and his shirt fits too


[This is literally self-indulgent crack.]

I imagine Adam going off to college and being exposed to new tv shows, movies, music, culture; just everything.

He dislikes the pop music that some of his friends listen to, but he’s really come to love the 90s era rock that his roommate blasts when he’s in the shower.

Homework keeps him from binge-watching films and shows like everyone suggests, but after a lot of complaining and guilt tripping, Adam finally takes the time to watch Game of Thrones. He texts Ronan at 4am one morning, to tell him to get caught up so they can watch it together when he comes to visit. He gets a middle finger emoji in response.

His clothing changes too. His loose jeans and oversized t-shirts are fitted now. He even wears pink on Wednesdays, though he hasn’t seen the movie the campus tradition comes from.

A classmate of his is a hair stylist on the weekends and gives him a modern trim she says his boyfriend will love. She says something about a taper fade, but Adam doesn’t know what that means, so he trusts her to do what she thinks looks good. It can’t be any worse than the mess he already has and he’s right; it looks great. He sends a photo to Ronan and almost instantly there’s an incoming text that has heat rushing to Adam’s cheeks.

College changes a lot of things about Adam.

But when he goes back to the Barns, goes back to Ronan and Opal, none of that matters. Ronan still kisses him stupid any chance he gets, they still go on late-night drives in the BMW, they still talk about Gansey and Blue and Henry and Noah, and they still spend a lot of time doing absolutely nothing in each other’s company.

Ronan embraces Adam’s changes, loves them with the ease that always came with loving Adam Parrish.

“Ronan,” Adam starts. He’s laying on the couch in nothing but a pair of sleeping pants, head on his boyfriend’s lap. “Did you get caught up on Game of Thrones?”

Ronan puts down his magazine.

“I’m going to be honest with you,” he sighs. “I did. I’m actually a season ahead.”

Adam sits up abruptly, looking offended.

“You fucking asshole.”


@songsaboutsalad  BRO! Here he is! Probably on a little study break at the breakfast counter
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soonyoung’s shirts in the form of lockscreens (insp.)

Imagine saving Steve Rogers from an awkward situation

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Bang Me Like Those Drums

Genre: Smut

Word Count: 3.3 k

Summary: Phil is the drummer of a band, but how will the lead singer, Kevin, feel when he walks in on Phil banging his younger brother Dan as hard as Phil bangs his drums?

Warnings!! There’s 2 smut scenes: Rimming, daddy kinks, hints of DD/LB (but not), wall sex, angry sex, rough sex, dirty talking, Dan is in a skirt, Dan in panties, blow jobs, slut! Dan (if you squint), etc.

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“Leave the battlefield
Yet its horrors never heal
Coming home from war
Pieces don’t fit anymore”

Hint: No, he really isn’t fine. 

My sorry attempt at trying to illustrate little Jack’s PTSD. Which I believe he has. I mean, he fought in a war against machines slaughtering men, women, children, even babies, slaughtering every human being in their sight, and he’s probably seen his fair share of bodies. This has been inspired by the above mentioned song (Confusion by Metallica, which is an amazing song if you ask me!) as well as some recent RP I’ve had with amazing people. 

The football jersey he’s wearing? Guess he wasn’t the Quarterback or Running Back after all, but rather offense line according to the number he was given. But the 76 pun was just too good to pass up. It was also the only goddamn piece of clothing in his old room that still fit him. All his other shirts were simply a lot too small. Guess that’s what you get for joining the SEP.

Also the Bloomington High School does actually have a football team called Purple Raiders. I didn’t pick the colors for their jerseys. They did.

Special guest: His mom, who’s a super sweet and loving person, I bet.

First Time’s Free

“Come on Josh… I didn’t know you wanted to go to the gym tonight. We were just supposed to the movies,” Peter whined. He hated how much time Josh spent in the gym. It seemed unhealthy. But every time Peter would bring that up Josh would just flex his arms asking if they looked unhealthy. No. The answer was always no.

“C’mon man. I couldn’t go to the gym today. Besides I got like four free days for friends,” he said, “You don’t even have to pay.”

It really wasn’t up to Peter to decide what they were doing. Josh was driving. There really wasn’t another way for him to get back home. Instead he’d have to think of something that might get Josh to do something else. “I don’t have anything to wear. I don’t want to get my polo all sweaty and gross.”

Josh instantly started digging in his back seat. “Don’t worry about it. I’ve got just the thing.” He pulled out a sweaty old muscle shirt and some fabric shorts. There was no way they had been washed for a while. Dirt clung to the side of the shirt while sweat stained the shorts. Hopefully it was sweat. “You can wear these,” he smiled while tossing them at Peter’s chest.

“I can…” Peter said dumbfounded. “These are definitely clothes that I can put on.” He had a distinctly disgusted tone to it but Josh didn’t care. It was time for his workout. He led little Peter into the gym.

“Locker room over there. I’ll wait for you out here.” Josh always used a lot of hand gestures when giving directions. “I’m going to get started and if I finish fast enough we can still go see that movie.” Peter was feeling like he should protest but only knew it would make Josh take even longer. Bitterly, he drug his feet on his way to the locker room.

There were so many big guys all over the place Peter couldn’t really believe what kind of gym this was. Sure he expected there to be some guys like Josh but it was like everyone. Peter kept his eyes front. He didn’t want to be caught checking all of the other guys. That would just make him feel even more embarrassed.

Peter waited a few moments before started taking his clothes off. Shyness was practically what he was known for in high school. He thought back and wondered how he was friends with someone like Josh. This was the first time he’d actually stepped into a gym that you had to pay for. However his mind quickly changed to the smell of the shirt Josh had given him. It completely assaulted his senses.

“This. Has not. Been. Washed,” Peter blankly said holding the foul smelling shirt away from his body. He looked at it completely disgusted. “Ugh,” he groaned knowing he would have to spend at least an hour here whether he wore it or not. He weighed his options again. Sitting awkward at a gym with a bunch of buff dudes in khakis and a polo, or actually trying this shirt on and walking on a treadmill.

“Fine…” he groaned as he pulled the shirt closer. It was absolutely massive on him. He couldn’t help but laugh at how stupid he looked. Josh weighed like twice as much as him. Of course his shirt wouldn’t fit him properly.

“Bro’s got a massive stank too,” he laughed. “Needs more body spray.” His voice deepened as he checked himself out in the mirror. His muscles looked like they were lacking today. It was a good thing that Josh suggested going to the gym. He flexed for himself checking them out. For some reason they seemed so much smaller than usual. “Nah man, It’s just cause Josh is so big,” he tried easing his ego. Really the shirt wasn’t that big. He tried a different pose in the mirror. He wanted to flex his chest. His pecs were feeling tight. With another pose the shirt fit him even better.

Another laugh bellowed out of him. “Da fuck am I thinkin? Shirts mine. Fits like a glove. I musta left it in his back seat when we played football the other day. That’s why it’s so wicked dirty.” He lifted up his shirt and slapped his abs. “Bro wishes he was as jacked as me. He’s got the height but I got the real bod.” He flexed again, “Damn right.”

Peter left the locker room feeling pretty good. He felt like he had energy to work out all night. “BRO!” he shouted across the gym.

“BRO!” Josh shouted back. The two beat their chests laughing. They were ready for a long night of working out.


this is it.

sweaty hands holding each other so tightly the knuckles go white

watery eyes looking in the same direction with passion

trembling voices whispering little things that mean the world

beating hearts that beat in the rhythm of a bird fluttering its wings

butterflies flying happily in the stomach making fun of all that nervousness

first times when everything is so serious and important

caring kisses on the forehead full kisses on the lips

long walks by the beach throwing pebbles in the ocean laughing until you cry

promises of eternity growing old together dying by each other’s side

singing stupid songs to proof something you don’t really have to 

sleeping in his t-shirt because although it’s way too long it fits you perfectly

listening to the oh’s and ah’s when everyone is amazed by you

smiling without a reason when he’s the only reason to smile

watching her getting ready in the morning 

when she pretends she knows what’s going on in basketball

when you both fall asleep on a couch cuddled to each other

when you argue when you’re not together and then you fuck each other to death

when you say it and you mean it and you know this isn’t temporary

when you finally realize it

this is it.

you know what, right?

Halise Lavellan - “Trial by Fire”

Cassandra still stood by her side, but she heard footsteps coming down the hall. Very male footsteps. Halise turned to see who the steady walk belonged to, and her eyes fell upon a tall blonde man with a coffee mug in his hand and a rakish scar over his lip. Her mouth fell open into an incredulous grin.

“Cullen. Fucking. Rutherford,” she said loudly.

Cullen almost stopped dead in his tracks when he saw her, obviously realizing who she was without a second glance. A slow smile curled his lips, curving that damn attractive scar as he continued his walk toward her. “I hope you remember that’s not my middle name!” he called out.

“It is today!!!” Halise laughed, reaching out to grasp his hand. He looked good in his slim fit black suit, white shirt, and red tie. Almost too good.

He grabbed her hand to shake it, and she felt his same slightly rough skin against hers. All at once, a thousand tiny memories came flooding back into her mind, nearly sending a flush up her cheeks. She almost didn’t realize that she’d held onto his hand for just a moment too long. His amber eyes gazed into hers, little crinkles in the corners from his wide smile and the seven years since they’d seen each other last. The miniscule wrinkles only served to make him more attractive. Damnit. Also, no glasses?

“You two know each other?” Cassandra asked, obviously a bit surprised.

“Yeah,” Halise replied, still looking at Cullen. “I used to kick his ass at mock trial during law school!”

Cullen grimaced, his smile intact. “It was only a couple of times, Halise.”

“I still kicked your ass!” Halise snickered, trying very hard to ignore what she was leaving out. Despite her best efforts, the thoughts crept back into the front of her mind. He’s also been inside me. More than once. More than more than once.

Oh shit.

I was lucky enough to snag a commission from the lovely and incomparable @cocotingo for Deputy District Attorney Halise Lavellan in my modern Cullavellan lawyer AU “Trial by Fire.” I can’t stop internally screaming at how wonderful and fabulous and beautiful this is! There’s also been a liiiitle bit of external screaming, too.

I risked life and limb on the freeways of Southern California on my way to work to snag a commission spot, and I cannot recommend commissioning @cocotingo highly enough if you get a similar opportunity!!! Thanks so much to her for her beautiful artwork, for bringing my girl to life, and for just generally being awesome!!!

Imagine #83- Andre Burakovsky *requested*

“White Boy Wasted”

Cinching the President’s Trophy was a pretty big accomplishment for the guys so you knew they would definitely want to go out and celebrate it. Not that you minded, you loved going out with all the guys and Andre. Sliding on your highest of heels and adjusting your top you exit the bedroom to meet Andre and tell him you’re ready to go, “Wow you look amazing (Y/N)” “Thank you Andre” you say planting a kiss on his lips. Tom, Latts, and Nate would be joining you guys out but you were just meeting them there.

The bar everyone was going to was in walking distance from your apartment which was nice since you and Andre both had a tendency of getting a little too tipsy when you went out. I mean hey he rarely has an off night to do this so you gotta take advantage of it when you can right? The whole way there Andre walked with his arm protectively around your waist, he normally wasn’t super into PDA so you were surprised. When you got there you saw the other three guys right away over at the bar ordering beers, hand in hand you and Andre made your way over to them. “Hey the little kids made it out” Tom says smiling messing with you guys, you and Andre were both just 21 so everyone called you out on being the “babies” of the group. Andre rolls his eyes and makes a comment back at Tom before turning to ask you what you wanted. You gave him your order and he made his way to find the bartender and get you both a much needed drink, you watched him as he turned in his tight but not too tight jeans and black tee shirt that fit him just right, you felt like the luckiest girl in the bar. “Baby Swede loves you you know” Latta says to you, you laugh, “I love him too” you say laughing leading all the guys to make a chorus of awh’s. Andre comes back carrying the two drinks, “What’s up with you guys?” “Nothing” they all say in sync, leading you to just roll your eyes.

Andre just drinks his drink, “they’re so weird sometimes” he says making you laugh. The three of them head to the dance floor to mingle and talk to girls as always and you and Andre just hang back at the bar, Andre never wanted to dance. No big deal, you guys just kick it at the bar laughing at how dumb the other guys look. But I guess the alcohol was getting to Andre because before you knew it he was placing his hand on your thigh, “let’s dance” he says nodding his head towards the dance floor. Shocked by this you didn’t even think twice before grabbing his hands and letting him pull you on to the floor. Tom looks at you confused and motions on Andre with a look that says “what the Hell” and you just giggle and shrug going back to dancing with Andre.

You felt his hands all over you from your lower back all the way down to your back pockets, this was so not how he usually is so you figured it was just the booze. But you were feeling the alcohol too so you were giving it right back, no doubt everyone in the bar knew that the two of you were together. After a few dances and a few more drinks you and Andre were both on the better side of drunk and the affection only got to be more and more. Pretty soon you felt Andre trailing kisses down your neck as you guys danced, you didn’t even care who was looking you were liking this side of Andre. Tom and Latta took it upon themselves to take as many photos as they could and you made a mental note to make fun of them later for being thirsty at the bar for all the single girls. “You wanna get out of here?” Andre’s thick accent whispered into your ear, “yes’ you say pressing a kiss on to his lips.

You head over to the guys to tell them you’re leaving while Andre goes and pays your tab, “Ah I remember when I was 21 and couldn’t hang” Latts says with a smirk, “Shut up latts” you say whacking him on the arm laughing. Andre makes his way over to you guys and you grab his hand ready to walk out of the bar. Stumbling your way home in your high heels was well worth what was waiting you back at the apartment with Andre to say the least.

You don’t have to say ‘I love you’ to say ‘I love you
Forget all the shooting stars and all the silver moons,
We’ve been making shades of purple out of red and blue

Guess what song I’ve been listening to on repeat? :> Have a doodle that I cropped due to the lack of artistic talent- ((YES, THEY’RE WEARING TROYE SIVAN T-SHIRTS////))

Feather Fans And Garter Belts {Part 2}

Fandom: Marvel/Avengers

Pairing: Pre-Serum Steve Rogers x Burlesque Dancer Reader

Warning: N/A for this chapter

Writer: @imaginesofeveryfandom aka @thequeenofthehobbits

Summary/Request: You like Steve Rogers because he’s sweet and kind and doesn’t look at you like a piece of meat. Steve likes you because you treat him like anyone else, make him feel confident, and look at him like he’s just as tall as all the other guys.

Part 1 X, Part 3 X

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anonymous asked:

Haruka rin makoto souske nitori reactions when they find that their so fell asleep studying while wearing the boys' fave shirt/sports jacket. I really look forward to reading the posts on your blog everyday xD you should have something like a "get to know the admin" night. I'm sure your followers wanna know about you xD I know I do ugh i sound creepy sorry >___<"

Asdfghjkl chuu precious lovely thing things like this made me wish I wasn’t so busy so i could post everyday for you lovely people ♡♡♡ And you don’t sound creepy at all my dear! I would love to get to know you all! How about the typical Fridays? Would anyone else like that? Anyways, to the ask now~

Haru: He had stayed late swimming extra laps in the pool like always. It was just an inevitable thing with this boy and everybody knew it. With a small quiet sigh he walked into his house or more like the house of the both of you since you had moved in with him after high school. As he approached the room you both slept in he couldn’t help but be a little surprised that the light was on. It was late and he knew that so why were you awake?

Truth be told you had wanted to stay up to wait for him to get home plus sneak in a little studying for one of your classes you were struggling a little in. As he opened the door to the room the smallest of smiles came to his face as he saw you sleeping peacefully on your desk, your head resting on your arms. Once he approached you though he couldn’t help but be surprised as he finally noticed what you were wearing. It was his old Iwatobi swim shirt. Shaking your body a little you couldn’t help but stir slightly at his touch as your eyes gradually opened and saw him.

“What are you wearing that for?” He asked you quietly and waited for you to wake up enough to focus on your question. “I’m wearing it because I missed you…” You mumbled back at him as you sat up and rubbed the sleep out of your eyes. “I always wear it when I miss you because it makes me feel like you’re with me.”

Blinking at your response to him he couldn’t help but cough a little as he felt his face heat up. “Come on, let’s go to bed so we can sleep together.” With a sleepy smile you nodded your head and shuffled over to bed to wait for him to join him. Honestly, you were too cute for him sometimes.

Rin: He wasn’t meant to come home for at least another two weeks according to what he had told you over the phone so when he suddenly stepped foot right outside the door of the place you two lived in he couldn’t help but grin. This was the perfect surprise to him. Just sneak inside your house as quietly as possible and make himself comfy by sneaking inside the covers with you so you could wake up with him in bed the next morning.

Entering the place quietly he made his way over to the steps that would take him upstairs when the light shining from under a door on the first floor caught his eye. That was the room you used as a study for school. Quietly he made his way over and made sure to turn the door knob with caution as his head peeked in and saw you there resting right on the desk.

“You have to be kidding me…” He let out an exasperated sigh that was filled with worry as he approached you and froze on the spot as the words ‘Samezuka’ stared up at him. “That’s…” Smiling a little at the memory filled jacket he made sure to pull your chair back carefully to pick you up bridal style in order to take you upstairs to bed.

“Mh, Rin… five more minutes…” You mumbled and buried your face in his shoulder as he laughed softly and held you tighter. “Rin, your jacket smells just like fish…” Those words made him stop in his steps as he stared down at you with a confused look on his face as you stirred once more and mumbled, “That smell is supposed to be Haru’s job…” Shaking his head continued to walk towards the room you two shared. Sometimes he just didn’t get you.

Makoto: It had been so cold lately that Makoto couldnt help but look forward to arriving home and getting the chance to warm himself up by cuddling you close to him. Stepping inside the place you two lived in he blew some warm air into his hands as he slipped off his coat and hanged it inside the hallway closet. The first step of getting warm was done now the second step needed was to look for you.

Walking further into the house he couldn’t help but stop in his track as he saw you under the warmth of the kotatsu with his old Iwatobi team jacket draped over you as well and a nice pile of papers from school scattered all around you as well. “She must have been working really hard,” he mumbled quietly to himself in an attempt not to wake you up as he picked up the scattered papers around your resting body.

Once those were all settled he couldn’t help but slip in under the kotatsu with you as he pulled your body close to his and smiled at the sight of you resting. “The jacket really does suit you well. You look adorable in it.” He smiled and brushed some of your hair back as if you were awake to talk with him. “This isn’t exactly good for us to do. We should be heading to the safety and comfort of our bed but you look so peaceful _______.”

With a small hint of hesitation he placed a kiss on your forehead as you suddenly stirred and snuggled in closer to him. “Your jacket is so warm Makoto, it makes me feel like you’re really here…” You mumbled full of sleep which startled him a little until he realized you were sleep talking. “I’m going to wear it every night from now on.” Was your small confession which made me smile in adoration and hold you closer. If you wanted to you could wear it for the rest of your life as long as it made you happy.

Sousuke: His jacket had been hung for so long that he never really thought about it being worn ever again. That was at least until he came home from a small little training work out to help with his shoulder to see you sleeping soundly on the couch with one of your textbooks on top of you. The sight made him shake his head with a small smile as he thought about all the times you would nag him to take care of himself and yet here you were completely drained and napping.

The removal of your textbook from your chest is what made him drop it onto the floor as he saw his old swim team jacket around your body drowning it with all the extra fabric due to it being big on you. Carefully he sat dowm on the edge of the couch as a hand reached out to smooth out the wrinkles you sleeping on the couch had given the jacket as small nostalgic memories came to him.

“Its been a while…” He muttered quietly as he stood up once more to look for a blanket to drape over you. He would have tried to carry you to the bed but who knows what strain that would have caused his shoulder. He hated the limitations it gave him but he couldn’t show how much it truly bothered him without you worrying plus he didn’t need any pity felt for him.

Moving back to where you were at he decided to lay down by your side as he felt the familiar fabric brush against the arms that held you tight. As soon as the blanket he had brought over was draped on top of you both he made himself comfortable by your side as he waited for sleep to claim him. Maybe he would give you the jacket instead since he had no more use for it to be worn. After all, it would only be fair that the poor jacket wouldn’t suffer as well.

Nitori: The last thing Nitori expected was to come home one day and see you sleeping rather comfortable in a pair of your sweats and his old team shirt. Who would have thought it was an almost perfect fit as his shirt fit snugly on you. Not too big and not too small. It was basically perfect. What seemed to amuse the shy blushing cutie more though was the fact that despite you resting on your desk, which was something you shouldn’t have been doing, he was more concerned about the fact that you were wearing his shirt.

“That shouldn’t be such a distraction for me!” He exclaimed a little before clamping his hands above his mouth and looking at you to make sure he hadn’t woken you up. As you stirred a little in your spot he held his breath until you finally drifted off to sleep again. “That was close…” He sighed a little in relief and glanced from you to the bed. “Maybe I should move her over.”

Quietly pondering to himself he decided on what to do next as he carefully pulled the chair you were in away from the desk and tried to pick you up. It was a bit of a struggle for him at first but he eventually succeeded as he tucked you into bed and glanced at your cute sleeping form that was still wearing his shirt. Admitting it inside his mind he couldn’t help but blush and feel honored at the sight. You really did look cute in his shirt like that.

The Alter (Part Two) // Spencer Reid

Part 1/Part 3/Part 4/Part 5/ Part 6

A/N: Part two! I hope you enjoy!

Originally posted by toyboxboy

“If you can’t abide by our rules then maybe you shouldn’t be here.”

A silence fell over the team as they watched the intense showdown that was currently taking place between Violet and the county sheriff, their eyes wide in still panic as tensions rose. Spencer swore he saw Violet grow an inch as she sized herself up to the tall man, her body emitting a wave of vicious disbelief at his words.

“We are here because you seem to be incapable yourself of catching this killer. Now those families are victims. How dare you bring them in and treat them as suspects when we both know damn well they didn’t have a fucking thing to do with it,” she spat ferociously, her voice controlled in such a manner that would have struck fear into any of the profilers had it been directed towards them. The sheriff stared at her, his previous resolve wavering underneath her heated glare.

“Let them go home,” he finally ordered an officer before turning back to the fiery brunette in front of him. “Do your job and find the guy. Then get the hell out of here.”

She rolled her eyes as he stalked off, shrugging his unprofessionalism off with a frustrated sigh. With her arms crossed around her chest, she turned back towards her team with an unamused look.

“Pierce, you know we have to stay on good terms with these people,” Hotch reprimanded although she had beaten him to the punch the instant the families had been brought into the station with handcuffs around their wrists. It was reckless. It was inhumane.

“Yeah, if these people were civilized then maybe that would be a possibility,” she snapped before instantly grimacing at her tone. “Hotch, I’m sorry. It’s just-”

“I know,” he interrupted with a glance at her agitated state. “Why don’t you go with Morgan and ask the families a few questions before they leave.”

Morgan instantly stood from his seat, waiting for Violet to reach him before heading off in search of the families. Emily released a low whistle as she watched them disappear.

“What’s up with Vi? She’s feisty today,” she commented, unsure of how to react when one of the sweetest members of their team blew her fuse.

“You can blame commercial airlines,” Spencer replied with a low chuckle. The BAU plane was currently stationed in Florida which had left them with no other choice but to take a much more public transportation. Having to going through security and then later waiting for hours to board had left Violet feeling exasperated with the entire process.

“The airplane ride?” Emily asked incredulously. The two had arrived at the station just an hour before after having dumped their belongings in their hotel rooms. She had noticed Violet’s foul mood the minute she stepped in devoid of the smile on her usually warm face.

“No leg room really puts her on edge,” he replied simply as he read through the case files with incredible speed. Emily scoffed at his explanation.

“She’s tiny. She doesn’t need that much space,” she replied with a look of incredulity at the fact that could have possibly been the reason Violet had begun her job with such vehemence.

“Oh, you’d be surprised,” he responded, not giving any more details of their earlier flight. The man who sat in front of Violet had been substantially larger, causing his seat to lean back into her the entire plane ride. She had tried to keep her cool but after an hour her legs began to go numb from lack of movement and she had loudly cursed the entire airplane and everyone in it. Spencer had done his best to calm her nerves but she was a stubborn being who refused to stop her rambling once you got her going. Instead he had sat back and enjoyed hearing her string of complaints, for once realizing just how he sounded to others when he wouldn’t stop talking about something.

Emily shrugged, accepting his explanation without asking for more clarification before she returned to her work.

Spencer tried his best not to glare at the police officer who was chatting up Violet in the corner. The team had quickly solved the case with the help of their missing two and were now in the process of packing their things up before heading home. A local police officer who had been eyeing Violet throughout the case had finally summoned enough courage to approach her much to Spencer’s dismay. The man was good-looking and definitely well built as his toned biceps were clear through his fitted shirt.

“You might want to make a move before it’s too late,” JJ told him as she gathered up the files in front of him. He turned to her with apprehension. JJ was the only person who he had actually confided in when it came to Violet and the undeniable fact that he had fallen deeply in love with her.

“What do you mean?”

He felt his jealousy flare as Violet’s sweet laughter erupted from her mouth, causing everyone to smile at the adorable sound. It was a sound he felt protective over, a part of him wanting to be the sole reason it ever left her lips.

“That’s how Will and I started. On a case,” she replied simply with a glance at the two. Violet seemed to be quite taken with the man and Spencer felt his heart drop to his stomach as the man handed her his phone, watching as she punched her number in.

“Now is the time Reid. You’re not the only one who thinks she’s beautiful,” JJ added in a hushed tone as she saw Violet leave the officer’s side and head their way. Spencer frowned, a deep crease on his forehead as his eyebrows knitted in thought.

“We ready?” Violet asked cheerfully, adjusting her own bag on her shoulder. Spencer nodded, leading them both silently out of the police station.

“Oh sweet baby, how I’ve missed you,” Violet hummed in delight as she stepped foot onto the BAU plane. Spencer chuckled, muttering a quick ‘told you so’ to Emily as he followed her inside. The two stretched out onto the larger couch, Violet immediately resting her head onto his lap.

“Man, long days are the worst,” she muttered as Spencer’s hand instinctively brushed through her hair, sending a pleasant tingling sensation down her spine. She moved, taking her phone out of her pocket in order to adjust herself comfortably. She dropped the phone next to him before returning to her previous position, her hand grabbing his and leading it to stroke her hair once more.

Morgan and Hotch hid their grins as they watched the pair from their seats. It was a darling sight to see the two at such peace around each other. Their friendship had blossomed in a surprisingly physical and intimate way that had left them all dumbfounded at first. They had never once expected Spencer to become so open to someone else’s physical affections and yet here the two were, breaking through the reputation that had followed Spencer for so long.  She seemed to be the only exception to it as he still kept his distance from strangers.

“Kid looks happy,” Morgan whispered to Hotch, a bright smile threatening to break out. Hotch nodded, a subtle grin on his own face.

“Wouldn’t you be?” he asked simply. Morgan observed the two once more, noticing the way Violet’s hand lightly wrapped around Spencer’s leg. Spencer balanced his book in one hand while the other was lightly placed on her waist, a touch so innocently delicate that it caused Morgan’s heart to briefly ache.

“I really hope those two do something about it,” Hotch added quietly, stunning Morgan as he usually kept himself out of their personal business. “It would be a shame for a love like that to go undeclared and unacted upon.”

Spencer watched Violet’s sleeping form from the corner of his eye, unable to concentrate on the words he was supposed to be reading. Her light hair was spread onto him, moved away from her face in a way that revealed her prominent cheekbones. She twitched lightly in her sleep, her eyelids moving for a fraction of a second as her eyelashes fluttered against her soft skin. She had always been a heavy sleeper which was a blessing with their job that seemed to demand every ounce of energy they had.

He struggled to keep the smile off of his face as she curled into him, her unconscious body demanding to be closer to his sense of warmth. He restrained himself from immediately wrapping his arms around her and declaring his adoration for the young woman, instead directing his attention to the book in his hands again in a futile attempt to think of anything else.

“I want to be her maid of honor,” Emily stated as she sat next to Rossi, her gaze watching the two youngest members of their team. Rossi chuckled, his experience with weddings more than enough for a lifetime.

“Maybe you should push Spencer in the right direction then,” he replied. “Lord knows that boy needs help in the love department.”

“Spence is just nervous, that’s all,” JJ commented from her seat, not bothering to look up from her crossword puzzle she was currently filling in. The whole team was well aware of the feelings he held towards Violet due to their profession. They’d all quickly picked up on the body language between the two, but there was no way to force them to be together. That decision rested solely on them.

Spencer was about to wake Violet to let her know they had landed when he felt a vibration against his leg. He looked down to notice her phone ringing. He stared at the screen, frowning at the unknown number that flashed. Violet never gave her number out to anyone she didn’t want to and almost never received phone calls from unsaved numbers. He hesitated before hitting the answer button.

“Hello?” he spoke into the small mouthpiece and awaited an answer.

“Um hi. I think I may have the wrong number. I’m looking for Violet,” the man’s voice replied unsurely, surprised to have heard a male voice on the other end. Spencer immediately recognized the voice as the one belonging to the police officer that had been flirting with Violet just hours before.

“You definitely have the wrong number,” Spencer replied without a second thought. The man on the other line sighed, muttering something about ‘never getting the pretty ones’ and hung up. Spencer grinned, pleased with himself as he erased the call from her phone history and set the phone down once again. He had failed to notice JJ staring at him the entire time, finally meeting her gaze when she cleared her throat. She stood staring at him with a raised eyebrow at what he had just done.

“What? It was a wrong number,” he quickly defended, staying loyal to his lie. JJ shook her head, her blonde hair flowing around her as she gave him a knowing look.

“You either tell her or you let someone else have her,” she replied as she eyed the woman who was still sound asleep even after they had landed fairly roughly. “She deserves to be happy, Spence.”

“I know,” Spencer sighed. He knew she had a point. There were plenty of people who would happily date the young woman and yet he found himself strategically pushing them all away from her. He denied it whenever it was brought up by Emily or JJ, but sometimes his conscious reminded him that what he was doing was technically wrong. He pushed the thought away, gently shaking Violet awake as JJ exited the plane.

“Vi, we’re home,” he spoke softly. She let out a soft moan as her eyes refused to open, her mind still stuck in her dreams and struggling to wake. He nudged her once more and this time she did wake, a small smile spreading on her face at the sight of his face. Spencer lightly placed his hand on her back as she finally sat up in an effort to keep her steady as she swayed with drowsiness. She released a cute yawn and stretched like a cat, her back arching in a fluid movement. She stood and straightened herself out, offering a hand to Spencer. He took it and stood, stretching out his own legs after having them still for a few hours. Spencer handed her the phone she had left on the airplane couch, wondering if she’d notice when the cop didn’t call her later.

“Thanks,” she said as she placed the phone into her pocket without as much as a glance to it.. Spencer nodded and followed her out feeling slightly guilty at what he had done. His eyes focused on the messy waves of her hair and how they cascaded down her back effortlessly as he walked behind her. Wordlessly they both climbed into the back of the SUV with Hotch behind the wheel, Spencer’s hand unconsciously reaching for hers but stopping to rest in between them. She looked out of the window, her eyes fluttering closed again with exhaustion. After looking at her for a moment he convinced himself that his feelings justified his actions. He would tell her soon. Just as soon as he mustered up enough courage.  

“Borrowing his t-shirt”

(modern AU thing)

Because wearing your perfectly fitted clothes is too mainstream. and seeing Maui without a shirt is always worth it for Moana.

I know normally Maui would have leg tattoos, but I normally never get to the legs when I draw him (only draw him till his somach) and so I don’t know them out of my head.

You know what I love about this fandom? It gives me ideas and goals to get to.

I never thought about using watercolor paint, or getting good at it.

But see this? Never would have happend without that freacking movie.

I’ll admit (because it’s also hella true) I’m still far from good at it and getting the right skin color is a pain in the ass for me, but I have a school project with watercolor paint that I had to do before the Christmas Holidays and that looks like shit if you compair it with this.

Say what you want, I’m proud of it

Woozi: The Many Rules of Dating Lee Jihoon (pt 5)

[table of contents] I. II. III. IV. V.

Summary: bad boy jihoon continued… if Jihoon is refusing to get out of bed, you’ll just have to make him

You woke up in a room that wasn’t yours, four walls painted a bland beige colour, covered in posters and pictures. A slow beat pounds in your head as you take in your surroundings, the pillows that smell all too familiar and the fluff of purple hair on the bed beside you. You start to panic as you connect the dots. Your blatant lack of clothing and the smell of alcohol still on your breath.

“Can you stop breathing so heavy? I’m trying to sleep.” Jihoon mutters, covering his face with his arm. You can feel his breath on the side of your face.

“Did we…” You trail off, unable to finish the sentence.

“Please,” He scoffs. “As if I would have sex with you.”

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