and his pepper spray

“I’m cupping your grandpa breast with my hand, Rick.“

Later Stan pepper sprayed Rick for trying to take his wallet, but we don’t talk about that lover’s tiff.

Thank you Justin Roiland and Alex Hirsch for drawing this fabulous monstrosity for us. 

Haunting Me: Chapter 1

A/N; Eeeeek! Here it is guys, chapter 1! This story has me so pumped and i’m so happy you guys liked the intro. I hope you guys like this chappie, cuz it’s a bit of a giant relief haha. ENJOY! - Delilah ❤️

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x POC Reader

Haunting Me: Y/N is a normal young adult living in New York, but little does she know that she’s a reincarnation of the long lost Bucky Barnes’ fiance from the 1940′s. What happens when she runs into Steve in 2012? Most importantly, what happens when she runs into The Winter Soldier?

Warnings: Swearing. Slight angst. Mild violence. Hella feels. 


You focused on the pencil in your hand, shading the paper as carefully as possible.

New York was beautiful in the summer time, especially once the sun hit the right spot in the sky. It wasn’t a cloudy day by any chance; in fact, there wasn’t a single cloud in sight. You sat in the metal chair, your legs crossed beneath you as you focused on the sketch in front of you. You reached for the pastry on the plate next to it and took a small bite out of it, chewing slowly.

You enjoyed your time alone, as you always did, especially when you got to sketch the totally gorgeous Calvin Klein model sitting two seats down from you.

Okay, he probably wasn’t a model, but he sure as hell looked like one.  He was built like a brick house and those eyes. Jesus –you could get lost in those ocean blue orbs of his. From what it looked like, he was drawing as well. He could draw and look super-hot while doing it? He was a rare gem. However, as you cocked your head to the side, curiously studying his features, you couldn’t help but notice how sad he looked. It made your chest ache just seeing him brood like that.

“Another brownie ma’am?” the waitress asked with a smile. And by the grace of god, the total hottie looked over at you. You blushed, looking up at the waitress with a timid smile.

“Um. No thank you.” She gave you a quick nod before walking away.

When you looked back over at the mysterious blond, you expected him to give you a small smile and continue throughout his day, but boy were you wrong. You looked back over and to your surprise, he was openly staring at you, his blue eyes widened with an odd mixture of fear and shock. He blinked rapidly, his eyes focusing on your face shamelessly.

Immediately you felt so self-conscious. Was there something on your face? Did you creep him out?  Oh god, did your eyeliner smudge. You had a habit of rubbing your face whilst drawing and you did forget you were wearing makeup sometimes.

After a few minutes of being stared down by the man, you had quite enough. You hastily packed your sketch book into your bag and placed a few dollar bills onto the table before standing. You swore you could feel the burning of eyes on your back as you stealthy maneuvered around the sea of people.

Before you could take another step, you felt a tight grip on your arm stop you.

“What are you doing?” you exclaimed, turning around with a scowl. You reached in your pocket for your pepper spray.

“I-I’m sorry!” The man sputtered, his eyes softened once he peered around at the many people watching the two of you. There was a small crowd surrounding you now and you felt so embarrassed, yet relieved. He wouldn’t dare try anything in public.  

You yanked your arm back, holding it in your wrist. “Why are you following me? Do I know you or something?” your last question caused him to frown. You could practically see the wheels turning in the man’s head as he chose his words carefully. He sighed heavily, before his eyes travelled down to the bag in your hand.  

“I uh…noticed you drawing earlier and I wanted to say how nice your shading technique was. That’s all.”

You blinked, your eyes widening. He did all that for a damn compliment? Who was this guy?

“Thank you,” you replied, which came out more as a question. Soon, the people around you began going about their day once they realized there was no harm being done to you. Leaving the two of you standing in the middle of the busy sidewalk.

“My name is Steve,” he smiled, holding out his hand for you. “Steve Rogers.” You raised your eyebrows. That was a bit of an older fashioned name, but you weren’t complaining. Your mom tried to name you Jane once before your birth.

“I’m Y/N,” you replied, gently taking his hand and shaking it.  

“Y/N Y/L/N.”

As the next couple years went by, you and Steve became two peas in a pod.  

Wherever you went, he went. At first, you found it sort of creepy that your best friend was following you around town all the time, showing up at your apartment in the middle of the night when the Stark tower got too much for him and he needed a place to sleep properly. After a while, you just assumed the man was a bit lonely, which was fine by you considering you were, too.

There were times where you two would just stay up all night watching old movies from his time. His favorite was My Darling Clementine, which you had seen so many times that you now knew the entire film’s script by memory. 

Soon, Steve began accompanying you on your trips to art galleries for school. It was a win/win for you as he always attracted so much attention being the hot shot Captain America he was, also, he eased the storm of anxiety that you struggled with your entire life. Steve was your wing man.  

But there were some times when you felt that maybe Steve wanted to be more than friends. 

You always thought of him as a brother figure, but the way he would look at you whenever he thought you weren’t noticing, it had you a bit confused. It happened when you were watching the old movies. He would look at you from out the corner of his eye, watching your reactions closely. You figured it was because he had a thing for you, which you didn’t return. 

You had a couple boyfriends here and there, but nothing special. And Steve, bless his heart, had completely unapproved of them all. 

But whenever you would sing along to your favorite song, Over the Rainbow by Judy Garland, you would see the look even more. You couldn’t put your finger on it, but something about that song probably caused unpleasant memories for him. You wondered why. 

Another time you got The Look, was when you smoked. It was a habit, yeah, one that you’ve had for far too long. Every time you would be out and about with him -which was always- and you lit up a cigarette, he would immediately scold you until you put it out. You loved Stevie, but you were a big girl. You could make your own decisions. 

You were lounging on your couch, watching old reruns of Seinfeld, when a loud banging on your front door causing you to nearly jump out of your skin. You looked over at your phone. 

Five O’clock. 

Steve was currently on a mission, or so you thought. Who on earth could it be? 

You sighed, standing up from the couch and made your way towards the front door. You flung the door open, expecting to see Steve standing there with a box of pizza like always, but instead you got something way, way more complicated. 

“W-What is going on?” you asked, eyeing the two other Avengers beside your best friend. 

Steve let out a sigh, giving you a guilty smile. “These are my uh…coworkers.” 

You blinked, staring at him with wide eyes. Coworkers? Really?

“May we come inside?” Natasha asked as she clutched her shoulder tightly. Her face was twisted into a grimace as she tried to cover the obvious gunshot wound in her shoulder. Your eyes widened. 

“Of course!” you jumped, reaching forward and gently placing your hand on her back, and guiding her into your apartment. She let out a groan when you touched her shoulder. 

“I think I’m gonna need a new shoulder.” she said. 

You placed the cotton swab on Natasha’s shoulder, gently dabbing the fresh stitches you had applied. She was lucky to be alive, the bullet barely missed a major artery. A couple more centimeters and she would’ve bled out in seconds. 

“So are you guys gonna tell me what the hell happened?” you asked, turning around in your chair to face Steve, who was seated on your couch, his body bruised and battered from the obvious fight. 

Whoever they ran into managed to put up on hell of a fight. 

“His name is The Winter Soldier,” Natasha chimed from behind you. She avoided your eyes as she spoke “He’s Hydra’s top assassin. He’s killed over a dozen elected officials and other people as well. We ran into him earlier.” 

Steve continued to stare down at the floor, his face in a distant frown. 

“What does that have to do with Steve? What happened?” you asked eagerly. 

“We just found out that this so called Winter Soldier is actually Steve’s best friend, Bucky Barnes.” 

Your eyes widened. You were so confused. Steve never mentioned anyone else in his life except for his mother and father. He always told you he was on the lonely side, but…he had a best friend apparently. An old best friend from over seventy years ago. 

“Who the hell is Bucky?” you chided, furrowing your brows at Steve. How could he have not told you? You and he told each other everything. 

“Bucky Barnes was considered KIA in 1942 when he fell off a locomotive during a mission to capture the evil scientist Arnim Zola.” Sam informed as he reloaded his pistol. 

“And now, he’s alive. And brainwashed, completely wiped of his memories of Steve.” Natasha finished, taking a sip of the glass of orange juice you poured her a few minutes ago. 

You felt your chest ache. 

Why couldn’t Steve feel like he could tell you about Barnes? You guys were so much closer than the average friends. 

You turned back to Steve, only to find him on the couch with his face buried in his hands. His breaths coming out in short huffs. 

You made your way over to the blond, bending down until you were eye level with him. He looked so broken, yet you had no idea what he was going through. You’ve never lost anyone before. You had no idea who this Winter Soldier was, but if it meant reconnecting two old friends, you were more than wiling to help Steve. 

You gently pulled Steve’s hands from his hair and brought them down, revealing his tear stained face. You smiled up at him, hope shining in your eyes. 

“Whoever this Bucky guy is,” you began, looking down at your entwined hands. “He must be a special kind of man for you to go these lengths. We’ll get your friend back, Steve. If it’s the last thing we do.” 

Steve felt his heart shattering even more as you spoke. Nevertheless, he offered you a false smile, hoping to distract you from the internal pain he was facing. To his relief, you bought it. 

He watched as you went back to Natasha and began placing the bandages onto her wound, your face set in a concerned frown. 

‘Oh, Y/N’ he thought to himself. 

‘If you only knew the truth.’ 

- Fin!  ❤️

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“I don’t like to be handed things.”

Can we talk about the implications of those words? Like, what happened to Tony that made him weary of taking something from someone else’s hands? Is it just a weird quirk, one of those things that people have but can’t explain? Or is it something more.

Like just imagine:

Young Tony Stark, so desperate for his fathers attention, would do anything he could to spend time with his father. So imagine young Tony, helping his father in the lab, but because Howard is Howard he doesn’t treat Tony like a kid, he just treats Tony as he would any other genius assistant.

“Here, hold this,” he says, as he holds out a soldering iron by the hot end. Howard had never given Tony any protective gear and Tony don’t want to irritate his father by pointing this out and risk getting kicked out of the lab, not able to help anymore. So he takes it. It burns like nothing he’s ever felt before, and he fights against the reflexive urge to drop it, to cry out and cradle his hand. He puts it down calmly and uses his shoulder to wipe away the tears before Howard can notice. Howard has already moved on.

Jarvis tisks over the burns as he bandages them later, pursing his lips, but he doesn’t say anything because he knows Howard would never listen and this is one of the few ways he’ll spend anytime with his son. And it’s not his place because, unfortunately, young Master Anthony is not his is child.

Tony’s older now. Fourteen. Away at MIT, away from his fathers disapproving stares, away from Maria’s despondent smiles as she lays in bed, unable to gather the energy to face the day, away from that look Jarvis gets on his face whenever Howard starts to talk about Captain Rogers again.

He’s at a party, surrounded by people, surrounded by girls - and some boys - beautiful people who give Tony attention, affection, something he’s never had before so he doesn’t know how to deal with it. He’s already had a few drinks and is a little tipsy, but he’s fine. A few drinks never hurt anybody. “Puts some hair on your chest,” he remembers his father saying when he was younger, eleven maybe twelve, pressing a glass of iced amber liquid into his hand.

A boy comes over and presses a drink into his hand. Stone, he thinks his name is, Tiberius Stone. He seemed nice, had been kind to Tony when he first arrived a couple months ago, younger than his peers and afraid of rejection. “Drink this,” Ty says, “it’ll make you feel better.” He takes it and drinks and the rest of the night is a blur, he doesn’t remember much after that, but he does remember waking up in a room he doesn’t recognize with no memory of how he got there.

It’s the little things that add up, he thinks, when suddenly one day he’s looking down at the file in his new assistants hand - Pepper, he thinks, but he knows that’s not her real name - and he can’t bring himself to take it. It’s harmless, a simple paper file and all he has to do it sign it. And he knows he can trust this girl, hired her himself after she barged into his office with - or technically without - the threat of pepper spray to his security. But the thought of lifting his hand makes his stomach turn, makes his body grow cold, and he can’t figure out why suddenly reaching out and taking a file from someone’s hand is now such a struggle.

“I don’t like to be handed things,” he says slowly, eyeing the file and trying to relax his body.

Pepper doesn’t seem to notice his struggle, simply putting the folder down on the desk by his hand, moving on to the next item on her list. She brushes it off as one of those weird billionaire eccentricities and doesn’t question it again.


Weird billionaire quirk or learned aversive behavior stemming from a subconscious fear of being harmed by those around him? I think about this all the time.

In 1974, when Nathaniel Bar-Jonah was 17-years-old, he beat and choked an 8-year-old boy after luring him into his car under the pretence of being a police officer. He received one year of probation for this crime. Three years later, Bar-Jonah kidnapped two young boys, forced them to undress, and then attempted to strangle them. One boy escaped and contacted the police. When the police tracked him down, they found the other boy handcuffed inside the trunk of his car. He was charged with attempted murder and served 14 years. He attacked another young boy just three weeks after his released. He was arrested but with freed without bail, but a deal had been made in which Bar-Jonah had to leave Massachusetts and live in Montana with his family, which he did. Bar-Jonah didn’t have trouble with the police until 1999, when he was arrested in Great Falls, near an elementary school. Like before, he had been impersonating a police officer and was carrying a stun gun and pepper spray.

As a result of this arrest, his house was searched and authorities uncovered thousands of images of young boys and a list of boy’s names from Massachusetts and also Great Falls. Authorities also found encrypted writings, which were decoded by the FBI and found to include alarming statements such as ‘little boy pot pie’, ‘little boy stew’, and ‘lunch is served on the patio with roasted child’. They also uncovered 13 different human bones that were never identified. It is believed that he had also kidnapped 10-year-old Zachary Ramsay, who had disappeared on his way to school, and then murdered him and cut up the body to cook in stews which he then served to neighbours,who later said he often brought them dishing including “strange tasting” meat. In July, 2000, Bar-Jonah was prosecuted for the earlier abductions and sexual assault, including the torture of a young boy by hanging him by the ceiling. He received a 130 year sentence and passed away in 2008.


Carrying pepper spray without proper training is dangerous in and of itself due to the fact that if you don’t know how to use it you can be effectively giving your attacker a weapon to use against you (same goes for if you’re carrying a knife and aren’t trained on how to use it)

But if you MUST carry pepper spray DO NOT KEEP IT ON YOUR KEYS because if and when your attacker grabs it from you they will effectively have obtained your car and entrance to your home and your student ID and whatever else you keep on your keys.

Also you make it 10x easier for your attacker to grab your pepper spray from you if it’s attached to a lanyard.

Common sense people. Please.

Source: my neighbor is an ex-swat team member.

Fragile (Stark!Reader x Steve Rogers) 2

Summary: After Steve taking care of your fragile state after being assaulted, you had promised him you would tell your father Tony. However, Tony returns from his trip the next day and you don’t tell him for over three days. What will Steve do?

Warning(s): Mentions of rape / sexual assault, swearing, depression, flashbacks of rape/events before rape (it italics), heavy angst, this is quite long im sorry

Requests are OPEN 

Part 1 | 2

A/N: I’m blown away by the amount of requests for part 2 and for this to be a series! Thankyou! As this was my first fanfiction on this site I didn’t expect such an overwhelming amount of support! I love you all for that and thankyou for every reblog/heart! If you would like to be tagged or if you’d like to request more parts / different imagines, please message me HERE.

You walked towards the destination that your friend was guiding you too over iMessage, your heels clicking against the large stoned floor below you. You decided to take a short cut for the night, as your friend heavily suggested. New York was usually busy on a Friday night after all and you were already running late to your high school reunion as it was.

Your (H/C) was curled and bounced with each step you took as you wore dark blue skinnies, black heels and a low cut black bodysuit which melded under your jeans perfectly- followed up with a leather jacket to coat any revealed skin.

You were stunning. 

The streetlights lit up your path as you kept your phone in your palm to read the directions over in your brain.

However, to your luck of being a Stark- droplets of rain soon began to soak the ground. 

A groan of annoyance slipped from your cherry lips, before holding your handbag and phone between your thighs and sliding your jacket off, holding it above your head to protect your hair and body from the harsh rain.

You quickly sorted yourself out, placing your phone back in your free hand and keeping your handbag under your arm as you picked up a quick, careful pace throughout the private street of New York city.

“Of fucking course.” You cursed, shaking your head as it began to get hard to see the signs of which road was which. You stopped in the path, wiping the splatters of water that had landed on your mobile device in order for you to see if your friend was leading you the correct way.

“You seem lost darling.” A gruff voice spoke from the side of you.

You turn your head to see a man, about 6′3 with an average weight. He had black hair and messed stubble coating his lower face. He was stood under some shelter from a closed store, a cigarette between his lips as he spoke. He took away the cancer stick, blowing out some toxic smoke your way.

You raised an eyebrow, “Excuse me?”

“Ah, you seem deaf too.” He teased, smirking slightly as he flicked off some ash from his cigarette. “Do you want one?” He held up the cigarette as if he were offering one to pass over.

You were silent for a moment, “No, I don’t smoke and I don’t talk to strangers.” You eyed the mans attire, it was messy. His shirt was riding up his flat abdomen and his jacket was hanging off both of his shoulders and barely on his arms. The flyer of his jeans open and exposing the black underwear beneath. “Goodbye now.”

With that, you attempted to strut away from the man. 

You heard him pace next to you and you huff, looking to see him grinning.

“A pretty lady like you walking out here alone on a dark Friday night? Aren’t you scared?” He spoke to you as if he was speaking to a toddler. You didn’t like it.

“Did I not say that I don’t talk to strangers?” You snarl the man, your inner sass glowing.

The man whistled at your feisty behaviour. “I like it, this attitude thing of yours. Men like me love it.”

“Well women like me don’t love men like you. Walk away now.” You go to pull out your phone to call your friend to ask her to come meet you so you could actually get away from you new profound ‘friend’.

His hand quickly snatches your wrist. pulling you close and making you drop your jacket in order to quickly try and retreat your trapped wrist.

“Tsk, tsk girly, I don’t think you get to just choose what I get to do.” He flicked his tongue against his teeth and he tugged your form closer to his, the stench of vodka mixing with the air around you.

Your eyebrows furrowed angrily, before stopping yourself from struggling and attempting to use your free hand to dig into your hand bag to grab your bottle of pepper spray however his free hand grabbed your wrist and held it tightly, pinning both of your hands against the wall after flipping you behind him. Your (E/C) beads widened in shock at the situation, your handbag falling to your heels and the insides unraveling out into puddles of misery.

You quickly lift your leg and slammed your spiked heel into the attackers thigh, pushing and kicking as hard as you can. A cry of pain emitted from the drunk, before letting one of your wrists go and sending a harsh and very much so violent punch into your delicate cheek which made you stumble to the floor due to the force of not being able to stand upon one foot.

One heel slipped off as your hair was quickly soaked from your temple hitting the ground of a puddle. 

Rain danced around you and soaked your clothing.

For once, you (Y/N) Stark were terrified and didn’t have the upper hand.

The man smirked and quickly went down on you, sitting on your hips to prevent you from kicking him again. One hand of his pinning both of your tiny wrists against eachother on the damp concrete. A long cry for help pleaded past your lips which was silenced by the mans sinful lips forcing against your own. His tongue slided inside and roamed your privacy. 

You clamped your set of perfect teeth down on his tongue, causing him to retreat and hiss loud.

“You little fucking bitch!”

This is when you began to struggle again, blood not only in your mouth from his tongue bleeding but his  mouth was now dripping blood onto your face. 

His free hand wiped away his metallic tasting blood from his lips before spitting on your face with a deathly glare. You cringed, tilting your head to the side and you struggled with his weight above you.

His hand trickled down to your body, grabbing your wet jeans and quickly ripping them away with expert ease. 

“You’re gonna fuckin’ regret that, you bitch.”

A scream left your now awakened state, sweat dripping from every pore of your damaged body. Your face damp of salty pools of tears, your emotions pouring out in waves.

“(Y/N)?” Steve panicked as he rushed in, seeing the same state you were in yesterday morning and the day before.

You pulled up your blanket, covering your body despite being fully clothed. Shame reckoned within your soul as you had the same dream.

“Are you okay, doll?” He made his way over quickly, sitting down next to you on your bed, wrapping a protective arm around your frame.

“I-it happened again, Steve..” You croaked, reminding him of yesterday and Sunday morning too.

“(Y/N)..” Steve whispered, stroking your messed (H/C) strands of hair. “It was just a nightmare, don’t worry.. You’re okay.”

“No Steve, it wasn’t a nightmare.. it actually happened..”

It was later in the day on that Tuesday when Steve was thinking to himself.

 He was the only one who knew about the horrible turn of events that had happened to you. It was killing him to see you like this.

You had promised him that you would tell Tony the day after it happened, yet you hadn’t done so yet. It was now three days later, going on four days. 

Tony needed to know, if it wasn’t gonna be from you it would have to be from Steve.

Steve sighed heavily, sadness coating his features as he stood up and headed for the labs. He bit his lip as he thought through what words he would speak to Tony, how exactly do you tell someone that their daughter has been raped?

After a bit of searching for the genius, playboy, billionaire, philanthropist he soon finds Tony in one of his many labs with no one other than Bruce Banner. The two were working away and bonding with eachother over the love of science.

“Tony?” Steve spoke up, leaning against one of the walls with a heavy heart.

Tony looked back and grinned only for Steve to speak up again, “can we talk?”

You sighed as you sat at the bottom of your tub, the shower water soothing your nerves. Each splash lulling you off away from any bad thoughts, you had been in the tub for roughly two hours if not more. 

This was becoming a daily routine for you ever since the attack, you’d purposely push yourself away from others so you wouldn’t have to face them. You still hadn’t kept your promise to Steve by telling your dad but it was easier said than done to do so.

You were scared to make it public, to even tell another soul other than Steve. Even with Steve, you didn’t tell him. You didn’t have to say a word for him to know what had happened to you that night.

“(Y/N)! Come out here now!” You flinched in shock, hearing your fathers voice from the other side of your personal bathroom.

“C-coming dad!” You called, quickly stopping the trickles of hot water.

You threw on your pyjamas, in other words Steve’s sweats and one of your own nerdy shirts. Your hair remained damp and stuck to the sides of your face and neck before unlocking the door and opening it, to see your father with a broken expression.

“Dad..?” You whispered, seeing his eyes starting to become glassy.

“Why didn’t you tell me, sweetheart?” Tony croaked, gently pursing his lips together.

No words were exchanged as your eyes too matched your fathers. Tony lifted his shaking arms for you to fall into. Which you did. You father pulled you into a loving hug, kissing your forehead over and over with his arms rubbing your back. 

This was what he would do to you if you had a nightmare as a child.

Tears began to seep into your fathers shirt, before looking up and seeing Steve in the doorway, leaning with his arms folded and a frown on his face. 

“Thankyou.” You mouthed to Steve, before burying your face in your fathers loving embrace.

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Brooklyn Baby

BUCKY BARNES X plus!size reader

Summary: Bucky on his way to guy’s night ends up walking into the wrong bar. Where he first lays eyes on the reader a jazz singer, who Bucky swears he has seen before.

Warnings: none yet

A/n: okay so I think about a month ago I wrote this put it up, then took it down because the more I read it the more I didn’t like it. So I decided to look it over and voila! partially new and improved. Leave me feedback it helps me out a lot, leave me an ask if you want to be tagged in future chapters and I really hope you all like it.xx

Originally posted by little--batman

Bucky was at the wrong place right time when he saw you for the first time. He was running late for ‘guy’s night’ as Sam liked to put it when he walked into the wrong bar. Bucky’s sense of direction was never up to par and he was still getting used to living in this new Brooklyn, that it was no surprise he had gotten lost.

A jazz bar, Bucky thought when he took in his surroundings. Sam wanted to meet up at a jazz bar? It wouldn’t have been completely out of character, but guy’s night was usually equipped with beer, pool and locker room talk. No questions asked Bucky shrugged and sat down at the bar, around the same time you walked onto the mini stage that was centered. Bucky ordered a beer as you introduced yourself as well as the first song you were going to sing. Bucky paid no attention as he was too busy wondering where the hell his friends where. That was until you started singing.

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crowfeathertail  asked:

My new favorite thing to think about is fake ah and fake chop like having a heist together and fake ah is like... wtf are these kids... like Aleks gets pissed at Trevor in the middle of a shoot out and just straight up takes out pepper spray and fucks him and everyone else up with it and Geoff is standing on a roof watching them like "We......... we're fucking dead.............."

I love this!!!! Like half of Fake Chop and half of Fake AH are flailing around, pepper spray in their eyes, and Geoff turns to Brett and Brett’s like, “I, look man, I don’t know. I can’t control them. What do you want from me?”

anonymous asked:

Batman just saved me and my daughter from being killed and as he tried to leave but my daughter grabbed onto him and said "Please Mr. Batman walk us home we're scared." Batman puts his hand on my kid's head and says, "You never have to be scared, I'm always around." It was so sweet I had to contain my tears. Long story short: Batman walked us home, handed me a can of pepper spray from his belt, and told us to stay safe. I've never felt so #blessed in my entire life. #onlyingotham

before you start a war (you better know what you’re fighting for)

Percy had been expecting pizza.

He was right in the middle of two shifts and starving beyond belief, so excuse him for not being friendlier when he opened the door and two disgruntled looking strangers were staring back at him instead of cheese and pepperoni.

Strange people bothering you at inconvenient times was a staple of New York life, but he wasn’t in the mood for a lecture about the true faith or the endless benefits to being vegan.

The wheelchair ridden man and blond girl in front of him were not people he’d met before and the intensity of the man’s gaze was unsettling

“Uh―” he fixated on the graying face directly in front of him, grasping for the easiest way to end this interaction. “Jehovah’s Witnesses usually have more success next door,” he said, before pushing the door shut with his hand.

Usually, this signalled that he could go on with his day, but a hand jetted out and stopped his door from fully closing, and even the accompanying thud sounded foul tempered. He groaned and considered going for his mother’s stash of pepper spray until he saw the man’s well meaning smile. His face was fraught with the type of wrinkles people get from smiling, and retrospectively he probably shouldn’t have slammed the door in the face of an old guy in a wheelchair.

“Percy Jackson?” he ventured “My name is Chiron, and I’d like you on my team.”

That was not something he had been expecting. Part of him wanted to shove the door shut again and move on, but something about the earnest expression on Chiron’s face was hard to avoid.

“You know, there are more efficient ways of inducting people into your cults. Maybe try for a shiny brochure next time.”

A disbelieving scoff cut through the bemused silence Chiron offered him. Percy’s gaze moved to the girl leaning against the bannister opposite him. She was wearing massive sunglasses with some college sweatshirt his dyslexia prevented him from recognizing, and was looking at him with thinly veiled disgust.

“Chiron, I told you this was a waste of―” her voice cut off as Chiron placed his hand on her shoulder. Something about the way she shook her golden curls out in irritation seemed inexplicably familiar. Her face was still furrowed at him like he was something she found on the bottom of her shoe. He had been dealing with being looked down upon all his life, but for her to march up to his door in order to recruit him for whatever and still maintain her self-righteous attitude was beyond grating. Perhaps Chiron was more observant than Percy gave him credit for, because his interruption was the only thing that stopped Percy from offering a few choice words about where she could stick her superiority complex.

“Contrary to popular belief, Olympus University isn’t a cult. Neither is our exy team.”

Maybe this was some cruel dream, because there was no way in hell someone showed up at his apartment to talk about an Ivy League college. He took a gap year and was working two jobs just to save up for tuition at community college. Olympus University was legendary. It was the type of place someone like him would never enter, unless he was hired to clean it. Their exy team, the Spartans, had been plastered across every major sports channel for the last couple months. They were a consistent team, who rose consistently in the rankings for the last couple of years, and the addition of two first draft strikers last year was supposed to guarantee them a spot in the championship. There had been some drama that he hadn’t cared enough to pay attention to that derailed their chances, and they were disqualified. Not a single sportscaster thought that they’d be able to recover, neither did most fans. Some people even thought that they would be demoted to Class II. Showing up here and asking him to join their team was proof of exactly how desperate they were.

“How did you even find me?” he asked “I’m pretty sure my high school exy coach didn’t send tapes to colleges.”

“He didn’t have to. Your statistics speak for themselves.”

Percy would be lying if he pretended he wasn’t flattered. There was a point during high school where exy was the centerpoint of his life. Some of his friends even thought he was good enough to go pro one day. His subpar inner city school switched coaches right before his senior year, and Mrs. Dodds was quick to remind him that professional athletes didn’t have learning disabilities or struggle to pay rent. He knew that no colleges received letters of recommendation or tapes of him playing, and an athletic scholarship would have been his only shot at continuing his education.

“Blondie’s right.” he admitted “You’re wasting your time. College isn’t something I can afford.”

Chiron raised an eyebrow at that and took a thick enrollment packet out of his leather bag. Even its glossy pages looked too high class for Percy.

“We’re offering you a full scholarship. All you have to do to qualify is sign on with the Spartans as a striker through graduation.”

Percy almost choked. “You’re not serious.”

“Unfortunately, we are.” the blonde girl’s voice was clear and defiant and it was startling how easily the sound of it filled him with irritation. “And that’s not all you have to do. If you’re playing with me, you aren’t going to half ass this.”

“Annabeth, enough,” Chiron scolded, “Try to refrain from scaring him off, please.”

“Wait. You’re Annabeth Chase?” his voice sounded incredulous even to his own ears and if the flush that began to spread across her face was anything to go by, that wasn’t a good sign. He probably should have surmised this sooner, but the girl in front of him was wearing ratty clothes and looked like she hadn’t slept in a month. Annabeth Chase was a legend. The Princess of Exy. In interviews she always was dressed to perfection and was so confident he always imagined her with a tiara. The Annabeth Chase in front of him had all the bravado that was always advertised, but she seemed broken and exhausted.

He didn’t miss the way her fists clenched after that comment, and the smile she shot him as she pushed her sunglasses up to her hairline was downright terrifying.

“This season is more important than you can comprehend,” she ground out, “If you’re on my court you play by my rules. Don’t sign on just because it’s an out.”

Her eyes met his in a silent challenge, and he swore to himself that he would do this, just to wipe that condescending look off her face.

“Trust me, princess. I can handle anything you throw at me.” Perhaps it was the inner six year old in him, but he swore he heard cheering when she flicked her eyes away from his.

He grabbed the enrollment packet from Chiron’s outstretched hands.

“When can I start?”

AN: i wrote something!! and it’s messy and gross and i now realize that im horrible at writing anything more than 200 words, but it’d be super cool if you left me constructive criticism i think i might want to stick with this au??

+ thank you so much to @hauntedmonmouth @fykxs and @dademigods for prereading this

heart breaker

REQUEST: What if the reader is a heartbreaker(maybe she’s famous too) and everyone is telling Sebastian that he should stay away and all that, but at the end she is just heartbroken and Sebastian is the one who heals her (too much Nicholas Spark I know) 💕

WARNINGS: angst…. and then some FLUFF

AUTHOR’S NOTE: okay look ONE i apologize for yesterday’s fic lmao i didn’t think so many of you would feel hurt. my baaaaaad. so i’m making it up with this one.


You were intoxicating. You oozed confidence and beauty. You charmed everyone that you came into contact with, stealing their hearts and making them trip over their own words.

But Sebastian was different though. He was smooth as ice. He never once stuttered or blushed under your gaze. He held his chin up high and always had a smirk on his face when with you, his eyes challenging you every time you tried to one up him with your sassy retorts.

Pictures of the two of you were all over the Internet some time later. Your friends called and texted you, asking if you had gotten any from him. While Sebastian’s party warned him that you weren’t any good, that he should stay very far away from you.

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Creepy smile is creepy. Anyway, I wasn’t able to stick to the request fully but I did my best. Also, in my defence, I like the plot that I gave to Loki as a result. I feel it helps to stick to his character. If anything this is more like a Steve x Reader with Loki being heavily invested also. Plus, STEPHEN STRANGE CAMEO. Hope you all enjoy!

Prompt[s]: Could you write something where the reader is quiet and smart and quite nerdy and Loki slowly starts falling for her. And he has to like work hard to get her because reader isn’t just a push over who instantly has a crush on him when she meets him.


Iron Man soared through the sky.
“Where are we on those scans?” He asked, awaiting your response.

The headset Tony’d given you was thin and uncomfortable. You adjusted the way it sat on your head and pulled the microphone closer to your mouth. The screen in his lab flickered irritatingly.
“Sorry Mr Stark, but if you want things to move faster, I need better stuff.”
You wanted to bring in your own equipment,” Stark sniffed.

Steve slipped into the base of the building, quiet and unseen, checking the area before speaking.
“Because you wouldn’t let her put that – what do you call it? Software? – Yeah, her software on one of your machines.” Tony sniffed.
“I’m not about to let her install things on my machine until I find out what they can do.”

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Next Door || Minghao || Oneshot

Originally posted by minghaeo

Word Count: 2441

Genre: oneshot, fluff

Summary: Looking at the gloomy door beside you, you honestly weren’t sure what type of person lived there. However when you come home late and find a stranger outside your door, you realized that maybe your neighbor wasn’t as weird as you thought he’d be. 

You lived in a neighborhood that prided itself on its friendly neighbors and happy environment. Nearly everyone knows each other in the apartment complex and no matter how unsociable, they were still willing to chat if you ran into them. On holidays, doors would be carefully decorated and there would even be a friendly building get together that welcomed everyone. But in large groups, there is always an outlier and that outlier lived beside you.

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Flood my Mornings: And tell me that you love me

Anon said: For the next FMM I would love some J and C alone time ;) 

Notes from Mod Bonnie:

  • This story takes place in an AU in which Jamie travels through the stones two years after Culloden and finds Claire and his child in 1950 Boston.
  • Previous installment:  Hogmanay (Frasers spend the holiday with Jamie’s Scottish friend) 

(NSFW, this one—Nary a plot to be found) 

January, 1951

He was on a beach. Aye, he was, daft as that seemed. 

And laying on his back.

And naked.  

Nor did he need to open his eyes to ken that fact. The wind was whipping across him, icy and sharp in itself, and peppering his skin with a spray of sand, forbye. 

He couldn’t move arms or legs, some force weighting him to the freezing sand—and the tide was coming in, fast

He braced himself for the shock, for the frozen wall of—

But the onrush of water over his feet and legs was warm, and he groaned with the relief and pleasure of it. Nor was it just warm compared to the frigid air: each swell was as as hot and comforting as bathwater, and seemed to seep right into his bones. 

The waves came in faster and higher, crashing over him…

… then pulling back and out….

..and over him…and back…

… each sinking him deeper, deeper into the sand…

…a rhythm of heat and cold, and blissful heat again, all over his body, over, 

and over, 

and over…

…and Jamie came slowly to the surface to find that the frozen beach was his bed….

….and the steaming waves of heat were Claire’s mouth between his legs.

Her hand slid upward to tease the sensitive skin around his nipples and he moaned for her, spreading his legs wide in a question that she answered at once, taking him deep, deep into her mouth.  

His head was limp on the pillow but he watched her, the dark shapes of her hair spangled with moonlight, lapping forward like the sea foam, slow and regular and sure. He said her name, his tongue feeling slow and feckless compared to what she was doing with hers. 

Her hand suddenly slid back downward to do something that had him fisting both hands hard in her hair, arching his back and making her moan around him as he pushed deeper. The light sparked behind his eyes as he moved in tandem with her, her scalp hot, its rhythm urgent under his demanding hands. A Dhia, she could have had him right then— but he wasn’t ready to relent just yet. “Come here,” he growled, pulling her upward. 

She moved to obey. He could see the gleam of her smooth, strong thighs as she moved toward him and poised herself over—

“No,” he rasped, “come *here*”

“I—What?—" She laid a hand flat on his belly to steady herself. “Where do you want—”

He slid down and pulled her higher so she was practically on his chest.

The sweet surprise in that faint, hoarse ‘…oh.’

“Oh, aye,” he whispered back.

“You’ve never done it from that position before.” She sounded dazed.

“I suspect,” he murmured, threading his arms around her legs to tug her toward his mouth, “I shall soon be apologizing…for the grievous oversight….”

A thrill of something dark and hungry in the way she looked down at him at him when she knelt on either side of his head. He gave her that dark gleam right back when he sat up as far as he could, kissing the sweet curve of her belly, slowly…hearing the little sounds of need from her throat….slowly… the urgency making her moan in earnest as he trailed his lips down….down….Her sharp hiss as he casually laid his head back on the pillow, grinning up at her. One of her thighs was against his cheek—and he could feel it trembling. He kissed his way slowly up it, just able to see her face above the curve of her belly; and as his tongue met the warm flesh of her, and the sound she made—

He skimmed his hands up and down her thighs, her arse, as he worked, feasting on every sigh, every tightening of her legs, the way she cupped his head, the rise and fall of her as she responded to his touch.

Christ, it must be good for her, this new way, for not a minute gone and—

“Ja—oh god—” she moaned, her breathing deep and ragged as her legs went taut and she bolted up high onto her knees as though to get away. New position or not, he knew the ways of her body, and knew that as as soon as he pulled her back down onto him—

The storm of her release crashed all around him, and it was as though her pleasure entered his body, driving him with her need and satisfaction so that he felt those things—NEEDED them—as deeply as he knew his own name. His arms wrapped tight around her hips, riding the rise and swell of her as she sighed and shuddered, he felt as though he’d happily die there on that frozen beach, if this sea spirit was to be condemned there with him, too.

“Aye,” he murmured a time later, when in a far less fanciful frame of mind, as she slumped against the headboard above him and he caressed her belly, “I do humbly beg your pardon for never thinking of that before.“ 

“You are— completely—forgiven.” An aftershock ran through her and she gasped, laughing a little. “Jesusbloodyfuckingchrist….”

“Mmmm, if I’ve got ye blaspheming, it must be good,” he purred, teasing with his fingers. “Shall we try that again?”

“Oh that is *definitely* getting added to the rotation.” She sighed hugely with released exertion, and made to clamber off him, then YELPED as he held her hips firm and dove back in. “Jamie!—didn’t mean NOW—” she half-laughed, half-whimpered, wriggling madly which only intensified the pressure of his efforts between her legs. She felt it, and the whimper became a groan. He felt her brace her hand behind her on his belly, her back arching in an inexorable swell of sensation. “Jamie—JamienonoJamienot again—I'm—”

He pulled back to look her in the eye. “D’ye really wish me t’stop?

She looked down at him…then released a deep, shuddering breath that ended in a wicked grin. She snaked her hands down to hold his head in place, and moved forward, braced on her knees to–

Didna think so

anonymous asked:

I have two request! How would the RFA/V/Unknown react to their daughters first date? And wait traits would their children have from them?

I love love love this request anonny! Like I always say, I’m in love with writing the RFA and friends as parents! So thank you for the request and I hope that you enjoy!! ^^


  • Yoosung’s daughter is his absolute pride and joy
  • She was born with his bright, purple eyes like her father, which you loved because Yoosung’s eyes are perfection, as well as Yoosung’s gaming addiction
  • Yoosung watched his little baby girl grow up before his eyes and soon enough, she came home saying that she was asked out on a date by a boy
  • Your daughter smiled and patted Yoosung’s head as he clung onto her saying that she was his precious girl and he didn’t want her to grow up
  • You had to pry Yoosung off your daughter once her date arrived, she kissed her father on the cheek and waved goodbye
  • The entire time your daughter was gone, Yoosung hugged a family photo of the three of you to his chest, saying how his little girl wasn’t so little anymore
  • When your daughter came home, Yoosung almost tackled her to the ground with a hug and told her how much he missed her
  • She hugged Yoosung back and told him that no matter what, she would always be his little girl


  • Zen absolutely adores his perfect little girl
  • She inherited Zen’s long white hair along with his dancing skills, although she has an awful singing voice
  • When she came home one day saying that she was asked to go out on a date, Zen had to sit her down and give her the “all men are wolves” talk
  • Your daughter thought that her father was going a bit overboard and you agreed so you had to explain to Zen that your daughter wasn’t a little girl anymore
  • He agreed to let her go, although he wasn’t happy with it, and the entire time she was gone Zen was a mess
  • Zen kept thinking of the worst case scenario and attempted to leave a couple of times to save your daughter from the wolves
  • When your daughter came home, Zen bombarded her with questions but in the end, he was glad that she was home
  • Your daughter was understanding of Zen’s opinions on men and respected him for it, it just made Zen love her even more


  • Jaehee thought that her daughter was an absolute joy in her life
  • Her little girl has Jaehee’s short, petite body build along with her no-nonsense attitude, something that you admire in your daughter
  • When your daughter came home one day saying that she was asked out on a date, Jaehee knew that she had some work to do
  • All she wanted was her daughter to be happy but safe so Jaehee taught her some quick but effective self-defense moves
  • Jaehee wasn’t all too worried when her daughter left for her date, she trusts that her little girl won’t make any bad decisions plus she knows that her moms are a phone call away
  • When she returns, your daughter says how much fun she had and felt extra safe knowing that Jaehee taught her some moves
  • She thanked Jaehee again for helping her have an enjoyable date and Jaehee smiled knowing that she played a role in her daughter’s happiness made her happy herself


  • Jumin’s daughter is his precious princess who he believes is perfect in every way
  • She has Jumin’s dark hair along with his tall yet slender body build, she’s basically the female version of Jumin
  • Jumin was always super protective over her especially when she came home one day announcing that she was going on a date
  • You could see the look of anxiety in Jumin’s eyes, he had total faith in his daughter but he would forever be concerned about her safety
  • He tried to convince her to take a dozen bodyguards with her but she refused saying that he was going overboard as usual
  • You helped convince Jumin that your daughter could take care of herself so he allowed her to go, although he did have two security guards tail her just in case
  • When she came home, Jumin breathed a sigh of relief and hugged his daughter, apologizing for not letting her have her freedom and that he was proud of the woman she was becoming
  • Jumin let his daughter have more freedom from that day on, except for the body guard that was with her at all times


  • Seven’s daughter had almost all of his looks but almost none of his personality
  • She had his bright, golden eyes along with his red hair but she was more quiet and shy compared to her obnoxious and loud father
  • You and Seven would notice that she would have a tough time making friends and would often become sad because of it
  • So when she came home one day saying that she was asked out on a date, Seven was overjoyed
  • He kept saying how happy he was for her and to have a good time but he also gave her some pepper spray just in case
  • Seven monitored his daughter’s date periodically to make sure that she was okay
  • When she came home, you and Seven saw how happy she was making the two of you happy in return
  • Seven gave his daughter a hug, nuzzling against her as he told her how no matter what would happen, he and you would always love her


  • V’s entire world changed for the better when his daughter was born
  • She inherited his beautiful blue pastel hair and his calm and gentle personality, she was the kindest kid you or V ever met
  • V had always tried to protect her but allow her to do as she pleased and that didn’t change when she said that she was asked to go out on a date
  • He definitely wanted her to go and have fun but also to be safe so he made her promise to call them if anything happened
  • While she was away, V couldn’t help but be somewhat worried about his little girl, you reassured him countless times that she was fine
  • When she came home, V felt a huge amount of relief that she was safe plus she had fun
  • She said that going on a date made her realize that she wants to go out as a family more often with you and V, the two of you almost cried on the spot at her consideration
  • V would forever be proud of his daughter, he knew that she would always have a kind heart so he knew she would live a life of happiness


  • Saeran’s daughter became the light in his life when she was born
  • She had his bright red hair along with a lanky body build but unlike her father, she was a social butterfly
  • So it was no surprise when she came home one day excitedly announcing that she was asked out on a date
  • While he was happy that she was happy, Saeran always felt uneasy about his daughter going out by herself
  • Your daughter knew about Saeran’s anxiety so she gave her father a hug and reassured him that she would stay safe for him
  • Even with her reassurance, Saeran kept tabs on his daughter by tracking her phone and following her via street cameras
  • Luckily, your daughter did come home safe and sound, excitedly telling you and Saeran about her date
  • Saeran gave a small smile as she cuddled up next to him, seeing his daughter filled with so much joy made his heart happy
Strings of Fate // Moon Taeil


the prompt: can I get a soulmate!au with Taeil where the both of you are literally linked by a red thread but neither of you can see it so you have to resort to your friends and family directing you to your soulmate??

words: 1413

category: soulmate!au + fluff

author note: i kinda changed it so taeil was the one being led? i hope you don’t mind! anyway i love moon taeil sm pls enjoy. (ft. sassy taeyong)

- destinee

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