and his red striped pants

if u can’t handle billie at his red striped pants and clashing white striped socks u don’t deserve him at his ruffled pirate shirt and saggy black jeans

Welcome to the Freakshow Part 4: Showtime

(horror, angst, etc, this always changes i know)

   No time for mistakes. No time for the past. Forget it all ever happened and move on… If that’s even possible…

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alright, here are the prologue spoiler images that i have! (some i got from my own vita, i own the game.) at the end, i’ll go through each design and break it down so you know what to go for?

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Fanfic - Couples Costume - 1/1

Prompt: At Linda’s Halloween party Barry and Iris unintentionally show up in a ‘couples costume’

Rating: PG

Word Count: 1614

AN: HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!! Everyone have a safe and fun night 👻🍬🎃

Iris arrived at Linda’s annual Halloween costume party late and alone.

The second she stepped into through the door she could see Linda had outdone herself this year. The main living area was lit up with hundreds of fake candles. Glow-in-the-dark spiders and webs covering the walls. Brightly lit jack-o-lanterns grinned at her wherever she turned. Linda had even gotten a smoke machine this year, filling the room with an eerie grey fog.

Carefully Iris made her way through the crowd of twenty-somethings in various states of inebriation until she spotted Linda in the kitchen along with Cisco and Wally.

“Iris you made it!” Linda squealed enthusiastically. Her witch hat nearly flew off her head as she bounded over to wrap Iris up in a tight hug. Iris pulled back to give her friends’ costume a once over. Linda had taken full advantage of the holiday by wearing a tight fitting, low cut black dress. Black leather boots reaching up to her thighs. The witches hat seemed almost like an afterthought.

“Love your costume,” Cisco called out through a mouth filled with caramel corn.

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Hetalia Steampunk Clothing

Spain: Would have lots of red and gold in his outfit, usually not seen with a hat but instead goggles. Have two pocket watches, and a red handkerchief.

Romano: Would try to keep his outfit simple and formal. Wearing big boots with metal on his arms, he would also have a clock located on his boots. Some tattoos showing from his chest.

Italy: Would usually be seen with black goggles around his neck, and a long black tailcoat. He would have a vest with black stripes with hidden words in them.

Germany: Tattoos covering both of his arms with black gloves, a black tail coat lines with gold.

Hong kong: A white shirt accompanied with red suspenders, goggles loosely hanging around his neck. He would also have red loose pants and a pocket watch.

Iceland: Would have a utility belt and a white shirt with a black bow tie and black gloves with the occasional hole.

Norway: Would have a dark blue shirt with black suspenders, a black trench coat and a black tie. Would also have a blue emerald necklace.

Denmark: Would have tattoos covering his whole body with a red shirt, black vest and sometimes a black trench coat. Would also wear black knee-high boots.

Sweden: Would have a mechanical monocle with a scuffed up top hat and striped black and grey shirt and pants,

Finland: Very simple with a light blue shirt, a white vest, a flat white hat and three pocket watches crossing his body.

Austria: Would have a red vest with a pocket watch, on a white shirt, black tail coat and a red bowtie.

Hungary: Very big elegant dark green dress, a monocle and a small black hat. She would have little clocks on the side of her left eye.

Prussia: Would have a clock arm band, a brown leather jacket, white shirt with brown suspenders, knee-high brown leather boots.

Russia: A long brown trench coat with brown and gold boots, lots of buttons. Buttons on his trench coat, brown vest, down the right side of his pants.

Canada: Red and black striped pants with no vest, a black shirt and a red tail coat and a black bow tie. He Would also have a old broken pocket watch with a maple leaf on it.

America: Would have a top hat with clock designs in it, a ripped black tailcoat and a red shirt with black pants. He would also have leather gloves with many holes in them.

China: Would have a flat black hat with a clock necklace around his neck. Black shirt with gold lace, black matching pants, tall plain black boots and no jacket.

France: Would change his outfit colours quite a bit, a dark blue shirt with a long black tail coat, lots of rings, classy shoes and would sometimes have a cain with him.

England: A top hat accompanied by a striped black and green tail coat, vet and pants. He would also have a pocket watch in mint condition and black gloves.

Japan: Would keep it simple with a simple white vest with a pocket watch, sometimes having a pair of white and yellow glasses with him.

Belarus: Short black and white dress with striped stockings, hair done up very elegantly with a black veil. Tattoos covering one arm.

Ukraine: Would wear a long black and dark blue dress, with a matching pair of huge goggles that usually sit on her head. Small heeled shoes with wind designs in them.

Netherlands: Would change colours with his outfit a lot, usually has a cane with him, a vest, tail coat and pocket watch.

Belgium: Would wear a short, puffy brown dress with a white top, a small hat that matches and boots that have a thousand designs in them. She would also have a leather jacket.

You can always request more characters or add on!

remember when:

  • harry was the “cat” lover
  • zayn was obssesed with mirrors and his hair
  • louis was known as the one in red pants and stripes
  • liam had a phobia of spoons
  • and niall was the one who just wanted to eat

sterotypes about 2k11-2k12 One Direction

anonymous asked:

Is Louis not usually allowed wearing stripes? Why are stripes a really big thing? He looks incredible so I'm just curious why they don't let him wear those more often

I don’t think it’s a “let him” vs. “don’t let him” so much as I think clothes contribute to perception, clothes play a huge role in how we perceive a person. Take Harry, for example. When we were meant to believe the womanizer/frat boy thing, his clothes contributed to that. When he began to shift his image more towards a gender fluid/glass closet/Mick Jagger sort of appearance, his clothes reflected that, as well. Stripes and red pants are classic Louis and largely indicative in the fandom of a time when Louis was much more able to be himself than we’ve seen in recent years. And he’s slowly starting to make a return to that, which is a lovely thing to see.

Fic: Five ways to survive a break-up (part three)

This is the third of Five Things. A little late today. This is maybe 1100 words of fluffy AU Kurt and Blaine

Here are tumblr links to parts one and two. I’ll get them up on AO3 soon.  

Prompt #4 in todaydreambelievers

#3 - Eli

It’s just getting dark in the apartment. Blaine switches on the lamp. He’s sitting at the desk he and Tina dragged up from the street a month ago.

He should be studying, but mostly he’s singing All By Myself in his head and tapping a rhythm on the music theory text. The desk has spindly legs and wobbles with each downbeat.

Hard to be sure,
sometimes I feel so insecure
and love, so distant and obscure,
remains the cure.

It’s quiet in the building. No one knows he’s home. Still, he’s not surprised when there’s a knock at the door. He swings it open to Kurt, who’s standing in the hall and looking at him with careful eyes.

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