and his neck in the second to last gif

Hips Don’t Lie

I stood there, smiling wide, as I watched my husband break out the best dad moves he had in his repertoire.

As the song beat on and those sinful hips swayed from side to side, I couldn’t help but let my mind wonder to a similar moment just nights ago.

There were a couple key differences.

There were no flashing lights.

It was only Jensen and I.

There were no clothes involved.

And let me tell you, seeing those hips swing freely like that, no burdensome clothes obscuring the view. That’ll do things to a girl.

Dreadfully wonderful things.

Those bare hips, moving sensually towards me. Those thick, bow legs torturing me with their movements. His soft, yet defined stomach, rolling with each step. His broad shoulders and biceps stretching and flexing as he cornered me. My breath quick, my body aching to be touched.

Then he grabbed my naked hips, pulling me into his warmth, slowly encouraging my body to move in time with his. Our bodies knew exactly how to move together.

Let’s just say, it didn’t take long for things to escalate. It didn’t take long before those hips were rolling on top of mine, showing me just how well they could move as long as I begged.

“Hey there beautiful,” Jensen’s voice sounded, breaking me out of my memory. “You look all worked up,” he noted, swaying his hips dangerously as he grabbed mine, guiding me along with him.

“Well, if you’d cut that shit out, I wouldn’t be ready to jump you in front of all those people,” I whispered, locking eyes with his.

“Oh you mean like this,” he said, grabbing my hips, rolling them against his, his hand pressed firmly at the small of my back, pushing me into his hardness.

“You’re lucky we’re back stage,” I moaned, my fingers brushing the fine hairs at the nape of his neck as my lips met his.

“How about we find somewhere a little more private the second this panel is over?” He suggested when my lips were swollen and red.

“You read my mind, Jense,” I breathed against his mouth, pushing him away from me. “Get going so we can get going,” I smirked, raising my eyebrows suggestively.

He pulled me to him once more, his lips crashing to mine hungrily.

“Yes ma'am,” he growled. “I think it’s time for the last question,” he said, heading back on stage.

The music started, and Jensen’s voice rang out with Rob’s. I pulled myself together, waiting patiently to drag my husband back to our room, those hips and what they were capable of the only thing on my mind.

Imagine Chris fulfilling his promise.

A/N: Yes, got this finished before I head out for the day. Thank God the time zones mess with my sleep schedule, right? 😂 This is a request from @ateliefloresdaprimavera. I hope you like it, love. I did, it’s honestly so cute. ❤️ And I love Mckenna, she’s really a doll. I can’t wait to watch ‘Gifted’, I’m going to sob like a baby.

Chris’ head titled as he watched you with a smile on his lips; he still couldn’t believe that he finally got to meet you in person. You’d both been in attendance of the same award shows and parties before, but he’d never gotten to chance to cross paths with you. It wasn’t until the 89th annual Oscars, at the Vanity Fair after party, that he finally caught you. You were talking to Octavia Spencer, who was a dear enough friend to Chris for him to butt into the conversation and introduce himself to you. The second your hands touch, Octavia excused herself. The look of adoration in Chris’ eyes did not go unnoticed, by you or Octavia. You were a fan of Chris’ so you’d heard him talk about how much he liked you on his interviews which was incredibly flattering, and as for Octavia- Chris had told her numerous time that he’d kill for a chance to speak with you; she wanted to get out of there before he killed her.

“You’re staring again,” you said and chuckled when Chris darted his gaze away. “I’m teasing,” you laughed and placed a hand on Chris’. “You’re fine. I like it when you stare, it’s very flattering.” He smiled and turned his hand palm up, entwining his fingers with yours. “So this is Chris Evans flirting, huh?”

“Actually,” he chuckled. “This is Chris Evans trying very hard not to freak out.” You smiled, brushing your thumb over his hand. “I’m so honored to be in your company, like you have no idea how happy I am right now.” You felt yourself blush. “You’re just such an amazing person, Y/N. This is the first time I’ve officially met you and I can say without a doubt that I’m in-love with you already.”

“Okay,” you chuckled, “I’m not that amazing.”

“I’d beg to differ,” he smiled. “You are that amazing.”

“You just met me, Chris. Are you seriously that sure about me already?” You quizzed and he nodded, smiling. “Oh please,” you giggled. “You think you know me, but you just know the person I portray when I’m in public. When you take me out on that date, you’re going to realize that I’m not all that and you’re going to get over this little crush you have on me.”

“That’s not going to happen,” he shook his head, chuckling. “Because sweetheart,” he pulled your hand to his lips and mumbled into your skin, “I’m going to marry you one day.” You laughed and nodded mockingly. “Just you wait and see,” he winked.
• • • • • • • •
You sat backstage with Lisa and Mckenna’s mom at the Ellen show where Chris and McKenna were being interviewed for their upcoming movie, ‘Gifted’. You smiled as you watched your husband through the TV, enjoying his interaction with Mckenna as you subconsciously smoothed your hand over your small baby bump. He was just going to be the greatest father when your child came along and you couldn’t wait until your little one arrived.

“Was it fun working with this guy here?”

“Yes,” Mckenna looked over at Chris, smiling. “We were always singing and dancing and he’s so nice. He has such a kind heart. He’s always doing charity and…” She trailed off, giving Chris time to respond to her sweetness.

“I pay her,” Chris chuckled, waving it off though he thought it was a huge deal that Mckenna liked him so much. It gave him a glimpse of the life he was about to have with you, hoping his own child would adore him as much as his on screen one did. “It’s not a big deal.”

“You know what’s a big deal though,” Ellen began, smiling because she too was incredibly happy for you and Chris. “You’re going to be a dad soon,” she said. Immediately Chris smiled and Mckenna clapped, bouncing excitedly in her seat. “Your lovely wife, Y/N, who is someone I absolutely adore.” Chris nodded, his smile growing wider with each second. “She’s how many weeks now?”

“She’s about fourteen weeks, so um- we’ve still got a while to go before the baby comes,” Chris answered. “We’re very excited, yeah. It’s been a long time coming, I’ve been waiting for this moment for what seems like forever.”

“Yeah,” Ellen chuckled. “I think she said the last time she was on the show- I believe it was your second wedding anniversary?” She quizzed and Chris nodded. “She said that you actually told her you were going to marry her the night you met her.”

“Uh…” Chris chuckled, scratching the back of his neck. “Yeah, I did.” He nodded and the audience clapped. “Um- She’s just one of those amazing people that you have a small window of opportunity with, y'know? I’ve been waiting for a chance to speak with her for so long that when I finally got it, I knew I wasn’t going to let it get away. She’s the one,” he shrugged, smiling. “Um-” He glanced over his shoulder when the audience clapped; Ellen had put photos of the two of you up on the screen. “Yeah, she’s beautiful and perfect and- I’m just the luckiest man on the planet.”

“Awwww,” Mckenna cooed, making Chris laugh. “That’s so sweet! You see what I mean? He has such a kind heart! He’s such a nice person, Ellen,” she told Ellen who nodded in agreement. “I just think he’s going to be the best dad and Y/N is going to be the best mom. They’re so lovely and I really like them together.”

“Aw,” Chris laughed, wrapping an arm around Mckenna, “you’re such a sweetheart. Y/N and I love her, we’ve told her parents numerous times that we’d gladly take her in if ever something happened to them.” Everyone laughed; you looked over at Mckenna’s mom, smiling, and she chuckled. “I just hope that my child loves me as much as this one.”

“Oh, of course!” Mckenna looked shocked that Chris would even say that. “Chris, you’re going to be so amazing as a dad and your baby is going to love you so much.” Chris smiled. “Trust me, you’re so much fun. There’s no way that your baby is going to love you any less than I do.”

“I agree,” Ellen nodded. “Both you and Y/N are going to be amazing parents. I wish you all the best and I urge everyone to watch ‘Gifted’ which comes out on 12th of April! The movie is absolutely amazing, the two leads are just so incredibly talented.” Chris and Mckenna smiled at each other before turning to the audience. “Chris Evans and Mckenna Grace, everyone!”
• • • • • • • •
“Hey you,” you smiled at Chris when he entered the green room with Mckenna by his side; she ran over to her mom to talk about how well she did. Chris, on the other hand, smiled and walked over to you, pulling you to your feet to hug you. “You did so good, baby. The tap dancing was top-notch,” you teased and he chuckled.

“Thank you for marrying me,” he whispered into your hair after pressing a kiss to your head. “I don’t know where my life would be if you didn’t say yes. I definitely wouldn’t be as happy as I am now, and-” he pulled away to place his hand on your bump. “I wouldn’t be a father.”

“You’re going to be an amazing father,” you smiled and placed your hand over his. “And I believe I’m the one who should say thank you. We wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for you, Chris. So thank you,” you wrapped your arms around his neck and his hands landed on your waist. “Thank you for fulfilling your promise to marry me one day.”

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Fandom: The 100
Pairing: Reader x Bellamy Blake
Word Count: 870

You rolled on your bed, trying to find a comfortable sleeping position. You and Bellamy had slept next to each other for the past week, and because of that you had trouble sleeping alone. You wished that he was next to you, his hands wrapped around your waist. But he wasn’t. The two of you had to keep a low profile as some of the 100 were growing suspicious of your relationship with Bellamy. Not that there was a relationship. The two of you had been friends with benefits for the last month, and that was it. Although you had to admit that you were feeling a little bit more than you did in the beginning. Your feelings for Bellamy were growing, but currently you were satisfied with the position you had in his life, even if it was only his sleeping buddy.

The agreement between the two of you came out of the blue. The two of you had been drunk due to Monty’s moonlight, and that led to kissing and sleeping together. At some point he told you that the two of you should be friends with benefits, and you agreed. The next morning you woke up with a headache and a slight uncertainty about the agreement as you weren’t sure whether Bellamy even remembered about it or not. He proved to you that he remembered when he asked you to come to his tent for a talk, which ended up being a lot more than just a talk.

You pulled your blanket up to your neck as you lied on your back, your eyes looking at the ceiling. You closed them for a second, but opened them just as quickly as you had closed them. You sat up, running your hand through your hair as you looked around your tent, searching for your jacket. You didn’t manage to find it, and then you remembered that you had forgotten it to a treeless spot near the camp, but still inside of the forest.

“Goddammit.” You mumbled under your breath as you pushed the blanket off you, standing up and pulling your cargo pants on top of your oversized shirt you used as a nightgown. You took another jacket you owned, making your way out of your tent, closing it on our way out.

Slight snores sounded from another tents, and you noticed Jasper and Monty sleeping on the ground near the fire, Monty on top of Jasper. You chuckled to yourself, stumbling over the branches that were brought to the camp as firewood. The stars in the sky were your only light source as you tried your best not to fall down. You spotted the spot you had left your jacket to and started to make your way towards it when suddenly arms wrapped around you, raising you into the air as you screamed. But now sound came out from it due to the person’s hand blocking your mouth.

“Shh, you wouldn’t want to wake everyone up, now would you?” You heard Bellamy question as you shoved his hand away.

“Do you want to scare me to death?” You asked whispering, earning a chuckle from him.

“No, because then I couldn’t do this.” He said, pushing you against the first tree around the two of you. His lips crashed into yours as your hand moved to his neck, pulling him closer to you.

“And this.” He said, his lips moving to your neck as you let out a sigh. You pulled away, looking into his eyes with a smirk on your face.

“What happened to staying away from each other?” You asked as Bellamy moved closer to you, his lips trying to kiss yours when you suddenly turned your cheek, making his lips kiss your cheek instead. You chuckled as you turned to Bellamy, seeing him look over to you with a grin on his face.

“You’re teasing me right now, aren’t you?” He asked, making you nod when you suddenly kissed him, catching him by surprise. The kissed lasted for seconds, and when you pulled away Bellamy’s hands travelled to your thigs, pushing you upwards so that your legs were wrapped around his.

“Who would have thought that we end up doing something like this?” He asked, kissing you again.

“Why did you even want to be friends with benefits with me?” You asked, looking over to Bellamy with a raised eyebrow.

“You know, when I offered you to accept an agreement to be friends with benefits I didn’t even think you’d agree.” He answered, his lips forming a smirk.

“Oh my god, this I didn’t expect.” You heard Clarke’s voice coming from a large bush not too far from you. You stood still, surprised that she would be sneaking up to the two of you. But when Finn, Octavia, Murphy and Atom moved from behind the same bush you silently cursed all of them, even though you knew that they were growing suspicious. You exchanged a look with Bellamy, making him drop you onto the ground. Each and every one of you stood still when suddenly Clarke started running towards the camp, her fellow companions behind her.

“You guys, Y/N and Bellamy are friends with benefits!”

Drink Up

gif is not mine

Title: Drink Up

Pairing: Benny x Reader

Word Count: 1,385

Warnings: fluff, there’s a bit of fang kink thing going on.

A/N: I may have had this idea and so I wrote it and I was super impatient and wanted to push it to today, which is Monday where I am! So I hope you all enjoy this! Feedback is welcomed and appreciated! I love you all so much! <3 <3

There weren’t many instances where Benny came on hunts with you.  He usually didn’t get involved when you had a hunt to go on.  Yet he insisted that he go on this one with you.  You had to admit, you liked having Benny by your side.  According to Dean you and Benny were a “power couple”.

You promised Benny you would stay in the truck before he gave the all clear.  You expected Benny to be done with the vampire’s nest already.  He was great when it came to protecting you.  However, you were done waiting for Benny to come back.  You were worried that something had happened to him.

You hopped out of Benny’s truck, pulling out your machete.  You were ready to hurt anyone who would dare stop you from getting to your beloved vampire.  “Benny,” you called out.

“[Y/N],” you heard a faint voice say.

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Request (Anon): Teasing first kiss with Boyd? Something fluffy?

A/N: So I’m sorry…this is probably the cheesiest thing I’ve written but I have feels for Boyd. So don’t judge…

Words: 1747

You’re not sure how you ended up in this current predicament but you aren’t complaining. You like the bed that you are waking up in. It belongs to your best friend, Boyd. You were the one who picked it out after all. As you nuzzle your face against the pillow beneath you, you can’t help but smile at the memory of dragging Boyd through IKEA when he moved to his apartment.

Empty beer bottles are seated on the bedside table, next to the alarm clock and your empty wine glass.

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Teasing Eric Part 2 (Part 1)

Pairing: Reader x Eric

Warning: Smut

Words: 707

A/N: This is my first smut, I hope it’s not too bad.

“What do you think you’re doing?”.

You twirl around just to see Eric standing in the middle of the bathroom, arms crossed and angrily staring at you. You grab a sponge that is hanging from the showerhead and try to hide everything possible, pushing yourself into the corner of the shower.

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Imagine: Trying to convince Sam to sneak away for the weekend (Part One)

You pouted your bottom lip and tugged on Sam’s shirt, giving him the biggest doe eyed look you could manage without your eyes rolling out of your head. “C’mon, Sammy! Just two nights outta town at this sweet little camping spot. Two nights!” you begged.

“No way! My dad will never let me go, let alone take the Imp,” he said, giving you a small head shake with a sideways smile. He was cute when he was obedient but you knew he wanted to go.

You buried your face in his stomach and groaned loudly. “Pleaaaase!? Tell I’m I’ll wash the car for a month. A year, if that’s what it takes!”

Sam made a small sound in the back of his throat and backed away from you, swinging his arms and snapping gently. “If I did convince he’d still suggest Dean comes with us, just to be safe. And Dean can dampen the romantic camp mood in minutes. Probably seconds.”

You stood and wrapped your arms around his neck, the pamphlet still in your hand. “Sam, the last time we did something fun was two weeks ago when we went to an R rated movie without an adult. Please?”

“I can’t-” He looked at you and you knew you had caught him, your head tilted and your lip between your teeth as his eyes met yours. He broke, looking away and sighing. “Fine, I’ll go ask.”

“And if that doesn’t work?”

He took the pamphlet from you. “I’ll sneak out and leave a note.”


About half an hour later he came back, a disappointed look on his face as he sat next to you and shook his head. “Nope, not gonna happen. He was good until I mentioned it was just us and then he shut up right away. Even Dean couldn’t change his mind, and he was all for it,” Sam explained.

“Crap. Guess we just gotta sneak out, huh?” You poked him in the side and hopped up.

“And who’s gonna take us there?” he asked, eyebrows raised.

You pulled the keys to the Impala out of your sweater pocket and smirked. “We are.”

Please tell me those aren’t my dad’s keys…”

“Whoops,” you said slowly, setting your knee on his thigh as you dangled the keys in front of his face teasingly. “Break the rules, Sammy. Have some fun ‘cause God knows you never do. When we get back I’ll take the blame.”

He held the keys in his hand to stop the tinkling and looked at the door. “Okay. But you gotta pack fast and be ready when I get there, alright? I’ll see you at sundown.”

You laughed and kissed his cheek before rushing out of the house, saying a quick goodbye to his dad and brother as you jumped on your bike and rode home. Packing quickly, you told your parents it was a go for the camping trip and said goodbye, going to sit outside as the sun was setting.

An hour after you left Sam’s the Impala pulled up, the passenger seat opening. “Hurry up, they’ll notice when they get home.”

You slid into the car, your bag between your legs. “Where’d they go? A strip club?”

“Probably,” he joked, pulling away from your house. He glanced sideways at you and hummed. “This better be a damn good weekend.”

Christmas Gifts

A/N: You all have been amazingly patient for an update, but beyond that you have been so loving of my Rami stories….so coming off my hiatus I’ve decided to share a story which has been in my phone for months for Mr. Robot. Enjoy and let me know your thoughts?

Request: You tell Elliot you love him for the first time.

Words: 1349

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Dry Sex With Cameron!

“Dude stop!” Cameron yelled as Nash killed him once again in their war of Black Ops. You were currently staying the night at your boyfriends place, Cameron Dallas and he lived with his best friend Nash which you didn’t have a problem with, but he’s been ignoring you most of the time because he’s been to stuck on the game. You, just sat there watching, slowly eating your pizza. Somehow though, you were getting turned on watching cameron. Cameron had ways to turn you on with out even purposely doing it, which one way just so happened to be getting angry. You’d watch his chest, as it heaved up and down at a fast pace, or how he’d move his long fingers along the remote quicker as he tried to shoot nash from on top of a building, or even how his veins would pop out of both his neck and his arm. Even worse, how his muscles would flex as he pressed harder onto the buttons, trying not to get killed. But what killed you the most, was his voice. He’d groan out with anger, making his voice deepen each time Nash would kill him, or the forceful yell he’d shout at Nash here and there. Even his jaw would clench when he’d hold it in, trying not to start a fight over a game. “I’m so fucking done” Cam said before tossing the remote down on the couch before walking towards his room, while nash sat there laughing at Cameron’s defeat. You on the other hand were squeezing your thighs together, trying to gain some friction to your heated core. Just as you stood up to go to Cameron’s room, cameron stormed back out, walking to the kitchen. You took this as an opportunity to tell him how you were feeling. “Hey baby” you said softly into his ear, massing the upper part of his back. “Hey babe, sorry you had to witness that” he said pouring him a glass of water. “Oh I enjoyed it” you said sliding your hand around his waist before grabbing ahold of his package. Cameron jumped slightly, clearing his throat. “Very, very much” you whispered seductively in his ear, before nibbling slightly on his ear lobe. “Come to my room” was all he said. You walked quickly behind Cameron watching as he looked over his should to make sure you were close by, ( just like in the picture^^^) You shut the door behind you both before pushing Cameron down on the bed. “You look so fucking hot out there” you mumbled while straddling Cameron’s waist, kissing his neck. Cameron quickly pulled away from you, grabbing your face in his large hands before kissing you roughly. “Wait wait.. We can’t babe” Cameron said sighing heavily. “What? Why?” You asked, feeling disappointed. “Because I promised Nash we wouldn’t do it if he’s here because he finds that disrespectful in a way. And not to mention even if we tried to sneak it, like make it a quickly, I wouldn’t be able to get dressed in enough time because the game starts in fifteen minutes” you sighed heavily before looking at your Lap that was currently on top of Cameron’s before coming up with an idea. “We don’t have to do it that way” you suggested with a smirk. “What do you mean?” He asked looking up at you. Instead of answering, you just smirked before pushing him to where he was flat against the bed. You leaned down, kissing him before grinding your hips into his. He moaned loudly against your lips as you slowly and teasingly grinded against him. “Get it?” You asked pulling away from him. “Most definitely” he said before scooting himself up on the bed before grabbing your hips, telling you to continue. You sat up, placing your hand on his chest before rocking your hips at a quicker pace against him, feeling his boner very efficiently through his sweat pants. “God yes” Cameron moaned out as he watched your every move. You started to buck your hips at a faster pace, baring down onto him hard for more friction. You could feel Cameron’s grip on your ass getting harder as he got closer to his climax. “Fuck y/n” Cameron groaned as you continued to dry hump him, throwing your head back with pleasure. “You’re so fucking hot Cam” you moaned out as you watched him get closer, his eyebrows furrowed together and his lips in a thin straight line. “Fuck baby keep going, just like that” you continued to moan out with each thrust, your hips moving at a quick pace as you got closer and closer to your climax. “I’m close Cameron,” you whined as you wrapped your arms around his neck. “Same ” he said before laying his head in the crook of your neck, enjoying the last couple of seconds of your ‘intercourde’. “ oh Jesus fucking Christ!” You moaned out as you felt yourself hitting your climax, but instead of moving, cameron forced your hips to move even faster along his before he shot his load. “Fuck” he groaned before slowing the pace down until he let go of your hips. “I prefer you inside of me, but I’m not going to lie. That was hot” you said as you stood up. “Definitely. Buy we’ve both got to change. He said pointing down to the mess you left on his sweatpants from your thin shorts mixed with his own load. "Find but I’m wearing your sweatpants you said before walking to his closet.

Justin Bieber - Apology (Requested)

Justin pushed me up against the wall behind me. His shirtless, slightly sweaty chest moving up and down with his heavy breathing. His necklaces dangled off his neck, one hand pushing my hip to the wall and the other near my head so I simply couldn’t get away. He was angry, and I knew why.

We were at the club, I had deliberately dragged Justin on to the dance floor. And unknown to me I got lost in the crowd and thought Justin was still behind me. I started dancing with some random stranger, thinking it was Justin, and let me tell you, it was getting heated on the dance floor. But it was when Justin found me pulling me away when I realized my mistake, and Justin didn’t take my reason behind it. Now he was angry.

Just before he pinned me to the wall it was a screaming match, me trying to explain what happened and him yelling at me for not realizing.  But now he had me in this position, and I was felling quite vulnerable. He lowered his head down to the side of mine, his breathe cold on my shoulder. “You’re gonna regret dancing with that guy,” he whispered it lowly in my ear, I felt shivers going up my spine and goosebumps raise on my arms. I struggled to push him away, my hands on his hard chest as I pushed with all the energy I could muster up while feeling like this, it was pathetic. 

Justin let me push him back, stepping back and letting me go from the wall. “Turn around,” it was a simple command, and right now, I didn’t want to make him any angrier by saying no or stalling. So I did what he said, and turned around against the wall, my hands on the cold wall.

He stepped closer, I could feel his presence behind me, as I tried to get closer to the wall. I could feel his hands touch my sides, and slowly moved downwards to my hips then my thighs. I looked down, letting out a heavy breath, “arms up,” was all he said. Justin pulled my dress off my body, pulling it up over my head as I was left in my knickers only. Justin’s hands went to my sides again, this time moving up and wrapping around my body, inching closer and closer to my nipples in mere seconds. His chest was pressed against my bare back now. “I want you to apologize,” his lips moving to my shoulder and up my neck. “I’m sorry, I thought it was you,”

“Not good enough,” he replied instantly, like he didn’t care what I was going to say before he even made up his mind of what to say. Justin’s hands finally travelled south, where, right now, I needed to feel his touch the most. They went down my stomach, light trails of his fingers again giving me shivers down my spine. But as I thought they’d continue straight down, and against myself, I was wrong. He diverted his hands to my hips, letting a finger on each side go inside the fabric of my underwear. Slowly pulling them down my legs, eventually they just fell to the floor and I stepped out of them. They were left on the floor as Justin span me around, his lips crashing into mine for the first time since we’d gotten back from the club. 

My arms wrapped around his neck and shoulders, letting my bare body get that much closer to his half naked one. It didn’t last long before he pulled away, stepping back the slightest bit. He gave himself room to take off his pants and boxers underneath. His hard member slapping against his stomach, but he didn't go to touch it. Instead he stepped closer to me again, pushing me against the wall behind me where I’ve been possibly the whole night. His lips once again were pushed against mine, his tongue breaking its entrance into my mouth in seconds. My arms again wrapped themselves around Justin's neck and shoulders, as his hands moved from my waist down to my arse. He lifted me effortlessly, using the wall to his advantage of keeping me airborne. I managed to wrap my legs around his waist, just as he pulled away from the kiss. 

He looked at me then looked down, I knew what he had in mind. I moved one of my hands down between us, grabbing his member and pumping it a few times in this awkward position. I lined it up to myself as Justin managed to lower my body down onto his. A moan spilling out of my lips as my hand retreated back up to grip onto Justin’s shoulder. 

My nails dug into his shoulder as he pushed my body further up against the wall. Pushing himself inside of myself completely before pulling out almost all the way. He used the wall to squish my body against it, letting one of his hands go to the wall beside my side. He moved his face into my shoulder and neck, biting onto where the two join as his thrusts into me got rougher and rougher. My eyes shut tightly as I went to look up, giving Justin all the more room to mark me. His lips trailed down my neck, across my shoulder then back up my neck to my jaw. Moving his lips to mine as I was close to orgasm. Justin swallowed all my moans sin the sloppy, messy kiss. I was the one to open my mouth, making the kiss collapse. I let out an pornographic worthy moan as my head moved back, lightly hitting it on the wall. 

“OH GOD, JUSTIN!” I dug my nails further into his skin as I came. Clenching myself involuntarily around Justin, as he held on. Justin’s thrusts didn’t finish until I was a panting mess with nothing left in me. He pulled out as his member was between us both now. I moved one of my hands from around his neck to around his member, only needing to move my hand along it a few times before he came all over our chests. His forehead against my shoulder as he let out one of the hottest groans I’ve ever heard come from him. After he was finished and panting along with me, he slowly let me down. My legs weak I slipped down the wall and fell on my bum. Justin chuckled as he went to help me up, sitting me on the bed before disappearing and coming back with toilet paper to clean up with. 

“Do you still not accept my apology?” I finally regained my usual breathing.

“I think what we just did was better than a sorry,”

“Good, because if I wasn’t so tired from that I’d say lets go again. Night.”

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Goodbye Peter Pan

“No Peter, I’m done this time and I’m dead serious” I shout to him while I walked through the dark jungle. You don’t even remember why you both were fighting, but you do remember fighting with him for the smallest things all last week and the week before and the week before.

“Please Y/N, don’t say that” Peter says, trying to catch up with me. When I arrive to the beach, I look back to see that he was no where to been seen. “Good” I grumble before I grab my bag and head to the rowboat that was out there for me.

“Please Y/N, don’t leave me. You don’t know how much I need you”

“Peter, we’ve been like this for too long and I just can’t deal with this anymore” I say getting inside of the rowboat. Once I place my bag inside the boat disappears.

“PETER!” I yell.

“No Y/N, I can’t let you leave”

“Why not?!”

“Because I need you and you promised me on the night I brought you here to tell you that I love that you would never leave me”

“Oh Peter GROW UP!!! Promises are for children!!” I shout back. “Now give me back my rowboat, I’m leaving this god damn island”

Peter starting to tear up, the boat re-appears on the water. I place my bag inside again, grabbing the oars and putting them in place. Peter stood there,now  emotionless, looking into the darkness of the sea. I couldn’t stand leaving him like this so I ran to where he was giving him one last kiss on his sweet lips.

“I’m sorry; I’ll never forget you” I say kissing him again; this time his hands grabbing my waist and pulling me closer towards him. When I finish the kiss my hands reach behind my neck to take off a golden necklace that Pan gave me a long time ago. There were two golden stars; one bigger than the other. It symbolized “second star”, Neverland, the place where I thought I had found my true love.

“Here, give it to the special girl” I say handing him the necklace.

“No, you keep it; you are the lucky girl. This way you’ll always find your way back to me” he says trying to smile. I head back to my row boat, rowing until I get to Hook’s ship.

“Alright mate?” Killian asks when he sees that tears were escaping my eyes.

“Yea, I’m fine” I say sniffling slightly.

“And now, off this bloody island and to another world!” Hook shouts to his crew who start un-wrapping the sails. We soon arrive to the middle of the sea, I look at the necklace in my hand.

“I can’t” I say softly. I let go of the necklace, letting it fall to bottom of the Neverland sea. When the Jolly Roger was about to go through the portal, I see the island growing darker and darker, reflecting Peter’s emotions.

“I love you Peter Pan” I say into the night sky before we disappear in a cloud of green smoke.

Kim Hanbin/BI (of iKon) one shot based on this post by imaginekon! Gif credit goes to owner.
- Essy

“This is so bad.”

“It’s not that bad.”

“No, Hanbin, it’s pretty bad.”

“Look you can barely see that one!”

“Oh, my God, I hate you so much right now.”

“What? I think they’re cute.” Hanbin poked your neck at one of the many ‘love spots’ he seemed to enjoy so much.

You slapped his arm. “I have to go to work, stupid! Do you know how hard it is to cover these up?!”

“Oh, come on, babe.” He hugged you from behind, his reflection smirking at you in the bathroom mirror. “Are you embarrassed?” He kissed your shoulder.

You grunted at his teasing. As much as you thoroughly enjoyed his neck kisses, it came at a price. Every girl knows how difficult it is to cover up even a single hickey. Try five! Seeing as last night was one tipsy blur, you didn’t really have any time to protest before your boyfriend went off on a rampage all over your neck.

“I just really wish you hadn’t done this before a work day.” You sighed, rubbing one mark in particular that was two seconds away from just being a black hole in your neck. “It’s the dinner shift; I’ll be bumping into people all night. And I have to tie my hair up, too!”

“How do you think I feel?” Hanbin feigned discomfort. “I can’t walk around shirtless without seeing–”

“Hanbin, don’t–”

“–your claw marks all over my back!”

You mentally face-palmed yourself. As much as you wanted to put all the blame on him right now, some of this might have been your fault, too. And seeing as he was practically bleeding from where your dominant hand was, the damage on him might be slightly worse than the damage on you.


He stripped off his hoodie and pulled up the back to reveal red streaks going down his skin. “I mean, seriously, it’s like I got mauled by a panther!”

You rolled your eyes. “It’s not that bad.”

He backed into you, pressing his back onto your arm. “Look at that! How is this not that bad?! If Bobby ever saw it, he’d tease me for the rest of my life…”

“Hmph.” You scoffed. “It’s not the same.”

Your boyfriend raised his eyebrows. “Are you serious?”

“At least you can cover those…” You muttered under your breath.

Hanbin simply smiled to himself as he got redressed. He loved it when you had your little tantrums over him. After a year of your antics, he just knew what to expect and how to fix everything.

“So how are you going to cover them?” He followed you into your bedroom.

You rummaged through your makeup bag. “With as much cover up and foundation as possible.”

Hanbin grabbed your hand before you could begin applying.

“What?” You snapped.

“You and I both know that your neck is a little paler than your face. It won’t be the right shade.”

“It’s not like I have any other options–” You started to apply again.

Hanbin grabbed your arm and motioned for you to sit down on the bed. He knelt in front of you with a sincere grin. “You’re beautiful, you know that?”

Despite how frustrating he could be, he knew just what to say and when to say it.

He pushed your hair back passed your shoulders. “You know, this is the greatest part about having a girlfriend who always wakes up late.”

“What are you doing?”

“Just close your eyes.” He cooed.

You did just as he said. After a couple of seconds of silence, you felt something cold touch your neck. Taking a peek at Hanbin, you realized that he was putting something on your neck. Your eyes shot open.

“What are you doing?!” You started to panic. What was he doing?! What does he know about makeup?!

“Relax, babe.” He chuckled. “I ran to the store while you were asleep, and grabbed something a shade lighter. Look! It blends perfectly. I even got an expensive one.”

You ran to the mirror to inspect. Low and behold, he was right. He covered up two of the five marks completely much to your surprise.

You felt him hug you from behind once more. He smiled into your neck, kissing you again. “Another one?” You smirked.

“Might as well.” Hanbin shrugged. “I bought expensive concealer for a reason, didn’t I?”

“I love you.”

A/N: another piece that was in my drafts. It may be nonsense, but it’s for Oscar & we all need a little Oscar in our lives

words: 363

“I love you” always seem to come at perfect moments with Oscar.

Nights where you are up in the early hours stressing over work, it’ll come against your shoulder right after he’ll tell you “come to bed with me.” Or when you’re tired of him being gone, and you unintentionally make him feel guilty for being away with work. It comes when he’s afraid you might leave, and when he finds himself questioning if he’s selfish for bringing you to this relationship. You love how it’s the first thing he whispers when he wakes up in the morning, and the last thing he gets out even when you fall asleep before he does.

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Anonymous said:
Can you make a Nate imagine (dirty) where he is your best friend and you hang out and some and end up having rough sex after he confesses his fantasies about you and him dating and fucking? Thanks ily 💘

Warning this is my first actual smut on here &I I wrote this at like 3:30 in the morning last night, so I apologize in advance if it sucks but hey I tried 😇.

Sexual Vibes

Lately my bestfriend, Nate, has been acting pretty weird if you ask me. I’ve been trying to hang out with him for the past month and all I get is excuse after excuse as to why he can’t hang when he dam well knows he’s not doing anything except kicking it back smoking blunt after blunt. After so many tries I convinced him to finally hang out with me and I’m gonna get to the bottom of why he really hasn’t been answering my requests to see him. I walked into the fancy decorated elevator headed straight to Nate’s apartment, I was wearing some black joggers with a black crop top and some black shoes. I got out the elevator and knocked on the door, I heard fumbling and him take a deep breath before he opened “hey kid” I said smiling and pulling him in for a hug, his arms wrapped around me tight but a protective kind of tight. We pulled apart and he flashed me his million dollar smile. “So what’s the plan for today?” I asked throwing myself down “I got everything we need here and even got some movies” he smiled slightly avoiding eye contact, something made me want to ask him why he’s so nervous but i barley got here gotta give it some time then ease into some questions. He brought in our favorite snacks and set the movie “what are we watching” “fifty shades of grey” I nearly chocked on my spit “why?” “I don’t know, I heard it’s a good movie, full of all that sappy shit you like, so I just decided to get it” he said sitting in the opposite sofa across from me. I don’t think he realizes what fifty shades of grey really is about. Should I tell him, should I not? Yes, No, Yes, No, Yes “Nate…” “Hmp?” He said throwing his head up like a little kid “thanks” I smiled, guess we are going with no. He relaxed in the chair “why are you over there come here” I said patting the seat next to me with a blanket. He rubbed his hand in his hair before dragging his feet over to me. He sat down eating some chips before leaning back. I threw the cover over us and put my feet on his. It was towards the first sex scene when I decided to record his reaction, I quickly opened snapchat and the scene started at first he was calm and quiet but as soon as the sex started he freaked out, I laughed while recording him as he jumped up trying to shut the tv off “okay let’s not watch that” he nervously laughed as I ended the video. I bawled out in laughter as he sat in the same sofa he sat in the beginning, I got ticked off and decided to confront him.

“Whats wrong with you?” I asked sitting Indian style “what do you mean?” He said avoiding eye contact “there you go again! Stop avoiding eye contact and look at me dammit, I’m your bestfriend” he took a slight breath “that’s the thing….” He chuckled a bit, kinda psychotic if you ask me “what do YOU mean?” I asked furrowing my brows “ that’s all your gonna ever be my best fucking friend” “what are you trying to say?” He took a long breath this time “ I” “you” “I -I.” “Spit it out Nathan!” “I fucking love you” I sat there processing what he just said. “ I fucking love you dammit!….. I love everything about you, your smile, your body, your eyes, the way you bite your cheeks when you get nervous. Every fucking thing” I just looked at him watching his movements. “At first I thought it was a stupid feeling you know like that feeling when I see a fresh bag of weed, I get excited and once it’s gone it’s kinda like oh let’s cop a new bag” he fumbled his hands, I just nodded “but time passed and it wasn’t just a feeling, I found myself falling for you and needing your opinion on everything, I got jealous seeing you on guys that wasn’t me and dammit I found myself yearning for your approval! I put myself in denial, nah it couldn’t be love, it’s just a crush. I told myself sun up to sun down… But then the dreams happened” “dreams?” I asked tilting my head “I mean I’m already in too deep so this isn’t gonna really do shit” he laughed “ a while back I started having these dreams, dreams of us being together and doing other things…. I had dreams I was holding your hand, taking you places and even smoking blunts with you… I also had dreams I was fucking the shit out of you, dreams I was fucking you everywhere, dreams you were moaning and screaming my name, dreams of you not being so innocent and dreams that you would feel some type of way under my touch.” He looked at me looking for a reaction but I couldn’t offer anything “I wanna be able to do shit to you, shit that only we know about, I wanna be able to fuck you whenever and where ever I want to. But I don’t know how you feel and that’s what made me push you away, the more I saw you the more I fell and the more dreams I had. I didn’t know how you felt so why put myself through this if you don’t feel the same?” I leaned back in his chair. I didn’t know how to react, he just laid this all on the table without giving me a heads up. I don’t remember much that happened, I remember getting up and taking everything off except my bra and panties, I remember walking towards him as he looked at me in shock, I remember straddling him, I remember kissing him all over his jaw then moving to his lips. He didn’t know what to do he was shocked, I took both his hands and placed them on my ass, I kissed him hard and at first he didn’t but that changed. I was in control or so I thought. He lifted us up with my legs wrapped around his back, he took me to his room lying me on the bed slightly, he broke the kiss, kissing my jaw then my neck going down my tummy, he stood up removing his shirt and pants. I looked up glancing at how hard he was and knew this was gonna be one hell of a night.

He came back kissing me, he moved from my lips to my neck earning tons of moans, as he continued to suck on my sweet spot he slipped two fingers in my underwear, he teased me at first rubbing circles in my area that felt so amazing. I couldn’t help but moan louder squeezing my legs tighter with every circle he drew, I felt him smirk within my skin as he plunged a finger into me causing me to jerk forward, he plunged the second one into me as I held on to his shoulder wimping with amusement. He pulled me back down looking me in my eyes, watching my reaction and movements as he repeatedly pushed and pulled his fingers in and out slow then fast, I felt my eyes roll to the back of my head as my breaths became unsteady and quick. I pulled him by his neck about a inch away from my face looking him in his eyes, my facial expressions changing as I took breaths in, he smirked and plunged one last time into me sending my body into a mix of emotions, I layed back arching my back and he slowly pulled his fingers out of me. He yanked me by my hair and made me lick my juices off of him. He removed his boxers and I got up to go do my job when he stopped me “this isn’t about me it’s about you tonight” he layed me on my back teasing me tracing circles with his hard on by my entrance “fuck me” I begged and he listened, without any warning he plunged into me causing my back to involuntarily arch. “Fuck” he moaned as he quickened his pace, he leaned down pecking my lips. I removed my bra and he scanned my breasts, he took hold of one while slowing down his pace, after sometime he lifted me up placing my back along a wall. “I’m almost there” he said with a low raspy quick voice, I nodded my head as he entered me once again. Harder and harder he would go looking me straight in the eye to see how he was doing. I couldn’t describe the amount of pleasure I was getting if my life depended on it. I felt my back hit the wall and the silent room being filled with profanity, moans and skin slaps. He yanked my body off the wall placing his hands on my ass lifting me up and down his length fast as I moaned. His hair coming in his face blocking his eyes as he moaned and kissed my neck “I’m gonna cum” I moaned bouncing “together” he said yanking my hair. He took three final thrusts and on the final one my nails pierced his skin as I moaned slight profanities, his hands gripping my ass as he let out a manly moan while releasing inside me. He carried me still on his length and placed me on the bed,I climbed under the blankets as he layed across from me doing the same. We regained our breathing, I layed there thinking about the actions that just took place as he took my hand playing with our nails before saying something “ didn’t know you had that in you lil mama” “theres a lot you don’t know about me” I chuckled “can I be the only one to find out?” He asked “is this you asking me out? Because if so then yes” I said cuddling in his chest, he kissed my forehead and eventually we fell asleep in each other’s arms.

“Damn, where the hell did I put it?” The sound of the drawers opening and closing was the thing that caught you attention as you looked up from your magazine, a small smirk playing at your lips. You knew what he was looking for. “Y/N, love - Have yeh seen my embroidered blouse? The black one.” Harry asked, not even bothering to look at you as he continued rummaging through the drawers to find his beloved shirt. 

“You’ve got plenty of embroidered shirts - I’m sure it wouldn’t be too big of a problem finding something else to wear.” You hummed, fingering at a button on your shirt. To be a little more specific - Harry’s shirt. The one he was currently frantically looking for. 

“I know, but I jus’ wanna wear tha’ one today! I wore the white one the other day so I wanna wear the black one today.” Harry groaned frustratedly, reaching up to scratch at the back of his neck. “I swear I ironed it last night and put it right here.” He gestured to the second drawer before moving onto the closet. 

“You’re going out to lunch?” 


“With the boys?” 

“Yep. I promise I’ll be back soon - Plus, I haven’t had lunch with the gang in a while. I asked if you wanted to come..” 

“I know, bu-” Harry’s phone began ringing, cutting you off abruptly. He pulled it out from his back pocket and sighed slightly. 

“Niall!” Harry answered the call, pressing the phone in between his ear and shoulder while he quickly went through the closet. “Yeah, I’ll be there in a bit. Ten minutes, tops- Yes, I know I’m always late, but I jus’ need t’ find my-” Harry turned around, about to ask you to help him find the shirt before he blanked. 

Your were on your knees at the foot of the bed, fingers already undoing the buttons on his shirt you were wearing. You bit your lip, reaching out and tugging Harry closer, a smirk plastered on your face when you noted how dazed he looked with his eyes wide and his lips parted. 

“I can always give you your shirt, but.. You sure you don’t wanna stay home with me?” You purred quietly, sliding your hand up his arm slowly. Harry’s cheeks were already a little pink, his free hand already creeping its way down to cup your bum. You could hear Niall’s voice over the phone, asking continuously why Harry wasn’t speaking. 

“Hey, Ni? I’m gonna need to take a raincheck on lunch today.”


gif isn’t mine!

Imagine waking up next to Jared after a party

I roll on the bed bumping into something soft and warm, I open my eyes only to find this guy I met last night. He’s still asleep, probably still drunk, and I know I’m a bit drunk just by the way my head still spins. The clock on my nightstand shows me that is almost two, and if the sun wouldn’t be entering through my window I would have ignored the time and pretend it was two in the morning.

I roll again, to face the wall instead of my guest. We met at a party the night before, I was drunk, he was too, and my house was near. End of the story. But I had never done this before and I felt really uncomfortable now that I was getting in the hangover fase.

Jared’s arm wraps around my waist as he pulls me closer, he’s still asleep, but he manages to trace my body in order to grab my chest and accommodate his head on my pillow. I feel his breathing on my neck, and shivers run all over my back.

The doorbell wakes me up a few minutes later, I didn’t even noticed that I started sleeping again. Jared is still holding me, and when I start moving to get out of the bed, he starts growling.

“Don’t go” I hear him mumble as I put a shirt on and my underwear.

“I’ll be back in a second”

I’ll be? Yeah, probably to ask him to leave.

I grab some mints from the kitchen before heading to the door, I don’t even look who it is, I just open and the second I do it I regret not hiding in my bedroom pretending I wasn’t there.


“Aw, sweetie, you’re glad to see me! Good, cause I brought lunch!”

She doesn’t even wait for me to invite her in, she just walks pass by me and heads to the kitchen to put a ton of bags in the counter.

“I called you so many times, I ended up deciding to come anyway. If you weren’t here, I still got your keys, I could have cleaned a bit” Her eyes catch the dirty dishes on the other counter next to her, she sighs and continues to unpack her bags, “I guess I’ll clean anyways”

She talks and talks and I completely forgot about my little guest in my bedroom. When I see Jared coming to where we are, wearing nothing but his pants, I start making him signs to get back to the bedroom.

“What are you doing?” My mom asks me, she looks entertained, but I know she will not be if she knew what was going on.

“Oh, nothing, it was… Just a fly”

“You have to clean this place, it’s a mess!”

“I know, mom”

“No, you don’t, or you would actually clean it. I’ll start charging you for the monthly cleaning”

“Yeah, sure, whatever you say” I mumble, getting out of the kitchen, “I’ll take a shower before we eat”

I run back to my bedroom, Jared has returned to bed and it’s twisted over the blankets. I should have asked him to leave earlier, but seeing him like that, makes me want to ask him to stay for good. But he can’t, and if my mom sees him, she’ll probably freak out.

“Hey, come on, wake up” I shake his shoulder, but he only mumbles something in his sleep, “I really don’t want you to go, but if the lady in the kitchen finds you, you’re dead meat”

“You want me to leave through the window?” He asks, with just one eye open.


“You’re crazy, I fucked a crazy woman”

“Shhh, she could hear you”

“I’ll leave” he mumbles, but falls asleep again.

“Come on, Jared!”

I receive no answer, and I desist from going on. Instead I lock the door, so my mom doesn’t find Jared in here, and walk to my bathroom to finally get a shower. I take my clothes off and get in, the cold water hits my body and I finally start to wake up. My head hurts like hell, and to think that I’ll have to hear my mom talk about how my whole life is a mess, makes my head hurt even more.

I almost trip when I hear someone opening the curtain, and I see Jared, completely naked, entering the small shower.

“What are you doing?” I ask him, but everything is completely clear when he corners me. “My mom is outside!”

“I know”

His lips reach mine almost violently, and my breathing turns heavy immediately. I didn’t remember much from last night, but this was a good sign that I had a great time. I open my eyes when his lips leave mine to start tracing my neck, and his hands take my tighs to wrap them around his hips. The fact that my mom is outside isn’t reason enough to stop the moanings coming out of my mouth, especially when he finally makes his way inside of me. I cup his face with my hands, pulling him closer and kiss him whenever I’m able to stop moaning. I hear him calling me beautiful between kisses, but he stops when the thrusts become faster. My whole body starts shaking, and the excitation is too much, so I end up sticking my nails on his shoulders. A few more thrusts and an almost guttural moan comes out of his lips. I gasp a few times trying to catch my breath, and I’m left alone in the shower.

When I return to my room Jared isn’t there, part of me is happy that he’s gone, but the other part is almost crying because he didn’t even left a note.

I get dressed and get out of my room, I can hear voices and I think my mom has the tv on, but when I enter the kitchen, I see Jared lying against a counter and my mom laughing at whatever he’s telling her.


“Always so secretive, this one, why didn’t you tell me you had a boyfriend? Thank god I brought a lot of food”

“I was just telling your mom about the fun party we had last night” He comments, his eyes on my mom, that keeps getting the food in different plates.

“You never tell me anything” My mom mutters, with a sad expression on her face. “How long have you two been together?”

“Umm…” I look at Jared, looking for help. He started this whole act, so I don’t know what to do. Jared holds two fingers up, so I follow his lead, “Around two months”

“Come on, Jared, help me get all this to the dining room, you too” Mom says, handing me a bowl filled with lettuce.

I follow them to the dining room, and after we place all the food on the table, we finally sit. I’m scared that I will not be able to follow Jared’s lead on whatever he’s doing and my mom will end up finding out the truth. How am i supposed to tell my own mom that the guy sitting next to her is just a one night stand?

“How did you guys met? I bet it was a bookstore, this girl would live in one if she could”

“It was at a party, actually” Jared answers before I can think about what to say, “She’s friend with my best friend Emma”

At least something that it’s true.

“Oh, Emma! She’s such a sweetheart”

Jared keeps telling stories that have never happened, and I look at him amused at how many things he can make up without even thinking for a second.

“What are you doing?” I ask him, after my mom leaves us alone to bring dessert. “We met last night, I didn’t even know you had a brother”

“Yeah, and a few step brothers” He adds with a smile, “Come on, it’s fun”

“You said you were going to leave, not that you were going to join us for lunch”

“Yeah, I was leaving and your mom saw me, I told you I wasn’t going out through the window” He reminds me.

“And what am I supposed to tell her when you leave and I don’t see you again?”

“Who says you’re not going to see me again?”

I stare at him not knowing what to say, I thought that after what happened last night we were done.

“We are going to Palm Springs next week, maybe you could come with us”

“Palm Springs sounds fun” My mother interrupts us, placing a cup of ice cream and fruit in front of us, “You should go, you never go out”

“I do, mom”

“No, you don’t” She says with a serious tone, but changing her expression completely to continue talking to Jared, “You’re a fallen angel, Jared”

“No, I’m not” he laughs.

“Of course you are, you may be the one who finally makes this girl settle down for once”

I hear my mom talking about how long it’s been since I last had a decent boyfriend, and I don’t care that Jared hears all that crap, it’s not my real boyfriend, I don’t need to worry about what he could think about me now.

When I start to think that my mom will stay forever getting fascinated by my fake boyfriend, she finally decides to leave us alone to enjoy the rest of the day. We dismiss her at the door, waving at her while she leaves in her car with the biggest smile I’ve seen her with for the last few months. Jared grabs my hands at the last second, and my mom looks like she’s melting with cuteness while she drives away from my house.

“That was fun” Jared says, pulling me inside the house.

“Hell no” I mumble, taking my hand away from his. “She’s not gonna leave me alone now that I have a "boyfriend”“

"Palm Springs, next week. I wasn’t acting that for your mom” Jared says, ignoring my comment.

“Is Emma going too? Is the only one of your friends that I know” I ask, actually considering the offer.

“No, she’s not going, not her or my brother. I’m going alone, well… Was going alone, because you’re coming, right?”

I take his jacket from the couch and hand it to him, his face saddens in a second. If there’s one thing my mom is absolutely right about, is how boring and messed up my life is, so I decide what to do with Jared immediately. I notice the surprise on his face when I jump into his arms, to wrap mine around his neck.

“I can’t let my new boyfriend walk around all those almost naked ladies, I may lose him in a second”

“Told you, playing house is fun” Jared whispers, his lips over mine. “But, you know what would make this even better? If I actually stay”

“I thought one night stands only lasted for the night” I mutter and a smile appears on his face.

“Yeah, but it’s afternoon, and I already met your mother, I think this is getting pretty serious”

“Yeah, you better leave before I ask you to move in” I push him to the door, but he grabs my hand to get me closer and finally kiss me.

“Or I ask you to marry me” He laughs and I push him again, “I added my number in your phone while you were in the shower, I’ll call you during the week, we can go buy you a nice bikini for the weekend”

“I can’t wait”

I receive one last kiss before Jared starts walking to his car, I wave my hand to him till he disappears down the road and I finally get in my house again. Palm Springs started to sound fun all of the sudden.

see you at the dorm | 18+, smut

“Jiminnie, I’ll see you later at the dorm.”

These words won’t stop running through Jimin’s head.

He can still hear Hoseok’s voice clearly, echoing in his thoughts on repeat. It’s almost too much for him to handle and he needs to know what exactly his boyfriend had planned for whenever later was.

Jimin spends the day dying in anticipation and the exact moment he comes back to the dorm from an outing with Taehyung, Hoseok pushes the youngest boy straight back out and locks their bedroom door, urging him to keep some earbuds in and blast music or play video games with Jungkook, because “Jiminnie tends to get a little loud.”

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