and his loki helmet


Loki loses his helmet during battle, and you find it in a place miles away, weeks later. You try it on out of instinct and end up keeping it for a very long time. By a twist of fate, in yet another battle, Loki comes face to face with you and gets annoyed when he sees you wearing his helmet. Now, the two of you fight each other over it, and he’s actually quite impressed because he thought he’d defeat you in a second but you’ve proved to be a difficult opponent, which thrills him to no end.


Loki disguises himself as Captain America, scene from ‘Thor: The Dark World’ (2013) // My favourite thing about this is Loki mocking his costume when he literally has a helmet with ginormous horns on it.

So I have this silly little headcanon that when teenage Groot meets Loki in IW (please oh please let it happen) he kind of latches onto him the way teenagers do because Loki is all cool and moody and sassy. It’ll drive everyone absolutely insane (especially Rocket) but Loki is going to be loving every minute of it like the little shit he is and lording it over the others because he’s got a fanboy - okay, fine, a fantree - and Groot thinks he is COOL and he’s having such fun with it.

So we end up with Groot following Loki around, trying to impersonate his swagger walk and sassy tone despite still only having a three word vocabulary, but getting the tone DEAD on every time anyway.

“This’ll be SUCH fun.”

“I…AM Groot.”

ive seen human depictions of loki, but ive never seen a version that discusses loki being a different race from his family. I’ve always been particularly interested in that aspect of his family dynamic because i have a parent of a different race who is racist towards me, and that’s changed the way i view myself and them. 

so i made my own version! i wanted people to consider loki as an asian person with white parents and how that would change things. 

and then i drew amora as his buddy because i love amora. thats all!


Hurrah! Finally a happy-ish ending. Fear not, though, readers, for we have not yet reached our end. At the current time, my OneDrive contains all the way up to Chapter 45, so for those of you who crave more, there’ll be plenty to come. Otherwise, I hope you’ve all enjoyed the main plot. It’s officially over. :3

Prompt[s]: First thing I read in 2018, and it was GREAT!!!!!! But now I’m sad…

Why must you do me like this pls. I am in emotional distress


‘The Tower’ (Part 38)

All Chapters // Part 37

Everywhere you looked, the water was moving, running, rushing, racing - all in one direction.


The puddle shrunk around his body like it was a sponge. Where Jarle felt the need to move away in awe, you stepped closer, excitement and trepidation taking hold of you. Could it be…?

The water gushed and splashed around him, encircling each of Loki’s limbs like ribbons until his body was only a blur in a blanket of spray. In a swift motion, his body was thrust into the air on top of an aquatic column, holding him at least 8 feet off the ground.

There he remained for 5 heart-pounding, breath-stealing minutes. The ribbons of water abandoned his ligaments, instead circling and whirling around his body in a great wet sphere; a bubble of magic and moisture. Familiar green light bled into the waves, and turned the water an intoxicating turquoise, contrasted only by the beams of gold light that pierced the veil and shone out in every direction. The palette of pigments was, quite simply, spectacular. It was unlike anything you’d ever seen.

Loki’s body was barely visible amid it all. As you stepped tentatively closer, your narrowed eyes tried to discern his silhouette amongst the cascading aqua sheets. It almost looked like he was… moving.

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Reindeer Games and Baby Names

Pairing: Tom x Reader

Rating: Fluffy fluff with a bit of humour.

Disclaimer: I do not own Tom in any way, shape or form. The same goes for any of the MCU characters or their respective actors/actresses. This is purely for entertainment purposes. I write for fun and I do not make any money from this, whatsoever.

Warnings: Alcohol mentionings.

Summary: This is what happens when you mix Halloween, alcohol, MCU and a pregnant lady together. (I really do suck at summaries so…on with the show!!? *nervous laugh*)


The music blared, the room shook with the bass and the chatter of the partying people within the hall. Halloween had come around once again and Tom was slightly on edge about the celebrations to come. It had been the same year that The Avengers had been released out in to the world and the whole cast had decided to gather together at Robert’s for a fancy dress party. The only downside was that it meant Tom had do put on the full gear and make an appearance as Loki once again.

Earlier on that day his love and other half had giggled as he sat getting his wig put on. She sat opposite him with his Loki helmet on quoting his lines back to him whilst laughing endlessly.

“You are such a nerd, you know that right?!” He tried to sound hurt at her making fun of him but her laugh was so infectious he couldn’t help but join in, only stopping when the artist helping him to apply his Loki hair tugged at his head in a silent message warning him to keep still. He coughed and apologised before giving his love a stern glare but still with a twinkle in his eye.

At the party he was so happy to see everyone else dressed in some sort of crazy costume. He loved watching both Chris’ sizing up as Thor and Captain America. Mr Stark was having the most fun out of it as all he had to do was wear his usual attire with the blue reactor in the centre of his chest.

“Hey, Reindeer Games! How’s it going?” Robert clapped Tom hard on the back causing the smaller man to lurch forward almost choking on his drink. He swallowed hard and spluttered before regaining his composure. Clearing his throat he grunted and looked to the one and only, Iron Man.

“I’m too sober for this.”

“Well I know the perfect solution for that!” He chirped and then as if by magic he produced another glass of some sort of alcoholic beverage and passed it to Tom. “Drink up, Thor is out doing the lot of us.” He nodded towards Chris who was getting fancy with his beloved Mjolnir, lifting it up as if he was the only one that actually could. Tom shook his head and wondered over to his on screen brother, half brother.

“Brother, you do know you are making yourself look like such a fool with that damned hammer?”

“Not at all, dear brother!” Chris bellowed in his brash and well perfected English accent.

“Well, please stop swinging your hammer about, you’re going to take someone out with it.”

“Oh Loki, lighten up and have some fun. Anyway, where is that lovely lady of yours?” Chris asked, finally putting the hammer down. Tom couldn’t help but light up as he got the chance to talk about his beloved. Whenever the mention of her name or the thought of her came up he would smile, from ear to ear. Regardless of what mood he was in she would instantly lighten up the room with just her laugh and her presence. It was now that he couldn’t be more proud of her and happier to be the one she loves.

“She is at home, resting. It’s not too long now for her.” His smile betrayed his character as he looked each and every part the loving partner, a far cry from Loki’s cold demeanour.

There was not another minute he could have to think about her before Captain America came running over to him almost out of breath. How he got so breathless Tom wasn’t sure as it was only from one side of the hall to the other but he didn’t dare ask.

“Mr. Asgard, it’s time! You best get yourself to that hospital now!”

With that news it was as if the whole room froze. After a second to contemplate what was happening the whole room went in to fast forward mode. Luckily Rogers had not had the chance to have a drink he offered to take the silver tongued Asgardian to the hospital.

“We’re not going to have time to change are we?” Robert asked as the closest of Tom’s friends followed him to the car. Thunderous Chris charged his way to the front and called shot gun but Rogers stood firm and told the drunken God to get in the back as the front was reserved for the father to be.

Tom climbed in to the front seat of the car and he was in such shock that he could barely form a sentence. Instead he stayed quiet thinking of what awaited him when he arrived on the maternity ward.

After what felt like a lifetime stuck in a car with the Avengers and one who was rather drunk in particular, Tom was glad to get out and first of all get some air. The moment the car door shut he kicked himself in to gear and ran inside of the ward. The adrenaline running through him made him forget that he was still in his Loki get up. As he stood at the reception desk he asked for the number of the room his love was in. The receptionist just looked at him dumbstruck before shakily pointing towards the corridor he needed to go down.

“N-Number 449.”

He nodded and without another word he ran towards the said room. The receptionist had to do a double take as she was pretty sure the Norse God, Loki had just asked her where a room was. She then noticed Iron Man, Captain America, Thor and Black Widow run in after the God of mischief. She shook her head and pinched herself, muttering that she really needed to get more sleep as she was sure she was seeing things.

Tom walked in to the room to find his love pacing the room, back and forth. Her hands were on the small of her back, her forehead covered in a thin layer of sweat. As soon as she noticed her other half standing there still in his costume and she chuckled through her pain.

“My love, you do know how to pick your times.” Tom walked over to her and rubbed the bottom of her back for her, guiding her to the bed.

“I’m ever so sorry but the mini one was pretty adamant he was coming today.” She panted as another contraction hit her, wracking her body with unwanted sensations. She gripped on to his hand and squeezed tight.

Once he had finally convinced her to lay down on the bed he made sure she was as comfortable as possible. He did not let go of her hand at all and let her know that he was there. When the nurses walked in at first he had to convince her that he was in fact her husband and not some crazy Loki fanatic. Unfortunately the wig glue did not allow him from just removing the whole thing to reveal himself. After a moment or so they completely forgot about the trickster in the room and focused on the mother to be. They monitored her vitals and checked the progress of her labour.

The same routine went on for another four lengthy hours before the moment finally came. His love was pushing with all the strength she had to bring their child in to the world. The whole time he did not leave her side, giving her words of encouragement as she struggled through the ordeal.

“I can’t push anymore, I am tired.” She whimpered, looking up at her man with desperate need for it all to be over,

Tom kissed her forehead, not caring for the sweat that dripped down it. He ran his free hand through her matted hair and smiled softly giving as much sympathy as was possible for a man to give a woman who was experiencing the most amount of pain possible. He looked down at the beautiful woman laying there, taking a moment to gather up more courage and strength to push. Although she was sweating, her hair was a mess and she looked tired beyond belief he couldn’t find a woman more beautiful. She lay there about to give him the most precious gift anybody could wish for.

“You can do this my love. Just think, one more and it will all be over and he will be here.” He soothed her and kissed her temple. “I’m here and I’m not going to let go. So now be a love and push, just once more.” He kindly instructed her. He looked to the nurse at the delivery end of his love and nodded hoping they would encourage her also.

With another push she bore down and screamed as she gave her all to bring their child in to the world. Suddenly she fell back as if the victory had been won and she was done. Everything soon stopped as the sound of a baby’s cry filled the room. Both lovers looked at each other and it was as if the whole world had stopped around them. Tears sprung to his eyes as he couldn’t love her more than he did in that exact moment. He bent down and kissed her lovingly on her lips before kissing her all over face.

She laughed and told him to stop being such a nerd and to see what they were doing with their baby. He stood tall and turned to see a nurse coming towards them with a small bundle wrapped up in layers of warm blankets. The nurse was about to hand the young one to her mother but she said she wanted Tom to be the first to hold their child. The nurse smiled and nodded before holding out the bundle to him.

“Welcome to fatherhood, dad. This is your little girl.” The nurse placed the child in his arms and he looked shocked at the nurse.

“Girl? We were told we were expecting a boy?”

“Well it looks like the scans missed out in this little one as she is definitely your daughter, sir.” The nurse smiled as he looked like a deer caught in headlights.

Tom swallowed hard as he looked down at his little girl for the first time. He was told that you never knew what true and pure love was until you held your child in your arms for the very first time. He felt just that as he looked at the sleeping angel in his arms, her nose so small, her hands too and her cheeks so round and soft.

He cried silent tears of joy as he held her tiny hand in his.

“She’s perfect.” He whispered and then sat beside his love who reached over to stroke the crown of their child’s head.

The new parents shared a moment of joy together, coming to terms with the new news as well as the idea of finally becoming parents. The quiet moment was short lived as soon as the nurse allowed the bunch from outside of the room to enter.

Captain and Widow turned in to piles of softness as they laid eyes on the beautiful little girl where as Stark looked at her as if she was an alien. Typical Stark. Thor hugged both of the new parents and congratulated them both.

“What are you going to name the little bundle?”

“Well we had planned for Adam as a boy but well, turns out we were blessed with a precious girl instead.”

“What about Thorina?!” Thor laughed, still slightly drunk.

“Oh come on that’s an awful name!” Captain added which made Thor frown.

“Well it’s a good thing I didn’t ask for your opinion then.”

Tom shook his head as the group sat and chatted amongst themselves, Captain and Thor bickering over Thor’s baby name ideas. He looked to his love who was now holding their child and smiling down at the sleeping joy.

“I love you, thank you for giving me this gift.” He said as he kissed the top of her head. She just gave his hand a tight squeeze and looked to their daughter.

“I guess we will have to think of a name for her and luckily everything at home is neutral.”

He nodded and agreed. They weren’t sure if they wanted to make everything at home blue so they opted for more gender neutral colours.

After a while the gang left the new parents to it leaving them with well wishes and many congratulations. Tom lay in the bed with his love and cuddled her close as they both looked to the bassinet beside them that held their sleeping angel. He cuddled his darling closer and kissed her cheek before urging her to sleep as no doubt she was exhausted.

Once both ladies in his life were fast asleep he quietly left the room to ring his family and hers also. He rang his own parents first.

“Hey mum, it’s a girl.” He beamed down the phone.




Pimped Out Rudolph Drag Queen

Requested by @ music–believer :  Okay could I request a Loki imagine where him and reader are dating. And Loki fell asleep with his helmet on and since his nickname is reindeer games, the reader makes him look like Rudolph. Idk why I thought of this just but it killed me 😂.

A/N: Hang in there for a funny ride. Inspired by Christmas, right?

Warnings: none

*gif not mine

(tags at the end)

Enjoyed this and want more? Send in your requests!

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Loki loved his helmet more than he loved anything else in his wardrobe. He was a full-tilt diva, as Tony had put all those years ago. Loki was a fashion icon and his helmet was his ornament. 

You and Loki had been living in the Avengers tower since you had both decided, as a couple, that it was better for him to stay on Midgard. Steve and Bucky had been quite mad that the former New-York terrorizer was back, but you had convinced them all to give Loki a chance. 

He had put on his helmet, the one with horns the size of your forearm, to play tricks on you during the day. He’d made the flour in the bag explode while you were baking cookies or scared you in the shower. 

But now it was your turn to play games with him. 

Loki had fallen asleep on the couch in the living room, his helmet glistening in the sun, which seeped in through the windows. You looked over him with Thor, both your faces pulled in a scorn. 

“Why does he always have to wear that ugly thing?” Thor asked, perplexed, standing with his arms crossed over his chest. 

You shrugged. “Let’s make him regret it.”

Thor watched you as you giggled, almost skipping back to your room. You emerged with your makeup bag, a devilish grin on your lips. 

“I fear my brother will regret this,” Thor mumbled, crossing his arms over his chest. You put your index to your lips, frowning.

“If you wake him up,” you whispered, “I will put this makeup on you.” Thor put his arms up in surrender, stepping away from Loki’s sleeping form. 

You set your bag delicately beside Loki, biting your lip anxiously. If Loki woke up and understood what was about to happen, he’d have a fit and goodbye New-York. 

You took out your foundation, your mascara, and sure enough, your red lipstick. You applied foundation, very and very, delicately onto his face. You blended out the foundation with your beauty blender then contouring his face with some bronzer. He already looked like a sleeping beauty by then, shadows in the right places and his skin flawless. You set the makeup with some powder and then gently smudged some lipstick onto his thin lips. Then, as you giggled and Thor had to hush you, you smudged more lipstick onto the tip of his nose, in a little circle. Then you took your brown cream bronzer and put three little dots on each cheek. 

“He looks like a bambi,” Thor whispered, his face red from holding in laughter. 

“He’s Rudolph!” 

You stepped back to admire your work, packing up your makeup. Thor was wheezing in silence, your own laughter contained behind your pinched lips. You took some pictures on your phone while Thor was still crouched in a little ball, laughing and coughing behind his hand. 

You waited three fucking hours for Loki to wake up. And when he did, you and the rest of the gang were casually sitting in the living room. You’d told everyone to act as if everything was normal; as if Loki did not look like a Rudolph drag queen. 

You prayed that he didn’t rub his eyes, but when he did, he frowned, licking his cherry red lips. 

“It smells weird,” he commented, rising from his nap, adjusting the helmet on his head. You had to fight so hard to keep from bursting out in laughter. 

“Were cooking some deer,” Tony said, pinching his lips, his cheeks growing red the more he stared at Loki. 

The God of Mischief frowned deeply, looking around at everyone sitting in the room. “Why are you all here?” he asked. “Did something happen?”

“We came here to admire the art,” Nat answered, flipping through her magazine, a total expert at keeping her composure. 

Loki huffed. “What art?”

“Your face,” Bucky grumbled. Loki shot him a look, licking his lips until his eyes widening, tasting the lipstick on his tongue. He would recognize that taste by having kissed you when you’d wore it so many times. 

“What the fresh hell is this?” he mumbled, putting two fingers to his mouth and wiping. Upon seeing the crimson color on his digits, his eyes shot open and stared right at you. 

“In my defense,” you said, laughing already, “Thor dared me to.”

“That’s a lie!” Thor boomed. 

Loki got to his feet and ran to the bathroom, looking dramatic, like a diva on a mission. You stared at the gang, from face to face, waiting for the moment when Loki would realize what was happening. 

“I’m going to kill every single one of you!”

The living room erupted in laughter as Loki threw his helmet across the room. You couldn’t handle how funny this was, but Loki’s face was priceless and totally worth it if he was going to pout you all night. 

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I Wish You knew: 1

Loki x Reader 

Prompt # 13 “You uh greasy hoe!”

Summary: The reader hates Loki. Period. Or so she thinks. Maybe he has the ability to change, and maybe she definitely digs those changes. Thor, her best friend and confidant, totally wants to hear about what she thinks of his brother until they start taking an unexpectedly positive turn. (A little bit of Thor x Reader). 

Word Count: 1019

Authors Note: Literally no one asked for this. Totally ignored the fact that infinity war happens immediately after Thor: Ragnorok. Also, I swear it will be more organized in the next parts. 

Meeting Loki was.. less painful than you had expected. You had fully hated him from the start of the New York incident, but you hadn’t been an Avenger then. You had been a civilian in that crowd that Loki made bow. 

What that old man had said to him in response was something that had struck a cord within you. That idea was locked inside your mind, and you had run with it up until you became an Avenger. You thought being one would make it easier to access data and take down those guys, but it made it more difficult in some ways, because agents didn’t want you going through their systems and going out yourself. So you reverted back to your old ways and tore those people down; only under the cover of a different identity this time. 

You liked being part of the team, but your best friend Thor always brought on issues. This one, unfortunately, was his brother - your set point for crime fighting. You hated his attitude, and his sleek appearance interrupted by the golden horned helmet. You were going to tell him what a terrible fashion choice that was as soon as he got to the tower. 

“Y/n, They’re coming up. Are you going to be okay?” Natasha asked as she approached you. 

“Yeah, but I can’t say the same about the tower when I’m done with him. Do you think I should beat ‘im up or play mind games with him and destroy him inside out?” 

“There’s no need for any of that.” The Captain sternly said beside you. 

You were all standing in the living area, waiting (im)patiently for Thor and his monster of a brother. Bruce was already there and had told everyone the story.

“Mind games,” Natasha whispered from the corner of her mouth. Steve heard and shot the both of you a dirty look. 

“Beat him at his own game, Y/n,” Sam laughed, slapping a hand on your shoulder. 

The door opened, and in walked Thor and the perpetrator, escorted by a tense Tony. The door was shut behind them and they approached the standing party. Everyone looked over each other stiffly. 

You looked Thor and Loki over. Thor had an.. eyepatch.. and short hair. He looked good. Loki had his long hair, no helmet, and was sporting a green.. outfit. His hair looked like it hadn’t been washed in awhile, and in spite of your brain screaming ‘no’ as soon as your mouth opened, you blurted out into the silence - 

“You uh greasy hoe!” 

Loki looked surprised and offended, but when he opened his mouth, Thor gripped his arm. Loki huffed in response, but didn’t say anything.

Sam started laughing at the interaction. You felt a bit embarrassed, but definitely didn’t regret saying it. You felt pride at the glare tossed at you and everyone else who cracked a smile. 

After everyone talked about where Loki would be staying, everyone scattered to do their. own things and only you, Sam, Thor, and Loki were left in the living room.

“It’s good to see you again, Y/n.” Thor grinned at you, and you rushed in for a hug. You held each other tightly for a moment, and he planted a kiss on the top of your head. 

You stepped back and smiled up at him. “You are looking fine,” 

You waggled your eyebrows and giggled when he returned your eyebrow wiggles.

“I know I’ve asked before, but are you sure you two aren’t together?” Sam looked between the two of you suspiciously.

You both shook your heads and there was a scoff behind you. “Thor? Date a Midgardian woman? I think not.” 

You ignored the voice and the boiling of your blood. Thor, though, gave his brother a thunderous look. 

“Why, Lady Y/n is an amazing woman, who deserves more than me, brother.” He growled the last word. 

“If you think so lowly of me, maybe I’d make a better match for you.” You said with malice.

Before he could respond, Thor was saying, “Do not say that about yourself Y/n, you are far above him.” 

Excuse me?!” He seared you with a murderous glare. 

“You heard both of them,” Sam chimed in. 

Loki didn’t even look at him before he pounced at you, hands reaching out for your throat. Thor deflected his attack by stepping in front of you, and Loki crashed hard into his back.

Maybe the mind games aren’ t going to be my best bet.

The next few days were spent on a mission Thor decided to accompany you on, and much to the displeasure of the team, Loki was left behind. 

It was an eventful mission, during which you and Thor acted as a couple and got information and evidence that would put the bad guy behind bars. Because of this success, you and Thor splurged on expensive gelato to eat while enjoying the warm weather. 

You had completely forgotten about Loki, so you were in a very pleasant mood when the two of you made your way back to the Tower, cups in hand. You were laughing at something Thor had said, eyes full of mirth, when Loki saw you. 

He was taken aback; he hadn’t necessarily realized how beautiful you were, and how rich your laugh was. The thoughts of revenge on you were momentarily wiped from his mind.

He watched Thor look down at you in the most affectionate way he had ever seen. A very familiar feeling niggled at the back of his mind at the sight, but he pushed it down. Envy, he learned, is hardly a good motivator. 

Your smile dropped when you saw Loki looking at you. Your face rearranged itself into an unconscious expression of distaste. You turned to Thor and placed a hand on his arm. 

“Can we sit on the deck?” 

“Of course, my lady.” He eyed his brother as he lead you away, an unidentifiable expression lining his features. 

Loki was left to the one thought that had screamed at him for days. When will they see that I’ve changed?


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Anonymous Requested: Could I request a Loki x Reader, where the reader is a demigod child of Hermes? They constantly steal each others things, get into fights with each other, and cause all around chaos. But then he steals her caduceus and winged sandals, so she steals his helmet and cloak. Then Loki makes a ultimatum so they’ll both get their things back? Thanks!

Warnings: none.

please don’t plagiarize my work - I spend a lot of my time writing, copying and pasting destroys that. If you want to repost my work. please ask first - but even then I might say no.

Notes: im so happy to be able to get some requests up :) i also hope to get an angsty fic out later based on a song! but it depends how inspired i feel! also I don’t know much about greek mythology (other than when I did a project on it back in grade 10) so hopefully i didn’t do too bad.

“Okay, time to give it back.”

Glancing up from your lap, you sent Loki an all too innocent glance. “What ever do you mean?”

Loki sighed, shifting on his feet. “Honestly Y/N?” He asked, thoroughly annoyed. “We are not children.”

You raised a brow in question, standing up to your full height, which was only a little shorter than Loki, and tilted your head. “Really? Because I don’t think that’s what you thought when you acted like a child and stole my own things.”

Loki frowned - he absolutely hated being best. But everything you said was right. While it may have been a thing the two of you did very often, play games and tricks on one another, it was him who stole your caduceus and winged sandals - which he knew were precious items of yours. 

It was only fair you retaliated by taking his helmet and cloak - which very Loki wore to intimidate others.

Sighing heavily, he took a step before you. “I’ll make you a deal.”

You crossed your arms over your chest, clearly unimpressed; “a deal?” You asked. “Of what kind?”

“I’ll give you back what I stole,” Loki started, taking a step towards you. “If you give me back mine.”

You shook your head; “you’ll just take it again.”

Holding out his hand, Loki met your eye. “I won’t. I swear.”

“Your word means nothing Loki.”

“Oh, and yours does?” Loki countered. “You’re the child of Hermes, and in small ways more manipulative then me.” Sighing, Loki took another step toward you, huffing. “I can’t promise my tricks will stop - I am the God of Mischief. But I promise to leave your things out of it.”

You paused, unsure. There was a higher possibility Loki would go back on his word that there was that he would keep it - yet, for some reason, you trusted him. Extending your hand, you shook it; “deal.”

“Wonderful,” Loki smirked.

He moved to walk away, but you held fast. “But I swear to God, Loki, if you go back on your word… you’ll regret the day you ever crossed me.”

Swallowing the lump in his throat, Loki smiled; “wouldn’t doubt it.”

A Deleted Scene where Thor and Loki talk right before Thor’s coronation

Loki: Nervous brother?
Thor: Have you ever known me to be nervous?
Loki: Well, there was that time in Nornheim
Thor: That was not nerves, brother. That, was the rage of battle.  
Loki: Right
Thor:How else could I have fought my way through a hundred warriors, and pulled us out alive?
Loki: Ah, as I recall, I was the one who veiled us in smoke to ease our escape  
Thor: Yes, some do battle, others just do tricks.

(Servent approaches with more wine laughing. Loki uses magic against him and summons snakes from the wine and startles the servant dropping the tray)(Loki giggles)

Thor: Loki! Now that was just a waste of good wine
Loki: Oh it was just a bit of fun, right my friend

(Loki stops his magic)
(He laughs at the servant)
(Thor is handed his steel helmet with wings)

Loki: Nice feathers.
Thor: You don’t really want to start this again, do you, cow?
Loki: I was being sincere
Thor: You are incapable of sincerity
Loki: Am I?
Thor: Yes

Loki: I’ve looked forward to this day as long as you have. You’re my brother, and my friend. Sometimes I’m envious, but never doubt that I love you.

Thor: Thankyou
Loki: Now give us a kiss?
Thor: (giggles) Stop it (Both laugh together)
Thor: Really how do I look?
Loki: Like a king. It’s time
Thor: You go ahead(Loki looks at him)
Thor: I’ll be along go on(Loki smiles)

“Of course, that scene takes a darker tone when we find out later that Loki had already given the Frost Giants the information they needed to get into the weapons vault and ruin Thor’s big day”

anonymous asked:

Does anyone ever tease Loki about his helmet?

Well, we know that Thor does canonically, at least that one time in Thor and based on the way that scene goes I think it suggests that it’s an old joke. 

I feel like generally speaking some others do too, but it also does seem to be largely ceremonial/not something he wears very often (except at moments of Extreme Drama), so I actually don’t think it’s that unusual. Showy helmets are probably kind of a thing - Asgard is not, generally speaking, much for subtlety. I mean, Thor’s is more understated, but. Heimdall’s is pretty intense too.

There probably are some jokes about “compensation” out there, but those are more mean-spirited and probably not the kind of thing most people would say in Loki’s earshot.

Fly Away

Hey ya’ll. I’m still pretty sick but I did manage to get this written up. Here lately I’ve been obsessed with the idea of Thanos taking control of Valkyrie’s mind and Loki having to not only break that control but put Valkyrie back together. I’m really into all things Loki taking care of Valkyrie. Especially when she’s hurt. So this will probably be three maybe four parts, here’s the first part for you guys. Thanks for reading and thanks for being so inspiring. 

Part One

He should not have kissed her.

Loki’s mind repeats this to him the entire way to the battleground. Thanos is here. Thanos is attacking right now. And all he can think about is the fact that Valkyrie let him kiss her less than twenty minutes ago. They’ve been dancing around each other since the GrandMaster assigned them to bring Thor and Hulk back. She fascinated him. And Loki was always up for a challenge but Valkyrie is a different kind of challenge entirely. She’s something Loki’s never dealt with before.

Which is why kissing her, right before going into battle with Thanos was a horrible idea. It puts her at risk. It puts him at risk. If Thanos even gets a glimpse inside of Loki’s mind and sees that Valkyrie occupies most of it. He’ll kill her. Before Loki can even try to bargain for her life. Thanos is that kind of evil. The kind that makes Loki fear for the women he thinks he might be falling for.

“Now is not the time for daydreaming Loki.”

Loki blinks and turns his head, Thor is standing next to him. His arms crossed over his chest and his eye staring out the window of the Quinjet. Stark is flying them all, in small groups. Hoping that at least one of them will be able to take Thanos by surprise. Loki thinks he and Thor’s quinjet will be one of the last to arrive.

“I wasn’t dreaming.” Loki sniffed back. “I was thinking.”

Thor hums to himself, but it rumbles in his chest. They stand side by side, watching as they approach the place Thanos has made his standing ground. Loki startles when Thor gently bumps their shoulders.

“Valkyrie will be fine, brother.”

It’s a simple statement. A very Thor like statement. And Loki’s so caught off guard by it that he doesn’t even bother to snip about Thor calling him brother. Instead, he gapes at the older God and his cheeks turn pink.

“I’m not worried about Valkyrie.” He grumbles, snapping his gaze back out to the window. “Why would you even think such a thing?”

Thor chuckles, uncrossing his arms and moving back into the quinjet to put on the last pieces of his armor. Loki smooths a hand down his chest and clears his throat.

“Are you not worried about your friends?” He asks.

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I threw up all the pics of Steve Rogers in his Cap costume across all the movies we have of him so far. 

a.  That Avengers costume is the absolute worst of all of them.  If Coulson had any input on that design, bless you sir but you should never be allowed to design anything for Steve to wear ever again.  I could swear there was more coherent meta on this somewhere else, but just from my own perspective, it renders Steve as the most “cartoon-ish” of all the Avengers and it just looks jarring when everything and everyone else looks solidly real - even Loki with his ridiculous horned helmet. 

b.  Seriously, it says something about that terrible, cheesetastic costume that Steve actually looks more convincing in his soldier’s leather jacket and the silly sweater from the USO stage show. 

c.  The Age of Ultron costume and the CATFA ones are both practical and kickass and if I remember correctly, Steve actually collaborated with Howard in this costume’s design.  I can totally imagine that in-universe, Steve combined the elements of his old and the CATWS uniform and collaborated with Tony to produce this final look. 

d.  Yeah I’m biased but my favorite is still the CATWS stealth suit.  :D