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i love souyo so much

Back To Sleep - G.D

Prompt: This is heavily inspired by Back to Sleep by Chris Brown (I hate him, but I like this song), so that’s basically it. 

Warning: Smut, cursing

This wasn’t a request, but feel free to send me some :)

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Shopping Date

When playful Junhoe strikes.

Source of picture: link

Word Count: 880
Genre: Fluff
Pairing: Koo Junhoe x Reader

Description: Junhoe with black is the best combination.

“Oh my God.” You huffed, crossing your hand in front of your chest. “How many times are you going to check yourself? Even the mirror is tired already.” You said, rolling your eyes while slightly shaking your head.

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[ sasusaku month - day 2: something more ]

The second the buzzer went off, the gym was filled with thunderous screams and cheers. Thousands of smiles, thousands of cheers and thousands of students rushed the court and there stood Sasuke in the middle of it all. Naruto stood by his side, grinning ear to ear and chanting and screaming with them all.

“Konoha High! Reigning champs for six years straight!”

It was unbelievable that the team had won not only two years prior before they madethe varsity team, but all four years that they’d been playing basketball. Familiar face upon familiar face congratulated him and as he made his way towards the locker room, there was one face that he’d been itching to see – even from the very start of the game. 

They weren’t dating by any means, but they’d been best friends from the very start. Sakura Haruno had been to every single one of his games, whether they were at home or away, she always made time to come and cheer him on. Sasuke would never admit it, but it always eased his mind and soothed his nerves when he saw her familiar shade of pink hair sitting amongst the crowd with a smile plastered on her face. But tonight was different. 

Although the gym was humongous, he hadn’t spotted her once that night. His soot eyes scanned every single face in that gym more than once, and although that game was huge for him, he didn’t care; he needed her support more than ever that night. 

The locker room had already cleared once Sasuke made his way there. The lights were still on, and even the sweaty smell from his teammates still resided, but he didn’t mind. He ripped his jersey from his body and discarded it atop his bag, grabbed his towel and immediately plunged into the shower. 

Sasuke didn’t sing, or hum, ever. But during his shower that night, he began to hum and fill the lonely void in the locker room. Steam rose up from the scalding water, and once he finished scrubbing his scalp clean of all the sweat, and rinse his body of all the soap, he emerged from the shower.

The gym was now quiet, lights still on but most had been turned off. The adrenaline that pumped through his veins earlier had finally died down, but his thoughts of Sakura still remained.

“Whatcha humming?”

The girlish voice startled him. His hand immediately flew to the towel that hung around his waist and his eyes had grown wide. Standing at the door was Sakura, a simple smile painted on her pretty lips, with viridian eyes sparkling. “You did great tonight.” 

So she was there.

“What’re you doing in here?” Sasuke changed the subject almost immediately. He could feel the space between them close as Sakura stepped through the entryway and began to make her way towards him.

“You’ve been in here for about an hour now. I’m just checking on you. I do have a curfew,” she teased lightly before taking a seat on one of the benches. It amazed him to see how confident she was being, especially with him only standing mere feet away with only a towel to hide his body. 

“Well go wait outside, I’m almost done–” he could feel himself trail off as Sakura smiled brightly. Had his towel fallen, or was she looking at something else? Why was she smiling like that?

“I can close my eyes.” 

“Sakura,” he warned with a playful glare. Sakura only chuckled in response before raising her hands in front of her body and shaking her head.

“Fine, fine! I’ll be waiting,” she promised.

Sasuke felt himself begin to breathe again, not knowing that he had held his breath the second he saw her. He quickly dried himself off, glancing at the door every other second to make sure Sakura had kept to her word, and when he finally pulled on his sweats and fitted t-shirt, he grabbed his bag and exited the locker room, turning the lights off behind him. 

“You take longer than a girl,” Sakura teased once more before walking to him and wrapping her arms around him.

She smelled sweet like fruit, and the way her pink tresses fell forward as she leaned her head into his chest calmed his breathing instantly. The remaining lights in the gym finally dimmed and Sasuke stood with Sakura next to him in the dark.


Sasuke only smirked before throwing his arm around her shoulders and leading her out of the building. The cold air instantly bit into his skin as they walked outside, and the snow falling from the sky began to land all around them. It was a winter wonderland there, and the only remaining car in the parking lot was Sasuke’s.

“You take too long after your games. Luckily that was the last one,” she jabbed her finger into his ribs before walking in unison with him once more.

The sidewalks had been shoveled almost perfectly, and the parking lot plowed. Once they reached the car, he unlocked it and instantly opened Sakura’s door before she could reach the handle. When her green eyes narrowed at him, he shrugged before smirking once more and making his way to the driver’s seat. With his bag thrown in the back and Sakura buckled up, the engine came to life and hummed quietly.

His hand found the knob to crank the heater and next to him, Sakura’s shoulders bunched up as she shivered slightly.

“It’s god damn cold out!”

“That’s what typically happens when it’s winter.”

Sakura punched his arm gently before holding her hands in front of the fans. It was dark on the inside of his car, but Sasuke could still make out the green in her eyes as she still glared at him for being a smartass.

“No shit,” she commented before breathing slowly on her fingers. “Make your car heat up faster!” 

Sasuke rolled his eyes once, before reaching for her small hands and enclosing them in his own. The shock that crossed over her face amused him, but when he felt her skin began to cool his own, he frowned

“Wear gloves next time, your fingers are like icicles.”

“I was inside a very hot gym watching my best friend kick ass. But sure, I’ll remember to wear gloves at your next game. Oh, wait–”

Sasuke squeezed her hands in his own, gently, but Sakura’s grin widened as Sasuke’s smirk appeared once more. He hated knowing that his high school career for basketball had come to an end. Albeit on a good note, but it was all over. Like Sasuke, Sakura had grown quiet. 

“What?” He inquired. She was still looking at him, but her eyes didn’t hold the fire that they always held. They looked almost melancholy, desperate and reaching out for him.

“We’re graduating soon. Things won’t be the same, will they?”

He hadn’t thought about it like that. Whenever he thought about his future,  he pictured Sakura right next time with a large smile on her face. But now that Sakura mentioned it, that image began to fade. They were only friends after all, not set on a course to grow old with one another, have children, travel the world and sit on the front porch in a chair of their own. The idea seemed silly the more he thought about it, but then again, he began to feel sick to his stomach. 

“Of course not. We’ll be in a different city, in different homes, but we’ll still be close to each other.” The words didn’t come out right, but he hoped Sakura had caught onto what he actually meant. 

The car was warm now, but Sasuke didn’t release her hands. He continued to hold on to them while trying to uncover the mysterious expression on her face. When she nodded her head slightly, Sasuke felt the air in his lungs leave and he immediately felt another burst of adrenaline. The air became tense between them almost instantly and before Sakura could speak again, Sasuke had the floor. 

“It doesn’t have to change,” he muttered. His eyes eventually looked in the direction of where his headlights pointed. The snow was now coming down rather heavily, and when Sakura’s small grunt sounded, he refused to look back. “It can be the same as before. Nothing has to change, we can–” 

He began to struggle with his words and finding just the right thing to say. He didn’t want to give her the wrong impression, but he always wanted to make “it” official – whatever “it” was. 

Sasuke inhaled once more before trying to speak again. The snow fell freely from the sky on the outside, and like it, the words fell freely from his lips. In his seventeen years of life, this had to have been the most nerve-racking thing he’d ever done. 

“I like you, Sakura. More than a friend.I don’t want things to change…” he scratched the back of his head, something he’d picked up from Naruto recently and when he looked to Sakura, he could see tears streaming down her face. “What now? Are you alright?”

Her girlish laughter surprised him. She slid a hand from his grasp and wiped the tears away with ease and readjusted in her seat to the point that she was looking at him. “I’m fine. Just tired and school was hell this week and wow. So what you’re asking is…”

“You know what I’m asking,” he cut her off. He began to chew on his lip, the air becoming easier to breathe, yet his heart still thudded heavily against his ribcage.

“Oh, Sas. It’ll be different at first, but nothing we can’t handle. You know the answer is yes. It always would’ve been yes.”

And just like that, he felt nauseous and excited and light headed and like he could run a marathon all at once. Instead of giving her that cliche kiss you see most couples doing in chick flicks, Sasuke smiled slightly.

With her single hand still in his own, he raised her knuckles to his lips and met her skin accordingly. She tasted as sweet as she smelled, and when his eyes found hers, he smirked through his tender kiss.

Even though the heat was blaring and the music played silently in the background, Sasuke’s mind was on Sakura and her alone.

Happiness (Damian Wayne x Reader)

Summary: Hey look, it’s a video.

Pairings: Damian Wayne x Reader

Warnings: angst? I think..

a/n: this was supposed to go up yesterday, but noooo because i got shook by this song: … Anyways, I haven’t written for Damian for quite a while so heresies. (i wrote hereeee, but autocorrected to heresies so.. 😂😂😂😂😂)

(y/n) smiled happily at the camera. You gave a small wave before tapping Damian who was sitting on the couch chair nearby. Your sweet voice mumbled a few words, too quiet for the camera to pick up. Damian looked up at the camera then you with an unimpressed expression. You whispered into his ear once again and this time his eyes slowly widened and stood up quickly. You giggled slightly covering you mouth and sat near the camera and Damian did the same.

“Hey future (y/n). It’s younger (y/n) and.. Damian coming at you with another vlog!” You eyes filled with excitement. You gestured over to Damian and he just scoffed in response. You have always done these mini-vlogs to your future self at least once in a month. Damian didn’t understand why it was so necessary, but supported you anyways. You recorded these for your future-self to be hit by nostalgia. You furrowed your eyebrows at him and elbowed him in the stomach. He flinched back with a small “ouch.” as you continued.

“Damian says it’s futile, but obviously he is very wrong.” Your gaze shifted once again to the screen.

“Anyways, You won’t believe what just happened! Damian and I were walking in the park and saw an ice-cream stand. We then proceeded to buy ice-cream, mine (f/f). Duh.” Damian snickered at the sassiness being thrown at yourself.

“and..” You trailed off before erupting into a fit of laughter getting a weird look from Damian.

“I hope you know it is not that funny.” He protested against you.

“he fell and spilled ice-cream all over his face and shirt!” You finally spoke out, but continuing your fit of laughter. Damian proceeded to roll his eyes. You could see just a pinch of red on his face due to the embarrassment.

“worst of all Dami-” Damian instinctively covered your mouth. He knew where this was going and it was going to be recorded for you to watch over and over again. He was not going to let that happen.

“I believe that is enough, (y/n).” He said as you decided to resort to a horrendous act. You licked his hand making him shift back in disgust and fall onto the floor.

“SOMEONE ASKED HIM IF IT WAS BIRD POOP!” You yelled before running away. Damian stood back right up and scanned the room for you. He looked around and saw you in the corner of his eye. He shot a quick smile at the camera. He ran straight after you, but hit the camera in the process. The video glitched out briefly before fading black.

Damian looked up from the camera in his dark room. He has been searching for you for days now. He did not want to believe you were dead, but he knew in the back of his mind it was very much possible. Even if you were alive, he was running out of time to find you. You were supposed to be safe in bed sleeping happily, but they, whoever did it, took you in the midst of night. Once Damian was notified, he did everything to find you. His fear of losing you was became a real life nightmare.

He could not figure out who took you or where you were. It was a mystery whether he truly was not able to solve it or he was pressured by your name being involved. Even with the constant reassurance of Bruce, Damian felt like he was in hell. No matter what he did, he was reminded of your absence. Whenever he was told to relax, he was reminded of how you would help him and talk to him in such stressful relations. Bruce let him investigate on the case, but not to the point where it would leave Damian up at five in the morning.

Damian would always protest and go against his father’s order, but found himself resting for your sake. He knows you would not want him worrying about you even in a situation as terrifying as this, but he does anyway.

With your cheerful atmosphere gone, Damian grew restless and dark. He did not smile anymore even at the happiest and most positive of events. All of his happiness was snatched away.

He walked out of his room ignoring everyone’s orders of tranquility. Everyone was off in a ball that Damian refused to partake in which gave Damian the perfect time to slip into the batcave and continue his search for you. He walked down the stairs and into to the study doing his best to avoid Alfred. He turned the hands of the clock to the respective time allowing it to open and lead to the cave.

He walked down yet another flight of stairs feeling a strong wave of determination. He activated the computer opening your case to review once again. At the edge of the screen laid an article regarding a young girl last seen near the bay. Damian furrowed his eyebrows in anger realizing that Bruce did not inform him of any new data. He angrily marched over to his suit murmuring a few swear words in a fit of rage.

He changed into his suit and took off. In a matter of minutes he was off jumping from building to building. He stopped for a moment on a tall building looking at the beauty of the city.

“You would’ve loved this, (y/n).” He sighed.

He jumped off to the next building, resuming his way to the bay.


Prompt: what a prompt

Summary: “I swear to god, if your team is trying to distract me by using you, I’ll cut a bitch.”
“No seriously, I don’t want to play.” His black hair tousled as he flailed is arms, as if to emphasise his lack of interest for this activity.

Genre: Fluff!!!

Warning: Swearing

Words: 1,188

A/N: okay so first of all, I don’t fucking know how paintball works (I had to watch a game for like, three minutes at least). Second, excuse if I wrote this short, theres another fic im posting after this that is considerably different to what I write and im looking forward so much on posting it !! what u meme im a meme what a creative title

“Listen, Howell.” Dan heard Chris growl nearby, almost making his eyes roll.

“Yeah, what?” He at least tried to sound not annoyed.

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The Bet

❄️Happy Holidays Rainbow-Karolina ❄️

Notes: Hi Secret Snowflake! This fic is a hot mess (and a little late), but it’s your hot mess so I hope you enjoy it! I have to apologize, this fic has nothing that you preferred. You said you like canon centric–but apparently I can only write AU. You said you wanted an LGBT ensemble–but I tried and apparently I suck at doing that too.  I do, however, remember that you like Brooklyn 99, so please enjoy this grossly serious Brooklyn 99 fusion fic starring Jace and Simon.

The setup is straight out of a cheesy cop flick, actually.  Warehouse on the docks, lights off so the only dim light peaks in through the outdoor lights outside the high windows, the two buddy cop leads left tied together in chairs set back to back.

Jace feels overheated and itchy in the awful polyester Captain America costume he’s wearing, but his hands are literally tied.

“You couldn’t have gotten me a costume that breathes?” Jace grunts at his partner. He’s trying to shuffle his hands out of the ropes; the knots chafe against his wrists, and his hands occasionally brush up against Simon’s as he does so.

“Hey, I was expecting a nice night out at the Avengers premier. I didn’t anticipate the need to escape a kidnapping situation, alright?” Simon snaps back. Jace feels Simon slap his hands in a wordless attempt to tell Jace to calm down.

Jace takes the hint and focuses instead on keeping his hands still breathing through the feeling of Simon’s fingers creeping up to work at the knot around Jace’s wrists. Simon must have a better angle than he does, as well as amazing dexterity, because pretty soon Jace can feel the rope around his wrists beginning to loosen.

“What’d you do to piss these guys off anyways?” Simon continues loudly. “Did you put away their mob boss?”

It’s at that moment the warehouse lights flick on, blinding Jace momentarily with its brightness. Then, while Jace’s eyes adjust, he hears someone else respond.

“No,” the voice of another man says, ringing loud and clear in the empty warehouse.  “He took our father. Isn’t that right… brother?”


It’s Tuesday morning at the precinct, and Jace is at his desk double checking that the warrants he filed are all properly approved. It’s his second month back in the field since he wrapped up an undercover op; he’s still nervous that at any point he’ll be back in under if he forgets to cross even one T.

That’s when Simon strolls in from the hallway, crowing maniacally at the top of his lungs.

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Being Pregnant Includes: (Ashton)

• you getting away with everything and make being pregnant an excuse for him to do all the chores
• “babe, you crave some weird shit.” “DON’T INSULT ME OR I WILL KILL EVERYTHING YOU LOVE IN THIS WORLD”
• pressing his face to your belly when you cuddle so he can feel the baby kick
• wearing his t-shirts because they start to finally fit you
• “I’m so fat.” “hahaha true”
• Ashton tweeting about your pregnancy 24/7
• him drinking alcohol in front of you to annoy you and make you feel sad that you are deprived
• “if our baby makes a pun in your stomach, it’s an inside joke! get it?” * he laughs hard* “Ashton, that joke isn’t funny anymore.”
• him getting annoyed with people stroking your stomach because he wants to be the only one who can do that
• him trying to protect you at all costs by constantly hugging you
• “babe, I’m so wet right now.” “OH MY GOD DID YOUR WATER BREAK?!? HOLY SHIT IT’S HAPPENING. CALL 911!” “guess who’s vagina turned as dry as the desert?”
• him yelling at people to get up so you can sit down on the bus, train, etc.
• “ I want this baby out of me” “ that’s not what you said when we where making it” “shut up. please. before I kill you.”
• him surprising you with a nursery after you take a mini vacation with your best friend
• “how did Gwyneth Paltrow do this and look so good?” “awww babe, don’t say that, you look great” “LIES”
• “I can’t wait to see our beautiful baby because it will be as beautiful as our love.” *commence the tears*

•••hope you have/had a good day :) - malia

Keepsakes - Egobang/ @keenveins Porn!Dan AU (this is before Arin finds out about the whole porn thing, but there’s an allusion to it so go read her fic after this and be in awe at how great it is)

Arin can never seem to keep his eyes off of Dan for longer than a few moments. There’s just something about his body - the way his shirts always find a way to creep up just a little to show the tanned belly underneath, the way his pants always sit just low enough to show the waistband of his boxers, the way his hands move when handling the game controllers - that just drives him up the wall. So when Arin is playing a Mario Maker level for the seventeenth time in a row, and Dan leans forward to rest his elbows on his knees, he can’t help but notice how Dan’s shirt rides up just a little more than usual, exposing a thick line of smooth skin and the navy blue waistband of his boxers.

“Ar, are you ok dude?”

Arin looks up from Dan’s side, only just then realizing what had happened. He was so entranced by the flash of Dan’s skin that he totally ignored the game and just died again. He tries to look at Dan, who was raising an eyebrow in his direction, but he couldn’t meet his gaze.

“Nah man, I’m all good. Just got a little distracted is all. You wanna give it a shot?”

Arin holds out the controller and Dan accepts it with a sigh, shaking his head and returning back to his hunched position. Arin is able to focus on the game for roughly two seconds before his eyes drift back to Dan. He could tell that Dan has been working out, his arms looking more toned than skinny. His eyes follow the curvature of Dan’s back, admiring the way his shirt fit - just a little too tightly. His eyes finally reach his lower back, and he has to hold himself back with everything he has, because all he wants to do is reach out and touch him, caress him, slide his hands up and under Dan’s shirt and feel him all over, feel the warmth of his skin on his finger-

“A picture’ll last way longer, you know.”

Dan’s voice interrupts Arin’s train of thought, breaking him out of the daze he was in. How long had he been staring at Dan? And more importantly, how long had Dan noticed that he was staring?

“Oh sorry dude I was just, uh -”

Arin frantically tries to think of an excuse, his face reddening visibly when he couldn’t think of one. Dan eyes him, giving him the same confused look as before.He puts the controller on the ground and gets up off the couch, stretching his arms above his head. Doing this reveals even more of his midriff, causing a small noise to escape Arin’s lips. He quickly throws a blanket across his lap, trying to cover up the ever growing bulge in his jeans. Dan luckily didn’t notice this.

“Maybe we should take a break, yea? You seem a little off and I need to get something to drink anyway. Want anything?”

Arin shakes his head, not even bothering to try and speak at this point. Dan leaves the room and Arin sighs, trying to calm himself down. Getting hard just by seeing Dan’s underwear? He’s seen all the NSP videos, which feature 90% more of Dan’s long, thin body, but it was nothing like seeing it in person. After about a minute, he’s calm again, and Dan walks back into the room, water bottle in hand. He sits on the couch and looks at Arin.

“You good now, buddy?”

“Yea man, sorry about that. Just sort of zoned out.”

“You know we have to scrap that whole recording, right? You didn’t say anything the whole time. Let’s put in a different game and try again yea?”

“Sorry, yea. Wanna throw in Kirby Dream Course or something real quick? Just to get in a goofy mood or some shit like that.”

“Sounds good to me, baby bear.”


After a few rounds, both of the grumps are in a better mood. They start the real recording session and get into their usual groove. When it’s Arin’s turn to take over - after Dan died five times in a row at the exact same spot - Dan takes out his phone and after only a few seconds starts giggling.

“What’s so funny, man? Did Barry send you a dick pic or something?”

“Oh Barry’s dick is no joke, believe you me. I was just looking on Facebook and passed this Buzzfeed article about men’s lingerie. Thought it was a little funny. I’m sure some guys can pull it off, but can you imagine someone like me in a lacy thong or a garter belt and thigh highs?”

Dan laughs but Arin has to stifle a moan, because he could imagine Dan in a lacy thong. In fact, that’s what he was doing now. The classic Mario death music chimed from the TV as Arin ran directly into a fireball. This causes Dan to laugh even more.

“Who knows, man. I mean, you look pretty good in a speedo and a full body spandex suit. Lingerie would probably be more comfortable, actually.”

Dan smirks at this notion, and chuckles softly, as though remembering an old joke.

“Next time on Game Grumps, Arin keeps fantasizing about me wearing a thong. Bye everybody!”

Dan tosses the controller on the couch and sighs, looking at Arin and smiling.

“I think that’s enough grumping for one day. I’m beat. Text me the time for next week, ok?”

Before Arin had a chance to respond, Dan had already left. Alone with his thoughts, Arin lets his mind wander back to Dan, as it usually ends up doing nowadays. The image of Dan’s long legs shrouded in thin black lace, meeting up with a garter belt and a sultry pink thong plagued his mind for what seemed like hours. After looking at his phone, he realizes it has in fact been a few hours since Dan left, and he decides to go home as well.

It’s finally time for the next recording session, and Arin has been trying everything in his power to keep his mind off of Dan and his gorgeous body. Unfortunately, nothing has been working, but he’s able to keep his composure when Dan walks into the room. He’s wearing an old Rush shirt and his usual pair of faded and torn jeans. Even in such normal clothing, Arin still finds himself thinking about what’s underneath, thinks about how nice it wold be to just lay down on the couch with him, to have Dan wrap his long, warm arms around -

“Hey, earth to Arin. You aren’t gonna start this shit before we even get one episode done, are you?”

Dan’s tone is playful, and Arin shakes himself out of his little fantasy.

“It’s all good, I promise. I’m on my A game today, no getting distracted.”

Dan smirks, just like he had at the last session. A knowing little smile with just a hint of deviance.

“Yea? If you say so.”

He takes his place on the couch next to Arin, sitting ever so much closer than usual, his right shoe touching Arin’s left one. Arin’s cheeks redden slightly, but Dan is too focused on getting the game started that he doesn’t notice.


“Hey Ar, can I get your opinion on something?”

Dan had been a little more quiet than usual for the first couple of episodes this session. Arin didn’t look away from the screen, trying to hold his concentration.

“Yea sure dude, what’s up?”

“Well actually, you might need to pause the game for this. It’s sorta a visual thing.”

Arin hears a light clinking sound and he looks over to Dan, who is undoing his belt. He can feel heat rising in his belly and face. His hands go limp and he drops the controller.

“Oh - uh ok. Barry, edit this out.”

Dan continues to undo his belt, making sure to look Arin right in the eyes as he’s doing it. Arin’s mouth goes dry and he can’t do anything but stare. Dan undoes the button on his jeans, that same smirk returning to his lips.

“It’s not my face that I want your opinion on. Look down, hot shot.”

Arin’s eyes turn downward, towards Dan’s hands that are slowly lowering his jeans, exposing the top of a hot pink lace thong. Dan tugs at a piece of the fabric with two of his fingers, pulling it up a few inches as if to show off the intricate design. At first, all Arin can do is sit there, mouth agape, staring directly at Dan’s crotch, his own jeans starting to feel a little tight.

“Where - where’d you get those, Dan?”

Dan chuckles, buttoning up his pants as he does so. 

“I’ve had em for a while, actually. I bought them for a uh, project back in college but I never ended up using them. Well, not this pair any way.”

Arin is still too dazed to move, not even making an effort to hide his very obvious erection, Dan looks him up and down, pausing at his crotch, and bites his lip.

“I’m guess guys like me really can pull off this sort of thing. Thanks for setting me…straight about that, Ar.”

Arin can’t even respond, his mind still trying to decide if this was really happening or if it was just another fantasy. Only one way to find out.

On This Night and In This Light, I Think I’m Falling, I’m Falling for You

Note: Contains sexual themes. This was written a while back for a friend and I decided to post it, so if you like the 1975, yay! If not, I’m sorry. Requests are open! 

**Fallingforyou by The 1975

It was all entirely by accident that Harry found out. He’d arrived early to your apartment that day, and while you continued to get ready for the third or fourth date he had planned, you allowed him into your apartment for the first time. You directed him to the living room, telling him to make himself at home, and that you’d be right out. What you weren't expecting was for him to venture throughout your apartment and for him to overhear you singing earnestly along to The City by The 1975. You brushed out your hair, occasionally pausing and using the brush as a makeshift microphone. Your eyes were shut as you rocked side to side; pouring every ounce of passion you had into the lyrics. So much so, you didn't even notice Harry standing there.

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