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Summary: Jughead reflects on why the road trip with Archie meant so much to him; and when his deep, dark secret is exposed, he doesn’t know what to do.


Frankly, Jughead knew, deep inside him somewhere (even though it was probably buried so deep, it would have to be excavated), that Archie didn’t mean it. The redhead didn’t mean to leave his best friend waiting for three hours at the spot they’d meant to have met, instead opting to text him with five words- “Sorry Jug, can’t make it.”

To others, it seemed like such a small thing to stop talking about- one cancelled road trip, but to Jughead, it was going to mark a pivotal moment.

The moment when he’d tell his best friend, the one he can trust with everything, that no, Jughead currently didn’t have a home- only an excuse of one. He’d been debating whether to tell Archie, let alone his friends, for weeks, but had only now decided to accept that his living situation was just shitty and he needed help.

But of course, Archie didn’t show up, which just reiterated the doubt that had always lingered at the back of Jughead’s mind- what Archie was to him, he wasn’t to Archie.

What was so incredibly frustrating was that now, Jughead couldn’t tell anyone else. Even if he’d wanted to, when Archie drifted away, so did Betty, who was devoted to him. Who did he have to turn to now?

As he sat in the lunchroom if Riverdale High, blasting ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ through his earphones, his shoulders slumped.

Maybe he was talking to Archie, and consequently Betty, now, their friendship wasn’t what it used to be before.

And when Jughead found out later that Archie ditched their road trip so that he could ‘do the do’ with that pedophilic teacher on July 4th, Jughead couldn’t help but feel resentment boil inside him.

This is what their years spent hanging together in treehouses and sneaking behind their parent’s backs meant to him?

Therefore, Jughead couldn’t bring himself to admit that now, with the drive-on closing, he really might have no one to turn to.

Ignoring the strange sensation in his chest-sadness, if he wasn’t mistaken, he increased the volume of ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’, tuning out the din of the lunchroom, choosing instead, to focus on the titillating harmonies as his fingers tapped on his keyboard.


There were times, times like these, when Jughead truly hated Cheryl Blossom. No, despised her, and what she embodied- the rich bitch who could definitely not be trusted.

Yes, bad things had happened to her. Yes, her twin brother had been murdered. Yes, the murderer was still, in all likeliness, galavanting around Riverdale, and yes, all she could do was wait.

That still gave her no excuse to do what she was currently doing.

Phone in hand, evidence of what she was letting the rest of the biology class know -he didn’t know how Prof. Phylum could deal with her at all- that Jughead was hiding a deep, dark secret.

“We have a Serpent in our midst.” She said, turning around and shoving her phone in Jughead’s face. There it was. A picture of Jughead and his dad talking, that terrible day when he’d moved out of the driveway and into his father’s despicable house.

“And if those of you haven’t realised from this picture, it’s Jughead Jones, Riverdale’s resident writer.” With a smirk, Cheryl flipped her hair to one side and sat down.

Jughead put his head in his hands. If Betty, Veronica, and Archie weren’t there, then Jughead’s wouldn’t really have cared.

But they were, they were there, currently looking at Jughead with betrayal, hurt and disbelief on their faces.

Jughead put his head in his hands.

“Alright, class, enough.” Phylum said, only after regarding Jughead with disdain. “Back to dissection. The stomach…”

Jughead tuned out. What was once comfortable silence turned unconformable. He was ashamed, yes, and would give up nearly anything on the Earth’s surface not to be affiliated with his father, but right now, what choice did he have? His secret was out in the open, and there was nowhere for Jughead to run.

The Serpents… So what if the school found out? It was his friends that he was worried about.

He dared not to turn around and look at Archie’s expression, or Betty’s. He didn’t even bother thinking about Cheryl’s satisfied smirk.

Shit. They were going to find out that he had been homeless soon enough. They were going to raise questions about Jellybean, his mom, his entire life…. They were going to realise why’d he’d been so worked up about the Drive In shutting down.

Jughead was an outsider. Even though he pretended to be fine with it, he wasn’t.

After the pep rally, when he’d made up with Archie, he’d experienced a taste of something he’d been longing for- contentment.

Being homeless- those months were encompassed with loneliness- but hanging out with the gang at Pop’s- that was his ambrosia.

Now it was probably all gone.

When the bell rung, he didn’t bother waiting for his friends and made his way straight to the door, not making eye contact with anyone. Until Cheryl stood in front of him- hands on her hips, her ruby red lips angled upwards.

Neither said anything, but Jughead looked up and gave her the fiercest, deepest and most hatred-filled glare he could muster, gaining some satisfaction when the cheerleader shrunk back ever so slightly.

Ignoring her, he walked out the door into the hallway, paying no heed to the calls of Betty, Archie and Veronica.

It was like those cliché high school scenes- everyone turning towards him, whispers of serpents and secrets exchanged between them, hasty glares.

Honestly, he didn’t know what he was trying to achieve, running away from the blonde, redhead and brunette chasing after him. They were going to corner him eventually. When he realised this, he abruptly turned.

They almost crashed into him, taken aback. Betty looked at him. “Let’s take this somewhere else.”

She turned around, and Jughead followed.


“Juggie, what’s going on?” Betty asked, taking Jughead by surprise when he saw concern on her face.

“We want to hear it from you, not Cheryl.” Archie added.

All four of them sat at Pop’s, Biology having been the last period that day, and they’d conveniently forced Jughead into a corner booth, so he couldn’t boot.

Jughead sighed. What’s there to lose?

And so, he poured his heart out. He told them how his father had joined the notorious gang earlier that year, and how his mother had left a week later, unable to resolve her conflict with his dad, taking his dear Jellybean with her.

He talked about how he’d wanted nothing to do with his dad, even though he had no other choice. He spoke about the things he’d seen from his limited proximity to the gang- theft, assault, looting, pillaging, and that was just what he knew.

He told them how he’d stayed on his dad’s side at first, after being led to believe that this was the only option to get them out of the debt their parents were falling into. When Fred Andrews fired his dad, Jughead had naively believed that his dad could do only good.

His hatred began when he’d overheard the Serpents talking- and found out that his father had been feeding him pure lies.

So then, he’d moved out. He had discovered the Drive In- perfect for a temporary shelter. He’d even got a job there, which made it all the more suitable.

At some point, his father had come there and tried to reconcile- and Jughead had accepted. Now, whenever they encountered each other, Jughead tried to forget all the terrible things his father had done.

Jughead spoke about how devastated he’d been when the Drive In shut down. He’d said that it was almost his home- if only they’d known how literal he had been.

Those Twilight months were the lonely ones, he said, without even the company of his little sister to help pacify him. Now all contact he had to Jellybean was through a payphone near Twilight.

After Twilight shut down, Jughead had tried to find accommodation somewhere, but to no avail. Last week, he’d moved back into his father’s hovel, trying to spend as less time there are possible. His father tended to get drunk late in the night, and though nothing had been inflicted upon Jughead yet, he was not eager to stay.

But right now, he wasn’t spoilt for choices.

He ended his explanation with an “I’m sorry.” And waited.

Betty, sitting near him, looked at him, tears in her eyes and just hugged him.

Veronica, sitting across from him, grabbed his hand, and Archie said, “Jughead…”

Honestly, Jughead expected them to be angry.

“Why didn’t you tell us?” Betty asked, hand on his shoulder.

“I don’t know. You guys were busy…”

“Bullshit.” Betty’s eyes narrowed. “Jughead, you’ve been through so much already, and you clearly needed help. We would’ve done everything we could! Right, Arch?”

Archie looked slightly guilty at failing to notice what his best friend had been going through all these months. “Definitely.” He said, and leaned forward. “Jughead, if you need a place to stay…”

Months of tension had finally been released, relief coursing through Jughead’s veins. A tear trickled down his smiling face, only encouraging Betty’s tears to fall and Archie’s eyes to water. Veronica massaged Jughead’s hand.

“Yes.” Jughead accepted. Yes, his family was still torn apart, and yes, his father still engaged in abominable activities in a very violent gang, but right now, Jughead could rest.

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Hii!!! I absolutely love your blog. Is my favorite one of Riverdale. If you're still taking prompts, I thought of a great one. Betty and Jug are best friends but both have it bad for each other but they don't know how the other feels. So one night they have a halloween party and Betty goes as she was in 1.03 and Jug (however you want but shirtless) and they're both shocked, especially Jug. They start flirting with each other until they realize they are more than friends.

Yes yes yes! I love this one.

It came as no surprise to anyone that Halloween was Jughead Jones favorite holiday, the one day a year he could be as dark and mysterious as he wanted and it was deemed socially acceptable, not that he cared what his peers thought of him, but sometimes it was easier to fly under the radar.

Speaking of Halloween, his redheaded best friend was currently trying his absolute hardest to convince Jughead to go to some Halloween party at the blossom mansion.

“Come on dude, it’ll be awesome. You love all that spooky stuff, I’m sure you can find something to creep on in that huge mansion! You’ve gotta come dude, it’s like.. a right of passage.” Archie pleaded, playfully punching Jugheads shoulder.
Jughead just rolled his eyes at his friend
“I see no appeal in hanging around a bunch of drunk and rowdy football players and half naked cheerleaders.”

“Did someone mention drunk cheerleaders?” Veronica said as she, Betty and Kevin dropped their trays at the lunch table, Betty taking her usual spot next to Jughead and shooting him her most excited smile.
“Are you guys talking about the blossoms Halloween party tonight? I can’t wait! What are you going as juggie? Just wait til you see my costume it’s a little crazy!”

He caught Archie’s eyes from across the table and he was actually smirking, he knew exactly what was about to happen
“Well actually Jughead has decided not too….”
Archie was abruptly cut off when Jughead kicked him from under the table finishing off the sentence
“Tell anyone what I’m going as, I decided I’m gonna keep it a surprise, ya know ‘tis the season of mystery and all that.” He finished lamely.
Archie snorted and jughead shot him a glare.
It was physically impossible for Jughead to say no to Betty and he sure as hell wasn’t about to disappoint her or let her down. She was his best friend after all, well after Archie of course.

Betty nodded understandingly
“I get that, well in that case I can’t tell you what I’m being! It’ll be a suprise for both of us!”

Kevin was staring at Jughead with a knowing smile and it made Jugheads skin tingle “what is it Keller?”

He just shrugged his shoulders still smiling
“Oh nothing. I just can’t wait for you to see Betty’s costume is all.”

Jughead felt the dark presence before he saw her. Cheryl blossom. How she had become part of this group was beyond him, but everyone else tolerated her so he just sucked it up.
She squeezed her ridiculously skinny self in between Kevin and Veronica and flipped her red hair directly into Kevin’s face.
“I’m sure Betty will look absolutely… darling, but wait until you guys see my costume. Veronica tell them how amazing my devil costume is.”
Jughead snorted and mumbled “how appropriate” under his breath, smiling when he heard the blonde beside him giggle.

Veronica rolled her eyes, “it’s a pretty banging costume, but it’s nothing compared to my cat woman costume, Josie actually helped me get it together. I told her I have to become an official member of the pussycats now.”

They went on to argue about who was going to look better before the final bell rang, pulling everyone apart and setting them off in separate directions. Jughead and Betty were headed the same way and she poked his side

“I didn’t take you for a Halloween party guy, don’t get my wrong I’m totally excited that you’re going, I would pretty much die without you but I figured you would rather be at home watching all the remakes of Friday the 13”
Actually he had planned on watching the Blair witch project first, but she knew him too well.

“It’s good to expand your horizons, figure one party won’t kill me, plus I get to see you in whatever silly costume you decide to wear.” He shoved her gently as she giggled
“Oh it’s silly alright.”

The rest of the day went by far too quick, Jughead was nervous about going to the blossoms, he had never been to a party let alone dressed the way he was. He stared into the mirror in Archie’s room. Said boy standing beside him dressed in army pants and some face paint, dog tags hanging over his bare chest. Archie had insisted they both go shirtless, it had been funny at the time but now? Not so much.

Staring into the mirror he sighed

He had on bright red suspenders pulled around his naked torso, connected to pretty low slung jeans, the bright yellow construction hat was placed on top of his head in place of his crown beanie and he was holding a hammer. He knew his body wasn’t In horrible shape, working at Fred’s construction over the summer had bulked him up and Betty was always squeezing his arms appreciatively underneath his tshirts. He knew Betty would love this costume, she would appreciate the irony of the wholesome facade. So maybe that’s why he agreed to wear this dumb outfit, Betty was always there in the back of his mind, why? Well he had no clue about that one.

“Ready to go?” Archie said from the door swinging his car keys.

Taking one final look into the mirror, Jughead shook his head, following the soldier to battle.

The party was loud and it was crowded, girls in lingerie were clinging to boys in basketball jerseys and boys in just underwear. He didn’t feel so bad about his toplessness now.

“Yo! Jug! Do you see the girls anywhere? I promised Ronnie the first dance!” Archie shouted over the thumping music and screaming guests.

Jughead just shook his head, wincing as someone dropped a red solo cup at his feet.

Kevin was the first to find them, he was already a little tipsy as he clung to Jughead
“Have you seen her yet?! Total smoke show am I right?!”
Jughead looked down at him confused
“What are you talking about?”
Kevin looked to his side and his smile got even dopier as he pointed a finger

Following his hand, Jughead nearly dropped the boy to the ground.

Walking towards them, almost in slow motion was Betty and Veronica. Veronica was dressed in a ridiculously tight black latex suit and cat ears but she could have been wearing a full transformers suit and he wouldn’t have noticed his eyes were drawn to the girl standing beside her.

Betty Cooper was not Betty Cooper, she was something else entirely. Her long blonde hair was tucked away into a short black bob that accentuated her high cheek bones and rosy pink cheeks, she was wearing no top at all just a black lacy bra and a tiny little black skirt, her long tan legs were bare only lacy garters topping her thighs, the sky high black stilettos made her ankles look even tinier and her lips were covered in ruby red lipstick while her bright green eyes were lined with black, her long eyelashes heavy.
As she approached the three boys she bared her teeth, revealing realistic looking plastic fangs.

Veronica instantly grabbed onto Archie’s hand and pulled him away “first dance! You promised.” He was only happy to oblige following her leather clad booty.

Betty wasn’t speaking, her fiery green eyes trained on his bare chest occasionally alternating to his exposed arms. He couldnt say anything he wasn’t speaking either, having her this close he had a much better look at her ample chest in her barely their bra.

“Earth to bughead? As fun as it is to see you two ogle each other you might wanna move out of the middle of the floor!” Kevin shook them both out of their staring contest, Betty blushing bright pink as Jughead rubbed the back of his neck.

Putting his hand on her lower back he brought his lips to her ear so she could hear him over the music “wanna get a drink?” He asked
She nodded a little dazed by his proximity

As soon as they reached the kitchen and he handed her a beer, she was grinning
“I love your costume, who are you supposed to be Archie Andrews?”

He laughed out loud “well who wouldn’t want to be Archie Andrews? Americas golden boy, football captain, every girl in the world wants him. I could only dream of being such a guy.” He put his hand over his heart, fake swooning.

Betty laughed before looking down and playing with the top of her beer bottle
“Well just for the record. I would take Jughead jones over Archie Andrews any day.” She smiled at him.

He felt his cheeks heat and he couldn’t keep the smile off of his face. “So a vampire huh? What inspired this little number?” He reached a hand out to tug on her wig.
She shrugged smiling

“I like it, it’s dark and mysterious and fun! It’s what I wish I could be, ya know minus the black hair. I kinda like my blonde hair!” She giggled

Jughead tugged on her hand, pulling her closer to him “well for the record.” He smiled imitating her previous declaration “you are fun. and you’ve always been a mystery to me Betty cooper.” They both vaguely realized how close they had gotten. And Betty whispered inches away from his lips, smirking
“So you don’t like the costume?”
He laughed out loud and brought his lips to hers
“Oh no I love the costume.”

Then they were kissing. It was everything he never knew he needed. Her body fit perfectly into his and the way she nibbled on his bottom lip, sent him into another world. She tasted like strawberries and beer. His new favorite combination. Pulling away he smiled at the sound of her whimper.

Finally opening her eyes she raised a perfect brow
“I thought we were just friends Jughead Jones?” She grinned evilly.

He wrapped his arm around her shoulder pulling her into his side
“Oh bets, I don’t think we were ever “just friends”

She nodded against his side before turning to him and smiling, holding out her hand
“Okay than on the topic of firsts, how would you like to dance with me?” She was grinning mischievously and he sighed, smiling goofily

He could never say no to Betty Cooper.

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Hi!  I’m a spunky redhead, fifteen, and my friends say I’m very intense.  My interests include archery and taxidermy and long, romantic walks in very secluded areas where there’s no telephones and no one for miles and miles to interrupt us.  Please send me a photo of yourself, your home address, and your hat and neck size (it’s for a surprise!) 

Joe Simon, September - October 1960

Road Trip, a Jarchie one-shot

Summary : Archie invites his best friend Jughead to go on a road trip to Greendale, having bailed on their plans last summer. Two days that did not go as planned when stronger feelings between the pair are revealed. 

Warnings : None.  

Number of words : 777

Taglist : @forever604 @under-dah-sea @riverdalexoxo @milkshakejones love you guys xx :3 

@jasonblossomsghost​ (Orion this is fic is especially for you I hope you’ll enjoy it hun !)

“Dude, are you coming ?” Archie heard his best friend say as he got out of his house, a camping bag on his back. 

The redhead could see his friend at the crown-shaped beanie looking at him, his hands in his pockets. He was standing behind the second-hand car they bought together, a beautiful Jeep that they were both proud of. 

“You got everything ?” Jughead asked as they got in with him driving. 

“Yep” Archie answered as he checked the list. “Yes we got all we need.” 

“I’m trusting you.” 

Archie was looking at the trees that the jeep was passing by, his head against the window. He looked at Jughead who was lost in his thought, observing his fingers on the steering wheel. 

Yes, Jughead was thinking. He was thinking about what that road trip meant to him. It had been a few months since he broke things off with Betty. He liked her, he really did, but he loved someone else. And that someone was the redhead sitting next to him.

“What are you thinking about ?” Archie asked, breaking the silence. 

“Nothing.” The boy answered, as he passed his right hand on the back of his neck. Subtlety wasn’t his thing. 

“Got any news from Betty ?” The redhead added. 

“I think she’s doing fine, why ?” Jughead answered, not really paying attention. 

“Just making conversation.”

“And how are things with Valerie ?” The boy with the beanie asked, looking at his best friend. 

“Val and I broke things off two weeks ago…” 

Jughead cursed himself for feeling happy. “Dude…I’m so sorry.” 

Truth is, Archie did not care. Well, it did care about the fact that he lost a friend and a great co-singer, but his relationship with Valerie had never been passionate love. It was sweet, yes, but sweet just like friends are with each other. 

“Don’t worry about it Jug” Archie replied. 

There was a guy his heart had been faithful to for quite a long time, and maybe now would be the time to make a move as he was turning 17 soon. 

The boy got out of his thoughts as he saw his phone in front of his eyes that Jughead was holding. 

“Wanna put some music ?” He asked with a smirk. 

Archie smiled back. “Sure thing.”

“It won’t be long before we get to the camp though.” Jughead cared to mention.

And indeed, the boys were at the Greendale Camp ten minutes later. It was in the middle of the woods and Jughead and Archie quickly made up their tent so they could relax before preparing their supper. 

“Soo” Jughead said, uncomfortable. “What should we do now ?”

The red haired boy smiled to his friend as he got out of his camping bag a bottle of vodka. Jughead shook his head, amused. 

“Aall riight.” Said Jughead, smiling stupidly. “Never have I ever checked out boys.” 

Both of the boys drank a bit of vodka and chuckled. 

“Seriously Juggie ?” Archie asked as he blushed. 

“Don’t look at me like that you did it too !”  

“Fair enough…” The boy replied. “Okay never have I ever had a crush on a childhood friend.” 

As both Archie and Jughead took some vodka, the boy with beanie raised an eyebrow.

“What ?” Archie asked.

“I didn’t know you had a crush on Betty, I thought you never liked her that way.” Jughead simply said, tipsy. 

“Yeah cause it’s not –”

But Archie cut his sentence short. He was not prepared for his best friend to know. But it was too late now and it felt like he couldn’t stop himself. 

“it’s not her you were crushing on ?” Jughead finished the sentence. 

Archie nodded and looked at this best friend. Both of them were silent for a few seconds before their lips met. The boy at the beanie instantly felt dizzy as he realized he was kissing Archie Andrews, his long-time crush but also his best friend since they were two years old. Archie left out a soft moan as his tongue met Jughead’s. It was crazy, completely crazy and it felt like it was a dream for them both. 


As Jughead and Archie parted and looked at each other, they felt sober and in love. The redhead gently removed his friend’s beanie as he discovered his hair as dark as coal and as he passed his fingers in it, he could feel Jughead pressing his hand against the boy’s cheek. 

“I love you..” Jughead risked himself to say. 

Archie let air out of his lungs and, with sparks in his eyes, he answered “I love you too.” 

Jerome Valeska - Captivated Crazy Pt 2

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(y/n) = Your name

It had been a few weeks since Y/N had been released from solitary confinement and she had already clawed her way to the top of the food chain through association. Barbara, as it turned out, was quite cosy with the millionaire serial killer, Richard Sionis. She had to admit, the blonde was smart, Barbara had effectively manipulated Sionis’ affections, and she had basically turned this hellhole into something almost liveable. Not that Y/N herself wasn’t reaping the benefits of her new friendship group, the food was far better and the company actually made waking up every morning worthwhile. Sure, the asylum was boring, but the occasional fights and hilarious jokes supplied by Jerome made her feel sane.

It was true that Y/N had grown very close to her insane redheaded friend over the weeks, his comical personality and violent behaviour drew her to him, being so complimentary to her own outlook on life. There was only one member of the group who she loathed with a passion. Robert Greenwood. It was probably due to the way he salivated whenever she was in his presence. But, if she clenched her jaw and ignored him completely, she could tolerate his existence and actually have a good time.

And that is how she was enjoying herself at the present, sitting, cross legged on the cafeteria table, playing slapsies with an over exited Dobkins, whilst the infuriating ginger took every opportunity to graze his arms against her leg, poorly acting as if he were simply readjusting his hands on the plastic table top. Over the weeks, Y/N had noticed that her friend seemed to go out of his way to grab her attention. Not that she minded much, she always had the most fun when he was around.

From somewhere behind her, she heard Barbara sigh loudly, lounged across Sionis’ lap, having her toenails meticulously painted by Helzinger.

“I’m bored,” she deadpanned, “Someone tell me a funny story.”

Sionis, ever the centre of attention, spoke up, “I have a good one, so when I was is college, I played for the varsity polo team…I had a string of ponies”

Y/N chuckled; she could almost hear Jerome’s eyes rolling dramatically beside her, and was about to make a wildly inappropriate comment about where Sionis could shove his ponies, before she was interrupted,

“Greetings, I am Zardon, the Soul Reaper!” a heavy, greasy man announced as he stumbled into the room, causing everyone to pause briefly, before resuming their conversations,

“And the maître d’ says, ‘you can’t bring them in here’”, Y/N lent down to Jerome, whispering,

“Its people like Lord Zardon over there that should be in these stripes, we’re obviously not crazy compared to him.” The ginger nodded enthusiastically, resting one his chin on one hand, looking up at you,

“I couldn’t agree with you more, doll fa-.”

“Hear me slaves my patience is wearing thin, surrender your soul to my mercy or, I swear by the Master, I shall feast on your pain, I shall gorge on your torment, I shall crush you like a bug.” And then, the fat, bald man collapse onto the table he was standing on, hacking coughs erupting from his chest.  

Y/N’s eyes grew wide, “Do you think he’s going to choke to death?” she asked, perking up considerably at the sight of the dying man, enjoying the view of his pasty skin gradually turning purple as he sputtered desperately on the  table top. Jerome began laughing maniacally at her comment as Dobkins bounced in his seat and clapped his hands together excitedly,

“I sure hope so, doll.”

Suddenly, the man halted his struggles, his body relaxing as a thick blue gas seeped out of the corpses mouth. Acting on instinct, Y/N dropped to the floor as chaos erupted around her. She may have been crazy, but Y/N was smart, smart enough to realise that the gas wasn’t falling past knee level. Through the throng of stampeding feet, Y/N crawled on her stomach to the furthest corner of the room, pushing herself away from the fumes as fast as possible. A heavy body collapsed over her leg but, with a swift kick to the head, the unconscious heap rolled off of her, giving Y/N enough room to force her head between the barred and locked doors of the cafeteria.

As the gas dissipated, Y/N spotted dark figures approaching the room, armed with guns and shooting any guard that approached them. A strained smile stretched across Y/N’s face as she watched the strangers enter the opposite end of the room. They seemed to be searching for specific people through the web of comatose bodies. A dark skinned woman, who Y/N presumed was in charge, pointed wordlessly at Dobkins and nodded, which prompted one of the men with her to heave him carelessly over his shoulder and leave the room.

It became quite apparent to Y/N that she was on the list of abductees when she felt three pairs of rough hands seize her. Shaking her head quickly to clear herself of the fumes she inhaled, Y/N’s right hand shot out. With a little gurgle, one of the men staggered backward, clutching at his bruised throat. A sudden gush of pain jolted throughout Y/N’s body. As her threat to life became more obvious, more and more assailants joined in securing her, her stomach ached, and legs began to weaken. Bruised and winded, with a leg in agony, Y/N’s head swung forwards with the force of the butt of a gun. With her tongue soaked with the taste of blood, Y/N felt herself shoved into something, before she descended into darkness.

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Just a piece of paper

I wrote this one-shot in response to my sister’s engagement and the way she handled some things while planning her wedding. It actually shows my point of view on marriage and wedding that has only been reinforced since my sister got engaged. Since literature is the best way to think about those things, I figured why not voice my opinion through my favorite characters?

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“Ollie, I need to apologize.”

His best friend put his arms around his shoulders and pulled him close, so the smell of beer on Tommy’s breath met him right in the face. Oliver turned his eyes from the redheaded stripper to his slightly drunk friend. He quickly drank the rest of the beer in his glass and perked up his eyebrows.

“Apologize for what?” Oliver asked.

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Telling Them (Simon x Reader) Imagine

“Watch him” Jace said as he shoved a boy towards you.
“Why do I have to look after him” you shouted but Jace was already gone. He just had to go and make you the babysitter once again. Couldn’t Jace just watch one of them this time.
“And you are?” You questioned looking at the brunette haired boy in front of you.
“Who are you?” He questioned back looking down at you.
“I asked first” you sassed.
“I’m Simon Lewis Clary’s best friend” he said proudly as he crossed his arms.
“Oh your the redhead girl friend” you said as you turn around and went back to putting your swords away.
“Yes I am and you are again?” He asked looking at all the weapons.
“I’m Y/N Lightwood” you said back.
“There’s more of you” he screamed then he fainted onto the floor. You wonder why that was such a bad thing.
“Ugh” you huffed as you picked him up off the floor and lay him on the couch so you could leave to go get him a ice pack for his now bruise head.

  That was months ago and now everything has changed. You ended up looking after Simon more times then you could count even thou he was older then you so it should of been the other way around. During that time you guys got to know each other well which lead to you two to fall in love. That is what led you here in one of the institute many rooms waiting on your siblings to arrived. You and Simon have been sneaking around behind their back for a while now and you both agree that it was time to tell them. While you sat on the couch, Simon was pacing around the room nervous wondering what your older brother was going to do to him when he found out the news.
“Would you calm down, your going to be fine Simon” You told him
“I don’t think I can calm down in a place full of weapons” he responded
“Yeah but the last time I checked there’s no stake to put through your heart”
“You sure know how to calm me down babe” Simon said sarcastically. You got up from the couch and made your way over to him. When you stood in front of him you put both of your hands on his shoulders.
“Hey look at me” you said. Simon turn to look you in the eyes
“You are going to be fine, Alec would never do anything to hurt me and hurting you would break me” You lightly kissed his check and made your way back over to the couch. That calmed Simon down just a little bit.
“Y/N what did you have to tell us?” Isabelle asked as her and Alec enter the room.
“What is the vampire doing here?” Alec questioned the minute he laid eyes on him
“He part of what I wanted to tell you” You answered. In matter of seconds It click in Isabelle mind what was happening here, she had her suspicions from the start.
“I’m so happy for you” Izzy screamed as she ran up to hug you.
“Thank you” you whisper. Alec stood there looking like a lost puppy, he still have no idea what going on.
“Someone want to explain what’s going?”
“Umm I’m dating your little sister” Simon spoke quietly
“YOUR WHAT” Alec shouted as he now stood in front of Simon. You knew that Alec must be giving him a look that could kill even thou you couldn’t see his face.
“Please don’t kill me” Simon whisper covering him face waiting for impact but it never came. He slowly moved his hand away from his face and saw Alec walking away!from him.
“You know for a vampire your weak.” Alec told him laughing as he stood by yours and Izzy sides.
“Hey I’m only newly turned” Simon said pouting.
“I won’t kill you vampire unless you hurt my sister so don’t, that’s the only warning I’m giving you.”
“I don’t plan on it she makes me feel alive even thou I’m dead” Simon said while smiling.
“Aww” Izzy said while Alex just rolled his eyes. You just stood with blush creeping up on your cheeks.

  “Are you happy?” Someone asked, you looked up from the book you were reading and saw your older brother Alec leaning against the door frame. You knew he was talking about you and Simon. All Alec ever wanted for his sisters were for them to be happy in their life no matter what, he knew that if that happened his job as a big brother was complete.
“I don’t think I ever been this happy” you said as you put your book down, thinking of Simon smile and personality. No one could make you laugh like he could. “There’s no words to explain how happy I feel when I’m around him” Alec looked at you pleased and said “Okay I fully approve of it but just no sucking each other faces off like Clary and Jace do all of the time in front of me” You laugh “Don’t worry about it, I don’t plan on doing that”
“One more thing before I go. If he’s ever treats you like shit tell me so I can kick his ass” Alec said as he turn and walked out of your room. You were happy that your siblings were fine with you and Simon being together. Next you had to tell Clary and your parents and you knew none of them would be as accepting. So let the real journey begin.

Never Knew I Needed

Kageyama is used to seeing things nobody else sees, and that’s the only reason he doesn’t jump at seeing the redhead boy sitting at his friend’s counter This is my gift for @stressedmelon as part of @hqexchange

I’m sorry this took so long, college has been a little bit wild this past couple of weeks. I really hope you enjoy it!

Pairing: Hinata Shouyou/Kageyama Tobio

Summary: Kageyama is used to seeing things nobody else sees, and that’s the only reason he doesn’t jump at seeing the redhead boy sitting at his friend’s counter


the multiverse theory: an examination

gift for @poppypomfrey

A/N: This one’s for Ellie! Hi Ellie, I hope you enjoy it!

In every world, he goes to school bright, ready and yearning for Gryffindor. In some worlds, he meets a redhead and her friend on the train and makes his very first enemy. In other worlds, he meets three boys who will become his roommates. In some worlds, he meets none of them, grows up lonely and afraid in the shadows of boys who call themselves great, who gallop off to fight a war before they are ready. In other worlds, he is one of those boys.

In this one, things are different.

He goes off to school at eleven, meets a nice girl and her not so nice friend, and meets those boys. They make a string of bad decisions, and then a long run of good ones. In this world, there is no war. There are no Orders to join, just people to protect and defend, like in every world. There is no immediate threat, no lists of lost names in the paper, and no blood staining the earth.

In this world, he becomes a healer like his mother and grandmother before him, learns to pinpoint fear in children’s faces and draw it out of them, soft and slow. He gains their trust, makes promises he can keep, and follows through. He remembers being that small, remembers running at top speed through the yard behind his house and trying to jump so high his fingers could brush the clouds. He wants to make sure these kids get to do all of those things and more, so he brings his work home with him and slaves over files and test results and papers until Sirius calls it a night for both of them, dragging James to his bedroom and locking him in.

In this world, he’s smart enough to unlock the door, but also smart enough not to.

In this world, he meets Lily Evans again at twenty-two, because things were going well between them in school, but seventeen is too early to call someone your forever when forever is a hundred and thirty years on average. There is no war to force their hands, so they spend a glorious summer together after graduation and go their separate ways. Lily works for the Ministry now, waves her hands wildly while she gives whole speeches about her plans to change the system from the inside, and James, in this world, has learned to listen well.

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Trash I Made Up From My AddEle BroTP and EveEle OTP... Plus Ara Because She's Cute

Imagine Blazing Heart stuck in a love triangle with Code: Nemesis and Yama Raja. Both ladies have deep feelings for her, and therefore develop a kind of rivalry. A violent one. BH wants to put a stop to it, but she can’t bring herself to choose one of them over the other.

Now imagine wingman!Mastermind developing a solution for his redheaded friend’s predicament.

The next time CN and YR begin arguing over BH, MM swoops in and “kidnaps” her. The two ladies stop arguing and give chase, but they can’t seem to stop him from running. He’s too nimble on his dynamos for either of the two to catch him by themselves, so they reluctantly form a truce and work together to bring him down.

Needless to say, their plan is a success, and they send the albino man crashing through a wall while comforting their beloved redhead with kisses and cuddles and promises of breaking the insolent scientist’s bones. They celebrate the rescue with a fancy dinner date (all three of them) and ride off into the sunset, leaving a forgotten MM sobbing tears of loneliness from under a pile of rubble.

Draco expressing his love for Hermione

Draco: I admit I love that mudblood Granger, but I can’t shout my feelings all over the world because of this stupid prejudice. And the worse part of it all, she’s with that redhead weasel.

*he smiled bitterly while his best friend, Blaise was also listening to his heart broken friend while watching Hermione and Ron laughing and holding hands while walking in the hallway.

@warstopper     @stormland   plotted for a verse starter  

    🇨🇱🇴🇸🇪🇩 ↬ if your heart was full of love could you give it up? (warstopper; stormland)

                                                 ❝jacequit it.’

alec grunted as he pulled his face away from jace’s INSISTENCE on draping himself over him. he crinkled his nose at the heady smell of alcohol. ‘just how much did you have to drink tonight?’ that wasn’t like jace. not usually, anyways. jace was more of a lightweight, compared to alec, himself. and he didn’t usually push his boundaries, unless he was with alec himself, or somewhere safe with friends. his eyes shifted over to the redhead on the other side of his best friend, lips curling down in a grimace. ‘did YOU let him drink this much??’ he accused, his tone somewhat nasty as he looked at her, despite the small twinge of regret. jace would be pissed at him for not being nice to her. clary. right. that was her name. as if he could forget.

‘come on, jace.. just lean on me, i’m taking you home. did you pay the tab, at least?’ the last question was directed at clary, even as he wound his arm tighter around jace’s waist, and started to pull him in. WAS there a tab in a place like this? ‘figures, you’d both choose a seedy club to spend the evening.’ there were much BETTER places, around brooklyn. and normally, jace would have asked him, but of course he’d been doing nothing more than what alec had asked for, himself. to leave him out their relationship details. he’d be there to listen if things were hard, sure, but he didn’t want to know every little thing. which was ruined when clary called him about half an hour ago, because she didn’t seem able to take jace home, after he had one too many shots.

‘you okay?’ he finally asked, letting his anger drain out some, as he glanced at her. she didn’t sound drunk on the phone, but he’d rather be sure, beofre he lost her on the crowd, or something.

all you ever need to know about Halt O'Carrick

-small and angry

-is secretly a cinnamon roll but could kill you anyway

-accidentally adopts tiny pie-thief

-is scared of his wife

-is best friends with his crazy redhead boss (don’t even ask)

-is adorable, but don’t tell him or he’ll shoot you

-would do anything to protect his tiny pie-thief son

-actual war hero, but shy af about it

-puts honey in his coffee

“Hey, Sev!” Severus heard his usual nickname come out of the mouth of his redheaded best friend from across the grounds.

“Hey, Lily,” He walked over to where she was, sitting under a big tree near the great lake.

“I have a surprise for you!” She beamed as he sat down beside her.

“A surprise?” He asked.

“That’s what I said, silly,” Lily giggled.

Lily reached behind a part of the tree and pulled out a big package wrapped in blue, sparkly wrapping paper. There was also a bow on top to match.

“I can see you went all out with the sparkles,” Severus said with a slight smirk on his face. On the inside however, he was smiling all over. No one ever bought him a present just because - especially that big. He usually had to wait for his birthday - and even then that didn’t mean he was getting anything.

“Open it,” Lily handed him the box and watched with a smile on her face as he carefully took apart the bow and wrapping paper.

When Severus got the box opened, he saw three new shirts, three new pairs of pants, a winter hat, and two pairs of winter gloves.

“Where did you-”

“I asked my Daddy to buy them for me for you. Do you like them?” She watched his face, waiting for an expression of some sort.

“Lily this is…I can’t accept this. These must have cost a fortune,” he tried handing her the box back, but she pushed it back towards him.

“Don’t be silly. I wanted to get them from you. And Mummy and Daddy were more than happy to do it. You’re my best friend, Sev, this is what best friends do.”

“But I could never get you something so amazing,” He put his head down a bit in embarrassment. He started to feel a little angry at his parents because if they weren’t so poor, he could buy Lily something wonderful in return.

“Best friends never ask for anything in return,” She smiled to show him that it was truly okay.

“Thank you, Lily,” He leaned over and hugged her.

“You’re welcome,” she giggled.

They both got up from the ground, Severus holding the box in hand, and headed back towards the castle. Lily was in the middle of telling Severus an elaborate story about her sister and mum as she walked a little ahead of Severus.

Severus was fine with trailing behind her as a happy tear made it’s way down his cheek.

i’d love to see a marvel short with just tourists visiting new york after the movies take place and asking new yorkers questions about all the wreckage and they answer with the most unfazed look on their faces like

“what’s with those marks on the wall there?” “oh that? some big ass green dude just started parkouring” or “that’s my grandma’s house, sometimes her window gets smashed by this huge hammer but then it jumps right back to wherever it came from. we’ve started setting the clock by it”

“what about that on the road?” “that was like last week or something bro this dude in a metal armor smashed into the road, one car almost ran into him, but he said sorry so it’s cool”

and maybe even “sometimes this guy dressed in purple shoots arrows at the wall and they explode. we tell him to cut it out but it’s like he doesn’t even hear us. tbh i like his friend better, the redhead. she taught my little sister how to punch sleazy dudes in the face”