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My first headcannon ask 0///0 can I have revali reaction headcannon of their s/o wearing a riot outfit ?

Hey nice! Glad you got the courage to send your first ask! And even gladder I get the honor of being the first to answer it!

S/o wearing Rito outfit (Revali)

  • It feels right
  • Seeing them in a Rito outfit, something they’d never wear- he appreciates them embracing parts of his culture
    • Appreciates what is exposed by the outfit too.
  • Brags about how awesome his s/o looks!
    • Until he realizes other people are now looking with not-so innocent eyes and he becomes protective.
  • S/o doesn’t care, they’re rocking that outfit for themselves.

At first I just wanted to draw Spock with his lyre, but then Kirk wanted to join the picture, and then I’ve accidentally wrote a “plot”

A mission where the crew is taken hostage and the only way to save them is to win a competition by writing/performing an emotional love song. Aliens choose Spock as a participant. “We’re doomed,” the crew thinks. Then Kirk is chosen as his partner. “We’re double doomed,” the crew thinks, “how are they gonna mash their oh so different personalities and styles in a synced song???”

What happens next will shock you

At least the aliens were nice enough to give them special stage outfits


Nice weather.

Although the pollen is 2 inches thick, the temperature was so perfect all day long. I decided to go on a stroll and by the time I put on the outfit above and actually looked at it in the mirror, I was a bit skeptical. It was the perfect outfit for the kind of weather we were having, but… Idk.

I thought well maybe I just need a friend, so I texted Barry. A bit later we got together, he brought his camera too! We went to east Atlanta, we didn’t realize it was going to be so busy, lol. I was already feeling pretty self conscious, but somehow being there with Barry snapped me out of it and I just went into work mode. Barry said “lets shoot at the cross walk!” I didn’t hesitate and said “lets do it!”

There were several people sitting outside on the patios, enjoying the nice weather with their drinks and meals. Then here I come, feeling half naked up to the cross walk. People on the street, in their cars, walking by… I might as well have been the paid entertainment, lets just put it that way. So many eyes, all tuned in on me.

This is when I think to myself “Oh my gosh, here we go again. I’m going to have to slay it.”

I waited for the right away to cross the street, for what felt like an hour! Perfectly poised, in some ridiculous pose of course. Finally, it was my go! I looked at Barry, he had game face on, so I TURNED IT!!!.

I walked hard across the street, caught my hat in the wind flawlessly and everything. I even gave a little giggle while trying to keep the wind from blowing my skirt up to high, and it worked! I slayed that crosswalk, and I am not mad about it.

People stared, yes they did! But I didn’t care, I worked it!
…. And that is all.

Moral of the story?
I did not get to this point over night.
I did not emerge on the other side without my scars.
I did not get to where I am today without making mistakes.
I was not always able to shut out my fears.
I was not always able to call on a friend like Barry.
I was not always able to be successful in the things I am now.

There was a time in my life when I had nothing to live for.
There was time in my life when I didn’t love myself.
There was a time in my life when I had no hope.

But somehow along the way, I discovered hope. I learned how to love myself, I am learning how to love others. The people that I needed in my life showed up, I walked with them, I learned from them. I became one of them and each day I grow more confident. Things take time and experience to learn and understand!

Give yourself credit for where you are in life. Think about any and every single accomplishment you had today! EVERYTHING, from just brushing your teeth to creating a new cure! Give yourself credit, you deserve it! Take things one day at a time, they will get better as long as you never give up!

-Elliott Alexzander

i like to think that anakin chose his emo jedi outfit because he was cold, as someone who was raised in a desert. leather? you goddamn betcha, that shit is keeping his vital organs nice and toasty. the fabric his tunic is made of is much thicker than those of other jedi, he had to beg the seamstress. he had nothing to trade, but goddammit coruscant is bullshit degrees, master linda, can i get some fucking insulation around here

meeting melissa benoist

me: melissa .

melissa benoist: oh hi it’s so nice to meet a fan-

me: in episode 2x15 Exodus 2017 CW Supergirl minute mark 20:04 you bit your lip at irish costar kati e mcgrath. lip biting is infamous to lena x kara fans after lena’s near lip SWALLOW in 2x05 after she invited kara zor el danvers supergirl to her gala party ( at which she wore an aggressively butch outfit ). you bit your lip after your characters expressed that they were quite obviously going on a date to some hipster lesbian kombucha tea .why. why are you doing this .i know katie talked you into it but why. you know we’re fuckign star ving . you know how we feel you know we’re not happy qhy did youf cknign do that

i love whoever is in charge of isak’s wardrobe because honestly his colour combos are so good?!? so on point all the time?! (and it obviously isn’t tarjei doing this ;) )

Robbie starts wearing more and more blue and no one, Sportacus in particular, has any idea why. It starts with eyeshadow, then mascara, then a scarf, little things that keep on getting bigger but still work well with his outfits.

It looks very nice. Very nice. A primal part of Sportacus is very pleased to see Robbie in his colour.

One day Robbie is dressed practically all in blue and Sportacus can’t take it anymore, he asks what’s going on. So Robbie explains that in fae society, an important step in courtship is to start wearing your love’s colours, as every fae has their own colour scheme going on. 

Or, alternatively, it simply feels nice to have something that reminds him of Sportacus with him all the time.

The next day, Sportacus shows up with a badly dyed purple hat. Robbie loves it anyway.


StartUp// Phil Rask people Opening up the to him//opening his door
It’s interesting watching him go from the Top where you first see his wife opening the door to him and he’s all confident and the last shot of the door being opened to him and he looks desperate//miserable


(Gif used is not mine)

  • Sehun being whiny and needy.
  • Him wanting you to take care of him all the time.
  • Cuddles, because Sehun needs lots.
  • Watching him playing with your fingers as you lay on his lap.
  • Him leaning down to leave kisses all over your face.
  • “Love you Y/N, I love you so so so much.”
  • “I love you too, babe.”
  • Back hugs.
  • Awkwardly taking his jacket when he hands it to you in the cold.
  • Making sassy remarks before doing something cute.
  • “Maybe if you had worn the outfit i had picked out for you, you wouldn’t be in this situation.” *Waits a little then gives you his jacket because you’re shivering.*
  • Keeping Vivi at your house when he’s away.
  • Sending him pictures of you and Vivi cuddling.
  • “Aw Vivi looks so good in that picture!”
  • “ByE SEHUN.”
  • You buying him nice shirts but he like never uses them because he’s always shirtless.
  • Constant teasing of each other.
  • Coming back to your phone to see hundreds of different selca’s from sehun.
  • Changing his phone lock screen to a picture of you. When he notices he just smiles like an idiot and waits for you to change it to another picture of you.
  • Patting your head when he wins an argument.  
  • Him feeling bad when his sass goes too far.
  • “Babe, please i didn’t mean it.”
  • Knowing he won’t be able to sleep with you being angry with him.
  • Coming home to see him crying, when you ask him why it’s because last time he saw you, he left you mad.
  • Comforting him and telling him it’s okay.
  • Taking him out for bubble tea.
  • Getting teased by the older members.
  • If he hears anyone say anything bad about you he will fight.
  • The only one allowed to mess with you would be him.
  • Him calling you early in the morning because he loves to hear your voice.
  •  Being extra patient with him.
  • Walking Vivi together.
  • Going to concerts to support him.
  • Telling him how good he is a rapping and dancing.
  • “Did you eat? You should eat.”
  • Sometimes him playfully throwing himself on you.
  • Him loving to pick you up and throw you over his shoulder.
  • Overall the sassiest yet cutest relationships ever.

Hope you enjoyed!


-Mari xx

Love Ball - Ink!Sans

Welp, this was Ink’s application for Muffet’s Love Ball! ////v//// You thought he’d give himself a less fancier outfit huh? Well none of that!! Ink wanted to dress nicely for such a wonderful occasion!! And since he can make his outfits himself it was super easy (you notice the color mixes on his shirt lmao Ink really)

So yeah!! Unfortunatly I won’t be there for the event’s last night, but I sure as hell had fun when I passed by!! <3 Since I met a few more Ink roleplayers you guys are totally free to use this outfit for the last night!!

Summary of the night where Ink appeared

  • He rolls inside the Attic and bumped against a Sans, making that Sans fall
  • He stays laid down next to Outertale Sans while Error asked him questions
  • Everyone leaves to buy snacks and Ink and Error stays to talk together a bit
  • They hear noises downstairs and go to the Ball room to find everyone getting drunk with Fresh doing mad skillz with his heelies
  • Ink drank and spitted the drink all over Tarma’s dress
  • He tried to fix it with his brush but ended up falling on her because he was already drunk
  • Him and another Frisk tried to help her up but Ink fell on her AGAIN
  • He finally fixed the dress but made Tarma upset anyway and felt bad before a Papyrus appeared and asked him to summon a piano and a saxophone - Ink misunderstood because drunk and he made a pear and a trumpet instead.
  • After numerous attempts he finally summons something useful and Papyrus plays the saxo.
  • Fresh gets super duper hyped about it and brings out his kazoo and by the time Tone!Sans comes over 3 Sans are on the stage playing kazood Megalovania
  • Ink just starts playing the flute along with them after painting rainbows all over the room with Error.
  • When they finish playing, Ink throws the piano in the air and Tone joins him and everyone starts throwing pianos at each other (Frisk begged for Ink to throw a piano at them, freaking him out lmao)
  • He’s so hyperactive that he gets ill even more, and throws up Ink in a bag Papyrus gave him
  • He decides to take a break, Error sitting next to him and making sure he’s okay, and people suggest that they dance together
  • Too bad it’s on slow dancing time.
  • Ink is drunk so he proposes Error to dance anyway and (somehow) Error, still pretty embarassed, accepts.
  • Error gets a bit emotionnal and cries because Ink is the first friend he ever had and Ink panicks a bit
  • They end up giggling after cheering each other up and stop dancing as Tarma grabs the microphone and starts singing; they applaud when she’s finished.
  • Ink and Error finally decide to take some fresh air outside and join the Courtyard.
  • They end up talking a bit more and Ink reassures him about his anxiety and they skull snuggle a bit <3
  • Error puts his head on Ink’s shoulder and they stare at the stars before Ink has to leave and says goodbye.
  • Then on his way home (Snack bar) he meets a kitty Sans and plays with him turning himself into a cat as well and they mess up the bar pretty badly before Ink finally leaves.


Aaaand also since I got alot of requests about it…

You KNOW what I’m talking about….

You sinners haha <3

I did a little drawing of Error and Ink dancing!! ////v////

Thank you so much to everyone I roleplayed with, it was absolutely wonderful! <333 I had TONS of fun, even if it was very chaotic lmao


Error!Sans belongs to @loverofpiggies