and his poof is coming back

I had a rough week, so have some warm fuzzy Harper and the batfam headcanon:

  • The first time Harper and Cullen get asked over for family movie night, they send Cass to ask, because they know Harper will never say no to her
  • Harper feels a little self conscious about how there is all this home made healthy food laid out for them and all she brought was a bag of store brand cheeze poofs, but Tim is delighted that hospitality has bypassed Alfred’s junk food ban.
  • Damian doesn’t bother coming down stairs until Dick shows up, and then he launches himself at his brother in a flying tackle that ends with him somehow riding Dick piggy back. Which is about when he notices Harper and Cullen and asks for an introduction, and Harper finds herself shaking hands with a very serious ten year old sitting on his brother’s back.
  • They’ve known each other for ten minutes and Cullen and Duke have already started talking about Yu-gi-o. Harper is having dark visions of anime night dance before her eyes.
  • Actually there are a lot more people here than Harper was expecting. Including some dude who hasn’t taken his leather jacket off even though it’s perfectly warm in here and who is acting like he doesn’t want to be here, which is whatever. How hard is it to get out of family movie night? Unless… Maybe they sent Cassie after him too?
  • Actually, not that she want’s to admit it, but this is a little stressful for Harper. Not in an exactly bad way. She’s glad she got invited. But she has no real experience with big normal family things, and she’s not really sure what’s expected of her here.
  • About 40 minutes into the movie some guy named Clark shows up with his kid Jon in tow. Dick is excited to see him. Tim rolls his eyes a little, to which Bruce responds by waving in the general direction of Steph and telling Tim, “You invite your friends.”
  • This is when Harper realizes that maybe no one here knows how big family things are supposed to work and everyone is just making it up as they go.
  • At some point Jon and Damian start fighting and Jon accidentally uses his heat vision. Harper and Cullen slip out to the hallway to have a hushed conversation that consists entirely of the words, “Oh My God,” repeated in various states of alarm coupled with pointing back to the living room. The dorky looking dude in Buddy Holly glasses and flannel, who’s just a little too clean cut for the hipster look, is fucking Superman, and how did they not notice that earlier. 
  • Eventually Bruce comes to collect them. 
    “You’re friends with Superman!”
    “That’s not really a secret, Harper.” 
    And, ok, Harper knows that Batman and Superman are friends. She does. But there’s still a bit of mental disconnect between that and Superman hanging out on Bruce’s couch.
  • Later in the evening, Harper realizes it’s starting to snow, hard. She knows she should leave soon because weather this bad tends to lead to the bus “detour” not stopping within 10 blocks of her apartment. But Cass is sleeping on her shoulder and she really doesn’t wanna move. Bruce wanders over and asks just a little too quickly if she just want’s to crash here because the weather is garbage. And that’s cool, but, did he plan this?
  • The spare bedroom is bigger than her entire apartment. And it’s too quiet. And dark. How the hell is she supposed to sleep here?
  • In the morning, the payoff is worth it. Breakfast at Wayne Manor is the best thing ever. Harper keeps telling Alfred how good everything is, and Alfred keeps responding by putting more food in front of her. They are going to have to roll her out of here, but Harper is definitely never missing another movie night. Especially if the weather forecast is bad.

Pearl is the only one who actually decided that they needed to stop trying to get Rose back.

Amethyst and Garnet keep trying to get Rose to come back in their own ways, and don’t know what to do when their plans fail.

So Pearl takes Steven and thinks she’s probably just going to poof him, NOT kill him, and when he reforms he’ll just reform as Rose. I don’t even think she thought what she was doing could even result in the death of Steven.

And yet, she stops herself either way. Knowing that Rose, the love of her life, wanted to do this more than anything. She thinks removing his gem will bring Rose back and she STILL decides to respect what Rose originally wanted.

And that’s how much she loves Rose. But now 14 years later and with so much growth, Pearl has come to love Steven with everything in her. And I don’t think for one freaking second that she resents him today.

I love this character and I will continue to defend her to the end of time sorry.

“lumpster look. are you looking? well if you’re not look now.” the stuffed kangaroo held up his new job uniform. “i’m going to be working at a bakery in two weeks so now i don’t need ian or albert to pay me an allowance anymore. the first thing i’m going to do with my money is buy a tiny house that the two of us could live in together.” he lowered the frilly apron down and tilted his head. “if you want to i mean. you’re only staying with me until kenny comes back right? i don’t want him to have no idea where you are.” while roo readily gave up on pursuing a relationship with gus and hannah’s departure, the younger member of the heffalump gang hadn’t felt tied down as he had before. but he was sure his best friend had still been hooked on his first boyfriend and couldn’t leave him behind. gus had presented him with a choice between he and lumpy and even if he was asked that a billion times the kangaroo would always pick his best friend. 

“it’s okay if you don’t want to it’s okay.” roo climbed up to his top half of the bunk to rest his apron down. “instead we can just talk about dinner? i was reading about a recipe to make tacos but they have black beans and carrots. maybe penne vodka? i can cook us some porridge maybe? you could even pick the type, i don’t care. “ he grinned, peaking his head down from his bunk to look at lumpy as he laid down on his own. “lumpster we can bake something with carrots for ian and share it as a dessert too! wanna help me?” he chirped, finally hoping back down to lean over his best friend. what was even personal space when it came to them? “we can even feed your rabbit cookie with the leftover carrots we have. say yes, say yes, say yes.” he ushered before their puppy Cakie was running up to them, barking with excitement. “you too Cakie, we’ll give you some food. we’re gonna mash carrots in em’ so that you can get big and strong like me and lumpster here. you can also get a dessert too but papa lumpy can pick it out.” 


Broken Roots|Dragonrise|
  • Primrose:
  • "Thank you for having me!"
  • I curtsied Terra and then hid behind Poppy. He didnt like me...
  • (Terra): "Anything for our queen.."
  • He said and I blushed wanting to go soon. I felt something hug me and see 'Brahm. How the heck did he..
  • (Abraham ): "Bye."
  • "Ah..bye.."
  • I pull away and surprise him with a poofed flower.
  • "Ta da. We'll play again soon!"
  • He looked delighted at the flower and went back to his older cousins.
  • (Melody): "Come on already Primrose.."
  • She said with a tone and I look back over at her nervously.
  • "Did something happen..."
  • (Poppy): "Why would you say that sweetie. It was just a freak know Moores and their abilities" She put an arm around me, very close.
  • "Um."
  • I did not know what to say. I felt something was wrong. Instead of going back to the castle they take me to the Garden Guild’s greenhouse in the gated park where the priceless plants and animals were kept.
  • Poppy tires to small talk but I still felt very sad about upsetting Terra.
  • (Almsong): “It’s a pleasure to see you girls well after such a fright.”
  • (Poppy): “I’ll be treating some for awhile now I suppose. I’ll take another load of herbs and go find Avery.”
  • (Almsong): “I wish you two the best I am sure you will be needed greatly.”
  • (Melody): “Ah Primrose why don’t you go play with the kids..”
  • She tried to get me out of the conversation between the two of them.
  • “Why cant I play with you?”
  • I ask her wondering what I did to upset her.
  • (Melody): “I’m busy ok..I’m a warrior now..”
  • “Oh alright..”
  • I knew pestering her wouldn’t improve her attitude and sit down next to my nieces to make them some flower crowns.
  • “You’ll look best in..lilies!”
  • I adorn one’s blonde head with one as she giggled happily.
  • “And Hmm I think Dandelions would be bes-“
  • I go to pick some when I sensed… DANDY!!
  • “Its Dandy hes alive! Hes here!”
  • I gasped looking back at Poppy who looked horrified. Rosario came out of the greenhouse with a tigerlike roar
  • (Rosario): “Don’t transport..”
  • “Ok..”
  • I said quickly setting down the flowers at his loud outburst and pressing closer to the grass.
  • (Poppy): “Oh dear…this..changes..”
  • (Rosario): “Remember where hes been its not really him anymore…”
  • “But..”
  • (Almsong): “Your brother is trying to keep you all safe.. now I think its time to work on more herbs children come along..”
  • I sighed and followed her inside with the young ones. She was far to busy to keep an eye on me so I went out on the roof in kitty form to see what Rosario and Poppy were going to do.
  • (Rosario): “Don’t leave either Poppy you almost died last time..”
  • (Poppy): “You want to be next??”
  • (Rosario): “Oh I’m not going either!”
  • He snapped and started covering the gate with more thorns from all sides.
  • ….Oh…
  • I take the Dandelions and go inside the back of the shed near the pots in tears to cry
Crazy dream about SU

I had a dream Vegeta from DBZ was a crystal gem. 

His gem looked like this

(Pink Spinel)

And he got seriously hurt and he poof’d leaving only his gem behind I remember grabbing his gem and like tearing up on it “Vegeta, I love you please come back”. His gem started glowing and he came back only to tell me to shut up so he can reform properly and then he poof’d again. I started tear up again because he poof’d and I woke up. Moral of the story don’t watch SU and DBZ on the same day ever.

In which Killian takes his being less dashing.
  • Hook: I want to hurt you hurt me.
  • Emma: We can fight this Hook.
  • Hook: *reaches up hair to opposite side*
  • Emma: Wait...Waht?
  • Hook: *poofs away in a grey cloud of smoke. comes back wearing no leather*
  • Emma: whoa, whoa...slow down, let's be reasonable.
  • Hook: *wipes away guyliner*
  • Emma: *whispers softly* no.
  • Hook: *reaches for the buttons on his shirt*
  • Emma: You wouldn't...
  • Hook: *buttons every single one*
  • Emma: You monster!
  • Hook: No Mercy Swan. You brought this upon yourself.

Okay but hear me out.

Peridot gets poofed again, right? But this time she ends up taking three times longer than Pearl had done to regenerate because she can’t decide where to put the freaking star

Meanwhile, Steven and the others all have to go on a mission together. Steven is afraid of Peri coming back while they’re gone and being lonely, so he ends up sneaking her gem along in his backpack.

She ends up regenerating INSIDE his backpack. Picture Steven suddenly wobbling about and then faceplanting. His backpack is wriggling and there’s muffled screaming coming from inside as Peri freaks the everloving crap out

It would be amazing

Hook using suicide attempt is NOT COOL

So, let me get this straight. Hook using a suicide attempt to get Emma’s attention is completely okay by the “family show” standards.

Man can’t get ahold of the woman he wants, his girlfriend, and instead of waiting like a normal person he jumps off a roof to get her attention.

Kids are watching this “family show” how is this scene, using suicide as a emotional weapon against someone, to get their attention, to get them to act as they want, how is THIS okay. How could ABC okay this fucking scene and clear it let alone be filmed and shown.

In real life, people don’t poof you out of harms way. In real life you die. There is no coming back. In real life, abusers say “if you leave me I’ll kill myself” ALL THE TIME. It’s emotionally manipulative and exploitative of another person’s feelings.

Fight me on this CSers because I will win. You tell me how that’s okay to do it. If one of your friend’s boyfriend/girlfriend did that just to get attention. If someone threatened suicide just to get your attention. Can’t you see those actions are repugnant and not at all okay? Or even sane?

So, bearing that in mind, how is it that two women falling in love who share a son, who would do anything for each other and understand one another, who would never use a suicide threat as a emotional weapon against each other or their son, HOW is this relationship not considered under the umbrella of “family show” because they’re two women? Seriously. Seriously.

WTF is wrong with the producers? I don’t fucking understand their flawed logic.

  • *Regina poofs into Emma's room startling her*
  • Emma *sleepily*: Regina?
  • Regina *sheepishly*: Hi Emma.
  • Emma: What are you doing here? Is everything okay?
  • Regina: ....I....I was thinking of my happy place.
  • Emma: And you poofed to it?
  • *Regina nods*
  • Regina: I needed my happy place.
  • *Emma pulls back the covers*
  • Emma: Come here.
  • Regina *sliding into bed*: I don't like this living apart thing. The nights when you and Henry aren't there....I miss you too much.
  • Emma: What are you saying?
  • Regina: I want my happy place to be our home.
  • Emma *smiles and kisses her*: That sounds like a pretty good happy place to me.
Welcome to my head

Yami yawned rubbing his eyes as he looked to the stuffed cat on in his bed “The world is loney without ya Lain” he said standing up.

“Well I guess it’s time to get back the old team!” He chuckled looking to his mirror, an image of him and his twin standing with a group of old friends.

“See ya my dear twin, don’t stay gone for too much longer” he smiled sadly. Yuki had gone on a mission with some of the elite X-Men and never came back, they said he just stayed behind to help, however he had a feeling the male was never coming home.

Yami shut his eyes and felt a twitch of a familiar telepath. A smile pulled in his lips as he vanished vanished from his room in a poof of blue-grey smoke. When he landed he was in an apartment. “Really Lain, so messy as always!” He muttered as he picked up the small home and sat in a familiar sented chair, tail dropped over the side “Now for the waiting game!” He purred happily, it had been to long since he last saw her, hopefully he would be remembered!

How Steven Poofs

A lot of people talk about Stevens Birthday as if it’s supposed to be an answer to how he ages. But in “So many Birthdays” it explicitly shows how he ages (as in how he perceives himself). I think this is the crewniverses answer to how he “poofs”. Since Steven is organic he can’t just disappear into his gem, instead he reverts to his original form, which is a baby human. 

When he comes back he changes form into one that shows signs of aging. 

Greg, why you so homeless???

I think it was kind of sweet how Greg lived for Rose, even though technically he was homeless, he’d just wait for her to come back…in the snow…in the rain…when his clothes got all torn up…and yet he never complained to Rose. He never wanted her to know how much he was suffering. HE ATE FOOD OUT OF THE GARBAGE WHEN HE HADN’T ENOUGH MONEY?!?!

And that got me thinking. Rose really doesn’t think about her friends. She’s a bit selfish. I mean, yes, she’s sweet and cute and like a great leader, but she should have been a bit more conscientious of her friends. Like the way Pearl would constantly poof herself by throwing herself in front of Rose, even though she didn’t have to. And Rose said nothing about it. She allowed it.

Is Rose even grateful for the sacrifices everyone makes for her? She’s a bit selfish. She even retreats into her gem so that Steven can be born, with no regard to what her absence will do to Greg, Pearl, everyone. I guess you could say I have problems with Rose.

So for my cultural geography class I had to break a cultural norm, so I went to the library and typed with my back to the monitor and the keyboard in my lap.

I typed up a random story about a girl named Julie who wakes up in a fairytale and destroys the sexist narrative.  Here are some highlights:

(as a wizard tries kidnapping her)
“You’re supposed to scream for help, not fight back!” he exclaimed. “You’re a damsel in distress!”
“What?” Julie asked.  She couldn’t believe this sexist bullshit!  But his archaic way of thinking had distracted her, allowing him to poof them away with magic dust

(talking to Nancy, the other imprisoned princess)
“Why are you trying to leave?  You’re supposed to wait for your prince to come for you!”
“But that could take ages!” Julie exclaimed. “How long have you been in here?”
Nancy sighed. “Five years.”
Julie’s jaw dropped.  Five years?!  Maybe fairytales weren’t so great after all. “Well, I’m not waiting five years.  Who’s your prince, anyway?”
“I don’t have a prince.  Well, I guess it’s technically supposed to be my brother.  Maybe that’s why it isn’t working, because it’s not a proper fairytale.”
“A proper fairytale?!” Julie’d had just about enough of this bullshit.

(after finding out that Julie’s engaged to Nancy’s brother, and that he’s sure to rescue her since they’re engaged)
“Screw that!” Julie exclaimed. “I’m getting the two of us out of here!”
Julie summoned all her powers of feminism and did a super awesome spinning kick and kicked the bars so hard they just broke right in half.  Then she got Nancy out.
“Wow, you’re so cool!” Nancy exclaimed.
“Let’s destroy the patriarchy, Nancy,” Julie said passionately.
“I couldn’t think of anything better to do,” Nancy replied, smiling.

(as they’re escaping)
“Impossible!” the wizard cried. “No simple woman can escape my Tower of Doom®!”
“We’ve had enough of your sexist story!” Julie yelled.  She turned to Nancy. “Do you trust me?”
"Yes,” Nancy said with stars in her eyes.
Julie grabbed Nancy’s face and kissed her.  The old man screamed and melted into a puddle of homophobia.

(when they arrive back at the castle after riding a dragon)
“But how?!”  the citizens exclaimed. “No girl has ever rescued herself!“
"That’s because centuries of patriarchal and sexist institutions have trained and tricked us into believing that we can’t do anything without the help of a man,” Julie declared, clenching her fists. “But now we know better!”
The woman cried out in support.

(after Julie tells Prince Humphrey that she and Nancy are in love and that she can’t marry him anymore)
Humphrey breathed a sigh of relief. “Thank goodness!  Now Nancy can ascend to the throne and David and I can live the country life!”
He turned to his side, where a black stable boy was running toward him.  They embraced passionately and the old nobles all screamed their racist, homophobic screams.

It ends with Julie waking up in her room in the real world.  She’s sad, but then meets a pair of twins named Nancy (who’s carrying a stuffed dragon) and Humphrey (who has a black boyfriend named David) in the mall and they bond over fro-yo and "live happily ever after” of course

In regards to the actual assignment, people just looked at me weird.  Especially the librarians.  They were judging me hardcore

Moonlight love

(photo creds: @the-ogoc)

Chapter 5
Word count: 1,256

You and Derek walked into the house.  They smell of weed filled your nose.  
You guys walked to the living room and saw Sammy, Swazz, KLD and Nate talking and smoking. and yet again you were amazed on how his friends were literal heart eyes.  

You sat down on the couch and Derek plopped beside you and draped his arm on your shoulder.  

The guys started talking about up and coming music.  Derek took a couple poofs of the blunt and handed it to you.  You handed it to Nate and listened to their conversation.  

Derek started to kiss on your shoulder and neck.  He stopped at your ear and whispered “Wanna go up stairs” and smirked at you

hell yes!

“Yea” You said
Derek grabbed your hand and headed you upstairs.  

“(Y/N) IS ABOUT TO GET LAIIID” You heard Nate yell
“AND GUESS WHO IS’NT NATE” You yelled back
Derek chuckled

Derek surprised you by slamming you on the wall and roaming his hands all over your body.  He slid his hand down your back and grabbed you butt which made you moan in his ear.  He pulled your shirt off and same to his.  

That body!

He kissed your neck and carefully slid off your pant and underwear at the same time.  He came back up to your face and connected your lips,  you placed your arms around his neck and he laid your body on the bed.  

He took off his pants and boxers.  He came closer and hovered over your body and Smiled at you.  

He slid his member in you and instantly ached your back.  He started to thrust in and out of you.  Moans filled the bedroom. He picked up the pace and went in harder.  You pulled the roots of his hair from pleasure.  

You spilled and rolled your eyes to the back of your head.  Soon he spilled too and laid beside you.  

Derek rubbed your back and you fell asleep.  

-6 pm-

You woke up and saw Derek sleeping so peacefully.  You got up from the bed and tried your best not to wake him.  You searched the room for your stuff and changed your clothes.  

You walked downstairs and went to the living room to find Nate on the couch.  You looked for your phone and Nate said “Derek” in a moaning voice

“I hate you” You blushed

You found your phone and said goodbye to Nate.  You walked outside and noticed you had a bunch of notifications from Lyssa to call her.  

“Hey whats up” You said
“What is your problem?” She said
“What did I do?” You asked
“You picked Derek over Jack?!?!! You barely know the guy you just met him! You really broke Jack’s heart” She ranted

“He should have told me when I wasn’t interested in Derek! I’m not gonna date him he is like my second brother!” You said
“Whatever (y/n) you’ve always had a crush on Jack”  She said
“NOO I haven’t! that was like in 6th grade!” You said

“Yea sure (y/n) you choose Derek or us” Lyssa
“You can’t do that !” You yelled
“Just did” she said and hung the phone up

Why would she do that ? I don’t want to choose ! I love Derek but I love them too…

You went back to the front door and knocked.  Derek answered.  
“Came back for more?” He smirked
“No” You laughed
“i need to talk” You said

You and Derek headed to his room and sat on the bed.  
He looked deep in your eyes.

“What is it I can tell its not good” He said sliding his hand up and down your thigh
“Well earlier I was crying….I was crying because Jack said he liked me and wanted to be with me….It was a lot to handle” You sighed
“That’s it?” He asked

“No” You said and looked down at your hands
“Lyssa called me and got mad at me for choosing you….She’s making me choose you or them” You went on

“Choose them (y/n) they’re your childhood friends” He said softly rubbing your cheek
“But what if I want to choose you Derek” You said staring at his eyes
“Don’t choose me they are the best choice for you” He said
“What if you’re the best choice” You said

“Trust me i’m not” He said
“Derek..” You said
“Leave (y/n)” He demanded

You went outside and drove to your house.  You made it to your house and ran up to your room.  
You were angry so you texted Jack and Lyssa.  

Y/N: You guys are so CHILDISH! Why would you make me choose? Jack i’m sorry I don’t feel that way about you but you can’t get mad at me because I’m in love with you! YOU TWO NEED TO STOP BEING SO CHILDISH AND GROW UP! and you better be happy because Derek made me choose you two.  He broke up with me because you two were selfish ! I lost someone I love.  I’ve never gotten in the way of any of your relationships. DON’T LOOK AT ME OR TALK TO ME !

Once you sent the message.  You wondered what will this do to the friendship you guys had.  Will you ever be friends again?

You took a shower and went to sleep.  


You woke up and got dressed.  You walked downstairs to eat but you didn’t have an appetite.  So you headed to school.  

You walked through the doors of school and anxiety hit you.  You walked to your locker and put your stuff into it.  You heard laughter and turned your head to see Derek with his arm around some girl.  

“He moves on fast” You mumbled

You turned back to look at him once more and he looked into your eyes.  You turned your head fast and started to walk to the Band room to apologize to Lyssa and Jack.  

You walked down the hall as tears rolled down your red cheeks.  

Derek was with some girl and what if Lyssa and Jack don’t forgive me?

You were on your way to the band room and someone stopped you.  It was Derek.  

“Whats wrong (y/n) you can tell me” He said
“Nothing” You said annoyed and wiping your tears with you shirt
“Tell me now” He commanded
“Okay Derek you really wanna know?…..I have no one You are with some girl…Lyssa and Jack aren’t my friends anymore so I have NO ONE” You said walking away

Derek grabbed you and pulled your wrists.  

“Derek let go!” You yelled
“You have me..You hear that? You have me (y/n)!” He said
“So don’t say you don’t have anyone because I love you to death”
“Don’t ever say that again-I’m here for you baby girl” He went on

its getting hot in here!

He hugged you and squeezed.  He let go and smiled with his perfect teeth.  

“I have to go” You said and walked off to your class

Authors Note: Hope u liked it! I really like (y/n) and Derek together but I guess it didn’t workout this time around (lol hint hint) but thank you guys a lot! love u.  btw sorry for the smut I’m terrible at writing it -i 

Master list

Masterlist (moonlight love)