and his mother has been taken from him... she's been kidnapped and is going to be sacrificed

I need to read percy jackson because i love them AUs

And i love torturing Lance so I give to you this percy jackson AU idea where Lance is the son of Hades because langst and Lance being a outcast are my soul, Shiro is the son of Aphrodite because look at the guy, and Keith is the son of Zeus

and uh… heres some more idea for it


  • son of Hades, not well liked
  • really hates that he’s the son of Hades
  • really misses his mother and his siblings, like really really misses them
  • just wants to be normal and go home
  • most new campers assume he’s aphrodites son because he’s a flirt and kind of attractive and they don’t know the ropes yet which always leads to an awkward moment when they ask because he kinda wants to say yes
  • would literally die for his friends
  • and by firends he means hunk, and later pidge, who are the only people that hang out with him
  • is incredibly jealous of keith because everyone loves him and he’s the son of zeus, is incredibly angered by keith because the guy doesnt even care
  • has an obession with water and swimming


  • son of Zeus, adored all over
  • couldn’t care less about any of this halfblood stuff
  • was an ophran before he ended up at camp halfblood, knew Shiro before Shiro was taken in by the Holts
  • honestly more interested in his mum than he is zeus
  • does not understand lance, like at all.  the guy seems to have an obession with keith and has created this whole rivalry and keiths just like ‘so thats a thing i guess?’
  • despite being liked, doesnt really have any close friends until Shiro shows up
  • really wants to help shiro settle in, isn’t sure he wants to help shiro get his memories back  


  • son of Aphrodite, has been named the favourite by other campers
  • like keith, he doesn’t care much about his godly parent or anyone elses godly parent
  • also like keith, was an orphan however he ended up in the holts are instead of camp halfblood
  • shiro doesnt actually know how he ended up in camp halfblood.  one day he’s fishing with matt and sam and then something happened (he’s not sure what) and he woke up at camp halfblood
  • really wants to remember what happened that day, and find sam and matt
  • at the very least he wants to assure the holt girls that he’s alive, unfortunitly he’s not allowed to
  • mostly sticks with keith, both can usually be found training because they’re keith and shiro and what do you mean training all day every day isn’t healthy?


  • not a halfblood
  • however she is the first human to ever be able to fake being a halfblood
  • snuck into camp halfblood and has contiuned to pretend she just hasn’t been claimed yet, because of this she (like lance) is mostly an outcast however she (unlike lance) doesnt mind so much
  • their mutaul outcastness somehow lead to lance and pidge being friends and therefore hunks also a friend
  • the reason she snuck into camp halfblood was because matt and sam went missing and matt is actually the son of a god (athena) so Pidge thinks camp halfblood may have some useful iinformation


  • son of hephaestus
  • also doesnt care about parentage. honestly the only one out of the 5 that does is lance and he only really cares about his own he aint gonna judge you
  • because he doesnt care, he didn’t mind being friends with lance when the other had no one and now they are best friends
  • also hates keith, mostly because lance does
  • like lance, would die for his friends (just with more fear)


  • daughter of athena, hella feared but also hella admired and liked
  • when you met her she is pretty and regal but dont be fooled, she can and will beat your ass for hitting on her.  some how lance keeps managing to forget this
  • like lance she also cares about parentage and can be hella judgemental.  she despises lance because he’s hades son.  lance will never have a chance with her
  • her father also used to be at camp halfblood as a counselor, however he was killed
  • since his death she’s been looked after mostly by coran and also has gone into prepare-for-revenage mode


  • a counselor at the camp
  • didn’t like lance at first, however he paid attention and noticed how self-sacrificing lance was and has a soft spot for him (it helps that lance saved his life this one time)
  • adores allura, wishes she and lance would just get along but knows its not going to happen
  • isn’t fooled by Pidge but is letting her stay anyway because he understands why she’s there
  • is banned from the kitchen, now and forever


  • Halfbloods who desire to rule over humanity or maybe just destory it
  • Lead by Zarkon, who i’m thinking is either the son od Zeus (therefore entitled and also connection to Keith) or Hades (again entitled because big 3, and also evil connotation, also he’d have a connection to Lance which could lead to some Lance betrayals because he’s treated like shit)
  • Regularly kidnap other halfbloods to force them to become galra soliders, such is the intended fate of Matt
  • Regularly kidnaps humans to be slaves, such is the intended fate of Samuel and also Shay’s family
  • Shiro was their most promising of kidnapped soilders, however he was saved by a BoM member and taken to camp halfblood, not that Shiro remembers any of that
  • The BoM is a huge pain in Zarkon’s side but Haggar is the one that most  deals with them, they’re halfbloods who were taken by Zarkon or joined him willing and later realized how fucked up the situation was and managed to escape or become an undercover agent
  • Zarkon used to be a big deal at camp halfblood, and then he killed Alfor because Alfor didn’t agree with him


  • thace and coran are probably dating
  • and only lance knows, he finds it super gross cause to him it’s like watching your parents flirt badly in front of you
  • which is fitting since coran basically adopted lance and all
  • lance finds allura incredibly attractive and enjoys flirting with her.  however he enjoys flirting with her because it makes for excellent training when she gets mad, he would be so lost if she ever responded positively
  • totally drooling over Shiro becase hello, look at him
  • Shiro is completely unaware, keith is not.
  • Klance or Shance would totally be the end came.
  • Despite Zarkons best efforts most of humanity is still completely unaware of the halfbloods exisitence.  
  • Voltron is the name giving to a squad like no squad.  this squad ends up being the main 5 (funnily enough)

If someone could write this for me i’d be in love

I suddenly have a lot of ChiChi feelings.

So, I’m rewatching DBZ - the original anime, started out with dub but I’ve switched to sub (funny enough, I did that when I did my rewatch of the 90s Sailor Moon anime too).

I’m on episode 38 and I’m suddenly feeling a lot of ChiChi feelings (not really that suddenly considering she’s my fave, but whatever.) Because I can’t gif, you’re about to deal with a lot of screenshots.

So, context, Bulma has found Kami’s spaceship and she asks for someone to come with her. Krillin’s going to go and then Gohan asks to go. Predictably, ChiChi flips her shit. No way in hell is her baby leaving her again after he was not only kidnapped for a YEAR but just got nearly killed in a fight with fucking Saiyans. Then Gohan stands up to her, determined to go, and everyone is on his side.

On one hand, I get it. Gohan is not a normal kid, but a Saiyan. Piccolo sacrificed himself for to save him and he needs to be the one to help get him back.

I get it, I do.

But, I mean, maybe it’s just ‘cause I’m a mom, but my heart hurts for ChiChi at the same time.

Like, okay. So, here’s the scene and my accompanying feelings as I go:

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X-Files Fic: Reminiscence, Chapter Five

Just about there, guys!  One more chapter should do it!

Previous Chapters: one | two | three | four

Skinner wakes up scowling, and he aims his glare straight at Mulder before he’s even finished sitting up.

“I don’t know what the hell is going on,” he growls, “but something tells me it’s your fault.”

“What gives you that idea, Sir?” asks Mulder innocently.  He’s not entirely able to suppress a smile.

“Because usually, everything is your fault,” Skinner grumbles, rubbing his temples.  

“Not this time,” Mulder says.  "At least, not entirely.  If it were all my fault, there might be an easier fix.“  Frohike appears with a glass of water, which he hands to Skinner, who regards all three Gunmen warily as he accepts it.

"Forgive me for being rude,” says Skinner, “but aren’t all three of you supposed to be dead?”

“Rumors of our death have been greatly exaggerated,” says Frohike, grinning cheerfully.

“Seems to be a lot of that going around,” says Skinner.  He takes a long drink of water.  

“What do you remember?” asks Mulder.

“I remember… I remember waking up like normal, three days ago,” says Skinner.  "I felt like shit, but I assumed it was because I hadn’t slept well.  Because of the storm.“  Mulder and the Gunmen exchange glances, which Skinner, busy with his water, doesn’t see.  "I went to work… and it was a completely normal day, right up until you showed up in my office.”

“So the first time you saw Agent Fowley….”

“She came into my office an hour later,” says Skinner.  "She wanted to talk about the report on the case in Iowa the two of you had investigated last….“  Skinner trails off, frowning.  "No, that’s not right,” he says.  "Agent Scully is the one who investigated the case in Iowa with you.  Diana Fowley should be dead.“

"Sorry to disappoint,” says a muddled voice from the couch, and everyone whirls to face Diana.  She hasn’t opened her eyes yet, but she’s already massaging her forehead, doubtless trying to rid herself of the same headache that Mulder and Skinner had both woken up with.  As everyone whirls to face her, she pushes herself slowly to a sitting position.  Byers disappears for a moment and reappears with another glass of water, handing it to her.  She drinks gratefully.

“Can someone please tell me what the hell is happening here?” Skinner pleads.  Mulder and the Gunmen look at each other, unsure of where to begin.

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The Unthinkable City of Heroes

So this post got started because I ran across the idea of parallels in Arrow in one of jbuffyangel’s posts. I wish I could remember which post because it immediately got me thinking about how many parallels that really are between the season two premiere City of Heroes and the season two finale Unthinkable. I began to wonder then what exactly we could predict for the S3 finale from the premiere?

So I sat down and watched City of Heroes and Unthinkable back to back and considered. The sheer amount of foreshadowing they did in the beginning, that paid off in the end, was brilliant. The show so nicely bookends moments from the first episode and transposes them in the last. I might never had noticed if I hadn’t been inspired to watch them back to back. The premiere is almost a miniature version of the finale.

I found it incredibly interesting that it is actually Felicity’s speech to Oliver in the penultimate episode Streets of Fire, that sums up all the conversations, the seeds planted, the clues that begin in the premiere and end in the finale.

Felicity: “What’s happening now is not your fault.”
Oliver: “Yes it is. I have failed this city. Yao Fe, Shado, Tommy, my father, my mother. All that I have ever wanted to do was honor those people.”
Felicity: “You honor the dead by fighting. And you are not done fighting. Malcolm Merlyn, The Count, The Clock King, The Triad–everyone who is trying to hurt this city, you stopped them. And you will stop Slade.”
Oliver: “I don’t know how.”
Felicity: “Neither do I. But I do know two things. You are not alone. And I believe in you.”

It seems fitting that it was also jbuffyangel who reminded me that I had this post simmering in the background. She pointed out, on another post I made about parallels, that in the first five minutes of the season premiere, CIty of Angels, Oliver swoops in and saves Felicity from being blown up by a land mine.

And ends with, again in the first five minutes of the season finale, Unthinkable, Oliver grabbing Felicity and swooping down out of the clock tower only moments before Lyla blows it up. 

Sidenote: Man I miss Olicity stunts.

I Have Failed This City

The second season starts as Diggle and Felicity parachute onto the beach on Lian Yu. They have gone to bring Oliver back to Starling City.

Diggle: “And after what happened man nobody can blame you for leaving. But it’s time to come home.”

The same beach that ends the second season; where Felicity says to Oliver “Let’s go home.”

Sidenote: Also, interestingly enough, as the premiere starts in bright daylight on a beach on Lian Yu and ends at night, the finale begins at night and ends in bright daylight on a beach on Lian Yu.

While on Lian Yu, as they’re trying to talk Oliver into coming home, Diggle says this:

“This isn’t about you being a vigilante, this is about you being Oliver Queen.” ~ Diggle City of Heroes

Upon arriving back in Starling, Oliver sees the extent of the unraveling that has happened during his months away.

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Slade Wilson: Not Such A Mastermind After All

I’m still having problems with how Slade Wilson’s plan to destroy Oliver played  out. Supposedly all season they had been laying the groundwork, and planting the hints, for what he was going to do to carry out that plan, but in the end, it wasn’t anything anyone could have expected.

In the end, it was just kind of sad.

The biggest casualty of this supposed “war” was Moira Queen (and they burned a few cars, maybe blew up one clocktower in Starling City, but that was Lyla blasting baddies). Taking Oliver’s mother from him, his last living parent, was monumental and horrific, but it wasn’t what was foreshadowed. And ultimately, he took Moira and planned to take someone else from Oliver’s life, though I don’t think that was fair since Oliver only “took” Shado from him.

But I guess there’s just no accounting for crazy. He planted Blood in Starling City to take over, and Isabel at Queen Consolidated to spy and wreck Oliver’s company, but as far as destroying the people in Oliver’s life, someone wasn’t paying very close attention.

Back in Three Ghosts (2x09), when Slade’s plan is revealed, he monologues over a montage of characters, “I am going to tear everything he cares about away from him (over a shot of Detective Lance), destroy those who choose to follow him (over a shot of Roy), corrupt those he loves (over a shot of Felicity). Once he has lost everyone, and everything, he values, I will drive an arrow through his eye.”

What can I say? Looked like a good plan at the time, but the visuals and monologue did not end up matching in any way that made any sense to have them paired up in the first place.

Lance, Roy, and Felicity weren’t really on his radar for the most part, but Roy did finally get taken to be juiced up even more with the Mirakuru.

He kidnaps Thea to tell her about Merlyn, tells Laurel that Oliver’s the Arrow, and tries to make Oliver choose between Thea and Moira, resulting in Moira sacrificing herself as the death.

Then, at the very end of the season, after almost an entire YEAR of having spies and cameras and bugs everywhere Oliver spends his time, allegedly to figure out ways he can destroy his life? He doesn’t TOUCH Team Arrow. Diggle and Felicity are Oliver’s partners in crimefighting, and they literally do not rank being screwed with? Really? Come on, man, what kind of vengeful criminal mastermind are you? Harming or killing those two would’ve ended Oliver on the spot. They are his only real friends, his partners, and his entire support system.

It looked like Felicity, in particular, would have been at least one of the top three targets because of what Isabel would’ve witnessed at QC, the fact that the only death Oliver willingly inflicted on a criminal was when he killed The Count for kidnapping and threatening her, and the fact that he pinwheeled over a staircase railing, Felicity in hand, to protect her at Slade’s invasion of the Foundry, letting his partner and girlfriend go after him first.

Those instances and the many scenes of the trust and faith growing between Oliver and Felicity clearly pointed to her being the final target - the one Oliver loved the most.

I don’t know if that was the original plan and they chickened out, or what happened. But why leave the breadcrumbs all the way to a dead end?

If Slade was so convinced, with no proof from this season whatsoever, that Laurel was still the woman Oliver loved the most, why didn’t he take her at her apartment? Why did he spy on Oliver’s life if he was just going to assume something that was true six years ago was still true? People change. Things change.

So in the end, Oliver comes up with a plan to offer up the one woman he’s been adamantly protecting all season, to one of the most dangerous villains he’s ever come across, just so Slade can underestimate her and get stabbed in the neck by “weak” Felicity Smoak.

The same plan would have worked with Sara, the woman Oliver actually had a relationship with this season, and who had been the “choice” on the island. Sara could have been in on it, they could’ve played it out.

But Sara wouldn’t have properly provoked the fans, now would she?

I think it would have been a better story if even Slade could pick up on how much Oliver cares for Felicity, and she had been the one taken right out from under Oliver’s nose. If their true (though I still doubt them severely every time they open their mouths) intention was to shock Oliver into seriously considering his feelings for her (which I think the “I love you” scene did in a different way), that would have done it. In that scenario even curing Slade could work, because Felicity had been filling injection arrows with the serum earlier, so she could have had one in her pocket just in case she came face to face with someone in need of it. It would have made as much sense as what they did.

If they wanted to remain ambiguous about Oliver and Felicity’s relationship, they still could have done so. Felicity could’ve taken him  out, ran away with Sara (Laurel wouldn’t have been taken in a scenario where Slade made the choice on his own), and later after they incarcerated Slade on Lian Yu, they could have had that talk where Felicity was like, “Me, the woman you love? Ha ha ha!” And Oliver could’ve remained silent in the face of it, just as he did, because he had literally been provoked into facing how he feels about her, though now is not the right time for him to go there.

So that, my friends, was just lazy planning and writing on their part. They took their season long Big Bad and basically made him look like an idiot. Primarily because he did about as much actual research and planning as they did.