and his mum did

Can we all take a moment to notice the difference in their styles.

Here’s Steve with this great majestic kick into a standing position and then there’s Bucky.

Bucky is like he just got told to get out of his bed by his mum.

“Ugh why do I have to get up? What did I do to deserve this? Sure u flick up Steve like a dumb prancing pony whilst I crawl around in the dirt like a mealworm.”


Happy 26th birthday, Thiago! (11.04.1991)

If Harry Potter had been sorted in Slytherin House.

In the first year, Harry Potter decides to shake Draco Malfoy’s hand when he first offered to be friends. Even though he doesn’t like to admit it, it is Voldemort that spoke for him at that moment. Immediately after, he’s sorted with the blond in Slytherin. They team up quickly and Harry convinces Malfoy that Snape is not the nice guy. Harry discovers how Draco Malfoy was raised by a racist family and fights a lot with Malfoy and his nasty comments because he knows what it is like to be rejected for something you have no control on. Harry (and Draco, though he doesn’t want to admit it) becomes friends with Ron and Hermione when they find Ron, by himself, looking for Hermione at Halloween. Draco and Harry were sneaking out, trying to find the troll for the lols of it and Ron was doing according to the canon storyline. The four of them don’t completely get along first, mostly because Draco cannot stand the mudblood, but after heated arguments and a deal on the quidditch field (”If I catch the snitch, and I will, before you make a single goal, Malfoy, you stop calling Hermione a mudblood.”) he finally accepts to keep his mouth shut and roll his eyes a minimum when they hang out with the Gryffindors. The four of them goes in the trap for the philosopher stone. Draco helps Hermione carrying Ron to the infirmary.

In the second year, by having a true friend, Draco jerk attitude gradually fainted. Harry and him, both understand each other without words ever needed. They also hang a lot with Ron and Hermione. Draco is always quiet when they are with them. He’s too busy rolling his eyes. Harry tells Draco about Dobby and Draco forces Dobby to stop trying to kill his friend and tell them about the Chamber of Secrets. They practice Quidditch together all the time. Draco complains about his dad a lot. They use polyjuice to spy on the teachers to learn more about the chamber of secrets, instead, all they learn is about McGonnagall’s wife. Draco and Ron are both with Harry in the Chamber of Secrets but are separated when Lockhart uses Ron’s wand. They let Harry go find Ginny and stay quiet for a bit. After a couple of minutes, they start talking and recognise that they have a lot more in common than they thought. They start arguing about their collection of chocolate toads cards.

In the third year, Draco was with Harry, in the train, when the dementors strike. He says a sassy comment when Harry wakes up after fainting, yet he did hear a woman screaming. It was his mum. Screaming at his dad. They always fight. He’s jealous that Harry spends time with Lupin. He feels lonely. He hates the other Slytherins. Especially, Pansy Parkinson. She’s always following him around. He finds himself spending more time with Ron and Hermione in order to avoid her. They talk about how shitty is Divination class. Pansy Parkinson is the one that gets hit by Buckbeak. She wants to impress Draco. She’s the first one to notice that Draco is hypnotised by Harry Potter. She hates it. Draco is the one that falls off his broom. He cannot participate in the saving of Buckbeak nor Sirius because he’s in the infirmary for a long time (don’t worry Harry visits him often).

By the fourth year, we get to see both of characters to evolve together, tease each other, flirt with each other under sassy comments. Draco helps Harry getting ready for the Triwizard Tournament. Harry finds Draco tied up in the lake; he’s the person he cares the most about. Harry tells Hermione about how if he was a girl he would invite Draco to the Yule Ball. Draco invites Pansy (because he knows she’ll accept) to make Harry jealous. Harry goes with Parvati to convince himself he doesn’t have feelings for Draco. He promptly realises he’s been lying to himself when he sees Draco holding Pansy tightly. Draco starts going out with her. Lots of drama. The third task happens. It kills Draco to see Harry so devastated after Cedric’s death. If finds him in Maugrey’s office with Dumbledore and Co. Harry is angry at Draco because he saw his dad that night. Their dads. Draco is petrified, struck for the first time of the horrors his father took a part to. Maybe even is mother. Reconciliation. Draco’s character development of the end of the seventh book happens.

By the fifth year, Harry sassy comments to Draco’s father made Draco realise that his home is not at the Malfoy’s manor. Narcissa, loyal confident of her son, offers that he moves definitely with Andromeda after a torrid fight she has with her son about their link with Voldemort. She knows he will be happier there. She also knows Voldemort plans and she wants to distance her precious son from this toxic household. Andromeda’s house is also very close to the Dursleys. Draco teams up with Harry for the Dumbledore Army. They also team up with Fred and George to prank Umbridge, a lot. Harry and Draco kiss for the first time at a meeting everyone forgot except them. Harry tells Hermione. Draco tells Ron. Draco goes to the Christmas party at 12 Grimmauld place. Harry tells clumsily Sirius about his bisexuality. Sirius is moved by Harry’s confidence and tells him about how James and Lily would be proud of their son. How he is proud of the man he became. Harry and Draco cuddle secretly and it helps Harry with his nightmares. Draco freezes at the fight of the ministry. What if his father or his mother are there? He cannot risk hurting them. He holds Harry when Sirius dies. He holds Harry after Voldemort’s fight. His parents learn about it. Narcissa knew. Lucius is infuriated, goes to Andromeda’s to talk his son out of the noxious relation he shares with Harry Potter. Draco stands up for the first time against his father.

In the sixth year, they accept their affection for each other and team up with Ron and Hermione to destroy Voldemort. The whole Halfblood Prince thing isn’t happening nor is Draco plotting against Dumbledore, Snape is charged to kill Dumbledore and he’s the one that lets the Death Eaters into the castle. Draco is constantly haunted by the face of disgust of his father when he looked at him the last time they met. He accepts to help Harry but makes him understand he won’t be able to fight Death Eaters if they meet any. 

It all goes according to canon until they are at the Malfoy’s manor and Bellatrix tortures Draco for having betrayed his family and his blood. The scars he gets replaces the one left by Sectum Sempra in canon. Narcissa is at Andromeda’s when it happens. When she learns about it, she breathes in painfully and promises to herself to help Harry when the time comes. Lucius tells her when she comes back in order to win back her trust. She’s so angry at Bellatrix but she hides it impeccably, she volunteers to do extra work for Voldemort to conceal her rage. It makes her gain even more his trust for when the Moment comes. Everything goes as canon, except that it is Pansy Parkinson that goes hysteric in the Room of Requirements and set fire to it. Draco was the one that went in the Chamber of Secrets because he always hears his boyfriend talk in Parseltongue in his sleep. Draco has a breakdown when he sees Harry in the arms of Hagrid and Narcissa, helpless, by his side. When Harry moves, he automatically runs to him and throws his wand at him. He then runs into the castle to find another wand but ends up helping Sybil Trelawney with an injured student. He understands that even if he despised her classes, she’s a good person and is worth respect.

The epilogue is that after the war they both become professors at Hogwarts; Harry is the D.A.D.A. teacher and Draco is the potions teacher. They adopt Teddy Lupin and it makes them want to adopt more children: James, Scorpius, Neville and Lily. All is well.

Just noticed this from Lottie’s latest post – I guess that’s where some of Louis’ trophies and career-related awards/presents are kept/displayed?

Makes me think he really did bring home his awards to his Mum. Our sweet, lovely Louis. Jay must have been so proud of him every single time. 

Cramps & Cozy Baths

Heyyyooo! This is just a small little blurb, because I am having a hellish period right now and the thought of Harry cuddling me makes me feel better!

Warnings: None it’s just cute. Slight mention of nudity?

You hated periods.

You were pretty sure if you were a lesbian who never wanted kids, or just someone who didn’t want kids in general, you would immediately get your tubes tied. Of course, you had to want children in your future, so getting your tubes tied, unfortunately, was not in your near future, and this meant suffering for 5 days every month.

This month, for whatever reason, your cramps were rendering you absolutely useless. For the past two days you had been bundled up in your bedroom, curled around a heating pad with a bottle of Midol on you at all times, but you still felt like your stomach was twisting in on itself and trying to kill you. You had barely touched your phone, and even when you tried, the pain in your stomach was so bad your vision was too blurry from the tears in your eyes to read whatever was on your screen. It was obvious your period was going to be bad this time around, considering you went through half a box of tampons in one day, and you really just wanted to relax in the bath. But, you had just forced yourself to take a shower a few hours earlier, and the thought of leaving the comfort of your bed and your heating pad again made your stomach hurt even more, if that was even possible.

Harry had been worrying about you all day due to your lack of communication, something that was rare between the two of you. You had been best friends for years, and you rarely ever went a day without talking to one another, even if it was just a quick text message to say hello and make sure everything was going well. He immediately noticed that you had been acting off the other day over the phone, and after not hearing from you at all yesterday or today, despite how many times he had called and texted, by 1pm he decided it would be best for him to pop by and make sure you were okay himself. 

The second he slipped the spare key you had given him into the lock and opened the door, he knew something was off. Usually the second he entered your apartment he was assaulted by the scent of whatever candle you were burning that day, the sound of a vinyl blasting through your living room, and the sight of you jumping around the small area with a smile on your face; today, there was absolutely no sign of life in the small apartment, which caused Harry’s worrying to kick into overdrive. The door was quickly shut behind him before he was popping his head into your kitchen, his eyes immediately falling on your cell phone which was currently on the island counter plugged in, meaning you definitely had to be home. Earlier in the day, you had pulled yourself out of bed to grab a bottle of water and ended up leaving your phone downstairs to charge, and you just couldn’t be bothered to go downstairs and grab it when you remembered.

Next, Harry was toeing off his boots quickly before jumping up the small set of stairs you had that lead to your bedroom, and he let out a sigh of relief as he turned the corner and saw your figure lying on your bed through your bedroom door which was currently wide open.

As soon as he entered your bedroom, you could smell him. His cologne was something you had gotten so used to smelling that the scent immediately brought you comfort as it wafted throughout your bedroom, signaling that he was there. You didn’t jump or scream as you felt the bed dipping next to you, all you did was sigh as he wrapped his arm around you and pulled your back against his front, taking on the role of the big spoon (which you would hear about later, when he would say you owed him because he liked to be the little spoon), his hand resting on the heating pad that was over your stomach, and it finally clicked. Harry knew all about your periods, which is to be expected when you’ve been best friends with someone for over 10 years. You had always been very open about it, and Harry always did his best to comfort you; talking about periods never bothered him, after all, he did grow up with his mum and sister, and he felt that acting grossed out about something that was natural was just childish. Periods didn’t bother him whatsoever, he just hated seeing how they affected you every month.

“Had me worried sick, bug,” his voice was quiet, his chin resting on top of your head as his hand slipped in-between your stomach and the heating pad as he began to slowly knead his fingers against your lower stomach, where he knew your cramps were always the worst.

“M’sorry, haven’t been on my phone much,” your voice was rough as you spoke, considering those were the first real words you had spoken in the past two days that weren’t you groaning about pain to yourself.

You could already feel yourself relaxing into Harry as he spoke and his fingers kept working on your stomach, and you were suddenly regretting not grabbing your phone earlier and sending him a quick text, asking him to come over.

Eventually, you ended up falling asleep in Harry’s arms, and he fell asleep not long after you. By the time your cramps decided to come back full force and wake you up, it was now 5pm and even waking up in Harry’s arms wasn’t enough to make the pain go away. You slowly moved out of his arms, forcing yourself out of the bed and into the bathroom, knowing you would need a tampon change and hoping you could find something that was stronger than the midol you had been relying on. Of course, as your luck would have it, the cabinet was empty and the pain in your stomach was so bad you decided to take a seat right on the cold floor, your head leaning against the cabinets. 

It wasn’t long before Harry woke up as well, the lack of warmth from your body causing his body to flip over onto your side and shoot awake when you weren’t there. The light from the bathroom was peaking through a sliver in the door, and he got up slowly, peaking in the bathroom where he saw you now lying on the ground.

“Love,” he groaned, pushing the door open fully as he walked in and kneeled down in front of you, “Should’ve woken me up,” his hand was running through your hair softly as you shrugged, mumbling something about not wanting to bother him, which only caused him to huff and shake his head, “Stubborn, ya kno’ that? Drive me crazy.” As a response, all you did was pout up at him, which he responded to by tugging on your bottom lip lightly before standing up and reaching over to the bathtub to get it started.

“What are you doing?” your head was now tilted towards him, watching as he made sure the temperature was perfect before blocking the drain, letting the water fill the bath.

“M’runnin’ ya’ a bath, what’s it look like silly?” the bag of bath bombs you had next to the bath was now in his hands as he rummaged through it, trying to find your favorite one for when you had cramps, “The warm water will help your cramps, and I’ll stay in here and keep ya’ company so I know you’re okay.”

All you could do was manage a smile, pushing yourself up into a sitting position as you watched Harry tossing the bath bomb into the bath, his eyes widening as he watched it explode with color for a few minutes before his attention was back on you. You were staring up at him, a fond smile on your lips as he raised his eyebrows at you, reaching his hands down and signaling you to grab onto them, which was met with a grunt from you as you slapped your hands into his, letting him pull you up.

Harry had seen you naked plenty of times, that was something that was bound to happen in years of friendship. Neither of you were a stranger to barging in on one another completely in the nude, so when Harry’s fingers wrapped around the hem of your shirt and started to tug it off, you didn’t even flinch, all you did was raise your arms so he could toss it off. No matter how many times Harry had seen your boobs though, he couldn’t help the way his eyes wandered on them longer than they definitely should, but who could blame him? You had really nice boobs, which he had told you before, to be fair.  The next thing to be thrown off were your panties, before Harry was helping you into the bathtub and tossing your discarded clothes into the laundry hamper that was next to the door.

“S’the water okay?” he had pulled up the makeup chair you had in your bathroom next to the tub, and you gave him a nod and a smile as you leaned your back against the tub wall. Due to the bath bomb, the only thing that could be seen through the water was a slight outline of your body, but nothing else.

“Thank you,” you spoke up after a moment of sitting in the water, the scent of your bath bomb and the warm water working to relax your muscles, and stomach. 

“F’course, bug,” he smiled down at you, his hand playing with your hair that was falling over the side of the tub, his fingers massaging your scalp every now and then.

“Can you braid my hair?” a few moments of comfortable silence had passed before you spoke up, sitting up in the tub and bringing your knees to your chest as you looked at him with wide and hopeful eyes. A laugh left his lips as he nodded, and you smiled wide as you turned so your back was now facing him and your head was tilted against his lap as he began to run his fingers through your long hair, separating it and beginning the braid.

Harry was currently bouncing around your kitchen as you sat at the table, your eyes following him as he whipped together a dinner for you two, even though you had protested and said you could just order take out. He refused, of course, because he knew you probably hadn’t eaten because of your cramps and your first meal wasn’t going to be take out. You had spent a good amount of time in the bath, and by the time Harry was helping you out and finding you a shirt to wear (he had opted for a sweater that was his that he found hidden in your drawer, being sure to comment that it looked better on you anyways) your cramps had finally dissipated. 

You had been in love with Harry for as long as you could remember, and times like this only made your feelings for him intensify, even though you knew you would never act on them. You didn’t want to lose Harry, because at the end of the day he was your best friend, and you couldn’t live without him. But, that didn’t stop you from coming up behind him in the kitchen and wrapping your arms around him tightly from behind, your cheek resting against his tone back.

“Thank you for taking care of me,” you mumbled quietly, and you could feel Harry’s hands sliding over yours that were resting on his stomach and lacing with yours, giving your hands a soft squeeze.

“Always gonna take care of ya,” one of his hands slipped out of yours, and you heard him turning the stove off and pushing the pot with spaghetti off of the burner before he was turning around in your arms, wrapping his own around you and pulling you in closer to him, “Wish you would’ve called me earlier though, could’ve been here all week.” he was sincere as he spoke, and you knew 100% that he wouldn’t hesitate to stay with you an entire week, just making sure you felt better and were being taken care.

“Nooo, couldn’t keep you from all your friends for that long just to take care of little ole’ me. Not that important,” you shrugged, your chin resting on his chest as you looked up at him and he frowned down at you. His arms unwound themselves from around you and only seconds later his hands were on either side of your face, holding your cheeks as he pressed his forehead against yours.

“F’course you’re important, bug. Most important person in m’life, ya kno’ that,” his nose was bumping with yours in an eskimo kiss, something you two did often without even really thinking about it, “Wouldn’t wanna be anywhere but here, takin’ care of you, to be honest.”

You didn’t respond, because you didn’t really know how to without spilling your guts to him, so you just bumped your nose back against his, letting your eyes fall closed as you relaxed into his body. In the next minute though, his lips were on yours and you completely froze for a second, causing him to start to pull back which quickly snapped you out of it and your hand reached behind his neck quickly, refusing to let him tilt his head back as you pressed your lips firmly against his again until both of your lips were moving in sync. You were now backed up into the island, his body pressed as close to yours as it could get as his hands slipped under your (his) sweater, resting on your hips as his fingers dug into your skin softly, and both of your bodies felt as if they were going to explode any second, but in the best way possible.

Harry had no idea what came over him, but he knew he had been wanting to kiss you for years and for some reason, standing in your kitchen at that moment, he just couldn’t hold it back anymore. He had realized throughout the day that taking care of you was one of his favorite things to do, and he really wouldn’t mind doing it for the rest of your lives. But, he didn’t want to do it at as a friend. He wanted to be able to lean over and kiss you on the lips whenever he felt like it, rather than having to settle for kisses on your forehead or cheek.

Eventually you both had to pull back for air, your breathing ragged as you looked up at him through your eyelashes, both of your cheeks flushed and a wide smile now on Harry’s face.

“Have no clue how long v’been wanting to do that,” and you couldn’t help but laugh as the words left his lips, because of course you did.

“Think I’ve been wanting you to do it even longer.”

All Harry did was smile, his thumb running along your cheekbone as he looked down at you, and he felt as if his heart was about to burst out of his chest.

“Does this mean ya’ mine? Cause I don’ wanna kiss and then neither of us talk about it and be confused. I’d really like for you to be mine,” his words were rushed as he spoke, and you could see his cheeks deepening, the blush creeping down his throat, and all you could do was wrap your arms around his waist and place your lips on his once more, hoping that was a good enough answer for him.

Maybe you didn’t hate periods so much anymore.

Headcanon that Peter was very, very worried about Yondu’s appearance at first.

Not because the man was blue, or scary sometimes, or threatened to let the others eat him, mind you. Little Peter quickly understands that it’s actually the man’s influence who keeps him alive – as long as Yondu is there, nobody wants or can eat him. Or kidnap him. Or just… hurt him.

No, Peter is worried about Yondu’s bald head and the scar adorning it.

It reminds Peter of his Mum – how she lost her hair after the cancer took hold, and how the doctors left a scar on her head when they tried to take the tumor out but failed.

Not so sure if cancer is really a problem here in space and if blue people (aliens???) like Yondu could get the illness, too, Peter becomes very, very worried. What if Yondu dies like his Mum and he is all alone out here? In space, with no family, no home, and no one to protect him from the mean guys who want to eat him anymore?

He doesn’t want Yondu to die. But he’s also not sure if he’s allowed to just walk up to the Ravager and ask him about stuff like this.

It becomes something Peter is constantly thinking about. He watches – from a good distance – if Yondu shows any signs of illness like his Mum did. He lingers when others already left the room, just to see if Yondu is alright (until the Captain barks at him to get lost, what’s the business with all that staring anyway?). He basically stays glued to Yondu’s side even more so than before.

It’s not lost on Yondu, either, and it starts to annoy him. He can’t stand the worried, almost fearful look Peter directs at him constantly, especially since he had estimated that the boy was no longer afraid of him. 

So when they are alone on the bridge one day, Peter once again lingering behind when everyone is already out to get to work, Yondu snaps and barks, “What’cha staring at the whole time, boy?! Something wrong with ma face?!”

Peter blinks (doesn’t flinch or go pale, so he is not afraid, the Ravager notes). He seems to hesitate, frowning, before he points to Yondu’s head and the pale crisscross of scars there. “Is that… are you… how did you get that?”

Now it’s Yondu who hesitates, taken aback. “…’S an old thing. None of your business.”

“So you’re not… sick?”

“Ain’t been sick for a long time, boy, why would I be now?”

And to Yondu’s utter disbelieve, Peter smiles, wide and happy. “That’s good!”

(And who the heck had been the last one to really truly think that it was good that Yondu was okay, that he was healthy and there and…)

“If that’s it, ya can scamper of now, Quill.”


And still beaming and all but skipping with every step, Peter – for the first time since being “picked up” – actually does as he has been told and rans off, all but radiating joy.

Yondu is left to ponder over the little boy that was supposed to be cargo, and who is now slowly but surely starting to become much more than that.

And if Peter still stays very much glued to Yondu’s side and if Yondu doesn’t shoo him away but lets him, the Ravager seemingly ignoring the boy who once in a while smiles up to him full of relief, then nobody dares to say anything.

And if Yondu hears about how Peter’s Mum died for the first time, the pieces click together, and he proceeds to slap Peter over the head for thinking that he would die on him and Peter only protests a bit before laughing – then that’s also only their business.

jonas has always been a great character, young and flawed and trying his best. he was always there for isak through all the shit with his mum, and although he made some stupid choices about eva he did just want her to be happy. he just didn’t know how to make it happen.

BUT, the same way we saw isak grow up a lot, we really saw it with jonas too. in season three he’s taken a big step away from the guy teasing, ‘you only know gay songs’ to then calling out isak when he said that the dance instructor was 'so gay’. he’s obviously environmentally and socially conscious, he works hard, and the guys seem to really admire and look up to him.

so here is this sexually confident, and emotionally strong character that has always worked as a foil for people who don’t really know who they are or are struggling with what that is. celebrating self love and self care has always been central to skam characters, and jonas has so much of that, both for himself and to foster in others.

it begs the question then, DOES he get a season? do we find out more about how he was raised, and what he was taught, and how he uses that privilege for better? or does he take a back seat BECAUSE of that? does he continue to simply be there, and be available, as characters who struggle with bigger things are finally given a voice?

I’d be so interested to see his season, to see more of what makes him tick - I just wonder where they’d take it.

astro witch coven au (sanha)

au masterlist

  • The very last one to tumble into the Astro coven
  • Part-timed at the SF9 coven for a while
    • So sometimes you have specialised covens like the VIXX coven (in charms and talismans) and the Snuper coven (in healing)
    • and sometimes you have hodgepodge covens who have one specialist for whatever you need like a one-stop shop
    • such as Bangtan and Astro (where you can get potions, herbs and charms in the same house – which makes it endlessly easy for harried house-witches in each of their neighbourhoods to pick up stuff they need)
    • another such example is SF9
    • and at that point in time SF9 suddenly had a boom of magical people in their neighbourhood
    • so they had a lot of orders and stuff pouring in so Youngbin decided to hire some smol part-timers
    • i.e., excited young witches eager to flex their magical fingers and put their powers to good use to earn some pocket money
    • and so this is how smol Chani and Sanha, with their bright eyes and nimble fingers and penchant for mischief, end up part-timing for SF9
  • earned a little pocket money, earned a lot of experience
    • Chani mainly worked with the potion masters Zuho and Hwiyoung and with the gardening witch Dawon
    • Sanha spent most of his time with Youngbin, Jaeyoon and Inseong in the charms room after magic school, preparing different sets of crystals for spells they needed to do
      • Happiness charm? A bottle cap inscribed with ‘happiness’ in Inseong’s neat script, two crystals and three leaves
      • Calming charm? A hairclip that Jaeyoon’s scribbled on in white paint marker, a bottle of distilled water and four crystals
      • Cooling crystals? A small blue crystal and a thin copper wire
      • Sanha’s got it mostly in his head, but anything he doesn’t know, he consults a small manual written in Youngbin’s messy scrawl and prepares the sets for them
      • Very nimble fingers and can pack things really well and fast!!! Bless Sanha
    • Occasionally when the three weren’t as busy, Sanha skipped downstairs to help Taeyang and Rowoon with small errands like delivery
      • Helped Rowoon, a frost witch, deliver ice bags to people around the neighbourhood
      • Or sometimes helped Taeyang, an elemental witch, package stuff he spins out of thin air and label them for customers
      • Sometimes messed up the names and stuff but Taeyang sorted them out eventually
  • also earned a lot of exasperation and fondness
    • Sanha really is a pure bean he just needs the right goading to turn into a lil shit
      • Like that time Dawon was napping in his greenhouse
        • Sanha and Taeyang releasing tiny butterflies made out of thin copper wires charmed to fly for less than an hour into the air
        • Dawon nearly panicking because he thought they were eating up his children
      • Or that time Sanha ‘accidentally’ swapped out Jaeyoon’s dry-erase markers for permanent ones
      • And Jaeyoon usually uses them to note a list of charms and clients on his arm for easy reference so he can erase them later
      • Cue Jaeyoon walking around the whole day being grumpy because Chani and Sanha charmed his ink to stay on for 24 hours
    • Carried onto the Astro coven ohohoho I have so many stories from the Sanha-MJ vs Bin prank war
      • Bin loves pranking Sanha it’s hilarious
      • Like that one beetle incident
      • And also that shouting charm incident
      • Filed under Bin’s profile if you’re interested
      • More to come
  • But yes and so like this, business eventually settled into a steady rhythm
    • until Sanha’s dad decided to move them halfway across the country
    • rip Sanha’s after-school money-making means
    • But Sanha has to adjust to a new magic school and make new friends and stuff so the first month or so he doesn’t really have the time to go out and part-time anyway
  • Ok a bit more about the magic school system
    • I realise I’ve never gone into this with much detail rip but now I’ve gone into it with too much detail 
      • Me: I need to publish Sanha’s profile asap
      • Also me: ok but first you need to rewrite the laws of physics in each single AU you have
    • But basically you go to school for basic magic stuff like learning the theories and learning what different branches of magic there are
    • imagine Hogwarts but in a house and with like 10 magical kids at differing magical levels and ages
    • so they all learn the theory portion together in the mornings
    • and occasionally instead of magical theory they cover actual stuff they need for national exams because I mean ??? they still need qualifications just in case they want to go into something non-magical
    • but because they’re all of differing magical levels and different magical backgrounds, they spend the second half of the day either Shadowing their parents’ magic business or if their parents worked in a non-magical line, Shadowing a specialist coven
    • and this ‘specialist’ coven they Shadow usually falls in line with their interest
    • like how Chani was interested in botany and spent his Shadow time with the botany witch coven Honeyst (after which he went to Dawon’s greenhouse to learn more while earning pocket-money)
    • and this is the route the rest of Astro took too, with Eunwoo’s training in the Snuper coven and Rocky helping out in his cousin’s potions room and Bin living nearly full-time in the VIXX coven
    • and eventually in their later years they either fade out of theory entirely and just work in their specialist line or continue with national exams and go into non-magical lines
  • Sanha’s parents chose the non-magical line and work in entertainment, which doesn’t really require much of their magic but is largely enjoyable for them all the same
    • And so Sanha’s left with the choice to either specialise or go non-magical like his parents
    • But he knows deep down that he does want to do magic so that’s that
    • And so he has to specialise
    • I mean, he was thinking of specialising in charms with SF9 but since he’s moved halfway across the country he can no longer do so
    • And so he flounders around looking for help
  • Until one day Chani calls to tell him to knock on the door of the Astro coven to look for a place because while a lot of covens would love to have Sanha, the only Charmers there are in the neighbourhood are the VIXX coven and the Astro coven
    • And while VIXX is an established specialist coven, after Bin left, N’s been swamped with new students looking to create charms and talismans too
    • And not to worry!!! Because apparently Dawon knows a blood ritualist in that coven and apparently they’re all very nice and looking for some help
  • So Sanha marches up to the Astro coven door and rings the first magical doorbell he sees (MJ’s) and introduces himself
    • Jinjin, hauling this idiot in because who the hell shouts about this in the middle of the street????
    • Rocky, coven leader, sizing this beanpole up
      • Tol smol
      • Skinny
      • Easily startled
      • Lil bit dumb
      • Not sure if he wants to take him but-
    • MJ bursting into the kitchen where Rocky and Jinjin have Sanha sat down
      • temporarily forgets that Rockjin have no idea about KNK’s extensive immigration history
      • also comes to regret this statement many incidents of Sanha Talks Shit & Gets Hit™ later
    • Jinjin dragging Binu out of their second floor cave to evaluate this young son
      • Eunwoo peering into Sanha’s eyes and agreeing immediately because Sanha looks so pure and cute he can’t help it he’s weak
      • Binnie giving Sanha a couple of trinkets and asking him to sort them into charm sets for him
      • Sanha doing well so far until he comes across a dead beetle and yelps
      • Binnie’s eyes twinkling
      • rip Sanha
      • Rocky, incredulous,
    • Instant best friends with MJ
  • And long story short, Rocky was the one who agreed that Sanha move in with them and train under all of them in the end
    • But if you ask him now lmao he’ll deny it to his death
    • He personally feels that Sanha is truly one of the most powerful witches he’ll ever meet and have the opportunity to apprentice
    • Although all he’s asked Sanha to do so far in his apprenticeship is fetching potion ingredients
    • Something Sanha is Actually Terrible at
      • Comes out into the garden with a list of different herbs Rocky wants found within two hours
      • One and a half hours of searching and talking to Chani and Dawon on speakerphone later he’s only found basil and it’s only because Jinjin was collecting some for dinner later
      • Jinjin sighing and slowly sifting through the list with Sanha  
    • Papa!Jinjin slowly teaching his son how to differentiate between plants
      • belleaves (non-spiky leaves, brownish-green, edible) and balleaves (also non-spiky leaves, greenish-brown, to be strained out of the potion at the end of brewing)
      • Rohas (space violet, five-petalled, strong smell, used in Healing aromatherapy potion brews) and Roahs (vivid plum, five-petalled, slightly sweeter and milder smell, used in Calming aromatherapy potion brews)
      • English parsley and Chinese parsley (for fun because Jinjin sends Sanha out to collect herbs for dinner sometimes)
    • Sanha struggling through himself when it comes to non-agricultural potion ingredients like feathers and stuff
      • Tries to ask Bin but then Bin starts asking him to help him collect other stuff too so he just kind of panics and runs away
      • Bin being mildly confused because didn’t Sanha prefer making charm sets anyway
      • He does, but he also prefers seeing Rocky’s proud beam when Sanha comes to him, exhausted and covered in whatever it took to catch that one pigeon to get that one singular feather off its back
      • Rocky raising his hand to pat Sanha on the shoulder
      • Rocky also letting Sanha sit in the Potions room (out-of-bounds to MJ and Bin after that One Incident with Magical Water Balloons) and complete tasks Bin’s set him
      • As long as he keeps a 2m radius from his cauldron, that is
    • Sorry Sanha
    • Because no matter how talented Sanha is, he’s still a Grade A Idiot
      • Like that one time Sanha nearly knocked over Rocky’s prized cauldron and Rocky got so mad about it
      • he slipped a potion into Sanha’s flask that made his skin purple for a week
      • and it was really funny bc Sanha usually flops around outside in the garden helping Jinjin because he’s mostly tasked to collect potions ingredients after he finishes assembling charm sets for Bin
      • but then with purple skin he was too afraid to go out of the house to even go to school lest Humans see him
      • so he just kind of whined at the window at Jinjin and MJ until Jinjin personally begged Rocky to either give Sanha back his regular skin colour or to give him something else to do
      • needless to say Sanha probably will never go near the cauldron ever again

wahahah i’m finally done with astro’s profiles it’s drabble time

Mikleo’s confidence

So, we all know that by the time Sorey awakens (however many centuries it may be but I’ll talk about this later on) Mikleo’s appearance significantly changes. Which, by any means should come normally to us, but I’ve been thinking about the parallel between him and Edna.

I know this may seem a little bit strange but hear me out.

From the point Edna lost Eizen to malevolence she hasn’t changed a bit. There are hints how Edna may looked in Berseria (*spoilers* when Eizen’s party encounter Legend Wyvern for example), so from that we know Edna already looked like the Zesty Edna by then. Which brings us to a question:

Is this form of Edna is her adult form or does she look like this because after Berseria Eizen becomes a dragon and she doesn’t want to let him go? Even though she may as well be thousands of years old?

More under the cut ^^ (will contain spoilers for the end-game)

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Wrong Place Wrong Time (18)

Part 18 of an ongoing series, enjoy :)
A fanfic for a more Mature audience due to violence and language. Read at your own risk :)

Themes=😖,🌟,💣,🎭. (☠️- Harm towards characters, Strong language and Adult themes.)

Summary: You end up in the wrong place at the wrong time and it has negative repercussions. Main characters include: Reader and EXO.

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3 Part 4  Part 5 Part 6  Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Part 10 Part 11 Part 12 Part 13 Part 14 Part 15 Part 16 Part 17  Part 19  Part 20  Part 21  Part 22  Part 23  Part 24  Part 25  Part 26  Part 27  Part 28  Part 29  Part 30  Part 31 Part 32   Part 33  Part 34  Part 35 (Final)

Word Count: 5,210 (Maybe a bit more or less)

(I didn’t expect it to be this long, apologies. Also I really didn’t expect the series to be this long as a whole, but I have so much that keeps coming to mind, apologies again 🙊)

–Also I apologise if the exclamation marks don’t show up red on your device (You’ll know what I mean half way through this part.)

“Jongin didn’t want them dead, if he wanted them dead he would’ve aimed straight for the head or heart, but he didn’t he got their thighs. And he never misses, so he did this purposefully, and he didn’t kill me either so there’s more to this but I can’t figure out what it is.” Minseok nodded slowly in agreement. The rest of the men were standing silently trying to process all that you had said.

“I don’t understand why though, is he trying to tease us. Because if it’s a fight he wants then it’s a fight he’ll get.” Jongdae growled, stroking Yixing’s hair.

You didn’t know how to respond because you didn’t know what he wanted either. All you knew was that you had been played and you felt stupid, thank God you never really began to develop any types of real feelings for Jongin otherwise you would be an utter wreck right now. You were just glad that your best friend was alive nearly losing him made you realise just how important he still was to you and how tied to him you were.

“So that means Yixing was right. He killed Luhan.” Baekhyun breathed coldly, taking a hold of Yixing’s hand and rubbing it in his own. “It was Jongin.”

Minseok’s face went blank, he was losing his colour and his body slowly began to shake. He hadn’t thought about it up until now, but what Baekhyun had said must’ve been true. You jumped at the sound of a glass smashing; looking up you saw Minseok throwing bottles from the shelf onto the ground in a fit of fury.
“I’ll fucking kill that bastard!” He screamed at the top of his lungs, causing you to cover your ears with the palm of your hands.

“Minseok stop, please.” Kyungsoo attempted to restrain him, but instead Minseok shoved his elbow back into Kyungsoo’s nose, causing his nose to start bleeding.

“Get off of me! Leave me alone! He killed Luhan, he was a brother to me, we did everything together! I have every right to be mad. I will kill that fucking bastard!” He stormed out of the Op room, allowing the heavy metal door to slam shut behind him, making the room shake slightly. You let out a heavy sigh, why was nothing in this house getting any better? Everybody’s emotions were continuously spiralling out of control, including yours. You exited the room, climbing the metal stair case to the main part of the house and walked along the corridors to Minseok’s room. Opening the door slowly you saw him squatting on his floor, tears pouring down his face.

“Hey are you okay?” You asked quietly, poking your head around the door.

“Go away; I don’t want to speak to you.”He furiously wiped the tears away from his face with the back of his hands.

“Minseok, you’re just upset. I know how you feel.”

“How the fuck could you possibly know how I’m feeling! You didn’t know Luhan, in fact, who the fuck have you ever lost in your life? I said I don’t want to see anyone and that includes you. Just because you’ve spoken to me once or twice that doesn’t make us best friends. Get the fuck out!” He shouted at you taking his shoe off and throwing it in your direction, you quickly closed the door before it had a chance to hit you. Your heart sank in your chest. After you felt as though you had made progress with Minseok and took 1 step forward, now you had taken 2 steps back, he was regressing back to the hateful Minseok, the one you didn’t like, the one that was dangerous to be around. You were sick and tired of being in this house. You slowly made your way to the living room dragging your feet along the floor. You were slowly losing everyone that you could talk to, Chanyeol and Yixing weren’t conscious, Baekhyun was too busy tending to them, Jongin had disillusioned everyone and if there was any glimmer of hope of even getting close to Minseok it had apparently just died. You dropped your body onto the sofa hugging a cushion tightly and letting tears pool on your waterline. You were so sick and tired of crying, it hurt, it was beginning to give you a headache but it was involuntary by this point.

“Why are you always crying?”

 You screamed, jumping up in your seat you hadn’t realised Kyungsoo sitting on the other sofa to your left. He was holding a tissue up to his nose to stop it from bleeding.
You rolled your eyes at him, tired of the way he acted so bluntly all of the time. Ignoring his question you turned your back to him and continued hugging your pillow.
“You need to get used to stuff like this Y/N. Crying will do jack shit for you. You don’t see us guys crying at every chance we get.” He sighed, blowing his nose.

“I didn’t choose to be here, So if crying is the only way for me to cope, then so be it, i’ll cry my eyes out. I don’t see why it’s any of your concern.”

“You think we wanted to be here? You think I wanted to be here?” he laughed sarcastically looking at you impatiently. “I have a family you know. Had a family…” His voice began to crack, sounding the exact same as it did when he was talking to his mum and brother. You whipped your head up in his direction.

“How did you get here?” You asked putting your cushion down and turning your body so you were facing him full on.

“I just got here.” He said blankly, the same monotone voice and expression he always used. You were beginning to grow tired of Kyungsoo’s mannerisms. At first it was scary, but now it was just boring.

“Gosh Kyungsoo what is wrong with you. Why are you always so moody? You are literally the dullest person I’ve ever met in my life. And I, as an apprentice in a firm have met some very colourless people. I might be a cry baby but at least I’m not sulky, damn it. If anyone needs to change here it’s you.” You frowned at him, you could care less about the tone of your voice right now, if he wanted to kill you it would be doing you a favour anyway. You didn’t want to be here. You got up from your seat about to leave the room, when he spoke up all of a sudden.

“This is the best disguise to wear, didn’t you know?” He laughed sadly, you returned to where you were sat staring at him intently. “We’re all putting up a facade but as far as I’m concerned the others are doing it wrong. Minseok acts all tough; it pulls attention, it makes people want to know his story. Yixing and Baekhyun are too happy even though that’s impossible when you’re living a life like we are. Nobody cares about the straight faced guy with no emotion, nobody asks that kid questions. That’s why I’m doing it right.”

“Well clearly you’re not, because here I am.” You said pulling a ‘this is awkward’ face and cracking your knuckles.

“That’s just because you’re annoying.” 

You put your thumb up at him, disregarding what he just said.
“So what’s your story?” You asked, shifting yourself a little bit further down the sofa and closer to Kyungsoo. His nose had stopped bleeding by now, but the bloodied tissue in his hand was beginning to make you feel queasy. You felt like you’d seen enough blood to last you a life time.

“What do you mean?” He looked up at you. You sighed; if he was going to play dumb then you’d have to treat him that way.

“I mean that the conversation between you, your mum and your brother didn’t exactly go smoothly did it. So why are you here and don’t brush me off I’m tired of getting the cold shoulder?”

He cleared his throat averting his gaze from you. “I left home. I ended up here. Simple.”

You rolled your eyes at him, he was being stupid and it was beginning to piss you off.
“If you don’t tell me I’ll force it out of you.” You got up walking over to him, but he stayed silent.
“I know how you hate being around other people.” You smirked impishly, lowering yourself down onto Kyungsoo’s lap and leaning back against his chest.

“What the fuck are you doing? He hissed in your ear. You tried to stifle your laugh.

“Tell me. Or I’ll stay here. I must admit your lap is comfy Kyungsoo.”

“Get off!” He shoved your shoulder, trying to push you off.

“Ohh Kyungsoo.” You cooed teasingly, “I can’t tell if you want me to get off because you’re angry or because you’re scared that you like me sat here but you’re too embarrassed that you’re feeling some type of way about this.”

“No! Shut up! Get the fuck off!” He pushed you to the side of him, you were laughing now. He looked at you angrily shaking his head but then burst out laughing too. It was a foreign sound to your ears to hear Kyungsoo laugh, but it was nice. Just like when you’d first heard Minseok laugh.
“Why are you so annoying?” He rolled his eyes, but he was smiling now.

You shrugged your shoulders “I’m a business woman; it’s kind of in my job description, pester people until you get what you want. So tell me your story then.” You said impatiently sitting cross legged on the seat next to Kyungsoo, turning to face him. He sighed and the smile disappeared from his face.

“Babu has always been the better one out of the both of us. The cleverest, they always had high expectations for him ever since he was young. He’s always wanted to work in the medical field, I on the other hand was content with being an artist or chef. Either or the two would suit me fine. But my parent’s didn’t really want that. They wanted us to be doctors and lawyers.” He scoffed, shaking his head lightly and looking down at his hands.
“So he was the model son, they payed for all the private tuition he needed, all the equipment that was necessary, they worshiped the ground that he walked on. And although I was jealous and angry with him I still admired him. I was in love with him.”

“You what?” You choked on air, wondering if you misheard.

“For fucks sake Y/N not like that. I meant I loved him the way a younger sibling adores their older brother or sister. Christ, what is wrong with you that’s disgusting.” You laughed sheepishly, embarrassed that you had made such a mistake.
“Anyway, he got his foot through the door, getting a job working as an trainee-something-or-other.  When I got to college I initially picked Art and Culinary catering as some of my modules. I enjoyed it so much but my parents weren’t happy, especially my dad. He forced me to change them to Law and Biology, so I did. I struggled so hard with them I didn’t understand anything. My grades plummeted and I failed my exams. The whole family were so disappointed in me, I couldn’t take it, and so I ran away from home for a few months. But then my father had died. I was never his favourite I knew that much, but I still couldn’t help but feel lost at his absence. When the autopsy came back they found some type of toxic substance in his system, they claimed he must’ve committed suicide, but I knew otherwise my dad wouldn’t have done that. But Babu believed every word they said and blamed my father’s death on me; he said he committed suicide because I had shamed him.” Kyungsoo’s voice began to crack; he paused for a second trying to compose himself before he continued.
“So I ran away for good. I found out about Genesis and these guys. That was six years ago. I’ve been here ever since. Chanyeol wasn’t here yet. He came two years after. I remember when he first came, he was terrified, he said there were so many people he needed to protect; his mother, his father. You.”

Your eyes widened. Chanyeol remembered you at a time like that? You felt somewhat honoured that he wanted to keep you safe.

“That’s why I told him to stop being friends with you. It was the only way he could’ve really kept you safe, like I’ve done with my family. But he didn’t listen to me, now look where you are.”
You nodded your head. Now you understood. You remembered around four years ago when you saw Chanyeol and Kyungsoo hanging out at yours and Chanyeol’s favourite fast food joint, that was the first time you had ever seen Kyungsoo before, you went in to say hi, you remembered how unimpressed Kyungsoo looked to see you and every other time after that, one day you even overheard him telling Chanyeol to stop being friends with you, at that time you thought he was just a jealous colleague who was also a bastard and was trying to steal your best friend away from you, but now it all made sense. “He kept telling me keeping you close was better so he could keep an eye on you. I think deep down he knew it wasn’t true, but I guess it’s hard to separate yourself from people you care about. I wouldn’t want to be away from my girl I suppose.”

“Away from your girl? What are you talking about?” You laughed. Kyungsoo didn’t come across as the Boyfriend type.


“What?” You mirrored his question.

“You…Chanyeol…You don’t know.” He dropped his head and cleared his throat.

“Don’t know what?” You smiled at him, throwing a cushion at him.

“Nothing.” He stood up quickly, walking towards the door. “We’ve been talking for much too long I have things to do.”

“No wait, what don’t I know?” You turned around in your seat to face his new position.

“Oh Kyungsoo, you’re here. I need to speak to you.” Jongdae said, poking his head around the corner, Kyungsoo quickly followed him out of the room.

“Hey Kyungsoo! You didn’t finish!” You called after him, but he didn’t answer.

 You sighed to yourself, you had nothing to do. Everyone you could speak to was ‘unavailable’ so you decided to take it upon yourself to revisit Jongin’s room. You had forgotten how badly you had trashed it earlier, stepping over clothes and feathers you came to a stop when you saw a folder on the floor, marked with a familiar symbol:


You picked it up and dusted the feathers off of it. You opened it up slowly, not knowing what you’d find inside. Your eyes closed shut tightly immediately, after a couple of seconds you opened them slowly again. There were very graphic pictures of dead bodies in there. What was this? You thought to yourself, you picked up the desk chair that was on the ground and sat down. Flicking through the photo’s you began to feel sicker the deeper you dug. You came to one photo, the victim was very familiar to you, you’d seen this face in a few photos now. Luhan.
He looked ghostly compared to other photos that you had seen. There was a bullet wound in his chest, his clothes were soaked in his own blood. His eyes open, staring lifelessly into the camera. You removed the photo from the pile and put it on the floor next to you. You continued flicking through the sheets of paper, when you got to a section of notes.
“What the fuck is this?” You breathed quietly to yourself, frowning down at the sheets in front of you.
You hadn’t quite seen something like this before. It was a checklist of things that he had to complete one or two things crossed out, but it was also a mixture of a diary, it was as though Jongin was actively having a conversation with himself on the sheet of paper and it made you feel so uneasy. Just thinking about him made you feel uneasy, to think you had allowed him to kiss your lips, you shuddered at the thought. Some of the notices had a red exclamation mark beside them, you were assuming these were the important things.

Join Genesis

Make alliance and bridge the gap

Find out about formulas


MUST KILL LUHAN- He knows more than he should. How did you not realise Jongin, what the fuck is wrong with you ❗️ ❗️

Yixing is on my case, deal with this Jongin or this going to spiral out of control is this what you want? You don’t want to have to kill him, but you have to do what you must to keep yourself covered. Otherwise all of this would’ve been for nothing. ❗️

There’s definitely something more to this Kris and Tao shit Jongin, use your brain.


Remember you ARE NOT the bad guy, it’s all for the greater good Kim Jongin.

You stood up rushing over to the door quickly; you had to show this to Baekhyun. Jongin was a psycho.

“Baekhyun! Baekhyun where are you?!” You ran out of Jongin’s room bumping into Sehun. “Ouch!” You hissed, rubbing your forehead.

“Would you fucking slow down?!” He pushed you against the wall, clearly still in a sour mood from finding out who Jongin was. You weren’t sure if it was because he was the youngest, but Sehun tended to be most effected by all of the commotion in this house, and dealt with it in very poor ways. You attempted to run off again but he dragged you back by your wrist. “Where do you think you’re going?”

“Get off of me, I need to see Baekhyun.” You punched him in the shoulder but he didn’t budge.

Completely disregarding what you said he began to talk.
“You wouldn’t know this Y/N but before you arrived me and the boys would go out once every week and have a blast, normally at a club. We’d return home with a whore or two… or five” He laughed to himself disturbingly, then looked down at you through dark eyes. “We used to…well I’m sure you can imagine what we’d get up to with those ladies. But lately it’s been so fucking hectic around here, we haven’t had time to go out and do that. I need to release all of this frustration and anger you know, and some whores would be really good right now, I need to get myself to a club and bring some home. But then I think to myself, hang on a minute Sehun, why do you need to go around collecting whores when you have one right here.” He smiled down at you perversely and pushed his hands down your trousers, his hands were dangerously close to the elastic of your knickers, just lingering there.

“Sehun stop” You cried, trying to push him off, but he was too heavy for you. He used his free hand to yank your hair down, making you cry out in pain. He laughed at your reaction.
“I said stop!” You pushed your knee up into his crotch, causing him to fall backwards and groan in agony. You ran down the corridor shouting Baekhyun’s name breathing heavily out fright and turning round every second to make sure Sehun wasn’t following you.

“For Goodness sake he’s in here with me, what do you want and why are you screaming?” An annoyed looking Junmyeon stepped out of the board with his hands on his hips, you pushed past him into the room and slammed the papers down on the table in front of Baekhyun. “Y/N what’s wrong with you?” Junmyeon turned around, still stood at the doorway.

“I found this in Jongin’s room, look at it!” You shouted towards Baekhyun, pointing at the sheets on the table.

“Jongin?” Junmyeon frowned running up to the table beside Baekhyun and looking at the photos and papers. “What the fuck is this?” Junmyeon whispered, slowly picking up the picture of Luhan, whilst Baekhyun picked up the notes.

“I don’t know.” You shook your head. “But it’s so messed up. Where do you think he is right now?”

“I’m not sure.” Baekhyun said, eyes still wide looking at the notes in front of him, “He could be anywhere but I’ll try and do some digging. This is really useful Y/N thanks.”

“Hey who are Kris and Tao, did they work for Red?” You asked, swaying uncomfortably in your spot, you could see the image of Luhan from where you were stood and it was beginning to make you feel queasy again.

“No. They were one of us. They were the two that went missing the night of the ambush. I suppose Jongin had something to do with that too.” Junmyeon frowned looking at the photo of Luhan in his hand and placing it faced down on the table. You nodded walking towards the door, turning around briskly before you left.

“Hey Baekhyun…When will Chanyeol wake up?”

“I’m not sure, they’re stable right now but it might take a while, we’ll just have to wait and see.”
You bowed your head at him and continued walking, going to your room, you sat cross legged on the floor with your back to the wall waiting for some sort of happiness to hit you. But it never did, you sat in that spot, with your head in your lap for about two hours, only shifting when your legs became uncomfortable. You heard a light knock at your door, sighing, you lifted your head from your lap.

“Come in…Unless you’re Sehun, then don’t come in.” You heard the door open, but didn’t even bother to turn around, to be honest you hadn’t the strength.

“You really need to work on your authority. If I were Sehun I would’ve still walked in.” You raised an eyebrow at the familiar voice, why was he in your room? He came to sit on the carpet next to you crossing his legs too. “I came to say sorry. So I’m sorry.”

“Wow. Minseok? Apologising? I never thought I’d see the day.” You refused to look at him though, you were still mad with the way he treated you.

“Yeah, well my mum raised me with manners, I guess it’s time I started using them. Besides…I don’t know you’ve been making me act all soft. I fucking hate it. It’s bad for my image.” He scoffed.

“Nobody cares about your image Minseok only you do.” You still found it strange that you were having a conversation with him, when this time last month he had tried slitting your throat against a wall.

“That’s not true. Oi… Hey! Are you going to avoid eye contact the whole time?” He poked you in the arm.

“Yes. Yes I am.”

“So you’re mad at me?” He laughed mockingly.

“Yes. Yes I am.”
It’s as though you could almost hear him rolling his eyes at you.

“Fine. Whatever. Be that way.” You were finding it hard to believe that both of you were above the age of 20 at this point, you were behaving so childishly.

“Stop looking at me.” You frowned, feeling Minseok’s intense gaze on your body.

“I’m not.”

“Yes you are Minseok I can feel it stop. I said stop!” You turned around to look at him, and he quickly turned his head in the opposite direction. “See I told you. You were staring.”
He let out a sigh uncrossing his legs and laying down flat on his back, you found yourself mirroring his actions, you were looking at him now, staring into his beautifully carved eyes. You laughed to yourself, remembering that that was what you used to call him when you didn’t know his name yet.

“What.” He puckered his brow at you staring intensely at your face.

“Huh? Oh, no. It’s nothing you smiled up at his face. There was something eerily calming about being in Minseok’s presence and yet even though you knew he was capable of being extremely dangerous, that didn’t bother you anymore, not after you saw him tending to the headstones in the graveyard, because you knew that behind this facade he was also capable of exhibiting a great amount of love and care too.
“Ever wondered what life would be like if everything went the right way Minseok?” You asked him, still looking into his eyes.

“Yeah often. I’d like to think I’d have had a well paying job at some sort of tech facility and be married to the perfect woman, or at least have a fiancée.” He smiled softly in your direction, his breathing was slow and relaxed and so was yours. You could stay like this for a long while.
“I guess life wasn’t meant to go the right way for us though Y/N. I believe that God has a plan, and we’re  all here together for one reason or another. I’ve been through so many ups and downs in this house, but I love the boys so much, they’re my family and I would never consider them any less.”

“Why do you think we’re here? It could’ve been anyone else right? You could’ve been any other guy and I any other girl” You asked him, automatically scooting a little bit closer.

He shrugged his shoulders. “I don’t know, but we’re here aren’t we?” You stared into each others eyes in complete silence for a moment, you didn’t realise before but you were laying so close to each other that your faces were almost touching. Your breathing increased slightly getting a bit louder.

“Oh. No… no, we didn’t just have a moment did we. No of course not.” You whispered to yourself, but a little too loudly, he had heard you too.

“No…No actually I think we just did. That was definitely a moment.” He breathed, not moving his gaze from yours for a second.

“So is this moment still going or…cause it’s kind of starting to get a bit awkward.” You whispered back to him.

“Yeah it’s definitely still going, definitely still having a moment.” Minseok said still looking straight into your eyes.

“Okay so can we stop? Or…”

“I mean I’m kind of trying hard to but I really can’t stop staring at your face right now, so I’m going to answer that with a no, maybe?” He answered a little awkwardly.
“Sooo….. what do we do now? My bad boy persona doesn’t really allow me to think past killing and stuff.”

“Well we really should stop, maybe you should leave, before it gets really weird, I dunno?” You looked up and down his face, but still couldn’t rip your eyes away.

“Hmm, you’re right Y/N, that would be ideal, but I’m really paralysed right now. Like shit. I can’t stop staring…you know what, maybe if you closed your eyes that might help? I might be able to breathe and get up then if you want to try…”

“Yeah… I’m sorry I can’t close my eyes they won’t really stop looking at yours. Shit, this is awkward Minseok.” You felt a rush of heat around your body, you genuinely couldn’t stop looking at him, this was definitely the most intense moment you’d ever experienced in your life.

“Okay so now what? We can’t just stay laying on the floor staring at each other that’s weird, no?” Minseok half-laughed sheepishly.

“Well I mean I dunno… If you want to…”

“Yeah maybe. I was thinking that too…”

“If we maybe just…”

“Kiss, I dunno. I mean –”

“Yeah but can we make this quick though?” You said wincing at the awkwardness of the situation.
Minseok didn’t need to be told twice, he pushed his face closer to yours, covering your lips with his. An intense warmness filled your body as he began to slowly kiss you. Slowly and carefully. He placed a hand on the back of your head, pulling it closer to his, so that the kiss could run deeper, it was nothing like you had ever felt before, your heart was racing now double its usual pace. As if on impulse you raised your hand to cradle Minseok’s cheek. He then broke away suddenly the both of you gasping for air.

He blinked up at the ceiling, hands by his side. “Wow. That was umm…”

“Good? Kind of?” You tried finishing his sentence, the sensation of his lips on yours still lingering.

“Yeah. I think that was what I was going to say, I don’t even know I can’t really think straight right now, I’m a bit –”You cut him off with another kiss, which lasted longer than you intended it to.

“Okay. Fuck it Minseok, you really have to leave now.” You said hurriedly pushing yourself away from his body and staring up at the ceiling in a daze. He jumped up to his feet and ran a hand through his hair.

“Yeah, I-I was just going to do that. I umm… can we not tell anybody about this.”

“I won’t Minseok just –Oh my gosh just get out. You’re making this more embarassing. Fuck!” This new level of awkwardness was becoming too much for you to bare, he nodded briskly and ran out of the room closing the door behind him. You let out a breath and burst out into fits on laughter.

How and why on earth did you and Kim Minseok just have a moment.

It was dark and silent now, you were sure everyone in the house was sleeping, but you couldn’t. Not after the fact that you and Minseok were making out on your floor hours before. You pressed your hands to your lips trying to remember the sensation, his lips were soft and his breath was hot. You were completely shocked at how you had received it, but it felt good. You ran your tongue along your lower lip as if trying to taste him again. But this couldn’t happen again, you knew it couldn’t. Maybe it was just a spur of the moment thing, it had to be. Everyone was so overwhelmed with emotion and you were all dealing with it in crazy ways. Apparently yours and Minseok’s was by kissing each other on a bedroom floor. It would never happen again, you were sure of it. You wouldn’t let it. Your throat was dry, you needed a glass of water.
Creeping out of your room you walked down the corridor to the kitchen tiptoeing as you went.
Looking up you saw a silhouette of a figure in front of you, the person was tall. It couldn’t be Chanyeol, he was out for the count. Shit, Sehun you thought to yourself, taking a few steps back into the direction of your room. The figure stood there eerily for a while, suddenly it came running towards you. The closer it got the clearer he became. Your eyes widened in shock as you screamed.


“Don’t be so loud babe, you’ll wake the others. That’s bad manners” He smiled darkly. Pressing a pad of chloroform to your nose and mouth.

Your vision went black.

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For the love of god please do something about Stu as a kid. I need this in my life.

I didn’t know how much I needed this. This was so much damn fun to write I never get to use my knowledge of British education enough

  • Always had scraped knees and hands
  • He was on his primary school council for a while, and then dropped out because it cut into his break times
  • Was always chosen to sing the solo parts whenever his class did a play (the mums absolutely adored him)
  • He started secondary school just as his hair was starting to grow back blue, and he was worried he’d get bullied for it (even though he thought it was the coolest thing)
  • The worst things the kids ever did was ask if he dyed it, and pulled it occasionally at first to see if it was a wig
  • Never tucked his shirt in, and almost never did his tie up properly
  • His shirt was always a size too small, and his sweatshirt was always a size too big
  • When he started secondary school, he thought his blazer was the coolest thing that had ever existed (if you’ve been to a school with a blazer in the uniform, you know that #Year7 feeling of looking in the mirror on your first day and thinking “damn I look good”)
  • He took History, Geography and Music for GCSE, along with double science and Maths and English
  • He was always slightly better at English and History (even though he was bad at remembering dates and names) than Maths, because he’d get all the formulas muddled up
  • He probably grew suddenly and gained all his height in a short amount of time
  • Bit of a late bloomer, second to last in his friendship group to get any bum fluff
  • Probably left for summer in Year 9 at a solid 5’4, and came back in September bordering on 5’11
  • His arms and legs had always looked too long for his body, even when he was a baby
  • He was always slightly hopeless at sports, because his arms and legs would just go everywhere
  • He was made head boy in Year 11 because he was nice and everyone liked him, but he lost it in the middle of the spring term for smoking on school grounds and bunking off
  • He was that friend who ate literally E V E R Y T H I N G and never gained any weight
  • Was low-key addicted to Mountain Dew in Year 8 (there was always one)
  • Always bunked off P.E to smoke a sneaky fag with his mates
  • Learnt to play electric guitar to impress girls after already knowing how to play acoustic
  • The only kid who enjoyed the compulsory Year 2-4 recorder lessons (if you went to British public primary school, you know what I’m talking about. I HATED those lessons)
  • Had his first proper girlfriend in Year 9
  • He was the kind of kid who’d go to the park everyday after school with his mates and play football and come home caked in mud
  • Once started a food fight
  • Cheeky Nandos with the lads every other weekend (Nandos wasn’t even a thing in England til he was 14 BUT I DON’T CARE)
  • You better believe that on Muck Up day, he and his mates were the ones orchestrating all of it
  • Lost his virginity on the night of his Year 11 Prom
  • The last of his friends to get his driving license, firstly because his birthday is so late, and secondly because it took him two tries to get it
  • Had his English Lit GCSE exam on his birthday, and also had his Chemistry GCSE exam the day after (which is why he probably did so badly; he was hungover as shit)
Hidden Behind a Book - Harry Styles Imagine

Originally posted by thestylesgifs

He told himself he was never a reader, he knew that he never was, he never showed interest in literature, he loved music, but books and novels were never his cup of tea. He read the odd one once in awhile, but it was never the first thing on his mind, he had other things that he finds much more interesting, like girls. Harry Edward Styles, was known around the world as a womanizer, but he really wasn’t, he tried his best to show that he is not, he is just not lucky with his love life, you could say. But he was kind at heart, he loved his family and would do anything for them, therefore when his mum asked him to bring back a book for her when he was out that morning, he could not say, no.

He was in no rush that day, had a meeting later on, but it was not his first thing to do, since it was hours away, therefore he did what his mother told him, bring back a book. He went out that morning, tried his best to keep busy around the streets of London, took pictures with fans and enjoyed the odd conversations, but he just wanted a distraction, he was never, not busy, always doing something. He walked around the streets, popping into every other shop, just for fun, he bought small things, but nothing major, he just wanted to keep busy on the early, Monday morning.

It was half an hour later when he finally decided he was bored, he was not in the mood to shop or to doing anything really, therefore he took the book back. He walked up the narrow streets to a small bookstore that laid between two clothes boutiques, it was small barely there, almost squished, he was surprised that his mum did not buy for the bigger stores, the more well-known ones, he almost felt like it was not true, that he misread the address on the receipt, he read the same fine-line black ink in small letters several times in his mind, and it was true, he was at the correct street.

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The Dinner

Angst + Fluff /// Baekhyun’s mother has never liked you, not in the slightest. Tensions rise around the dinner table when his mother invites a guest over.

“She doesn’t like me,” you mumbled whilst resting your head on the window. The cold glass was somewhat mending the current throbbing in your head, but you knew it was no match bigger one would come along. 

“No way,” Baekhyun said. “She doesn’t know you enough, she needs time to get to know people.”

You turned to him, “It’s been two years.”

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fitzsimmons + 10 if you're up for it? :)

things you said that made me feel like shit’ – okay, I know this is super cheating, but I just couldn’t bear to have Jemma or Fitz say something like this especially with current canon haha. So it’s a different kind of heartache!


“I hate you!” James screams, his face scrunched up in the devastating combination of impotent fury and heartbreak that only the very young can manage. “I hate you and I wish I’d never been born!”

Every cell in Fitz’s body seems to still; synapses refuse to fire in his brain. Is this parenthood? he wonders. He hadn’t known letting a piece of your own heart free into the world would mean there was the possibility of it returning ashamed and angry and wishing for annihilation as some nuclear option solution.

“I think you should go to your room now,” Fitz says, voice even and unflinching. “Just go to your room and stay there until you’ve calmed down.”

James turns and runs, stomping so loudly that dirty dishes rattle in the sink. He slams his bedroom door shut and Fitz winces at the echoing sound.

Fitz presses his fingers against the bridge of his nose, feeling slightly dizzy at how quickly the situation had spun out of control. He replays his own words in his head and can’t see where he might have avoided the escalation. But of course he’s missing something. What other explanation could there be?

He walks to James’s bedroom door and knocks softly. When there’s no response he rests his forehead against the wood and closes his eyes.

“I just want you to know that I love you, James,” he says. “Nothing will change that, okay?”

“Go away!” James yells, and so Fitz does. What else is there to do when your own son hates you? What more can possibly be said?


When Jemma arrives from a late shift in the lab, the usually-cheery house is eerily silent and dark.

“Fitz?” she calls. “James?” She’s not worried, per se, but living the sort of life she’s lived has given her an edge. Sometimes, she still sees monsters lurking in the corners.

She finds Fitz first, sitting at the kitchen table with his head resting against his arms. She can sense sorrow thick as molasses pooling from him.

“Fitz?” she asks again, more softly this time. She sits down next to him and rests a hand on his shoulder, which finally causes him to look up. She can tell he’s been crying and her immediate reaction is to worry about their son.

“He’s fine,” Fitz says, as if reading her thoughts. He jerks his head over his shoulder, in the vague direction of their son’s bedroom. “We got into an…argument.”

“Oh, Fitz,” Jemma says in sympathy. James was normally the sweetest, most well-behaved boy, tender enough to melt your heart, but in the past year he’d decided yelling was the best way to air his frustrations.

“I’m absolute shite at this,” Fitz whispers, burying his head into his arms again. “I have no idea what to say to him.”

“You are not! It’s just a phase…I hope.” She realizes at the same time that Fitz scoffs that she probably hadn’t been very reassuring.

“He said,” and here Fitz lowers his voice even more, as if what James has said is some demon that can be brought forth by simply uttering its name, “he said he hated me and that he wished he’d never been born. That’s…Jemma, he’s eight and his biggest regret is that he exists.”

Jemma’s heart clenches tightly and she chokes on the inhale. Talk of regrets is, all these years later, still a delicate balancing act in their household. She rests her head against his arm, gripping his elbow with her hand. “Fitz, that’s not his biggest regret. He was just throwing a tantrum. He said the same thing to me the other week.”

At this, Fitz looks up, his normally bright eyes dulled with pain but questioning nonetheless. “He said that to you? You didn’t mention it.”

Jemma scrunches up her face, realizing suddenly that she hadn’t. “Of course I was going to,” she shrugs. “But then your mum came to pick him up and he was happy as ever when he came back. And we were in the middle of that big project. It just slipped my mind.”

“It slipped your mind?” Fitz repeats incredulously, as if he can’t imagine how something so awfully momentous could have fallen into the background of their lives.

Jemma smiles, running her hands lightly through his overgrown curls. “One of the boys at school was yelling at his mum the other day. I think they’re all feeding off each other a bit. Anyway, honestly, I don’t think it’s a huge deal. Children say these things. Didn’t you ever say something like that to your mum when you were a kid?”

But even as she says it, even as Fitz’s eyes widen at her question, she knows he never did. Fitz and his mum had been each other’s only allies. It had been the two of them—against his father, against a world they wanted to believe was beautiful despite its cruelty, despite how horribly it had let them down. No, Fitz would never have told his mother he hated her, would never have even thought it.

Jemma wraps her arms around her husband, as if she can shield him from everything. From bullets, from evil organizations infiltrating their lives, from an eight-year-old’s careless words.

“I love you,” she says, peppering kisses along his face. “I love you and James loves you and you are an excellent father. We’ll talk to him together, okay?”

Fitz melts into her, nodding carefully. Jemma sighs. Marriage and parenthood were her two favorite things she’d ever experienced in a lifetime of amazing experiences, but how was she to know letting pieces of your heart reside in other people could amplify your own sorrow?

Jemma places a kiss against his forehead, breathing in the scent of home, knowing her heart had never completely been her own anyway.


Fitz jerks awake, not entirely certain where he is, when he realizes his son is standing at his bedside.

“Daddy?” he whispers, voice thick with tears, and Fitz sits up in concern.

“What is it, James? Are you okay?” Next to him, Jemma hasn’t even stirred.

James shakes his head at the question and throws himself into Fitz’s arms, crying wretchedly into his chest. “I’m sorry, Daddy. I didn’t mean it. I don’t know why I said it. I love you, I promise.”

Fitz draws his legs up so that James is cocooned in his arms and rocks him gently, like he’d done when he was young. James usually fidgets out of his grasp if he feels he’s in any way being treated like a baby, but now he relaxes into Fitz’s embrace, nearly boneless with relief.

“I love you, too, James,” Fitz says against the top of his son’s head. His soft hair reminds Fitz of when he’d been just a baby, of cupping his perfect head in his hands and being terrified and enamored beyond belief.

“You’re my best friend,” James says quietly, and Fitz loses the battle with his own tears at the admission.

“It’s okay,” Fitz reassures him. “It’s going to be okay.” They sit this way for a while, Fitz gently stroking his son’s hair, before he realizes that James is about to fall asleep in his arms.

“How about I take you back to bed?” he asks, but James grips Fitz’s waist tighter and shakes his head.

“Okay,” Fitz says, pretending to think carefully. “How about you stay in here tonight, and tomorrow we make Mummy pancakes so she doesn’t get cross with us?”

James nods and allows Fitz to carefully lift him from his arms and place him in between his parents. Fitz shifts to his side so he’s facing James and kisses his cheek. “Let’s just go to sleep. You’ll feel better in the morning.”

Jemma moves in her sleep suddenly and James widens his eyes, putting a finger to his lips to shush his father. Fitz nods in agreement and they both hold their breath. A moment passes, and then another, and then Jemma turns until she’s curled up protectively against James, still sound asleep.

James grins over at Fitz and then snuggles closer to him. They’re both asleep within minutes.

My pastel prince

Summary: Pastel!Dan gets the amazing news that his boyfriend, Punk!Phil, is moving to his town. Dan gets bullied by his classmates and Phil finds out about it, but that Phil knows, doesn’t work out very well for Dan.

Excerpt: Dan had never been the reckless type, always choosing to take the safe route, not doing anything out of the ordinary. That excludes his wardrobe by the way, as that mainly consists of pastel colored sweaters and jeans. Also flower crowns, if he didn’t have one on his head, something was seriously wrong. Dan wasn’t very populair because of the way he liked to dress and he didn’t have any friends because of it. He did have a boyfriend however, but he lived about 250 kilometers away. Okay, maybe Dan did do things that were out of the ordinary, but that didn’t matter, right?

Genre: fluff, little bit of angst
Warnings: violence-bullying, implied smut (but nothing happens really) 

Word count: 13.042 

A/N: Holy shit! I’ve worked on this for half a year, it’s my baby! I really really hope you enjoy this. Giant shout out to Manon for proofreading and being enthusiastic about the story nearly every step of the way, you helped a lot <3
(Sorry about the title by the way, I’m apparently creative enough to create 13k coherent words but cannot come up with a less unoriginal and corny title)

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Music Series: Terrible Things by Mayday Parade

You’re killing me, Anon….

I really like Mayday Parade, and when I first started listening and reading the lyrics, I thought, wow, what a sweet song. Then BOOM! I literally yelled out NOOOOOO!, sitting here in my own home. I was devastated! What are you doing to me, babe?

Great song! And it’s pretty self-explanatory, so it’s going to be one tearjerker of an imagine. Go get your tissue…go on….I’ll wait….

This is “Terrible Things” by Mayday Parade, which you can listen to HERE on my Spotify playlist called ‘Gloomy Poops’.

If you would like to see what songs and playlists I have, or follow me on Spotify, follow the above link to this song, or search “@charligirlmusic”, (I do follow back). I have several playlists which I update regularly and create new ones, as well.

Thanks for the request! xo



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Trope-A-Dope #1

@killingmeitsso2yearsago said: One of my favourite is when one of them is doing a liveshow and somehow they slip up and they coming out live :-)

I loved this, so I made it a 5 + 1 (I know, how many more times am I gunna do this with a simple prompt?)


And don’t forget to Send me prompts for this project with the most-used Phanfic tropes.

It’s Worth Deciding

(~5k, Fluff, coming out, 5+1)

The five times Dan and Phil nearly came out in a live stream. And the one time they did.

Title from Half Life by Duncan Sheik: “Before the truth goes back into hiding I want to decide ‘cause it’s worth deciding”


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