and his serious case of emo

I really want to draw more TBS but like my art sucks so for now, just these two boys.
Some looks HC maybe?

-fashion? Who is she? Never heard of her.
-a… Style?… Is that food?
-i mean, the boy has all kinds of clothes.
-from band t-shirts through sweater vests to a crop top with a dubbing unicorn on it, he has it all. And he wears everything at some point or another.
-Adam needs to help him here.
-he also has a lot of color in his closet. And flowers. Colorful flowers.
-most the time it ends with a T-shirt b/c Alice is there to save his ass from wearing that sweater vest.
-he has reading glasses. It’s bad.
-serious case of acne. Makes him go through a lot of “haha, i/someone i know had acne too, did you try *some medication*? Works like magic, Go to your doctor about it.”
-bags under his eyes. Always. Poor kid.
-but his eyelashes. So full.
-he has super dark eyes and they are beautiful.

-he has no??? Summer clothes???
-seriously kid you need more than two t-shirts (band t-shirts non the less) and a pair of shorts.
-he has so many pins. So many!
-leggings. Usually black ones. He knows that like he is spouse to be emo and shit but fuck skinny jeans, he needs comfort.
-he looks nothing like his dad, b/c Adam has dark skin and hair (from his mom, who is a WOC) and his dad is from the fucking USSR (at least, from Ukraine, but last time he was there it was still the USSR but that’s a whole other story) so like you can imagine he is pretty white. People don’t get it.
-he has so many freckles. Caleb loves it.
-short boy. So small.
-soft boy. Don’t hurt him.
-he needs glasses but will not wear them. –Most the time he puts on lenses but if he can’t so he’d rather be blind for a while.

Step Bro...Fuck Buddy...or Love?

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Genre: Smut ( NSFW )

Members: JungKook & Jimin & Reader

Word Count : 1.407

Han Ra’s eyes are filled with rage and she begins to cry…

“You both… You will pay for this… I know more than you think”

I get closer to JungKook as Han Ra passes through, shouldering me. I literally whisper to him.

“JungKook what are we going to do ?”

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Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep aka Everyone Loves Terra. Aqua loves him enough to sacrifice herself for him, Ven has a serious case of big brother worship, Eraqus refers to Terra as his son, and Xehanort likes him even if it's only for his body. I think the only main character in that game who doesn't love Terra is Vanitas, and no one cares what the emo kid thinks.

Yeah but tbf

Aqua would have totally sacked herself for Ven too if that had been an option.

I have nothing to say on the second point seeing as while I believe Ven likely does think Aqua is pretty awesome too; his preference is clear and as someone who had a little brother who was the same way (preferring his older brother over his older sister even though his older sister now does more for him than said older brother though admittedly both of us were assholes growing up to him but he forgave the older brother quicker than he did the older sister blah blah blah dirty laundry) it sucks to be the second fiddle in this scenario.

Eraqus likely thinks of Aqua as his daughter it just never comes up cause she doesn’t need reassurance like Terra and also has her shit together a little better unlike Terra. Or I hope he does cause otherwise wtf Eraqus. It’s one thing for Ven to play favorites but you have no right.

Is it really a positive thing that a creepy old man likes a young teenage boy for his body?

But yeah I guess in short while being a female
character who does a shit ton and is the first playable one in the main story (not multiplayer like Xion was) she gets a little shafted story-wise.

Honestly though Terra is sort of a driving force in Bbs the same way Xion is in 358/2. And both of them get a decent amount of crud from the fandom.