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B. French II Chapter Two

Belle meets Baelfire, just like literally everyone prompted.

Chapter One

Gold hadn’t expected a text from Belle that week. He wasn’t quite sure why he’d given his divorce attorney his personal number. He told himself because it was quite easier to keep up with but it was much more likely because Belle French was…Well he didn’t know what she was and calling her magic was simply juvenile.

“Does Baelfire like books?”

The question was still sitting happily in his inbox, perfectly content. Of course she’d ask about books. Her office was practically a library.

“Yes. He enjoys reading.” Was his response after an hour and 17 minutes. After all, he couldn’t appear as if he only had his phone for entertainment and contact to the outside world on weeks he didn’t have his son.

Her response was immediate. “Books and swans. Perfect! I have a great gift for him then. See you both Saturday!”

Gold frowned. Books and swans, she’d said. He wondered if he should tell her that his son had more than one copy of “The Ugly Duckling.” He wasn’t even sure if his son enjoyed the story anymore. He was about to text back and tell her not to bother with something so trivial. Was it even appropriate for his custody attorney to be getting his son a gift? In the end, though, he only sent back a thank you. Whether it was from lack of courage for fear of angering the woman who controlled the outcome of this ordeal, or from sheer trust of Belle he didn’t know.

He liked to believe it was the former.

“Who are we going to see?” Baelfire asked as Gold helped him out of the car. He re-adjusted the sling his arm was in. The doctor didn’t say he explicitly needed it, but Gold felt a lot better about him having it when they went out.

“Our custody attorney.” Gold said, opening the door of the building for his son and leading him to the elevator. “Her name is Belle French.”

“Why can’t Midas do it?”

His son’s tone was rather bitter, and ahold wondered if Belle’s belief in Bae meeting her had some merit. The elevator came and Gold let his son press the button to Belle’s floor.

“Midas doesn’t specialize in this.” Gold explained. “But he recommended Belle.”

“And she’s gonna make it so I can live with you?”

“She’ll do her best.”

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so I was talking with @gitwrecked about the Space Dad mentality and how rare it is that Shiro gets to have fun like the other Paladins do. A lot of fic and art either assume Shiro’s the responsible character, or leave him out completely while all the Paladins are having fun - and that’s always bugged me, a bit. Shiro so rarely gets a chance to play those games, or make mistakes, or be smol, or be taken care of in any way. In fandom, Shiro’s almost always the Responsible One, whether that’s in charge of the team, assisting with the team’s personal affairs/relationship woes Via the giving of Dad Advice, etc. etc. Even the mentality that back at the Garrison Shiro must’ve been tight-laced, Perfect, and Always Responsible is just…it doesn’t make sense, to me. Considering everything he’s been through, can’t our Shiro be allowed some fun?

Shiro would’ve been a COMPLETE troublemaker back at the Garrison. Hardworking and dedicated, sure, but once he proved himself and climbed up the ranks, so to speak? Kid could get away with ANYTHING. Nobody can keep a straight face quite like Shiro. Nobody knows why there’s always one particular flight-bike returned with just a bit less fuel than the others, nope, no sir. No, nobody knows how the doors to the hangars were left unlocked and a trio of cows slipped in last night. Nope, definitely not. Shirogane? Nope, definitely not involved. What kind of person would think that of Innocent, Responsible Shiro?

Shiro gets away with a lot of stuff like this. Matt only eggs him on, the little troublemaker. The two of them would make SUCH a pair, wreaking havoc, always messing things up, and the worst part is Iverson can NEVER PROVE IT. If Matt has even half the hacking skills of Pidge? Nothing would be safe. The rosters? Weird how Shiro and Matt are always in the same classes. Any type of list? Funny that the mess hall’s serving chocolate cake for dinner for the fourth night in a row, how odd. The simulators? 

Dear lord, the simulators.

Fake missions. Weird Easter Eggs left behind in mission logs, so the freshmen are running these simulations and that’s definitely a duck that just flew past us, sir, how is a duck faster than this ship? Weird loopholes, one set of canyons that definitely loops you back to the beginning just after you exit. Missions with heavy-loss scenarios that light up at the end with a huge message saying APRIL FOOL’S. Just messing with everyone.

Matt, deadpan, as the newbies running the simulation have to fly through a series of caves in a mountain that looks suspiciously like a nose (only access point is through the nostril): It’s my computer programming final, sir. 
Iverson, who didn’t check all the course syllabi: Shirogane, is this true?
Shiro, without batting an eye: Yes sir.]

In addition to the ability to lie their way out of every inquisition, Matt and Shiro are pretty clever at this. They don’t have to lie often because they don’t get caught. They’re extremely cautious, planning tricks weeks or months in advance, well worth taking the time to pull it off well and cover our tracks than it is to get caught and give up the whole game. (I’m not saying they were Weasleys of the Garrison, but.) 

I wonder if this is also one of the reasons Lance looks up to Shiro so much. Picture one night a very young and impressionable Lance sneaking out of his dorm after hours, trying to get a level up by gaining just one extra peek at the simulators (poor bab wants so badly to be fighter class), and in so doing caught the rarest of rare events: Shiro, sneaking out of the simulator programming room.

And Lance doesn’t mean to, but he stumbles right into a trashcan and makes a huge clatter and Shiro’s head whips up and the two of them just stare at each other. Lance’s heart is going a mile a minute, he’s going to get in trouble, that’s Takashi Shirogane, the straight-A Perfect Responsible Top Of His Class Pilot - 

Shiro draws breath. Lance winces, waiting for the reprimand.

“Can you keep a secret?” Shiro asks, and winks.

“Uh,” stutters Lance, floored.

And then the next day Lance is watching the simulator runs with his class, but for whatever reason the Simulator’s infected with some sort of weird bug. Anytime anyone fails at any part of the program the screen rains down confetti on them. Forgot to buckle your seatbelt? CONFETTI. Effed up that landing? CONFETTI. Turning to hurl into the main gearbox- 

“Shirogane,” Iverson growls, “Did you program this run?”

“Must be a glitch, sir,” Shiro says, completely straight-faced.

And Lance is a goner.

I’ve been have such a rough week and with me and daddy being long distance I asked if he could tell me what it would be like when we finally get to spend a day together, and this was his response 💖 I love my daddy to the moon and back 💫 he’s perfect 😍

~please don’t remove my caption 💙

How beautiful is it that not one du'a goes unanswered. There is never a ‘no’ to our du'a’s, but, Allah answers them in three ways;

• He gives you what you asked for

• He delays the response so He can give you something even better than what you asked for

• He stores up the reward for your du'a in the Hereafter

[Narrated by Ahmad, 10749; classed as saheeh by al-Albaani in Mishkaat al-Masaabeeh, 2199]

His response comes at the right time, in the right place and in the most perfect way imaginable.

It was time to do the scene, and Cary said, “George, why don’t we just go ahead? If you don’t like it, we’ll do it again.” So, without a rehearsal or anything, we started the scene. As I was talking, it hit me that I’d had too much to drink. So, as I explained things to Cary, I hiccuped. In answer to the hiccup, Cary said — out of the clear blue sky — “Excuse me.” Well, I sort of said, “Ummm?” It was very difficult for me to keep a straight face, because his ad-libbed response had been so beautifully done … Cary had an almost perfect humor.

- Jimmy Stewart

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Imagine ignis is drunk


  • Nobody can EVER tell when he’s drunk.
  • He looks fine. He talks perfectly well. His words have coherence. He can walk in a straight line just fine.
  • The man looks FINE.
  • He’s going to drink and nothing will change in him, apparently.
  • Not red eyes. No stuttering. No stumbling.
  • Beer, wine, rum…whatever he’s drinking, he does it with style.

  • 10:30

Originally posted by haidaspicciare

  • He knows very well himself when he’s drunk.
  • The problem is that he knows when he’s already drunk; never when he’s halfway there.
  • If you’re Gladio, you’re probably going to notice.
  • If not, you’ll still have to wait for longer.
  • Ignis will start talking more than usual, but nothing extra noticeable.
  • He’s going to start /starting/ conversations; he’s usually answering, but now he’s coming with starters himself.
  • His topics? Politics, literature, music, cooking and Noctis.
  • He’s also going to be less moody.
  • Will start smiling with much for frequency.
  • At some point some random joke will make him laugh as loud as the rest of the crowd/friends gathered.
  • It was not a particularly loud laughter, but he re-notices he wouldn’t have laughed so hard in a normal context but would have rather only smiled.
  • So it hits him like a bullet.
  • He’s drunk.


Originally posted by babyblueeyes1864

  • He starts getting nervous.
  • ‘Have they noticed?’
  • ‘How could I not notice and put a stop before?’
  • ‘I feel so vulgar.’
  • ‘Have they noticed? Have they?’
  • *finger toys with glass while eyes scan the people at the table to analyze whether they’ve noticed or not*
  • ‘They don’t seen to have noticed.’
  • ‘Good.’
  • *is about to sip and stops*
  • ‘OR that’s what THEY want ME to think.’
  • *heavy sigh*
  • ‘These motherfuckers, I KNEW I COULDN’T TRUST THEM.’
  • ‘Somebody’s filming me, I know. Who is it. Is it Crowe. Is it that man. Who is- *heavy breath* who is that mAN WHO ALLOWED HIM HERE WHERE DID HE COME FROM I’M GOING TO FIGHT HIM IF HE’S LOOKING FOR TROUBLE, WHO IS HE.’
  • ‘Right, it’s Nyx, I forgot.’
  • *sips*
  • ‘I should not have done that.’
  • ‘Stop it, Ignis. Only YOU are trustable at the wheel. You must recover your sens-’
  • *sips*
  • ‘Why did I do that.’
  • ‘I’m good. I’m good. I’m just a little altered but if I stop now I will grow out of it by 1 in the morning and I will be back to my usual self.’
  • ….
  • *sips*
  • *looks around again*
  • ‘Have they noticed yet?’
  • Repeats the entire previous train of thoughts, except twice the nervous.
  • He starts panicking.


Originally posted by half-of-me-is-gone

  • ‘And THAT’S how much of a damn GENIUS Oscar Wilde was, gentlemen.’
  • Totally quoted an entire act of of “Lady Windermere’s Fan” BY HEART.
  • “Ignis! Tell us about that one time the prince was hidden under the table during an entire session of Council meeting!”
  • Ignis half-snorts mid-sip but doesn’t spit anything.
  • “IT WAS AMAZING, don’t tell him I said that.”
  • Ignis has the BEST stories to share, both fictional and from real life.
  • He’s so quiet and reserved on a daily basis that it’s strange for him to share things.
  • But for some reason it’s the most reserved and quiet ones who have the best stories.
  • So when the drunk state goes real bad, he tends to gather a crowd around him.
  • He’s just telling stories.
  • No cards, no gambling, no dices, no bets, no games. Just stories.
  • Everyone loves his stories.
  • And if he has none, he’s completely quoting books and threatre scripts.
  • He’s having good laughs.


Originally posted by haidaspicciare

  • He’s not having more good laughs.
  • Some passage of a book he had been quoting got to him.
  • ‘It took him 130 pages, Gladio. How can you write such a passionate, real, extremely intense and still working tragedy in 130 pages? How do you do it, Gladio, HOW?’
  • Ignis excused himself from the table and left as slyly subtle as he always knows how to do, so nobody sees where he leaves to.
  • He still walks and talks just fine.
  • But he’s CLEARLY drunk, no missing this time.
  • Gladio knows where to find him, so he gives him some moments before he has to go find him sat at some staircase, fountain, outside bench, standing at a balcony, or in front of the most corny and dramatic lonely spot of the building/room.
  • Ignis won’t admit it, but he goes full drama when drunk.
  • So ofc he’l look for the most cliché part of the room to dramatically stare to the outside or the sky like a poet or a philosopher.


Originally posted by molarbearr

  • Gladio finds him.
  • Ignis will just start talking about whatever passage got to him as if though it had been a personal experience.
  • ‘Why did she have to die? It was in his hands, it had been his responsibility. She was not perfect, but it was not the right choice.’
  • *exasperated sigh*
  • ‘Why is…the world so cruel, Gladio?’
  • Gladio knows how to deal with this, so he places a hand on Ignis’ back.
  • The man starts crying.
  • Ignis starts crying for real.
  • There’s two outcomes to this (the usual ones):
  • 1. Ignis will stop crying at his time.
  • He’s going to be very embarrassed and he’s going to say ‘I clearly am drunk. Please do ignore me. I feel vulgar and obscene. I don’t want the little dignity I still have left to be crushed. Gladiolus, please do me a favor and drive me home, if I’m not a bother. Have mercy on me.’
  • He’s going to keep the chin up but he’s clearly VERY embarrassed as he heads to the outside, Gladio as guard.
  • 2. Ignis will just continue crying until he’s empty.
  • Gladio, uncomfortable, has to hold him.
  • Not that he doesn’t like Ignis, he’s just not used to Ignis breaking down like this.
  • If it had been a good reason, Gladio would do it for his friend.
  • But he’s really just crying for fictional characters of two centuries ago.
  • So it IS uncomfortable.
  • Ignis will bury his face in Gladio’s chest or shoulder and will cry that “he’s so drunk he’s come to the limits of vulgarity” and that he “can’t cope with this embarrassment. I have no dignity or reputation left.”
  • He’s going to cry more. 
  • He’s going to ask Gladio to walk him to the outside “and drop me in the trashcan, I don’t have any value anymore.”
  • Gladio will carry him piggyback.
  • Ignis won’t even complain because “I have no dignity left, who cares who sees us.”

  • Whichever the outcome, he stays quiet on the whole ride home.
  • Depending on his status, he’s either walking into his apartment himself, apologizing to Gladio, looking angry andembarrassed, then go straight to bed.
  • Or, if he’s in the sad mode, he’s going to stay curled at the backseats of the car and Gladio will have to pull him out either on his feet or having to carry him.
  • Ignis, in that mode, is usually to terrified of himself, too embarrassed to ‘live this life anymore, I can’t, you can’t ask me for that, what kind of second hand and adviser am I when I get like this, I am useless and an unworthy piece of trash’.
  • Ignis will fall dead asleep.
  • He’s a light sleeper, the lightest sleeper in Eos…but when drunk, not even the sound of Gladio snoring from the living room will wake him.
  • And dammit, does Gladio snore. 
  • He handles hangovers like he handles the first stages of getting drunk.
  • Nobody notices he’s hangover.
  • …unless it was pretty bad and he reached past the stages of storytelling and crying.
  • THEN he’ll act like he’s not hangover but he’s going to have this terrible look on his face.
  • He’ll also need a cup of Ebony in his hand, ALL THE DAY, to not kill anyone.
  • You can’t let that cup be empty for more than three minutes, you can’t.

This is drunk Ignis.

He needs protection and love.

2 | Red Skies

WORD COUNT: 2,687 
sorry it’s shorter than usual

warnings: swearing, violence, blood, choking (not in a sexy way) & talk of kidnapping and Stockholm syndrome 

Originally posted by dangerously-jamless

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Two hours, they’d been gone. Two hours, that you’d been left all alone. Most people in your situation would think about leaving, about running away. Not you. Something in your blood told you to stay put. What kind of Stockholm Syndrome was this madness?
Jungkook had let you have full roam of the house, an interesting concept considering only hours beforehand you were their prisoner. Their werewolf prisoner. Even after 120 minutes alone with your thoughts, your mind couldn’t process that you weren’t you any more, that you weren’t human any more. Distracting yourself from the unanswered questions you managed to take a good look at your surroundings. The house itself resembled something from a TV show, the walls were decorated with eccentric wallpaper prints and there wasn’t a spec of dust to be seen in the entire building.

Walking into the brightly coloured lounge area you jumped out of your skin and a piercing scream almost escaped your lips when a man you didn’t recognise stood in the doorway. He looked down at you in surprise, though he didn’t budge an inch. There was no denying he was handsome, apparently a running theme in this household, dark chocolate hair adorned his soft features, his eyes were large and feline like, hiding beneath thick eyelashes and an abundance of negativity.

Who the fuck are you?” He spat as he clasped his hand around your neck, slamming your back into the nearest wall.

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Hi! I came into the fandom in 2015 and I guess I'm a ~Misha Stan~ bc he's great but what are his receipts??? What terrible things has he done?? Like, I've listened to all the crazy things he's done through cons and all but I heard he pretended to be a doctor??? I just... feel like I don't have the same receipts as other misha stans on these things!!! Thank you!!

oh i wouldn’t say “terrible” things necessarily. he’s just open about, like, times when he’s not always the best parent or when he did something stupid. like, when he tells the story about maison saying “i wish for this,” he spends half the story talking about how he was being impatient and ornery with his kids and not appreciating spending time with them during their most formative years. like, he’ll readily admit his downfalls so it’s kind of hard to criticize him for them. 

the pretending to be a doctor thing….is probably the worst thing he’s ever admitted to, so you’re good on that front. the thing about misha is that we know he has a good heart, so most of the crazy stories he tells comes from a place of wanting to do good in the world but being a bit more chaotic than lawful or neutral. 


Ooooh! #36 and #18 with Monty from 13 reasons why please!!

#36- “Of course I remembered, how little faith do you have in me?!” - “Alright, I’ll say I’m sorry when you tell me what you were supposed to remember” - “…Fine I forgot okay!”

#18- “Fuck you” - “If you insist”


“Monty!” You shouted from your room, knowing he would be able to hear you from your downstairs living room. “Yeah!” he shouted back, slowing pushing himself off your couch and over to the stairs, re buttoning his suit and placing one hand on the stair rail, the other on the wall. Waltzing out of your room you struggled to put in your right earring, walking to the edge of the staircase to see him waiting all handsomely at the bottom of it “Did you remember to get what I asked you to pick up from the store?” you questioned, finally pushing in your earring and running back into your room for your heels. You had a family dinner to go to for your parents 25th anniversary and Monty was your date, a very attractive and loving yet forgetful one. His face scrunched up for a moment as you could tell he was trying to think “Montgomery De La Cruz tell me you remembered” you shouted from your room, slipping on your each of your black heels and stomping back to the staircase. “Of course I remembered, how little faith do you have in me?!” He replied, fixing his suit to avoid your death glare. You placed your hand on your hip and raised your right brow “Alright, I’ll say I’m sorry when you tell me what you were supposed to remember. Sound good?” You questioned, waiting oh so patiently for your boyfriend to respond. He looked up to meet your gaze, opening and closing his mouth multiple times before finally responded “…Fine I forgot okay!” he finally responded, a flustered look appearing on his face. You threw your hands up in response, letting out a small scream “Monty” you groaned, making your way down the stairs. He quickly moved out of your way, following behind so closely he nearly stepped on your heel “I’m sorry babe, I can go run to the store now and I’ll be back in ten minutes tops!” he began, trying to come up with a plan to please you. You suddenly stopped causing him to nearly run you over, his hands quickly grasping both of your arms to keep you steady. You tried to stay mad but a small smile broke out as you turned around to face him “No, no, on our way there we’ll stop by a Publix or something” you replied. A small tug of a smile found its way onto his lips as he drew you in closer “I mean maybe this is a sign. A sign that we’re supposed to stay in, put on sweatpants and big t-shirts and have a little fun” he suggested with a wink and a tug at his bottom lip. You rolled your eyes almost instinctively “Fuck you” you responded playfully, humor lacing your voice. He gave a slight shrug of his shoulders and closed the space between the two of you, his hands moving from your arms and wrapping them around your waist, his lips drawing dangerously close to yours “If you insist”. You shook your head in response “You’re pushing your luck De La Cruz” you stated, knowing that if you gave in, the two of you would never make it out the door. He lovingly sighed, pulling you in for a hug instead “I really am sorry babe” he reconciled. You moved your head in response, having it fit perfect between his shoulder and neck “Yeah yeah” you replied teasingly. He pressed a kiss on your shoulder blade, releasing and spinning you “Whose ready to party” he questioned, drawing out the word party. You laughed in response and moved to grab your purse “Let’s go while it’s still their 25th anniversary” you joked, heading towards your front door. “I’ll drive” Monty called out, grabbing his keys off your kitchen counter and running after you. “Alright, but let’s not forget where were going okay?” You questioned teasingly, pinching his cheeks. He moved to open the door for you, leaning against it for support as he pressed a loving kiss on your lips “Yeah yeah” he responded, mocking you from earlier. You grasped his free hand and moved the two of you out of your house, locking the door behind the two of you and moving to his car “You look stunning by the way” he whispered in your ear, sending shivers down your spine. You smiled to yourself glancing up in his direction “Were gonna be the hottest couple there”. He once again opened the door in front of you waiting until you got in, closing it gently behind you and moving to get in on his side “Without a doubt” he responded, placing one hand on the wheel and the other moving to find your hand again, pulling out of your driveway and began heading to the party, and yes you had to remind him to go to the store first, but you didn’t mind, the flustered look that appeared on his face and the words he mumbled under his breath was worth the two of you being thirty minutes late.

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hey there wyrvel, so idk how to start this off but... could you... maybe... explain to me why exactly yamamoto, the good, friendly guy™, is a natural born hitman that's a-okay with murder (according to one of your metas)? like... i really don't get it, which is embarrassing to say because he's my favorite character, but then again i'm only a casual fan. however i adore your meta, so yeah... so if it'd be no problem to youcould you explain how takeshi is cool with murder? bc i really don't get it


I feel like people assume he’s happy-go-lucky, but in the early chapters, Yamamoto has a really sedate, reserved personality. When he interacts with friends, he’s pretty chipper, but if you look at his panels when he’s just observing, he’s pretty…aloof, I guess? He’s usually smiling, but he’s just taking it in. A very “hmmmmmmm B^)” attitude. Even when he’s talking to people, he has a pretty cool, laid-back look.

Yamamoto’s acclimatization to violence is also notable, in that he never had one. He got attacked by yakuza and beach slobs alike, and he’s like “okay! I just have to wreck them with my baseball bat!” with zero transitional logic between that. It just made sense to him? Which is natural for a gag manga, so let’s give that a pass for a second

But in the Kokuyou arc, in his fight with Ken, he had his big revelation…that this is a life-and-death all-or-nothing gang warfare situation, and he, who was already trying to kick Ken’s ass, was like “oh! okay! yeah I’ll get into it now, my bad”. He was informed he needed to change his entire worldview and inflict levels of abuse he’s never performed before and his response is “makes sense”. All the other characters are already Like That - Ryouhei, for example, specifically joined the boxing club because he wanted to get violent in a controlled environment, and that’s still not enough for him - but he’s a regular civilian that just rolled with it.

Yamamoto’s “natural-born hitman” nature is that he easily changes his logic and plans on the fly, is willing to jump to extremes if they’re necessary, has zero problem with accelerating levels of violence, and is innately observant of his surroundings. It’s an indication of his adaptability in the context of the underworld. He’s the character that innovated the most out of all of them - what did he make, like, 6 special moves on top of his existing moveset? That’s pretty advanced, even if you’ve been specifically trained by Reborn.

The ‘Yamamoto is probably super down with murder’ comes from a link from the Future arc, where he cut someone so badly they almost died, seeing them actually get murdered he was like “Yikes! Even I didn’t press that envelope” like Yamamoto…were you willing to?? In just the Varia arc alone you felt bad about letting an assassin badman trying to kill your friends die?? Yamamoto???????

And he was totally willing! Because when he faced off against Daemon, it was specifically with the objective of making Daemon dead. He was angry and frustrated and Daemon not only manipulated his close friends, but victimized his new friends too. And his first response to this is “death is the perfect resolution for this”. This was not his answer for any other situation. He doesn’t think it’s necessary to kill people, and it’s even “not really his thing”, but he was always fully capable of going into murdermode. Accelerating levels of violence is already completely natural to him.

A few links of this are fanon, though, like the [YAMAMOTO INTENSIFIES] where he’s on the edge of the knife eager to receive more information, or that he’s even actively aware of how ready he is to eviscerate people at any one given moment and how odd that is in comparison to the other Guardian’s view of violence. I don’t think Yamamoto even understands that everyone else needs a long process to move their mindset as far as he does in 0.5 seconds, but it’s just more interesting and fun to pretend he does?

Torn [Chapter 4]

Moodboard by my boo @memoiresofaneternaldreamer

Chapter 4 of Torn

Hyung Line Series

Series Genre: AU/Smut/Angst/Fluff

Nerves, that’s all you could feel as you stepped out of the car and walked into your building. Jaebum walked next to you, shoulder to shoulder, in complete silence. Your skin tingled when you felt him slyly slide his hand into yours, interlocking your fingers.

You glanced over at him, smiling shyly as he did the same. His eyes remained forward, he knew if he looked at that gorgeous face of yours, he’d be done for.

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So, I keep thinking about how amajiki is a sucker for kisses, especially on the neck. He low key wants them all the time, but Is WAY too shy for any pda. Could you write a scenario where amajiki and his S/o sneak away from their friends for a while to just "innocently" kiss but it gets a litttttle heated 💗💜 thank you

OooOoOo I absolutely LOVE this boy. He’s as awkward and anti-social as me :’))

As usual, female reader since you didn’t state otherwise. I am very okay with writing other genders and types of readers, but if you don’t specify then this is my default :)

Secret Kisses//Amajiki Tamaki

Why did this always have to happen to him at the worst moments?

Tamaki thought this bitterly to himself, not taking his eyes off of his wonderful partner as she chatted up a storm with Mirio about their last lesson. It was so nice how she got along well with everyone and it warmed his heart to see her in action. Unfortunately for him, however, this also warmed something else….

Maybe it was because of how she licked her lips from talking so much or perhaps just due to the fact that Tamaki found her so irresistible but, for whatever reason, he really wanted to kiss her. He’d love nothing more than to wrap his arms around her and cling to her as he placed loving kisses all over her. His reserved and shy nature was a curse. He didn’t even have the guts to take hold of her hand in times like these.

Once more he saw her tongue dart across those perfect lips and he’d had enough. It was too much.

He cleared his throat, gaining the attention of Mirio and his beloved (Y/N). He gulped. “(Y/N), c-can I talk to you about that thing from earlier?” He asked, using his eyes to silently beg the words that he couldn’t say.

It was as if she read his thoughts because, without any questioning, she instantly agreed. She bid a farewell to Mirio, following after her boyfriend Tamaki. He led her to an old supply room, away from all the peering eyes and judging glances.

Once they were out of earshot, she smirked. “So, whats up?”

His face flushed to a dark red. How could he phrase this without sounding like a complete tool? They’d been together for months and still he didn’t know hwo to initiate their kisses.

“Well I, uh, just was wondering, y’know,” he stuttered, fumbling to find the right words. “Could we maybe kiss?” He blurted out, almost tripping over his words from how fast he had spoke.

Her face softened even though a ghost of a smile was there. She knew how much it took for him to say stuff like this so, no matter how amusing it seemed, she refused to laugh at him. 

With one quick step, she had wrapped her hands around his neck and pulled the slightly taller boy down for a kiss. He was quick to recover from his blissful shock and allowed his hands to rest in their usual spot on either side of her hips. This. This was perfect. It was moments like these, where it was just him and her, all alone with no worries or responsibilities, that he truly appreciated.

Tamaki let his tongue glide across her perfect cherry lips, so warm and smooth to the touch. He felt her lips leave his and was about to protest when he suddenly felt those lips travelling down to his favourite place. As her lips finally reached his neck, he threw his head back. 

“(Y/N),” he moaned softly, feeling himself become even hotter in the enclosed space. She knew that was where he was most sensitive and boy, did she know how to exploit that. 

He felt a smile tug at his lips. If that was how they were playing, then so be it. After all, it wasn’t like she was the only one who knew of sensitive spots…

Bar Stools.

Requested: “  Hi! Do you think that you could write a Graves x Read where the reader is a flapper or a showgirl or a whore or something like that…?”

Requested by: The awesome @this-is-so-not-okay

Warnings: None

Word count: 2302

The night life was the only life you’d ever wanted. It was as if the lights of the city, the sounds of the passing automobiles and club atmosphere made your heart soar.

It was where you came to life.

Where you felt like your life was yours.

But all those nights tended to bleed into one big mess lately. You were struggling to find excitement in your life. You were struggling to figure out where you fit in. Where you needed to go from here, but no amount of time seemed to bring you any satisfaction. Not enough nights working at night could bring you to life.

Not until you saw him.

It had be your (e/c) that had caught his attention when he’d walked into that bar on that particular night. It had been the way they lit up when you danced, when you laughed, when you looked at the world in awe. Despite all you’d been through, all the lonely nights you still looked pure to him.

Untouched by torment.

The torment he knew all too well.

Percival Graves had been dead for years, dead but still living after the events with Grindelwald. It was as if he had died and there was no way to be revived until he saw you. It had been your fifth hour working when he’d strolled in. It was the end of the day for him, and he was surrounded by a few men wearing suits that were almost as impressive as his. You’d looked at him the moment he walked in, as if your eyes were pulled to his.

As if you were destined to find each other.

On that day.

On that night.

You were wearing a red flapper dress with lipstick that was the same shade. Your makeup had withstood hours of dancing, your hair still in place. To him you were the most wonderful thing he’d ever seen. A pretty beacon of hope dressed to the nines.

He watched you closely as you danced, his eyes remaining on you even when you dared to look away. When you found that you couldn’t handle one more moment under his brown eyes. It was as if you were two magnets that were pulsating towards each other. Two pieces desperate for the other.

You had to know his name.

He had to know yours.

So when you headed to break, you found you heal clad feet taking you towards him. Normally you weren’t brave enough to talk to someone as attractive to him, but after a series of bland nights you couldn’t deny yourself the opportunity to seek out the person who had made you feel so much with one look. Heading to the bar you move through the sea of people, your body grazing nameless faces until you reach the one who’s name you desired so deeply.

“Excuse me?”

Your voice whispered. From across the room you’d been much braver, but now, it was hard to look at the handsome stranger and not feel slightly intimidated. But even though you were quiet he still heard you.

Turning to face you his eyes locked with yours slowly, his gaze making you feel like the most important person in the room. He studied your face first before falling over your body, his lips tugging into a faint smirk at the sight of your red dress up close. He’d admired you from afar, but up close you were more perfect than he could’ve ever hoped for.

“My name is Percival Graves…”

He states looking at you, his smile widening when he answers your question before you even had the chance to utter it.

“… What’s yours?”

The question is simple enough, but it feels complicated all of a sudden. His gaze seems to fluster you for a moment, his handsome face suddenly more intimidating than it was before. Blinking a few times you force your brain to work and your mouth to move.


You whisper in response your hand extending out to shake his before you have the chance to think better of it. The man in front of you, the man who called himself Percival Graves, was one you’d heard all about. You might not work for Macusa, but every wizard in New York had heard about the disappearance of Percival Graves. And looking at him now you wonder how you didn’t recognize him before you’d said anything to him.

“What a lovely name for a lovely girl.”

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Stop picking on Rodney!! His responses are awesome! He has the perfect combination of snark and sarcasm, backed by his take-no-shit attitude. -- Rodney, you're an awesome mod. Please don't listen to the naysayers, and please keep posting your stories. They are hilarious, and I love reading them. Keep up the good work! 😊

Thank you. ❤️


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How in what way was Takumi a great sibling? He was worse as Garon!

Man, not to sound rude (sorry if I do, I just really love Takumi) but do y’all Takumi haters really just play Conquest and go “well that’s clearly Takumi’s personality, I hate him” (despite the fact that he becomes like.. possessed and obsessed with vengeance over his dead mother) and like ignore him in the other two games cause I’m genuinely confused. You can hate any character you want but you all act like he’s the devil. Maybe take some time to read his supports?? Have you read his supports?? And no not like two supports, more than just a few to really understand his character?

I’m gonna make this a read more since it will probably be lengthy but it’s worth a read if you despise Takumi without actually getting to know more about his character instead of basing it off of what you saw in Conquest.

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hiii guys! Um, so I forgot this existed so yeaaaa Its just a short excuse for smut really, that’s about it. enjoy? 

A/n: Rinn are somewhere in their 20′s (can’t remember all the details I had for this fic so just pick what you like xD)

Forever tag list:  @nemo-miraclegrow-blog grow @areyousad8118@thisissomefreshbullshit @luckyemcee@mmfdiaryfan @murderyoursoul @kristicallahan  @irish-girl-84  @sey77@bebelievelive @justagirlnamedkayla @i-love-mmfd@anitavalija @stephlostctrl @milymargot@busstop @pink-royaute@lolflash @youmehellofarollercoasterride@curvygirlonabudget @inneedofamoralcompass @paleasalabaster@mmfdfanfic @mallyallyandra@lethallylauren @finnleysraemundo@pissingonursoul @losingpudge @bitchy-broken @audisodd@audisodd @darlingdiver @fantasticab @celestev31 @rinncincin@tinakegg @ducky17 @katywright340 @bitcheslovebeck@raernundo @nutinanutshell @cant-getno-sleep @courtkismet@omgbananasnailus @i-dream-of-emus @guyoverboard@anglophileyoungblood @swooningfangirl @bitchesbecrazy89@chrryblsms @girlwithafoxhat @annemarieted @sammylbc@sarahlouise88ni @how-ardently @idontliketalkingtoanybody@mmfdblog @phoenixflower413 @penguinsandbowties@fizzezlikecherrycola @fangirlwithoutshame @africancreativity@alyssaloca @llexis @thatfunnygirllauren @cheersmedear@14000romances @rred87 @nirvanalove27 @takenbyatree @im-an-emu @shashaaussi @mirandasmadeofstone @lililuvlight @flxwxry@slitherouter @saracasm25 @becauseyouarestrong @malvaloca93@happyfrasers @vmellow @scumothaearff @wandering-soul-7@hewittgolightly @emmatationsforall@ninjarunningzico @arcticoasisboy @milllott @rafaellabnery @endemictoearth @blackfeministagenda @queenasfuccck @lilaviolet@dianasaurousrexxx @kathhumphreysx @eighty-sixcharlie@flirtmcgirt @nenita1978 @crystalgiddings1993 @girl-looking-out-window @facephase @blobwithagob @freyasfrench @freyasfrench@borntochaos@likeashootingstarfades @isthistherightwayround@toseeyou-again @emu4ever @carpe-libris @voodoomarie@keisernerosmom @you-are-world-class-i-mean-that@cosiquellocheora  @protectfinnnelson  @stinemarine @rhi3915@lovinglifeandlivinglove @caitlinmaddyx  @lizzylizard84@redprairielily @look-how-they-shine-love  @annaplantain@everythingilove-blog @lau-vm @absolutelynotnico @mmfdftw@kingbeeyonce @chelsealorine @jackiewalsh2013 @karinskyme@spreadsomepositivity @justthegoodgirlsreject @tipsylou84@towongfu2 @lily-pop-2 @fuck-sewing-machine @parisgirly93@raeonashadowcaster @rockinthebeastmode @servethecitymke@eveerez  (@arathewallflower did you wanna be tagged I can’t remember? lol)  @hey1tskat1e as always please let me know if you would like to be added or removed. xD


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God knows all things. He knows whom we’ll marry before we meet him or her. But that doesn’t mean our task is to discover what He already knows or worry that we might miss His perfect plan. Our responsibility is to love Him, study His word, deepen our relationship with Him, and learn to evaluate our choices in light of biblical wisdom. If we’re doing these things, we can make our decisions in the confidence that we aren’t somehow missing God’s will.
—  Joshua Harris, Boy Meets Girl

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IMAGINE... Little boy crying because someone yelled at him and his mother for wearing a tutu. Spidey passes by and notices, and he goes to a nearby shop, buys a tutu, puts it on, and get right in front of the person yelling. "I'm sorry sir, may I ask you a question? Does this tutu make my butt look big?" He twirls and shows it off and the boy yells "You look perfect!" And Spidey's all "Thanks little buddy, yours is awesome too!"

Superheroes protecting kids is everything to me