and his loki helmet

Midguardian Celebration

For the Anon who requested 37(“You heard me. Take it off”) with Loki

You’d found his gold helmet. The one he’d worn during the battle of New York. It was heavier than you thought it’d be and after using your magic to make sure it was safe you put it on. It’s a bit big and wobbles slightly on your head when you move. You can see the curved horns too, just above your eyelashes.
“What are you doing?” His cool silky voice draws your attention.
“Trying on your helmet.” You say glancing over your shoulder at him with a smirk. Your dark hair rolling down past your shoulders in soft waves, you’re dressed in green, black and gold. Not your usual colors but his, his helmet was all you needed to complete the best Halloween costume ever.
“I wanted to see if it would fit.”
“What aren’t you telling me?” He hums in your ear, one of his cool fingers trailing up your spine. You gasp softly when his fingers reach skin and you see him smirk in the mirror.
“I was hoping I could borrow it. For a Midguardian holiday.”
“What is this holiday?” He asks his fingers tugging gently on the ends of your hair.
“Uh, Halloween.” He pulls harder out of surprise.
“That day where everyone dresses up in costumes and goes door to door for treats?”
“Uh. Yes.”
“Take it off.” He commands, his eyes flashing.
“You heard me. Take it off. I do not want you to go as me for a Midguardian feast!”
“I’m sexy Loki though.”
“You can go as me.” You bargain.
“You can go as Thor.”
“N-.” This idea seems to intrigue him. Getting to be his brother for a Midguardian feast would be laughable. Highly amusing.
“No transforming. You have to do it with a costume.” You tell him and he smirks.
“Like you are doing?”
“If I allow you to go as me what do I get in return?” He coos his lips inches from yours.
“My undying love and affection?”
“I already have that.” He smirks and you can’t help the laugh that slips past your lips. He’s not wrong.
“What do you want my love?” You ask threading your fingers through his hair.
“I think you know exactly what I want.” He growls softly and you press your lips to his. He wraps an arm around your neck and pulls you as close to him as he possibly can. His teeth click against yours in his desire to have you as close to him as possible. You whimper softly and he chuckles pulling away. “Why don’t we skip this Midguardian celebration and just stay here?” He offers, his voice low.
“And waste this outfit? Not a chance.” You tell him before kissing his jaw. “Now. You’ve got one hour and I’ll meet you at the bifrost. Be there or I’m leaving without you.” You warn before kissing him one last time then strutting out of your bedroom. This was going to be your best Halloween yet.




AUTHOR: ashleywinter

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine Loki, in full regalia, including his helmet, being followed around by a very confused and lovesick female goat.


NOTES/WARNINGS: I deviated somewhat from the original imagine but trust me its worth it ;)

Something was amiss at the McGregor farm; Bonnabel could sense it in her bones. She had known something was wrong since last night, when she heard several strangled screams from inside the house. The voice they came from was recognizable; they had to have come from Farmer Ben. It wasn’t as if this was the first time she had heard him scream, but these sounded far more terrifying than when he slammed a hammer on his thumb. These screams were more desperate, and came without any sense of control. A chill settled deep in Bonnabel’s flesh, but somehow she managed to go back to sleep when the quiet night resumed. Her sleep was uneasy, though, and full of dark unremembered dreams.

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Imagine Loki catches you messing with his helmet

You grab Loki’s helmet and put it over your head. You then walk up to a mirror and try to keep a straight face.

“I am Loki of Asgard, and I am burdened with a glorious purpose!” You say in a deep voice. “I also have a funny hat!” 

“Y/N, if you want one as glorious as that you should have told me.” You slowly turn around and see Loki standing there laughing at you. “You humans will never know the purity of Asgardian craftsmanship” 

“Really? Cause Thor told me you got it from a goat.”You laugh as you watch Loki’s smirk turn into a frown.  

[ Loki extended imagine ] The horned helmet. (A God’s tongue).

Original imagineImagine: Loki went down on you once while wearing his helmet; you held onto his horns for dear life. Now every time he has it on, he gives you a suggestive look.

Written by: A.Wölf.

Notes: SMUT/NSFW. 

{ Anon request }


Loki pulls her closer to him.

They gaze into each other’s eyes as they keep waltzing at the Asgardian ball.

He had been eyeing her curiously from the distance until he asked her to dance; the mysterious and alluring Prince Loki.

She was captivated by him and his gracefulness; intimidated by his height and his horned helmet that made him look even taller and somehow menacing. 

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