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“Rapid” - LokixReader

Prompt :: “Hey hey 😊 if it’s okay, could you do a Lokix reader where she likes him but refuses to tell him but one day he hears her heart race when she’s helping him with his injuries after a rough mission? Thank you xx”

Features :: Female reader, Avenger reader, mutant reader,  Avenger Loki, Loki isn’t a bad guy, slight AU/the gang is together in the tower with less death/suffering

Warnings :: swearing, blood

Word Count :: 2906

Additional Notes ::  Anonymous request!  I tried to make the writing style a bit more… humorous, I suppose.  The request felt a bit more lighthearted to me, so I tried to reflect that in the writing.  I was stuck about half way through this for ages, but I finally got it done!

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The Traitor Meta no one asked for

Will include:

- Major Persona 5 Spoilers

-A look into The Traitor as a Foil to the main cast

-symbolism and motifs galore

- some theories based on subtext

-and the coding of Murderers as having Cluster B Personality Disorders (from someone with a Cluster B Personality Disorder)

word count:2271

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Dating Loki Laufeyson would include ...

- Him calling you “darling” all the time, making you blush

- Making tea before bed and snuggling with him on the couch

- Comforting him after his meltdowns

- Having to convince him he’s not a monster, that he’s changed and it won’t happen again

- Cuddling with him while he reads you poetry that he’s written, listening to the smoothness of his voice and his words 

- Admiring his emerald green eyes, often getting lost in them, evoking a soft cuckle from him 

- Being super jealous of his raven black hair, wishing you could have hair that beautiful 

- Defending him against his brother when they start arguing again 

- Supporting him in his decision of wanting to be King 

- Often being intimidated by his tall, mischievous figure, his actions being unpredictable 

- Being completely in love with his little giggle, which he only ever lets you hear, and only in the confinements of your chambers (gotta save face, ya know?) 

- Walking the halls of the castle, being suddenly pulled into a corner and kissed by him, who was unable to refrain from doing anything to you 

- Running around the castle wearing his helmet, him chasing after you laughing

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Not So Bad After All (Loki x reader)

Good afternoon lovelies! I hope your day is going alright. I’m closing requests for now because after I finish “There”, I’ll be investing all my time into writing three new series… Each one are about different characters: Peter Parker, Steve Rogers, and Bucky Barnes. I love doing one shots, but I really want to make these perfect, so I’ll be taking a break from them soon. I hope y’all understand, xoxo

Request: Hey! Any chance you can do a Loki X Reader where the reader works for S.H.I.E.L.D and she’s really adorable, cute, and small but also a badass and she’s working with the avengers and ends up having to fight Loki at some point but since she’s a likeable person, maybe they low key don’t dislike eachother?? Feel free to add stuff haha. Ty!

Warnings: Cursing


Two years. Two years you had been working with S.H.I.E.L.D. for the Avengers. Nobody suspected a small girl like you to be alongside the big, burly men and menacing women of the team, but you were. But that was the good thing about having you there, nobody would blink an eye at you, making it a hundred times easier to slip into places. You stood at a mere 5″4′, and you were cute. You weren’t like Natasha or Wanda who guys probably thought about banging. When people saw you, they wanted to protect you, and not let you do your job and protect them. Yes, it made your missions harder, but you were always nice about it. You were a likable person, and you knew that. Maybe you weren’t seductive like Nat, but you did get your flirting skills on when needed. 

“Shit. F/N, we kind of need you down here!” Tony yelled into the comm system. “Everyone else’s hands are tied, you need to get Loki!” The rest of the team was fighting off his alien robots in the streets. You were perched on a rooftop, waiting for this cue. Going out in the streets would have been a waste of your talents. All of you agreed that it would be best to hold you out till they isolated Loki, and you would sweep in to finish him off, and take him in. 

“Got it. I’m on my way.” You stood up, making a run across the building, jumping from rooftop to rooftop, until your eyes finally landed on the god. He was suspended in the air above the streets, cackling at his destruction. You sped up, trying to get as close to him as possible. He saw you out of the corner of his eye. 

“Ah, what do we have here?” He floated in front of you, gently landing on his feet. “Another Avenger? Oh, what fun I’ll have.” He smiled deviously. 

“Yeah, sure, big guy.” You rolled your eyes, then went to the floor, using your leg to sweep him off his feet. He landed on his ass with a grunt. Loki dropped his scepter, took off his helmet, and his jacket. You shrugged, putting your fists up in front of your face. “You wanna dance? Then let’s dance.” Soon it was a fist fight between the two of you, your skill levels matching up almost perfectly. 

“You know, I don’t actually hate you.” He grunted in between punches, landing one in your ribs. 

“What the hell? Was that supposed to be a compliment?” You doubled over, looking up at him. He put his fists down and you took the opportunity to give him a hard kick to the gut. 

“Fuck..” He said under his breath. “And yes, that was supposed to be a compliment.” He coughed, but got back up. 

“Well then, you’re not too bad yourself. But, that doesn’t change the fact that I have to bring you in.” You slipped past him, pinning his arm to his back. You had to lean over to look at him, as you were about a foot smaller than he was. You cuffed him, and commed the rest of the team. “Hey guys, I got him. Can you send for the prison unit? Thanks.” You urged him forward taking him down the stairs, back to the street. 

“I hope I see you again. Maybe not under these circumstances, but one day.” He smirked down at you as you shoved him into the truck with a group of S.H.I.E.L.D. agents. 

“You know, you’re not so bad after all.” 

I hoped you liked it!! Enjoy the rest of your day, xoxo



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Another short fic based on the Ragnarok trailer. Giving the memory loss prompt a whirl. Enjoy!

Everything was wrong.

There was little Loki knew for certain beyond his name.

Listen to Master. Do not wander alone. Smile when told. Do not speak to anyone unless Master permits it. Never disobey Master. Be good.

Never go near the holding cells below.

Loki learned quickly. Especially how much he hated pain.

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Tweedle-dum and Tweedle-dee (Loki x reader)

A/N: I got the idea to write this while going through this book “Mother Goose Rhymes”. There were so many cute rhymes in there! ^^ Anyways, I got the idea once I read this particular one and couldn’t not write it. So, enjoy!
Warnings: None
As always, (Y/N) is Your Name, (h/c) is hair color, and (e/c) is eye color. Just wanted to clarify in case anyone was confused.

The library of the Avengers tower was quiet and empty, except for one person near the window. The sun was setting, the window catching the view perfectly. You were seated front and center of the large glass pane, a book in your hands and a content smile on your face.

You were snug as a bug, engulfed in a big leather armchair with a blanket covering your legs.
Today was a relaxing day for you and the whole group of superheroes. Missions were taken care of and no alien threats or anything like that happened to pop up. You greatly took advantage of the day off to catch up on the novel you picked up a few days prior.
A content sigh passed your lips, the smile never leaving your face while your (e/c) orbs traveled across the printed pages. Nothing could ruin this moment.

A sudden slam of the library door ripped through the silence and you jumped. Spoke too soon. You held back a sigh as your eyes remained glued to your novel. There was only one other person that visited the library often, and with that entrance, it only made you more certain on who it was.
A grumble came from the person who reached the back of your chair after a couple of seconds, and without looking back you greeted them;
“Hello, dear.”
“That Thor.” Loki’s voice was now at your side, pacing by your chair with a scowl on his face. “Always messing around-”
“ ‘Hello to you too, (Y/N).’ “ You imitated your boyfriend’s accent. He stopped his pacing to roll his eyes but still leaned down to peck you on the cheek.

Tweedle-dum and Tweedle-dee
Resolved to have a battle,

"Sorry, love. My brother’s just been pushing my buttons lately.” You hummed, your own way of telling him you were listening. Also impressed with his use of expressions. You’ve been teaching his some throughout your relationship. You shifted in the armchair when Loki made way to sit with you. The chair was big enough to fit the both of you on it.

He wrapped his slender arms around your middle, leaning his chin on top of your head as you kept on reading. “I don’t see why he insists on playing jokes on me all the time,” he continued. “It’s like he wants me to cause a scene.”
“He just wants to have fun, is all.” You put in your two cents, hoping to ease the god’s troubled mind. Instead, Loki scoffed.
“I don’t see how vandalizing my helmet is fun. Annoying, yes. But fun?”

For Tweedle-dum said Tweedle-dee
Had spoiled his nice new rattle.


“He drew all over it. In Sharpie!” You rose a brow, a thought coming to mind as he explained more of his story. Thor apparently drew all sorts of pictures on Loki’s helmet. Loki, as usual, confronted his brother only for a fight to break out.

You pursed your lips, mind now focused on trying to connect the stories in your head. There was a small mother goose rhyme you read not too long ago, that sounded a lot like the Asgardian brothers’ recent fight. It was in a book one of the team members had gotten you for Christmas last year with other rhymes inside, as they knew your love for things as such.

“I admit, I might’ve gotten a little heated. It almost resulted in a fight.”

“Almost?” You turned around in Loki’s arms, now even more curious.

Just then flew by a monstrous crow,
As big as a tar barrel,

The raven-haired man nodded, “Romanoff came in at the last second and yelled at us.” He looked slightly embarrassed towards the end of his sentence as if Natasha’s fire actually scared him.

Which frightened both the heroes so,
They quite forgot their quarrel.

“After that, I forgot what I really was angry about. Until I came here.”

A smirk began to stretch across your face as Loki finished his story. He caught the look on your face, furrowing his brows in confusion. “What is so amusing about this?”

You bit your lip, forcing yourself not to let that smile widen. “Oh, nothing. Just a thought.” Turning back around, you reached for your book again.  "Why don’t you get a book and read with me?“

"I’m alright here.” Forgetting your prior amusement, a small blush warmed your cheeks as Loki hugged you tighter, resting his head near yours. The two of you carried on relaxing in the fleeting sun’s warmth and each other’s company.




Unable to hold it in any further, a giggle escaped you.
What is so funny!?

A/N: Hope you enjoyed! I really liked this idea, so it was fun to write. I’m glad I have the inspiration to write, it’s given me the courage to actually put my work out there. Finally. Anyways, I’m thinking maybe I should write more one-shots revolving around a mother goose rhyme. Any thoughts?

Pepperony Week Day Three: Family/Kids

“Remind me why we’re babysitting Loki’s daughter?”

Pepper didn’t pause reading her book.  “Because she’s also Jane’s daughter and Jane is one of your best friends.  And because I’m due in three months and both of us need to get used to having kids around.”

“Can’t we just watch videos like the other parents?” Tony grumbled, his arms crossed over his chest.

“We tried that and you fell asleep,” Pepper replied.

“Not my fault they waste time with boring stuff like breathing and… breathing.  I don’t even remember what else.  That’s how dull it was.  Like watching paint dry.”  

Pepper rolled her eyes as she marked her place in ‘What to Expect When You’re Expecting’.  It was a quarter to one and according to the schedule Jane left, it was time for Christina to have lunch.  Grilled cheese with the crusts on and celery sticks.  A sure pleaser for the magically inclined toddler. 

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