and his mum did

raise your hand if the show hasn’t even started yet and you’re already crying

Can we all take a moment to notice the difference in their styles.

Here’s Steve with this great majestic kick into a standing position and then there’s Bucky.

Bucky is like he just got told to get out of his bed by his mum.

“Ugh why do I have to get up? What did I do to deserve this? Sure u flick up Steve like a dumb prancing pony whilst I crawl around in the dirt like a mealworm.”

Just noticed this from Lottie’s latest post – I guess that’s where some of Louis’ trophies and career-related awards/presents are kept/displayed?

Makes me think he really did bring home his awards to his Mum. Our sweet, lovely Louis. Jay must have been so proud of him every single time. 

to kiss or not to kiss

The prompt for the last day of Sterekweek is obviously Halloween,  so have 1.4k of Halloween fluff with preschool trick or treaters!

Halloween sort of loses its appeal once you know what really goes bump in the night.

Stiles used to love it - the one day of the year to be a society approved nerd, to dress up and geek out. They used to go all out; his mum knew how to sew and made all of their costumes, no flimsy store bought stuff for the Stilinskis, no sir. Stiles’ superman cape actually kept him warm, didn’t rip when Scott accidentally stepped on it, and also did the cool swishy thing.

Since his mum died, Stiles’ costumes have mostly been store bought, but he still loved Halloween. And even with the werewolf epiphany it was still fun - at least at first. Stiles thoroughly enjoyed dressing up as Little Red Riding Hood for Lydia’s first post-werewolf Halloween party. The best thing was Derek’s eyes almost falling out of his head, he was rolling them so hard. He came in his regular henley and jeans combo and claimed he was a vampire who couldn’t see himself in the mirror and thus couldn’t dress up, so Stiles definitely came out on top of that one.

But this year he just isn’t feeling it.

It’s been too many months of terror and death to enjoy a night of fake terror and death. And he doesn’t want to face happy little werewolves and vampires who’ll make him feel like the the grouchiest grouch of Halloween. So he hides in the one Halloween safe place he can think of: Derek’s loft. No kid is ever going to go trick or treating at Derek’s loft.

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Grandma taught me...

So my Grandma just taught me one of the most important life lessons (and proved to me that almost everyone in my family is damn awesome).

We had our yearly family celebration today at my uncle’s house. Everyone was there – just my dad had not arrived yet.

You have to know that my parents divorced six year ago – and I was glad about it. That sounds cruel, perhaps, but I was glad that I did not have to live with my dad any longer. My father is not a terrible person. I also know that he loves me very much: I’m his “little girl”, his treasure, and always will be.


The problem is – he always wanted the best for his little girl. Meaning that everything I did, everything my mum did for me… it was never enough.

I had a good grade? That could have went even better if I studied more.

I had the best grade? You won’t ever get friends when you’re know as a know-it-all.

I was being bullied by complete strangers? It’s my own fault for being different than others.

I was being bullied by people I had considered friends? If I just was more like normal children, I wouldn’t have this problem.

I got depression and burn out because of all the pressure resting on me? Depression and burnout don’t exist and are just excuses for being weak and lazy.

It went like this my whole life long. The most terrible thing was – I loved my father, still somewhat do. And I knew – still know – that he loves me. But he grew up like this – in a family who wanted to “make him strong” by always pushing him to do more. A family who wanted to shape him by making him disappointed in who he was.

My father, I know, just doesn’t know any other way to express his love. But still, I couldn’t stand it any longer, and was glad when my parents divorced.

But even after six years, we still invite my Dad to our Christmas celebration. He is still family, after all. Normally, it doesn’t go that badly – my father misses me a lot, and is super sweet when he sees me on Christmas, mostly.

But this year, he was in a foul mood.

He arrived when everyone else was out, taking a walk to a little farm near where my uncle lives. There are little rabbits, my uncle told us, and my little cousins were screaming and squealing and immediately wanted to go there.

I just chuckled and offered to stay with my grandma. She can’t walk that far anymore, and had already said that she would stay at the house.

I love my grandma very much. Near deaf and diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease years ago, she had kept her heart of pure gold for her whole life. Even after my grandpa died (after a long time of depression). My grandma had always been the only person, next to my Mum, who understood me the best, no matter if I was buried in books again instead of taking part in a conversation or if I started crying all of sudden because my depression hit me again.

She had turned off her hearing device and was dozing, me reading a new book next to her, when my father waltzed into the house.

He didn’t even ask where the others had went. He hugged me, awkwardly and roughly, before he started the conversation with: “Heard you need tutoring now.”

I froze, mind racing. Nobody from my family would have told him that, which meant that he had asked questions again. He knew a lot of people, and was informed about everything, all the time. I just shrugged and answered, “School is really hard right now.”

“Why? Not studying enough?”

I grit my teeth, glancing over to my grandma. She hadn’t turned her hearing aid on again, meaning that she couldn’t hear us.

There is an unspoken rule for me and my cousins, her grandchildren.

Never make grandma sad.

So when she smiled at me, completely clueless, I sent her the sunniest, most strained smile I had ever given and gave her a thumps-up.

Only then did I turn back to my dad. “I’m studying enough. That’s what I’m taking tutoring for, after all.”

He grunted, letting it slip. But already preparing the next launch. “How many friends do you have? And don’t come with those online-friends again. You know that doesn’t fool me.”

Breathing in and out deeply, I kept up my smile while I ground out. “One.”

“Hm. Just one?”

“I don’t need more than one very good friend. I’m happy…”

“When did you last see him?”

“… A month ago. But we write a lot…”

“That’s too long.”

“He is working, I am at school!” I bit my lip, knowing that I was losing it.

“So you’re not going out. Staying locked up in your room all day again?”

“I’m not locked up, I don’t have time…!”

“Always with the excuses,” my father huffed at me, just shrugging my words off. Squinting at me. “You know what? I believe you don’t want to have anyone near you. Friends or family. Because you’re not able to love anyone.”

I was near crying by then. Also because I suddenly understood what this was about.

My father thought that I hadn’t loved him and that that had been the reason why we left him, my mum and me.

I understand him, a bit. Sometimes I pity him a bit.

But that he used the fact that I was too socially awkward to really make many friends still hurt like a punch to the face. 

“Well, now that is the most untruthful bullshit I have ever heard!”

We both whirled around, looking wide-eyed at my grandma.

She had her hearing aid turned back on, and was glaring at my father.

I gaped at her, utterly stunned. My grandma was the most gentle, polite person I had ever met, and hearing her use a swearword like “bullshit” was strangely surreal.

But not enough: Before anyone could react, she had pushed herself to her feet – her aching feet, trembling under her – and poked my father in the chest, huffing at him, “You should be ashamed of yourself, dear! You of all people should know how full of compassion and love your daughter is, and how smart she is! Her not having many friends does absolutely not mean that there is something wrong with her – it just means that she hasn’t found the right people yet. She will find them in time, and until then, you will be proud and happy for her little achievements. I don’t want to hear ever again that you say such hurtful things to your own daughter just because you are bitter over your little girl leaving you. Is that clear?!”

I don’t really know what happened after that. The next thing I remember is that my father went outside for a smoke – something he does when he is stressed out and has to think – and my grandma offered me a handkerchief.

Only then did I notice that I was crying like a little child again. Not only because I was hurt – I was crying because I had never heard anyone say something like that just to defend me.

“There, there, honey,” my grandma rubbed my back (knowing that I shy away from sudden hugs and gestures when I’m crying). “You know how thoughtless your father can be. Rough and insensible, but he still loves you.”

She paused, frowning. “Doesn’t mean we will let him get away with that.”

I laughed-sniffled, wiping my runny nose. “D-Did you just say bullshit, grandma?”

“Well, yes! You still use this word nowadays, right?”

“Yeah… yeah, we do.”

“Oh, good, I wasn’t sure if that is still a thing.”

I was sobbing and laughing at the same time when I hugged her tightly. “You’re awesome, grandma.”

“Now, now. I just said the truth,”

And then she told me what is really important for anyone who is struggling with finding friends or feels as if he is doing something wrong:

“You know, you don’t have to fear that you are doing something wrong. If you’re just being you, trying to do things that you like, trying to be happy, then that’s more than enough. If you don’t have friends right now – don’t worry. They are out there, the people who will love you for who you are. Not those shallow people that want you to change so that you fit better into their little group. No, I mean the people who will love you, for who you are. They are out there, and they will find you. Perhaps soon, perhaps it will take a few years. But they will. You don’t have to settle for the second best, for those who want to change you – not when you can have the best. Because you deserve the best.”

And that’s what I want gift you with for Christmas, guys – this knowledge.

It doesn’t matter if you’re socially awkward, have anxiety, or are somehow different from what it considered “normal”. You don’t have to change just to find people who will accept and love you.

Just be yourself. It won’t always be easy, and sometimes it will take a long time – but someday, you will find people who will love you just the way you are. Nothing less. You don’t have to settle for anything less than that.

Believe me. Because I found people like that. And you will find them, too.

Story Time - Motley Crue Edition

Okay, so get this. When I was like 10 years old right. 10. I was walking around my house looking for a movie to watch and my family had this huge cupboard filled with VHS tapes.

SO, I was going through the movies but I couldn’t see the back of this cupboard so I decided to fucking climb it, alright. I climbed the shit out of it and reached into the back to see what movies were back there and anyway, I found this one movie that had like a cartoon drawn on the front and being the innocent 10 year old that I was, I wanted to watch it, not having any clue why It would have been jammed back there in the first place.

So I took this tape, opened the case and put it inside the VCR and turned on the television, not only was this nOT A FUCKING CARTOON, it was Tommy Lee and Pam Andersons sex tape that my family had hidden. I LITERALLY SCREAMED! I WAS PETRIFIED!

That’s the story of how I lost my innocence, first discovered Motley Crue and saw my first penis. My mother still laughs about that whole situation.

upforitlouis  asked:

If you're still taking them....12 please love! :)

set at some vague point in the future when aaron is out of prison 

things you said when you thought i was asleep

Robert felt the bed dip as Aaron sat down next to him, making to open his eyes and talk to his husband, when Aaron himself spoke.

“I’m sorry, you know.” Aaron’s voice was soft. “I’m sorry for punching Kasim. I know it’s my fault that the first few months of our marriage were so hard, and I’m sorry.”

Robert was tempted to say something, but Aaron was clearly convinced Robert was sleeping.

“I love you so much.” Aaron’s hand was in his hair now, gentle against his head. “Mum’s been telling me about everything you did for my lot - our lot - when I was inside. You’re the most amazing person I know, Robert, I’m never going to be able to thank you enough.”

Aaron let out a little laugh.

“God knows I should be saying all these things to you when you’re awake, and I will, I promise, it’s just sometimes its easier to say it like this.”

Robert was confused.

Did Aaron do this a lot?

“You’d laugh, if you knew.” Aaron continued. “I only started doing this when I realised what a heavy sleeper you were. I’m not good with this sort of thing, you know. It’s like I’m practising.”

Robert’s heart could melt. Aaron talked to him like this, when he was sleeping? Aaron was so much sweeter, so much more romantic than he even realised.

Robert wished he could give his husband the confidence to be able to say these things at a whim, without needing to practise first, but there was something so endearing about the fact that Aaron would do this, that he stayed quiet, keeping his breathing slow and even, waiting for Aaron to continue.

“Thinking of the life we’re going to have together got me through being inside.” Aaron said, running his fingers through Robert’s hair. “I told you I loved you so much that I don’t know what to do with it sometimes. I know what to do with it now, I’m going to be better, for you, for us - for Liv. I’m going to make sure nothing like the last few months ever happens again, okay? Because I love you, and I want a proper life with you.”

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  • *Angelo's*
  • Molly: ...
  • Molly's blind date: *shovelling food into his mouth*
  • Molly: *awkward* Sorry, how do you know Mary?
  • Molly's blind date: I work at Remy's nursery.
  • Molly: *frowns* Rosie.
  • Molly's blind date: *waves a hand* Yeah.
  • Molly: *discreetly checks her watch*
  • Molly's blind date: Mary said you're a doctor?
  • Molly: *nods* Yes. Pathology. You know, post-mortem studies.
  • Molly's blind date: *shrugs* Not really a doctor, though, is it?
  • Molly: *annoyed* Mmm, I didn't attend medical school for several years and fail to collect my doctorate at the end.
  • Molly's blind date: Still...
  • Molly: ...
  • -a few minutes later; Molly's phone rings-
  • Molly: *relieved* Oh, thank God *answers her phone* Hello?
  • Sherlock: *at Baker Street; bored* Ah, Molly I have a body which needs urgent attention. Unless by some miracle you've found 'the one'?
  • Molly: *pleasant* Hi, Dad. Is something wrong?
  • Sherlock: *smirks* Another stellar speciman, I see.
  • Molly: *mock gasps* What? A car crash? Is she alright?
  • Sherlock: *nonchalant* Make sure he pays. What did you wear for him?
  • -sounds of Molly preparing to leave-
  • Molly: *quickly* Yes, yes, of course. I'll come right away.
  • Sherlock: *smiles* Good to hear.
  • Molly: *to her date* I'm sorry. My mum's had an accident. I have to go...
  • Molly's blind date: *faint* I thought you said your dad snuffed it.
  • Molly: *to her date* Yeah. He did... *sounds of her leaving the restaurant; quietly* I don't think we're going to stay a secret for much longer, you know.
  • Sherlock: *twirling a ring box in his free hand* Oh, I don't think it'll matter, Molly. See you soon *hangs up with a grin*
i'm here (miniminter)

warnings: mentions of anxiety and claustrophobia

from: slimon
yo, you busy??

to: slimon
don’t think so..why do you ask??

from: slimon
well it’s this girl’s birthday and i figured, your a girl, you can help me pick her present

from: slimon
so what do you say?

to: slimon
by any chance is this girl your mum??

from: slimon

from: slimon
does that mean you’ll help? you know my mum pretty well you’ll know what to buy her, right??

he had a point i did know his mum pretty well. in fact i’ve know his mum my entire life, considering she was at the hospital only hours after i was born. both our mums had met at our older brothers childcare; way, way before me and simon were in the equation. our two mothers hit it off quite well together, along with the rest of our families.

you can only imagine how joyous it was for them both to experience pregnancy at roughly the same time. which meant that simon and i basically didn’t have a choice but to befriend each other the moment i entered this world a few months after he had.

from: slimon
please? 🙏

to: slimon
what’s in it for me?

from: slimon
the thought of knowing you a) helped pick my mother a delightful present and b) saved my ass - her birthday is in 2 days

to: slimon
idk i might be kinda busy later..

from: slimon
fine i’ll buy you a nando’s, you happy now??

to: slimon
i’ll see you downstairs in 20

well that put my day upside down i thought as i set aside my harry potter marathon for later.

i’m happy to help simon because even though i teased him about being busy, i really didn’t have any plans for the day. but i just wished that boy wouldn’t leave things until the last minute.

i laugh to myself shaking my head at how appreciative carol would be of her youngest child leaving her birthday shopping until only days before.

minutes after making myself look presentable i receive a text.

from: slimon
i’m here

i head down the elevator and spot his red range rover parked across the street, not that it was difficult to find.

“hey si” i say jumping in the passenger side of his car and leaning over to kiss his cheek.

it’s not like we were dating or anything, everything between myself and the boy sat beside me has always been strictly platonic. that’s not to say that i hadn’t had the slightest of crushes on him growing up. or even to say that as confused teenagers we didn’t experiment a little with our first kisses. but we both had dated plenty of people since and agreed that it was weird.

“i owe you one y/n, thank you for helping me out today” he said intertwining our fingers together to express his gratitude while he was currently driving. well this isn’t something simon and i had done before, and i didn’t know whether to be concerned at the fact neither of us were moving our hands back to our sides.

“yes, i believe you do si. in the form of a nandos or so i’m told” i giggle at him as he drives us towards westfields.


“i don’t know simon, this isn’t exactly something your mum would use” i comment on the object he holds in his hands. his shoulders slump in defeat showing he was well and truely over this shopping trip.

we haven’t found a single thing his mum would like and it had been over an hour since we arrived. it was fair to say we both could use a break from the ordeal.

“so what do you say we go for that nando’s now, yeah?” simon asks walking back to place the household item on its shelf.

i follow behind the boy like a lost puppy as we make our way to the food court. being out in the open rather than tucked away in little shops meant that simon received a lot more attention from strangers.

i certainly didn’t mind that he was being constantly stopped by fans as it was his life after all, and it was him who wanted to go shopping. so i just stood aside and let him do his thing.

he was happily taking a number of picture with some people when it was as if all the little fan girls and boys had called their other fan girls and boys to inform them of simon’s current location. as people came flooding in towards the lanky boy i found myself wound up right in the middle of them all.

there was no possible escape, making me feel instantly claustrophobic. claustrophobia was a weakness of mine and when i got claustrophobic it meant i also got extremely anxious.

“y/n?” i heard simon yell out just like he would when playing fifa.

“excuse me everyone i need to find my friend y/n” he urged but barely anyone budged. including the people around me. as i pushed people out of my way i felt tears well up in my eyes, but i refused to let them fall as i nearly had my way out.

no sooner than a couple of seconds, i had removed myself from the growing group of people and on the outside of it all. simon’s eyes caught with mine as he noticed i was safe while relief washed over his worried state.

“y/n” he breathed out, as he miraculously made his way over to me with the pack of people following shortly behind. “i think that’s enough shopping for one day, c'mon let’s get you out of here” he said wrapping a protective arm over my shoulder and leading us to an elevator away from his fan base.

“what about your mum?” i asked with a small voice.

“that’s what amazon prime is for” he chuckled lightly “my main concern at this point is you, are you okay y/n?” placing a soft kiss to my forehead. i nodded not willing to say much in return.

the two of us filed into the car park elevator just at the point when this day couldn’t get worse.

simon reluctantly pulled his arm away from me so that he was able to hit the floor number that would get to his car.

did i speak too soon when i said this day couldn’t get any worse? most definitely.

the elevator came to a sudden holt as the power inside the small lift vanished.

i looked at simon with wide eyes as the realisation of the abrupt stop sinks in with the both of us.

already on edge from the fan experience i feel my claustrophobia and anxiety rise as quick as the tears that pool in my eyes.

feeling slightly light headed i slide down the elevator wall to the ground. i pull my knees into my chest as involuntary begin to sob.

i distantly hear simon talking on the phone assumingly to the number put down in case of an emergency. although i can’t be too certain as the hot tears running down my face cloud my vision while fear and anxiousness cloud my thoughts.

“y/n? it’s okay, you’re okay.” I don’t respond unable to comprehend what’s happening around me during my panicked state.

i feel myself being moved into simon’s lap. i can’t admit that this is the first time simon has witness a panic attack of mine.

“y/n it’s okay. i’m here, it’s me simon. i’m right here”

it’s somewhat upsetting, but also comforting that simon knows exactly how to react in this situation. i feel him gently pull my face into the crook of his neck and he relaxes me by stroking my hair.

“shhh, i’m here for you. it’s okay”

although tears continue to stream out of my eyes, i slowly feel myself calm down a little.

“i’m here” he moves a strand of hair out of my face and tucks it behind my ear “simon’s here and I promise we’re going to be okay. i called the maintenance number and they said they will have us out in no time. they think the elevator just stopped between the floors and it’ll be an easy fix.”

i feel myself begin to relax and i lightly pull my head away from simon’s chest so that i am able to look at him in the eyes. i continue to stay quiet as we both look at one another, a hiccup presenting itself every now and then . “see y/n, it’s all going to be okay” his voice wasn’t condescending instead it was rather soothing.

“i’m sorry simon” i say smally, looking away from him in embarrassment as i attempt to move out of his lap.

his tight grip on me doesn’t budge as he refuses to let me go. “y/n look at me.” hesitantly, i obliged and am met with his sad blue orbs. “please don’t ever apologise for your anxiety, not to me or to anyone else..” he stops briefly to run his hands through his disheveled hair before looking back at me. “i’m just glad it was me with you” he adds sweetly.

neither me nor simon utter a word as we sit in silence for a couple of minutes.

“i really hope i don’t make things worse right now” he randomly comments confusing me.

he gently moves his hands from my sides and brings them up to cup my face as he intently reads my facial expression for any exisiting signs of fear or anxiety. concluding that i am now much more calm then i was even when stepping into the elevator he begins to lean in.

even in the state that i’m in i easily comprehend what simon is about to do as my eyes flutter shut. i feel his warm lips press against mine while his thumb gently caresses my face. the goofy kid who coincidentally was my very first kiss was now very gently kissing me once again.

he was so cautious with his actions as if i was so fragile i could break with any sudden movements. somehow even a kiss so delicate and sweet as this sets a cage of butterflies off inside. making me question whether my actions and relationship towards simon has always been completely platonic from either side.

i feel myself completely at ease as we both pull away.

“do you think that maybe i could stay in your spare room? i don’t think i could handle the elevator on my own back at my apartment block” i ask simon nervously, partly due to what just happened.

“you really think i’m going to leave you on your own after what you’ve been through today?” and as his smile lights his face i feel us begin to move again. and i know with simon by my side, all will be okay.

I can’t take this idea away from my head. High-school Frank. The kid always wearing black, always sitting in the back of the classroom. Never speaking if not spoken to. A bit of a troublemaker. Good grades, nothing special, enough not to draw attention to himself either way.

Then one day he is made to sit beside this new kid.The new blind kid. Matthew Murdock, the kid with the troubled past, everyone seems to know some weird detail about him.

“I’ve heard that his Mum did not want him and became a nun after he was born.”
“My mom said that her friend said that his dad was killed by the mob.”
“I heard Mr Jones say that he lives in an orphanage, because no one wanted to adopt him.”
“He’s a weirdo.”
“I don’t like him.

Frank doesn’t pay attention to the rumours - or to the new kid, for that matter - at first, but then he notices something. He notices how that redhead blushes every time someone says something about him, even if he’s far away, even if he’s sitting on the other side of the cafeteria at lunchtime.

He notices that he’s always coming to school alone, and leaving alone, and he is alone during the day. His cane tapping on the floors, his glasses pushed up on his nose, his bag slung on one shoulder. His eyes look sad behind his dark lenses.

And Frank makes it his mission to protect Matt. To watch over him. From a distance, at first. He walks a few steps behind him in between classes. He moves his desk closer to Matt’s. He follows him discreetly and steps in if he sees someone looking for trouble, stopping them before Matt can notice.

Then one day Frank is looking for something in his locker and hears the familiar tap-tap-tap of Matt’s cane. The hall is almost empty, everyone is in class, lessons will start in a couple minutes.

And Matt stops behind him, leans close and whispers a “thank you” in his ear, before heading to class. And when Frank finally reaches his desk, just as the bell is ringing, barely in time to avoid a scolding or detention, he turns towards Matt and sees him smile. Matt is not looking at him, he is looking straight ahead, but he knows that smile is for him.

Mirror Of Erised

*Lily and James were having a small argument over Harry’s night wanderings as he gets into the room where Mirror of Erised is hidden, they don’t notice*

Lily: It’s that damned cloak of yours again, he’s going to get in trouble and what’s it to him anyways?

James: That cloak is a very valuable object, thank you very much. He’s a curious child what’s wrong with that?

Lily: It’s not his job to look out for the bloody stone. He already took out a troll, that’s enough action for a lifetime. His job is to learn.

James: This can be considered as learning, it’s all about perspective you kn–

Harry: *upon seeing his parents on Mirror of Erised* Mum? Dad?

Lily: James did you hear that?

James: Yes, yes I did.

Lily: Was that Harry? 

James: I– I think so Lils, look at him.

*Harry looks at his parents and tries to understand if they are real, tries to touch Lily *

Lily: *through tears* Oh my baby, that’s not real. I’m sorry, I’m so sorry.

James: *puts his arms around Lily* What is that thing, what does this mean? Can we see him like he sees us? 

Lily: I don’t think so James, it’s just a mirror.

James: I’m pretty sure that’s not just a mirror. I just wish we could see him as he sees us, even though it’s just through a mirror.

Lily: *still crying* You know this is the first time he actually sees us? I don’t remember him seeing a picture of us or anything James. *through hiccups* This is too much, I can’t deal with this sometimes. I am not strong enough for this.

James: *hastily wipes away a tear* Evans, as you can see I am still in denial that a person like you chose to marry me, you are strong enough for anything thrown in your way love. Anyone would have broken down if they saw something like this, don’t be ridiculous.

Lily: I– *hiccup* I don’t know. *wipes away tears on her sleeve* 

*Harry goes back to his dorm, Lily doesn’t talk at all through the night. Meanwhile Harry brings Ron to see the Mirror, Lily breaks down once more when she sees Harry fight with his best friend to get a glimpse of them. Until Harry goes back to the room where the mirror is hidden alone, Lily speaks only when she has to. James does everything in his power to cheer her up, but he feels broken, too and nothing seems to work on Lily*

Lily: James he came back, he sat down in front of the mirror. He’s just staring at us. This is not good. *her chin starts trembling* He– he can’t live like this.

James: He’s just a child Lily, he won’t understand the danger. He’s just an eleven year old who is happy to see his parents. I’m so sorry love this upsets you so much.

Lily: *tears start falling down once more* I just wish he didn’t have to be so desperate, you know? I wish he had gotten to know us a little so that he wouldn’t have been so desperate that he sits in front of a mirror all night, looking at his parents who can’t even talk to him. 

James: *wiping away Lily’s tears* I know Lils but give him some time, he’ll soon realise this won’t work. Even though I love how he looks at us, I don’t want him to become obsessed with this, it’s just a delusion. Wait a sec, is that Dumbledore in the back?

Lily: Yes it is and that’s what I’m afraid of, I am afraid he’ll get too caught up in this delusion. I hope Dumbledore moves the mirror or plans to destroy it. A wizard like him knows how dangerous this can be.

*Dumbledore says he will move the mirror and that Harry shouldn’t come looking for it* 

James: Harry will listen to Dumbledore, he won’t come back anymore Lils, does that make you feel better?

Lily: A little bit yes and somehow no. I don’t know what to feel.

James: Me neither to be honest, but this is for the better.

Lily: I know.

*James hugs Lily, kisses her on the forehead*

Lily: It’s just that it’s so hard watching from here, knowing you can’t do anything to help him, I don’t know how long I can take it.

James: Whenever you feel like you can’t take it anymore, I’m here for you Lils. You know that right? You can even punch me if you want to, but not in my face please.

Lily: *smiles a little* I’ll make sure it’s your stomach when the time comes.

James: I love you, too.

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That last post has little Sherlock wearing jumpers in two of the gifs. What do you think his thoughts on jumpers were then and now? Would he still want to be wrapped up in one?

This is such a cute ask. Thank you for sending this to us. <3

My head canon for Sherlock + jumpers is very simple.

Baby/Kid Sherlock = forced to wear jumpers by his mum. Did NOT like them.

Teen Sherlock = swore off jumpers, refused to wear them, would rather freeze to death

Adult Sherlock: associates jumpers with warmth, comfort, the smell of tea, home, and most of all … John Watson. <3

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I KNow this probably an early ask, but I heard that Stiles' real name was revealed and I now have a hankering for Sterek fics in which Derek keeps on calling him it. Or even better he keeps on calling him Mischief like his mum did and no one understands. Even more bonus points if it's a fix where the relationship is revealed. Xoxo

I could only find one Sterek fic where Stiles is called “mischief.” - Anastasia

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Mischief Stilinski by giuly666

(1/? I 2,151 I Not Rated I Sterek I Girl!Stiles)

Stiles becomes a demon at the end of season three. What will change?

mum is slowly coming to terms with how awful and shady 45 has been in office and big sis and I are trying not to scream

IT’S ALRIGHT URI JIBEURO GAJA~ Okay lets go go go!!


  • The type that joins in while his mom shows off his baby pictures and just loves how his mum and you are bonding while looking at the photos. Will probably be very proud and says “I’m cute aren’t I?” while giving you that dimpled smile. 

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  • The type to get kinda embarrassed at first but enjoys it after watching you interact with his mum. Esp laughing at your reaction when his mum tells you his stories of his silly antics back then. “Did I really do that, eomma?!” 

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  • Sits beside you while just gazing at his baby pictures as well, because seeing all that brought back his childhood memories. Extremely happy that you are able to know more about him and hopes this can bring you closer to the family.

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  • Stunned when his mum brings out bunch of his baby albums and start showing you all his pictures. Will not know what to do except laugh nervously esp when you saw a picture of him naked in the bathtub when he’s just a baby. 

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  • Gets all excited when his mum brings out all the albums because he haven’t seen it in ages! Isn’t embarrassed much and will actually explain the stories behind each picture for you. The two of you along with his mum will actually have fun while looking at the pictures.

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  • “Ahh~ Eomma!” Will try to stop his mum from showing you the pictures but you’ll probably insist on seeing it and will then..let you. But he’s gonna cringe when he sees embarrassing pictures of himself but you’ll reassure him that he looks adorable. Awww. MY MEANIE FEELS

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  • Will let out a “Aish…Jinjja…” but wouldn’t do anything to stop his mum cause he secretly wants to see it but he’s just afraid you’ll see something inappropriate. Will scratch his head/look away while smiling when you points out how cute and squishy he looks as a baby! (even for now he’s)

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Will go “Oh! Yah, Y/N, you’re gonna see the cutest baby in just a few seconds. Get ready!” when his mum begins to flip open the albums. But you’ll tease him about how he isn’t really not cute and he’ll be like “Mworago??”

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“Wah, look at how cute am I here!” “Oh, eomma! When did you take this?” You’ll get all sorts of reactions from this boy while he’s enjoying going down memory lane along with you this time. Will insist on wanting to see your baby pictures since you saw his!

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  • Gets all squeal-ly and will be quite shy when his mum is just rambling on and on about how he was like as a kid. Will smile in satisfaction whenever you mention that he looks cute. Ugh his cinnamon roll…

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Will protest against it and whine about how it’s not the right time yet to his Mum. “OH EOMMA ANDWAE!!” Yep, but eventually enjoy it when his Mum compliment and blabbers on about how talented he was ever since he was born. Like..”That’s right, I’m the Boo Seungkwan.”

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  • Grins so widely and will glance at you several time to see how you’re reacting to seeing his baby pictures. Will be cracking up so badly whenever he saw a embarrassing picture of himself and just simply enjoying the time spent together with you and his Mum.

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  • Will be very shy at first since he isn’t exactly sure how you’re gonna see him after looking at his baby pictures. But will be smiling and laughing after sometime because he realises how much you’re enjoying looking at it.

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credits to all the gifs owner!!^^ AND SEVENTEEN IS GONNA BE ON MAMA AWARDS!! YAYYYYYYSA. Okie, have great day and rmrb to smile~ Cause everyday is a blessing. *rolls away*