and his pepper spray

Source : The Burning Spear

“Gibbs High School (St. Petersburg Fl.) Senior Jelani Masozi was forced by a school administrator & resource officer, to remove her head wrap In August, 25, 2016

Intimidated by his presence and gear, including a gun, taser and pepper spray, she took it off but was still very frustrated about the situation.

She contacted the President of the African National Women’s Organization (ANWO), Yejide Orunmila, who told her to put her headwrap back on.

The next day, a fellow senior student Liu Kwayera, showed up to school with a headwrap on and she was approached by the same people to take it off. Things went differently this time they stepped back when they saw the two students standing in solidarity.

After a press conference hosted by ANWO was held, students were encouraged to wear their headwraps, dashikis and other African attire to school, every Wednesday. That is how the #BlackGirlWrapWednesday movement began.”

Tsukkiyama Headcannons

ye. let’s do this.

* So Yamaguchi and Tsukishima often study at Tsukishima’s house because Tsukishima’s brother is super cool with Yamaguchi when he’s actually around.

* Tsukishima, being the salty fucker he is, hates that Yamaguchi and Akiteru get along so well, mostly because he gets super jealous when literally anyone talks to Yamaguchi.

* Yamaguchi is literally a sass queen. He will roast anyone when he has the chance.

* One time, Akiteru burst into the room while Tsukki and Yamaguchi were studying and yelled “You Guys Are Having Sex!!!” as his phone was on record. Tsukishima looked up and was about to say something but then Yamaguchi, not looking up from his book, said “At least we’re Something.” Akiteru and Tsukishima were at a loss of air

* Yamaguchi has a bag inside of his schoolbag labeled “Tsukishima protection”. Inside are bottles of pepper spray, pocket knifes, a recorder, matches, and a fucking bottle of gasoline.

* Tsukishima came across the bag once and almost fucking pissed himself out of fear. 

* Yamaguchi is pretty innocent until someone insults Tsukishima.

* Yamaguchi has a large dog that likes to flatten Tsukishima whenever it has the chance.

* One time someone insulted Yamaguchi in front of Tsukishima and he back hand slapped them so hard he accidentally knocked them unconscious. The others from Karasuno found out and clapped.

* Tsukishima once gave Yamaguchi a pair of his old headphones for his birthday. Yamaguchi doesn’t use them because he doesn’t want to break them on accident. But he likes to wear them sometimes.

* Yamaguchi and Tsukishima like to stalk Kageyama and Hinata on their dates, finding it enjoyable to watch the poor awkward baby crows fuck up in front of each other.

* Tsukkiyama dates are often at a movie, at home, or at the park. 

* At home dates are usually very romantic or very messy, as when they have at home dates they like to bake sweets, splattering each together with batter and frosting.

* When they have dates at the park they usually start at twilight, were they eat food that they made each other and then lay down and watch the stars. Park dates usually end in them falling asleep with their hands intertwined as they name the constellations on Yamaguchi’s face instead of the ones in the sky.

Osomatsu-san character headcanons 3/?


–Got an office job after moving in with Chibita and is the life of the office because of his theatrical nature and musical skills. Is the boss’ favorite and has earned “Employee of the Month” about six times now.

–Knitted Chibita a yellow apron for their seven month anniversary. Chibita is never seen at the stand or in the kitchen without it now.

–Made friends with a lot of the women in Chibita’s apartment complex. Attends book club meetings, exchanges recipes, babysits occasionally, and always makes the coffee.

–Has the biggest dick out of the sextuplets

–Became best friends with Atsushi since he began dating Totty. The two constantly hang out one-on-one and Kara’s become very popular at his country club.


–Carries pepper spray at all times

–Has the best singing voice out of the sextuplets

–Has used Sad Puppydog Eyes on his mom since he was a kid and it works 100% of the time

–Is mid-to-highkey his parents’ favorite because he’s the most responsible and has gotten the furthest

–Will smell every perfume in the mall

–Is now in a serious relationship with Atsushi but still opens his Grindr app every now and then just to look

–Sometimes cries because he thinks he’ll never be able to give Atsushi as good of gifts as Atsushi gives him. Each time Atsushi says Totty’s the best gift he’ll ever receive. Totty’s tears turn into tears of joy and he hugs Atsushi so hard that you can hear his back crack a little.

–Katy Perry songs make him a sobbing mess every time he listens.

–Took bartending night classes and knows how to make just about any drink.


–Likes wearing Karamatsu’s hoodie when he naps.

–Loves Karamatsu in a suit. It drives. Him. Wild.

–Is really into comedy. Has dozens of stand-up DVDs, practices it on customers, and has started performing nightly at the comedy club. Has a small but slowly growing following. Karamatsu attends each performance and is always clapping the loudest and whispering “That’s my boyfriend” to people seated next to him.

–Has a pink stool just for kissing Karamatsu. It’s always referred to as “The Lovers’ Perch.”

–Has become closer to Totty since Atsushi paid off the sextuplets’ debt and has invested in his stand. Totty loves to take him shopping, and Chibita brings Totty oden on his lunch break at the cafe. Chibita always runs his comedy routines by Totty before using them, too.

Day 9: Favorite Assassin: The Gray Man

“After she returned and the Gray Man had been encouraged to sit down on the worn couch, Maura said, “I’ll warn you that if you try anything, Calla has Mace.” By way of demonstration, Calla handed him his drink and then removed a small black container of pepper spray from her small red purse. Maura gestured toward the third member of their group. “And Persephone is Russian.” “Estonian,” Persephone correctly softly. “And”—Maura made an extremely convincing fist—“I know how to punch a man’s nose into his brain.” “What a coincidence,” the Gray Man said genially. “So do I.” ― Maggie Stiefvater, The Dream Thieves

What do you carry in your pockets

In the city
-our normal leash
-poop bags! Not a whole roll, just several in my back pocket
-a water bottle - Hobie loves to drink from them
-treats shoved in my pocket
-Hobie wears his boots to protect his feet now that we have them

Hiking -this is all in my hiking back
- water
-poop bags
- a towel
-our normal leash
- 15 foot training leash
- ecollar
- harness for him to wear if he wants to swim( his collar is too expensive for that)
- rope tugger
- pepper spray
- a ball
- treats
- camera
-snacks for Hobie and I
(He doesn’t have a pack yet)



“We liked the Madonna image because we thought it was a symbol of a strong female, and that even though she has been battered, she is still standing and staring defiantly. Nothing is going to knock her down. It’s a perfect symbol of a strong female.”

Ethan Kath, The Guardian Interview, 2009

“Hopefully girls could learn from Alice. Hopefully she can wash away all the lessons from the mainstream media. I think she has the power to.”

Ethan Kath, NME Interview, 2012

“It was taken at a protest in Yemen. A boy was pepper-sprayed and beaten by cops and his mother thought that he had been killed in the fight. In that moment she’s found him and she’s crying from happiness because he’s still alive…The woman is the powerful one in this picture, the male needs her, and I like that.”

Ethan Kath RE: (III) album cover, NME, 2012


( @hamiltonbayparanoia )

Briar saw the young man being backed down an alleyas he passed by. He recognized the situation, in a city like this,on nights like this, it happened all the time. At first, Briar simply figured somebody else would be taking care of it soon enough, and popped his other earbud in. He wasn’t about to go up and interfere for no reason and wind up getting himself shanked. As he continued on his way, he looked back, and the flash of streetlight off gleaming metal caught his eye.

‘Goddamnit,’ he thought to himself, ‘looks like it’s up to me to play the fucking hero.’ Briar backtracked, and saw clearly that the assailant was brandishing a knife. Clumsily, pepper spray was retrieved from his bag, and keys were fitted between his knuckles, he had had to do this before, but only precautionary. Briar liked to think he was always prepared, but now felt as though he was still entirely helpless. He crept up behind the man with the knife, making eye contact with the obviously quite frightened young man, and let out a high shrill whistle. The attacker whirled around to a faceful of pepper spray, and a fistful of keys to he rib cage. Briar landed a sharp kick to the man’s groin and watched him stumble to the ground, upon his arrival there, he kicked him in the nose another time for good measure.

Looking up at the victim, Briar narrowed his eyes slightly and pulled out his headphones.

“Be more careful,” he paused, reveling in how badass he probably seemed at this moment,”next time someone like me might not be around to save your sorry ass.” He smirked and started to walk out of the alley, hoping the guy he just rescued would have the brains to follow him.

“Hey. What’s your name, anyhow?”


It was a very sad Valentine’s Day in Turkey.

Özgecan Aslan  was a 20 year-old college student who was brutally murdered Her burned body was found on February 13th, 2015. Both of her hands were severed. She was going back home from school in a minibus when the driver Suphi Altındöken attempted to rape Özgecan. She fought back, scratching her attacker’s face and spraying her pepper spray. He then drew his  knife and stabbed her many times then when he realized she was still alive he started hitting her with an iron pipe, killing her. He then took her body to his father and a friend who helped him burn it and they tossed her remains to the woods. 

This piece was inspired by Ozgecan. I wanted to paint her hugging her mother as if this tragedy had never happened and that she made it back home safely as she should have. 

These guys are monsters and I hope they get what they deserve.


Baltimore is in a state of unrest tonight, with rioting and looting breaking out after the funeral of Freddie Gray, the man who suffered a severed spine in police custody and died this month. We’re covering the events live here.

1st photo: Baltimore police form a perimeter around a CVS store that was looted and burned. Credit: Chip Somodevilla / Getty Images
2nd photo: A youth who has washed pepper spray from his eyes walks near a building that caught fire. Credit: Michael Reynolds / European Pressphoto Agency
3rd photo: A man has his eyes cleaned after getting pepper spray in them. Credit: Chip Somodevilla / Getty Images
4th photo: A man shouts for calm as protesters face off with police as the CVS burns. Credit: Chip Somodevilla / Getty Images
5th photo: Police move a protester back. Credit: Matt Rourke / Associated Press
6th photo: Police fire tear gas canisters as protests move along Pennsylvania Avenue in Baltimore. Credit: Chip Somodevilla / Getty Images
7th photo: A police vehicle burns. Credit: Jerry Jackson / Associated Press

I Protested at a Trump Rally last night.

Protestors were peaceful. There was a very positive environment for the most part; many people were blurting obscenities at trump and his supporters but I always felt respected and cared for by the protestors.

Police brought a horse and had four or so cop cars in the street separating the protestors and the building where the rally was taking place.

Eventually we crossed into the street and were sprayed excessively with mace by police. Police were carrying fire-extinguisher canisters filled with pepper spray. Many people had to leave because their mace burns were so severe. One woman had asthma and had an asthma attack so severe we had to call her an ambulance.

Many people carried jugs of milk and poured it on the faces of people with mace in their eyes and mouth to stop the sting. There was a doctor who stayed with the protestors, treating people with harsh pepper spray burns with medicine that he carried in his pocket. People tied scarves around their faces to keep the mace from getting into their throat.

Among everything, the Trump Protestors remained peaceful. Many of us snuck inside passed security and caused a disruption during the rally, during which trump called us out and bullied us by deeming us “pathetic”, “weak”, and disruptive.

It’s funny we stayed longer than any of the supporters did.

Just wanted to share a story Eion Bailey told us during his panel. He was SO funny and attractive, I wasn’t prepared hahaha. But apparently when he was younger, he would get into a lot of trouble. He grew up in a nice part of SoCal and he loved antagonizing the police force there and they knew him…well.

So he was in Solvang on Christmas with some friends, it’s this little dutch town in California, and it was super quiet so he and his buddy told the hotel they were staying at to call the cops on them. And the guy @ the hotel was like…”Why??” and they said, “So they can chase us!” hahaha, so the guy at the hotel did it and so when the cops got there, they ran from them and were playing this like…cat and mouse game all over the little town. They had guys walking around with spotlights looking for them and everything. His buddy wound up getting pepper sprayed and then finally one of the cops catches up with Eion and tackles him to the ground but he didn’t know it was him because he pushed him down on his stomach – and when he turned him around and saw who he was (because again, he was notorious with those cops down there) he goes, “EION BAILEY. MY MOTHERFUCKING CHRISTMAS PRESENT.”

It was taken at a protest in Yemen. A boy was pepper-sprayed and beaten by cops and his mother thought that he had been killed in the fight. In that moment she’s found him and she’s crying from happiness because he’s still alive. A war journalist snapped that picture at that moment. And she says that she’s really happy that the image is spreading round the world. The woman is the powerful one in this picture, the male needs her, and I like that.
—  Ethan Kath RE:(III) album cover, NME, 2012
  • bokuaka where bokuto decides he’s going to be a GREAT SENPAI and walk akaashi to the train from his first official volleyball practice, except akaashi doesn’t see him coming and pepper sprays bokuto when he slings an arm across his shoulders out of nowhere
  • akaashi is MORTIFIED but bokuto is just totally impressed with his quick reflexes (after the pepper spray has been washed out with their combined water bottles, that is)
  • bokuto eventually wrangles akaashi into agreeing to stay after school the next day to help bokuto practice his spikes once it’s clear that akaashi is determined to make it up to him somehow, despite bokuto’s protests that he’s FINE, REALLY, ACTUALLY ONE TIME KUROO ACCIDENTALLY PUNCHED ME SO–
  • anyway. bokuto never sneaks up on akaashi again, tho he does tell the story to literally anyone willing to listen while akaashi hides his face in his hands in embarrassment, which bokuto actually finds pretty cute, so he tells the story even MORE,
  • “haha yeah i knew akaashi was going to be a great setter ever since he pepper sprayed me–” 
  • “bokuto-san, stop
  • “it happened so fast, too!”
  • please
Oh Brother. (Brother!Ashton).

“No thanks.” You smiled awkwardly, your body at an angle as you tried to find how to get away from this jackoff.

“Come on, one drink?”

“No.” You were losing patience and this guy was not backing off. He moved into your space and you wanted to vomit at the stench of alcohol on his breath. He had just surpassed creepy and had slammed right into predatory.

“It’s not like you get this offer often, maybe you should take me up on it.” He snarled. There it was. What you liked to call ‘ the straight boy’ logic. Because it totally makes sense to insult and belittle someone so they’ll sleep with you.

“Maybe you should learn what the word no means.” You sighed, shoulders untensing as your brother slid his arm over them. You were prepared to grab the pepper spray from your purse, your hand halfway there already but you were more than happy to let your brother handle it.

“Whatever man. She is not that hot.” He downed the last of his drink before slumping into the crowd as you relaxed.

“Thank you.” You whispered, sighing as Ashton pulled you into a ‘brother bear hug’ as he called it.

“No problem. Did he hurt you or?” He questioned, looking down at you as you shrugged.

“Nah, just words and discomfort.”

“You want me to punch the guy?”

“Yes but don’t.” He chuckled as he began to lead you back to the group you came with, wrinkling his nose as you were immediately sliding into Luke’s arms. He grinned, pulling you on his lap as he kissed your cheek.

“Hey baby, where’s your drink?” You blanked, you had gone to get a drink and completely forgot when that man had started his advances. And sure, Luke looked unassuming but he had the meanest right hook.

“Didn’t want one.” You shrugged and he gave you a weird look but let it go as you leaned up to kiss his pursed lips.

“Ew, no. We talked about this.” Ashton whined, having looked over to see you pull away. You stuck out your tongue at him and he did his typical big brother thing and reached out, grabbing your tongue. You squealed, shoving him away and laughing as he tripped.

“Oh you think that’s funny?” He demanded but the smile on his face told you he was joking. Luke grabbed onto your arms and you screeched as you realized you were being double-teamed as your brother came forward as to tickle you.

“No! Michael!” You exclaimed and the blue and green man came from seemingly nowhere to your rescue. You had prepared for this.

“I have come to rescue the fair maiden.” Alright, so maybe drunk Michael and his lanky limbs weren’t your friend at this moment and Calum who was about to fall off the stool laughing was not going to help, but you were laughing all the same.

“Got ‘em.” Michael exclaimed, draping his body on Ashton. He was basically like a limp noodle and Ashton had too many drinks to be able to pull him off.

“Dude, how?” Calum was laughing, his eyes doing that scrunchy and cute thing.

And over Michael’s head, ignoring the way Luke let your arms go to wrap his around your waist as you started to slip off of his lap and how Calum was doing his silent laugh, you shared the biggest smile with your brother.

He winked at you, taking your mind off what that guy said and lightening your mood when he had all but taken it away.

“Love you.” He mouthed and you nodded at him, laughing when Michael pressed closer to him and had his hair going all up in Ash’s mouth and nose.

You leaned back, comforted by the friends, family, you had around you and the fact that your brother was your best friend and protector rolled into one. You definitely hit the jackpot.

“Can you please remove him from me, sis?” Ashton finally begged. You rolled your eyes, standing so you could wrap your arms around the cuddly drunk Michael. He turned, latching himself to you but you weren’t prepared so you went down laughing with weight and human.

“Oh brother.” Ashton groaned as you struggled to get up.

“Hey, that is my line.”

So this was going to have an angsty edge to it but it is Valentine’s Day and I’m tired so yeah. Anyway, hope you like it and thank you for requesting! :)

-TheHuntersHuntress xx

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Ten/Rose AU: Cup of Sugar {5/6}

Pairing: Ten/Rose
Genre: Alternate Universe
Rating: Teen. Adult later!
Summary: A series of mysterious parcels continue to be incorrectly delivered to Rose’s new flat - it turns out they belong to her next door neighbour, a constantly absent, much-gossiped-about Detective Inspector. Rose soon befriends the D.I, but their growing attraction to each other is continually interrupted by his work and more.

A/N: I know that pepper spray/mace is illegal in the U.K. and carrying/using it would have legal repercussions, but for the purposes of this story, please pretend otherwise. Thanks!

Thank you so much to anniviech, gallifreyslostson and lostinfic for their input on this chapter. It was invaluable and I needed all the help I could get. I mean I thought the emergency number for the UK was 1-1-9. I am hopeless.

Prelude | 01 | 02 | 03 | 04 | 05 | 06 | AO3

Chapter Five:

“Sorry about running off the other day,” Rose said into her mobile, curled up on her sofa in her oldest pair of sweatpants and a vest top that had holes in the hem around the back. She tried thinking of an excuse, but couldn’t come up with one. Mickey had probably recognized the D.I. and put two and two together anyway. The last thing she wanted was to talk about it, though, so she left the apology unaccompanied by explanation.

“That’s okay,” said Martha, while in the background Mickey could be heard saying ‘no it’s not’ followed by an exaggerated 'ow’, probably from the slap to the arm his girlfriend had likely given him. “Ignore him. He’s just cross  Arsenal are losing. Are you alright, Rose?”

“Just tired,” Rose replied, wishing Martha weren’t quite so observant. “Feeling a bit crampy.”

“Ah. Well, if you need a prescription for strong painkillers, you know who to ask.”

“Really?” asked Rose. In the muffled background, Mickey’s voice distantly echoed, 'what, really?’

“That was a joke,” said Martha. “Just a joke.”

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