and his minstrel eyes

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Yeah but how does nymph Sid thank knight Ovi for kicking prince evgeni into action? By introducing him to his minstrel- niky

Sasha wakes up to a pair of eyes staring at him and promptly screams. He doesn’t manage that for too long either, because the intruder immediately captures his lips in a kiss and very literally sucks the voice out of Sasha.

“Mm? Mmmmh? Mmmmm–” Sasha scratches desperately at his lips, but it’s as if his mouth had been glued shut.

Are you the Knight named Alexander Ovechkin?” the man in his bed asks. “Please nod if yes.”

Sasha nods and makes more distressing noise. He’s pretty convinced that he’s going to be killed by this gorgeous blond creature. What a fucking way to go.

“My name is Nicklas Backstrom, and I live in the Northern Fields near Sidney’s Pond. I’ve come to deliver a gift of thanks from Sidney.” He plucks a daisy from his hair and places it next to Sasha’s head. “It has healing properties, if consumed.” 

Sasha moans, his lips still glued together.

“It won’t wilt, if you’re worried about that,” Nicklas assures, then a look of realization crosses his face. “Oh, your voice. Promise me you won’t holler?” 

Sasha nods quickly, and he really shouldn’t be as surprised as he is when Nicklas leans in again for a kiss that unzips his mouth.

Why?” Sasha rasps out. “How you even get in? Magic? Portal?” He gasps. “You watch me sleep whole night?”

Nicklas frowns. “You didn’t lock your front door.”


“Are all humans as trusting as you?” Nicklas asks, making himself a space on Sasha’s bedsheets. “No wonder you all die so quickly.”

“Look, Nicky–”


“Nicky. I want to go to sleep again. The sun is barely up.”

Sasha means for him to fuck off back to whatever field he hailed from, but Nicklas only tilts his head in confusion, then pulls a lyre out of apparent thin air. “Shall I play you a lullaby? As an apology, of course.” 

And well, there’s worse things to endure than being lulled to sleep by a nymph. 

Bounty || Leyki RP || Closed

Newest Target: Loki (Make it look like a suicide)

Leyla was glad she had found a tavern a few kingdoms over to settle down in. One of the women in the village was a very motherly type. Poor thing had lost her own daughter long ago and agreed to take Leyla in with little to no questions. Leyla was more than happy to stay with them, it gave her a roof and let her hide away from her father. The princess had managed to flee across the seas this last time and there was hope her father’s guards could never reach this far out.

As much as Leyla enjoyed the woman she refused to be a free loader, insisting and practicing her craft in the local tavern to earn enough coin to keep food on the table. Tonight was no different, she had planned to do a short performance to aid with the failing taverns sells in exchange for compensation and a bite to eat. It kept her off the streets and though the place seemed shady it had enough regulars with respect to keep her feeling safe. 

As she walked down from changing up stairs the minstrel in the corner changed his tune. The soft limerick he was reciting changing to a steady beat. A confident grin reached the dancers lips, eyes scanning over the patrons in the bar as she allowed her limbs to move to the gentle beat that was growing steadily faster.

Loki stood in the corner of the tavern listening half-heartedly to the three man seated at the table in front of him. If he had known that his brother’s friends were going to be choosing this bar to spend their evening, he would have gone to his usual haunt instead. Getting a break from them was the precise reason he had chosen this pub in the first place.

“Are you going to stand there all night, Loki?” Volstagg teased between gulps of ale. “Sit, your brother will be here any minute.”

And the evening keeps getting better, he mused to himself. The change in music caught his attention. His emerald eyes turning to glance at the minstrel when a faint smile came to his lips unbidden at the sight of the woman who had begun to dance.