and his muscles in general

paint heaven and anger the gods

so the trailer for miss hokusai advertised one type of movie, and then the actual movie was …. something else entirely. but the trailer gave me ideas, so here they are:

there is girl –


there is woman –


there is a young woman, an old girl, and she has the eyes of youth but the weight upon her shoulders is that of age. or perhaps it is the other way around. perhaps she has the eyes of age, but upon her shoulder is the weightlessness of youth, of ignorance.

there she is, whatever she is.

her name is kana.

she is the daughter of a famous painter, known as juro. he is a man larger than life, and he paints wonderful things. he takes what is ugly, and makes it beautiful. he paints an unhandsome woman as a goddess, a sneering merchant as a king, a dirty city as a glowing capitol. he leaves all he touches brighter than it was found.

kana is not like her father.

she is a painter, but she is not famous. she has a mother she doesn’t speak to, and younger sister she visits as much as she can. she has pushed them both aside to follow her father, to sit with him in dirty shacks putting ink to paper as she does her best to make beautiful things. she throws off the expectations of her gender, of her station, of anything and everything in her pursuit to be a master painter.

technique is easy. she completes half of her father’s painting while he drinks, while he whores, while he seduces lords and ladies, while he paints empty things for empty people, while he leaves her alone in their dirty shacks. she can do the detail work, has a steady hand and a sharp eye, but when it comes to the whole picture – it is left lacking.

“her work lacks your beauty,” an old man says, talking to her old father while she kneels in the corner, ink staining her hands, the floor, ink just – staining.

“of course it does,” her father says, offhand. “how can she paint what she does not know?”

kana never expected lack of knowledge to be her downfall.

so that night when her father is gone, she does not stay in to work. instead kana paints her face, wears a kimono that’s too small on her, and goes to the worst part of the city, to where the alleyways and walls are stained red by the glow of the lanterns.

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it always confuses me when superman gets drawn burlier than batman. i mean we dance around it but superman is basically super strong due to space magic. he could be a weedy lil string bean and he’d still be able to lift a bus. i’m not saying the muscles don’t help, or that he doesn’t probably have magic space muscles. i’m just saying, all of batman’s strength is muscle-dependant. he has no space magics. in my head he is the more burly of the two just out of necessity. i know he’s kind of got the gymnast thing going on but like. i imagine bruce wayne as more barrel-y and clark kent as more dorito-y. i don’t know why i’m telling you this except that i’m dealing with the realization that this is not the standard assumption.

A-Z NSFW: Chen

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A = Aftercare 
This entire post is going to go in the complete opposite direction of this lmao but of course he’s going to take care of you well afterwards. Lesson learned kids, if anyone you’re with brushes off aftercare, kick their ass to the curb, cuz they don’t care about you. Chen’s a shower and relax together, wash each other gently kind of aftercare guy. Plus he wants to cuddle afterwards and no one wants sticky, smelly, gross cuddles.

B = Body part (Their favorite body part of theirs and also their partner’s) 
I’m not gonna even try and pretend I don’t think Chen is the most perverted of the bunch lmao he always has his hands on your chest. Just…fun to touch tbh. Chen’s abs are coming in pretty nicely, I sure he’s pretty proud of them, his muscles in general are his favorite thing about himself although we all knows its his forehead

C = Cum 
Nana: oh he’s a nasty little shit. He’s that fucker than jizzes in your goddamn hair and you have to wash it as quick as you can before it dries and it looks like your entire scalp is just shedding…

D = Dirty Secret (a dirty secret of theirs) 
Chen really wants to bring it up, because sex is pretty open between you two and all, so he’s not really ashamed, just doesn’t know how to throw it out there, especially since he’s normally the pretty dom one in the bedroom. He likes the idea of being blindfolded and handing the reigns over to you so he has no idea what you’re up to or will do next. But he will tell you…soon…maybe….

E = Experience (How experienced are they? Do they know what they’re doing?)
Man I don’t trust his hoe ass….I feel like he’s done stuff already but idk, either way, he knows too fucking much and it makes me nervous. He’s a grown man, I doubt he’s never heard of porn, and the fucking dick popping EXO does, he knows what he’s up to.

F = Favorite position
While he’s kinky, he’s a pretty simple man, plain missionary with your legs tossed over his shoulders is a good go-to for him. Easy position for him to have fun, and you’re kind of tramped a bit, seeing as you’re literally folded in half under his body. You’ll probably need to stretch before hand….I tried putting my leg behind my head the other day cuz I could when I was a kid and I was sure I was going to have to amputate my leg…

G = Goofy (Are they more serious in the moment, or are they humorous, etc)
Chen’s kind of a clown, but I think he gets pretty serious and into his ‘character’ in the bedroom. He’s not the soft and floofy Jongdae he usually is, he’s full blown Chen behind closed doors.

H = Hair (How well groomed are they)
His pits are wild smh I weirdly don’t think he trims or anything down there, I don’t know why, but he just gives me the vibes that he just lets it run free and have a life of its own….

I = Intimacy (How are they during the moment, romantic aspect…)
Chen’s another member that makes up for his lack of romance in the bedroom in your non-sexual relationship. Of course there’s times he tones it back and really shows you his love; makes love to you rather than fucking. But on the norm, he’s a pretty wild man in the sack.

J = Jack Off (Masturbation)
Pfff who are we playing, Chen jerks off like mad. But lord knows he can’t make a mess in the dorm room with Xiu being his roomie or the older would literally kill him. He takes shelter in the bathroom and handles business like anyone else.

K = Kink (One or more of their kinks)
His secret is he wants to be blindfolded, mainly because you look and react so well when he blindfolds you. He loves seeing your body relaxed and tense all at the same time, never knowing where he is or what he’ll do next; never knowing what he’ll touch next. Watching your skin prickle and your body flinch and you squirm when he brushes a feather against your skin is just art to him.

L = Location (Favorite places to do the do)
[See Risk] Bedroom/Bathroom are really the only two options in his mind, but being that he’s very adventurous with positions, the bathroom isn’t really safe so the bed is pretty much where most of the magic happens.

M = Motivation (What turns them on, gets them going)
Chen’s usually pretty blunt with his advances, there’s no sly looks or catching on that you touching his arms means you want to fuck, he just straight out says, “I want to fuck”, and life goes on. But he likes how subtle you try to be, especially when the boys are around, your light touch on his thigh until he turns his attention to you and he can see your eyes clouded with lust. The idea of what will happen later in his mind while you wear that innocent face, it really gets his boner party going.

N = NO (Something they wouldn’t do, turn offs)
[Plays into Risk] Chen’s a kink freak and we all know this, but he doesn’t like anyone else but you knowing it, so he’s not here for leaving the safety and privacy of the locked bedroom. Under no circumstances will he leave the bathroom or bedroom, don’t even try.

O = Oral (Preference in giving or receiving, skill, etc)

Do I….do I have to say anything else?

P = Pace (Are they fast and rough? Slow and sensual? etc.)
I feel like Chen’s a…humper if that makes sense, he’s pretty fast and hard, but he’s not full blown thrusting into you, more like quick pumps because he likes having your body close to his and doesn’t really want to pull away and lose that contact, even for a second.

Q = Quickie (Their opinions on quickies rather than proper sex, how often, etc.)
While he’s a horny pup, he’s ready and willing to go, unless you want a quickie I don’t see him doing them much. He likes to please you and stretch out the foreplay and tease you for as long as humanly possible. It’s arguably his favorite part of sex, having you all hot and squirming for him, so if that’s cut out of the equation for a quickie, he’s not that thrilled. Quickies do happen frequently though, back stage at concerts or before he has to leave for his schedule, but he’s not too impressed with them. 

R = Risk (Are they game to experiment, do they take risks, etc.)
I feel like he’s a guy that lives by the kamasutra book, he wants to try a lot of stuff, almost anything just once to see what the point is. He’s not very risky with places, like he doesn’t like leaving the bedroom, but doing things with you, he’s all ears….or dick…whatever you wanna say.

S = Stamina (How many rounds can they go for, how long do they last…)
Nana says he’s fuck happy. So basically she says that he’s a quick fuck, dick in a hole only lasts a few minutes, 10 minutes tops, but he’s up and ready for another round so quick you don’t know what’s going on. So Chen’s stamina is pretty high…almost unusually high….

T = Toy (Do they own toys? Do they use them? On a partner or themselves?)
I don’t trust him….he gives me the vibe of he’s so nasty that you don’t need toys, but he’s such a little shit that I feel like he collects the shit like pokemon? He’s definitely has handcuffs, vibrators, specific silk ties he likes the cool feel on, a few feathers…..

U = Unfair (how much they like to tease)
He’s….a little fucking shit…..I can see him teasing you to the point you’re literally crying. Like he ain’t stopping unless you use the safe word to tell him to fuck you or fuck off.

V = Volume (How loud they are, what sounds they make)
Umm high note master Kim Jongdae? It sounds like a fucking opera in that bedroom tf ?? Chen’s a very loud moaner…The whole damn town, let alone the members will hear you and him, I’d invest into some ear plugs if I was you….

W = Wild Card (Get a random headcanon for the character of your choice)
Chen’s a pretty kinky fucker in my mind…and we all know for a fact he’s going to want to try some weird ass position. The first time a legit cramp set in from the stretch, he went into a full state of panic, you had to literally pry the phone from his hands to stop him from calling an ambulance. For someone that dances and works out, he really didn’t grasp the concept of mid-sex cramps. God help him.

X = X-Ray (Let’s see what’s going on in those pants, picture or words)
Lmao I hate my grandma…..okay here we fckin go. I asked my 60 year old Nana and she said “he’s like the package of hot dogs you get on sale because one’s kinda fucked up. He’s the fucked up one.” aka in her mind, means that he’s slightly below average in length, and more narrow/slender than typical, but he’s just a horn dog that he’ll “hump you into next week” bye

Y = Yearning (How high is their sex drive?)
Nana says, and I quote, Chen is a “horny dog that needs his nutters snipped so he calms the fck down”. And Nana’s word is law. Chen’s sex drive is out of this world, he needs to see a doctor and get some pills to mellow his ass out tbh.

Z = ZZZ (… how quickly they fall asleep afterwards)
I think Chen is kind of a lazy guy, after sex he’s pretty fckin beat, and ready to just shower and hit the hay. So he falls asleep pretty fast, but tbh he’s just eager to wake up and jump your bones again.

Steamy shower

Pairing: Yoongi x Jimin 

Word count: 2.2k

Anon asked: “hello!! I love your blog so much ❤ could you please do a smut scenario of yoonmin in the shower and a super daddy/dom Yoongi”

Ratings: SMUT with a bit of fluff in the end. 

Author’s note: Yoonmin is my weakness. This is just pure and I mean pure filth. I need some holy water after writing this. Gif isn’t mine. x 

Jimin sighs happily as he lets the hot water fall onto his face. Dance practice was tough, even for him. He had danced for the maturity of the day and his muscles were aching pretty badly, so he desperately wanted to take a shower. When get got home Jimin wanted to shower first but he let his hyungs go first. Well, his hyungs except his boyfriend Yoongi. Yoongi decided to go to his studio to finish a song he had been working on for the past few weeks. Jimin tried to tell his boyfriend that he should relax but knew that Yoongi would only get pissed so he didn’t even bother. 

He still hopes Yoongi will get out of his studio soon so he finally can relax because he really deserves that. Jimin tries to clear his head as he grabs his shampoo bottle and squeezes some out of it before working the product through his hair. The shampoo smells like coconut and is really fresh. Jimin instantly relaxes at the nice smell as he closes his eyes. The hot water makes the pain in his muscles less and makes him feel better in general. He didn’t even bother locking the door since he told everyone that he’s taking a shower. Yoongi sighs happily as he clears all the tabs on his computer. 

He finally finished perfecting the song he had been working on for the past few weeks and couldn’t be happier. He wanted to finish it quickly so he can fully relax instead of still having it in the back of his mind. Yoongi shuts his computer down before turning the lights off and making his way into the living room. Jeongguk and Taehyung are sprawled out across the couch as they’re playing Overwatch. Namjoon is reading one of the new books he bought during his vacation. Seokjin is busy in the kitchen as Hoseok is helping him. Yoongi frowns when he doesn’t see his cute boyfriend. 

“Where’s Jimin?” 

He stares at Taehyung and Jeongguk as he waits for a reaction, but obviously they’re both too busy with their game. Namjoon isn’t any better as he doesn’t even look up from his book. He’s probably too caught up in it to even hear what’s going on around him. After a few seconds Hoseok turns towards him as he points towards the hallway. 

“He’s in the shower, hyung.” 

Yoongi nods as he makes his way to the bathroom. He hears the shower running as he slowly opens the door. The glass is fogged up but he can still make out Jimin’s naked body perfectly. He licks his lips at the sight as he enters the bathroom before closing and locking the door behind him. Jimin is humming some song Yoongi vaguely remembers so he doesn’t hear him come in. Yoongi starts to take off his clothes as he keeps his eyes on his beautiful boyfriend, who still hasn’t noticed him. The blonde shoves his pile of clothes to the edge so it’s not in the way as he makes sure the door really is locked before opening the shower door and stepping in. 

Jimin squeals before a big hand is covering his mouth. Yoongi has been quite stressed lately, and what better way to take all his frustration out on his boyfriend? After all the younger loves it when Yoongi is rough with him. So it’s a win win situation. Jimin instantly calms down when he sees that it’s his boyfriend and smiles softly against the back of Yoongi’s hand. The blonde smirks before pulling his hand back and placing it on the small of Jimin’s back. Yoongi pulls him closer as he crashes his lips against Jimin’s. The younger moans against his boyfriend’s lips as he places his hands against his firm chest. 

Yoongi moves his hands down to squeeze Jimin’s ass as the younger jumps, causing their cocks to brush against each other. They both moan into each other’s mouths as the kiss grows hotter and hotter. Soon they’re both groping each other as the tension rises. Jimin pulls back, a little out of breath from making out with his boyfriend and from being really turned on. 

“Hyung, are we gonna do it in here?” 

Yoongi smirks as he nods his head before trailing his lips down his boyfriend’s neck. Jimin sighs happily as Yoongi places soft kisses against it before a whine escapes his mouth as the elder sinks his teeth into Jimin’s soft skin. Jimin gasps as he holds onto Yoongi’s biceps for support, and steadiness since he doesn’t want to slip and hit his head. 

“H-Hyung, w-what if they hear?” 

“Hmm? You’ll just have to be a good boy and stay quiet for daddy, can you do that Minnie?” 

Jimin eagerly nods his head as his boyfriends fingers move to his mouth. Yoongi’s dark eyes bore into his’ as he demands, 

“Be a good boy and suck on my fingers.” 

Jimin feels his cock twitch at his boyfriend’s words as he nods his head before taking Yoongi’s fingers into his mouth. The blonde groans at the sight as he feels Jimin sucking onto his digits. 

“Fuck baby boy you love sucking my fingers, don’t you?” 

Jimin hums around his fingers as he stares at Yoongi with big eyes, moving his tongue around his fingers. Yoongi’s cock twitches at the sight as he takes his fingers out. 

“Shit baby turn around for me and place your hands against the glass.” 

Jimin nods as he does what Yoongi says. Yoongi is very dominant and gives off a dominant vibe so doing what he says is quite natural for Jimin. He often does it without even noticing. Yoongi loves it when his boyfriend is so submissive. Jimin places his hands against the glass as he pressed his ass against Yoongi’s cock, making him hiss. Yoongi grabs his boyfriend’s hips as he pulls him roughly against him before tracing his entrance with the tips of his fingers. Jimin whines in response as he tries to push back against Yoongi’s fingers. The older smirks as he enters one finger into Jimin’s tight entrance. 

The younger moans as he bites onto his forearm in order to stay quiet. After all he doesn’t want his hyungs to hear them having sex. They’d never let them live it down. Unfortunately for him Yoongi is making it very difficult for him to stay quiet as he adds 2 more fingers. Jimin is now full on moaning against his arm as Yoongi’s fingers brush against his prostate. The blonde smirks at his boyfriend’s reaction as he pushes his fingers in deeper, making the younger whine. 

“Ah fuck Yoongi I need you.” 

“Hm do you baby boy?” 

Jimin nods as he pushes back against Yoongi’s fingers, making them go in deeper. A high pitched moan leaves his mouth as he grips onto the edge of the glass door for support. There’s no doubt that the others must have heard that since Jimin couldn’t keep quiet anymore. Jimin’s cheeks turned a soft shade of pink as he realized that the others will probably tease him when they get out. Yoongi however, wanted them to hear it. He takes his fingers out before spitting on them and giving himself a few jerks to kind of lube himself up. He moves so his chest is pressed against Jimin’s back as he guides his cock to his entrance, before slowly sliding in. 

A loud moan escapes Jimin’s lips as Yoongi’s cock stretches him out completely. His fingers were nowhere near as long or thick as his cock was, but Jimin secretly loved the stretch. Yoongi groans lowly as he digs his nails into his boyfriend’s hips, pressing kisses against his shoulder as he tries to keep still so Jimin can adjust before he fucks him. Jimin clenches around him as Yoongi bites down onto his shoulder. 

“Shit baby you’re making it very hard for daddy to stay still.” 

“Ah please daddy just fuck me.” 

Yoongi smirks against his neck as he pulls his almost all the way out before slamming into him again. Jimin whines at the feeling before trying to cover his mouth with his hand. Yoongi loves it when he’s loud and always tries to make him scream. Because Jimin’s body is quite sensitive it probably won’t be very hard to make him do that. Yoongi tangles one hand in Jimin’s soft locks before pulling his head back, making Jimin moan in response. The position makes Yoongi’s cock hit Jimin’s prostate with every single trust. Turning the younger into a moaning mess. Yoongi smirks as his boyfriend’s moans and whines grow louder in volume and higher in pitch. 

He’s sure the others can hear him and that makes him only go harder. He wants them to know who Jimin belongs to and who can make him feel so good. Only Min Yoongi can do that. No one else. Yoongi moves his other hand that isn’t tangled in Jimin’s hair to his ass as he slaps his ass, the sound echoing through the bathroom. Jimin nearly screams as he feels himself climbing closer to the edge. He gasps for air as Yoongi picks up the pace. Now full on pounding into him as the younger can only whine as his daddy completely wrecks his body in the best way possible. 

“Daddy..” Jimin whines, nearly chocking on his breath from the immense pleasure he’s feeling. “Please I need to cum.” 

“Hold it.” 

He only whines in response as he does what his daddy says. Or at least tries to. Yoongi is still ramming against his prostate repeatedly and with every push Jimin is closer and closer to cumming all over the fogged up glass. 

“Please daddy, I can’t hold it.” 

Yoongi smirks as he moves one hand to jerk Jimin off, making his body tremble as he desperately tries to hold off his orgasm. He’s near screaming at this point as he’s panting heavily. “Please daddy I- Oh fuck!” 

Jimin’s body shakes violently as his orgasm hits him like a truck. His cum spurts on the glass as the aftershocks rush through his body. Yoongi groans at the feeling of the younger clenching around him and spills his load inside of Jimin’s tight hole. Yoongi pants heavily as he leans his head against Jimin’s back, making the younger smile tiredly. Jimin looks at the glass in front of him and chuckles when he sees his cum sliding down. He can’t believe they just fucked in the shower. That’s gonna be fun to explain to the others. Yoongi presses a kiss against his back before pulling out and turning Jimin around. 

Yoongi gently brushes his thump over Jimin’s cheek as he pulls him in for a sweet kiss. Jimin wraps his arms around his boyfriend’s neck as he kisses him back. The two pull back after a few seconds. Smiling dumbly at each other before giggling. 

“I can’t believe we just fucked in the shower.” 

“Well, I don’t care. I needed you and you were in the shower. So I figured what the hell.” 

Jimin chuckles at his hyung’s words as he quickly pecks him on the lips before taking the shower head and washing his cum off the shower glass. Since his friends probably won’t enjoy seeing that. Yoongi chuckles as he takes the bottle of shower gel and squeezes a good amount out of it before rubbing it on Jimin’s body, who flinched at the feeling of the cold liquid touching him. Yoongi presses a kiss against his cheeks as he runs his hands down Jimin’s perfectly sculpted body. Jimin smiles in response as he moves to stand directly underneath the stream of water to wash it all off again. In return Jimin does the same for Yoongi who smiles at his boyfriend’s cute behavior. 

Jimin is always so sweet and caring. He really appreciates him for that. So he quickly rinses the shower gel off before turning off the water and opening the shower door. He quickly grabs two towels and hands one to Jimin as he starts to dry himself off. Jimin flashes him a tired smile as he dries his body before changing into some comfortable clothes. Jimin hesitates before opening the door, which makes Yoongi laugh. 

“Oh c’mon baby. If they tease you I’ll be there, okay? You’ve nothing to be embarrassed about. It’s not your fault that your daddy fucks you so good.” 


Yoongi laughs at Jimin’s embarrassed state as he unlocks the door and drags them both out. Jimin hides his face behind his hands as Yoongi continues to laugh. When the two arrive in the living room the others just shake their heads before going back to what they were doing in the first place. Yoongi sits down on the couch as he pulls Jimin with him. Giving his boyfriend a soft kiss before he snuggles up to him. Jimin giggles as he makes himself comfortable in his boyfriend’s arms. That’s the only place where he truly feels safe. 



(new build and revised backstory)

The brother of simpleman both of which were once two conjoined twins but now live completely separate lives. Complexman was one always destined for greatness. He had a knack for taking part in every piece of electronic or mechanical equipment he acquired, from taking them apart, reverse engineering, and adding improvements. Education was a long tedious ride for Complexman and he found himself failing while trying to pursue in the electronic engineering field. He spent much of his studies devoted to “Onuka (god of mechanics) and learning the methods and influence the great being brought. He later dropped out the education system and started a small business in which he would direct all his funds and resources towards. His first creation featured a general elastic arm with muscle and extended articulation which became a hot commodity after he published enough papers on its use. He would later continue his work ethic with intent to advance Astrea from his small shop to becoming a major influence in the world of Gemma.

Fractured Light - A  Kalagang Oneshot

Okay, this is probably trash. But it wouldn’t leave me alone.

Rated M: Mature Situations

Note: I own nothing related to Sense8 or its characters, nor am I profiting from this writing.

Author’s Note:

This is my first foray into Kalagang fanfiction. Actually, this is my first Sense8 fanfiction ever.  

Fractured Light was inspired by the events at the end of Season 2 (where I think I might have died a little death). I don’t even try to speculate on how the cluster would have gotten Wolfgang out of BPO - that’s for another fanfic. Instead, I focus on the aftermath, in Paris, during what I imagine to be Wolfgang’s recover period.


The stars, the moon, they have all been blown out

You left me in the dark

No dawn, no day, I’m always in this twilight

In the shadow of your heart

  • from Cosmic Love by Florence and the Machine

Wolfgang’s chest still ached even after nearly a week from being rescued from the BPO facility in Berlin. There was also a general soreness to his muscles that still made it hard for him to get out of bed in the morning. But he never complained about the residual pain from the electric shock.  Kala knew these things only because it was in their special nature to know these things about each other. He couldn’t hide the pain from her, even when he tried.

Just as she couldn’t hide her longing from him.

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Muscle Headcanons - Shiro x Reader

commanderlakephantom requested: Hi I was wondering if you could write a one shot or headcannonshere about Shiro x reader where Shiro flexed his muscles and his S/o can hang off of his arm. Maybe sit on it and fluff and Praise for our wonderful (preseason 3) Shiro.

A/N: so initially I was gonna do a fic but it ended up really short so I did some headcanons instead, hope thats ok requester. Hope you like them :D



-Before you two started dating you definitely spent time admiring his arm muscles, and just his muscles in general especially whilst he trained, he pretended not to notice but he definitely did and he certainly wasn’t complaining

-Now you’re dating you still check him out but now you don’t have to try and be subtle not that you were very good at being subtle before if you’re honest

-When Shiro does pushups he uses only one arm and alternates between them

-Sometimes when Shiro’s training you’ll go with him and either spar with him or just chat to him, he really likes it when you do that and actually performs better because he’s more relaxed and calm

- There was definitely an argument at some point amongst the team as to who was the strongest: Shiro, Allura or Hunk

- It was settled with an arm wrestle (but Shiro wasn’t allowed to use his Galra arm)

- Bets were placed with chores/duties being the currency, you bet a weeks worth of cryo pod cleaning duty on Shiro winning

- Spoiler alert: Allura won

- 2nd spoiler alert: Hunk came second

- …And you ended up spending a week cleaning out the cryo pods, which wasn’t too bad because Shiro joined you

- Shiro was kind of miffed he lost, partly because it meant you had to spend the week doing chores for which he apologised many times but also just the fact that he was the weakest

- It’s not about Shiro’s ego, it’s more the fact that he feels he needs to be in top shape to fight the Galra

- Shiro wonders if he’s been relying too much on his Galra arm

- You think he’s worrying way to much so you get him to do arm flex’s whilst you hang if his arm (his human arm obv.)

- You also get him to do one armed pull ups whilst giving you a piggy back

- And finally a set of one arm pushups whilst you sit on his back

- And he managed to do them all obviously

- “See Shiro those glorious arm muscles of yours are perfectly up to the task of beating up Galra”

apettalizzy  asked:

Hello! Just wondering if please i could request a 'dating pietro maximoff would include'. thank you soo much! If you dont feel like doing it, its fine either!! also i really love your works like A LOT have a good daaay

I’m writing this to avoid my academic responsibilities. 

  • Pietro uses his super powers to his advantage a lot. 
    • You’ll be washing the dishes in the kitchen all by yourself when suddenly you have a pair of arms around your waist. 
    • Every single time it startles you so much that you drop what you’re working on. 
    • Luckily you have a boyfriend with super speed so nothing get’s broken. 
    • Pietro apologizes for startling you, but there’s a very unapologetic lilt to his voice. 
    • He’s not sorry at all. 
  • One of his favorites things to do is sweep you off your feet and zoom somewhere of his choosing. 
    • And seriously it doesn’t matter how much you weigh have you seen his muscles??
  • In general I think that he’s a mild PDA kind of person. 
    • Likes to have an arm around your shoulders or around your waist. 
    • Is surprisingly hesitant to hold hands. He views it as a very vulnerable action because it’s so gentle and pure. I also feel like he actually doesn’t have great self esteem and he doesn’t want people to view him as “soft.” Even though it’s ridiculous and he knows it.
    • Does not enjoy having heavy makeout sessions in front of people. Don’t get me wrong he loves making out with you, but he does not want people watching. 
  • He eats so much so any time the two of you go out to a restaurant be prepared to be there for a while. 
    • His favorite restaurants know him by name because he often spend a huge amount of money there. 
    • He uses one of Stark’s credit cards so he treats everything as an all you can eat buffet. 
  • Also you have to be on good terms with Wanda. 
    • There is literally no way in the world that Pietro would date you if Wanda didn’t like you. 
    • Sorry but Wanda will probably always been more important than you. 
    • To be fair Pietro would die for both of you in an instant, but Wanda has been by his side for his entire life. 
  • He’s very inconsistent with his cutesy nicknames for you. 
    • They change like once a week and a lot of the time they’re in his native language. 
    • He will not tell you what they mean so you better just go along with it. 
Axis + Others Body Types

(Please consider that this is just my headcanon, I’m not claiming this as canon. I’m also changìng some heights from the canon ones because otherwise everybody would basically be the same height, and Himaruya is never consistent when drawing anyway)

Germany: 186 cm (6’1”). He’s built like a tank, with extremely broad shoulders and muscles of steel. He doesn’t have any body fat, but his muscles are so well-developed that he looks almost bulky (what with his muscly, broad arms and legs), except not really, since he’s also so tall. Definitely intimidating (and his facial expression doesn’t help)

Japan: 165 cm (5’5”). Slender and delicate-looking. He has toned and defined muscles, but you wouldn’t tell when he’s fully clothed, because he still doesn’t have much muscular mass. Hips and shoulders slightly narrow for his height, but still well-proportioned (his body type is not much different from China)

Italy: 172 cm (5’7,7”). He’s lean and thin-boned, with narrow shoulders and hips for his height. Doesn’t have any fat, but he doesn’t look scrawny because he has toned muscles, even if they aren’t too defined. Slightly visible ribs and hip bones. He has some sort of delicate appearance, too.

Romano: 169 cm (5’6,5”). Exactly the same body type as Italy, only slightly shorter (which also makes him slightly less thin in proportion, I guess, but it’s not noticeable)

Prussia: 180 cm (5’11”). He’s leaner than his brother in proportion, but he still has quite broad shoulders (even though his hips are narrower) and well-defined muscles in general, in every part of his body.

Spain: 176 cm (5’9”). While not bulky, he’s still quite muscular, and with a strong body. Shoulders not too broad, around the average for his height, and the same goes for his hips. Very nice butt. (I mean this is canon isn’t it?)

Austria: 177 cm (5’9.7”). He’s quite lean and slight boned, with slightly narrow hips and shoulders for his height and slender limbs, but he’s a bit out of shape - his muscles aren’t so toned, so, even if he’s generally thin, he has a slight belly pouch if he doesn’t stay completely straight.

Hungary: 169 cm (5’6.5”). She’s very athletic, with lean but defined muscles in her whole body. Abs of steel, toned arms and legs. In spite of this, she has quite a feminine shape - she doesn’t have much of a waist point and her hips are a bit narrow for her height, but she does have quite a big breast (a bit bigger than a D cup, I guess? Not sure of how this measures work though)

Switzerland: 166 cm (5’5,3”). He’s short but with muscles of steel, extremely defined. He has slightly broad shoulders for his height (due to his muscles) and strong arms and legs. Average hips. 

Liechtenstein: 158 cm (5’2”). She has quite a childish figure, thin and delicate-looking, with slender limbs. She doesn’t have much muscles, but is still toned. Almost completely flat, only a slight hint of waist point and hips.

Part 1 (Allies) | Part 3 (Nordics) | Part 4 | Part 5

Like The Dawn [ch.2]

Rating: Teen+
Summary: Sometimes it takes opening your eyes to find what you’re looking for.[ or Persephone gets reborn as a baby boy named Ryan, and Hades takes the human form Shane in a desperate attempt to find his love once again. ]
Pairing: Ryan/Shane
Tags: greek mythology, Hades and Persephone, reincarnation, oblivious Hades is oblivious, memory loss
Author Note: This is both my own take on the classic Greek myth of Hades and Persephone and how reincarnation in Gods work and such. Original ideas stemming heavily from mythological texts.

ps. i changed Ryan to a transguy when i edited the story for a03, so that’s canon now! hope it doesn’t turn anyone off ;;v;;. also, Sara’s in the fic because she deserves to be in ever fic. happy thanksgiving!

Ryan was drowning.

Maybe drowning wasn’t the best word for it. He’d been walking along the dark shore of a vast, choppy river, bare feet walking delicately on thousands of small, round pebbles. The horizon was a white light that bled up into a black sky like a watercolor painting. There were no stars, no moon, no sounds but the waves lapping at the rocks. He’d been walking for miles, but he wasn’t tired. He’s been watching the water for hours, but the image hadn’t changed. The light stayed the same, the air remained chill, the darkness absolute.

And he had walked into the water like it was the most normal thing he could have been doing. As soon as his foot touched the water, it felt like he’d been bitten. Like a thousand teeth were piercing his skin. The water physically recoiled, moving as a single body, steam hissing upward.

He wasn’t drowning. Drowning would imply accident. This was no accident. He’d stepped into that black water to die, and that had been that. He could remember why he had done what he did, what he was escaping, but the pain in his chest outweighed the fear of the water. There was a voice in his ear.

“Once you do this, you cannot go back,” it said. “Unless he finds you, you may not return to what you once were.”

Ryan heard the words, but held his resolve. Eventually the water engulfed him, and he opened his mouth, letting it in. It felt heavy, and cold, but he couldn’t leave now. He’d made his choice, and that was to die.

The last thing he heard was a name, his name he thought, but it said, “Persephone.”

Ryan jolted awake. He looked around his bedroom, eyes scanning frantically for his clock. His eyes located it on the floor, probably knocked over at some point in the night. It’s neon blue digital numbers read 3:30 am. Sweat was covering his entire body, soaking through his pajama shirt and into his pillow. He threw the covers back away from his legs and sat up on the side of his bed.

Another dream about it. He stood shakily and went to turn his shower on. Another dream about drowning. He peeled his pajamas off and tossed them in his laundry basket as he waited for the water to warm up. What could the dreams mean, he thought, staring at himself in the mirror. He ran his fingertips along the thin surgery scars on his chest. They were pale enough by now to not be very noticeable. Maybe the dreams were from the shots. It didn’t make much sense, but he figured he might as well look it up later.

He hopped into the shower and washed all the sweat off his body, the hot water pouring down on his shoulders, loosening up his muscles. Despite having a general fear of water, he loved showers. He figured since you couldn’t drown in a shower, that it was relatively safe. They look less time, too. If he was feeling particularly timid about water one day, he could just get in and out and still feel clean.

Ryan had held a fear of water and drowning since he was a baby. His mother used to only fill the tub up an inch or else he would start screaming and crying. She had no idea why he would be afraid of the water, they both agreed that nothing had happened to him to justify the fear.

In middle school, Ryan’s friends liked to joke that he had died by drowning in a past life. Although he didn’t believe in that kind of thing, he always found himself feeling forlorn or lonely whenever the subject was brought up. And now, living on his own, the idea continued to haunt him, but this time through vivid nightmares.

Though he had a fear of water, it didn’t hinder his other loves. He loved exploring, writing, and filming. The first thing he did with his new laptop was set up his own Youtube channel. He only had his laptop camera, but he would talk for hours about conspiracy theories and things that he found on his many nature walks. He wasn’t very good at cutting his videos down, since he thought everything was pretty important, but he learned through trial and error. Then he got his first camcorder for his 16th birthday. It was small, but unlike his laptop camera, he could take it with him on his journeys. He documented everything he could, the videos gaining some more viewers now that the video wasn’t just of him.

He wasn’t bad looking, but it could get boring watching just someone’s face for almost an hour.

Today, he would be filming again before he went to work. Since graduating college, he hadn’t gotten any kinda job that really went along with his major. It was hard to find work in film, especially if the thing you wanted to film was myths, ghosts, and local legends. His job was to take calls and transfer information. Basically, a secretary. He wasn’t mad about it though. It wasn’t a hard job, it paid for his new recording gear, and it had good hours.

He got out of the shower and threw on some flannel, jeans, and boots. He wanted to go out in the woods today. He’d been researching fae and other mythical creatures that hung around wooded areas recently. In fact, he’d been kind of into reading mythology, too. It wasn’t that he thought the stories were real, they were too fantastic, too magic. Ryan did believe in some unexplainable things, but there had to be at least a little logic to it.

He was mostly interested in things like fairy rings. His mother had told him once that they were active spiritual zones, and they were caused by tiny spirits sleeping on the Earth. She said that she wasn’t sure if they were good or bad, they just were. He was hoping to find some of those today, maybe study them further.

As he walked from his apartment, he felt deep inside him that something about today was just—off. For lack of a better term. He wasn’t quite sure what was going to be off about it, maybe his gut was just fooling him or something. He held fast to his camera bag as he waited for the bus. He wasn’t in a bad part of town, but the bad feeling was making him a bit paranoid. He didn’t need to be in a bad part of town for something bad to happen, anyways. He sighed in relief when the bus pulled up and he paid with his bus pass.

The bus generally took him to work, so he felt a little out of place being so dressed down. At his job, he didn’t really need to wear a suit, but he did wear a button up and slacks, sometimes a tie. He looked around and saw that other people were wearing nicer things, carrying laptop bags and briefcases. He was glad that his stop wasn’t too far down the road.

Stepping off the bus brought on a sigh of relief. Ryan looked ahead, across the street, to the state park he had chosen to explore today. Along with the bone-deep fear of water, Ryan also had an uncanny relationship with nature. Ever since he was a child, both animals and plants have had connections with him. He could nurse any house plant back to health. Deer would approach him on his walks in the woods. Dogs and cats acted calmer around him, as if he had some kind of aura that spoke their language, like he was telling them that they were safe now. All the better for his journey in learning more about the world around him. He remembered once, when he didn’t have his camera, he had been approached by a fox. It sniffed his hand and trotted along behind him through his walk that day. It had been so magical, if only he’d caught it on camera.

He dug his camera out of the bag and flicked it on as he crossed the street. He figured he’d just take the first trail he saw, and soon spotted one that was marked with stones. As he stepped into the woods, the feeling from earlier came back, but he brushed it off yet again. There was no need to worry, right?

Sara: Do you wanna hang out at your place today?

Shane squinted at the screen of his phone. He looked at the clock, but remembered that he’d actually unplugged it last night, so it wasn’t on. Judging by the light outside, he’d have to guess that it was around noon. He rubbed his eyes with his fingertips and let out a small groan.

Six months. Six months, he’d been a human without going back down, even once. He’d never been in the overworld for this long at once. It was exhausting, really. As a human, in his human body, he needed to do things, like eat, and sleep. In the underworld, he never needed to do these things. Drink nectar for pleasure, bathe to pass time, and lay in his bed covered in furs to see if they still smell like her.  

Oh yes, he’d been in the overworld for six months, because he could have sworn he was getting close.

He wasn’t sure why he felt this way. There was no indication besides a tightness in his chest, an anxious feeling in his gut. His very soul reaching out, feeling hers reach back.

Shane: No, you know the rules. Corner café?

Since living in the overworld, Shane had discovered many things about humans. First of all, if you slip up and call yourself something like Hades, people don’t take you seriously. Shane did some searching on to find an average kind of name for a male. Shane seemed like a pretty good name, and so that’s what he became. Eventually, it became natural to refer to himself as Shane, but in his slip up period, he hadn’t made any friends.

Well, he had made one friend.

Sara: okay fine… just so you know, your “rules” are dumb.

Sara was like a blessing. Shane had thought it was a good idea when he came up to the overworld to start his search via dating apps. Truthfully, he just didn’t know how or where to start searching, and he already had a curiosity about human dating, so he figured it wouldn’t hurt to try it out. He’d made a profile for himself, and the only person to actually respond and come through was Sara. They chatted online for hours at a time, and finally met up at a café.

Shane already knew that Sara wasn’t Persephone before they even physically met. He was sure that when he found her again, something in his chest would ignite. When he started messaging Sara, he’d been excited, but nothing seemed to click. They went on two dates before he told her this. Well, he told her that he didn’t think they were gonna work out, but followed it up with a friendship invitation, claiming he needed a friend because he was “new in town”. Sara had taken it really well, she almost seemed relieved when he asked if they could just be friends.

Shane: you know you like them ;) see you there.

Sara was interested in finding out more about him. She figured out quickly enough that he was looking for someone specific, not just anyone. Not someone he hadn’t met yet. Maybe it had been the faraway look in his eyes when his eyes happen to catch a bouquet of flowers. Maybe it was the desperate arch of his shoulders, always looking, head held up in search. Somehow, she knew, and she just wanted to help.

They were meeting today for coffee.

Shane threw on a flannel and sweater with jeans. Feeling comfortable, he grabbed his wallet and laptop bag. He discovered quite quickly that he couldn’t do much in the overworld without some form of currency, and apparently gold coins were a thing of the past, so he had to make due. He found a place that traded jewelry for cash, and happily traded some lesser crafts for enough money to live in the overworld. He left his apartment and walked down the street to the café to meet up with Sara. She lived closer to it, so she’d probably be there before him. He wondered if he should text her what he wanted, or just wait until he got there.

On his way to the café, he kept looking across the street at the state park. There was something about the park that was calling to him today. As he walked, the feeling grew stronger. He looked on curiously at the forest, wondering the world was trying to tell him something. If he did go into the park, what would he find there? The feeling was coming from an ancient part of him, one that has been searching for decades, for millennium, just to find her.

He managed to pull himself away for now, since he was nearly at the café, but it didn’t leave his mind.

The café door jingled when he entered, and he saw a girl life her head. She had short, curly hair was had been dyed a deep purple. She immediately beamed at him, waving him over. Shane came over and saw that she had a number on her table.

“Order something already?” he asked.

“Oh, don’t worry, I got you something,” she grinned. “You like tea, right?”

He blushed at the thoughtfulness. “Y-yeah, I love tea.”

“Oh! I’m glad I remembered, haha,” she said. “I got you tea. I figured, since I was already here…”

“That’s very nice of you,” he scratched the back of his neck. “Oh, how are you?”

Sara shrugged one shoulder and absently picked at a peeling bit of paint on the table. “Eh, I’m okay, better now that I have company!”

Shane moved his chair a little closer to her, draping an arm over her shoulder. “Oh, what happened?”

“Just another date fell through,” she muttered. “It’s so hard to find someone these days.”

“Oh yeah, tell me about it,” he laughed. She smiled up at him. Their conversation was interrupted by a server coming over and asking them if this was their order, and set down a tray. The tray had a steaming cup of tea, a mug of coffee, a bagel, and a bowl of yogurt with oats and fruit. Sara nodded enthusiastically, and the server left them, taking the number on their table.

“Is that all yours?” Shane asked, but then she handed him the bagel and cup of tea.

“Oops, looks like I got more food than I can eat…” she muttered, trying not to grin. Shane blushed.

“You didn’t need to get this…” he said, but smiled about it anyways. After making friends with Sara, Shane had realized how lonely he’d been all by himself for so long. It was good to have a friend. In the underworld, he never had any friends. Well, he didn’t try and make any either, but still.

“Well, I needed to pay you back for all those things you’ve done for me!” she insisted. Her hand ghosted over the necklace she was currently wearing. It was a small diamond moonstone on a silver chain. The moonstone was one of his favorite gemstones, and he basically hoarded them in his palace. They always gave off a calming aura, or at least it seemed like it. It reminded him of the underworld, or at least the good parts of it. Like standing on the white shore of the great river Acheron. Unlike Styx, Acheron was peaceful and pleasant. The yang to Styx’s yin.

He’d given her that necklace the day after they decided to just be friends. He wanted to thank her for sticking around. There weren’t many people who did that for him.

“Oh, you don’t have to,” he smiled, before spreading some cream cheese on his bagel. “But this bagel will do just fine.”

They talked for a bit, sipping their drinks and simply enjoying each other’s company. Eventually, though, the pull from earlier came back. Like a magnet in his gut, being attracted to something in the woods across the street. He gazed out the window, feeling himself zone out. He imagined his beautiful wife, the night before she killed herself. She was wearing a gorgeous crimson sheer dress, roses and sticks of red berries woven into her hair. The last place he saw her was when he had left her lounging on their bed, neck red from kisses, blinking sleepily up at him.

He shouldn’t have left her that night. He hadn’t been that busy, it could’ve waited, whatever it was. That had been so long ago. He’d let so many memories go, but not that one. Her dark eyes, heavy lashes, the curve of her body, the softness in her voice. It was all so clear, and yet, he had overlooked all the signs.

She hadn’t really been happy with him. There was always something calling her away. She was like a caged bird, a chained animal. She sang and smiled and laid down to be touched, but it was all for show. She might have loved him, but he wasn’t enough. He had never been enough, and he never would be. He didn’t own her, because no one could ever own such a spirit.

“Earth to Shane,” he was brought back by a hand waving in front of his face. Sara looked at him quizzically.

“Something on your mind, buddy?” she asked. He felt his chest tighten when he looked away from the window. He brought out his wallet and plucked out a few dollars.

“Hey, I gotta go, here’s some money for the tip,” he said, hurriedly.

“Wait, you’re leaving already?” she asked, looking a bit disappointed. She rolled with it, however, and called after him as he left the café. “Well, text me later, I guess!”

He looked into the woods across the street as he waited for the light to change. The feeling inside of him grew stronger the longer he stared. The feeling told him that she was close. She was there, in the woods.

“I don’t know if you’re really out there,” he whispered to himself. “But I’ll find you, I promise.”

Hux is your equal fic (Reader X Hux)

part 1/?

Awkward. The only way to describe the meal was awkward.
General Hux and you are sitting opposite of each other at a long mirror like table, in a black room at the head of the Finalizer.
The General chews his meal with purpose, like each muscle twitch in his entire body needed to be efficient and correct. Even though you are the only two souls in the room you feel monitored.
Hux is sitting upright, he has a painful looking posture he maintains all day as if he has a wooden plank tucked in the back of his pants.
The shrill clanking of your knife and his loud chewing were the only noises between the two of you.
To get to into this strange situation, you had trained in combat and as a commander of a medium sized fleet of First Order pilots all your teen years. Then you had been promoted to oversee a section on the Finalizer, where you had met General Hux. He was tall, handsome and aggressive, the dangerous combination you couldn’t help but find irresistible. But never would you have thought that your hard work would pay off so much as to be noticed by the highest rank of the First Order, the Supreme Leader. Ren, that was his name, had seen the potential in you and as a reward promoted you to General. You’re not stupid. You know it was partially to annoy and distract General Hux, but an opportunity like that doesn’t come twice in a lifetime, and Ren didn’t give you much of a decision anyway.
So know you work and live alongside the merciless General who doesn’t show you any sign of affection, which you so desperately crave. But letting your feelings show is a weak move, and it might get you demoted, so you stick to only the most necessary formalities when you are around him. Like now. You wish you could small talk with the handsome ginger, or even maintain eye contact without discussing how to mass murder billions of people and creatures. Not that you care about them, it just isn’t personal enough.
Hux clears his throat loudly and nods at you, formally, then snaps his fingers (which are concealed in black silk gloves) and stands up. An anxious looking woman comes in, dressed all in grey with the First Order symbol on her sleeves and cap rushes into the room and first hands Hux his long coat then clears away his plates.
The General strides out of the room and as the silver doors close automatically behind him you can faintly hear him shouting orders at passing stormtrooper squads.
You take a long sip from your wine glass and sigh. Your head turns to the wall to your right which isn’t a wall but a window, showcasing the entire right half of the fleet accompanying the Finalizer on your search for the rebellion. Far away white stars glisten and shift, your eyes lose themselves in the beauty of space for a few minutes. Your thoughts start to drift towards your love - Hux. He is constantly on your mind, his face, memorised to the freckle, his body, his voice… but you catch yourself and clear your mind quickly. With the new Supreme Leader, Kylo Ren, no thought is private, if he catches you dreaming. And him knowing about your love for your equal would be worse than Hux himself finding out.
You shudder as various torture methods you had seen showcased on incompetent commanders and troopers cross your mind. All traitors.
You wonder how one could ever betray the First Order. You would never. Partially because you now know what happens to rebels who are caught, a girl named Rey had been captured and tortured personally by Kylo Ren, according to Phasma it was terrifying.
Your eyes start to sting at the memory of Captain Phasma. She was someone you could talk to, who shared the mix of respect and hatred for Ren. But FN-2187 had murdered her a great loss for the FO.

You can’t remember how you got from the General’s dining room to your chambers, but a headache and nausea tells you that you probably had too much wine and blacked out at some point. At least you know that wine makes you quiet rather than stupidly drunk, an embarrassment in front of your subordinates is the last thing you need.
You slip on your uniform, a black jumpsuit with a long cape on your left shoulder and knee-high boots with a black and silver General’s cap and gloves. You go to your second of three rooms to wash up and brush your teeth and then go to your third room down a slim hall. The third room is a small one, with barely enough room to fit a console with many confusing buttons and screens that inform you about the latest stats and occurrences.

On your way to your bridge, a somewhat smaller division than Hux has, you can’t help but notice that finally some officers shy away anxiously from your gaze when you strut through the halls. Earning respect takes time but is worth the effort, you fully understand Hux’s need for power and recognition. Just thinking about Ren unrightfully (in your opinion) claiming the title “Supreme Leader” makes your blood boil. Hux is much more capable than Ren and the tormenting and disrespect he gets is infuriating.

Experimenting with the idea of “what if Anraí’s ears could move to indicate his mood”.

As of now, based on how I draw him, it’s not possible for him to do something like that (which is also why this looks weird as hell), because his ears attach to his head in a way bigger area than to be able to move and have no muscles attached to them. The only times they seem to move is when his face muscles in general get more droopy (like when he’s sad or sleepy) and thus there’s less tension holding up these giant flesh-sails riddled with metal.

Viktuuri Sickfic

WARNING(S): descriptions of nausea & vomiting below!

Keeping a hand on the sink in order to remain balanced, Yuuri turned the tap and bent forward as a cupped hand brought water to his mouth. Swishing it around momentarily before spitting it out. Then to splash water on his face; the coolness a relief against the sweat coating his forehead. Hand coming to grip at the base of his neck, hand cooled by the water abating some of the heat there; allowing the older skater to focus less so inwardly on his personal discomfort.

“Are you all right?”

Hearing someone approach, foot steps paused in the doorway to the washroom, Yuuri cringed at hearing Viktor’s words. Despite Viktor’s previous assurances, rueful disconcertion flooded his entire form; fever bright hues downcast to stare at the false porcelain of the sink as he shifted slightly on his feet. Head still ducked. Left hand still grasped at his neck, perhaps a tad tighter than was necessary, whilst the other supported his wilted weight against the countertop.

It’d been a decade since he’d been too sick to not make it to the restroom in time; the last time had been when he caught the stomach flu from hell when the triplets were toddlers and he offered to help Yuuko and Takashi take care of them. It’d hit him with little warning, or perhaps he was too focused elsewhere to notice, and he ended up heaving just outside the ice rink.

Postures rigid in spite of exhausted, trembling muscles and general malady still keeping control of his frame; despite knowing his family would be understanding, caring and attentive no matter what; it was the fact Viktor had witnessed the mess and was now in the doorway of the bathroom. And he was dying inside over it.

Hand falling from his neck to place on the other side of the sink, eyes closing a moment to ward of the twinge his stomach gave, before sighing and sliding his tongue between his lips in preparation of speech. Voice decidedly hoarse, despite pausing and clearing it quietly, tone lathered with a terseness rarely ever used and one that spoke volumes to the older’s discomfit.

“Mmhm.” Yuuri hummed as he turned minorly, hands still holding him steady at the sink, his expression forlorn, “Im sorry you had to see that.”

Viktor shook his head, “Nonsense, Yuuri.” He assured, “Its all right. You’re not feeling well, it’s not your fault.”

“Oh.” Yuuri murmured, glancing downwards then back up after gathering his thoughts through a fever hazed mind, “Th-thank you.”

Viktor offered a small sympathetic smile, “No need for thanks. But your mother’s gone into a ‘mother hen’ mode to warn you.”

A wet hiccup interrupted whatever Yuuri’s reply was going to be, feeling the nausea within escalate with a dizzying lurch from his stomach. Whipping his head back over the sink, hunching forward as he swallowed convulsively, lips pressed firmly together and eyes scrunched closed. Hoping to ward it off enough for him to move to the toilet, the sink was no place to be sick into, especially since he’d already made a mess of the bedroom floor.

Feeling sweat trailing down his temples, despite the chills that sent trembling shivers up and down his frame, both sheering hot and ice cold at the same time. With his head pounding behind his eyes and the nausea swirling uncomfortably in his belly, teetering moments away from loosing it. He couldn’t recall a time felt so miserable than now.

Viktor, seeing his student feeling so ill again, had him springing forward to slide a hand under him to splay on his chest and the other coming up to rest on his back, “It’s all right, let it up if you have to. Fighting it makes it worse.”

Another hiccup forced its way up, bringing a low burp with it, that has salvia dripping from his mouth down his chin. A quiet gurgle preceded another burp, louder than the first and it brought up a splash of bile in the back of his throat. The taste causing his frame to lurch forward with a harsh gag, his abdomen muscle tightening as the gags morphed into a retching. Retching twice before he felt his stomach lurch violently, thin stream of vomit spilling from his mouth to splash into the sink.

A second wave coming up just after the first, robbing him of breath and burning his throat on its way up causing him to cough harshly once the bout ended. Breath hitching, choking on a retch that hunched his shoulder up to ears and concaving his abdominal muscles. Bringing up more vomit, the round tampering off into several dry heaves. His frame straining to expel every last drop within his stomach.

Sometime during the episode, Viktor began rubbing along Yuuri’s back, hoping to ease the tense muscles there and offer a semblance of comfort. Witnessing his student sick didn’t dampen his building love for him any, in fact he felt his heart strings pull at seeing him so ill.

More coughing brought Viktor’s attention back to Yuuri, moving his hand to rub specifically along his shoulder blades and taking some of the other’s weight when he sagged slightly towards the sink more so.

“Feeling any better?” Viktor asked, knowing the question to be most likely fall towards the negative, but feeling the need to fill the space with words, if anything to distract Yuuri from his misery, “Your mother is making tea and fussing about getting some medicine for you.”

“Hmm.” Yuuri hummed in response, unable to truly focus at the moment to reply properly.

“Yuuri?” Viktor asked, drawing his attention back towards the older skater and to the question previously asked.

“Oh, sorry. M'fine.” Yuuri mumbled with a tight smile, hoping to ease the concern crease between Viktor’s eyebrows , “I don’t feel as nauseous as before.”

While Viktor wanted to believe his student; seeing Yuuri’s pale facial features, glassy gaze, and the way his frame swayed lightly with just standing, had Viktor questioning it, “Okay, that’s good. Why don’t we get you to bed and then you can rest?”

“Sounds good.” Yuuri mumbled, fatigue washing over him and heavying his limbs, though he made no motion to move away from the sink.

“Vicchan, how is Yuuri?” Hiroko questioned as she came down the hallway with a tray of tea in her hands, taking in the older skater’s concerned expression and tension filled shoulders.

“Ah. Sick but he says he’s feeling a bit better. I was going to help him back to bed.” Viktor answered, receiving a nod of approval from Yuuri’s mother before he turned back to Yuuri, “That okay?”

Yuuri merely nodded lightly, blinking sluggishly against the pull of fatigue, then slowly releasing the sink and taking an unsteady step. Viktor stepping forward to help brace the smaller skater, easily looping an arm around his waist and ducking to take an arm around his shoulders to further support his ailing coach. Yuuri could only blink at the sudden motion.

“If it’s all right, I can help you back?” Viktor asked, “Better if you don’t fall while in your condition. We’ll go slow, I promise.”

Yuuri nodded again, seeming moreso subdued. Gaze resolutely staring at the floor, even as they made their way towards his room. Slowly to not upset the other’s stomach nor further stress his fever sore muscles, gingerly sitting him on the side of the bed. Yuuri’s mother following patiently, setting the tea tray on the side table within easy access, then pouring a cup and mixing some light honey with ginger slices in it, before pointing it out to Viktor and leaving.

Viktor nodded in acknowledgment, turning once he was certain Yuuri was steady to gather the tea, removing the ginger slices that had seeped long enough before bringing it over to Yuuri.

“Thank you.” Yuuri tried to infuse his tone with enough gratitude despite the twinge his stomach gave at the thought of putting anything inside it, nausea still swirled uncomfortably through his middle, but he focused on the warmth spreading through his hands and the fact he could fully rinse the bitter taste from his mouth.

“Drink it slow. Your mother said It’ll help your stomach but it’ll take some time just like any medicine.” Vitkor instructed offhandedly as he set up another cup to seep with ginger and honey just like Hiroko showed him, so Yuuri didn’t feel as if he was being scrutinised when he clearly was uncomfortable over it.

Bringing the small mug up to his lips, taking a minuscule sip, then another at tasting the mildly sweet spiced flavour. Enjoying the warmth and taste that washed over his tongue, surprisingly it didn’t make him feel instinctively worse at feeling it slide down his throat. Usually it took a good two days when he was sick before his stomach would settle enough for him to drink anything that’d stay down, body rejecting anything he tried from herbal tea to plain water.

“Thank you.” Yuuri said with a bit more genuine gratitude, though he didn’t drink anymore, unwilling to test how far his stomach’s limits stretched, leaning back to set it beside the other cup on the small tray.

“Are you feeling sick again?” Viktor asked in concern, at seeing how little Yuuri had drank.

“No, not much. I’d rather not push it though.” Yuuri answered, hoping it wasn’t seen as rude that he hadn’t finished all that he was offered.

Viktor nodded, understanding completely, just as Yuuri’s mother came back into the room with a bowl of water and flannels. Yuuri cringed internally at noting the plastic lined waste basket she carried in her other hand, his face heating up a slight in embarrassment.

“To keep fever down.” Hiroko gestured to the water and cloths, setting them down beside the tea tray, frowning in concern at seeing so little of it touched, then placing the small waste bin next to the bed, and stepping towards Viktor “How you feeling, Yuuri?”

A/N: this is one of the unfinished ones. Idk where to take it anymore. So if you have more to add then go ahead or change it and just use some of it. It doesn’t matter. I tried to write a Yuuri one but it didn’t work out well, but sometimes I only have the muse for specific scenes and nothing else. But thank you for letting me submit this even if you don’t write anymore on it. You’re always so kind. Thank you again!

(This is fantastic! Sorry that I took so long to get to it! I thought it was great as it was, so I didn’t change it! And really it’s no problem, it’s easy enough for me to do and I love reading what you write!)

Day 4: Snowball fights

If you have any suggestions let me know!! I’ll work on requests tomorrow too since I’m done traveling for a little while!

Title: Warm me up with your lips

Pairing: Bakugou Katsuki x Kirishima Eijirou

Word Count: 1161

Read on AO3: here

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anonymous asked:

What do you find attractive about sungyeol from a physical aspect?

Well first off the thing I like the most in guys are broad shoulders and a toned back. I literally searched for a guy in school who I saw walking down the stairs. I didn’t see his face but the sight of his shoulders in a somewhat tight grey shirt were enough for me. As Sungyeol doesn’t have that much fat it must be pretty hard for him to gain muscle as well. Which indicates that his frame in general already allows him to have broad shoulders 

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Second, as I am Dutch and surrounded by guys with an average of 6ft, height isn’t that special to me. But the lankiness and the flailing arms and the way stylists accentuate his height is very handsome to me. With legs for days♥


Third I didn’t know how much I loved a gummy smile but he changed my mind by a lot. 

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Fourth he has a constellation of moles which are such cute details 


And last he has these dreaming eyes. You can already see it a bit in the photo above but this one is my favourite:


A Break in Routine Part 3

Kylo Ren x Reader

A/N: I’m not too happy with this part, but it leads up to the next part well. And the next part, based off what I’ve outlined, is really awesome. In my opinion, of course.

“What are you doing?”

You jumped, the back of your head colliding against the wall with a painful thud. A small groan left your parted lips, your hand rubbing the area you’d just hit. You managed to send a weak smile towards the man who’d popped out of nowhere.

“Hi, Matt.” You acknowledged, blinking a few times to clear out your vision.

“What are you doing?” He repeated, staring at the small device you’d been bent over.

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