t care. It was time for his workout. He led little Peter into the gym.

“Locker room over there. I’ll wait for you out here.” Josh always used a lot of hand gestures when giving directions. “I’m going to get started and if I finish fast enough we can still go see that movie.” Peter was feeling like he should protest but only knew it would make Josh take even longer. Bitterly, he drug his feet on his way to the locker room.

There were so many big guys all over the place Peter couldn’t really believe what kind of gym this was. Sure he expected there to be some guys like Josh but it was like everyone. Peter kept his eyes front. He didn’t want to be caught checking all of the other guys. That would just make him feel even more embarrassed.

Peter waited a few moments before started taking his clothes off. Shyness was practically what he was known for in high school. He thought back and wondered how he was friends with someone like Josh. This was the first time he’d actually stepped into a gym that you had to pay for. However his mind quickly changed to the smell of the shirt Josh had given him. It completely assaulted his senses.

“This. Has not. Been. Washed,” Peter blankly said holding the foul smelling shirt away from his body. He looked at it completely disgusted. “Ugh,” he groaned knowing he would have to spend at least an hour here whether he wore it or not. He weighed his options again. Sitting awkward at a gym with a bunch of buff dudes in khakis and a polo, or actually trying this shirt on and walking on a treadmill.

“Fine…” he groaned as he pulled the shirt closer. It was absolutely massive on him. He couldn’t help but laugh at how stupid he looked. Josh weighed like twice as much as him. Of course his shirt wouldn’t fit him properly.

“Bro’s got a massive stank too,” he laughed. “Needs more body spray.” His voice deepened as he checked himself out in the mirror. His muscles looked like they were lacking today. It was a good thing that Josh suggested going to the gym. He flexed for himself checking them out. For some reason they seemed so much smaller than usual. “Nah man, It’s just cause Josh is so big,” he tried easing his ego. Really the shirt wasn’t that big. He tried a different pose in the mirror. He wanted to flex his chest. His pecs were feeling tight. With another pose the shirt fit him even better.

Another laugh bellowed out of him. “Da fuck am I thinkin? Shirts mine. Fits like a glove. I musta left it in his back seat when we played football the other day. That’s why it’s so wicked dirty.” He lifted up his shirt and slapped his abs. “Bro wishes he was as jacked as me. He’s got the height but I got the real bod.” He flexed again, “Damn right.”

Peter left the locker room feeling pretty good. He felt like he had energy to work out all night. “BRO!” he shouted across the gym.

“BRO!” Josh shouted back. The two beat their chests laughing. They were ready for a long night of working out.

It’s Complicated: Part One

                                        “ITS COMPLICATED”

SUMMARY: Shorter than most, your frame had shown a curve much different than a Natasha Romanoff or Wanda Maximoff, glasses along your ears to match. Hired on as an assistant to the avengers - dealing mostly with the technology side, you werent keen on being surrounded by them. It wasnt until you realized, the moment you met Bucky Barnes - you knew your life was now going to become complicated, falling for a man you knew in your heart could never fall for a girl like you.

Notes: Loved writing this, the girl is so much like me omg haha. Sexual tension, humor. Slight swearing.

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Sterek A-Z Challenge: one word prompts

Week 21: U - Useless

Stiles completely lost his shit on a Wednesday. It was a week after he had been released from the hospital, and at first, he’d loved the sudden increase in attention, and had been shameless in taking advantage of Derek and his dad’s sudden need to dote on him. It had been fun to watch Derek scurry around the apartment at a mere suggestion or a quiet sigh. Even his dad had begun to willingly make healthy meal suggestions and choices to lessen Stiles’ apparent stress.

Relegated to cherished invalid, Stiles was waited on, hand and foot, twenty-four seven by his boyfriend and his dad, which included a myriad of increasingly ridiculous tasks from being carried from bed to couch to kitchen, cuddled by his favourite living, breathing, fluffy wolf-pillow, and sponge-bathed daily since his nearly full leg cast couldn’t go in the shower.

His dad had only tried to help sponge him down once, and that had been enough. Apparently, it had been more than his dad ever wanted to see of his adult son, and Derek had happily, almost eagerly, taken over the duties. Not that Stiles could deny his boyfriend the honour of sponging his naked body because the end results usually lead to a little more clean up.

But then, the had guilt set in.

Every pained whimper etched another crease into his dad’s already worried brow and sent Derek’s protective instincts into overdrive with his need to take care of Stiles. Derek and his dad did everything for him. Stiles wasn’t used to sitting back and doing nothing because he liked to be in on the action and throw himself into the fray. Relax hadn’t been a part of his vocabulary for a long time. Beacon Hills saw to that.

Moving to New York to attend Columbia had been a huge lift on the pressure and stress, a break in the nightmare of fighting for his life every single day, but he had thrown himself into his work, both school and job, to fill the sudden emptiness. No time to slow down. He planned to graduate with honours. But then, a little girl had chased a balloon into a busy street, and it hadn’t even been a choice for Stiles.

Stiles had woken up in the hospital almost a day later with a terrified Derek and his worried dad, who had flown across the country, at his bedside.

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Dally x Reader A Little Bit Of Help

Summary: You find Dally beat up so you bring him to your place to clean him up.

You had just finished work at the cafe, it was night now. You walk out the back door of the cafe, your car was parked somewhere out back. You turn right but before you can make it very far you see a man with light blonde hair lying on his back. He has blood all over him, on his face, his shirt and a little on his pants. Mostly on his face, this is also bruised. He looked around your age.

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Tea Leaves | Witch!AU | Pt. 8 (FINAL)

Summary: As a witch trying to make a living in a town that absolutely despises witches, you and your familiar find a group of boys that make your time there a little more bearable. [playlist]
Word Count: 4,365
Genre: fluff, comedy
Member: Lee “Dino” Chan
TW: none i can think of! tell me if you need anything tagged

Pt.: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 (FINAL) 

A/N: this entire part summarized in one word: SIKE
anyways thank u all for sticking around to read the fic that’s most dear to me :’) it took me an entire year to finish this and im sorry that it took so long, but i’m happy to say that im actually.. satisfied with something ! i swore i planned on having a much ore meaningful spiel but… oh well. keep an eye out on the ‘tea leaves’ page on my master archives, i’ll be updating that with info soon. that’s a wrap on tea leaves, folks ! onto the next one !

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anonymous asked:

You had a habit of sleep walking nearly every night, but Bucky had come up with an idea. He would stretch his shirt to fit over your head too, snuggling you close. It was a sure fire way to keep you from straying from his arms. You never ran cold because of the warmth of his skin, his heartbeat lulling you to sleep. You didn't even try to move in your sleep, instead snuggling closer to your husband.

Can I just say, kind of unrelated but not haha When my brother slept walked alot we had to put an alarm on his door hahahah 

Fluffy Friday™

anonymous asked:

Imagine a tired, blushy, pregnant Hux.

omg omg 

okay i wrote a thing inspired by this! I love that image!

Taking a break from scrolling through reports, Hux sank back against the pillows and rubbed his ever bigger stomach.

 At 6 months pregnant he already felt huge enough to burst, what with his slight frame and the fact biologically male humans weren’t supposed to be able to conceive under normal circumstances. Not that any of his life was normal; Hux had forfeited his right to any semblance of conventionality  the first time he’d spread his legs for the Force User who was currently bustling around in his kitchenette.

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cup-of-stars  asked:

For your Drabble game: yoonjinkook (bts), #33, fluff/smut, annddd idk any non-idol au?? Lol CONGRATS BTW <3 -Kaela

i’m sorry for the ridiculously long wait!! this is kind of a sequel to my other yoonjinkook fic (minty fresh) but you don’t really have to read that to understand this so.

prompt #33 “I’m not buying IKEA furniture again.” + yoonjinkook + pwp, smut, fluff + a/b/o au

☇ word count: 1,601

☇ warnings: a/b/o dynamics and mpreg

cross-posted on ao3

Originally posted by yoongichii

☇ “tear me down (build me up)” | masterlist

Pregnant and all, Jeongguk should not be kneeling in the pups’ room trying to set up the cribs he got from IKEA earlier that day.

Really, he should have left this to Yoongi, but Jeongguk is too soft for that. Yoongi is busy sleeping in their bed, waiting for their alpha to come home to get dinner started. Jeongguk let the beta sleep for as long as he wanted, making sure that he’d been scented properly before Jeongguk had left the bed. Yoongi had been up all night in the studio that Seokjin had agreed to install in one of their spare rooms, but he hadn’t come out until Seokjin Ordered him to bed.

Now Jeongguk is checking the instructions again, screwdriver in hand as he looks upon the jumbled mess of wooden pieces before him.

He has absolutely no idea what he’s doing.

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this is it.

sweaty hands holding each other so tightly the knuckles go white

watery eyes looking in the same direction with passion

trembling voices whispering little things that mean the world

beating hearts that beat in the rhythm of a bird fluttering its wings

butterflies flying happily in the stomach making fun of all that nervousness

first times when everything is so serious and important

caring kisses on the forehead full kisses on the lips

long walks by the beach throwing pebbles in the ocean laughing until you cry

promises of eternity growing old together dying by each other’s side

singing stupid songs to proof something you don’t really have to 

sleeping in his t-shirt because although it’s way too long it fits you perfectly

listening to the oh’s and ah’s when everyone is amazed by you

smiling without a reason when he’s the only reason to smile

watching her getting ready in the morning 

when she pretends she knows what’s going on in basketball

when you both fall asleep on a couch cuddled to each other

when you argue when you’re not together and then you fuck each other to death

when you say it and you mean it and you know this isn’t temporary

when you finally realize it

this is it.

you know what, right?