and his poof is coming back


~ Jimin Leading You On ~ PART SEVEN 

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It was the day after you hung out with Yoongi and you were still so overwhelmed. You sat on your sofa, staring at your phone in anticipation. Why did he have to kiss you? You knew you had some sort of attraction towards him, but now? Now your heart raced at even the thought of him! 

Why was Yoongi taking so long to answer, anyway? 

“Now, don’t tell me you can somehow mess up brownies?” You asked, taking the ingredients out of the fridge.

“Shut up,” Yoongi laughed. Like, actually, laughed. His eyes crinkled slightly and you saw his cute gummy smile the boys teased him about.

You two handed each other ingredients and stirred them into mixing bowls. While you stirred the wet ingredients, Yoongi stirred the dry. Looking toward him to see how he was doing, you stifled a laugh. 

“I might’ve gotten some on me…” He trailed off, looking down at his powdered clothes.

Letting out a laugh, you walked over to him and patted his chest. That only caused a poof of flour to blow up from his chest leaving you both in coughing fits, all the while you laughed.

“Why am I the one who always ends up being a mess?” Yoongi whined, pouting his lips and with sad eyes. 

After finishing mixing the ingredients, you placed them into a pan and put it into the preheated oven.

“Now, we wait,” You sighed, both of you walking to the living room.

“So, you’ve come to your conclusion?” Yoongi blurted, nonchalantly, picking his phone up from the coffee table.


“About Jimin? You said there’s something…holding you back?”

Looking away from his curious gaze, you shrugged. “I thought so but I still don’t know how I feel.”

“You know, I may act cold around everyone, but…you can to turn to me if ever in need. Just know that,” Yoongi spoke, sternly, and you looked at him in surprise. 

“Thanks. I appreciate that,” you sent a warm smile which he, genuinely, returned. “Now, I think we need better hangout ideas. All we’ve been doing is eating and watching movies…”

“What’s wrong with that? Definitely beats going outside,” Yoongi retorted, with a laugh. 

“Ha ha,” You rolled your eyes, a playful smile painting your lips.

“Scooch over,” You lightly pushed Yoongi’s leg from being sprawled over the couch, causing them to slide of onto the floor. 

“How much longer?” He yawned.

“Twenty minutes or so? We could get take out if you don’t want to wait and––” You were cut off by the soft sounds of snoring. Turning your head, you saw Yoongi’s head leaned back, mouth hung open, asleep. “Gee, thanks,” you muttered sarcastically, although you knew he wouldn’t answer. 

Twenty minutes passed and you took the brownies out of the oven. Cutting them up, you grabbed one and headed back to the couch. 

“They’re ready,” You mumbled, with a mouth full of brownie. 

“What is that smell?”

“It’s delicious!”

“Did you bake, Y/N?”

“Can I have one?”

“Me too!”

“Save one for me!”

Six boys tumbled out of their rooms and raced toward the kitchen. Before you could protest, they stuffed one in their mouths and ran back to their rooms. Looking back at the plate filled with brownies, you groaned when you saw that the boys hadn’t left any for Yoongi. He was going to be pissed.

“They’re ready?” He opened his eyes and slowly sat up. Looking back down at the brownie you took only one bite of, you held it out for Yoongi. 

“The boys kind of took them all. Have mine,” you waved the brownie around his face. Pouting, he shook his head. “I’d rather just punch them than steal yours.”

“Just eat the brownie,” You rolled your eyes.

 Sighing, he leaned over and took a bite out of the brownie in your hand. “Mm, that’s good! We made that?” He queried, with a mouth full. 

“Why do you sound so surprised?”

“Because I can’t cook! At least, not as well as Jin.”

“Damn, right!” You heard from down the hall. Laughing, you took another bite of the brownie you were sharing. 

You and Yoongi lounged around, one of the boys coming in ever so often, laughing nervously when Yoongi glared at them. 

“It’s late. I should get home,” you checked your watch. 

“Damn, you’re right. Let me walk you back since it’s dark.” This time you didn’t protest.

Arriving in front of your apartment building, you thanked Yoongi. After a few minuted of peering at him, he looked around, uncomfortably. “Uh, Y/N? Why’re you looking at me like that?”

“Just wondering how I, out of all people, could be the reason your so soft” Throwing his head back to groan, he whined, “Y/N!”

“Sorry! Just curious, that’s all,” You shrugged.

“I just like you, slightly more than other people. Take that as a compliment,” He raised an eyebrow, causing you to grin. 

“Wow. What an honor,” You feigned shock, placing a hand over your chest. “Thanks for walking me home,” You smiled, gratefully. 

Turning to go in, a hand grabbed your wrist. You turned your head to ask what Yoongi was doing, but was cut off when he tugged you closer to him and placed his lips on yours. Your eyes widened, but didn’t push him away. Instead, you closed your eyes and leaned into him. 

Pulling away, breathless, both of your cheeks were a deep red. “Bye, Y/N,” Yoongi chuckled, softly. You were still in a daze only able to put your hand up and wave.

HERE IT ISSSS! Did you like it? 

Dead Girl Walkin’.

A/n: Yay! My first marvel fic, and of course it’s Frank, who else would it be? (Maybe Bucky….or Sam..) Points aside, I’m glad he’s the one to kick off this blog. Also big shoutout to @murdochinthetardis For beta-ing some of this. Anyway, Reqs are open, send in ask, blah blah blah.

Summary: (Set pre-season 2) After you get caught trying to do the unthinkable you get a thirty hour ticking time bomb of a punishment, and, yeah, It’s a miracle you’re not dead, truly, but come on.Thirty hours?That’s not enough time to do anything, well…maybe go see Frank. There’s time for that. Or, the one where the reader seeks a friend at the end of the world.

Word Count: 4.9K

Pairing: Frank Castle x Reader.

Rating: E (for explicit, not everyone.)

Warnings: Violence, blood, Cursing, Frank is his own warning, Smut, I’m talking the freaky deaky. It’s rough, and Frank, bless his heart, is a dominant man if there ever was one. But also fluff, because he’s a sweetheart. Pining, God, you two are a mess of it I swear.

Author: Jada.



It was an absolute fact that you weren’t gonna die a peaceful death. Yeah no, you were gonna go out one of two different ways. One, a Bruce Willis, Die Hard type thing with

at least

two explosions. Or two, someone else is gonna punch your card for you. Full stop. Do not pass go, do not collect two hundred dollars, that’s it.

Frank threw a guess in once. Said you’d probably go out saving a bunch’a kids from a burning building or something, because you’re a soft ass like that, Sunshine, that’s why. He was three stitches deep on his right arm, and shooting you looks from his side of the couch. Ain’t that right, Sunshine?

Nope. Nuh-uh, not even close. You get a grand total of thirty hours, all Courtesy of Mr. Kingpin himself. Fisk. What kind of name is Fisk anyway? It sounds too much like Fist, or fish, either way it’s awkward. You’re just being pissy, because you got caught, and Fisk is rubbing it in your face.

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Pairing: Peter Pan x Reader

Prompt:  anonymous asked: okay so I’ve been looking through a LOT of your imagines and its safe to say that i frikin love ur blog and i was wondering if you could do one of peter pan x reader where the reader is watching the campfire at the corner and peter comes up from behind (theyre dating btw) without her knowing and starts kissing down her neck and teasing her there and id love it to be just really cute and pan whispers some inappropriate things and end in smut + lots if foreplay :))

Anonymous asked: YOOO YOUR SMUT IS SO GOOD THANK YOU!!!! More Peter Pan smut okay? ;) Robbie Kay is a sexy devil. But seriously ur writing is so talented you should be proud

Warning: SMUT!                                                                                    

A/N:  I am going to hell. Enjoy darlings!


You had traveled to just about every realm, but you can honestly say Neverland was your favorite. When you had first arrived you knew you were going to love dense-jungle island. It held such magic and wonder that you felt like you had jumped into a fairytale. Well, you kind of had, but that’s beside the point.

When you had first arrived, Peter and his Lost Boys were wary of you, having never had a girl come to the island before, not including Wendy, of course. As time went on, however, the boys learned to love you, seeing you as an equal and friend. Peter had taken an extra special liking to you, though. Two months into your stay in Neverland, the beautiful demon boy had pulled you the most beautiful spot in Neverland, and for the first time, had told you of his love for you. Ever since then, the two of you could rarely be seen without the other. You made him into a better person, the person he thought you deserved, and for once in your life, you could say you were genuinely happy.

It was night; the day had been long day, the boys just now settling down from a day full of games. Most had gone to sleep, but you and a few others had stayed up, watching the campfires glow. You were transfixed by the flames, the colors melding together to create such a wonderful array, it was nearly impossible to look away. You were too lost in thought; you didn’t even hear someone approach you from behind. You felt a pair of lips on the back of your neck, and you jolted in surprise. You soon relaxed, knowing it was Peter. No one else dared to touch you in such a way.

Peter kept placing kisses on your neck, making you moan slightly. His arms wrapped around you, pulling you closer to him. You sighed contently, loving the feeling of his body against you.  You felt him press his lips against the shell of your ear, before you heard him whisper in your ear. “(Y/N), kitten, do you have any idea how much I want you?” You gasped sharply at his words, a faint blush dusting your cheeks. “Oh, love, I’ve been thinking about that tight pussy all day. Can’t wait to get you alone, kitten. Gonna make you scream my bloody name.” You pressed your thighs together in hopes of getting some friction, the wetness in your panties growing.

Peter knew what he was doing, and he loved it. He loved the affect he had on you, what a few simple words could reduce you too. He decided to take it a step further by ghosting his hand over your clothed core, the slight touch making you whimper. He smirked against your neck, knowing he has you right where he wants you. “Come on love, let’s get out of here, yeah?” he whispers in your ear, his hands still ghosting over where you want him most. Not trusting your voice, you nodded, allowing him to poof the pair of you back to his treehouse.

As soon as you appeared in his treehouse he slammed you against a wall, his lips harshly covering yours. You moaned against his lips, pressing your back against his with equal fervor. You brought your hands to his head, tugging at the soft hair there. He groaned, and deepened the kiss. You felt his hand in your hair, before he suddenly jerked your head to the side. You gasped at the feeling, before you felt him bite and suck on your neck. You almost whimpered under his ministrations, loving his treatment of you. He wrapped an arm around your waist, pulling your body closer to his.

You felt his hand trailing under your shirt, before firmly grabbing your breasts through your bra, his attack on your neck not stopping for one moment. You were too lost in the sensations; you didn’t even hear a faint snap of his fingers. You hadn’t realized what he had done until you had felt a slight breeze against your skin, your eyes moved down and you saw he had made both of your clothes disappear. You laughed slightly, loving how impatient he was. Your laughter died off when you felt the hand that was once in your hair cupping your core.

You moaned loudly, his fingers slowly and methodically tracing your lower lips. His attack on your breasts hadn’t stopped; his hands alone making you tremble and moan. He pinched your nipple, rolling it between his finger and thumb. The same time he did this, he slowly entered one finger into your dripping core. You whimpered, the feelings were becoming too much. “Peter please…” you whimpered out, wanted to feel more. He smirked, before adding another finger, and quickening his pace. You moaned, the delicious friction causing your knees to shake.

You felt you’re high coming quickly, faster than you had anticipated. Your moans becoming louder, faster, the sounds of your pleasure filling the room. You were almost there, until he suddenly pulled away. You cried out, distraught over the loss of his fingers inside your pussy. “Shh, now love, I’ve got you. Gonna make you feel really good, love, I promise.”

He dropped down on his knees in front of you, his face dangerously close to your core. Your eyes widened at the realization of what he was going to do. He smirked up at you, never breaking eye contact as he licked a broad stripe on your pussy. You moaned out, eyes instantly closing, your head falling back slightly. Peter wrapped his arms arounds your thighs, pushing you closer to him. His tongue teased against your entrance, tracing letters to your core. You could barely make out what he was spelling, your head to dizzy with pleasure. M-I-N-E. You moaned loudly at the realization of what he was spelling, his possessiveness over you turning you on even more. He traced the word over your core a few more times, before finally flicking his tongue over your clit. You nearly screamed, the feeling becoming too much. For the second time that night you felt your high approaching again.

Peter pulled away before you could cum, leaving you almost screaming in frustration. He stood up quickly, pressing you against the wall yet again. “Jump.” He said, a commanding tone in his voice. You instantly complied, jumping up and wrapping your arms around his waist, and your arms around his neck. He pushed your back firmly against the wall before attaching his lips to your, reaching between your bodies to guide his cock into your wet heat. He slowly pushed in, the both of you moaning against the others lips when he was fully sheathed inside you.

He started rocking his hips at a fast pace, earning a grateful moan from you.  “Oh, love, you feel so perfect around me. Bet you love my cock inside you, huh kitten?” He moaned in your ear, the sounds of his grunting and panting flooding your senses. You just frantically nodded your head, words failing you at the moment. He started pounding harder into you, his hand trailing between your bodies, suddenly toying with your clit.

You let out a choked noise, you fingers carding in his hair. . His head dropped into the crook of your neck, his movements relentless. You felt your pussy tighten around his cock, your orgasm approaching for the third time that night.  “P-peter! I-I’m gonna…!” you moaned out, wanting nothing more than to cum. “I know, gorgeous. Me too. C-come for me, (Y/N).Cum, now.”  His words sent you over the edge, your grip on his hair tightened as you screamed out his name. He followed you into bliss, your name falling off his lips like a prayers.

When you both came off of your highs, you shakily un-wrapped your legs around his waist, you almost falling to the ground in the process. Peter caught you in time, and picked you up bridal style, before carrying you over the bed. He laid you down on top of the bed before lying down next to you. You turned to get comfortable, sleep almost consuming you, before you felt Peter wrap an arm around your waist, pulling your body against his.

He leaned over and placed a gently kiss on your forehead. “I love you, my little Lost Girl.” He whispered, his hands playing with your hair as a way to lull you to sleep. You smiled sleepily, before replying “I love you too, Peter.” Sleep quickly took over your mind, his motions soothing you. Peter smiled at your sleeping form, wondering just how he got so lucky to have you in his life.

anonymous asked:

Didn't Keith have the bayard in s3? Where'd it suddenly go in s4...

That’s the whole question innit? 

Keith uses 

the black bayard 

multiple times 

in S3 

it was 

really prominent

By S4? It’s gone, poof, like it never existed 

I can only assume it’s because they wanted it to slip people’s minds, likely so it’ll have a stronger impact when it’s brought back as a plot point later. The only explanation I can come up with is it’s linked to the clone Shiro theory. If current Shiro was really Shiro they would’ve given him his bayard right? They’d have no valid reason not to, after all he’s back as Black Paladin. It’s rightfully his. And then we’d get a nice special moment where Shiro activates his bayard for the first time (outside of Voltron) and we all get to ooh and aah at the weapon he got 

The fact we didn’t get any of that, and in fact didn’t get any black bayard at all this season, tells me they’re saving it for later. What for? For Real Shiro. No way would they waste the Special Bayard Moment on a fake Shiro

And on a different, though somewhat related not re: bayards. If memory serves we don’t see Voltron form the sword at all either this season do we? I haven’t gone back to check every episode so someone correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe the only weapon Voltron summons throughout all of season 4 is Hunk’s shoulder cannon. That’s because Keith is the only one who can form the sword, as previously established when he forms Voltron’s sword regardless of whether he’s in the red lion using the red bayard or in the black lion using the black bayard. It’s the person who forms the weapon, not the bayard

Purely from a marketing standpoint, this means Keith will have to return to Voltron at some point. The sword has always been Voltron’s signature weapon in every incarnation of the show, just think how exciting it was to have Voltron’s Blazing Sword make an appearance in S2E13. You can’t have Voltron without his sword. And if you can’t have the sword without Keith, well, you better get Keith back in that robot eventually

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Tozier Twins request: where they get into a big fight and Richie says that he wish he was an only child so the rest of the losers club pull a prank on him ( along with Richies twin ) that he never had a twin and every time he asks about her they think he’s crazy and he starts to think IT took her again and idk angst and fluff also big shout-out to the person who literally made Tozier twins a thing you rock for that

Haha I didn’t make Tozier Twins a thing! You guys did! 

Word Count: 1914 

Warnings: Cursing and Lots O’ Angst 

NOTE: This is in junior year of high school!!

Confused on what’s happening? Check out the #tozier twins on my blog! 


“Why is is so hard to pick up your underwear?! It’s so gross!”

“Yeah, well why don’t you pick up your damned books?! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve stubbed my toe on ‘Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland’!”

You rolled your eyes. “Books and underwear are two very different things, dipshit.” He didn’t respond, but he did throw his pair of boxers at you. “Ugh, Richie! That’s fucking disgusting!”

“Look! If you don’t want the underwear on the floor, than pick it up yourself,” he said, throwing more in your direction.

You stared at the pile of gross garments and smirked. “Okay, Rich. I’ll pick ‘em up. So long as you get them after.” With that, you quickly threw them out the open window, and out onto the lawn. It was raining, so they immediately became soaked. On top of that, they landed perfectly on a pool of mud.

Richie must have missed the humor of your action. “Dude, what the fuck is wrong with you?”

You made a little ‘tsk’ noise. “I’m proving a point, Rich. I tell you to pick it up everyday, but you never-”

“Yeah, but what the fuck? You just… just threw my shit out the window.” He gave you an unbelieving look. He was pissed. Really pissed.

He was having a bad day. You knew that, too. He had missed the bus and got an F on the science test. And that’s just the shit he told you about. But that didn’t break your heart any less when he said in such a quiet voice,

“I wish I was an only child.”

Gasping, you fought the tears pooling in your eyes. Your lip was quivering, but you begged it to stop. “I see,” you whispered. Grabbing your bag, you bolted out the door, into the cold afternoon. Richie did not follow you.


You had found Bill, Stan, and Eddie later, hanging out near the quarry. You had been angrily crying to them for the last five minutes. Eddie seemed the most pissed at Richie.

“What is wrong with that loser?” He asked, patting your back as he handed you a tissue from his fanny pack.

“That’s super messed up,” Stan said. “I’m really sorry he told you that.”

Bill looked down at his hands. “You sh-shouldn’t take your siblings for granted.” You all gave Bill sad looks. You grabbed his hand and squeezed.

You looked at Eddie, who seemed to be thinking. Hard. His brows were knit together and he was softly chewing at his lip. “I got an idea,” he said. Everyone listened intently as he quickly explained.

“I don’t know, Eds,” you said nervously, glancing at Bill and Stan. They only looked back. “Is that really… the best plan? Won’t Richie be worried?”

Eddie shrugged. “Isn’t that the point? Now, I gotta make a few calls. Be right back. C’mon, (Y/N/N).”

Richie’s P.O.V.

Richie finally threw the last of his boxers in the wash. But since you usually did the laundry, he had no idea what he was doing. One red sock won’t mess up his whites, right?

He glanced at the clock. It had been two hours since your fight, and you hadn’t come home. He wasn’t worried; you were probably sulking at the quarry.

Richie really needed to talk to you. He had lashed out, you had lashed out, etc. etc.

Grabbing his jacket, he noticed yours was discarded on the ground. He picked it, since you were probably cold.

Walking outside, he sighed, and watched his breath appear and disappear around him. Today was a half day at school, making it technically the first day of winter break. You and Richie loved Christmas. It was the one time your parents pretended to give a shit.

While Richie hadn’t found you yet, he did find Eddie, Stan, and Bill. They seemed to be in a heated conversation. Eddie immediately noticed Richie, and shushed them.

“Hey guys,” Richie said, ruffling Eddie’s hair. He swatted his hand away. “Whatcha talking about?”

They all looked at each other nervously. “Umm… we were talking about your Christmas present, dude,” Stan said, chuckling. Bill and Eddie nodded.

“M’kay, dorks.” Richie sat down on the grass, the other three boys joining him. “Speaking of dorks, have you seen (Y/N)? I kinda need to talk to her, and I have no idea where she went.”

Bill raised an eyebrow. “Rich? Who’s (Y/N)?”

Richie’s eyes nearly shot out of his head. “Dude? I’m talking about (Y/N). Have you seen her?”

“Oh!” Stan said with a ‘knowing’ smile. “Is she your girlfriend?”

“No!” Richie shouted. “And that’s fucking disgusting! She’s my sister! My twin sister.”

Eddie gave out an awkward laugh. “Um? We aren’t stupid, Rich. Quit pulling our leg.”

Richie’s mind was reeling. They had to be fucking with him. Right? “Guys! (Y/N) Tozier! Reads books a lot, has pretty bad anxiety, basically my best friend? Does that ring any bells?”

“We really don’t know who you’re talking about,” Eddie said quietly.

“Are you o-okay, Rich?”

He shook his head. “No, because you guys are being stupid. It’s (Y/N), damn it! She was captured by the clown, so we went to go save her. But it turned out she had it all covered. How can you guys really not remember her?”

They shrugged at him. “Wasn’t Bev the one who was captured?” Stan asked, making Richie scoff.

“That whole situation gave her really bad PTSD, so don’t fucking say someone else went through that shit.” With that, he popped up and trudged away, saying, “I hope the cold makes your balls blue.”

As he walked off, Richie was beginning to get nervous. They had to be messing with him. You wouldn’t just disappear. Would you?

‘I wish I was an only child,’

His own words rang in his ears. Shit. Did he really say that? It didn’t seem that bad until he really thought about it. Fuck. He hoped you were okay.

Wherever the hell you were.

An idea slammed into his head. Ben! If there was a prank going on, Ben probably wouldn’t know about it. He hadn’t talked to him in, like, three years. He… almost forgot.

Jogging up to his doorstep, Richie knocked loudly on the door. And waited. And waited. Ugh, seriously? He rang the doorbell. Twice. Finally, he heard loud steps from inside. Richie shifted on his feet.

The door opened, and Richie was faced with someone he almost didn’t remember. Ben had lost a little weight, he noticed, but it wasn’t extreme. But Richie was still taller. He pushed his glasses (the ones you had convinced him to start wearing again) up the bridge of his nose.

“Hey, Benny! Uh, what’s up?”

Ben gave Richie a bewildered stare. “Nothing? Just listening to some music.”

“Cool! Cool,” Richie said, looking down at his shoes. “Look, man. Have you seen (Y/N)? I really need to talk to her.”

His face getting a little pink, Ben said, “Sorry, Rich, but who’s (Y/N)? I don’t think I know her.”

Richie felt his heart drop. “C’mon! How can you not… I’ll see ya, Ben.”

Hands deep in his pocket, he ignored the pain that shot in his chest. Instead, he stomped off, you swimming in his thoughts.

How could anyone forget you? You were one of the most important people in his life. Not remembering (Y/N) Tozier should be a crime. You were unforgettable. Like the Big Bang. An explosion of life and color and a bunch of mysteries and surprises and shit.

Richie wasn’t that good at analogies.

He did know one thing. He needed to find you. Mentally crossing Ben off his list, he thought of who to go to next. Maybe… Mike? Yeah, Mike. The only other loser who lived near town. Beverly had moved away after the summer of ‘89, so it would be smart to try the farm boy.

Not having time to grab his bike, he ran as fast as he could. He never stopped until he reached the farm, where Mike was feeding the sheep.

Mike hadn’t changed that much, to be honest. Just taller and stronger. Richie felt bad for him, having to work in the cold.

But he didn’t have time for that now. He needed to find you.

“Hey!” Richie panted. “Hey, Mike! Over here!”

Looking up, Mike smiled slightly. But Richie thought it looked a little forced. He didn’t blame him, though. Richie was a pretty big asshole, even back then.

“Hey, Richie,” Mike said in a quiet voice.

Before Mike could go on with anymore polite greeting, Richie went on. “Yeah, yeah. Have you seen (Y/N)? Please, please tell me you’ve seen her!”

Mike was biting his cheek. “I-I don’t know a (Y/N). Sorry, Rich.”

“Fuck!” Richie said. “Fuck fuck fuckity fuck.” As slow as a snail, Richie walked back home. He was really worried now. You had just… POOF! disappeared. No one seemed to remember you.

There was no logical explanation either. People just don’t stop existing. That just doesn’t happen. Unless…

Unless It had you.

No, no! It hadn’t even been four years since the losers had defeated Pennywise. Ben said it came back every twenty-seven. It… It had not come back. He wouldn’t believe it.


“Sorry, Richie Rich. I have no idea who the heck that is.”

He groaned at the voice on the phone. “Not you too, Bev! Why can’t anyone remember her?! Everyone is fucking crazy.”

She sighed. “I’ll talk to ya later, okay?” The line went dead. Richie felt tears gather in his eyes. It had you. There was no denying it now. The clown had you. You were probably dead too, and that’s why no one could remember you.

His heart shattered three times over. What was he gonna do without you? He won’t be able to function. He needed you. Richie needed you.

A sob escaped him as he beat the floor with his fists. The last time he ever saw you, he practically told you he wanted you dead. Over some fucking underwear! What kind of brother was he? A pretty fucking shitty one at the very best.

He laid down on the floor and sobbed some more. Even if you were alive, he couldn’t save you himself. You were gone. The thing he was afraid of most had just happened.

He wanted to die, but he didn’t deserve to be rid of the pain of losing you.

Your P.O.V.

You stood in front of your sleeping brother the next morning. His eyes, though closed, looked puffy and red. You had just come back from Eddie’s house, which was where you had been hiding the whole day. Each breath Richie took was shaky.

“Rich?” You whispered, shaking him softly. “Hey Rich. Wake up.” His eyes fluttered open, and landed on you. He bolted up and engulfed you in a hug. Was he… crying?

“I’m so so so fucking sorry! Holy shit, I thought you were dead! Oh god, I’m so fucking sorry. I’m such a shitty brother.”

“No you’re not,” you cooed. “I’m sorry too. God, I’m sorry. I didn’t… I’m really sorry, Rich.”

You two stayed like that for a while. He just kept crying. You had never seen Richie so vulnerable. Your heart broke at the sight of him.

“I don’t wanna know what happened,” his shaky voice said. “I’m just so glad you’re okay. I’m so fucking sorry.”

“Please stop apologizing. There’s nothing to be sorry for.”

Damn. You and Eddie were really shit at pulling ‘pranks’.

These Boots Were Made For...

 Author’s Note: Ahh, it’s my first piece!! Just wanted to get something out, mainly, to see what to expect in terms of feedback. It’s not as long as I would like it, but the situation is a bit short-term in regard to being a topic. Hope you enjoy!

Harry x (Y/N); fluff; friends

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A Bit of Madness (pt. 2)

Part 1

The Egos break into a ruckus of shocked shouting and questioning, and Amy begins to cry. She covers her face with her hands and backs away from them, so Wilford steps in between her and the others. “Alright, boys. Nothing to see here. Move along. Oliver! Where’s Oliver?”

“Here,” Ollie says, pushing through the crowd to get to Amy again after being shoved back. “We need a quiet place, somewhere she won’t be bothered.”

“Host?” Wilford ushers the blind man towards Amy as Ollie wraps an arm around her, and Anti glitches inside Oliver’s core so he can come along. “Let’s all go up to the library so that Amy can calm down some, and then we can talk about it.”

He poofs the four of them into the library where Host causes an armchair to appear before leaving to brew some tea. Ollie sits and pulls Amy into his lap where he holds her to his chest and begins singing softly a lullaby he has in his file on her, one from her childhood. Amy continues to cry into his chest for a little while until Ollie begins talking to her, “I know it hurts, but you’re so strong. You’ll see. You’ll see.” He brushes his fingers through her hair carefully to keep it from getting in her eyes.

“I… I found him with someone else…” She shakes her head, and Wilford and Ollie exchange a shocked glance over her head as she continues, “I’ve never seen her before, and I… He didn’t even apologize!” Amy starts crying again, shaking all over as Ollie rubs circles on her back. “He didn’t even look sorry! Wh-what did I do wrong?”

Ollie shakes his head. “No, no, Amy. You didn’t do anything wrong.” He mouths the words, “What do we do?” to Wilford to which the reporter only shrugs.

“It was like looking at a different person.” Amy hiccups and looks up as the Host sweeps in with a cup of tea.

“Here,” he presses the cup into her hands and holds them there for a moment. “Amy feels the muscles of her shoulders and neck relax and unwind. Her mind clears of negative thoughts, and she breathes in and out slowly until she’s calmed down again.”

Oliver feels Amy relax and lets her sit up so she can enjoy her tea. Once she’s finished the cup and calmed down properly, she wipes her eyes and looks up at the Host and Wilford with a wry smile. “Sorry about that. I must look like a mess.”

Wilford kneels down beside her with a smile. “No, n… well, yes, but you’re our mess.”

Amy laughs a little and tweaks Wilford’s nose. “Oh, you.”

Wilford wiggles his mustache and offers her a hand. “My lady.” Once she’s on her feet, Amy realizes just how tired she is, leaning against Wilford for support. “Host? Take her back to get some rest.” Wilford hands Amy off to the Host and turns around to head for the door. “I’ve got to take care of something…”


Wilford slams his hands down on Dark’s desk. “We’ve got to do something about this! How can you be so flippant?”

“Because I don’t care, Will. She’s not one of us.” Dark gets up and walks over to the window. “She’s not even Mark’s girlfriend anymore apparently.”

“But think of what will happen to the channel if word of this gets out. The fans love Amy, and they’d launch Mark into the sun if they thought he hurt her. That can’t be good for us.” Wilford watches Dark square his shoulders in realization and grins. He’s got him now. “Not to mention that there might be some who’d blame you for this, certainly the other Egos might. You weren’t there when she arrived, and they might find that rather suspicious.”

“I wasn’t there because I refuse to…”

Dark is cut off when Green knocks on the door and enters. “Delivery, sir.”

“Well, let’s have it then,” he reaches towards Green, and the android puts the crisp envelope into Dark’s fingers. Wilford passes him a dagger with a grin, and Dark slices the letter open before drawing out the contents and reading it. A change comes over his face suddenly, and he drops the letter and jumps back.

Wilford snatches up the piece of paper from where it hit the floor as Dark falls into his desk seat and reads it for himself, “You’ve been… cordially invited to Poker Night at Markiplier Manor.” Wilford looks up at Dark with a feeling of pure horror stabbing at his gut. “Not again…”

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Concept: link and revali braiding each other's hair (is that hair in revali's braids?? Idk rito anatomy??). Revali acts like he has the Superior Braiding Method And Skills (again idk how w/ rito anatomy) but revali is still just secretly loving having his braided by link

Addition to the braiding ask: link comes back to rito village after some adventuring, clearly disheveled, but the braids are still nearly perfect, bc he cares so much about the work revali put into it. Of course revali has Something to say about the few stray hairs, but also recognizes how much link cares and feels Honored, even if he doesn’t show it

Revali hasn’t told Link yet, probably never will, but braiding each other’s hair in Rito culture is considered sort of…intimate. Like, the sort of thing only lovers do.

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Bundle Of Joy - Part Three

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Fandom: Marvel
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Single Parent!Reader
Summery: Reader invites Bucky in for a drink.
Warnings: None
Part OnePart Two

“So, you’re unmarried.”

It wasn’t a question, yet he had said it with slight hesitation. You hadn’t even noticed the way Bucky had been eyeing your ringless finger as the two of you walked down the empty street, your left hand only visible to him because you had wrapped it around your daughter, shifting her weight off of your chest. Now that he had mentioned it, you suddenly realized that up until this point he had no reason to think that you were a single parent.

“Yeah,” You murmured, your hand curling into a tight fist before you let it drop by your side. “Terribly modern of me, I know. No boyfriend either.”

“Nothing wrong with modern.” Bucky chuckled.

As the two of you turned the corner, your apartment building came into view. The plain, unpainted redbrick structure was connected to every other building on its side of the road, completely identical to those parallel. Craning your head back, you saw that the windows of your apartment were dark - just the way you had left them.
Bucky walked with you all the way to the front door.

“Well,” you started, unwrapping your arm from his, “this is me.”

Even with your daughter fastened against your chest, the cold night sent a violent shiver down your spine. With one hand you gripped your jacket closer to your body in a futile attempt to generate warmth, enveloping your sleeping daughter in the fabric.

“Would you like to come in and have a drink or something?” You asked Bucky, looking up at him with a hopeful smile. “You don’t have to, of course. It’s late and I completely understand if you don’t wanna - ”

“ - I’d love to.” Bucky accepted loudly as a car drove by, cutting you off from you rambling with a bright smile and a short laugh. Your stomach filled with butterflies as you gazed at him, your knees going weak as you felt your heart swell with joy. You could’ve stood there on the doormat until the sun rose above the city, just admiring him.

“Alright then,” You say, turning to the green painted door and pressing one of the five buzzers beside it - the one labeled Ms Vivian Chambers.

“Don’t you have a key?” Bucky asked you, his brow creasing in bewilderment.
You peered at him over your shoulder, taking a step back to look at the fourth set of windows above you.

“Lost them a little while go, but Viv doesn’t mind. I swear she’s nocturnal.”

Bucky didn’t have time to reply, because just as he parted his lips the lock clicked and you swung the old door open.

He followed close behind you as you entered, finding a seldom used staircase and no sign of an elevator upon entry. The place was gorgeous. Polished wood made up the stairs and rails and a red carpet matched the red with gold designed wallpaper.

“Coming?” You asked him from where you stood on the stairs, watching him as he took in his surroundings.

“Uh - yeah.” He said, jogging up the first few steps to catch up with you.

‘Keep quiet,” You hushed as the stairs creaked underneath him. “If Vivian finds you here, I’ll never hear the end of it.”

Bucky chuckled. “I can’t remember the last time I did this.”

“Did what?” You asked, passing the first apartment door and up the second flight of stairs.

“Sneak pass snoopy neighbours with a pretty girl.”

You faltered on the steps as his words reached your ears.

“That’s cute.” You murmured, feeling your cheeks burn.

Once the two of you arrived at on the third landing, you walked straight up to the dark green door, took hold of the handle and kicked, the door reluctantly opening at you show of force. Then a shout came from up stairs.

“Is that you, (Y/N)?” Called down Vivian Chambers. “Who’s that you’ve got with you?”

Your hand fell from the doorknob, leaving it ajar, and you stepped to the side, lent over the railing and peered up at the older woman. “Hello, Viv!”

Vivian Chambers was much older than yourself, with bleached blonde hair that had been sprayed relentlessly until it stood on end in a 80s styled poof. She was tall - even without the killer heels she always wore - and had huge filled red lips. Her voice was scratchy (might have had something to do with how she always had a cigarette in hand) and oddly low. She grinned down at you, the corners of her eyes stretching with her expression. “Hello, dear.”

Licking your lips in hesitation, you looked back at Bucky, gesturing for him to come over. He clasped his right hand over his mouth to suppress his laugh and did as you instructed, relaxing his face before looking up at Vivian himself.


“Whoa!” Vivian exclaimed as soon as he came into her line of vision. “Aren’t you a sight for sore eyes.”

“This is Bucky.” You introduced. “He’s a friend.”

“Oh, honey. Just a friend?” Her laugh was breathy and echoed throughout the building. “A guy like that ain’t just a friend, but if that’s the case Buckaroo, you’re welcome to come up to my apartment. Put some tunes on and…you know.”

“You’re old enough to be his mother!” You choked, tears coming to your eyes as you tried not to bend over in laughter.

Viv gave you a cheeky grin and took a puff of her cig. “Darling, we’re the same age!”

You waved your hand in a dismissive way and turned back to your door, hearing her leave the stairs above. “Yes, well. Parts of us are.”

Giving Bucky a apologetic look, you quietly let him, your daughter and yourself into you apartment. Shutting the door behind you and flicking on the lights, you revealed the mismatched furniture that resided within the bare, red bricked walls.

“Home sweet home.” You stated, stepping into the main living area and throwing your coat over the back of the brown leather couch to your left. The apartment smelt of sandalwood incense with a slightly dusty undertone that tickled your daughters nose, making her sneeze.

“Oop!” You laughed, unclipping the fastenings of the baby carrier. “Hello, sleepyhead.”

Your daughter didn’t seem that fazed by her small series of sneezes and merely whined and snuggled closer to your breast. Heaving a sigh, you preyed her from your body along with the baby carrier and walked passed Bucky into the next room. There you unbuckled your daughter and let her down in her cot to sleep.

“Ms Chambers doesn’t that bad.”

“Ha!” You laughed, walking back into your living room area where Bucky had sat himself down on your couch. “You don’t know her like I do. Trust me, as soon as you’re gone she’s going to be straight down here with a bottle of something and will try to cox your entire life story out of me.”

“Now, what would you like to drink, Bucky?” You asked him.

“What do you have?”

Opening the cabinets above the kitchen bench, you peered at the bottles you had in store there. “White and red wine and bourbon.”

“Glass of white for me, thanks.”

You twisted around to look at him. “Seriously?”


“Nothing,” You said, taking the wine bottle out, “it’s just that you’re possibly the first guy I’ve known who’d rather white over red.”

Pouring yourself and Bucky a glass each, you balanced the glasses in each hand as you walked over to him, the bottle tucked under your arm. Taking his glass, Bucky budged over to allow you space to sit down next to him after you set the wine bottle of the coffee table. Shifting around on the cushions, you sat to face him.

“So,” You begin, “tell me about yourself, Buck.”

Part Four


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Prompt: One day, you accidentally made a symbol to summon a demon on your sandwich and Crowley pops up.

Pairing: Crowley x Reader

A/N: Hey guys! It’s been a while. School is a pain in the ass but I think I’ll survive. I liked the prompt of this and the last bit was a little extra part I decided to add. My requests are open it’ll only take me a billion years to even write it lol

Tag List: @charley1979 @gettinjoyful @roxy-davenport Sorry if I missed someone, tell me and I’ll add you onto the list

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You just got home from a long day at the office. Your feet ache and you have a giant headache. You just got out of a bath you ran for yourself and now you trudge your way into the kitchen. There’s no problem that a little bit of food can’t fix. 

Moving around in some underwear and an oversized t-shirt, you started pulling things out from the cupboards and the fridge, getting all the ingredients you needed for a quick little sandwich. Assembling it together in record time, you grab some mayo and started smearing it around on your slice of bread. Not minding where you were placing it, you kept smearing it until it was covered. 

“Hello, darling.” A deep voice grumbled from behind you. You let out a yelp and jumped nearly 5 feet into the air. Twirling around, still holding your butter knife in one hand and your piece of bread in the other, you come face to face with a man in a black tailored suit with a red tie.

He was quite taller than you as he stood there with his hands in his pockets. You looked at him with wide eyes as you squeaked, “How did you get in here?” He raised an eyebrow at you and gave you a questioning look.  

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I swear to God, Dark... That is one of Bim's WORST FEARS! I'm telling Wilford!

“Get away from me!” Bim rips his arm out of Dark’s hold as the other Ego tries to keep Bim from falling. Trimmer staggers and slumps against the car, his breathing still erratic. “A lot of good that did you! Now you’re right back where you started!”

“Not entirely,” Dark says, watching the shadows swirl around his hand as he flexes it. “It’s under my control now.”

Bim inches away from him, still burning down to his bones from having the shadows inside him. “You’re a monster.”

Dark grimaces. “Oh, do try to be original, Trimmer.” He goes around to the driver’s side of the car and starts to get in until he realizes that Bim hasn’t budged. “Well, what are you waiting for? Get in.”

“I’m not going anywhere with you,” Bim snaps. “I’ll… call for Will to come get me.”

Dark pauses and sighs. “I was never going to actually let it take you, Bim.”

“It doesn’t matter. You know what this means to me. You know how terrified…” his voice breaks, and he pulls out his phone. “After everything I did, after all the progress you’d made, I thought you would understand that.”

Dark’s shell cracks again, and this time, he loses his temper. “I did what I always do! What I have to do, in order to keep all of you safe! How else were you planning on beating the Author? Tell me that Trimmer!”

Bim doesn’t answer. He just moves away from the car, and dials Wilford’s number, praying that Will hasn’t shot his phone since breakfast. Dark snaps back into his calm demeanor and gets in the car, grumbling to himself. He throws it into drive and tears off down the road as Bim watches, shivering.

“Bim? Where are you?” Wilford answers.

“I’m at the manor…”

What? What are you doing there?” Will roars through the phone.

Bim swallows his tears and brushes his hair out of his face with a shaking hand. “Will, I can’t talk about it now. Please just come and get me,” he cries.

There’s a pause and then Wilford poofs into existence in front of him, and Bim falls into his arms, sobbing and shaking uncontrollably.

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Can I request the RFA +V with an MC who constantly wonders off? Like they are just hanging out together and she gets distracted and vanishes for anywhere between a few minutes to a few days and always forgets to tell them.

Me but mentally. Sorry for my unannounced hiatus, but it’s summer and i’m ready to imagINE~Madre Mod


  • He’s very confused??
  • He was talking to you as he was playing a game but when he turns to face you you’re just
  • gone
  • You eventually came back after an hour but when you came back he’s on the floor clutching his phone
  • he’s crying
  • You make your presence known and he JUMPS YOU
  • He’s telling you to never do that again


  • He took you out to a picnic cause he’s romantic like that
  • He turned around to get something out of the basket 
  • turns around and ‘poof’ you’re gone!
  • He is internally panicing
  • he thinks you went to the bathroom
  • yeah the bathroom
  • you don’t come back for an hour
  • why didn’t he do that in the first place?
  • finds out that you wondered off then went home
  • sprints home and nearly crushes you in a hug
  • don’t worry him like thAT


  • It was a busy work day
  • the work was clearly tiring her out so you sent her home so she can rest
  • she agreed, only if you come straight home after work.
  • skip to a few hours after closing time Jaehee is up and a bit worried
  • “Maybe she forgot?? Maybe her friends came and dragged her some place to hang out! No…she would tell me.”
  • Ok maybe she’s more worried than she thought
  • like zen she calls your phone
  • but you don’t answer
  • but you did call her from a payphone(lol do these even exist anymore??) saying that you kinda walked around the town for a while
  • and that your phone died.
  • You might wanna get her something cause she’s gonna scold the hell out of you.


  • This is interesting.
  • So you told jumin you was going to go to the store
  • he told you to take a body guard or two with you just in case.
  • You did just to make him sleep at night.
  • a few hours later he gets a call from said bodyguard that you dissapeared.
  • The bodyguard was fired shortly after.
  • Jumin called a damned search party to look for you
  • the search lasted a few days until you had the nerve to just show up at the penthouse like you wasn’t M.I.A for three days.
  • He refused to let you leave the house without him for a while because of this.


  • He knows where you are
  • you can’t disappear
  • but just for this lets say you went to get the mail but then you saw this cute dog
  • then forgot the reason you came outside
  • So you went to the store cause you thought about making food when you get home
  • so you was gone for about a few minutes.
  • When he realized he you never came home right away he soft hacked your phone to find the location
  • Seven didn’t panic that day.


  • Please don’t do this to him
  • He took you to one of his photo showings thing and he lost you in the crowd of people
  • seeing as his eyes are still adjusting to seeing clearly he can’t find you.
  • but on the other side of the building, you’re just looking at all the photos , oblivious to the blue haired man trying to find your ass
  • He took a while trying to find you since eVERY FUCKING BODY WANTS TO TALK TO HIM ALL OF A SUDDEn
  • but when he finds you he grips your hand and tells you to not let go.
  • for his health, the poor man nearly cried. 
Endgame: Steven will poof

As far as christmas episodes go, Three Gems and a Baby was surprisingly subtle in that it never explicitly dealt with christmas. That said, for any other topic the symbolism doesn’t get more ham-handed than that. From Greg’s dolorosa pose and garb, the snow-in, and the three wise women coming baring useless gifts (what the fuck am i supposed to do with myrrh?)

Finally, there’s the fact that the whole episode is about discussing the nature of a half-human half-immortal child who will grow up to become the savior of earth.

It’s pretty obvious what they’re angling at, so I feel I should give a spoiler warning here because things are getting really goddamn plot-twisty. Here it is. Don’t come crying to me when you get spoiled

Okay, are you ready?


Okay, sorry, I know I’m supposed to wait a bit before I post stuff like that, but what’s done is done.

Okay, but what does that have to do with Steven? Well, by casting steven as the baby jesus in the nativity scene, the crew is adding a huge and explicit connection upon him. If steven was just your typical half-human half-alien savior, it could be played any number of ways, but the addition of a christ allegory narrows down what sort of savior he is. By making Steven a christ-figure, he is now burdened with the responsibility of sacrifice

Steven’s arc will have to end in his death!

Okay, that might have come out wrong. Obviously even if the writers wanted to kill off a child the FCC would come down hard on their ass. No, he would need to come back from it. Aren’t we lucky then that gems can regenerate and that the christ narrative is defined not by death but by resurrection.

Steven will poof and reform at the end of the series!

Edit: I’m going to discuss why Rose won’t come back if Steven dies later, but someone raised a good point that I need to bring up: We don’t know if Steven can poof.

Well, as it turns out, Steven need not poof for this all to play out. Even without a a body made of easily reformable light, Steven still has several more safety nets.

First off, let’s not forget that Steven’s mouth is full of healing saliva. Even if he’s seriously injured, he’s in constant contact with a substance that heals instantly. Of course using that would be fucking cheap even though we’ve known about it the entire time. 

No, Steven’s real safety net is far more mundane


Now, I could go easy here and bring up the fact that connie has access to both her mother’s ambulance and defibrillators as seen in Steven’s Birthday, as well as the statement that she knows how to use them, but in the end, drama and young love are the real asset here. CPR is called the kiss of life for a reason, and I don’t doubt Connie knows it. What better way to save their first kiss for the right moment than having it happen with her resuscitating him at the finale!

Woo! Cute cliches!

Okay, now that rose thing

I’m going to clarify right here and now that Rose is not coming back. Steven will poof, he will regenerate, and Rose will remain a small part of him. There are two reasons for this, both of which are metafictional

The first and biggest reason is that fundamentally, having Rose come back is identical to killing Steven. Even if she retained Steven’s memories, Steven’s identity would no longer exist.

The other and almost equal in brobdingnagianity (god I love recycling that SAT word), is the fact that so much of the show is defined by the irreversibility of Rose’s death. Loss is a fundamental part of who we are as a species, and no matter how much we want it, the dead aren’t coming back. As ironic as it is to bring up when we’re discussing that another character is going to be resurrected, the fact remains that everything about the story, about the characters and their arcs, hinges on the idea of moving on. Steven has an easy way to sacrifice himself and survive it, but Rose is already gone.

We’ll Help You Through

Hey guys. This is a fic that I felt like making because it displays how I’ve been feeling lately. This week is going to be stressful for me since work is going to need me more, and I won’t get a break until a week and a few days from now. I’ve been really stressed, so Virgil in this fic represents me right now. But besides that, I really hope you guys like this, and yeah. Please enjoy!

Virgil groaned, and pushed the bangs away from his face as he sat on his bed, and rubbed at his face. Lately, the Anxious side has been feeling stressed, which means that the bags under his eyes got darker, his hair was a mess, and most likely, some of his stress would soon be hitting Thomas if he wasn’t careful. Every part of his body was tense, and if Virgil looked closer, he could see his hands shaking as his chest tightened with each breath he took. If he didn’t calm down soon, some of what he was feeling would be going to Thomas, and that was the last thing the Anxious side wanted. Rubbing his fingers through his hair and tugging as his thoughts went to dark places of disappointment, Virgil was so distracted that he didn’t hear a knock on his bedroom door before it was too late, and the door opened to reveal Patton, peering in the room with a worried expression.

                       “Kiddo? Are you okay? Thomas came to us saying he could feel something was upsetting you,” Patton asked, opening the door a bit more so that some of the soft yellow hallway light could leak into Virgil’s dark room, getting rid of some of the shadows that were circling him. Wincing at the sudden light however, Virgil slammed his eyes shut and curled into himself as he took in what Patton said. Oh great…so what he was feeling was transferring over to Thomas. He was supposed to be Thomas’ protector, and he couldn’t even do that right. He really was a disgrace…he should just lock himself away again so that the others wouldn’t have to deal with a mess of a side like him. Frowning as he noticed Virgil’s eye bags getting darker, Patton took a deep breath, and slowly walked into the room, trying to keep himself calm enough so the room wouldn’t affect him as he made his way towards the distressed Virgil. “Hey Verge, come on. Let’s get you outta here, and into the main mindscape okay? We were getting ready for a movie night, and I think it would be good for you to get a chance to relax, okay?”

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Oh my gosh! here it is, we have been waiting for this episode flutter cord shippers! 

Originally posted by lifetimetv

On Equestria Daily, we finally got the synopses for a season 7 episode called 

“DISCORDANT HARMONY” This is episode 12! and here is the description of the episode. 

“When Discord invites Fluttershy to his realm for tea, he worries she won’t be comfortable there and begins to change it and himself with disastrous results.”

*fluttercord fans wake up”

Originally posted by zelderonmorningstar

Is this a call back to the MLP comic, remember? The one where Discord changes himself and becomes Accord!

Will we see a reference from this? Maybe? maybe not? I don’t know but I’m going to go on a guess on what might happen in this episode. 


*others* :I’m sure its not a-! *quickly muffled by a handkerchief*


so I’m thinking that it might start with Discord planning to have tea in FLuttershy’s house, as usual, but I’m thinking something happened that made him “invite” her. Maybe, they get interrupted or maybe Fluttershy took too many animals in and its crowded and she says that they might have to cancel but Discord just non-chalantly replies that she can come to his realm. I mean, if the mail pony could get there maybe fluttershy can? I don’t know, is there a portal? 

So she accepts and Discord cheers and poofs back to his realm, but then when he notice how “chaotic” it is compared to Fluttershy’s house, he might become self- conscious, I mean didn’t a monster took the mail-pony away that one time during the gala? He might be nervous about Fluttershy being uncomfortable in his place, kinda like a guy bringing his “friend” over and seeing his messy room? hmmmmmmmmmmmmm…..

I’m sure he will actually start cleaning and making it become “orderly”, but, at the same time, repressing his chaotic nature which could be the “disastrous result” or maybe by trying to keep it in order, the chaos comes out or makes it worse, or something like that. 

I am very, very excited for this episode! we haven’t gotten a “fluttercord” based episode since “keep calm and flutter on” where only Fluttershy and Discord interacted without any pony else, not the mane 5, not spike and Big Mac, not treehugger, and not starlight and Trixie. Just fluttershy and Discord. SO for the people who made this episode happen….

This is it! More fluttercord! Ahhhhhhh I cannot wait for this episode! THIS WILL BE A GOOD EPISODE! I can feel it!   

weathor  asked:

my cat is afraid of tall people, which isn't unusual except for two things: we know his history since his birth so i'm 99% sure he wasn't abused by someone tall. and second, he has a weirdly specific height cutoff, around 5'8". occasionally i scare him if i'm wearing thick shoes that make me an inch taller. short stranger comes in? he's all purrs and leg rubs. tall stranger? he dashes under the couch, ears back, tail poofed. what is he doing, and why? does he just not wanna feel small?

Fear issues in animals can develop entirely without the presence of abuse - the misunderstanding that any fear in an animal means someone must have hurt it is something that’s been perpetuated both by well-meaning people and by shady groups that want to take advantage of the fundraising opportunities around “rescue” stories - so your cat could absolutely have developed a wariness of tall people in the absence of bad treatment. Animals are often single-event learners (a characteristic that helped their wild counterparts survive) so a scary encounter with a tall person could have left a lasting impression - even if it was as simple as a tall person tripping and scaring the cat badly as they caught themselves. A couple bad experiences - or just one super intense one - could have led him to generalize to most tall people. 

Another option, though, is that your cat doesn’t like being loomed over. You see this a lot more in dogs than in cats, but a short person can pet a cat without leaning their body entirely over them whereas a taller person has to consciously crouch to avoid doing so. You could test this yourself by purposefully looming over him when you interact with him and seeing how he responds - since you’re a height he’s normally fine with, you can get some data about if it’s posture or actually height he’s reacting to. 

Utapri Maji Love Live 6th Stage Twitter Round Up

DISCLAIMER: I am only rounding up information found on twitter in one huge post as a reference for convenience. I did not go to the concert. 

Alright! This isn’t the best round up of info I’ve gotten but I might update this as other people on twitter put out their thoughts and feelings and what they saw!

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So everything the Host, Ollie, all of them did was for nothing. Dark is back to his ruthless evil ways

Wilford opens his eyes to the pink of his void and sighs. He can’t seem to move, not even wiggle his mustache or smirk. He’s so tired… He’s never been this tired in all his life, even when he worked himself to the bone until he could throw himself into bed and be asleep before he hit the pillow. He’s never been as tired as this, as death.

But already he can feel himself filling up again, little by little and bit by bit until his fingers are warm again and he can move around. He’s not sure how long it takes; time is funny here.

There’s a pain in his chest that won’t quite go away, and when he touches it, his hand comes away bloody. That’s new.

Once he feels truly corporeal again, he wiggles his mustache a bit and poofs out of the void, and his eyes open, blinking against sunlight. Someone steps between him in the window, casting a shadow over him, and Wilford glances up to see a face cast in darkness.

“Welcome back.”

Wilford rolls his eyes. “Is yours going to be the first face I see every time I wake up in this god-forsaken world?”

Dark smirks. “Until you find a way to get rid of me.”

That shocks Wilford a little. “So, you killed me.”

“Nah,” Dark holds up his hands. “For once, my hands are clean.”

Wilford blinks and glares at him. “You’re different.”

“I feel different,” Dark says, looking back over his shoulder out the window and letting the sunlight wash over his face for a moment. “Not so cold.”

Wilford nods a little, still stiff. “How long have I been gone?”

“Few weeks,” Dark shoves his hands into the pockets of his black hoodie. “‘s been pretty quiet and peaceful around here.” Dark looks back down at Wilford finally and raises an eyebrow. “Too quiet.”

“Well, that’ll have to be fixed,” Wilford says. He puts out his hand, shaky still and weak. “Truce?”

Dark looks at Wilford’s hand a moment, how pale it is, and he takes it. “Truce.”