and his popped collar


What a wild ride that stream was omg. You guys come into MY house and you bloody KINKSHAME me. I’m so mad.

things i love about Keith
  • collar popped up to his ears
  • belt is not attached to his pants at all (it’s on top of his shirt) 
  • Emo™
  • a professional conspiracy theorist 
  • is ready to fight at a moments notice
  • will fight anything. fight you. fight your mom. fight that guy other there.
  • jokes have to be explained to him
  • is just, so damn extra
  • “It’s been an honor flying with you boys” *met them 4 hours ago* 
  • impatient af
  • *voice crack*
  • sits on top of tables like a mannerless goblin 
  • does not listen
  • cares deeply about his fellow paladins
  • lays in bed with his shoes on like KEITH NO THAT’S NASTY
  • this screenshot: 
Too Late [a Sebastian Smythe/Barry Allen imagine]

Request: Sebastian Smythe and Barry Allen crossover in which Team Flash wants Barry to admit his feelings for reader already so they brought a doppleganger(seb) to make him jealous.Turns out seb falls for reader too.

a/n: idk guys i needed a glee crossover to prepare for my bday and darren criss…

“Who is this guy and why does he look exactly like Barry?” you immediately ask when you enter the Cortex, eyes wide as you take in his appearance. His tan sweater is pulled over a white polo, both collars popped up like a guy from an old movie. You carefully circle around him, cocking an eyebrow, “Or did Barry get an upgrade or, like, I don’t know, get hit with a confidence gun? I’m lost?”

‘Barry’ scoffs, folding his arms over his chest. “Yeah, I don’t think so. Upgrade? Maybe in some other timeline.” he sneers, looking you up and down; you pull at your striped black sweater. “I’m Sebastian Smythe, Barry’s cousin.” he introduces himself, tilting his head. “And you are? Well, besides super hot.” he smirks, green eyes glimmering playfully.

You bite your lip, feeling your cheeks heat up like a campfire. Damn, he’s so forward, almost the complete opposite of Barry. “I’m Y/N.” you say brightly, readjusting your brown messenger bag on your shoulder.

Smirking, Sebastian comes closer to you, unfolding his arms and letting them hang loosely at hs sides, fingertips hitting his blue jeans. He pouts, squaring his shoulders, “Why does Barry get all the cute ones? Everyone in Ohio is…yikes.” he grimaces, making you giggle. “Huh. That is definitely a sound I could get used to…” he compliments, grinning wickedly at your pink face. “Pretty, smart, if you can sing, you’ll give me a run for my money-”

“Sebastian!” the speedster fumes in a warning tone, plucking off his gloves. Sebastian rolls his eyes, spinning on his heel to face his cousin. “Why must you…you be a flirt?!” Barry huffs, frowning; Seb tries not to laugh, folding his arms. Okay, so maybe Barry needs to work on his insults… “Sorry about him, Y/N. I…he…just showed up…” he mumbles awkwardly.

When you open your mouth, Sebastian scoffs. “Look, Wonder Boy, not my fault Y/N is hot as fuck.” he says nonchalantly; you look down bashfully. “It’s not like you’re gonna make a move anytime soon either.” he shrugs, scrunching his face. “I think you should just go back to what you do best, saving people,” he nods mockingly, “and leave the dating thing to me, cus.”

Cisco presses his fist to his mouth, brown eyes wide, awaiting Barry’s response. The speedster clenches his hands at his sides, face turning bright red like his suit. “You can’t just come here and start flirting with people I like!” he fumes, setting his jaw while he glares.

You look between the two, lips set in a perfect ‘O’ shape, fingers playing with the end of your striped sweater. Damn, two guys are fighting over you! Two cousins! Sebastian spins on his heel, leaning to your level, placing the side of his pale hand the corner of his mouth. “Go on a date with me.” he stage whispers, adding in a cheeky wink at the end.

Blushing, you nibble your bottom lip. Barry has had the chance to ask you out, but he never did… “Okay, Sebastian. On one condition.” you smirk, matching his. “You sing to me.”

A cheshire cat grin appears on his face and he crosses his arms, screwing up his tan sweater; his collar touches his jaw. “I never say no to showing off… Right, Barr?” Sebastian teases, peering over his shoulder. Barry inhales through his nose, storming into the medbay. For the fastest man alive, he always seems to be too late.

my aesthetic is highschool bby gentle cas having tons of big buff jock friends, like the entire football team + more just love him and poke fun at him, and they all always blush and get bashful if cas compliments them or calls them sweet bc cas is holy ground ok

and they get super over protective once the known badboy heartbreaker dean winchester starts eyeing him up and spends more and more time with him. it’s like a whole football team of dads start threatening dean that if he hurts cas they’ll crush his skull

but little do they know that dean is actually completely and utterly whipped for this boy, holding doors open for him and trying extra hard to act cool, popping up his dumb leather jacket’s collar and smoking once (he never does) n having a coughing fit cuz wtf he isn’t used to this

and dean’s even getting into fights cuz he wants to look cool but one day he shows up to lunch with a big bruise on his cheek and the room is buzzing about it, gossiping and whispering about how dean the tough guy got his ass kicked

and cas, who’s known for being gentle and inhumanly patient, gets pissed off and stops talking to dean n starts avoiding him. u following me? idk if you are…….

cuz when dean finally catches cas and forces him to tell him what’s wrong, cas manhandles him into a closet and growls, “you fucking idiot, dean. do you seriously think you look cool?”


a hard look, and then a muttered, “i hate seeing you hurt. and i hate your bullshit. i like you just how you are. the real you.”


“you’re so stupid.”

then cas kisses him hard, and dean finally learns what it’s like to have his knees wobble but not from fear, shaking as he melts under the firm but gentle hands cupping his face.

you bet their ass they became the cutest highschool sweethearts after that.

Once Upon the N Train

CS Modern AU, Based partially on actual events…

Words: 3,066 | Rating: Soft T (Adult themes, suggestive dialog) | Ao3: x

Dedicated to all the lovelies in the Writer’s Hub, without whose encouragement and humor, I probably would have abandoned this days ago. ♥♥

After a mad dash across the platform, Emma scooted her way onto the subway car just as the doors closed. It was nearly empty, the only other person was a man near the back leaning against the window with his eyes closed. He had the collar of his tan trench coat popped up, covering most of his face, but Emma could see the bottoms of his grey suit pants and his shiny black oxford shoes. He’d clearly been working late at one of the downtown offices, catching a nap on his ride home in the quiet lull between the evening rush hour and the last-call crowd. 

Emma took her seat as the train lurched forward, setting her shopping bag on the spot next to her and pulling out her tablet to choose something to read. As a responsible and successful adult who was choosing to continue her professional education, she should probably have opened up the reading for her Advanced Topics in Criminology class, but it was Friday night and she wasn’t that responsible. Instead she tapped the cover of a cheesy romance novel about a time-traveling Viking with too many kids, and shifted in her seat to get comfortable for the ride home. 

“So, is it a gift or for yourself?” the sudden sound of the man’s voice startled Emma.

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anonymous asked:

OKAY BUT CAN WE TALK ABOUT YUMA'S PARA SELENE OUTFIT BECAUSE IM SCREAMING AND LIKE ABOUT TO HAVE AN ANEURISM HE LOOKS SO-LIKE WORDS CANT EVEN DESCRIBE HOW GOOD HE LOOKS IM (sorry for inbox rant I just desperately needed someone to share this excitement with!!) ~diabolikal-yuzuki

pardon my language but YES WE FUCKING CAN TALK ABOUT HOW GOOD HE LOOKS rejet *inhales* they must know, they HAVE to know what they are doing to me jfc i mean

that popped collar, his necklace so easily visible and prominent, his vest and the jacket falling off his shoulders, and RED HAS NEVER LOOKED SO GOOD HOT DAMN TAKE ME NOW and he just has this smirk like “yeah i know you know how good i look right now, what are ya gonna do about it, sow?” and the answer is…… well i think we all know what i wanna do right about now >w<

i’m a filthy sinner and these new outfits are not gonna help find salvation any time soon THAT I CAN ASSURE YOU 

underrated johnlock moments: the hounds of baskerville

immediately after john admonishes sherlock for looking so hot cool with his cheekbones and his popped collar, there is this unexplained sexual tension in the car. the atmosphere is silent and weird and then there’s this magnetic moment where they both turn and stare at each other at the same exact time and then look away like they’ve been burned and it’s never explained or mentioned, it just happens, and just look at john - LOOK at him.  look at the way he holds his mouth, at his eyes, at his defeat and worry.  he’s really coming into his feelings for sherlock in these episodes (asib, this, trf) and he knows it but can’t face it and is sure sherlock would never feel things that way and it’s awkward and painful, so after this moment he immediately launches into a new conversation to move on, but the moment is still THERE (elephant in the room anyone??) and there goes yet another moment of things unsaid with these two, another time they could have bridged the gap but failed to do so.  

i feel like we don’t talk about this moment a lot, but it’s essential to me, and up there on my list of top johnlock moments.  watch it in context after john’s floundering compliments, see the way he jumps into conversation afterwardit’s just so obvious.

#80sXmen started on Twitter because of Sir Jamie Mckelvie lamenting the incongruous uniform design for the new X-men: Apocalypse film.  Seemed like a missed opportunity to really dig into the era for some fun, decade specific designs.  They did pretty well with the 60s and 70s and the civilian attire in Apocalypse looks pretty good too.  But those uniforms…hmmm.  The original prompt for #80sXmen was to create 80s appropriate, film-ready uniforms for the X-men.  I was super inspired by Negasonic’s Deadpool uniform - everything about it shows you can bring X-men yellow into the cinematic experience as well.  I threw in a revamp of Cyc’s chest bands (duno what else to call them) but repositioned them to emulate a preppy sweater tied around his neck, and “popped” up his uniform’s collar a la a polo shirt (yellow color blocking’s meant to allude to a polo too).  Basically, little subtle call backs to 80s jocky/preppy looks.  Isn’t that Scott Summers, in a nutshell?  All that thought and it looks pretty basic and in line with any other X-men costume.  Suitable for film?  Mm, debatable.


I’m endlessly thrilled by the physical parallels between these two pairs. Sherlock and his mother with the popped collars; John and Sherlock’s father with the matching shirts, the unassuming jackets, and even the way they part their hair. Sherlock and his mother sit forward, perched on the seat; John and Sherlock’s father lean back.

Complete flake, my wife, but happens to be a genius…she’s unbelievably hot!

Ruffled Feathers (Oswald x Reader)

Originally posted by gotham-after-dark

Oswald x Reader
Prompt: Couchsex, markings Oz & Reader on the couch where it’s pretty rough sex and he leaves a lot of hickeys all over her, and she leaves deep scratch marks down his back as he fucks her?

A/N: Jesus, I don’t know why it took so long to write this. Sorry its on the shorter side… I’m rusty at writing reader inserts apparently. 

Warnings: Smut - see prompt for specifics. 

Tag List:  @you-may-call-me-penguin-love , @mrapollo-vs-mrdionysos , @amandajuly81  @gotham-after-dark

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Something worth talking about...

So Jareth starts the movie, all dominant and imposing, dressed all in black - classic villain, right? (he even has a popped collar and a cape!)

Throughout the movie his costumes change constantly, but what I find interesting is the parallel between his very first and his very last appearance.

When we see him at the end, he’s practically in the same pose as the start. He’s offering Sarah that crystal ball again, but his body language (instead of snide and powerful) is instead visibly hesitant - unsure.

Some of his first words are telling Sarah not to defy him.

His very last words are practically the opposite.

“I will be your slave..!”

He sounds so desperate, and scared. We don’t see a big bad guy dressed in black now. We see a scared man, now the opposite of what he was, clothed almost completely in white.

He might’ve started off just playing a game with Sarah, but by the end it’s clear in every which way that her presence (and influence on him) changed Jareth - possibly even purified him..?

Which is quite a radical idea given that it’s always a woman or girl in movies that goes through some kind of ‘purification/re-virginating’ process.

(Also, that look he gives Sarah when she turns her back on him during the masquerade scene is ‘hurt’. Don’t even try to fight me on this - he looked devastated.)