and his response was so cute

Hi guys! @r-grimes​ and I are still freaking out about the 100 last episode. So we decided to create a whatsapp group. This group is dedicated to those two badass/cute girls that basically got married and now are responsible for or lack of sanity.

what we’re looking for: people that love clexa.

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Morning messages:

I can just imagine Kenma’s reaction when his s/o isn’t at his game only to find out that they went to go get the game he’s been waiting months for. Super adorable!!!!

That sounds so cute. He probably wouldn’t care too much that they weren’t at the match, but when he sees why, hoooooo boy. They better get ready for an affectionate li’l Kenma cat.

Ok but imagine Kuroo pouting in a corner bc you weren’t paying him enough attention, then when you do, he turns into an adorable blushing mess

I love pouting Kuroo. It probably doesn’t happen often, but when it does, it’s so cute.

Seeing Akaashi in a suit even though it’s their uniform has blessed me. (⌒_⌒;) BUT I ALSO FEEL LIKE IT’S A LITTLE TOO BIG FOR HIM SO THE CUFFS MAKE IT SEEM LIKE SOPHISTICATED SWEATER PAWS

Oh my gosh, I know. I love that it’s a little big on him. And I love how slovenly Bokuto looks next to him.

i kinda want you to do matchups since your writing style is so detailed and you have the nsfw option :^)

We’ll see. I’m still not ready to do them yet, but maybe in the future.

I saw this headcanon on another blog, but don’t you think Daichi would totally have a captain kink on top of his others?? like? i didn’t even know that existed

Ohohohoho anon… Daichi has a captain kink. I actually headcanon captain/daddy kink as his two main kinks.

I grew up in a very diverse area so although I didn’t have any black friends until high school I never felt ostracized by the other people of color that I came to befriend, but the first time I experienced racism I was in 5th grade. A boy in my class had caught my eye he was perfect, a cute little Indian boy with beautiful green eyes. I felt confident and decided to pursue him…by telling my best friend to tell his best friend that I was interested lol. Anyway news traveled around and soon the whole grade knew I took this as a positive note and approached him to ask him out on the swings one day I said “do you want to go out with me” to him he blatantly ignored me so I repeated, again no response. His friend who was with him turned and said to me, “he doesn’t want to date you because you’re black.” wow, in the fifth grade boys already knew the skin color that was attractive to them. It’s stuck with me all my life and I’ve never once since then been attracted to someone out of fear. The funny thing is I went crying home to my mother and I asked her why he thought this way if we were basically the same color.

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Don't Trust People Who Read Fight Club

This one is for @feminist14er whose birthday it is today. I hope you have the happiest of birthdays and the best of years ahead of you! <3

Also, thanks to @ottersandotherstuff who told me you liked these prompts. :D

Based on the prompts: “you said Shakespeare was dumb while checking out Fight Club and I am ready to Fight You” and “someone left a comment card in the suggestions box that says ‘the reference librarian is super cute’ and now all of the reference librarians are arguing over who it’s for”

Also on AO3

Bellamy Blake is a librarian. And with that great power comes great responsibility.

Mostly, it means he’s bitten his tongue so many times he’s not even fazed when he tastes blood, because of people who are reading shitty things he wouldn’t recommend in a hundred years.

But it’s what he does, and he lives for those who are actually interested when they lean on his desk and ask for recommendations. That sort of people make him forget all about assholes like the blonde who drops by his desk one day, looking to check out Shakespeare’s Hamlet and Palahniuk’s Fight Club.

As far as literature choices go, this one isn’t the worst but Bellamy can’t help but to feel wary of the stranger who’s currently toying with her phone. He doesn’t trust people who read patriarchal shit like Fight Club in their free time so he focuses on her other book.

“Shakespeare, huh?” he asks, swiping the books over the scanner.

The girl looks up from her phone and wrinkles her nose in disgust. “Shakespeare is dumb. This,” she points at Fight Club, “is what I’m reading for fun.”

Bellamy’s stomach plunges and despite the fact that he can keep quiet in the face of immense stupidity ten out of eleven times, this one is the eleventh and he can’t help himself.

“Are you seriously saying Shakespeare is dumb and you’re reading Fight Club for fun?”

Now he’s got her full attention, her blue eyes glaring at him in a way that makes him seriously question whether glaring daggers is a metaphor or a thing that actually happens, and when she speaks, it’s with a low and threatening voice that sends shivers down his spine.

“You got a problem with that?”

Bellamy squares his shoulders, returning the glare. “Actually, I do. Fight Club is the worst piece of trash I’ve ever read. It’s not a book, it’s a word-vomit about a bunch of white guys whose daddies didn’t love them and now they’re self-pitying themselves being nostalgic for patriarchal power.”

“That’s not what I heard,” the blonde counters, her phone completely forgotten as her hands curl into fists on her sides. She’s actually pretty frightening, Bellamy will give her that. But definitely not the sort of person who’d read Fight Club. “I heard it’s a metaphor for liberating ourselves from the chains of capitalism.”

“You probably need a hearing aid, then.”

The girl slams her fist on his desk, seething with rage. “What is your problem?”

“My problem is that whoever recommended that,” Bellamy narrows his eyes at the book, “to you is an asshole you shouldn’t trust.”

“My boyfriend recommended that.”

Okay, so he’s just insulted this girl’s boyfriend. God, if he gets fired, he’s going to slap himself for being so stupid because there is no way she’s not going to file a complaint now.

Or kick his ass.

Probably the latter, she seems like the type.

“There’s a reason why the first rule of the fight club is that you don’t talk about the fight club, Princess. It’s because it’s such a shitty book.”

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How the Homestuck Kids React to Dementors

John is probably the best bet. Of all the kids, he probably has the highest level of emotional fortitude, and a calm demeanor in response to some heinous levels of trauma; paired up with his stalwart optimism, he’d be a match for Dementors. His insecurity about being the dumb side hero would come up as they drained happiness, however I think his powerful memories of his friends, his dad, and a happy childhood, and his displayed unwillingness to lose faith in those ideals would be able to pull him through exceptionally well. Probably summons the strongest Patronus. 

Rose is probably very shaky on that count. Besides her paranoia and issues with resisting darker urges, Rose would have a difficult time summoning up really happy memories because of her strong sense of cynicism in the best of times. Dementors would be able to bring her trust issues to the intense surface. I think that in the end, she would have some happy memories of her mother to work with, plus memories of times where her friends proved trustworthy despite her fears. Frustration would play into her troubles with a Patronus too, though (not getting it right on the first tries and such).

Dave. He goeth down, I yelleth timber. Dave would be the most susceptible to the Dementors out of the Beta kids by a long shot, he had a horrendous childhood, he’s naturally fatalistic, prone to just giving up, and his self esteem is already in the gutter. Frankly, I think he’d straight up pull a Harry Potter and legitimately faint the first couple times, considering it’d be really easy to rip hope and happiness off of him. However, in the end Dave would probably be able to pull through. Likely use of his memories involving his care for his friends, I think that his instinct to protect them would be his huge driving force behind a Patronus, and he could manage it alone with those thoughts.

Jade is probably the next best behind John, however there are a lot of layers of bottled up emotion underneath the strength, so hopelessness would be a big, big danger for her if there were too many. However, her reaction to Jadesprite says that Jade would be competent at keeping her two feet on the ground. While she has a lot of motivation to keep fighting, I don’t think that her Patronus would carry the sheer force of optimism that John’s would, however I also think that she’d be able to last longer against them without collapsing, giving her more time to cast a Patronus.

Jane would not have a good time. She’s got insecurity, she’s got hesitance, and while she can be tough she doesn’t have quite that stalwart optimism that John has, nor Jade’s toughness. When her sources of happiness begin to fall apart, she is pretty quick to melt down. Thus, her insecurity and potential feeling of misplacement in the magical world would be overwhelming to her. I feel like alone, she would be able to cast a Patronus fairly well, just doing that in the presence of Dementors would be a big challenge.

Jake would also be a mess against Dementors. His own optimism isn’t John’s type, less a powerful force and more plausible to be a liability, giving Dementors a meal ticket while his tendencies to be a pushover allow him to let his hope slip through his fingers and display the low self esteem underneath. I feel like he’d just keep trying to bring up those happy memories whilst attempting to summon a Patronus, but he can’t quite get the force behind it before the Dementors suck that cheerfulness away from him. Like Jane, I think that alone, with guidance, he’d be able to very easily summon a powerful Patronus, but that potential is snuffed by the fact that it’s just so very easy to break him down.

Roxy is a hard one. She’s got a strength of will to match Jade’s, and the ability to keep fighting for a while, she’s got optimism, but she’s also got a lot of suppressed emotion and her feelings of reliance on others. Plus, she’s lonely, to the point where it makes her act reckless. Roxy would probably be the Alphas’ best bet at being able to summon the most functional Patronus, and I feel like she’d be at her most powerful if she was actively protecting someone during her casting. Alone, she’d be more vulnerable.

Dirk, holy shit. I think he would have trouble even summoning the happiness for a simple shield Patronus for more than ten seconds while he’s alone, much less against the force of depression and hopelessness that a Dementor has to offer. His aggression and combat instinct would not be able to pull him through that one. His best bet would be the sheer fact that he loathes himself to the point where Dementors would just straight up ignore him for others, since the amount of happiness there is to feed on is so minuscule that it’s like being handed a dinner plate with half a green pea and a stick of gum on it.  

Couple additions under the cut, including what animals I headcanon them summoning!

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Closing thoughts

- The whole cast was pretty damn good. Surprise standouts were Jordan and Vanessa. Kether was perfection too, as was Keke but that was no surprise.

- Aaron knocked this out of the park! His vocals and dancing were on point, he just has this grace of movement in all his roles, I’m just sitting here still wowed as fuck.

- Tommy Kail should do all the live tv musicals. Super impressed with the production value, camera work and staging. 

- Didi Conn is so freaking cute. 

- I thought we’d get more Kenickie? I kept forgetting about his character but he’s like the #2 male lead. Carlos was fine, maybe it was just the script?

- Elle McLemore was working her poor little butt off, I wish she’d gotten more audience response but Patty is kind of a thankless role I guess.

- The Motown Philly a cappella riff in the intro was life.

- I’m so relieved nobody fell down or cracked or anything horrible. I can unclench now. Aaron’s second trust fall in You’re The One That I Want faked me out for a sec, but ended up being smooth as hell. I can’t wait for a montage of all the slick dance moves. 

- Is anyone else totally exhausted now??

In 2PM we have:

Members describing themselves in 3 words: 

“Fun, Fresh and Funny”

“Diligent, responsible, family”

“Kind, Positive and a bit off the mark”

“Delicate, Obsessed and Free”

“Fire, Fast and Gap”

 p.s: GAP, since there’s a big difference between his demeanor of being happy and being serious.

“Simple, Diligent and Funny”

anonymous asked:

The best part is that TMZ is just not the kind of organization that gives a fuck about a new baby being born. Yes, there's a bit of drama from the whole "one night stand" aspect, but until you've got DRAMA, TMZ don't care. At the moment, the world is being presented with "man steps up to take responsibility for his baby, look at these cute pics" and that's just so NOT TMZ. So, why they trying to get their general audience interested????

Exactly - it isn’t a scandal right now. Maybe it was back in July, but they barely touched on it then so it’s not even like they have a motivation to see it through for their general readership.


A few days ago, I posted asking for a fic that met the following prompt– 

“I really want a First-Kiss fic, where Harry initiates it in the middle of doing something mundane with Eggsy like paperwork. He looks over at Eggsy, at the way his hair shines golden in the office light. Eggsy looks up and catches his eyes and *grins*, before turning back to the task at hand. And suddenly, Harry realizes what Merlin has been telling him for months: the younger man’s in love with him. So he leans over and kisses Eggsy, taking him completely by surprise and it is cute and fluffy and–”

So I went to sleep, hoping that maybe someone would take a crack at it. 


Response One by  @frostniskare

Response Two by @fabrisse

Response Three by @krissielee

Response Four by @elletromil

and a promise for another response by @trekkiepirate (Which I will be holding you to! ;P)

Idk how I got so lucky to be part of such an incredible, amazing fandom, but I’m genuinely in tears about all the amazingness that I’ve been gifted with. Thank you SO MUCH.

Now go read these incredible little fics!!!

smut drabble #1 | mino

Originally posted by yghigh

Mino chuckled lightly as he looked down at you. You were such a cute little thing. Your legs were open, wrapped around his waist, your hands wrapped tightly around Mino’s wrists. Mino held onto your wrists as well, his hips moving quick, slamming in and out of you at a fast pace causing your breasts to bounce with every thrust.

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Tickles:::Dean Winchester Imagine

Author: aria
Warnings: none, fluff fluff fluff
Rating: K
Summary: (Y/N) and Dean are cute at the bunker, much to Sam’s despair.
Request: None

You raced down the hall, your un-socked feet slapping against the ground.

“Get back here!” Yelled a gruff voice. You could practically hear his smile.

“Too slow! You’ll never catch me!” Just then, you ran flat into a hard chest, sending you flying back.

“Hey!” You furrow your brows, reaching up to flatten your hair.

“You guys are so gross, I’m going to my room.” Came the response. Sam crossed his arms, a frown on his face.

“Oh Sammy, your just lonely.” You teased getting up from the ground, patting his cheek. He just rolled his eyes and strode off, leaving you alone in the hall. You almost forgot that you where running from Dean, until you felt someone prod your shoulder.

“And you said I’d never catch you.” You squealed, trying to run again, but his hands caught your waist. “Not so fast, baby doll.”

“Nooooo! No more tickles, I’ve learned my lesson!” You giggled like a little girl, squirming around. He kissed your shoulder.

“Oh have you? So you won’t sneak into my bedroom and steal my hoodies anymore?” You nodded your head quickly. You’d say anything to stop him from tickling you half to death.

“Yes, yes. I promise!” You squirmed some more.

“But you look so cute in them!” He kissed your cheek this time, sending shivers down your back.

“I’m confused, do you want me to take your sweaters?” You turn in his arms to face him, meeting his smiling face. It was a genuine smile, the corners of his eyes crinkling.

He hadn’t really smiled like that a lot, with all that’s going on. But you knew you could always draw it out no matter the time.

“Yes, yes I do.” He leaned forward to kiss your lips, but you put up a finger to stop him.

“Than what was the tickling for in the first place.” You cocked one brow up, tilting your head slightly.

“I couldn’t resist, I love your laugh.” He chuckled and you wanted to kiss the smirk off his face. And that’s exactly what you did.

You grabbed his face in your hands, pulling him to you and kissing him passionately.

A door creaked open next to you guys and you pulled apart to look. A scowling Sam stood there.

“Could you guys, like, not do that in front of my door? Or at the dinner table? Or anywhere I am?” His nose turned up in distaste, and you just buried your face in Deans shoulder.

“Come on dude, we where just playing around. Go groom your hair or something.” And with that, Sam slammed the door.



alien-galaxy asked:

(I'm on my period too omg) Ok but Calum getting into bed behind you and slowly wrapping his arm around you, careful to not apply too much pressure to your sore tummy. His fingertips dance gently over your arms, lightly rubbing your tummy as his lips place a soft kiss on your cheek. "You okay, bug?" he whispers. You only groan in response, and he smiles softly, his brown eyes sparkling as he pulls you into his chest, the heat from his body warming and soothing you into a sleepy daze.

I love the nickname bug that is so cute I’m gonna die i wanna cuddle with calum real bad now

send me blurbs about calum taking care of me whilst I am on my period and I will love you forever. :D

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*turns her head away to hide her melting mood* I-I.. I'm not crying, just something has got into my eye! You have such a good heart, Kise-kun ;_______; I'd be honoured to have a Valentine's Day date with you! <3 But I still wish you luck in winning over Kurokocchi. :3

Kise: “Thank you ___-cchi! I can’t wait to spend Valentine’s with you.~

anonymous asked:

I got what you meant. I was trying to make a joke./ Although imagine if Tim gets hit with a miniaturizer ray. He still wants to fight crime. Imagine him using his grapple to get up on Kon's shoulder. Imagine him sitting there and figuring out the clues while Kon does the fighting as a proxy. Imagine Kon being snuck up on from behind and Tim hitting the villain with a tiny batarang right in the mouth and making them choke.










anonymous asked:

yay ask is open~ u guys have really lovely writing! can i request Ushijima finally asking out his crush who is his personality twin? (i really liked the ask u got with ushi and his twin!s/o) im interested on how u think it would go down its so cute

“I like you.” Ushijima grunts out, eyes glazed over with a certain embarrassment they haven’t seen before. “I like you too.” They say back, raising their eyebrows slightly. What were they supposed to do next.

However, it seemed like Ushijima had the wrong idea about their response.

“I like you more.” He says back, crossing his arms. Deep down he knew it wasn’t supposed to be a competition, but could he really let them win his confession. No. The answer was no, he couldn’t.

“I think you have it wrong. I’ve liked you more, and for a longer time.” They’re standing straighter now, chest puffed out in a confident air. “How so?” Ushijima counters.

“Remember when we saw both of our initials carved into a heart on that tree in grade school? And I said it wasn’t me? Well, I was lying. It was. That’s how long I’ve liked you.” The boy’s eyes narrow a bit, but they don’t waver.

“Well, I confessed first.”

“Not if you count our initials as my confession.”

“I don’t.”

“Oh my god this is hopeless.” Shirabu says, coming from around the corner with the rest of the Shiratorizawa volleyball club. “You two meet in the park at noon on Saturday.” He scribbles down a meeting spot on a piece of paper, before sauntering away.

“I’ll be there first.”

“No, you won’t.”