and his mouth is wobbly lol

okay, but, imagine sirius taking up knitting so that he can make things for remus
  • Sirius notices early on how much Remus adores warm sweaters and cozy hats and scarves. 
  • I mean, it would be hard not to notice, considering he wears them throughout the year no matter the weather. 
  • So when Sirius starts to realize he has a huge crush on Remus halfway through the fourth year, he comes up with the perfect plan to woo him.
  • But it turns out knitting is far more difficult than he expected. 
  • Sirius starts to stay up late into the night, curtains closed, practicing his knitting so that he can make Remus the perfect sweater. 
  • It gets harder and harder to hide his plan from the other marauders, as Sirius usually doesn’t spend time hidden behind the curtains of his four-poster bed. (And the pile of knitted things grows bigger and bigger…) 
  • Thankfully, Remus is oblivious to this, as he has spent countless hours in the library studying for his O.W.L.s. 
  • Time passes, the Marauders have begun their fifth year, and the holiday season is steadily moving closer. 
  • Sirius has been trying to woo Remus in many different ways, much to James and Peter’s amusement. 
  • When Hanukkah finally rolls around, Sirius begins to leave small gifts on Remus’ bed, wrapped neatly and addressed to Remus with love from your Secret Admirer
  • As the nights go by, the gifts get more and more elaborate, from knitted mittens to soft knitted scarves. 
  • Remus has no idea who’s giving him these presents, but the next day he wears the gifts with a small smile on his face. 
  • The final night of Hanukkah arrives, and in the gifts’ usual place is a small note that tells Remus that he’ll find the last present in the astronomy tower. 
  • Of course, Sirius is worried that Remus won’t feel the same way, but he’s got to follow through on his plan, he can’t back out now. 
  • As soon as Remus walks through the door, he sees Sirius standing under the stars, holding the coziest looking sweater he’s ever seen. 
  • Remus is so taken aback that he’s just standing there with his hands covering his mouth, and Sirius is so nervous that his knees have gone wobbly. 
  • Remus finally breaks out of the daze he’s in, and runs towards Sirius, pulling him into a tight hug. 
  • From that night on, Remus is almost always seen wearing the sweater that Sirius made him, and if Sirius has developed a knitting obsession in his quest to court Remus, well, Remus surely isn’t one to complain. 

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This is a really weird question but what anime is your header image from?? Also, since your taking requests for YOI would you write Yuri P. sick in Japan and missing home - maybe with Viktor being in big brother mode and taking care of Yuri??

Hi! Thanks for the request! The picture is from Antique Bakery 07- MERRY XMAS?! I had no idea when I used the picture lol I had to reverse image search haha.

Yurio was moving unconsciously, his legs stumbling reflexively out of bed when his stomach seized. Both hands covered his mouth tightly, desperately, praying he could hold his stomach until he made it to the bathroom. Hot bile bubbled up his throat as he gagged into his palm, the sickness making his legs felt heavy like lead but wobbly and weak like jello.

He all but toppled down the stairs, sliding at the landing and nearly falling. He managed somehow to keep his balance, and skidded down the hall. When he reached the bathroom, Yurio fell painfully onto his knees, his hands moving from sealing his mouth to lift up the lid and the seat. A gurgle ran up his throat and sent him into a harsh coughing fit. Every gag brought stinging acid further up Yurio’s esophagus, choking him.

Gasping for a strangled breath, a loud retch tore from him, producing a thin film of bile that slipped over his lips and streamed into the toilet bowl. Another coughing attack took Yurio, suffocating him with its sharp sting.

Gentle hands were on him then, stroking though his hair and moving it back out of the way. Rubbing up and down his back ensued, for which Yurio was grateful. Another retch interrupted his choking, sending a rush of bile and half-digested dinner. The feeling of it coming up his throat made him grimace and shudder.

The massage on his back continued, and a soft breath whispered in his ear words of comfort. While Yurio’s head was too muddled to comprehend what was being said, the tone itself was low and soothing.

Yurio moaned in response, his stomach gurgling as it lulled from vomiting for a moment. He was left a panting, sweating, exhausted mess. His throat burned, his stomach was tied in tight knots, his head spun, and he could hardly keep his eyes open. He wanted to go home. This was not his bathroom, and the room he would go back to sleep in was not his. As bad as he felt, he craved the familiarity and comfort of his own house in Russia.

“Nngh…” The sick blond adolescent groaned, eliciting a wet belch and another retch. Vomit splashed into the water he hovered his head over, one rush after another. Between each gag, he could not even breathe, gasping, choking, before the next heave was wrenching from him.

“Yurio.” Viktor called, his voice firm but soft, willing Yurio to listen in the midst of this turmoil. “Yurio, relax…” He coaxed, moving closer and continuing to rub the boy’s back. “Easy, just let it out.”

The encouragement brought about ten more minutes of violent heaves, first bringing up substance, but then turning dry, painful, abrasive. It felt like glass scraping his throat.

“Breathe…” Viktor instructed, massaging circles still into Yurio’s back, feeling the boy’s muscles tending and trembling.

When the dry retching released him of its torture, Yurio lay over the toilet, wheezing, gasping, coughing weakly. A miserable sob threw itself into the mix, prompting tears to slip from his half lidded, glassy eyes.

It took him a couple minutes to regain his breath, after which he spoke for the first time since He awoke to vomit so terribly. “Ugh… I want my cat…”

Viktor snorted a laugh. “You’ll see your cat soon enough. In the mean time, let’s clean you up and get you back into bed.”