and his mum did


Tai has Girl Troubles

tbh the most important thing i’ve learned from the star trek comics is that spock sleeps in his underwear

modern asoiaf: joanna lannister

she rules with an iron fist

Some family members, you can’t count on. Some, you can.

Today my aunt (who I was really close to until very recently) is having a party for her new house. Except here I am at home, looking after my younger brother who has autism. Last night she called me up and asked me to stay home and watch my brother so that he doesn’t come over there and “mess up the place” (he finds it difficult to sit in one place and stay quiet). We both should be at that party celebrating with the rest of our family but apparently my aunt believes the state of her house it more important than spending time with her niece and nephew. Unfortunately, I can relate to the Winchesters (do you have any idea how fucked up that is?). It’s just perfect that my aunt chose her possessions over me and my brother around the same time of the year that John chose the job over Dean and his brother. Merry Christmas, aunt Rose. You just got compared to John fucking Winchester only you’re probably even worse than he is.

  • luhan fan:do your parents still give you the red pocket?
  • luhan:Uh recent- uh - uhm, probably not anymore ... because recently, their son has earned some money, so this time i'll give them red pockets!
  • cr.

did anyone else have a trend at school (circa 2001, I think) where all the lads had Nike ticks shaved into the back of their heads? One really uncool kid (not me, honest, a guy called Liam) got his mum to do it, but she did a bad job, and it looked like a V, and everyone made fun of him because they said it stood for vagina.

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Kirana sneaks up beside Jett and smirks. "Still up to your pranks, ya?" She seems smug as she holds up his belt, which she'd somehow snatched from his pants. Surely this causes his pants to drop down. ((Love your blog mum :D))

"Oi, what did I do ta you?" Jett turned around picking up his pants and snatching the belt from the girls hands reattaching it to his pants "I’m messin’ with ya ‘ow are you mate?" ((Thank you so much!))

My mother's attempts at naming Fili and Kili:

Mum: Billy and Silly? Milly and Dilly? Jilly and Fili?

Me: Yes! That’s one!

Mum: Tilly and Willy?

Me: No, just no. Now you’re just going backwards.

Mum: Since when did that one have that in his head?

Me: *head desk* That’s Bifur, that’s an axe, it’s been there ever since you saw this the first time.

Mum: So it’s not Willy and Dilly?

Me: *long suffering groan*