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Nerves - Smut

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Author: @dumbass-stilinski
Rating: NSFW 18+
Pairing: Stiles Stilinski/Reader
Words: 2,414
AN: Hey look! I’m not dead! Thanks for being patient with me these past few weeks, I was in a weird place and it’s just been hard for me to get into the mood to write, but it seems as if I’m back in the groove. Yay! This was written for @sarcasticallystilinski and @rememberstilinski‘s lacrosse week, so make sure you watch their blogs for some more of our favorite team, the Beacon Hills Cyclones! Also special thanks to those of you who have been encouraging me like @celestial-writing, @ninja-stiles and @thelittlestkitsune. And thanks to @writing-obrien for helping me when I got stuck, I love you all!!

“I’m so nervous.” Stiles said quietly from beside you, his knuckles white from his grip on the steering wheel.

It was his first lacrosse game, the first one where he’d actually be playing on the field, and he was extra fidgety. You reached out to rub his shoulder soothingly as he drove the familiar route to the school. “You’re gonna do great, babe. You and Scott have been practicing so much, you’re not a bad player.”

He sighed. “I’m gonna get out there and choke, I know it.” He pulled into a parking spot, turning off the ignition and sitting back, his hand over his eyes. “Maybe I’ll just fake sick.”

“No way.” You unbuckled your seatbelt and slid closer to him, your hand moving to grab his wrist and uncover his eyes. “The team needs you. You can do this, I know you can.”

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Little Archangel (3/4)

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Warnings: like a little violence

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Ever since the apocalypse business, everything in your world had turned dark. There seemed to be no light at the end of this long endless tunnel. Amara understood this. For the entirety of your aging before humankind was created, both of you had never seen anything eye to eye. Until now.

Your father. He was to blame for all of this. All of the pain. Suffering. The death. Even when Gabriel was being killed at the hands of your oldest sibling, your father was no where to be seen. Instead you tried to keep the violence at bay. All the blood shed between blood relations. It didn’t work. Lucifer was gone. Gabriel was gone. Micheal, you could care less about him. Even Raphael who you’d never shared a strong connection with was gone. Leaving you to pick up all of the broken piece of a shattered and burned puzzle.

“I don’t understand him.” You sat on the branch of a bending tree that you caused at your will. Amara, sat right beside you. Comforting you the best she could.

“How could he be okay with everything that’s happened? That’s still happening?” The coloring in your once vibrant beautiful eyes was once again changing to the dreadful hazel coloring. “How could he leave me…my brothers.” Tears fell violently from your tired face onto the green grass. Each tear that fell and hit the ground, turned the grass an awful dead yellow color.

In all your years of living, you’d never thought that you would be sitting here. With your aunt of all people.

“This- all of this. It’s not our burden to carry. Yet somehow, he’s made it so that it is.” Noticing how shaky your words were getting, Amara took you into her arms. Holding your head to her chest as she stroked your hair softly.

“My brother has made many creations. Earth. Humans. You and your brothers. And he has abandoned all of them.” She pulled your head back so the two of you were looking each other directly in the eyes.

“I promise I will not leave you as he did, little one.” You closed her eyes at her words, at her touch. You were wanted again. It was something you hadn’t felt in years. Since your brothers were all gone and separated from you.

“I want him to realize what he’s done. He needs to face us. Both of us.” Just speaking about confronting him made your blood boil.

“You are my aunt. We are family. And if it becomes necessary, I will burn this world to the ground before I allow him to ignore me any longer.” Amara held her forehead to hers. Allowing a connection to flow between you two. This was it.

“Lets begin out work then. We have much to do, child.” Her hands never left your face. Even as the both of you were traveling away to start this hard task.


There he was. Sam Winchester. Word had gotten around of him making a special trip. A trip which you intended to embark with him upon. Whether he accepted your companionship or not.

“Wait. I promised Dean I wouldn’t do this without him.” Dean was right to have concerns of his brother taking this adventure without him. Lucifer was linked to Sam. Sharing a vessel was written in the stars for them both.

Sam and Crowley weren’t who you needed to speak with. It was the ginger witch you was your center of attention. And she rested within the walls of the hidden entrance to Hell. It was easy to get past the few demons who guarded her room. Like breathing air. Finishing them off just came naturally and without an issue.

“You’ve found a way to get to Lucifer?” You wasted no time getting directly to the point. There was no time to waste anyways.

Rowena seemed confused, in shock almost. She wore an odd locking contraption around her neck with big metal spikes on the outer layer of it.

“I’m sorry. And you are?” She sat down as if she was in charge. As she was in any position to make demands or ask questions. If she thought this, she was sadly mistaken.

“Not interested in games.” Your gaze upon her hardened as her airway tightened at your hidden command.

“Have you or have you not found a way to his confinement?” With each passing second your question went unanswered, your patience ran thin.

“If you haven’t then you’re of no use to me.” Raising your hand as a threat, your power began to turn her neck to the side in preparation to snap it.

“I have.” Her words were thin. Hushed. The magical grip around her neck went away, allowing her to speak once more. “I’ve found a way to reach the Dark Prince.”

Standing up tall to regain your stance of dominance, you nodded in a pleased manner.

“Good. Then you will take me to see him along with the Winchester and the fallen angel.”


The meeting Between Sam and Lucifer was brief. There wasn’t time to waste and talk about things as they were. Things needed to be addressed. So you came out from your hiding in the shadows.

“Is that?” Your brother gasped in a dramatic way. “Little baby Y/n!” He took in his view of you a little better, leaning forward on the bars as a person in jail might do.

“Not a big fan of the whole…” his hands motioned to his hair. You couldn’t help but smile.

“It’s been awhile since we’ve last seen each other. I’d almost forgotten of your sarcasm.” The short reunion between you two was cut short by an unappreciated voice.

“Y/n?” Your eyes instantly shot to Sam, who was voicing his unwanted words. “Why are you-” but you cut him short. Taking away his voice.

“It’s extremely rude to talk out of turn, Sam. Didn’t mommy teach you that?” His eyes fell hard to the ground, Lucifer made a dramatic gasp again with his jaw dropped.

“I see somebody’s gotten a little spark in her wings since the last time we saw each other.” Your brothers smile was big and bright. “I like it.” It wasn’t as if you couldn’t tell he did appreciate the new you.

You returned the smile to him, approaching closer to his temporary cage. “Brother, while I’m much enjoying this little moment. I didn’t come here to catch up.” Your face grew serious, as did his. Knowing you must’ve been here for good reason. “I need you. There’s a game being played and I need my brother back. Now more than ever.” Before you realized it, you were right at the edge of the flames holding him in.

“Say no more baby sis.” He cracked his knuckles outward, as if preparing for what he knew would come next.

Without a moment more to spare, Castiel, Sam and yourself were in the cage with Lucifer. The two guests looked shocked. But there wasn’t time to let it all sink in. You walked over to Sam without hesitation, grasping on tight to his neck and raising him up so his feet were no longer on the ground.

“I believe you know what words need to be said, Castiel.” Turning your head, you gave him a convincing look.

“I’d also like to think you know the consequences for the wrong actions being taken.” The grip you had on the Winchester grew stronger. Until the faint and whispered sound rang through the cages walls.


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The set up

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Ravi Chakrabarti x Reader
Words: 1,199

Before if anyone had asked Ravi Chakrabarti what his own person hell would look like, he’d struggle to find a fitting description. Now he knew and it looked a lot like his best friends, one on bad life coach brains and the other on teenage girl brains.

He sat in his office chair with his head leant in the palm of his hand with Major and Liv on the other side of the desk trying to ‘help’ him.
“Guys, I don’t need a life check, I’m absolutely fine.” He finally snapped.
Liv tutted and clicked the gum she was chewing, “You’re like so stressed, maybe you need a cleanse.”

Ravi rubbed his face with his hand, “Maybe I don’t need two zombies on annoying brains in my office.”
Major, who had turned his chair around so that he could lean on the back of it as he faced Ravi, clapped his hands together, “Okay, so real talk. When are you going to do something about your feelings for Y/N?”
Liv and Major both leaned forwards expectantly and Ravi fought the heat rising to his cheeks.
“Y/N and I are just colleges, and yeah we’re friends, v-ery good friends, sure. But that’s it.” Ravi managed to stutter out his hands coming down to the desk like that was the final word.

“P-lease.” Liv rolled her eyes, “You’re, like, such a puppy every time that she’s around.”
“I’m quite charming all the time actually.” Ravi tried to defend himself.
“But you try so much harder when she’d around,” Major told him, “and when she laughs at your jokes you do that grin.”
“What grin?!” Ravi exclaimed his voice going slightly higher.
“The dimple grin.” Liv countered.

“You say that like it’s obvious?” Ravi asked, he could feel his cheeks burning, that god you were coming in late today and would miss this. He’d never been awkward when it came to women, as surprising as that fact was to everyone, but he didn’t want to run the risk of spoiling what you guys already had by trying to pursue anything.
“It’s totes obvi.” Liv said.
“Look, Ravi, you gotta cast your line out there and see if Y/N bites, if she doesn’t then you get on someone else.” Major told him.
Ravi gave him an incredulous look, “And you think that’s good life coaching do you?”

“Who’s life coaching?” You asked as you practically fell into the office while trying to put your lab coat on. You’d phoned ahead to warn Ravi that you’d been late, rushed through the department shouting morning to Clive and down into the morgue and straight into a room of your friends. Ravi looked nearly flustered while your undead friends looked downright cheeky.
Ravi recovered himself, “Major is on life-coach brains, and Liv’s had a teenage girl for lunch so I’ve had a wonderful morning.”
“Kinda sorry that I missed that.” You laughed.

Major went to speak to you but Ravi cut him off quickly, “Y/N could you please go and start on the asphyxiated woman that came in this morning?”
You narrowed your eyes at his behaviour to agreed anyway and went off to work.

After a week of life-coach Major and teenage Liv, Ravi was ready to go out and kill somebody just so that you had other brains ‘in stock’. It had been a week of text speak, needless drama, tantrums and most annoying was that they both were constantly teaming up to try and set you and Ravi up together. Three times a day you found yourselves both locked in the closet together or being pushed towards each other. Yesterday, when you’d gone to play video games at his place, they’d both removed all the chairs in the house except one, like they were hoping you’d sit on Ravi’s lap. They were disappointing to come home and find that you’d both made a blanket fort on the floor.

Today, Major had given up any sense of subtlety and just full on tackled you both into each other sending you skidding to the floor together. It was hard for you to be in these situations with a man that you’d had feelings for a long time who simply laughed it off.
Maybe that’s why you were so drunk.

The pair of you were hiding out at your flat, playing videos games, eating junk food and drinking as much alcohol as you could. After a while you gave up on the games, neither of you could really focus anyway.

But if anyone were to ask, you’d definitely blame the alcohol for just blurting out, “It’s my fault that Liv and Major are being ridiculously annoying.”
Ravi scrunched his face slightly, “Think it might have something to do with the fact that they eat brains.”
You laughed and nudged his arm, “I’m serious and I wasn’t going to say anything because of how long we’ve been friends but, well, I have a bit of things for you, okay? I told Liv and she must have told Major, they think they’re being helpful. I’m sorry.”

You glanced up at him from where you’d been scratching at the label on your beer and instantly his lips caught yours in an awkward, face bashing, drunken kiss which you returned with equal drunk enthusiasm.

When you pulled away he looked contemplating, “I didn’t mean to do that. No, no, I did. I was just supposed to tell you that I thought they were doing it for me before trying to kiss you. I told Major about my thing for you, great zombie brains must think alike.”
Grinning you leaned into him to give him a much softer, slow kiss; your hand came up and ran through his hair.

“Ravi, I do have one question.” You started.
“Yeah?” He waited, his eyes half lidded with drunken haze.
Your face was close to his, your hand was still in his hair and his arms had come around to circle you, “Would you like to join me in pretending to be absolutely furious with Liv and Major when they come down off of their brain trip?”
His grin was magic, “Oh absolutely.”


Liv led the way up to Major’s house with Major and Clive in tow, she spoke as she walked, “I’m just saying that we need a plan, they’ve been friends for years and now they’re mad with each other and us.”

“You both made things worse before, why don’t you leave them alone now? They’re grownups.” Clive asked.
Major shook his head as he opened his front door, “You don’t understand, Ravi has had feelings for Y/N for ages and I helped ruin tha-”

He stopped as they piled into his front room to find you and Ravi kissing in the middle of the room, both scantily dressed with ridiculous bed head. You jumped at the sound of the door opening and felt your face flush when greeted with Liv, Major and Clive all staring at you. Ravi didn’t budge nor move his arm from around you he just gave them all a small wave.
Clive smirked, “I think they made up.”  

Encore (2/5)

An accident.

After everything, it’s an accident.

It’s an accident that he dies.

A day like any other, special only in its peaceful sameness. Yuzu had always insisted that he keep the kitchen well stocked, and—as ever—he can’t go against her memory. If he had known, he might have done it that one time, instead of heading for the corner store when he got back from work.

Or maybe not.

He’s finally begun to recover from the ache of loss that started the moment the war ended. It has not faded, and he thinks it will never fade, but he can come to terms with it now. Can come to terms with the fact that his family is dead and his friends are far behind him, left in Karakura as soon as the funerals were done. Chad, Inoue, Tatsuki—they had wanted to help, but none of them understood. They had not lost everything, including the power to protect.

Ichigo knows his family had gone to Soul Society. There’s no question in it. He’ll see them again someday, and so that loss isn’t as striking as it may have otherwise been. But to no longer be able to protect the friends he still has—to be helpless and reliant on others for safety from the Hollows—that’s agony.

He ends up in Tokyo, far from anyone who knows him. Far from any shinigami that might try to “help,” even if he can’t not see them if they don’t use a gigai. He likes the anonymity of the city, the fact that everyone is a stranger. It comforts and gives him time to grieve in peace. That kind of thing is selfish, he knows, but he can’t resist it. He lost all of his friends when he lost his powers, right on the heels of losing his family. Even though he knows they’re still there, that they still exist—and Urahara even gives him reports, once in a while, when he drops by in his surprise, not-entirely-unwelcome random visits—missing them is like an empty, jagged hole in the center of his being, hot and sticky and heavy.

Ichigo truly had not thought to get through the war alive. Even now, it surprises him that he’s breathing, that he’s able to walk to the store to buy soy sauce and pretend that it’s for Yuzu, and that if he waits long enough he’ll have to go tell Karin to stop abusing her friends in the name of soccer and come home for dinner. Always, he had imagined some final battle between Aizen and himself, ending with both of them dead. No matter his training, no matter his power, he always expected the Lord of Hueco Mundo to have one last trick to pull. And he had probably had one, but the shinigami—and Ichigo and his friends, in particular—had had one of their own that Aizen had never expected.

A traitor.

Ichimaru Gin, the former captain of the Third—though now, Ichigo supposes, he’s a captain again, being reinstated by Old Man Yama for his help. He’s still under surveillance, and Ichigo suspects that Soi-Fong is probably viciously pleased, to have someone to watch so closely.

He doesn’t know firsthand, though. With his powers gone, he only knows what news Urahara feels fit to pass on, and has to be content with that.

The store is within sight, and Ichigo is half relieved and half disappointed that it isn’t the one in Karakura, that Oshima and his gang aren’t waiting for him, ready to strike. For all that he hated the war, he misses fighting, misses the burn and pulse in his blood, the heady rush that comes with strength and a good fight and a powerful opponent. Despite how he had always wanted a normal life, he would not have surrendered the power he’d had for anything but the safety of all his friends. Ichigo clenches his hand absently, and even now it feels odd without Zangetsu there, the heavy hilt a soothing weight against his skin.

Odd, too—and weighing uncomfortably on him, constantly rubbing and pinching and nagging like a pair of badly fitting shoes—is the fact that he had saved all of his friends, but now half of the world is lost to him. He can’t see the spirits anymore, can’t feel the pulse and shudder of the reiatsu as the shinigami and Hollows break through the boundaries between the worlds. As he walks down the cracked and crumbling sidewalk, he can’t sense the ghost of the old man who used to own the flower shop on the corner, who had died sitting peacefully outside his store. Ichigo guesses he’s there, or a spirit like him is there, because spirits are always there, but he doesn’t know.

He had never, never thought he would miss it, but now he can’t help but think that he misses it just as much as he does the shinigami.

And then brakes squeal, something releasing a metal-on-metal shriek, and Ichigo turns towards the noise automatically.

He dies before he can even see what it is that hits him.

Classes are simple enough, Ichigo is pleasantly surprised to find. Zanjutsu, hoho, hakuda, and kido are not hard to master, especially with the training he received from Urahara and Yoruichi, and the foundation of control that Kukaku and Ganju gave him. The instructors are impressed with his grasp of their subjects, and his dedication to learning what he doesn’t already know, and he’s quickly placed in the most advanced classes. Even his worst subject, kido, is simply a matter of practice, refinement, and control. Many of the higher-level spells are easier for him than the simple ones, because of the amount of reiatsu he has, and he adjusts his fighting style accordingly. Other skills come more easily, most of them just the polishing and refining of abilities he already has, such as hoho and its many variations of shunpo. It quickly becomes clear that his goal of graduating in one year is very close to becoming reality.

Because of his constant studying—for, in addition to the martial arts, students also learned history, politics, tactics, lore, and the administrative side of being in a division—Ichigo has little time for other students, and while he’s polite enough, most of the others are unsure how to deal with this new genius, who seems poised to surpass both his own older brother and the prodigy Ichimaru. They tend to give him a wide berth, and only Eiji is willing to spend time with him—or rather, Eiji is the cheerful, energetic shadow that will never leave him alone.

They’re friends as well as roommates, though, despite Ichigo’s reluctance. Eiji is a lot like Keigo, but more of a smartass, and some of his exuberance—enough that Ichigo isn’t constantly tempted to strangle him—is held in check by his Kuchiki blood. Around him, Ichigo can relax his guard and enjoy being at the Academy, joking and sparring and playing games for practice. They even adopt Byakuya and Yoruichi’s old pastime of playing tag, stealing each other’s hair ties and seeing who can outmaneuver the other while going at top speeds.

Such games are a novelty to Ichigo, to whom training has always been deadly serious, and it feels strangely freeing to simply relax and have fun, enjoying the uncomplicated pleasure of the wind in his hair as he tests his abilities against someone with equal skills and the same frame of mind.

It’s during one such game that Ichigo comes face-to-face with the first real reminder of his former life. He and Eiji have been playing tag for several hours already, though neither have managed to get close enough to snatch a hair ribbon from the other. Ichigo is just rounding the edge of the courtyard, in close pursuit of his friend, when a flutter of white and black catches his eye. In the middle of his shunpo, he turns and flashes behind the corner of the building, acting purely on instinct. After a breathless moment, where his heart pounds fiercely in his chest—Have they found out? Have they decided to come and drag me back to Soul Society?—he steels himself and looks out.

Kuchiki Byakuya stands in the center of the courtyard, flanked by two of his lower-level seated officers. Eiji, positioned in front of him and wearing a look as though he’d been cornered in mid-shunpo, is in the process of stuttering out something that might possibly be a welcome. Ichigo rolls his eyes, then decides that he had better go and rescue his friend before the other boy makes even more of a fool out of himself. Using his fastest flash-step, he flashes out of hiding, changes direction, and appears behind Eiji, snatching his hair ribbon with quick fingers before he allows his gaze to flicker to the captain. Putting on a look of surprise, he steps back.

Eiji feels the rush of air behind him and the hair tumbling down around his shoulders. He spins, and something close to relief flickers through his eyes. “Oh, Kei, you’ll have to excuse me for a moment,” he says quickly. “We can finish later, after class.”

Because he’s watching, Ichigo sees how Byakuya’s eyes widen when his appearance registers. It’s a look he’s gotten many times before, mainly from the instructors who still remember his “older brother.” Despite the longer hair, he looks uncannily like Kaien. But he pulls his gaze away from the noble and offers Eiji his ribbon with an apologetic smile. “Here. Sorry about that. I didn’t realize that you were with family.”

“Who is your companion, Eiji?” Byakuya’s sharp tone cuts off any response the younger noble might have offered.

With a wince, Eiji turns back to his cousin and bows. “Forgive me, Byakuya-sama. This is my friend—”

“Shiba Kei,” Ichigo interjects, bowing quickly. “The youngest. Kukaku-nee-san had me adopted into the main family a few months ago. I’m honored to meet you, Captain Kuchiki.

He pointedly ignores the quiet gagging noises that Eiji is making.

Byakuya nods briefly, though his eyebrows lift ever so slightly. “I am astonished. A Shiba with manners—that is truly something to behold. Perhaps Eiji will learn something from you, Shiba-kun.” A faintly amused gaze shifts to the younger Kuchiki, who straightens a touch guiltily.

Ichigo is speechless. He remembers Renji once saying that Byakuya actually had a sense of humor, but he had never seen proof of it before. But…he could swear that Byakuya’s words just now were a joke, almost bordering on teasing.

The feel of amusement deepens, and Byakuya looks between the two students. His lips twitch ever so slightly at their expressions, and he inclines his head. “I find that I desire a cup of tea. Will you show me where I might find one?”

“And you, Shiba-kun? Are you in Eiji’s year?”

Ichigo nods and sets down his teacup, thankfully cutting off a babbling Eiji mid-sentence. The only place for Byakuya to find an acceptable cup of tea is, of course, in Eiji’s private stash, in their dorm room, and Ichigo doesn’t know whether to relish this connection to his old life or fear for his sanity. “Yes, Captain Kuchiki,” he says respectfully. “We both started this year, but I’m slated to graduate in the spring. The teachers are pleased with my progress.”

Narrow eyebrows lift slightly. “Then you will beat your brother’s record. That is well done for someone of your age.”

“He’s only missing Captain Ichimaru’s record by a few weeks,” Eiji puts in happily, obviously relieved that he’s no longer expected to talk about himself—the cause of the former babbling, no doubt. “He probably would have beaten that, too, but he’s not as good at kido.”

“Thanks, Eiji,” Ichigo mutters into his cup, shooting his friend a narrow look, then glancing back at the captain and assuming a properly chastised expression. “Sorry, Captain. I lack the finesse that Captain Ichimaru possesses, and my kido is rather hit and miss.”

That eyebrow is creeping up again, and Ichigo is horrified to find that he likes the amusement in Byakuya’s steel-grey eyes. “If you are graduating early, you no doubt have your pick of squads,” is all the noble says, though. “Have you given a thought to which you will choose?”

Ichigo hesitates for a moment, and then reminds himself that he’s Shiba Kei, not Kurosaki Ichigo, and he’s expected to ask his superiors when he has questions. He steels himself before asking, “Do you have any suggestions, sir? I don’t know enough about the actual squads to be certain where I would be of the most use.”

Instead of looking derisive and condescending, as Ichigo half expects, Byakuya actually looks thoughtful, turning his cup in his hands. “You are good at hoho?” he asks after a moment. At Ichigo’s nod—and Eiji’s enthusiastic confirmation—he offers, “The 9th is looking for strong officers at the moment, but I believe that Captain Abarai would overlook your abilities because you lack brashness.”

Ichigo almost chokes at that, but manages to restrain himself in time.

Heedless, Byakuya continues, “The 3rd would be a good choice, as would the 13th, though with Captain Ukitake you would most likely be living in your brother’s shadow. The 1st rarely takes new members, much like the 2nd, and you are not a scientist, which excludes the 12th.” He pauses for a moment, as if considering, and then says, “Should you show enough leadership potential, I have no doubt that you will be offered command of the 5th Division, at least until they find an officer who can perform bankai. Lieutenant Hinamori is still unwell. And if they do not, I would be willing to accept you into the 6th, seeing as I have yet to find a reliable lieutenant.”

It takes a conscious effort for Ichigo to keep from gaping, dropping his cup, or blurting out his secret right there. Kuchiki Byakuya wants him as a lieutenant? But—

The secret. Something hard and suspiciously rocklike forms in the pit of Ichigo’s stomach. What would Byakuya do if he ever found out who Ichigo actually was? Would he hate him? Despise him? Reveal him to the rest of the Seireitei? It’s a risk that Ichigo doesn’t think he’s entirely willing to take, not when this entire new life is at stake.

But, despite that, Ichigo finds himself bowing to Byakuya, and murmuring, “I would mark your division as my first choice, Captain Kuchiki, if you do not object.”

The faintest edge of a smile plays around the corners of Byakuya’s mouth, and he nods, rising gracefully to his feet.

“That is acceptable, Shiba-kun. Would you escort me to the gates? I would like to know more about your abilities.”

Something flutters uneasily in Ichigo’s stomach at the words, but he shoves it aside and stands as well. “As you wish, Captain Kuchiki.” He ignores the worried look that Eiji shoots him and bows, waiting for the captain to sweep out of the room before he follows.

They walk in silence, Ichigo keeping a respectful distance behind the older man, wondering what this can possibly be about. Then, as they reach a secluded stand of trees that academy students often used for secret meetings, Byakuya halts, turning to Ichigo with a look on his face that the former substitute has never seen before.

“You are to be acclaimed for your acting skills, Kurosaki Ichigo,” he says, and the bottom drops out of Ichigo’s world. He staggers back a step, eyes going wide, and his control on his reiatsu fluctuates wildly for a moment before he can recall how to breathe. Forcibly, he drags it back under control, clamps his limits down on it, and faces Byakuya with his head held high.

“Captain,” he returns, and it’s just barely civil. “I’d thank you not to use that name while in the Academy. I’m Shiba Kei right now.”

Something akin to satisfaction settles deep in Byakuya’s eyes, and his nearly nonexistent smile grows to become merely slight. He nods once, gracefully, and says, “As you wish, Shiba-kun. But I would have you know that you greatly alarmed your watchers, when you vanished from the world of the living and could not be found in Soul Society. I am… relieved that you are well.”

Ichigo studies him with slightly narrowed eyes that widen suddenly as he grasps what Byakuya isn’t saying. “You were…one of the watchers?”

The captain takes a smooth step forward, gaze flickering over Ichigo’s black hair before returning to his face, and he nods gravely. “I was. You were not alone, Kurosaki Ichigo, nor are you alone now. Your family has come to dwell in the Seireitei.” A faint grimace crosses his face. “It seems your father will soon be taking control of the 5th Division, seeing as he is a captain.”

Barely containing a shudder, Ichigo pushes away thoughts of what old goat face will do to his poor officers, and grimaces. “Yet another reason to list the 6th as my first choice,” he mutters, then realizes what he said and flicks a wary glance at the man before him. “I mean, if that’s still acceptable, Captain Kuchiki. If not, I understand.”

“It is more than acceptable.” Byakuya gives another quiet smile and lets his hand drop to rest on Ichigo’s shoulder. It’s an entirely unfamiliar weight, strange and new, but just as entirely welcome. “I believe I would be…disappointed if you sought to enter another division.”

Perhaps once, before the war ended in such personal tragedy for Ichigo, he would have never been able to walk past his old friends and pretend not to know them, to watch them grieve for him and pretend ignorance. But he spent years in the world of the living entirely cut off from everything, from everyone he’d known and the faint hope of seeing his family again. Without his powers, Ichigo became entirely helpless, entirely abandoned even if it never happened quite like that.

He got used to it, though. He adjusted. And, here and now, he’s not so entirely dependent on those bonds. There are still friends, of course, and a new family, but Ichigo isn’t pining for his old life any longer. Kukaku and Ganju and Eiji—and maybe, maybe, just maybe Byakuya can be counted among that small number as well—are enough to get by with, and he doesn’t have to go looking for new ties.

That, at least, is blindingly obvious during the lieutenants’ meeting. Shiba Kei stands apart from the others, all of them older and more experienced and entirely uncertain of what to do with this newcomer in their midst. Ichigo is used to being the odd one out, after years of school with Chad and Tatsuki—neither of them incredibly social—as his only friends. He ignores the table in the center, where those present have chosen to congregate, and instead heads to the window, hopping lightly onto the sill and turning out to survey the spread of the Seireitei around him.

“Rebellious,” a dry voice comments from roughly six inches away. “Breaking the rules already, Lieutenant Shiba?”

Ichigo doesn’t jump, even if he wants to, but turns his head to find Hisagi Shuuhei regarding him with cool grey eyes. The man is more or less a stranger—Ichigo’s never really spoken to him before, though they’ve crossed paths. It is, perhaps, a blessing, because Ichigo has no memories to trip him up here, no old associations to subconsciously fall back on. There’s only a vague sense of familiarity, a man he’s seen before but nothing else—entirely expected of a newly appointed lieutenant.

He casts a glance at this man who lost his captain but persevered, who now serves under Ichigo’s former friend and looks all the better for it, and offers a quiet smile—because Shiba Kei can, and no one thinks it odd, or the herald of some new doomsday—and a faint inclination of his head. “Sometimes breaking the rules is worth it,” he says softly, turning his head back towards the view of the Seireitei, spread beneath them like some shining, silver-white dream. Ichigo is entirely aware that it’s not a paradise; there are far too many problems and too much corruption and far, far too much humanity for it to ever be anything of the sort. But it is, nevertheless, a grand sight, and ever since his first view of it as an invader, the Seireitei has never failed to stir his heart.

It’s in times like these that he remembers Aizen’s words about being alone, about standing above everyone else, looking down from a height. He wonders, sometimes, what Aizen would have found if he’d simply stepped off his perch. Maybe it wouldn’t have been enough to change his mind outright, but…but perhaps it would have given him pause. Even just a moment’s worth.

Hisagi is watching him, Ichigo knows, and the gaze feels heavy and considering on his skin. There’s a long, silent pause, and then Hisagi snorts softly and bats Ichigo’s feet off the other end of the sill, hopping up to sit beside him with one knee pulled up. He, too, looks out over the Seireitei, and there’s something both fond and wistful in his eyes.

“Yeah,” he agrees, just as quietly. And then, more quietly still, “Quite a view.”

Two entirely different conversations, but they both mean the same thing at heart. Ichigo feels his smile widening, just a touch, and he turns back to the other shinigami, offering a half-bow. “Lieutenant Shiba Kei, Sixth Division. Nice to meet you.”

Hisagi smiles back, the reserved expression startlingly at odds with his punk-like appearance, and inclines his head. “Lieutenant Hisagi Shuuhei, Ninth. Glad to have you with us, Shiba.”

It’s then that the First Division lieutenant, Sasakibe Chojiro, calls the meeting to order, and Hisagi and Ichigo fall in with the others, but there’s a certain sense of shared understanding between them, a whisper of empathy that was absent before, and Ichigo wonders at it, just a little. He hasn’t ever really had that before, because he’s always been just a little strange for the human world, a bit left of center in a place where everything else was perfectly aligned. And to have understanding come over something so large is the most astounding thing of all.

Ichigo looks at the other faces around the table and does not have to wonder how many of them feel the same way. They are all members of the Gotei 13, all proven loyal through fire and forge and the crucible of battle, and that’s enough.

That’s more than enough.

Boyfriend Haechan

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jeno version: here :D

  • he’s so high maintenance
  • if you compliment him he’s like “what did u do? did u break something? you’re never this nice to me w/o a reason” but if u don’t compliment him he’s pouty and sad
  • “I know you are but what am I” is his answer in every argument. well, more of a bickering session since you don’t “fight” per say. he’s a child, he doesn’t need to be arguing like what is there to argue about?? Pokemon cards? lol no
  • all the guys hate you together
  • it’s like donghyuk but double the sass
  • taeyong classes himself as your babysitter, always chaperoning dates and making u hold hands when crossing the street
  • ganging up on mark & taeyong
  • they seriously hate u
  • Pokemon go dates where u end up getting lost
  • if any of the guys have a crush, you and haechan’s annoyingness level goes through the roof
  • also, taking pics of each others sleeping faces for blackmail
  • “y/n if we don’t watch the movie I want to see then I’ll show everyone your ugly sleeping face!”
  • sends you memes
  • you’re too young for hardcore love but if you’re like “dude, I think I love you” his automatic response is “yeah I love me too”
  • he tries to be hot & grown up (”did u hear our new album? I sound pretty adult right ;)”) but is an actual child so stop
  • tries to convince you to do his homework
  • “please? I’m famous anyway, what do I need Pythagoras theorem for?”
  • pretends to be too famous to go out in public, jokingly making you both wear shades and scarves which ends up attracting more attention than normal him would.
  • he took you on a date once to a cafe, where the owner over exaggeratingly praised him and gave you both free hot chocolates
  • but four months later, mark let’s it slip that donghyuk paid him the day before to react like that
  • intense video game sessions
  • and if you’re playing something that involves the other guys, you two always team up and beat everyone’s butts
  • which leads to him almost excitedly cursing & taeyong threatens to give him time out
  • you both have a bed time so dates ends before 10 pm
  • (it used to be 8 lol)
  • if you’re ever let stay over, everyone crams into his room and it’s so hot and stuffy with so many there (and WHY do u always wake up w hansol’s foot in your face just WHY?) but also really fun
  • the boys tell you cringy stories about donghyuk and Johnny lets you braid and put clips in his hair
  • if (and ONLY if) you and donghyuk are alone, he might(MIGHT) compliment you. he wants it to seem casual but ends up stuttering and blushing and looking at his feet
  • “n - nice eyelashes … dumb ass”
  • he tries to seem cool and mature but is a child. the relationship is filled with many happy, care free moments of playing games and teasing one another. there’s no serious moments, at least, not while he’s so young. he just wants to have fun, you know?? the puppy love is awkward and there’s lots of chaperones but you wouldn’t give any of that up for the world
That Girl

Pairings: Steve Rogers x Reader

Words: 2.7K

Summary: Steve sees the reader while she’s training and she suggests them to have a playful match, causing the atmosphere to heat a lot.

Warnings: Smut; unprotected sex (once again –use protection), oral sex (both receiving)

A/N: I loved writing this one, it was so much fun! I hope you like it x

Inspiration and lyrics are from Caro Emerald’s song That man, but at the beginning I changed the lyrics a little bit (from ‘man’ to ‘girl’).

 I’m in a little bit of trouble
and I’m in real deep

“Ouch-“, Steve let out a laugh, leaning to the wall of the Avengers’ training hall. “What has that punching bag ever done to you?”

Y/N turned around, sweeping sweat off of her forehead with arching hand, before flashing a smile to Steve. “Sorry”, she grinned. “I didn’t see you there.”

“Working little hard there, don’t you think?” he laughed, nodding towards the bag, which was still swinging back and forth after Y/N’s punches.

She let out a laughter, rolling her Y/E/C eyes before taking a draught from her water bottle. “Oh right, I forgot you are such a princess when it comes to training, Captain”, she mocked playfully, ripping the Velcro tapes of her boxing gloves open, tossing them to her gym bag. “I’m actually pretty sure I would kick your ass in a blink of an eye.”

From the beginning to the end
she was no more than a friend to me

“Oh, you think so?” Steve laughed, rolling his eyes while laying his hands on his hips.

“Mm-hmm”, Y/N hummed before walking right in front of him, crossing her arms on her chest, smirk on her lips. “I think we should find out.”

“Oh no”, he laughed, shooking his head. “I wouldn’t want to hurt you, doll.”

“Yeah, I bet you’re right”, she sighed, frowning. “Or then you are just scared that I’m right. You’ve seen me training, I’m not easy to be hurt and you know that better than well.” Squinting her eyes, Y/N stepped a little closer to him. “But I do understand, it would be pretty big knock for your ego to lose for a doll like me after all.”

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Agape - Chapter One
  • Title: Agape
  • Chapter: One - Venus of Urbino
  • Relationships: Fenris x Female Hawke 
  • Rating: E
  • Summary: The esteemed artist Fenris is hired to paint a portrait of the Lady Hawke. Renaissance AU.
  • AO3 Link: Click Here

He sees a ghost whose skin is porcelain. She cuts through the crowd effortlessly, waltzing around people, moving with the lightest of steps. Her mask is gold and glittering, but it cannot hide her bright blue eyes and her long dark lashes. It does not hide her impossibly red lips. Gold earrings dangle down, bouncing against her as she turns to talk to someone. She smirks and her hold on the masks stick falters. She moves it downwards, the mask touching against her chest. Freckles cover her face like stars, cheeks pink with her laughter.

He raises the glass to his lips, takes a desperate sip as he leans against the pillar. She wears a single braid, wrapped around like a crown, the rest of her dark locks spilling down her back. She’s made of red and gold, dress flowing around her feet. Violins sing their song, cellos working in perfect harmony. The musicians work to make their art heard over the noise of the crowd. He doesn’t hear them for a different reason. He’s too busy watching her, tracking her as she drifts from person to person.

The mask moves back to her face as she talks, and he understands that it is a guard. With those she is comfortable, the mask is removed. The full pleasure of her face is only for the privileged few. He’s startled by a presence at his side, bumbling into him, and an overflowing goblet in his hands. “Fenris,” he says, his brow glistening with sweat, his mask tight in his other hand, “you should be out in the crowd!” Fenris raises his glass back to his lips, his eyes scanning the crowd, unable to find her again.

“There are a few people I’d like you to talk to,” Anso says, “it will be easy to sell your talent.” Anso lingers at his side, hands shaking as he downs gulps of wine. He intends to be as drunk as possible by the time the night ends. Fenris feels no such urge. Anso slips away, wanders the hall. The musicians keep playing, their fingers beginning to ache, their lungs burning. People keep dancing, candles burning and servants gossiping. It’s easy to lose time in this place, lost in the imagery and the marvel.

It’s a palace made of marble and stone, white rock and dark wood. Banners of the finest cloth, rugs beaten and beautiful. Statues carved thin, detail flecked even in the folds of their lips. He stops time in between breath, keeping the scene in his mind’s eye. She would be at the center of this painting, that ghost of porcelain, and her lips would be the only true color. Her eyes would be the focal, looking at you as you looked at her. He buries himself in this thought, does not notice Anso has returned until he speaks.

“Ah, here he is, right where I left him. My Lady Lucilius, might I introduce Fenris Rabiria?” He nearly drops the glass in his hands. Before him, beside Anso, stands the ghost. There’s a curl of a smile on her lips, and she holds steady the stick of the mask as she keeps it before her face. He reaches for her hand, taking it in his, pressing his lips to it as he bows.

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I’m not your type, Tyler Seguin (Requested)


You rested your head against Tyler’s shoulder, a sigh passing through your lips. “I really need a cute boy in my life.” 

Tyler laughed, “Excuse me.” He scoffed, shoving you slightly, “I think I’m pretty cute.”

Your cheeks blushed slightly, “You know what I mean, Ty. I need a cute boy in my life as in a boyfriend not you.” 

Tyler scrunched his eyebrows together, confusion covering his face. “How do you know that I don’t want to be your boyfriend?” A small smile reached his mouth, you couldn’t tell if he was joking or not. 

You rolled your eyes, “Because I know your type Tyler that is definitely not me.” You scooted away from him, grabbing your glass of water from the coffee table. 

Tyler chuckled, “You have no idea what my type is, Y/N.” 

“I’m not blind, buddy.” You teased, winking at him, “Tall, thin, beautiful and blonde.” 

Tyler blushed, “I think a lot of different kinds of girls are attractive, that’s not far to judge my taste off of my last girlfriend.” 

“I’m not judging.” You laughed, even though you slightly were, “I’m just pointing out the obvious. You like models, therefore, I’m not your type, therefore, we’re never going to be a thing.” 

Tyler’s smile faded, his look of confusion covering his face again. “I don’t think that’s really fair to say, y/n. Maybe I like you.” 

You scoffed. For as long as you had known Tyler you had been in love with him, but from the very start you had realised that the two of you would always only be ‘just friends.’ Tyler was flirty, that was just his nature, you knew that. You knew he had no interest in a short, curvy girl with dark hair. That just wasn’t him. 

“Don’t play that game, Tyler.” 

“No, I’m serious, y/n. Maybe I like you.” 

“Maybe?” You chuckled, taking another sip of water. “Maybe I can become an astronaut. Maybe I can marry Brad Pitt. ‘Maybes’ are shit, Tyler, you know that.”

Tyler rolled his eyes, adjusting his body so it was completely facing you. “Yeah, you’re right. But it’s true. I think that I am totally in love with you.” 

You felt your cheeks turn a bright red, your palms became sweaty, you couldn’t believe what you had just heard. “What the fuck?”

Tyler laughed, his normal self taking control again. “I’m serious, Y/N, I really think that I do love you. I’ve thought that for a while now.” 

“I’m not your type, Tyler. I’m not 5′10 and 110 pounds. I’m like the complete opposite.” You muttered, refusing to look into his eyes. 

You felt his hand reach yours, his soft fingers caressing yours. “I think you’re beautiful, I always have.” 

You pulled away, Tyler’s face full of even more confusion. “Don’t play these stupid games with me, Tyler.” 

“Y/N, I’m not.” He ran his fingers through his hair, “I’m being serious, hell, this is the most serious I’ve ever been. I am in love with you.” 

“This isn’t some fucked up joke?” You knew he’d never do something like that to you, he was your best friend, but you couldn’t believe that he actually loved you the way he had always hoped. 

Tyler laughed, scooting closer, “No joke.” His voice was softer, gentler. “I’d never joke about something like this, I know you’re self conscious, but I really do mean what I say. I think you’re the most beautiful girl out there. You get me, Y/N.”

A smile crossed your face, your head leaning against his once more. “You’re a cheese ball, Ty.” Your grabbed his hand, squeezing it tightly, “But I think I’m in love with you too.” You whispered quietly, a smile grazing over your face. 

Emotional (D.L.)

I didn’t even know what time it was when we decided we’d go inside and make ourselves comfortable to go to sleep. This house party at Dereks place had been going on for hours, and let’s just say, we were pretty wasted. I wasn’t drunk to the point where I didn’t know what I was doing, but I was drunk enough to be talkative and fun and just giggly. 

When we, and by we I mean Derek, KDL, Tyler and his girlfriend, reached the living room, the couple immediately took the couch and made themselves at home, clearly ready to call it a day. Me on the other hand, I wasn’t really in the mood for sleeping yet. We were having so much fun and I just didn’t want the night to end too soon. I just kind of got to know them all, over Derek, I may add. Derek, who I have been seeing and talking to for about two weeks. By seeing I mean that we only had one sort of date yet; we went to Venice spontaneously and got food afterwards. You could say we were intrigued with each other, we talked and texted a lot and it was obvious that we had some sort of connection. 

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Top 10 Digimon Villains

With Digimon Adventure tri. bringing the series back in a big way, people are talking about the Digimon franchise again. While the franchise has its share of memorable characters, I’d like to talk about the kind that don’t tend to get much attention: Digimon’s bad guys. Read more, to who I think the top ten villains in the franchise are.

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okay but imagine the harry potter series exactly as is but with the voldemort from AVPM instead. imagine everyone freaking out over the return of a tap dancing voldemort with really good abs. imagine all of the urgent, somber speeches where the trio are sure they won’t make it out of the fight this time. cut to the climactic fight and voldemort is just kind of sighing wistfully, wondering what quirrell is up to right now, and harry and co. have these intense battle faces on but voldemort is too busy fantasizing about being back at home playing video games while quirrell reads his boring books to remember why he was there in the first place. imagine the hug between voldemort and draco, except instead of being awkward voldy tackles the kid in a fricking bear hug of affection and suddenly draco is conflicted because he still doesn’t want to be a death eater but damn Voldemort gives some good hugs and he really needs more of those. and imagine the humourless, super serious death eaters, imagine lucius fricking malfoy, pledging to devote their entire evil existence to a man who entrusted a piece of his very soul and the key to his immortality to a poster of zac efron

i can't believe we filmed that (michael smut)

Why do you have the video camera out, babe?” Michael walked into our shared bedroom, looking between me and the camera which was set up in front of me.

I was sitting at my desk, with makeup and hair supplies laid out in front of me, “I wanted to make a youtube video,” I shrugged. “A bunch of people kept asking how I do my hair and makeup so I thought it would be cool to show them like this. Watch out, I’ll be internet famous before you know it.”

He laughed a little in amusement, “aw that’s sweet, can I help?”

I turned to him with a serious face, “no, you would ruin it.”

He stepped a bit closer. “Can I watch?” Michael put on a super cute puppy dog face, pouting his bottom lip out.

There was no way I could say no to that face. “I guess if you really want…”

For the most part, I tried not to pay much attention to Michael who kept making weird faces in the background. By the end he was losing interest and I looked over at him while he was sitting in the corner on his phone, probably playing flappy bird like usual.

“Baby, I’m bored,” he whined.

“You said you wanted to watch,” groaning while straightening my last piece of hair and flipping it over my shoulder.

His tall frame got up, making his way closer to me. “I have an idea,” he said in a serious tone.

“Oh, you do?” I raised my eyebrows. I was praying this didn’t mean another trip to the video game shop.

“Yeah.” He set his phone down without saying anything more.

I sat at the desk, motionless. Each movement he made, I watched.

He made his way over to the camera that was set up in front of me, which was still recording, “does this thing have a good battery life?” He held it in his small hands, examining it.

“I guess,” not really sure what else I should say.

“So we can keep it on?” It was still pretty difficult seeing where he was going with this but knowing Michael, I knew it wouldn’t be good.

“I don’t see why not.. but it might not have a lot of memory left in it.”

“10 minutes?”


“Perfect.” He smirked at me before taking the tripod and moving it to the corner of the room. It took him a couple of seconds to make sure it was facing the bed and was still on.

“Mikey…” I trailed off.

His bottom lip made its way under his teeth and he winked at me. “C'mere baby girl. It’ll be okay, I promise. Do this for me.”

Gently, he took my hand in his, noticing how nervous I was.  My palms were sweaty and I could feel my body shaking. “I don’t know-”

He kissed my forehead, “please?” almost begging, “I love you.”

“Okay,” finally agreeing, thinking it could be fun in the end.

He cheered quietly to himself, “I owe you, but first can you strip in front of the camera?”

There was no point in resisting so I went along with his fun game. I stepped in front of where the camera was pointing and looked over to Michael for reassurance. He simply nodded at me to continue.

I didn’t know where to look so I kept my eyes on Michael who seemed to be entranced by my body. I slowly undid the button on my jeans and slid them down my legs. Next, I pulled my top over my head, throwing it over to the side. It was nerve-racking standing in front of the camera half-naked.

“Oh god,” Michael moaned. He couldn’t control it and started undressing himself. With only his boxers on, his bulge was evident.

His movements were slow when he made his way over to where I was standing. His back was to the camera but he knew full well what he was doing.  

Michael rested his hand on my face, soothing his thumb over my cheek. “You’re beautiful, baby.” I looked down but lifted my chin up to look in my eyes.

He reached behind me and unclasped my bra, letting it fall to the ground. When it reached the ground, he hooked his fingers around the elastic of my underwear and pulled them down to my knees. I stepped out of them and pushed them off to the side while holding onto Michael’s shoulders for support.

With his hands on my waist, he turned me slightly so we were both facing sideways to the camera. He motioned with his head to his crotch.

I got down on my knees and pulled his boxers down, grabbing his length in my hands. He was pretty hard already so it didn’t take much to get him fully excited. I held the base of his cock in my hands and wrapped my lips around the tip, sucking gently and flicking my tongue on the underside.

I continued until he started groaning and telling me to get up. “C'mon, we don’t have much time, remember?” He cupped my cheeks in his hands and I laughed when he leaned in to kiss me.

Hands intertwined, he led me to the bed. I got comfy, resting my hands behind my head and leaning back, completely forgetting the camera that was still recording. Michael followed and knelt down between my legs.

He stuck his tongue out at me. His lips were already swollen and pink even though we had only kissed for a brief second.

“Michael, please..” I moaned.

He held the backs of my knees and immediately let his lips attach to my clit. He sucked on my clit, pulling at it with his teeth a little, trying to be a tease. I wiggled my hips in attempt to get him to go faster.

To get along with things, he licked up my slit and hummed against my core, “hm you’re so wet.”

He crawled on top of me, resting his hands on either side of my face. We were so close that our chests were practically touching. I wrapped my legs around his back side.

I felt his tip rub at my entrance. Michael looked back at the corner of the room where the camera was set up and darted his eyes back at me, “moan for me baby girl,” he kissed my cheek and finally let himself slip inside of me. He went as deep as he could but stopped, “moan for the camera,” he winked.

“Just move already,” I lifted my hips up trying to get more friction between us. He noticed and held my hips down with a tight grip before thrusting in and out of me as hard as he could.

A thumb pressed to my clit not long after. Michael was trying his hardest to get me to my release before his own. “Cum for me baby.”

I moaned his name out as if it was the only word I knew. He came seconds later, filling me in a couple spurts.

“Holy shit I can’t believe we just filmed that,” he said, almost out of breath as he lay next to me.

I pulled the sheets up over us, “I can’t believe we just made a sex tape.”

“I know, it’s hot.”

“If you show that to anyone, I’ll fucking kill you.”


I was listening to Angels & Airwaves while writing this and it made me happy :) uh so i think this is the very last piece of writing you’ll see from me. thanks for sticking with me and supporting this blog.

it would be appreciated if you read this & this (neither are smut)


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MC and the Rfa going to a hot spring or like jacuzzi! ( What will happen is free for u to decide :3 )

Ahhhhh don’t do this to me Anon-san! This is too much power in my hands!!  Since I couldn’t decided, I did it in HC format, I hope you don’t mind! (人ゝω・)


  • The whole RFA is sitting in this big ass car that Jumin rented (it’s like a bus lol)
  • Yoosung sleeps on your shoulder the whole time, sometimes you even hear him murmur your name in his sleep.
  •  When you all get there he’s super excited
  • Of course Yoosung is too shy to go into the mixed bath with you, so you end up going to the girls bath with Jaehee.
  • But you both meet up with each other on the way out, and he can’t stop staring at you in a robe (Yukata?)
  • Since when were collar bones sexy?
  • The way he can smell your shampoo and see the water drip down your body just gets soooo hot and bothered!
  • Definitely has a nosebleed and passes out.
  • When he wakes up his head is in your lap and you’re peering down at his face in worry.
  • Totally does the cheesy thing and pushes your head down to kiss you (UPSIDE DOWN KISSES YEAH!)
  • He tells you how beautiful you are, and how much he loves you.
  • “MC. Next time…let’s come here by ourselves. Promise?”
  • And you do because you can tell that Yoosung is 100% serious 
  • You both spend the rest of the night together playing on the portable gaming devices that Yoosung brought.


  • Insists that you can not go near anyone else while at the hot springs.
  • Zen makes a big scene, wanting to see for himself if the woman’s bath was really secure. 
  • When you tell him about the option of the mixed bath, he refuses instantly.
  • “Seeing you in a steamy bath…no no no. Hurry along! Make sure there are no perverts!”
  • You wait outside for him, since you know he takes forever.
  • Totally hold hands on the way to dinner
  • Zen loves to press his nose to your neck after your soak, he loves the way you smell.
  • You both spend majority of the night with the others, since it was a group trip after all
  • But when everyone starts to go to their rooms he pulls you into his.
  • “You didn’t think I’d let you get away right babe? Especially when you look so sexy in this out~” 
  • It doesn’t stay on you long.
  • The next morning you get up really early to go soak, embarrassed from all the love bites Zen left on you.


  • She’s the sweetest!
  • You two soak together, fiddling with each others fingers and just talking
  • Afterwards she dries your hair for you, combing it gently.
  • Jaehee loves how soft and silky your hair is.
  • You both pick out matching yukatas to wear, and its pretty adorable.
  • For once her mind isn’t on work, it’s just you.
  • When you meet up with the others she becomes super protective of you.
  • Will actually fight them
  • Because your hers, and she knows you look really cute fresh from the bath.
  • But you’re hers. 
  • After dinner you both just lay together, talking the night away.
  • (If you’re wondering why Jaehee’s HCs are always short…it’s cause I haven’t played her route lol)


  • This man forces you to go soak with him.
  • There is no saying no (Daddy Jumin please)
  • But soon realize that he didn’t just drag you into the mixed bath to be close to you
  • He’s uncomfortable, he’s never done this before.
  • So you wrap your towel around you tightly, and you scrub his back for him
  • And wash his hair
  • Jumin actually enjoys soaking in the hotsprings, and when you’re done soaking he doesn’t want to leave yet.
  • You explain how staying in too long can make him dizzy.
  • “Something like hot water isn’t going to make me dizzy MC.”
  • You love seeing Jumin be playful, because he rarely is.
  • Eventually you get him out by reminding him that everyone else is waiting. 
  • When you get out Jumin notices that you’re attracting some male glances as you walk around in the yukata, your hair wet and your face flushed.
  • He chooses to make out with you right. There.
  • Zen has to literally pull him off you, because neither of you will break apart. 
  • Lolol you both ditch dinner and retreat to his room, where Jumin proves to you exactly how something like hot water can’t make you dizzy.


  • He’s like a little kid, literally running all around the hotspring inn/house.
  • Looks forward to spending time with you so much~
  • He knows you aren’t comfortable going to the mix bath,
  • So he offers to dress up as a girl and go with you to the woman’s bath.
  • “I swear I’ll only look at your body MC.”
  • Shamelessly pouts when you refuse, running away with Jaehee.
  • Seven finishes really early, scared that if he didn’t some weirdo would come pick you while you waited for him.
  • Blushes supeeeer hard when he sees you!
  • Seven wraps his around you, resting his hand on your hips all night, even with the RFA members.
  • Because obviously,
  • “Who wouldn’t want to steal you MC? You’re so cute.”
  • He’s actually against the idea of you coming to sleep with him in his room.
  • Unfortunately he still has to work from his laptop for awhile, so he sends you to sleep by yourself in your room.
  • But when you wake up the next morning there he is.
  • In your bed with you, snuggled into your neck.
  • He couldn’t sleep after he finished work, so he came to sleep with you!
  • Every time you try to get up to leave, he just pushes you back into bed.


  • Saeran doesn’t actually like it at first
  • He didn’t want to come, the RFA group was loud and rowdy, and plus he didn’t like large amounts of people in one place.
  • Refuses to go and soak in the hotsprings
  • You drag him into the mixed bath like a cat.
  • He sulks about it for a while, just sitting in the water until you lift his arms and wiggle yourself into them, so your back is against his chest.
  • You draw little shapes on his hands just leaning into him.
  • Saeran starts to relax a little, the only thing on his mind is you and how you feel against his skin.
  • He insists on taking you back to the room so he can have you, but you gently remind him that the other members want to get to know him better.
  • He’s against that idea, but you gently remind him that they just want to be friends with him, and he’d like them if he gave them a chance.
  • In the end he relents and you both meet up with the others for dinner
  • Saeran actually discovers that he has a lot in common with Jumin, they think alike.
  • He likes how Yoosung doesn’t take things personally. 
  • The night passes in a flash, and you actually catch Saeran smiling.
  • He denies it of course.
  • When you kiss him goodnight, he follows you into your room.
  • ???
  • “What? Don’t tell me you forgot. After all i did for you today…now I deserve to have you.”
  • You both aren’t there for breakfast the next morning.


  • He just follows behind you as you pull him along, a smile on his face.
  • V takes lots and lots of photos of everyone
  • There’s group shots of the RFA
  • But most of the memory card is full of pictures of you
  • V offers to meet you in the mixed bath, but you refuse, 
  • Even if V can’t see you clearly it’s still embarrassing!
  • After you finish soaking you sit outside waiting for V
  • You jump when you feel his fingers lift a portion of your wet hair.
  • He laughs and offers you his hand
  • You two always held hands, no matter where you were
  • The rest of the night is spent with the other members, just talking and laughing.
  • When it starts to get late you tell V about how you want to sleep in his room with him
  • He refuses
  • V says he has something to do in the morning and sends you off to your room
  • You sulk all night.
  • When there’s a knock at your door early the next morning, you’re still sulking
  • V just laughs and pulls you out of the room, leading you somewhere.
  • He takes you to your own little private soak bath.
  • When he finally coaxes you to go in, he just holds you in his arms, brushing your hair away from your neck as he kisses your neck.
  • “I promise I’ll make up for last night love.”
Jihoon- Bubbles

Title/Prompt : “Bubbles!”

Prompt Description : “This is the most important decision you’ll have to make today”

Pairing : Sub!Jihoon (Woozi) x You


Word Count : 3, 195

Note from Bear: OMG THIS IS DONE WHAT. This is literally the longest thing I’ve written in a long long time. Its kinda awkward in some places and i think theres a few errors, but i have to go study now … I GAVE UP A LITTLE AT THE END BUT I HOPE YOU ALL ENJOY IT :D


“Jagi, Im Home! Where are you?” A tired voice called out and the sound of a door closing and keys hitting the table were heard. It was late and Jihoon had just arrived home, eye bags having grown at least a centimetre since he had started working. He stripped off his jacket and stretched his arms upwards, letting out a groan as he heard his poor back crack. He took off his shoes and shuffled from the entrance way into the apartment. It was quiet but peaceful, the sun shining in through the window just slightly. Jihoon giggled to himself as he saw how messy the dinning room table had gotten, a certain someone seemed to have been studying pretty intensely.


Jihoon called out softly as he searched the apartment, feet shuffling over the wooden floor ever so lightly. He looked in their bedroom? nothing. The study? nothing. Maybe she was in the Kitchen.

As he walked back towards where he had come from, he heard the faint running of water coming from the bathroom beside him.


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BTS REACTION: Another Member Is/Was Your Bias

Seokjin (Jin):

“(Y/N) (Y/L/N)! Do you wish to explain yourself?” He screamed once he saw your phone background. Had it been him, or you, or your family, or his whole band, he wouldn’t have minded the slightest bit. He would’ve thought it was cute.

But having Yoongi as your phone background was unacceptable. What did exactly the ball of sleepy grumpiness have that your boyfriend didn’t?

“I can explain!” You panicked before even knowing what was going on. He showed you the background with a glare on his face and you sighed, “Okay, I can’t explain.”

“Why is Yoongi your background? Have you not seen this- “He pointed to his face, “Handsomeness? What is wrong with you?”

“I HAVE A THING FOR QUIET AND UNAMUSED GUYS, OKAY?!” You screamed while laughing at your boyfriend’s ridiculous jealousy.

“You want quiet and unamused? I’ll give you quiet and unamused!” He snapped and walked away while grumbling under his breath.

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Yoongi (Suga):

“I have a serious question,” Jungkook declared one day while he, you, Yoongi and Hoseok were stuck in the dorms, playing video games aimlessly while the other members had a schedule. You shrugged and sat up straighter, “Shoot.”

“Who was your bias before you met us?”

You swallowed hard and widened your eyes with a nervous smile resting on your face, “Why so curious all of the sudden, Jungkookie?”

The young boy glared at you playfully before continuing to pester you about it, “So your bias wasn’t Yoongi.”

“Wait, what?!” A certain silver haired rapper piped up in pure disbelief, “I WASN’T your bias? How? Have you seen me?”

You sighed and shook your head but Jungkook wasn’t satisfied just yet, “Who was it? It was me, right? It was definitely me.”

“It wasn’t you,” Yoongi snapped before looking at you, his voice getting softer all of the sudden, “Right? Tell me it wasn’t Jungkook or, like, Taehyung.”

“It was…” You took a deep breath and closed your eyes so you wouldn’t see the look of betrayal in your boyfriend’s eyes, “Hoseok.”

Silence took over the dorms before Hoseok jumped up and started running around the room, screaming his lungs out in happiness. You opened your eyes and your boyfriend was quick to ask, “Why Hoseok?”

You stared at the energetic boy as he continued screaming, “I honestly can’t remember. It seems so bizarre right now.”

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Hoseok (J-Hope):

You were calmly sat on your bed, scrolling through Tumblr and occasionally reblogging gifs or photos or extremely accurate fake quotes about your boyfriend’s band. Running a blog about BTS was difficult with Hoseok constantly following your every movement and now that you finally were home alone, you had the chance to update your blog to your heart’s content.

You were just scrolling through Namjoon’s tag when Hoseok’s voice scared you, “What are you doing?”

Your heart stopped for a moment and you couldn’t stop yourself from flinching before you snapped at him, “NEVER do that again.”

“Geesh, fine,” The hyper boy rolled his eyes before turning his attention to your laptop screen, “What are you doing in Namjoon’s tag? Why not mine?”

How do you explain to your boyfriend that he isn’t your bias in his band because you just genuinely love his leader’s honey like voice? Especially if your boyfriend is overly emotional and attached.

“Nothing,” You answered quicker than you should’ve as you slammed the laptop shut. Your boyfriend picked up the hint and narrowed his eyes at you, “Am I not your bias in BTS? If so, breathe.”

As much as you wanted to hold your breath to prove a point you breathed and he glared at you, “I thought you loved me!”

“I do love you, Hobi!” You quickly exclaimed, hugging him in panic, “I just like Namjoon’s voice, a lot.”

Hoseok considered it for a moment before shrugging, “Can I join you? He’s so freaking amazing. The non-Namjoon stans are missing out on something great, I’m telling you.” He settled in next to you, reopened your laptop and started scrolling through the tag with you enthusiastically, leaving you confused.

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Namjoon (Rap Monster):

“You could have at least tried to hide the fact that Jimin used to be your bias, you know,” Namjoon spoke up as he sipped his coke, “To save my feelings.”

“Sorry, I thought you wanted to know,” You snapped back. He knew full well that he had asked you who your bias was.

Namjoon sighed, “You know, I don’t really care who your bias was as long as they were from BTS, right? It just shows who seemed to fit your standards and ideal type and the spot of your idol the best and nothing else. It doesn’t who actually fits them. Your bias is your bias and I don’t really care that it wasn’t me,” He continued speaking calmly as if to calm you down, “If it seemed to you that Jimin is a great artist and an amazing man then so be it. I can’t blame you.”

You smiled, glad that your boyfriend was taking the news so calmly before he spoke up again, “But seriously, why was Jimin your bias? What does he have that I don’t? Like, I can rap, I can sing and I am the leader. What does he have? Sure, he can sing and dance but that’s about it.”

With a roll of your eyes, you left the room but he called after you, “(Y/N)! COME BACK HERE! I NEED ANSWERS! WHY WASN’T I YOUR BIAS??? (Y/N)!!!”

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The moans and kisses sounding from your and Jimin’s room were cut short when Taehyung burst through the door and exclaimed, “OH MY GOD! IS IT TRUE, (Y/N)?!”

Jimin threw his head back in frustration before climbing off of you and glaring at his friend, “Taehyung, might I know why you came here when we’re very obviously busy with something that doesn’t include you?”

“Oh but it does include you!” Taehyung wasn’t even bothered by the fact that he had caught you and Jimin getting it on, both of you stark naked. Instead his eyes were wide with childish giddiness as though he had just got the new toy he had been whining about for months, “I just found out that I am your girlfriend’s bias.”

“I don’t care that-WHAT?!” Jimin yelled before his glare settled on you instead. You groaned and rolled your eyes, “Yeah, he’s my bias. He’s a good entertainer, can you blame me really? Now kick him out so we could resume to what we were doing.”

Despite the younger one’s protests, Jimin kicked the boy out and locked the door before continuing to glare at you, “You wish to explain yourself, sweetheart?”

“What? He’s good looking and a great entertainer. I can’t choose what my fangirl senses want, Jimin.”

“Oh well,” Jimin calmed down before a smirk appeared on his face, “But I bet I could make you change your mind about him being your bias,” And he crawled over you in an almost threatening manner before attacking you with kisses, “I’ll make you forget his name, just watch me.” FORGIVE ME FOR I HAVE SINNED

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Taehyung (V):

“Truth or dare, (Y/n)?” Namjoon asked, getting tired of the game despite it having lasted only five rounds so far. Considering all weird dares, the boys had made each other do, you replied, “Truth.”

Groans sounded throughout the room and Jimin even called out, “Buzzkill,” but Yoongi made everyone calm down, “Guys, even a truth can be interesting,” He looked at you with a dangerous glint in his eyes, “And I have just the question for that.”

You mentally prayed but nodded before he asked, “Who was you bias before you started dating Taehyung and why?”

All boys leaned forward to hear you better, even Taehyung who was seated right next to you. Squeezing your eyes shut you replied, “It was Jungkook.”

The look of victory on the maknae’s face as well as the look of pure defeat on your boyfriend’s made you want to both roll your eyes and laugh at them. Jungkook jumped up and started doing a little victory dance before Hoseok pulled him back to his seat. The maknae smirked and winked at you before asking, “And why was I your bias?”

He was obviously expecting a juicy response, one that would benefit him. But you couldn’t lie to him, “You were so cute with your little bunny cheeks and teeth and I just- “You shrugged with a smile. His face dropped and rolled his eyes, “Wow, ways to insult a guy!”

“YOU WERE LIKE TWELVE! LIVE WITH IT!” You snapped at him but he continued to point anyways as Taehyung laughed at his face.

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“Sweetheart, I have something to ask you,” Jungkook spoke quietly as the two of you were curled up on the grass outside in the park. You didn’t think anything of it and only hummed in response, letting him know you were listening to him.

“The ARMY have been sending those tweets and edits about you and Seokjin-hyung. Apparently (Ship name) is a thing now, and that kind of made me wonder,” Your boyfriend continued hesitantly, “You wouldn’t leave me for him, right?”

“Of course I wouldn’t leave you for Seokjin,” You replied, feeling almost insulted that he’d even think that. He sighed in relief before speaking, “And I’m your bias, right? I mean, I know that when we first met you had another bias but now I am that, right?”

“Of course, Jungkookie,” You replied easily, telling the truth, but that didn’t seem to satisfy his cravings for information, “But who was your bias before we met?”

You had feared the question. Jungkook had the tendency to take past happening too seriously and you were afraid he would freak out knowing who your bias had been.

“You can tell me. It won’t change a thing, I swear,” He confirmed, rolling onto his side to stare at you. You sighed before nodding, “It was Seokjin.”

“Seriously?” The maknae asked, not believing his ears, “Seokjin-hyung? Why even-?”

“That’s all in the past now, baby,” You replied quietly, “I only have eyes for you now.”

The boy smiled before kissing your cheek, “You always know what to say. But please, never tell Seokjin-hyung about him being your bias. It would just boost his ego and it’s already too high for his own good.”

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still stuck on stand dads + stands unconsciously expressing the user’s desires

Star Platinum will NOT leave Jolyne/Stone Free alone. Frowns if she’s wearing something inappropriate, crushes her in hugs, helps her with her nails. Jotaro could be in like, the next room pretending this isn’t happening but Jolyne will often sass Jotaro saying Platinum is a better dad than he is. He’s her pastel dad.

And then, picture: Giorno and Dio staring each other down across the table at a fine dining establishment. They’re both wearing the shadow face, prepared to spend a fine dinner playing evasive word games and never showing their hand even once… while Za Warudo proudly mudas about how cool GE is. He can make time infinite! He can slow down time in someone’s mind! and GE is just flipping his non-hair and going that’s NOTHING, watch when I take over the criminal world.

As Dio and Giorno mutually sweat over their short range stats and how they can’t even get away.

Healing [Collab]

Group: BTS
Pairing : Bxngtansmut x Jamlessvanny Yoongi (suga) x reader
Genre: smut. fluffy
Warnings: Explicit contents

We had a lot of fun writing this piece. Personally, it’s the first time I do a collaboration and I’m so honored to have worked with such a cutie. I hope we can do more things together in the future (like a new chapter for this ff).
Please, let us know what you think of our work and Enjoy … your smut ahah
we love you cuties! 

The cheers of the public were so warm… You could never forget that feeling. It was the first time ever you perform in Asia with your band and their excitement made you insanely happy. You were new on the business back then, you have just released your first album and it became extremely popular worldwide in just a couple weeks. You could not believe it, one day you were in your garage having fun with your best friends, just making what you love most, write music and the next day you are performing in a Korean talk show the same day as BTS, your favorite kpop group! It’s a crazy world in which we live in. You felt all the eyes on you, and you were blushing, it was so new to you, but since you were the only girl of the group you always received an especial attention.

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