and his nachos

nicole submitted:

Hello minty! Hi nacho it’s me kitten!anon here to submit you this…. I’ve planned to go as your Chara because… why not? This May at  Bon Odori… also one more thing….. how long is the knife that Chara weilds?

This looks so cute! I am so so so excited to see your cosplay come this May. Be sure to share it! Chara’s knife is 12 inches long: the hilt is 5 inches and the blade is 7 inches. I actually have a perfectly safe fake version of it (perfect for cosplay!) that I got on ebay! You’ll have to paint it to make it look less like a toy knife.

Summary of the second #MarcoLIVE

Yo, caught the second one just like a said I would.

  • Marco starts by asking what everyone was doing for the past week.
  • The bi-weekly practices have become weekly.
  • While recapping the episodes he accidently calls Buff Frog “Butt Frog”
  • Another one of the laser puppies is named Marco Jr. So that’s Sayjack, Barco, & Marco Jr.
  • Marco thinks candy corn is the worst candy ever
  • Apparently, Marco had a birthday party where he threw up on Oskar
  • Hekapoo slapped the back of Marco’s head when he recapped “Running With Scissors”
  • Marco remembers everything that happened to him during the sixteen years chasing Hekapoo, but as time goes by the memories are starting to get hazy. He still remembers Nachos (his dragoncycle), his abs, his sword and “the lovely” Hekapoo (his words)
  • November 28 is Marco’s birthday. Star’s is on Stump Day
  • Marco holds a lot of respect for Hekapoo and calls her his friend
  • He doesn’t think Hekapoo and Tom are related since they’re from two completely different dimensions. He knows he’s not related to Tom
  • He gave a Valentine’s Day shout-out to Jackie Lynn Thomas and Star.

Next week is gonna be StarFan13 on the livechat. 


Is that love in the air, or just pollen? Tag your results :)!

Copa del Rey: Real Madrid vs. Cultural Leonesa | 7-1 (Nacho 68′)
The kids meet the girlfriend and boyfriend

The kids wanted to meet the other couple. Over dinner. 

Actually, they had met them before, but that was before they knew that we were more than friends. 

Now that they knew about us, they wanted to get to know them a little better. Actually it was my daughter. My son kept on eating his nachos. 

So we set up time for dinner. 

Zelda and I knew that it would go ok, but Willow? She was really nervous. Probably the most anxious I’ve ever seen her. 

I understand. If the kids don’t like your girlfriend, they can throw up road blocks when you try to see them. 

I knew that there was nothing to be worried about. I am very lucky to have super awesome kids that get along with everyone and this was no exception. Dinner was fun. We laughed, talked about school and random stuff. Maybe even a little bit of politics. 

We got the stamp of approval from my daughter on the drive home when she said “They’re pretty cool.”

There was another stamp of approval when my daughter started making plans to go get tattoos and wanted to include Willow in the plans. She wants to hang with them again. 

Again, I am pretty lucky. My kids are open minded. They understand that we are open with our relationship. And they have always been the first ones to say hi to the new kid. 

Not everyone will have the same experience. But I am pleased to have ours. 


They made another one this time with parts in english