and his outfit in this

[everything about woozi in this video is just too much for me to handle but with that being said, god bless this video and it’s entire existence] 

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Claudius was feeling mischievous. He’d learned how to deal with his heat for the most part so he wanted to see if he could use it to his advantage. Instead of winning and begging Kazimeer for pleasure, maybe he could find a way to please his lover instead. He’d already practiced with Aion the day before.

So now he was laying on Kazimeer’s bed, wearing a pretty white lace set of lingerie that he hoped the man would like, and waited for him to get home. All that was covering up his outfit was the thin blanket he had put over him.


my favourite constellation

This was inspired by @megchandoodles and her art of Oikawa! ♥

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Oikawa Tooru is beautiful.

His skin is flawless, beautifully pale and soft to the touch.

It’s really not a surprise that he gets scouted to be a model, shortly after finishing college. That face was practically made to be seen and appreciated by the masses. He deals with it well, smiles burning his face easily, but Hajime always prefers him like this - face clean and clear, no make-up, in the hazy light of morning.

Hajime notices his beauty more than ever under the soft glow of the sun.

It’s not the beauty that everyone else sees. No, his beauty isn’t in his wide, bright smile. It’s not in his flawless hair, or perfectly constructed outfits. It isn’t in the way that his skin is able to catch the light in just the exact right way-

Okay, no, wait, wait. All those are things about him that are beautiful, but they’re not the things Hajime sees. It’s not the beauty that made him fall in love with him, and it’s not the beauty that keeps him falling more and more in love each and every day.

Rather, it’s the way his nose scrunches up when he tries to curl deeper into a cuddle, leeching all the warmth he possibly can from Hajime. It’s in the way his hair looks in the morning, after a good, slow round of sex, slightly wispy and so soft that Hajime could run his fingers through it for hours. It’s the way that his skin feels , the way the light reflects off it, so soft and gentle and inviting.

It’s in his tiny birthmarks littered across his back that only he gets to touch.

Hajime blinks awake, first, as always. Tooru has never been a good sleeper, and since he stays up later, he usually sleeps in as long as possible. He doesn’t even stir when Hajime shifts on the bed, propping himself up on his elbows.

That’s fine, though - it gives him ample time to appreciate.

Tooru is fast asleep. He had a long flight, after being away for an entire week for work. He’s facing away from Hajime, lying on his stomach. As he sleeps naked (a habit Hajime cannot break him of no matter how hard he tries), his back is completely exposed, skin so soft and delicate and so tempting to touch.

So Hajime does just that - he touches.

He moves slowly, so not to arouse his lover, starting low on his back. He lets the pads of his fingers touch his skin, moving across the smooth plain of his exposed skin.

His fingers find the first one, which is snug just to the right of his spine, deep down in his lower back. Hajime presses into it - the first of many tiny star-shaped birthmarks that litter Tooru’s back.

He moves slowly. Time is something they have in spades, after all. They’re no longer two teenagers too afraid to admit how they feel, dancing around each other in fear of breaking what they have.

No, now he can really and truly call him his lover.

His fingers trace up, delicately navigating the skin that more familiar to him than even his own. He finds the second birthmark, which is located right along his ribs.

Hajime continues his ministrations; he traces to the next birthmark, which is straight across his back, then continues upwards. He touches each and every one of Tooru’s twelve star-shaped birthmarks scattered across his back, finally ending right below his left ear.

He loves mapping out his birthmarks. It feels like connecting the stars to his favourite constellation.

Finally at his destination, Hajime leans forward and presses a tiny kiss to that final birthmark.

It’s his favourite one, after all. It’s the only one he gets to see all the time and plant kisses on whenever he feels like it. It’s never covered by any article of clothing (only the occasional scarf), not to mention he has a very sensitive neck.

Tooru shifts under his touch, letting out a slow breath.

“Good morning,” Hajime mumbles. He presses another kiss to that birthmark before drawing back, allowing Tooru to flip over.

He does so leisurely, stretching out languidly before turning over. He breathes slowly, expression hazy from fatigue. Brown eyes blink up at Hajime, slowly, eyelashes pressing delicately into his skin with each one.

“G’mornin’,” he mumbles, still sleepy. “Do we have to get up?”

Hajime hums before shaking his head. “Nope. Day off, remember?”

“Good.” Tooru smiles in that soft, delicate way reserved just for Hajime, and slides in closer to him. His hands slip out, one curling underneath himself, the other sliding around Hajime.

He scrunches up his nose in that adorable way, trying to get as close as possible for cuddles, and Hajime falls in love with him all over again; the same way that he does every day.

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tell me your yaoi fetish pretty please

When the strong man who’s never known love before falls so hard he has no idea what to do. Everything around reminds him of his love. He sees him in outfits, hairstyles, phrases, murders. He looks at his love’s number in his phone thinking of excuses to call, excuses to meet up. Basically when one man is mad with love and his heart feeds off the other man’s every glance, smile, touch. Borderline psychotic love and absolute submission when the man he was pining over reciprocates. He doesn’t become his lover’s puppet, but during sex he’s at the mercy of his love’s touches.

(I may or may not be describing my HisoIllu kink)

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Shay I have a confession... I still haven't watched hsm 3



so im in lov w his pants


????? what a look?????

not to mention this oh my gdo

hes too good? and his prom outfit omg?

sparkly black tie??? i lov??


and i want it all is like. fucken ridiculous like

im fucking done

and….bonus….this glorious blooper

Too cute of an idea not to draw! I wish a flower crown would become apart of his daily outfit. Imagine him getting into a fight with Gumball and getting into an evil monologue all while wearing a daisy chain. 

Not putting on @rainbowjammed because it’s only a sketch, but sup i designed a black pearl Arthur for the WHF Gem AU. I spent the last hour or so researching 60s clothing and figuring how to integrate it into gem-style clothing, then figuring what would suit Arthur in conjunction with his canon outfit.

I personally like the idea of there only being one ‘Arthur’- a black pearl- in the city, perhaps a few at most. This is why he’s important to Victoria, and this is why she wants him back. Like, having a black pearl is a sign of real wealth.

I also super like the idea of the garden district being full of semi-corrupted gems- like, think centipeedle’s semi-human form. They’re all really messed up, but they’re sentient enough to understand how horrific it all is.

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Reiner/Bert + Hightschool AU

*rubs hands together* FINALLY

oK OK I am soo basing this on Isayama’s Wall High School AU because its the most perfect modern AU I have ever seen. ((Because Reibert))

  • Reiner is captain of the football team and takes 5 AP classes, but can’t for the life of him figure out why Bertolt gets moody whenever Reiner agrees to do 1-to-1 tuitions. (And since Reiner is popular, everyone wants him to do tuitions)
  • Any time Reiner has a match, Bertolt gets super invested in the game. He wears his own cheerleading outfit,a bandana around his head, as well as a megaphone. He also makes sure to keep Reiner’s favorite sports drink ready when the game is over.
  • Bertolt is very athetic but his lack of self esteem prevent him from joining team sports. Reiner keeps encouraging him to try out for the football team, especially since Bert hangs out there all the time anyway.
  • In their senior year one of Reiner’s teammates gets injured and can’t play the Big Game against the rival school so at the eleventh hour Bertolt joins. Despite being new he kills it on the field, his ability to communicate with Reiner is just, perfect.
  • When they finally start dating their lives are hell because it just so happens that semester they barely share any classes together.  And while others would ditch, Reiner is too much of a honor student. So during lunch break when they’re finally reunited they end up in a storage closet furiously making out.

Thank you for the ask!